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Default Ultimate Guide to the Gildor Region

The Ultimate Guide to the Gildor Region

Part One: Introduction and Geography
The Gildor Region is one of the two regions that share a continent in the Southeastern section of the Pokémon World. The Virdon Region is located to the west while Gildor occupies the east. The Gildor Region has a diverse geography that differs around the region.

The Kinleaf Forest is the largest geographical area in Gildor. This vast and mainly unexplored forest is home to many types of Pokemon. It runs from the northeast section of the Gildor to the southwest across the coast.

The Boulderon Mountains dominate northern Gildor and run across the northern coast of the continent before sloping down and forming a natural border between the regions. It is mainly uninhabited, save for two cities.

Another geographical area would be the southern ocean where two mysterious islands are present: Glastron and Embryon Islands. Glastron is kept at unusual freezing temperatures while Embryon is relatively hot all year. There are many myths surrounding the islands but many scientists believe that Embryon is only kept heated due to the inactive volcano below it.

Finally, there is Glastron Plains, which somewhat serves as a connection between the forest and the mountains. The plains start where the forest ends and ends where the mountains are. This area is where most cities and towns are located.

Part Two: Cities and Towns
There are a total of 7 major cities and 3 major towns located within the Gildor Region. They are as follows:

Isen Town-

This town is located within the Kinleaf Forest near the southeast area. It is relatively close to the seashore, so as such, this is usually the first stop for trainers who are either continuing their journey or migrating to the Gildor.

It’s a relatively small town situated in a clearing. The main building in the town would be the Gildor League Registry Office where trainers either from Isen or another region may stop by and get registered in the League and choose a starter Pokemon from the three available. The standard set of Gildor starters would be Cacnea, Houndour, or Corphish. However, at times, these starters may be replaced by other starters as per approval of the League Masters.

Kinleaf Town-

Located just on the edge of Kinleaf Forest, this town is a little bit larger than Isen Town. It is mostly surrounded by the forest but the Plains lie just beyond town as well as a path leading to the first city.
Kinleaf Town has more content than Isen. It has the only herb shop in the region as well as the Battle Garden. The Garden is the main stop for trainers looking to battle some other beginner trainers as well as their first battle against the gym leader Flora, who specializes in grass. Other than that, there is not much in Kinleaf.

Rogueport City

Rogueport is a seaside city located just beyond the forest and near the coastline. The Glastron Plains extend all around and ships come in and out hourly from the harbor.

Apart from being the home for the fighting-type gym leader Faust, Rogueport is also the only place that has the Seaside Market. This market specializes in rare and hard-to-find items that they sell to experienced trainers. They also distribute the finest fishing rods to trainers who take an interest in water type Pokemon.

Also, every year in Rogueport, there is the annual Ninja Tournament, where many fighting-type trainers go to compete and face off against other trainers in contests of speed, style, and power. The winner of each tournament will then learn from Faust himself on how to raise their Pokemon.

Glastron City

The only way to get into Glastron City is by taking a boat from Rogueport because the air is too cold for any plane or flying type Pokemon. The city itself is coated in snow year round and is home to many exotic Pokemon that have grown adaptable to the cold.

Glastron City is one of the two cities run directly by the League Masters Association. The League General in charge of the city is named Artice and he also resides as the gym leader in Glastron.

Glastron City allows trainers to explore the rest of the Island only if they are accompanied by an experienced trainer. There are many ice-type Pokemon among other types and there is a high chance that encountering a new Pokemon species while exploring the snow-covered terrain.

Embryon City
To get to Embryon, you will need to get a boat from either Glastron, Rogueport, or Volterra City. This city is situated on an island with an inactive volcano below the sea. As such, it is heated throughout the year and never snows. The city itself is quite small, but outside of the city is Embryon Pass, which is home to a variety of rock and fire type Pokemon not found on the mainland. Embryon is also run directly by the League Master Association and the head of the city is Flare who, like Artice, serves as a fire-type gym leader.There is a myth that states that a fire dragon called Flarix resides within Embryon Pass, but only Flare has any claims on seeing it.

Volterra City

Volterra City is a seaside city much like Rogueport, but on the western edge of the Gildor. The mountains surround the western side of the city, while the desert is towards the east.

The entire city is run on electricity and the powerplant is where Strike, the electric gym leader, runs his gym. Many electric Pokemon reside there and it is one of the two only safe havens for electric Pokemon. There is also a seaside market here and the Fossil Cavern is not far from the city. The Arcade is also run by Strike where trainers may compete in various Arcade games.

Psychrona City

Psychrona City provides a midpoint rest between Volterra and Boulderon. It is protected by an energy field and a trainer must have completed 5 gym badges to enter.

Psychrona City is a city filled with legends. The gym leader himself, Auron, is a specialist when it comes to legends. Other than a rest stop and a place to obtain the sixth gym badge, Psychrona is not much to behold.

Boulderon City

Boulderon is the northern most city in the Gildor. The only way to get to it is by journeying from Volterra and up the Bouderon Pass. This city is built inside a mountain and as such has to be blocked off because rock type Pokemon might attack. The city is made entirely of rocks.

Sandra is the gym leader of Boulderon and she conducts her battles in the Underground.

Descara Town

Only accessible from the Underground in Boulderon, this town is always in pitch black. Unless you have a Pokemon that knows Flash, it will be impossible to navigate in the town. It is the home of Shadelle, the strongest trainer in the entire region second to the League masters.

You may comete for the final gym badge here or catch some rare ghost and dark type Pokemon. Be warned though. Some things in Descara Town are not what they seem. The Haunted Mansion is one of the creepiest places in the Gildor and is rumored to contain the prison of a legendary Pokemon.

Isen City

Isen City is the most western city in the Gildor and provides the link between the Gildor and Virdon Regions. The League Masters Main Base is located here and if you have all eight gym badges, you may challenge the League Masters and see if you can become one. If you manage to pass, you will be accepted into their ranks and become a League Master yourself.

Apart from the base, this city has a lot of other places of interest. Professor Thorne’s brother, Gingko, has his lab here. Also, the Trainer Market is located here and it sells items from both regions as well as Pokemon.

Chapter Three: Gym Leaders

Flora is the grass specialist that runs the gym in Kinleaf Town. She is quite young, but don’t let her youthfulness fool you. She is quite an experienced battler who cares deeply for both her and her opponent’s Pokemon.

Flora’s sister is Maria Temara, also known as “The bird Keeper of Kinleaf” and often both sisters work the gym. When Maria is in charge, she often expresses fierceness in battle.

Flora’s Pokemon Team
Ivyrial, level 15
-Bullet Seed
-Wing Attack

Leafeon, level 14
-Razor Leaf
-Quick Attack
-Bullet Seed

-Cacnea, level 15
-Poison Sting
-Bullet Seed

Flora’s Pokemon are fairly easy to beat. If you beat all three of them, you will be awarded the Flower badge. She will also give you TM 09: Bullet Seed.

Not much is known about Faust other than he is the gym leader of Rogueport. He is always covered in a cloak and a mask. It is believed he is responsible for the founding of Rogueport, but the details are unverified.

What is known about Faust though is that his Pokemon are fierce. He is a fighting type specialist and a skilled one too. He trains them daily in the gym and rarely steps out of the gym unless it is for the annual Ninja Tournament, which he hosts.

Faust’s Pokemon

Rogon, level 20
-Quick Jab
-Low Sweep

Surgent, level 20
-Karate Chop
-Bulk Up
-Quick Jab

Riolu, level 18
-Quick Jab
-Force Palm

Machop, level 20
-Low Kick
-Focus Energy
-Karate Chop
-Low Sweep

Artice was born and raised on Glastron Island. As such, he has grown used to the cold and has become the League Master in charge of Glastron City. He is also the gym leader of the city and the user of ice type Pokemon.

Artice frequently journeys to the Glastron Wilderness to train in private. He claimed that one day he met the legendary dragon, Drizleon, but few ever believe his story. Some claim that he was just seeing an illusion, but he feels that it was not.

Artice’s Team

Swinup, level 25
-Mud Bomb
-Ice Beam
-Odor Sleuth
-Ice Shard

Weavile, level 24
-Shadow Claw
-Ice Beam
-Quick Attack
-X Scissor

Vannilite, level 25
-Icicle Spear

Glaceon, level 24
-Quick attack
-Ice Fang
-Ice Beam

Flare is Artice’s brother. He was raised on Embryon Island and has grown used to hot weather rather than cold weather. He is also the League Master in charge of the city and the fire-type gym leader.

His gym is located at the base of Embryon Mountain where he battles over a lava pit dug out by him. He is a bit bashful and enjoys battling those he deems worthy.

Flare’s Pokemon Team
Blazawk, level 32
-Wing Attack
-Fire Spin

Strike is the fifth gym leader who runs the gym in Volterra City. He is quite young, but he has proven himself worthy of the title of gym leader. He is an expert when it comes to electric-type Pokemon and is well known for his computer skills. It has also been rumored that he helped to create the Pokedex, but he denies it. He uses the city’s powerplant as his training ground and as the battle field in which he challenges worthy opponents. Even though he is an electric specialist, he also visits Fossil Cavern and has an interest in rock-type Pokemon.

Strike’s Pokemon Team
Voltortus, level 34
-Rapid Spin
-Iron Defense

Pikachu, level 35
-Brick Break
-Iron Tail

Torlektra, level 34
-Iron Defense
-Electra Ball

Surgent, level 34
-Quick Jab
-Electra Ball

Rewards: The Voltage Badge and TM 45: Thunderbolt
Auron is one of the many people known as the Aura Guardians. He is an expert when it comes to legendary Pokemon and has the unique ability to control aura. He is a psychic specialist who has developed a telekinetic connection to his Pokemon. He has a unique battle style that is mirrored only by League Master Scythe of the Elites. Rather than calling commands, he issues them via telepathy so its hard to beat his Pokemon. His mind is always open, so he can control the battle in his style. Very few trainers have ever beaten him.

Auron’s Pokemon
-Lucario, level 40
-Force Palm
-Calm Mind
-Sky Uppercut

Metagross, level 42
-Zen Headbutt

Gallade, level 41
-Swords Dance
-Leaf Blade
-Night Slash

Espeon, level 43
-Future Sight
-Morning Sun

Solrock, level 42
-Calm Mind
-Sunny Day

Sandra is the female gym leader in charge of Boulderon’s gym. Her younger brother, Minor, is the gym leader in the Virdon. She loves to explore and rarely leaves the mountains. She is fascinated by fossils, and as such, she is a rock specialist. Her rock-type Pokemon are very hard to beat.

Sandra’s Pokemon Team

Solrock, level 45
-Sunny Day
-Calm Mind

Lunatone, level 45
-Rock Slide
-Ice Beam

Aggron, level 46
-Heavy Slam
-Double Edge

Kabutops, level 45
-Rock Slide
-Swords Dance

Gigalith, level 46
-Flash Cannon
-Power Gem
Reward: Cavern Badge and TM 34: Rock Slide

Shadelle is the eighth and final gym leader for a reason. She is incredibly strong. Little is known about her past, but it is said that her parents abandoned her after old Boulderon became abandoned. She was raised by ghost Pokemon, who brought her food and gave her shelter. When she was 16, she revealed herself to the League Masters and became the gym leader of ghost types. Shadelle expertly uses ghost type Pokemon because she lived her entire life with them. Old Boulderon was renamed Descara Town. Its still abandoned, but it is her home and she will not leave it.

Shadelle’s Pokemon
Phantorne, level 52
-Night Daze
-Mean Look
-Shadow Ball

Chandelure, level 53
-Shadow Ball
-Night Shade

Confagrigas, level 52
-Shadow Ball
-Mean Look
-Omnious Wind

Golurk, level 52
-Shadow Punch
-Shadow Ball
-Dynamic Punch

Froslass, level 52
-Ice Beam
-Shadow Ball
-Confuse Ray

Blue Team
total points earned: 118
points spent:94
current points: 24

Pokemon In Party:
-Hydra, the Wartortle(Male) (level 16)
-Aerian, Fearow (Male)(level 6)
-Sandra, the Sandslash (Female)(level 27) (silk scarf)
-Machop, the Machop level 11
-Butterfree, level 10
-Geodude, level 8

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