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Old 01-28-2013, 05:24 PM
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Post Review: Pokemon White Version (NDS)

I want to review the game Pokemon Black and White Version. It's a very great game. The game has a very big world called Unova. The world is not as big as it used to be with the other regions like Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh because those regions are still bigger then this one. There are lots of Pokemon to be found again and some of them are pretty strong.

»The story«
The story of this game is again about he journey of your own Pokemon trainer and you can chose between a girl and a boy. When you meet up with Professor Juniper he gives you a package and you can those your starter pokemon. Your choices are: Tepig, Snivy or Oshawot. After picking your starter pokemon your adventure will begin and your first battle is against your rival Bianca. She always picks the Pokemon witch is better then yours. After this battle you will meet a guy named Ceren and he will help you and battle you. The main line of the bad guys is the same as any other Pokemon there is out there. The is a team called team Plasma who wants to get all the pokemon in the world. They manipulate somebody to their dirty work but who that is that is up to you to find that out.

»The gameplay«
The gameplay is much easier to play. But the controls are just sometimes not quite good to use. The game is great and and it is weird that they replaced the old game modes with the new game modes named Casino, Beauty contest and Pokélympics. The battle frontier is gone but they replaced it with a another battle frontier with the same system with a battle train. Now about the battle systems the battles are perfect and nice to play, but the battles are sometimes a heavy fight and it's hard to win the battles because some pokémons are not that strong or are just weak. But the battles are not the same like any of the other pokémon games. There is a new battle mode called triple battles. The inside of the gyms is are much bigger and much more entertaining. One gym has a library, Roller coasters, cannons and more like that entertainment stuff. You will like the gyms and battles.

»The presentation«
The presention of Pokémon black 'n white is quite great. The game is better then other Pokémon games and the gameplay is great. The game has more of the plus then min points. Pokémon black 'n white version is very good with the gameplay, controls and grahpics on the battle system and the landscape. They also made the pokémon move completly at the animation and the gym leaders have a perfect animation too. The gyms is very great and more entertaining then ever. You always need to do something entartaining before you can battle against the gym trainers and the gym leader. That's still great to do. The game can be played like the old games but it also has a 3D function.

»The final conclusion«
If you really liked the other Pokemon games back in the day then i am sure that you will also like this game. There are agin lots of pokemon to be collected and lots of other trainers to battle. The game looks great on the 3DS and you can see that they made a lot of upgrades to the series sice the last title. At the other hand it's just too bad that the replaced some of the old game modes with some really crappy versions of it. But the overall point is that for the price you get a great game that will give you many hours of playing time so to all of you pokemon grainers out there i just got one things left to say. Get out there and go catch them all.

  • Beautiful Landscape.
  • Gyms are more entertaining
  • 3D and normal option
  • Better Sound
  • New region Unova
  • Some pokémons are not looking good.
  • New region named Unova is smaller than other regions.
»Final score«
9.0 awsome superb game ever you can play dear trainers!

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