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Default FX4 (Mixed-Media Project)


Project Introduction

This is, for starters, a project unlike any other attempted on PE2K. It is a collaborative effort. Not an drawn-artwork collab. Not a writing collab. Not a voice-acting collab. No, this is an EVERYTHING collab. What is that, you may ask? Well, this is a collab where almost any sort of media may be submitted as a component. These individual components will be used to tell a larger, epic story, which in this case is that of virt's chiptune concept album FX4.

How does it work?

In order to participate, first you must register which track you will be adapting. You must name the track, what type of media you'll be submitting, and a preview of some previous works. These will be reviewed, and if everything seems to be in order, you'll be approved and you can begin working. Finished works will be submitted via Private Message directly to me, NES2. It is recommended that your work be in a format or style different from other proposals and works, to keep it fresh. It is also recommend you communicate with the persons whose work comes directly before and after your own piece, so you can make sure the continuity works out and the works form a cohesive unit.

The format for track claiming is as follows, again:

Track Claiming:
Type of Media:
Previous/Example Works:
Favorite Piece of Music (Not really factored in, but nice to know):

Where can I find this album?

Right here. You can download the album for free, as the artist has offered it for a "pay what you want" price. You should listen to the album before you begin working, to make sure you have the mood down and can best interpret the track that has been chosen. The plot for each track has been copied below as well, so make sure to read that.

Any advice?

Lots. For starters, if you are claiming a section, you should have a larger piece in mind rather than a small one. For example, if you are thinking of doing a drawn piece, you should consider making it a comic with a few pages rather than a single piece of artwork to represent a whole chapter. Keep in mind your piece must tell the WHOLE story, and not part of it.

Next, if you can't finish your part of the project, drop it or hand it over to another experienced person, and notify me of any changes beforehand. I'd rather this happen than the project fall apart because nobody could finish their work.

Finally, have fun with it and be creative! The more inspired your work is, the better!

FX4: The Story

Hundreds of years in the future, a great war is waged between two powerful nations. A navy carrier transporting a prototype super-weapon is caught in a surprise attack. The ship breaks apart and sinks, taking its precious cargo with it.

A decade later, the war has ended, but scattered warlords still battle over territory and salvaged military technology. The sea floor is littered with sunken warships, and the warlords send salvage parties to take anything they can. They race against teams of independent researchers, who are determined to reach these weapons first so they can be sealed away. One such team is horrified to learn about the cargo which sank 10 years prior: A prototype aircraft, capable of creating small wormholes in space-time. The resulting waves of distortion could tear apart any nearby object and breach any fortification. The science team races to locate the wreckage deep in an oceanic trench, and orchestrates a recovery dive.

Despite the hazards of deep-sea exploration and growing diplomatic unease, the salvage operation begins. The surface team is protected by a small fleet of hired mercenaries. Hours into the dive, they are suddenly attacked by an unknown military force, far better equipped than any provincial warlord. The attackers suddenly retreat, however, as soon as the news breaks that the wreckage has been secured.

The scientists hold the prototype in a sealed vault until they are certain they can study it safely. Their mysterious rivals quickly reveal themselves to be a band of power-hungry naval loyalists. This rogue navy ambushes the vault, takes the science team hostage, and orders them to restore the vehicle immediately to working order.

The reconditioning is slow and difficult; the researchers are forced to piece together bits of information from military records, and the rogue navy is quickly losing patience. The scientists eventually finish restoring the prototype, and are then ordered to prepare it for a field test. The threat of such a powerful weapon, the navy believes, could easily bring the warlords under control, allowing the legitimate military forces to re-establish order and maintain a lasting peace.

The craft takes to the skies, awe-inspiring and incredibly nimble. The crew calibrates the systems and tests the vehicle's performance, while several of the naval leaders ride along. The officers demand that the crew test the vehicle's time-space displacement functions on a warlord's stronghold, against the advice of the science team.

No sooner does the crew succeed in creating its first spatial anomaly than it grows rapidly out of their control. The vehicle, together with its crew, is pulled into an alternate reality, immediately drawing the attention of a devious -- and highly charismatic -- humanoid alien.

After losing several crew members, they determine that this "vampire" sustains himself by absorbing energy created by the movement of living beings through time, essentially removing his prey from existence. Despite their attempts to escape, the vampire easily shoots them down over the ocean, using his own time machine, a stylishly retrofitted WWII fighter.

The few surviving crewmen reflect on the consequences of their ambition, as the icy waters swirl above their heads, and the shattered aircraft slips under the waves. The vampire, hungering for adventure and fresh-squeezed time juice, shifts over into our universe, only to find the world's combined military forces waiting for whatever might emerge. Thus begins the story of FX3.

Track Name/Claim Status/Media Type










If you are interested, get posting!
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