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Default Bound By Blood

Here is a new horror story that I have come up with and I hope you guys enjoy the story. You are more than welcome to leave a comment of your opinions on here about the story. Feedback is very much welcomed!

Chapter One

Darkness consumed over the large city of Wilmington, Delaware as the loud sound of cars could be heard, the city's lights lit brightly with endless people walking the streets. It was the very beginning of June, a heatwave beginning to settle in which would last for quite awhile, the night being the only key to stay cool outside for a few hours. A light rain fell from the darkened sky which would only bring humidity once the raindrops stopped, making the heatwave even more unbearable.

A girl with long red hair walked the darkened city streets, having just left the dance studio she was a student at and began to walk home to her apartment only three blocks away. The young girl was only in her early twenties and had high hopes for a dancing career, only to have those dreams shattered in a few moments. She was followed by a young man who looked to be nineteen or twenty, only he was a lot older than he looked.

The young man had blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, having an average figure and towering a little over six-foot. He was very handsome, attracting girls to him like a moth to a warm light. The young man, his name being Caleb Anderson, stalked the red headed girl from a good distance away, looking as though he were simply walking in the same direction as her. Caleb was hungry, the scent of this girl's blood causing his mouth to water. A darkened alley was beginning to make itself known as Caleb walked a little faster, a smile on his face.

"Excuse me!" Caleb called out, the girl turning her head and stopped walking as the two were now right in front of the alleyway. "Do you happen to have the time? My watch is broken and I left my phone at home."

"Yeah sure." The red headed girl responded, her emerald colored eyes looking down at a small watch wrapped around her wrist. "It's almost 10pm."

"Thank you." Caleb responded with a charming smile, looking at his surroundings. There were almost no civilians outside at this time where Caleb and the girl stood, mainly because there was a murder scene a block away which everyone was hovering over.

"You're welcome." The girl responded, bringing Caleb to look back over to her. He suddenly grabbed her which took her off guard, shoving her into the alley where she fell hard on the cold ground. Before she could even think about screaming however, Caleb quickly closed in the space between the two like a bullet and grabbed her by the neck, lifting the girl up and pinned her against the wall. With his other hand Caleb covered her mouth and took away the hand which had her by the neck, a set of sharp fangs suddenly appearing where his upper canine teeth were.

Caleb sank his fangs deep into her neck and allowed her warm blood to travel down his throat, his hunger being satisfied a few moments later when he had sucked the life out of her. The girl's cold, motionless body fell to the ground like a rag doll, her red hair covering her pretty face as Caleb wiped away a small trickle of blood from his mouth.

One Month Later...

Nineteen year old Rosina Blackwell sat in her 1967 black Impala which she bought because of her favorite television show and waited for the red traffic light to turn green, the brunette on her way to her new home. Her, her three year old daughter Allison Blackwell and her parents just moved to Wilmington, Delaware and lived right outside the city, having moved from northern New Jersey. The father of Rosina's child only sends Child Support checks and has no interest in actually taking care of his own daughter, which was how Rosina was able to move out of state so easily with her. Rosina looked behind her towards the backseat where Allison was fast asleep in her pink car-seat, a smile coming onto Rosina's face.

Rosina had dark brown hair that went a few inches passed her shoulders, dark brown eyes and sun kissed skin. She had a slender body with natural curves, the young woman being very beautiful and stood at only 5'3. Her daughter had jet black hair however from her father and amber colored eyes, though her facial features and sun kissed skin she got from her mother. Rosina turned back around just as the traffic light turned green and began to drive again, driving on a busy road where there were cars constantly driving. She noticed a large graveyard to her right side as she drove passed it, memories flooding back to her which she forced away.

Her and her family needed a new start in life, but Rosina had her doubts. Within the past seven years nine people who she was very close to had all died, two of them dying very recently. How was this new start going to be better? So many people that Rosina loved had died, which was always going to stay with her no matter where she moved to. How was a new house in an entirely new state going to help? Rosina swore to herself though that she would give it a chance, especially for her three year old daughter sleeping in the back seat.

"We're almost there." Rosina said to herself as she stopped at another red light, the street she would have to make a left on being only a few feet away from the traffic light. Her family had already settled into the house a couple of days ago and moved everything in while Rosina and Allison stayed in their old house in New Jersey, only because of the massive heatwave Wilmington was under right now. They knew it would be too difficult to try and set up the house with Allison there since she was only three, so Rosina and her parents came up with a plan that Rosina and Allison stayed in New Jersey for a few days while her parents set up the new house.

"Mommy?" Allison asked sleepily as she slowly opened her eyes, bringing Rosina to turn around.

"We're almost at the house." Rosina said, turning back around and made the left turn once the traffic light turned green. Rosina traveled down the new street of Westchester Avenue where her new house would await her only six blocks away, the car coming to a stop in front of a white house with a fenced-in backyard. From the outside it looked as though it were a one-story house, but there was a large attic that had been transformed into a bedroom and even had a full bathroom, which was now Rosina's and Allison's room.

"Hey!" Rosina's mother called out as she walked outside of the house, her name being Hanna. Hanna was beautiful with curly brown hair and dark eyes, standing at 5'5 with a slender body as well. Rosina's father walked out of the house right after Hanna, his name being Bill. Bill had dirty blonde hair and light brown eyes, standing at 6'4 with a few extra pounds to him.

"Hey guys." Rosina said happily as she got out of the car, opening the back and getting Allison out of her car-seat.

"How was the drive?" Bill asked.

"Pretty long. Can we talk inside? I don't want Ally in this heatwave." Rosina said as she held her daughter in her arms, sweat already appearing on Rosina's forehead. The group walked inside the house and closed the door, being greeted by a wall of cool air as Rosina looked around the room. The front door led right into the living room, the hardwood floors shining brightly throughout the entire house. Rosina walked passed the living room where she entered the kitchen and dining room, the house a really good size as a sliding glass door could be seen in the dining room. It led to the large porch where the backyard could be seen, the size perfect for Allison.

On the right side of the dining room was a hallway which led to three rooms; the downstairs full bathroom, a master bedroom and a normal sized bedroom. Rosina walked into the normal sized bedroom where she was met by a surprise, her eyes widening as she looked over to her parents in shock. This room had been transformed into a playroom for Allison, brand new toys being scattered everywhere along with a toy chest filled with more toys. The walls were painted pink with different colored flowers, a baby pink carpet spreading out as the room's floor.

"I thought you wanted this to be the computer room?" Rosina asked, gently placing down Allison where she ran right for the new toys.

"Your mother and I only said that to you so you would be surprised and taken off guard." Bill replied with a smile. "We never planned on turning this room into a computer room."

"We figured Allison's crib could still go up into your room with a few toys, but her main playroom could be down here so this way you can have your own room back." Hanna added.

"Thank you." Rosina said as she hugged both of her parents. Once she released them she looked back over to Allison, who was playfully throwing around a stuffed bear. "Do you want to go into our bedroom and see it?"

"Okay." Allison responded as she walked over to her mother, the bear still in hand as Rosina picked up the toddler.

"Do you want to see the basement first?" Hanna asked as Rosina nodded, following her parents out of the playroom and back into the kitchen where a brown colored door could be seen. Bill opened it and walked down the stairs first, turning on the light as Hanna and Rosina followed, Allison still in her arms with the stuffed bear. Once they walked down the stairs Rosina saw the basement for the first time, a washer and dryer to the right which was up against the wall and some boxes on the other side of the room. An orange cat was sleeping by the boxes, her name being Hermione and was ready to give birth to a litter of kittens any day now.

"The basement is pretty big." Rosina commented as she scanned the large room.

"Your room is even bigger." Bill said, a smile forming on Rosina's face. They walked out of the basement and back into the kitchen, where a similar door could be seen in the dining room. When Rosina first walked into the house she thought that was a closet door, but was surprised when her mother walked over and opened it, revealing a set of stairs. The group walked up them, Rosina noticing the walls were painted her favorite color; light blue. Once she made it to the top of the stairs her eyes widened once again in shock, the light blue colored room being very large and already set up.

Rosina walked on the grey carpet where she saw her bed up against the wall, her dresser and television on the other side of the room so she could lay down and watch television. She kept on walking however, a bathroom with a stand-up shower and white walls could be seen. Rosina loved the ocean, which was why her bathroom was decorated with seashells, fishnet along the bathroom wall and even had a dolphin shower curtain.

"You have a walk-in closet too." Bill said, bringing Rosina to look at him with her eyebrows raised in shock. He opened a door on the other side of the attic and revealed a large walk-in closet, a smile on Rosina's face. Her room had five windows; one in the bathroom which faced the side of the house, two which faced the front of the house, one which faced the other side of the house, and a skylight which was directly above Rosina's bed. A tall bookshelf was next to the one window which faced the side of the house while a writing desk with a wooden chair was up against one of the windows which faced the street. Another dresser was near the other window facing the street which contained Allison's clothes, her crib being only a few feet away from Rosina's bed.

"This room is amazing." Rosina commented, looking at everything in amazement. "And thank you so much for the writing desk. Now I can use that to write in my laptop instead of the kitchen table."

Rosina wanted to build a stable life for herself and her daughter so she is planning on being a screenplay writer, the brunette already signing up for a few night classes in the city which she would start in two weeks. Both her parents were doctors which was why they didn't have a problem with Rosina staying home for free and going to school, knowing that she just wanted to make a better future for Allison. Rosina had grown up a lot ever since she had Allison, the brunette having always went to wild parties and would stay out all night. It was that lifestyle which Rosina had gotten pregnant in the first place, the brunette getting drunk and sleeping with a guy at a party she had only met that first night. Rosina has truly come a long way since then, becoming fully responsible which her parents were so proud of.

"You're welcome. I'm glad you like the writing desk." Hanna said with a smile full of excitement.

"I'm going to need a baby gate for the top of the stairs though since Ally has been starting to climb out of her crib at night." Rosina stated.

"I was actually going to install another door at the top of the stairs with a bolt-lock towards the top of it so Ally can't reach the lock. I'm going to install it tonight after dinner." Bill responded.

"Oh okay, thank you. I have a few more bags in my car though. Could you guys watch Ally so I can go get them?" Rosina asked.

"We'll go get your bags. Just stay here in your room and make yourself comfortable." Bill said, bringing Rosina to smile and handed him her car keys. Her parents walked down the stairs and disappeared, bringing Rosina to sit on her bed and placed Allison next to her, who began to roll around on the middle of the bed with her bear.

"Maybe things really could be different." Rosina said with a smile. "Maybe moving here really was for the best."

Night fell over Wilmington that day as Caleb walked the darkened streets outside of the city, already quenching his thirst by drinking dry another innocent victim. A warm breeze flowed through Caleb's blonde hair, the Vampire sighing in annoyance from the heat. Even though it was night at the moment it was still a bit warm outside, Caleb hating the summer with a passion. As he walked down Westchester Avenue he got distracted by a particular car however, a 1967 black Impala parked in front of a house. He saw a couple move into the house a few days ago but merely thought they were alone, since there were no other family members at the time, which Caleb raised an eyebrow out of curiosity.

Caleb approached in front of the house but stayed in the quiet street, looking up and saw that the attic's windows had light coming through the blinds. He knew already that the attic had been transformed into a bedroom, which raised his curiosity even more. The Vampire walked to the side of the house without being detected and leaped from the ground, jumping quietly onto the roof with ease and walked over to the skylight, the sight he saw once looking down the window shocking him.

From the roof's skylight he saw a girl sitting on her bed with a book in hand and wrapped in a blanket, Caleb instantly noticing a crib a few feet away with a female toddler inside, the toddler wrestling with a stuffed bear. Rosina looked over to her daughter and laughed, Allison throwing the bear in the air and watching as the bear fell out of the crib.

"It's almost bedtime for you." Caleb clearly heard Rosina say from his enhanced hearing, watching as the brunette placed down her book and stood up from the bed. He watched every move she made as she got Allison ready for bed, Rosina handing her daughter the bear as the toddler gave out a small yawn. Rosina then gave her daughter a bottle of warm milk and laid her down in the crib, turning off the light in the room a few moments later. She then walked to the other side of the room and turned on a lamp on the writing desk where Caleb had a hard time seeing her from the angle he was at, the Vampire sighing in frustration as he jumped down from the roof. Who was this girl? And why did Caleb have an instant attraction to her?

Rosina sat at her writing desk and opened her laptop, turning it on as her gaze fell to the closed window a few inches away from her. She reached for the blind's string and pulled on it quietly, sending the blinds up and locking it so the full moon's light could enter her room. Caleb walked back to the street and saw Rosina facing her computer through the window, having a much clearer vision of her now. The very first thing that the Vampire noticed was that this girl was absolutely beautiful, and he wanted to make her his own, not caring what he had to do to achieve that desire. Rosina looked out the window to gaze up at the moon again when her eyes caught the glimpse of a man down on the street.

"What the hell?" Rosina whispered to herself as her heart skipped a beat, seeing a man standing in the middle of the street looking at her. Caleb's jaw clenched as the two locked eyes, Rosina breaking her gaze a few moments later and quietly opened the door to the top of the stairs which her father had installed that very night. She was home alone right now since both her parents were at the hospital, Rosina wanting to make sure all of the windows and doors were locked.

Once Rosina made it down the stairs and into the dining room she made sure every window in the house was locked, as well as the sliding glass door. Her attention then shifted to the front door, her parents already locking it when they had to go to the hospital. With a deep breath Rosina walked over to the door and looked through the peephole, seeing that the man in the street was now gone. Without thinking however Rosina unlocked the door and stepped outside into the darkness, seeing that there was truly no one there.

"Hello?" Rosina called out, though she didn't dare leave a few feet from her front door. She turned her head to look at the darkened surrounding, Caleb hiding behind a tree in her front yard only a few feet away from her door. Chills ran up Rosina's spine as she rushed back inside and locked the door, looking out the front window this time but again didn't see anyone outside. She decided to go back up to her room where she could keep an eye on Allison, returning back upstairs and on her laptop where she constantly looked out the window. Caleb had already left the yard however and disappeared, the Vampire knowing that things were about to get a lot more interesting from here.
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Default Re: Bound By Blood

I had to cut the chapter in half because it was too long >_< Sorry that it ends suddenly in the scene =/

Chapter Two

The next morning came as Rosina sat at the kitchen table with her parents, a plate of scrambled eggs, toast and six pieces of bacon sitting in front of her. A glass of orange juice was a few inches away from the plate, along with a white baby monitor since Allison was still sleeping in her crib. Rosina looked over to the clock which read a little bit past eight in the morning, the brunette letting out a yawn as circles could be seen underneath her eyes.

"You look like crap today." Her father Bill pointed out, bringing Rosina to look over to him.

"Thanks dad. That really brightened up my morning." Rosina responded sarcastically, though she chuckled.

"What time did you go to bed last night?" Her mother Hanna asked in concern.

"Not until around three in the morning, and then Ally woke up twice crying. She never wakes up during the night unless she's sick. I took her temperature but she was fine." Rosina responded as she took a bite from her piece of toast.

"Well it is a new house, and she knows that too. It will probably just take her a few days to adjust." Hanna pointed out as Rosina nodded in agreement.

"Why did you stay up that late though?" Bill asked.

"I was typing more in the novel." Rosina said. She was already writing a horror novel about Werewolves so when she was completely finished with school she would have something to publish right away, hoping her career would take off from there.

"Just try to fit in some more sleep, okay?" Hanna pleaded, bringing Rosina to nod in agreement as she continued to eat her breakfast. Today Rosina was going to drive around town applying for jobs, as well as getting her license plates and driver's license changed to the state of Delaware, and then finally go to the library after dinner to apply for a library card. Both her parents had to work at the hospital once again, so Rosina's uncle who happened to live next door would watch Allison for the day.

Bill's older brother was the one to inform the family about the house next to him being for sale, Rosina's uncle living at home now after saving up hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years for an early retirement. Now he lived in a good sized home with his wife, their two children off to college on the other side of the country.

"I'm glad that uncle Hank offered to watch Ally today. I didn't want to drag her around in this heat." Rosina said as she looked at the touch-screen thermostat which connected to the Central Air Conditioning system, the temperature outside already reading 85 degrees. Just the thought of how high the temperature was going to reach that day made Rosina's blood boil, the young woman sighing as she turned her head back towards her breakfast and began to eat again, finishing her breakfast a few minutes later.

Hanna was about to speak until a noise from the baby monitor could be heard, the three remaining silent for a few moments as they listened to the noise coming out from it. It sounded as though Allison were rolling around in her crib, the sound quieting for a few moments as Rosina looked back to her parents.

"Maybe she's still sleeping." Rosina said.

"Mommy!" Allison's voice was suddenly heard from the monitor then, bringing Bill to chuckle.

"Or maybe not." Bill said, Rosina smiling as she stood up and walked up to her room. When she reached the top of the stairs she saw Allison standing up in the crib and looking towards the door, her hair messy from the night before.

"Hello." Rosina laughed as she placed a clean towel on her own bed and then picked up her daughter, placing her down on the towel and changing her diaper. Once Rosina was finished she looked down at her daughter in concern, putting the dirtied diaper in a plastic bag which she grabbed from underneath her sink.

"What's wrong?" The three year old asked, having started talking at an early age.

"Why did you wake up those two times during the night? Normally you sleep throughout the whole night unless you're sick. Did something scare you?" Rosina asked, her mind traveling back to the mysterious man from the night before.

"I think it was nightmares." Allison responded, bringing a small smile to cross over Rosina's lips.

"You have nothing to worry about, okay? I know we're living in a new house, but things are going to get only better from here." Allison nodded at her mother's words, Rosina picking up her daughter and grabbed the plastic bag with the sealed dirtied diaper in the other hand. "You get to spend the whole day with uncle Hank and aunt Sally."

"Yay!" Allison laughed with excitement as Rosina walked back down to the kitchen, gently placing Allison on the ground where she ran right to Hanna and Bill.

"Could you guys just watch her and feed her for a few minutes? I'm going to take a quick shower." Rosina asked, receiving nods from her parents as she went back upstairs. Rosina crossed the large room and stood in front of a dresser, taking out a pair of short denim shorts, baby pink undergarments and a matching baby pink tank top. The brunette then stepped into the bathroom and started the hot water, brushing out her hair and then stepping into the shower once she stripped of her clothes.

As she dipped her hair underneath the steamy water her mind couldn't help but travel back to the night before, the man who was watching her from the street sending shivers down Rosina's spine. It frustrated her that when she saw him it was dark outside, the brunette not being able to get a good look at his face. If Rosina were to pass him in the street or be in the same room as him she wouldn't be able to recognize the man, which scared Rosina as well. She had to keep telling herself that she wouldn't see him again, that he was probably just walking the darkened street and just happened to look up towards her as she turned her head towards him, the young mother hoping that was just the case.

"Get it together, Rose..." Rosina whispered to herself, squeezing some shampoo into her hand and began to massage it into her hair. Some of the soap suds lightly traveled along her smooth back and over a tattoo that was located on her right shoulder-blade. The tattoo was a baby's footprint the size of a fist, Allison's name beautifully scripted in black underneath. Rosina had another tattoo on the top of her left foot which was a pink Bougainvillea flower, the tattoo taking up almost her entire foot. Her last tattoo was on her right wrist which was a zodiac symbol of her Aquarius sign, that being the first tattoo Rosina had ever gotten.

After washing the shampoo out of her hair and the conditioner Rosina washed the rest of her body and got out of the shower, wrapping her wet hair in a towel and dried herself off before getting dressed. Her hair was still wrapped up in the towel as she took some honey scented lotion and rubbed it into her smooth, waxed legs. She preferred to wax her legs twice a month so she wouldn't have to shave them everyday, and even though it was painful, Rosina thought the outcome was worth it.

"Just gotta dry my hair, wait for uncle Hank to get here for Ally and then I can leave." Rosina said to herself as to unwrapped her hair from the towel and plugged in her hairdryer. Fifteen minutes later her hair was dried and straightened into beautiful layers, natural reddish highlights glowing once the sun beamed down on her hair. Rosina placed on a pair of black ankle socks and black Converse brand high-top sneakers which were a little worn out from the months she has had them, walking back downstairs as the pink tank top showed off her entire tattoo on her shoulder-blade.

"Are you sure that outfit is appropriate?" Bill asked as Hanna was shredding a piece of toast for Allison, who was happily in her high-chair.

"I'm only filling out applications, not going on interviews." Rosina said with a small chuckle.

"True." Hank responded, opening the basement door when the sound of claws scratching up against the wood could be heard. Hermione came running out with her pregnant stomach slightly swaying back and forth, the orange cat walking into the living room where a patch was sunlight was beaming down from the window onto the floor. Hermione stretched her paws and laid down in the sun, curling up into a ball and shutting her eyes.

"I wonder when she'll give birth to the kittens." Rosina questioned as she sat down at the kitchen table.

"Very soon. We have that large box ready for when the kittens come." Hanna responded, a knock being heard from the front door. Rosina stood up and walked over to it, opening the door where a bald man standing at 6'7 stood, his warm brown eyes looking down at Rosina as he smiled.

"You've grown up so much." The man said as he wrapped Rosina in a bear hug, to which Rosina instantly laughed.

"Hey uncle hank." Rosina giggled.

Hours had gone by rather quickly that day as the heat continued to rise, Rosina driving all over Wilmington and even a few towns outside of it to fill out job applications. She knew that the sooner she got a job the better, hoping that she would get calls from her cell phone within the next few days to schedule interviews. Rosina decided to pull into a restaurant only a few blocks away from her house and walked inside, letting her uncle and aunt have Allison a little longer since they haven't seen her in a few months.

When Rosina walked into the restaurant, which was called Cosmos Diner, the first thing she noticed was that she walked into a small lobby, which had a few prize machines. On the other end of the lobby was a door which led to the actual inside of the diner, Rosina walking over and pulling the door open as the cool air from the air conditioner greeted her. She stepped inside and instantly saw a long white counter top which had stools bolted to the floor, coffee pots and endless pastries being seen from behind the counter. On the right side there were two long rows of booths with black leather and mahogany table tops, and then the left side there were even more booths. The walls and ceiling were pained a snowy white with horizontal dark blue lines, the floor being tiled white.

"Welcome to Cosmos. Would you like a booth?" A girl who worked at the restaurant asked with a smile, her long hair being tied back in a black ponytail with a pink streak going through.

"I'm actually going to sit down at the counter." Rosina responded with a smile of her own, a lot of the booths being filled while there were only three other people sitting at the counter.

"Okay. Jesse will be taking care of you then." The girl responded, Rosina nodded as she walked over to the counter and sat down on the stool. She let out a sigh and closed her eyes, rubbing both sides of her temples as she was tired from the long day. It was only a little bit after three o'clock that afternoon, but having to drive around in the heat with the air conditioner broken in her car made the day seem so much longer than it actually was.

"Well you're a new face." A voice said from behind the counter, Rosina opening her eyes where she saw a young man standing in front of her on the other side of the counter. He had light brown hair and turquoise colored eyes, the color of his eyes popping out against his natural tanned skin. He stood around six foot and looked as though he worked out in the gym, though he didn't look as though he were on steroids at all. He gave Rosina a smile, which revealed perfect straight, white teeth.

"My name is Rosina. I just moved here yesterday." Rosina responded with a smile of her own, the first thing Rosina noticing was that this boy didn't seem that much older than her, and that he was very attractive.

"I'm Jesse. I figured that you were new since this is the first time I've seen you." Jesse responded. "Pretty much all the same faces come in here."

"Must be for the greatest homemade apple pie." Rosina joked as she pointed to a sign behind Jesse, which was a large poster of a apple pie with a sentence above the piece of pie saying 'Best Homemade Apple Pie In Wilmington!' Jesse chuckled, taking out a small notepad and a pen.

"Can I get you anything? Coffee? A piece of apple pie?" Jesse asked with a small laugh, bringing Rosina to playfully smirk.

"Coffee and a piece of apple pie sounds good." Rosina responded, looking over to the endless row of different kinds of cookies. "Can I have a chocolate chip cookie to go as well? My daughter would love that."

"You have a daughter?" Jesse asked as he pulled out a white coffee mug from underneath the counter and filled it with coffee.

"Yeah, her name is Allison and she's three years old." Rosina stated, the smell of freshly made coffee filling her nose.

"How old are you? Seventeen? Eighteen?" Jesse asked as he slid the coffee towards Rosina and began to get a plate for the piece of apple pie.

"Nineteen. I'll be twenty in a few months."

"Damn, you look pretty young." Jesse chuckled.

"Well how old are you?" Rosina challenged, her playful smile never leaving her face.

"Twenty-two. I actually have a daughter myself who just turned four a couple months ago." Jesse responded, placing the piece of apple pie in front of Rosina.

"You have a daughter too?" Rosina seemed surprised, though her smile never left her face as she picked up her fork and took a bite from the apple pie; it truly was the best apple pie she had ever tasted.

"Yeah. She can be a real handful." Jesse chuckled as he held up a can of whipped cream and waved it slightly, Rosina nodding as Jesse neatly sprayed whipped cream on the pie.

"So can Ally." Rosina laughed, pushing her hand into her pocket and pulled out a resent picture of Allison. She showed Jesse the picture which brought him to instantly smile.

"Here's Rebecca." Jesse pulled out his wallet and revealed a resent picture of his own daughter, a toddler with orange colored hair, a few freckles on her nose and forest green colored eyes could be seen in the picture, her hair pulled back into a ponytail by a red ribbon.

"She's adorable."

"Thanks. So is Allison. Rebecca gets her looks from her mother." Jesse responded, putting the picture back into his wallet.

"She must be really beautiful." Rosina responded as she took another bite from the piece of pie.

"Coral was." Jesse nodded in agreement, Rosina looking up at Jesse after placing her own photo back into her pocket, though his gaze was towards the window. Rosina looked in the direction he was facing and instantly saw the graveyard on the other side of the parking lot, her face washing away its tanned color as she looked back over to Jesse.

"I-I'm so sorry." Rosina said, the smile completely vanishing from her face by now as Jesse looked back over to her. "I know how you feel."

"Thanks." Jesse responded, the smile vanishing from his face as well as Rosina saw the doubt in his features.

"I meant it... I really do know how you feel." Rosina said softly, the doubt on Jesse's face turning to one of wonder. "I've had nine people who I really cared about die in my life within the last seven years, one of them being my older brother Kevin who just recently died four months ago. That's one of the main reasons why my family and I moved from New Jersey to here... we all needed a new start." Rosina paused for a few moments, looking down at her coffee. "When you're going through something, and someone tries to tell you that they know how you feel, they're just trying to lighten the mood. They honestly have no idea how you feel..." Rosina looked back up at Jesse, locking her eyes with his. "But honestly, I know how you feel."

"I'm sorry about everyone that you've lost." Jesse responded, Rosina giving him a small nod.

"I know it's not my place to ask, given that we've just met each other, but... how did Coral die?" Rosina asked, Jesse letting out a small sigh as he looked down. "I completely understand if you don't want to talk about it." Rosina added quickly, Jesse placing a small smile on his face from Rosina's sudden worry.

"It's fine." Jesse looked back up to the brunette across from him, the smile leaving his face. "She died last month right here in Wilmington, well in the city actually. She was a student at the dance studio and was walking home one night to her apartment which was only a few blocks away from the school. I reported her missing the next morning when she never came to pick up Rebecca, and then a few days later they found her body in the woods just outside the city. The police think it was an animal attack by the way her body was torn up, but something just doesn't seem right. Even though Coral and I weren't together and I had no desire to get back with her after she cheated on me a few weeks after our daughter was born... it still hurts that Rebecca will have to grow up without a mother."

"Again, I'm so sorry... you don't think it was an animal though?" Rosina asked in confusion.

"I don't know. There aren't any wolves or bears around here." Jesse responded.

"Maybe it was a rabid dog?" Rosina suggested, though Jesse shook his head.

"I don't think so, but whatever it was, it's still out there. I keep an annoyingly close eye on Rebecca now. Even though my parents watch her during the day while I work two jobs I still get really nervous now when she isn't with me."

"Well that makes perfect sense that you would feel that way." Rosina pointed out as Jesse nodded, watching as Rosina took a sip of the blackened coffee.

"Don't you want some cream or sugar in that?" Jesse laughed, lightening up the mood.

"I like it this way." Rosina laughed. Rosina and Jesse talked for about twenty minutes, Jesse serving other customer while still maintaining to keep his focus on Rosina.

"So you're attending school in the city for writing in two weeks?" Jesse asked as he took Rosina's emptied plate and put it into the sink.

"Yeah. I've been driving all over Wilmington with my GPS to go job hunting. I really hope I get callbacks soon." Rosina responded.

"Well we're actually hiring for a waitress position. I could get you an application if you're interested." Jesse offered, Rosina's face beaming. "You'll get overflowed with tips."

"That would be awesome if I worked here. I wouldn't even have to travel far either if I got a job here." Rosina responded.

"I'll get you an application from the office then." Jesse walked away from behind the counter and into a room on the other side of the restaurant, returning a few moments later with a white piece of paper in hand. He handed it to Rosina and got back behind the counter, handing her a black pen as well as she began to fill it out.

"Thank you Jesse." Rosina said after a few minutes of writing, handing him both the application and pen.

"No problem." Jesse responded with a smile.
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Default Re: Bound By Blood

The Rest of Chapter Two

"I should really get going. I want to give Ally her cookie now so she doesn't get hyper when it's time for her to go to bed." Rosina giggled as Jesse chuckled, handing her the chocolate chip cookie in a small paper bag. "How much is a bill?"

"Everything is on the house." Jesse responded. "Since you're new and everything it's very important for the restaurant to make a good impression."

"You mean you want to make the good impression." Rosina teased, bringing Jesse to shrug.

"Perhaps." Rosina laughed at Jesse's answer, standing to her feet.

"I'm going to the library at seven tonight to get a library card. Would you maybe want to hang out there? I'm bringing Ally so then maybe you could bring Rebecca so the girls can meet." Rosina said as she placed the bagged cookie in her purse.

"Yeah that sounds good. I'm working until six tonight so that will give me time to get Rebecca, feed her and give her a bath." Jesse responded, a smile on his face. A smile appeared on Rosina's face as well, her own straightened white teeth showing.

"I'll see you tonight then." As Rosina turned and walked out of the restaurant Jesse instantly noticed the footprint tattoo on her right shoulder-blade and Allison's name scripted underneath, bringing a smile on Jesse's face.

Night casted its shadows over Wilmington as Rosina waited in the library's parking lot with Allison in her arms, waiting for Jesse to arrive as she leaned up against her car. Caleb had instantly went to Rosina's house as soon as it was dark enough for him to step outside without him turning to ashes in the sunlight, the Vampire secretly following Rosina to the library without being noticed. The blonde haired male now perched on the branch at the top of a thick tree like a crow, eying up Rosina and was curious of what she was waiting for. An eerie feeling crept over Rosina as she looked around, but couldn't see anything in the darkness. A car then pulled into the large parking lot and parked next to Rosina's car, Jesse stepping out a few moments later with a smile.

"Hey." Rosina said, Caleb's jaw clenching from up in the tree when seeing Rosina was waiting for a guy.

"Is this really your car?" Jesse asked in shock as he opened the back door to his own car and unbuckled Rebecca out of her black car-seat.

"Yeah. She's my second baby." Rosina laughed, Jesse holding his daughter in his arms as he admired the car just a few feet from his.

"This is a '67 Chevy Impala, and in perfect condition! How did you get this?"

"Well it's the car from my favorite show, so I saved up my money and tracked down this model." Rosina responded.

"Supernatural?" Jesse smirked, Rosina raising an eyebrow.

"You watch that show too?"

"Yes! Sam and Dean are awesome." Rosina laughed from Jesse's words, looking down towards her own daughter.

"Well this is Allison. Allison, this is Jesse and his daughter Rebecca."

"Hello." Allison said with a wave.

"Bek, this is Rosina and her daughter." Jesse introduced, the other toddler giving a nod but didn't speak. "She's a bit shy."

"That's okay." Rosina said with a smile, the pair walking into the library. A glare was on Caleb's face as he jumped down from the tree and followed Rosina inside the library, the Vampire grabbing a book and pretended to read at an emptied table.

As soon as Rosina walked into the library her eyes widened in awe, this library having to be the biggest one she's ever been in. It seemed to go on forever as rows and rows of endless books were seen, the walls having built-in shelves as well which held even more books. The maroon colored carpet matched the dark cherry wood furniture and bookshelves perfectly, the high ceiling being made of extremely strong glass which was used to build skylights.

"This place is amazing... and so big." Rosina said as her and Jesse walked up to the front desk.

"I know. I few years ago there was actually a fire which destroyed the entire library. The whole state of Delaware pitched in though and rebuilt it." Jesse explained, a middle aged woman who worked at the library walking over to Rosina from behind the desk, her white hair and glasses making her look as though she were Mrs. Claus.

"Can I help you?" You woman asked kindly.

"I just moved here to Wilmington yesterday and was hoping to get a library card." Rosina explained with a kind voice of her own.

"Do you have a Delaware state identification or even a billing address to just prove that you live here for our computer system?" The woman asked, bringing Rosina to nod as she reached into her pocket and pulled out her new Delaware driver's license which she had gotten that same day.

"Will this be enough information?" Rosina asked as she handed the librarian her license.

"This is perfect." The woman responded, pulling out a manila folder and handing Rosina a application from it, handing her a pen as well. "I just need you to fill this out while I put your information into the computer." Rosina nodded and repositioned Allison in her arm while she used the other to write, Allison watching over her mother's shoulder with curiosity.

"I'm gonna take Rebecca to the kid's section just right over there." Jesse said as he pointed to the area across the room, Rosina following his finger and nodded a moment later. He walked away with his daughter as Rosina focused on the application again, continuing to fill out the questions. Caleb peeked up from the book he was holding and stole a glance of Rosina a few feet away, the Vampire smelling the sweet honey scent from her body lotion. Her natural scent mixed with the lotion as well, Rosina's scent being completely intoxicating with pure desire.

Caleb felt his fangs begin to pierce through his mouth as the sapphire iris in his eyes began to actually glow brightly a piercing blue, the Vampire quickly closing his eyes and willing everything back to normal. After a few steady breaths Caleb slowly opened his eyes, his fangs flattening as his eyes returned to their normal color, the Vampire quietly sighing in relief as he glanced back over to Rosina.

"Here you go." Rosina said after a few moments when she filled out the application, it only taking her about a minute to fill out as the librarian took it, along with the pen which Rosina had placed down on the counter.

"Thank you." The older woman said as she typed in more information into the computer, handing Rosina her driver's license a few moments later along with a thin permanent black marker. "Your library card will be ready in a few moments, and then all you have to do it sign your name on it. Once you do that I can scan it into the computer and then it's done. This first library card is free but if you should happen to lose it then you will have to pay five dollars for a new one."

"Okay." Rosina said with a nod, though the kind smile never left her face. Once she signed the library card and had the librarian scan it she placed it into her pocket and thanked the librarian, then walked over to Jesse and joined him and his daughter at the children's section while Caleb watched her every move.

"All set?" Jesse asked as he sat down on the floor with Rebecca sitting next to him, the two playing with alphabet blocks as Rosina nodded and joined them on the floor.

"Yeah. I can check out stuff now but I'll look a different time." Rosina responded, Allison sitting next to Rebecca. The two toddlers began to play with the blocks together and both letting out laughs when they stacked up the blocks and watched them fall, bringing Jesse and Rosina to laugh as well.

"At least they're getting along." Jesse commented.

"Yeah." Rosina chuckled in agreement. Her gaze shifted to around the large room where she saw a few people doing their own thing, either using the computers, sitting at tables reading and writing down things, or reading on beanbag chairs which were all different colors. Caleb's eyes quickly went back to his book as Rosina's eyes traveled to him, but just like with everyone else, she didn't hold her glance as she looked back over to Jesse.

"So, since you watch Supernatural and have the awesome car from the series, are you a believer in anything?" Jesse asked as he put on a playful smile, Caleb listening very closely while pretending to read.

"A believer? Like if I believe in Werewolves, Witches, Vampires and all that stuff?" Rosina asked, bringing Jesse to nod. "Well... I believe in Ghosts."

"Me too. Anything else?" Jesse asked.

"Aren't Wiccans considered Witches and Warlocks?"

"Yes and no." Jesse shrugged. "Wicca is just a religion that can practice certain kinds of Witchcraft, though actual Witches and Warlocks use a different kind of Witchcraft which isn't part of any religion. Witches and Warlocks are able to practice magic that you couldn't believe, while Wiccans pray to different kinds of Gods and Goddesses and do some other stuff. There's actually a huge difference between the two."

"So do you actually believe in real Witches and Warlocks?" Rosina asked in confusion.

"I think that anything is possible in the world." Jesse responded, his playful smile never leaving his face. "Let me ask you this then; do you believe in Vampires and Werewolves?"

"Well I am a writer, mainly horror stories and such, and I believe that everything had to come from somewhere."

"So do you think it's possible that a Werewolf could be sitting right in front of you?" Jesse asked, locking eyes with Rosina.

"I... I don't know." Rosina stubbornly looked away, watching as her daughter built a small building made from the wooden blocks and Rebecca knocking it down, the two toddlers laughing as Rosina chuckled. Both Jesse and even Caleb studied her, to which Rosina looked up at Jesse a few moments later.

"I take it you don't believe in that kind of thing." Jesse said.

"I'll believe it when I see it." Jesse chuckled from Rosina's answer, bringing her to smile. About forty-five minutes had gone by as Jesse and Rosina played with their daughters until an announcement from the library said that it was going to be closing in fifteen minutes, the library closing every night at eight o'clock and was closed on Sundays.

"Time to leave soon." Jesse said as he placed back the blocks neatly on the maroon colored carpet. Allison shifted a yawn and went into her mother's arms, Caleb continuing to just sit at the table.

"And someone is tired." Rosina chuckled as she looked down at her daughter. "Hopefully you'll sleep tonight."

"Did she not sleep last night?" Jesse asked as Rebecca went into his own arms.

"Ally woke up twice crying, though normally she sleeps through the whole night. She said she had a few nightmares, which I think it's because we moved to a new house. My parents said it will take a few days for her to adjust." Rosina explained as Jesse nodded in understanding. The two picked up their daughters and walked out of the library, Caleb following though he quickly but silently went back up the tree once outside to watch over the scene. Rosina and Jesse strapped their own child securely into their car-seats and closed the car doors, the two parents looking at each other.

"I had a really good time with you today. Umm... if Allison wakes you up in the middle of the night and you can't fall back to sleep, feel free to call. We can talk for however long you want, and don't hesitate even if I'm sleeping." Jesse said as he pulled out his phone.

"Now who said I was giving you my number?" Rosina teased, Jesse chuckling as he watched her pull out her own phone. Caleb's eyes glowed again from both anger and frustration, wanting to get to Rosina first before Jesse made a move on her. The Vampire had already claimed Rosina as his own, even if she didn't know it yet, and Caleb was going to make sure he got his prize.

"I was hoping." Jesse laughed, running his hand through his light brown hair. Rosina read him off her number as he typed it into his phone along with her name, then sending Rosina a blank text message so she could easily program him in as well.

"Do you have work tomorrow?" Rosina asked after programming Jesse into her phone.

"Yeah, the morning shift." Jesse responded with a nod.

"Good, Allison and I will come in for breakfast."

"Well I look forward to seeing the two of you." Rosina smiled from Jesse's response, the two parents saying their goodbyes to each other and went their own separate ways for the night. Caleb followed Rosina back to her house where he sat waiting on her darkened roof, the Vampire somehow needing to come up with a plan to talk to her.
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Default Re: Bound By Blood

Chapter Three

The sound of raindrops falling from the darkened sky brought Rosina to slowly open her eyes and turned her head towards her ceiling, watching as rain fell against her skylight and slid down the glass. The brunette sat up and walked over to one of her windows which faced the street, opening her blinds just as a bolt of lightening lit up the sky. There wasn't a ray of sunlight shining down today, which meant that Caleb was allowed to walk freely during the day today. A loud crack of thunder caused Rosina to jump slightly and turn towards her daughter, who was still fast asleep.

"I swear, you can sleep through anything." Rosina commented with a chuckle, walking away from the window just as Caleb jumped up onto the roof silently. Rosina disappeared into her bathroom as Caleb perched by the skylight, looking through the glass as the rain plastered his wet blonde hair to his forehead. When Rosina stepped out of the bathroom she was only in her pink undergarments from the day before, the pale skin on Caleb's cheeks reddening though was unable to look away. He saw every curve of Rosina's lean body which brought desire to wash over Caleb, the way she twisted her body to gather a new pair of clothes for the day sending sparks to ignite in Caleb's body. He saw her tattoos on her body as well, though his eyes mainly focused on the way her bra straps clung to her body so perfectly.

The iris in both of Caleb's piercing blue eyes began to glow brightly once again as his fangs slowly ripped through his gums, though he didn't push them away this time, the Vampire watching Rosina's every move. His breathing deepened a bit as thoughts ran through his mind, the male not sure if it was desire for her body he wanted or to consume her blood... perhaps it was both.

When Rosina disappeared back into her bathroom and started the shower Caleb finally willed his fangs away as his eyes went back to normal, the glow in them completely disappearing as his breathing steadied. What was it about this one girl that made Caleb react like this? He has had his way with many girls during the centuries he had been a Vampire, so why did this time feel different? Those questions frustrated Caleb when he couldn't find the answer, the Vampire giving a low growl from deep within his throat. As he waited for Rosina to finish with her shower he looked up towards the darkened sky, thick grey clouds stretching for miles and miles as a bolt of lightening tore through the clouds. Caleb was very pleased that the weather turned out this way today, especially since Rosina had planned to meet up with Jesse that morning. Caleb could keep a low profile and sit at one of the booths, secretly watching as he would wait for the perfect moment to walk up to Rosina.

After a few minutes Rosina finally stepped out of the shower and opened the bathroom door, the pink undergarments being replaced by jade colored ones. Caleb's jaw clenched when seeing Rosina in nothing but her undergarments again, though the very sight brought a warm sensation to flow through his body once again. Rosina had placed on a emerald colored sundress which hugged her body in a way Caleb couldn't shake, the dress straps covering her bra straps as the length of the sundress itself was cut off about four inches above her knees which showed off her legs in a way which made the Vampire's blood boil. Even though it was raining that wasn't going to stop Rosina from going to the restaurant, the brunette going back into her bathroom and began to use the blow-dryer on a low setting so the noise wouldn't wake up her daughter.

Caleb's eyes traveled from Rosina to the sleeping toddler in her crib, a roar of thunder crackling through the sky which made Allison begin to lightly wrestle in her sleep. When the second roar of thunder was heard Allison opened up her eyes, the toddler sitting up in her crib and gave out a yawn. Rosina manage to hear it despite the blow-dryer and looked over to her daughter, who stood up in the crib.

"Are you hungry?" Rosina asked as she turned off the blow-dryer.

"Yeah." Allison responded with a nod.

"Let me just finish drying my hair and then I'll get you dressed so we can go out to breakfast." Rosina responded.

"Are we still seeing Jesse?" Allison asked, bringing Rosina to nod this time as her daughter smiled. After finishing her hair a few moments later it was perfectly dried and naturally straight, Rosina's hair being parted to the left with endless layers. Caleb watched as Rosina placed on a silver locket around her neck along with a silver turtle charm bracelet around her right wrist, each turtle having a different colored gem on the top of its shell. Her stomach suddenly growled, bringing Rosina to lightly chuckle as she placed a hand up to her stomach and looked over to her daughter.

"I hope you're as hungry as I am." Allison giggled from her mother's words, watching as Rosina placed on a pair of black socks and her black Converse brand sneakers.

After getting Allison ready for the day in a purple sundress and white sandals she carried her downstairs and looked out the window, the rain easing up for the time being but would start again very shortly. Now was the perfect time to leave the house, the brunette grabbing her black purse and walking outside where she quickly locked the front door and hurried to her car with Allison still in her arms, putting the toddler securely into her car-seat as Caleb jumped off the roof and hid behind a tree.

Rosina walked into the restaurant with Allison walking in front of her a few minutes later as the rain began to pour down again, the two getting inside the building just in time as Jesse walked over to them with a smile. Allison instantly smiled and waved up to the taller male, bringing him to chuckle as he knelt down to meet her at eye level.

"Well don't you look just adorable in your sundress." Jesse commented.

"Mommy is wearing one too. See?" Allison pointed to her mother with a laugh, to which Jesse stood up straight again and looked her over.

"I saw." Jesse smiled, his gaze falling down to Rosina's shoes as he chuckled. "Converse high-tops with a sundress?"

"I have my own style." Rosina shrugged as Jesse looked back up to her. "You should had seen me at prom. I wore a pink dress with pink Converse sneakers, though they weren't high-tops."

"I can honestly picture that." Jesse chuckled as he looked around the emptied booths, Rosina and Allison being the only ones in the restaurant at the moment since it opened only fifteen minutes ago. "Do you guys want a booth or sit at the counter?" Jesse asked as he looked back over to Rosina.

"A booth. I don't trust Ally sitting on the stools since there isn't a back to support her." Rosina chuckled as Jesse smiled, leading the two girls to a booth that was closest to the counter. Allison slipped into the booth while Rosina sat next to her, Jesse sitting on the other end of the table with a small notepad resting open on the mahogany wood.

"Did she wake up during the night?" Jesse asked, though Rosina shook her head.

"Nope. Luckily she slept through the night." Rosina responded, though right after she spoke a lightening bolt which managed to engulft the whole restaurant with its blinding light tore through the sky, all of the restaurant's lights going out as the room fell into darkness.

"Crap..." Jesse muttered as he stood up, but even though the power had shut down Jesse, Rosina and Allison were still able to see. "I need to try and get the power back on somehow. Do you guys want anything to drink before I check the fuse box?"

"We'll have two apple juices." Rosina responded, bringing Jesse to nod as he walked away. The young man returned a few moments later with two glasses of apple juice and two white straws, placing everything on the table with a sigh.

"I'll be right back." Jesse said, handing Rosina a kid's menu and an adult menu before disappearing into the kitchen. The front door to the restaurant opened then as Caleb walked inside, somehow his clothes now being completely dry along with his blonde hair.

"Is the restaurant open?" Caleb asked innocently as he looked over to Rosina from a few feet away, the brunette looking up from the kid's menu while showing her daughter the different food selections and locked eyes with Caleb.

"Yeah. The power just went out from the storm so my friend who works here just went to the back to try and fix it." Rosina responded kindly.

"Ah okay, I'll wait then." Caleb responded with a smile of his own, walking over to the counter and sat down on one of the stools.

"Do you go to college around here?" Rosina asked, instantly noticing that the male in front of her looked to be in the same age group as her. If only she knew how wrong she was...

"I do, though I take night classes. Normally I would be sleeping right now for the rest of the day but the storm is keeping me up." Caleb responded with a small chuckle.

"I'm actually taking a night class too, in the city in two weeks. My name is Rosina, and this is my daughter Allison. We just moved here from New Jersey."

"My name is Caleb." The Vampire responded, giving both Rosina and Allison a warm smile before turning his attention towards the window as the rain began to pour down heavily. "It's really getting nasty out there."

"I know." Rosina agreed as she looked towards the window as well, though Caleb shifted his attention back over to her while Allison continued to look at the menu placed in front of her. This was the first time he was ever close to Rosina, the Vampire being able to see the thin golden lines in each iris of Rosina's eyes that stood out against the dark brown. Even without the sunlight beaming down on Rosina's hair Caleb was able to see the natural red highlights she had as well, his hearing picking up each steady beat her heart took while pumping warm blood through her body. Everything about Rosina was beautiful to Caleb, and he just wanted to sink his fangs right into her soft, flawless tan skin...

"So when did you move here?" Caleb asked in curiosity as Rosina turned back around to look at him.

"About two days ago. My parents moved in the house a few days earlier than I did so they could set up everything." Rosina responded, Caleb nodding in understanding. The lights inside the restaurant began to suddenly flicker for a few moments until they held their light, Jesse walking out from the kitchen shortly after with a small grin on his face.

"Told you I could fix it."

"Did I say I doubted you?" Rosina chuckled as she looked back down at the menu.

"I want these pancakes." Allison announced as she pointed to a picture of three child sized chocolate chip pancakes with whipped cream and three cherries on top.

"Can I get you anything?" Jesse asked Caleb as Rosina turned her attention towards her daughter.

"Just a cup of coffee for right now. No cream or sugar." Caleb responded simply.

"You like your coffee that way too?" Rosina turned her attention towards Caleb. "I thought I was the only one."

"I like the bitter taste." Caleb chuckled. "So do you like living here in Wilmington?"

"I haven't lived here long enough to decide yet." Rosina shrugged, though a playful smile stretched along her lips as Jesse went behind the counter and poured the cup of coffee.

"Well maybe I could give you some reasons to like it here." Caleb responded, grabbing his coffee and walking towards the booth Rosina and Allison were sitting at. "May I?" Caleb pointed to the seat across the table from the two girls.

"Go right ahead, though I think my Jersey attitude might chase you away."

"I like a challenge." Caleb sat down across from Rosina and her daughter, bringing Jesse to walk over to the table.

"Are you new here too? I haven't seen you in here before." Jesse asked, though he saw Caleb give him a glare as Rosina looked down at her own menu.

"No, I've lived here for quite awhile. I just haven't come into this restaurant before." Caleb responded flatly. Jesse picked up a scent that he recognized but couldn't pinpoint it, knowing that Allison and Rosina wouldn't be able to smell it due to reasoning. Rosina didn't notice the tension in the atmosphere between the two males, and Jesse tried not to show it as he pulled out his small notepad and pen.

"Do you still need a few more minutes?" Jesse asked as he looked over to Rosina, the brunette looking up at him.

"What breakfast meal would you suggest?" Rosina asked, closing the menu.

"The french toast is really good. You get four pieces with whipped cream, powdered sugar and your choice of fruit on top." Jesse responded as he forced a smile on his face.

"That sounds really good. Can I have that with blueberries on top?" Rosina asked, to which Jesse nodded and wrote it down.

"Does Allison still want those chocolate chip pancakes with the whipped cream and cherries?" Jesse asked as he looked away from his notepad.

"Yes please." Allison said, Jesse chuckling as he wrote it down. The smile faded however as he looked over to Caleb, the male trying to hide his glare.

"Can I get you anything else other than coffee?"

"I'll just stick with my coffee." Caleb responded, looking back over to Rosina as his face instantly softened. Without another word Jesse took the menus, gave Allison a packet of crayons and a paper place-mat with different pictures of animals to color in and then walked away.

"So tell me a bit about yourself. What college classes are you taking?" Caleb asked as he took a sip of his steaming coffee, the hot liquid traveling down his throat.

"A few basic ones; math, history, public speaking, writing. All that fun stuff." Rosina responded before looking down at her daughter, who was occupied by coloring the different animals, bringing Rosina to glance back up at Caleb as Jesse returned behind the counter after placing in the food order. "I'm majoring in writing though. Once I graduate college I'm hoping to publish a novel right away, which I'm actually in the middle of writing at the moment."

"What kind of novel is it?" Caleb asked in curiosity.

"I like writing fiction, mainly horror. I'm in the middle writing a Werewolf story actually." Rosina responded, to which Jesse quickly looked up at her in wonder.

"That's an amazing career you've planned for yourself." Caleb commented, though his expression turned to one of confusion a few moments later as Rosina stared at him, like she was trying to find an answer for something.

"You look really familiar from somewhere..." Rosina's words brought Caleb's jaw to tightly clench as he locked eyes with the brunette sitting across from him, the Vampire fearing that she recognized him from when he was looking through her window that very first night.

"From where?" Caleb asked, trying to stay calm. Rosina was silent for a few moments as she thought through her memories, the brunette grasping it as she gave the blonde haired male a smile.

"You were at the library last night, right? Sitting at a table?" Caleb released the breath he didn't realize he was holding in as he sighed in relief, a smile coming onto his face.

"Yes, I was. I knew it was you the moment I walked into here but I wanted to see if you would remember." Caleb responded.
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Default Re: Bound By Blood

The Rest of Chapter Three

The two sat there for a little over a half hour talking about all different kinds of subjects, two emptied plates in front of Rosina and Allison after eating their breakfast. There were times Jesse had tried to start up a conversation with Rosina but Caleb would intervene with one of his own, and although the Vampire didn't make it obvious to Rosina, Jesse quickly caught on, anger flaring up in the other male but did his best to control it. He already knew what would happen if he ever lost control from his anger...

"Would you guys like anything else?" Jesse asked with a kind smile as he only looked to Rosina and Allison, taking their emptied plates on a circular tray he held.

"No we're fine. Thanks Jesse." Rosina responded, a warm smile on her face. Jesse returned it instantly, looking over to Caleb.

"Would you like some more coffee?"

"I'm fine." Caleb responded, Jesse's jaw clenching from Caleb's tone but didn't say anything about the matter. He nodded, walking away as Caleb turned his attention back over to Rosina. "So tell me again how you fractured your left ankle."

"It was my junior year of high school, and I just finished a major test which all of the juniors had to complete. The test is a week long, each day being a different section of the test, so on the last day of the test my two friends and I were so happy that it was finally over with. That same night we decide it would be fun to jump on a trampoline I had in my backyard which didn't have a surrounding net, but when we got outside the back light wasn't working. We were stupid and didn't care though so we went on the trampoline in complete darkness.

While I was in the air after doing a really big jump my one friend accidentally slammed right into me, so when I tried to land without falling off over the edge my body didn't land right. All of my weight shifted to my left side so when I landed all we heard was a loud crack, following by me collapsing to my side and began screaming my head off." Rosina explained.

"Sounds like it really hurt when you landed." Caleb commented.

"It actually didn't hurt at first." Rosina chuckled. "The only reason why I screamed was because of the crack my friends and I heard, and then my whole foot quickly turned numb and the numbing went up my leg."

"Your nerves shut down from the sudden injury. When did the pain start to settle in?" The Vampire asked.

"Probably about ten minutes later. My friends were too scared to move me and no one was home at my house at the time since my parents were working and my brother was out drinking. We all stayed on the trampoline until two police cars same rushing to my house. My neighbor heard me screaming and thought I was getting beaten, though I didn't even scream for that long. When I did though my friends said they never heard someone scream like that before, and that it truly sounded like I was getting murdered or something."

"Did you go to the hospital?" Rosina nodded at Caleb's question, though she began to laugh.

"The cops rushed me to the closest hospital where both of my parents were working, so as soon as they saw me they knew I did something stupid. After finding out my ankle was fractured my dad took a kitchen knife into the backyard the next morning and cut a huge slice down the middle of the trampoline, and then threw it out." Rosina continued to laugh, bringing Allison to laugh as well.

"I don't blame him for doing that." Caleb chuckled.

"Neither do I, but at the time I was so mad at him. I didn't talk to him for two weeks and I refused to wear the ankle brace, so now my left ankle is messed up since the bone didn't heal correctly. It really hurts when I run and I sometimes randomly limp without realizing it. When it gets rainy or cold outside my ankle really gives me problems, to where some days I can't even walk on it."

"Too bad you're not a Werewolf like from your novel. The bone would just heal instantly on its own." Caleb said as Jesse walked over with two checks, placing them down on the table.

"You guys can pay up at the register once you're ready." Jesse explained.

"Okay." Rosina responded with a nod and smile, Jesse smiling back before walking away. Rosina's gaze then shifted towards the window where she saw the sun trying to peek through the darkened clouds, Caleb following her gaze which caused his eyes to slightly widen.

"I'm gonna start going. Even though I don't have class tonight I still have to go to work, so I should try to get some sleep." Caleb said as he stood up, bringing Rosina to nod.

"Okay. So I guess I'll see you around?" Rosina asked, a playful grin appearing on Caleb's face.

"Don't worry, you'll see me again." Caleb gave Allison a smile which she instantly returned, Rosina watching as he paid his bill and left the restaurant, making sure not to leave Jesse a tip. Rosina glanced over to Jesse as he glared out the window in the direction Caleb had disappeared to, and for a split second she thought she saw his turquoise colored eyes change to a glowing, piercing silver. Jesse glanced at Rosina and saw that she was looking at him with a puzzled look, the male quickly looking down and let his light brown bangs cover his eyes for a few moments. Rosina looked down at the table, a bit confused at what she just saw.

"Did you enjoy the food?" Jesse asked, walking over to Rosina with a smile a few moments later.

"Yeah, it was really good." Rosina responded as she looked up to Jesse, his eyes their normal color again. Was she just seeing things?

"I liked it a lot." Allison added as both Jesse and Rosina chuckled.

"Well I'm glad everything was satisfying. As much as I hate saying this, you're going to have to pay the bill this time..."

"I know." Rosina chuckled, digging into her purse and pulled out the right amount of money for the bill, along with a five dollar tip for Jesse. "I wouldn't want you to lose your job."

"Speaking of that, I have a bit of a surprise for you." Jesse flashed the brunette a smirk, to which she looked at him in confusion. "I handed in your application to my boss yesterday and she read it over. She's very eager to meet you. I told her you were here at the moment but she's really busy right now, but she was hoping you could come in tomorrow morning around this time for an interview."

"Are you serious?" Rosina asked in excitement, Jesse nodding.

"Yeah, so be here tomorrow morning at the same time for the interview."

"I will." Rosina nodded, standing to her feet as Allison followed. "I'm sorry we didn't really get a chance to hang out before the restaurant got busy." Rosina looked around and saw that there were a lot more people now in the restaurant now, either sitting in booths or at the counter.

"It's okay." Jesse shrugged, Rosina looking back over to him. "You'll just have to make it up to me somehow." He chuckled.
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Default Re: Bound By Blood

Chapter Four

The moon glowed brightly in the star lit sky with the city's lights adding beautifully to the scenery as Rosina looked out one of the many classroom windows, the brunette attending her first class since moving to Wilmington. The class took place in a very large room that could fit around seventy-five students, the rows lined up as if it were in a theater as the rows started from the top and gradually went down to the bottom of the room where the teacher taught. Rosina sat near the top row next to a set of white stairs, looking down at the teacher as the middle aged man sat at his desk, the Public Speaking class not starting for another fifteen minutes.

During the two weeks that had gone by Rosina found herself hanging out with both Caleb and Jesse a lot, though she never hung out with the two males at the same time. She had tried to make it to where the three of them could hang out together but each male declined, to which Rosina would always let out a sigh with a small pout. She didn't understand why Caleb and Jesse never wanted to hand out together, but whenever Rosina would ask Jesse would say that him and Caleb were just two different people and would never get along. Rosina respected both Caleb's and Jesse's decision, though the whole situation just irritated her.

Rosina was happy though since she got the waitress job at the Cosmos Diner, so at least something was going right for a change. Her uncle Hank agreed to watch Allison for free while Rosina had work and school, and even though she had tried to give him money for babysitting he would just shove the money back into her purse, which would always make Allison laugh. Jesse had come over to Rosina's house a lot so their daughters could play as well, which gave Jesse and Rosina a chance to hang out together. Whenever Rosina would hang out with Caleb it was always either at night or when there was a storm, which the brunette understood completely since she simply thought Caleb was on a different sleeping schedule as her from his night classes and night-shifts at his job. If only Rosina knew the truth...

"Hey." A voice suddenly said from behind Rosina, bringing the brunette to jump in her seat as her heart skipped a beat while turning her head and seeing Caleb standing right over her, his blonde hair in messy but attractive waves. During the time Rosina had spent time with both Caleb and Jesse she had become close with them, and beginning to feel an attraction for both of them.

"Hey." Rosina laughed, Caleb sitting to her right and was only separated from her by about four or five inches. "You're in this class too?"

"Shh, I'm crashing the class." Caleb said with a wink, a devilish smirk on his face.

"You're sneaking into class?" Rosina whispered with a small laugh. "Why?"

"Well I don't have class or work tonight, and I knew you had your first class tonight, so I thought I should come to give you some support. You know, a shoulder to lean on and all that." Caleb responded as the smirk was still on his face.

"If I end up falling asleep then I will be leaning on your shoulder, so there's your fair warning." Rosina chuckled.

"That's fine." Caleb shrugged. "If you feel like leaning on my shoulder even if you aren't tired then you're more than welcome to. I won't bite... hard." Rosina laughed again as she shook her head, looking down at the blue binder that rested in front of her.

"I'll be sure to keep that in mind." Rosina responded as she opened her binder and began to doodle with her black pen out of boredom. Caleb instantly noticed however that Rosina gave a small shiver, the Vampire seeing her skin which stood out from her orange tank top, light blue tattered shorts and her Converse high-tops had goosebumps, to which Caleb frowned.

"You look cold. Would you like to borrow my sweatshirt?" Caleb asked as Rosina turned her attention back over to him, placing the pen down on the paper.

"Sure. I didn't realize how cold the classroom was going to be." Rosina responded as the two stood up, Caleb taking off his black sweatshirt and handed it to Rosina. "Thanks." Rosina smiled.

"No problem." Caleb said, the bottom of his hand touching the top of hers. She instantly felt that Caleb's skin was cold, though not to where she had to flinch her hand away.

"Your skin is pretty cold." Rosina commented as she took Caleb's hand into hers, the Vampire frozen in place as he locked his widened eyes with hers. "Are you sure you don't want to wear your sweatshirt?"

"It's fine." Caleb recovered with a smile, to which Rosina smiled back and pushed her arms through the sweatshirt. It was a bit big on her but she didn't care, the brunette pulling up the zipper just below where her tank top cut from her chest. She caught Caleb staring at that area but didn't say anything as her eyes wondered to his chest as well, the male wearing a long-sleeved dark grey shirt with a v-neck which teased some of his muscular chest showing. Rosina could feel the heat instantly rising in her cheeks as she dared to look down lower, seeing that Caleb was wearing black tattered jeans and black Converse brand sneakers as well.

Caleb slowly looked down at Rosina's smooth legs which had just been waxed that very morning, the Vampire wanting to explore the human girl's body which would greatly satisfy his desires. His eyes traveled back up to her chest and collarbone, watching as Rosina's chest rose and fell with every living breath she took as well as heard her heart beating in her chest. Rosina didn't wear any body-spray or lotion as her natural scent filled Caleb's nose, which jasmine and vanilla could be detected naturally.

"Do either of you happen to have an extra pen or pencil?" A new voice greeted Rosina's and Caleb's ears as they were ripped away from their daydreaming gazes and looked over to a girl with long chestnut colored hair, Rosina giving the other student a smile.

"I do." Rosina responded, digging through her bag and found another black pen.

"Thanks." The other female responded with a smile of her own as Rosina handed her the pen. "I promise to give it back to you."

"Don't worry about it. Keep the pen." Rosina chuckled.

"Thanks again." The girl said sweetly, walking down the steps to the first row of the classroom and sat down, where another girl joined her a few moments later. Rosina turned back to Caleb where she caught his eyes staring into hers, though he smiled and sat back down as Rosina follow suit.

"Are you really going to sit through this boring class with me? It will be torture for you." Rosina commented with a small giggle.

"I think I'll manage." Caleb shrugged, though a playful smile was on his face. "So do you like your new job as a waitress?"

"Yeah I do. Everyone who goes there is really nice, and so is the staff. Jesse always teases me whenever he gets the chance." Rosina responded with a chuckle.

"I always notice that." Caleb responded, though he did his best to push his dark feelings aside at the mention of Jesse's name. Rosina didn't seem to notice however, giving a small laugh.

"Well you're in there almost every single night at some point when I'm working." Rosina laughed and gave him a light punch on the shoulder.

"What was that for?" Caleb chuckled, the human girl's smile widening.

"That's for always leaving me huge tips. You either give me a five dollar tip if you only order a cup of coffee, or a ten dollar tip for a meal. Those tips are way too much, and before I can return the money to you, you disappear."

"I thought you would like my big tips. You give excellent service." Caleb shrugged playfully.

"You don't have to give me those big of tips." Rosina said, reaching over and gave Caleb's hand a light squeeze.

"If that will make you happy then I'll stop giving you big tips."

"You're lying." Rosina laughed.

"I know." Caleb smirked, looking down at his hand where Rosina still held it.

"Caleb... are you sure you don't want your sweatshirt? Your skin is pretty cold and I..."

"I'm fine." Caleb cut Rosina off, though he was polite about it as he placed his other hand on top of hers. "My skin is always cold, so I'm used to it."

"It's like you're a Vampire." Rosina chuckled as she took her hand back, bringing Caleb to snicker.

"Do you like Vampires?"

"They're okay, though I think Hollywood is kinda ruining Vampire folklore. I mean come on... Vampires that sparkle in the sunlight? Seriously?" Caleb laughed from Rosina's response.

"Yeah, we most definitely don't sparkle." The words came out of Caleb's mouth before he could stop them, the Vampire tensing as he looked down.

"W-what did you say?" Rosina asked as she looked at the male sitting next to her in confusion, unsure if she had heard him correctly.

"I uh, I said that they most definitely don't sparkle." Caleb responded coolly as he looked back up to the brunette. "They burn in the sunlight."

"Exactly." Rosina chuckled, to which Caleb silently sighed in relief. "I really love Werewolves though, which is why I'm writing a novel about them."

"Do you like actual wolves?" Caleb asked in curiosity.

"They're my favorite animal." Rosina responded with a nod. "I really want to get a Siberian Husky puppy since they resemble wolves so much but I want to wait until Allison gets a little older. I'm afraid that since she's really young then the puppy might hurt her by accident, since puppies are little balls of energy."

"That's a good idea." Caleb nodded. "I really like Vampire Bats. They look cool."

"My wolves can beat your bats any day." Rosina playfully stuck out her tongue as Caleb chuckled, the Vampire shaking his head.

"One day we'll just have to put it to the test."

The next morning came as Rosina was already dressed, had breakfast and was watching her daughter eat from the high-chair, the sun shining brightly through all of the windows. Last night after Rosina had gotten home from class, which Caleb let her keep his sweatshirt, her cat Hermione gave birth to the kittens. There were four in total with no casualties; two males and two females. One female was completely black while the other female was white with grey stripes, one male being light orange with dark orange stripes while the other male was completely white with a black patch around his left eye. It was too early for Rosina and her family to tell what the kittens' genders were going to be, but where were truly two females and two males.

"Do you have work today?" Bill asked as he sat down at the kitchen table with his daughter, her mother still sleeping as the brunette looked up at him.

"No but I have another class tonight." Rosina responded as she looked out the window, a troubled look on her face as the sunlight poured on her skin.

"What's wrong?" Bill asked, clearly seeing that his daughter was lost in thought.

"It's just that... I've been thinking a lot about the deaths that I've gone through, even my own brother's... I've been wanting to go to the graveyard to see if maybe that would put me at ease." Rosina paused as she looked back over to her father. "I know that none of them are buried at that graveyard, but I think if I was just surrounded by all of the gravestones and just took a breather then that might relief some of the stress."

"I think that you should go then." Bill responded with a nod. "I'll watch Ally and you can go to the graveyard. You deserve to have some time to yourself."

"Thanks dad." Rosina smiled and stood up, kissing her father and daughter on the forehead and went upstairs to grab her journal as well as her ipod.

Even though it was a fifteen minute walk and she could had taken her car Rosina decided to walk to the graveyard, the outside summer weather not being too hot that morning as she listened to her ipod while walking the back roads to the graveyard, her pink drawing bag slung over her shoulder which carried her brown leather journal, two pens, her phone, some money and a sealed bottle of water. Once Rosina reached the busy street and safely crossed it she walked up a small hill to the large graveyard, the patch of woods which went on for miles could be seen towards the back of the graveyard while a church was on the right side, Maple trees scattering the land as well. Rosina took a deep breath and walked further into the bone yard, the brunette finally stopping when she reached just the outside of the woods. She sat underneath a Maple tree which provided shade and took out her journal, opening it to the middle of the brown leather book while leaning against the tree and took out a pen.

Dear Diary,

This is going to be the very first entry I write ever since moving to Delaware, and I know it won't be the last. Things have been going pretty okay here I guess, I mean I got a job, attending night classes and even met two really good friends... I just feel like I don't belong here though. Even though things are going pretty good for now, something in my gut is saying it won't last.

I've been thinking about all of the deaths I had gone through, my dreams being haunted by them as well... I know moving here was supposed to provide a new beginning, start the next chapter in my life, but it feels like nothing is changing. How is moving to a few house in a new state supposed to take away all of the pain I feel? No matter where I go that pain will just linger with me, the very sorrow living inside me, eating away until there's absolutely nothing left.

If it wasn't for my daughter I honestly think I wouldn't be alive right now, because from the deep depression I'm secretly going through I would had killed myself so I wouldn't have feel that pain any longer, but I know Ally needs me to stay strong and alive. I'm the only parent she has since her father doesn't make an attempt to see her, which is the lowest thing I think he can do. Sure, he sends $250 every two weeks for child support, but I really wish he would make the attempt to come around and see her. Ally needs a father figure in her life, though I know that would probably never happen.

Rosina sighed and closed the small book, placing it back into her bag along with the pen. Her eyes scanned the empty graveyard before standing to her feet, turning towards the woods and saw a path which led inside it. Even though Rosina wasn't at the graveyard for too long she still wanted to explore the woods, slinging her bag over her shoulder and began to walk along the narrow path. As she walked further the trees quickly began to engulf her the deeper she walked, Rosina turning around and saw that the church was almost impossible to see. The path began to turn in a wide circle however and would lead back towards the graveyard, but Rosina wanted to explore the woods even further, the brunette straying from the path and walked deeper into the woods.
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Default Re: Bound By Blood

The Rest of Chapter Four

Old branches and twigs snapped from underneath Rosina's feet as thorn bushes and vines threatened to nip at her exposed legs, the young woman trying to do the best she could to avoid the sharp plants as her black Converse high-tops provided some protection. Rosina got about a quarter mile away from the path until she suddenly heard a branch snap from behind her, the brunette quickly turning around but found nothing as her heart raced.

"It was probably just a rabbit or something." Rosina chuckled to herself as she took a steady breath, turning back around to take another step. When she did however hidden metal jaws suddenly dug into her leg which caused Rosina to painfully scream and fall to the hard ground, a small but powerful bear trap locking around her right leg. The sharp teeth dug into her soft skin and through some of the bone about two inches above where her high-tops ended, Rosina's eyes widening in shock at what she was seeing.

"Help! Some please help!" Rosina screamed from the top of her lungs as blood began to drip down from the circling wounds, the panicked girl leaning forward and trying to pull open both sides of the trap. The sharp teeth of the trap didn't loosen however as the metal only dug into her fingers, deeply cutting them as she tried to scream for help again, though her only answer was silence.

As Rosina tried to pull open the trap again a howl broke through the silence, bringing Rosina to freeze in place as her eyes widened. She was looking down as she heard slow footsteps begin to walk up towards her, the brunette slowly looking up and saw a light brown, full sized wolf staring at her from about ten feet away. On the right side of the wolf was a copper colored wolf pup, the pup letting out a small bark as it looked over to Rosina. The full sized wolf stopped in its tracks when Rosina looked up towards it, the wolf lowering its muzzle.

"Oh no..." Rosina said in a low voice, the two wolves beginning to approach her again. She panicked as she tried to yank her leg free from the trap but a thick chain was connected to a tree, the metal jaw locking Rosina in place as the teeth only sank into her skin deeper. She let out a horrible, painful scream as the teeth tore open her skin even more and sank down deeper into her bone, the two wolves stopping in place as they looked at her. The pup then began to walk further towards Rosina but the other wolf let out a bark, Rosina turning back to the pair of wolves with tears in her eyes as the pup stopped walking. The pup let out a whine, though sat down as the larger wolf began to slowly approach Rosina again.

At this point Rosina was trembling from fear as the light brown wolf inched its way closer to her, her heart pounding so quickly in her chest that it felt like it was going to rip out. The tears escaped Rosina's eyes and slid down her cheeks as the wolf stood in front of her, looking down towards Rosina's injured leg and then back up at her. The wolf let out a small whine, lightly nudging its muzzle underneath Rosina's chin and licked her cheeks, as if it were wiping away her tears. Rosina looked at the wolf in confusion as her body stopped trembling, slowly lifting up her hand as the wolf lightly rubbed the side of its head against her palm.

As Rosina stroked the top of the wolf's head she connected her eyes with the animal's in front of her, seeing that the wolf had turquoise colored eyes; something about its eyes seemed so familiar to Rosina, but she couldn't figure out from where. She winced in pain however as the pain in her leg began to worsen, her earlier fear towards the wolves distracting the pain momentarily as the wolf looked back down towards her leg. With another small whine from the wolf it licked Rosina's cheek one last time before turning back around and walking back towards the pup, the larger wolf letting out a bark as the two ran away side by side.

"Holy crap..." Rosina gasped in shock, the brunette not believing what she had just experienced with the wolves. She tried to push the matter aside however as she dug through her bag painfully to find her phone, blood from the wounds on her fingers smearing her bag with blood as she struggled to find her phone. She found it but cursed when seeing that her front screen was badly cracked from when she fell, a large rock on the ground having smashed the phone when her bag fell on top of it from underneath her weight.

"Rosina!" A familiar voice called out from behind her, the brunette quickly turning her head and seeing Jesse running towards her with his daughter Rebecca in his arms, the toddler having her orange colored hair tied back in a ponytail.

"Careful! I don't know if there's anymore traps." Rosina warned as she threw her phone back into her bag, Jesse carefully placing Rebecca down next to Rosina as he knelt down next to the two girls, Jesse brushing his light brown hair away from his turquoise colored eyes.

"I need to get you out of that." Jesse said as he leaned over and began to carefully work on the metal trap.

"How did you even find me?" Rosina asked as she winced badly in pain, Jesse being able to open the trap a few moments later which released her leg. He took a long branch and set off the trap, its saw snapping the branch but was now closed. Deep puncture wounds circled around Rosina's leg as blood began to heavily stream down from them and onto her shoes and the ground, Jesse quickly ripping some of the bottom of his blue shirt off and began to tie it around the wounds.

"I was walking in the wood's path with Rebecca and then we heard your screams." Jesse responded, tightly tying the knot as Rosina let out a yelp in pain. "I can't believe there's a trap here... why did you stray from the path in the first place?"

"I don't know..." Rosina said as she looked down. "I wanted to explore deeper into the woods."

"Next time, don't stray from paths." Jesse responded, though he offered a small smile. "You need to go to the hospital."

"I don't know if I can walk." Rosina admitted as Jesse helped her to her feet, though when the brunette tried to put any pressure on her right leg the wound sent sharp, shooting pains, bringing Rosina to yelp in pain once again as Jesse steadied her.

"I'm gonna have to carry you then." Jesse responded as he leaned down and picked up Rebecca, the toddler sitting on top of his shoulders as she wrapped her legs around his neck and grabbed his hair so she wouldn't fall. "You okay up there?"

"I'm fine daddy." Rebecca responded as Jesse carefully straightened his body to stand again, then scooping Rosina into his arms to cradle her and began to walk in the direction of the graveyard.

"I thought you said there weren't any wolves around here?" Rosina asked as she looked up at Jesse, who gave her a troubled look.

"There aren't." Jesse responded. "Why do you ask?"

"Two of them walked up to me while I was trapped. A baby wolf and then a larger one, like its mother or father or something."

"Are you sure it was wolves? I didn't see any." Jesse said.

"I'm sure." Rosina nodded, remembering the wolf's soft brown fur flowing through her fingers. "It was like the wolf was sad when it saw I was hurt... I thought it was going to attack me but it didn't."

"What did the wolf do exactly?" Jesse asked.

"It began to whine, and then it licked my face. The wolf even let me pet it." Rosina responded, looking down at her hand.

"Are you absolutely sure you weren't just imagining everything? Like maybe the adrenaline kicked in from all of your pain from the trap and your mind was playing tricks on you." Jesse suggested, but Rosina shook her head.

"I'm sure. The two wolves were really there. I just don't know why a trap was hidden there like that."

"Most likely hunters hunting deer. That's why its important for people who go into the woods to stay on the paths." Jesse responded as Rebecca leaned her chin down on top of her father's head, to which Rosina looked back up at him. Her dark brown eyes connected with his turquoise ones, the brunette staring into them in wonder.

"Turquoise colored eyes..."

"Hmm?" Jesse asked in confusion.

"The wolf who came up to me had turquoise colored eyes." Jesse broke his gaze from Rosina's words and looked down towards the ground, forcing a smile on his face as he looked back down at her a few moments later.

"Let's just get you out of here and to the hospital." Jesse said.
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Default Re: Bound By Blood

Chapter Five

Almost an entire month had gone by until Rosina's leg was completely healed, the fractures in the bone causing her to have a painful recovery. During the weeks that had gone by however both Caleb and Jesse tried to do the best they could to help Rosina in any way; Caleb would drive Rosina to her night classes and Jesse would help out with Allison when he didn't have work. Rosina had been stubborn and refused to not go to work, so the manager finally gave up and had Rosina work the cashier so that way she was sitting on a stool all day and during night shifts.

Rosina was forced to sleep in Allison's playroom during her recovery since she had a hard time traveling up and down the staircase, to which Rosina's father brought down the crib to the playroom along with even Rosina's bed. It felt really good to Rosina that her leg was finally completely healed, though now she had scars on her leg from both a minor surgery and from when the teeth of the trap embedded deep into her skin.

"Is Caleb picking you up for class?" Hanna asked as she looked over to her daughter, the family sitting at the kitchen table.

"Class got cancelled tonight." Rosina responded as she looked towards the night sky. During her recovery all she could think about was the two wolves who approached her in the woods a month ago, something about them that seemed so familiar. Rosina had tried to talk to Jesse about it whenever the two of them would hang out with their daughters but he would always shoot down the subject, which frustrated Rosina.

"Does Caleb know he doesn't have to pick you up then?" Bill asked as he gave Allison another banana cookie, the toddler sitting in her high-chair with a sippy-cup full of milk.

"Yeah but knowing him he'll still want to come over and hang out for a little while before Allison goes to bed." Rosina responded with a small laugh.

"So, do you like either boy? Jesse or Caleb? They would both seem really good for you." Hanna asked with a smirk.

"Mom!" Rosina groaned with a sigh.

"I'm just saying. They both seem to like you in that way." Hanna chuckled. It was true that Rosina had began to develop feelings for both Jesse and Caleb, but if both of them liked her as much as she liked them then she wouldn't know what to do. If both males had feelings for her, then was that the reason why they never wanted to hang out together?

"I'm not looking to date anyone right now." Rosina simply said as her phone began to ring from her pocket, the brunette taking it out and gave a low growl when seeing who was calling her.

"What's wrong?" Bill asked.

"It's Sean." Rosina responded, standing up and walking outside.

"The deadbeat dad." Hanna mumbled as two kittens came rushing into the kitchen chasing each other. Rosina's parents decided to keep the two female kittens while Hank kept the two male kittens, to which Rosina was very happy about.

"Hello?" Rosina answered after taking a deep breath. Caleb had been walking down the darkened street to approach Rosina's front door but then suddenly saw Rosina walk out of her house, the Vampire quickly hiding behind a tree that was at the side of her house and listened to the phone conversation.

"Hey. How have you been?" Sean asked from the other end of the cell phone.

"I've been better. I had to get surgery on my leg." Rosina responded.

"I saw that on Facebook. Are you okay?" Sean asked.

"Yeah I'll be fine. My friends Caleb and Jesse have been helping out a lot." Rosina said as she made her way towards the side of her house, only inches away from Caleb as he pressed his body further against the tree. "So how have you been?"

"I've been okay, and doing a lot of thinking regards of Allison." Sean responded as Rosina tensed.

"What about her?"

"I was thinking of getting a lawyer and file for some kind of custody so I could see Allison more. It's not fair that I never get to see her, since she's my daughter as well." Sean responded in a tone to which Rosina knew he was smirking on the other end of the line.

"When I lived in Jersey all that time you made it perfectly clear you didn't want to see your daughter, and you even said it was okay for me to move out of state with her. Just to be safe we had everything cleared by a judge, so all of the proof is written down on documentation which I have copies of." Rosina growled, knowing Sean was only doing this to get under her skin.

"You can't keep me away from my own daughter and her from her own grandparents." Sean responded coolly.

"She doesn't even know who the hell you are!" Rosina responded in anger, the brunette beginning to raise her voice. "I've given you so many chances to be a part of her life but you always shot them down! Even during her birthdays and holidays I would beg you to come and see her, and then you would just ignore my calls and text messages. But now suddenly when I move to Delaware, got into college and was hired for a really good job you suddenly want to see her? I know you're just doing this to be a jack*ss, Sean."

"Well maybe if you hadn't gotten drunk and had a one-night stand with me like a wh*re then you wouldn't be in this situation." Sean's words sliced Rosina like a knife as her eyes widened, tears threatening to burn them as Caleb's fists clenched in anger for what Sean had called Rosina.

"You can go waste your money on a lawyer all you want, because everything has been already set in stone by the judge. You aren't getting any custody towards Ally, and you're never seeing her." Rosina growled, hanging up the phone as the tears escaped her eyes. The brunette took a few steady breaths in an attempt to calm herself down as Caleb continued to hide on the other side of the tree, the Vampire watching as Rosina walked back towards her front door and returned back inside.

"What happened?" Bill asked when seeing the tears falling down his daughter's face from the other side of the room.

"Sean want to try and file cus-" Rosina began but was cut off by the sound of the doorbell, to which she turned around towards the door and froze.

"You don't think that's Sean, do you?" Hanna asked in concern as Allison was looking around the room from her high-chair, the toddler not knowing what was going on but knew something was wrong. "You don't think he's smart enough to drive all the way here and then make that phone call, do you?"

"If it is him then he's getting punched in the face." Rosina growled as she began to turn the doorknob, the brunette not bothering to wipe away her tears as she quickly opened the door. Caleb stood there with his blonde bangs cutting off just above his sapphire eyes, a concerned look on his face.

"Hey... I was on my way over here and saw you quickly go inside your house. It looked like you were crying... are you okay?" Caleb asked, bringing Rosina to look down. More tears silently slid down her face, though Caleb couldn't enter inside the house without an invitation. He had been inside the house before but each time in order to enter he would have to be invited in, which meant that when he left the house he wasn't able to enter it again until another invitation was granted. "May I come in?" Rosina's slow nod was all he needed as she continued to look down, the Vampire stepping inside the house and wrapped his arms around the brunette.

"What did Sean say?" Bill asked as anger began to flow through the man, though his anger wasn't caused by anyone in the house. He had always disliked Sean since he would never make an attempt to see Allison, and seeing his daughter cry because of Sean only made that hate so much more worse. Caleb released Rosina as the two walked into the kitchen and sat down, Rosina looking up at her parents.

"Sean wants to try and file for custody towards Ally, which doesn't even make any sense since he never made the attempt to be a part of her life in the first place." Rosina responded, wiping new tears away as Caleb pushed his chair closer to hers and wrapped an arm around Rosina, the brunette leaning into the blonde haired male for comfort.

"We still have the court papers, right?" Hanna asked as she looked over to her husband, who nodded.

"The two of you remained friends on Facebook so you guys could be somewhat friendly, and I'm sure he's seen how happy you've been ever since moving here." Bill explained. "He's only trying to ruin that, so don't let him upset you. We have everything we need to make sure he doesn't get custody at all, so everything is going to be okay."

"Are you sure everything will be okay?" Rosina asked, bringing the Vampire to slightly tighten his grip on her.

"Yes, it will be." Caleb nodded, to which Rosina nodded as well.

"Why don't the two of you go upstairs and hang out for a little while?" Hanna added in the conversation with a smile. "We want to play with Ally for an hour or so before she goes to bed."

"Okay." Rosina responded with a small chuckle, her and Caleb standing up and walking up to her room.

"You okay?" Caleb asked as Rosina walked over to her bed and laid down with a sigh, the Vampire sitting next to her. At least her bed and Allison's crib was back upstairs in her room now.

"Yeah. I'm sorry for that little family drama." Rosina said, offering a small smile.

"It's fine." Caleb chuckled lightly. "Turn over."

"Why?" Rosina laughed.

"You look stressed from everything. I happen to give good massages." The Vampire responded.

"I'll just have to be the judge of that." Rosina smirked, the brunette laying on her stomach and rested her chin on her white pillow. Caleb positioned his body and placed both of his hands on the middle of Rosina's back, beginning to move them in a soft, steady rhythm. After a few moments Rosina smiled, closing her dark eyes as she relaxed. "That does feel good."

"Told you." Caleb chuckled. The two remained silent for awhile as Caleb's hands explored different areas of Rosina's back, his fingertips brushing over her bra's straps and the back of her bra through her shirt. Every touch he made sent electric shocks of warm pleasure flowing through Rosina's body, though she tried not to show it as she did her best to control her breathing. The sound of her heart pounding rapidly in her chest could be picked up from Caleb's enhanced hearing however which gave her away, the Vampire smirking as he allowed his hands to slowly move down her back where his fingertips rested on the edge of the bottom of her shirt.

"Don't stop..." Rosina whispered as her eyes remained closed, Caleb's breathing slightly quickening now as he slowly pushed his hands underneath Rosina's shirt. He waited for a few moments as his slightly cold skin made contact with her warm skin, wanting to see if Rosina would decline the touch. When she didn't however and could hear her breathing start to become unsteady from pleasure Caleb slowly moved his hands up even further, slipping them underneath the back of Rosina's bra and rested them there as her shirt was pushed up by him.

"I've been wanting you." Caleb whispered in Rosina's ear when he leaned down towards her.

"So take me." Rosina whispered back slowly. He traced the arch of Rosina's back with his fingers as the sapphire iris in both of his eyes brightly glowed blue, the Vampire beginning to softly kiss where his fingertips had just brushed as he forced his eyes back to normal, the sensation of Caleb's lips touching Rosina's skin bringing her to softly sigh in pleasure. It felt like every inch of Rosina's body was on fire as Caleb lightly nibbled her skin, the Vampire slowly pushing off her shirt and tossed it to the floor. He then took off his own shirt and laid on top of the brunette, his slightly cold skin refreshing to Rosina as he nibbled on her neck.

"I want you so badly." Caleb murmured, a low growl of pleasure escaping deep within his throat as Rosina turned her body around to lay on her back, staring up into Caleb's piercing eyes.

"We probably shouldn't do this..." Rosina whispered, though temptation was clear in her eyes. Caleb pushed his hips into her still-clothed legs and parted them, pressing his body softly against Rosina's which caused her to sigh in pleasure, Caleb grinning as he pressed his hips into hers a little harder.

"But you want to. I know you don't want to stop, and neither do I." He thrust his hips harder into hers, to which she had to moan in pleasure into Caleb's neck so her parents wouldn't hear what was about to happen. Both Rosina and Caleb breathed hard as the brunette pulled onto his back and lightly dug her nails into his soft skin, her lips connecting with his in a hungry kiss. Caleb wasted no time as he broke the kiss a few long moments later and began to bite the bottom of Rosina's stomach, though he made sure not to hurt her as his tongue traveled along her bellybutton and up to her chest, kissing the rounded skin that was exposed just outside of Rosina's bra.

Caleb had just begun to kiss Rosina again and pressed his body hard against hers when the sound of Allison's laughter could be heard coming from the playroom, the very sound bringing Rosina to return back to reality as she broke the kiss and looked up at the Vampire. It was clear that Rosina wanted to keep going, as well as Caleb, but something in Rosina's mind was telling her to stop before things got too far and couldn't turn back. Her daughter entered her mind, and even Jesse. Jesse. Why would Rosina be suddenly thinking of the other male at a time like this?

"I-I'm sorry... could we put this on pause right now?" Rosina asked with guilt, seeing the disappointment in Caleb's eyes. He nodded however, getting off of Rosina and stood from the bed as he placed back on his shirt.

"Is everything okay?" Caleb asked, his voice a bit hard as Rosina slightly flinched, the brunette sitting up and quickly placed back on her own shirt.

"I don't want things to end up going too fast and risking our friendship." Rosina responded, though Caleb's expression didn't soften.

"Does any of this have to do with Jesse?" Caleb asked, receiving silence as his answer as Rosina adverted her gaze from him. The Vampire's jaw tightened as he began to walk towards the bedroom door, bringing Rosina to look over to him.

"Are you leaving...?"

"Yeah. I've had enough mind-games for one night." Caleb growled.

"That's not wha-" Before Rosina could finish her sentence Caleb was already leaving the room and shut the door, Rosina sighing as she sat back on her bed.

Rosina ran down a long, never ending narrow hallway as fast as she could, both fear and adrenaline pumping through her veins as she forced her burning legs to keep on running. Both sides of the black hallway had large windows repeating themselves one after the other, sunlight beaming in from both sides and shined down brightly on Rosina. She dared to look behind her to see if the threat was still following, the brunette gasping in shock at what she saw. Every time Rosina would pass one of the bright windows they would suddenly be consumed in darkness, looking as though something were blocking them.

"You can't hide behind the sunlight forever." A voice suddenly chuckled as Rosina turned her head back around and ran even faster. She tried to pinpoint where the voice came from but it was impossible, the terrifying voice coming from every direction. The brunette turned her head behind her again only to see the windows which she was running passed were continuing to be consumed by darkness, her eyes widening at what was causing the windows to lose its sunlight. Hundreds of Vampire Bats were flying around and pasting themselves on the window's glass to block out the sunlight.

"Sh*t!" Rosina cursed as she turned her head back around once again, a laugh from the terrifying voice filling the hallway. A door could suddenly be seen ahead as Rosina raced to it, sunlight pouring out from the bottom crack of it. If she could just reach the door in time and run through it then she might be safe, the threat not being able to follow her any longer. After a few long moments of running Rosina finally reached the door and pulled it open, sunlight pouring into the long hallway as a horrible scream could be heard coming from right behind her. Rosina didn't bother to look back however as she ran through the door and closed it, the brunette completely surprised by where she ended up.
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Default Re: Bound By Blood

The Rest of Chapter Five

Maple trees lined the graveyard as Rosina looked over to her right and saw the white church, its bells ringing loudly as she took a step forward. Sunlight poured over the graveyard as if this place was somehow completely safe, the evil that was chasing after Rosina not being able to hurt her now. Rosina turned around, expecting to see the door behind her but it was completely gone as the busy street could be seen, confusion washing over her as she looked around. The sudden sound of a howl coming from behind Rosina made her quickly turn around towards the woods, where the same light brown wolf stood staring at her in front of the woods' path.

"You..." Rosina said in curiosity as she took a step forward but the wolf turned around and ran into the woods, bringing Rosina to run after it. She ran along the path as she journeyed deeper into the woods, straying from the path as she chased after the wolf. "Please wait!" Rosina called out, the light brown wolf stopping and staring at her from about fifteen feet away. She stopped running and came to a steady walk, putting out her hand as she slowly made her way towards the light brown wolf.

It didn't run away as Rosina knelt down in front of the furry animal and kept out her hand, petting the top of the wolf's head and stared into its turquoise colored eyes. She stared deep into them, as did the wolf with her own eyes as Rosina tried to piece everything together. The sound of a branch snapping behind Rosina brought her to quickly stand up straight and spin around, seeing that there was no one there except for woods. She turned back towards the wolf but saw it had disappeared, Jesse taking its place as his turquoise colored eyes stared into Rosina's dark ones.

"Jesse?" Rosina asked, his light brown hair shining in the sunlight which peeked through the high trees.

"You can't trust him, Rosina. Darkness will only consume you." Jesse said in a fierce voice.

"Who, Jesse? Who can't I trust?" Rosina asked in confusion.

"He's nothing but evil, and everything he touches just dies. You can't go into the shadows, because if you do then you'll be seduced by evil that shouldn't walk this earth. Don't ever trust him, Rosina." Jesse responded.

"You have to tell me who it is! Please!" Rosina begged, though Jesse gently pushed her up against a nearby tree.

"I'll protect you from him, Rosina. I promise I will. I won't allow him to drag you down to the depths of Hell." Jesse said, connecting his eyes with Rosina's. As she stared at them her eyes widened in shock, gently placing a hand on Jesse's cheek.

"You're the wolf..." Jesse smiled at Rosina's words, having put the pieces together as she looked into his turquoise colored eyes.

"I'll protect you. I promise." Jesse whispered, pressing his body against Rosina's and connected his lips with hers. At first she was shocked and taken completely off guard, but after a few moments she melted into the kiss, allowing Jesse's hands to wander her entire body. She slipped her hands beneath Jesse's shirt and rubbed his strong, muscular chest, deepening the kiss which he welcomed. He tore the brunette's shirt completely in half down the middle and exposed a black laced bra, Rosina discarding the shirt to the ground as she pulled Jesse closer to her without breaking the passionate kiss. After a few moments however Jesse looked up and broke the kiss, his gaze falling on something behind Rosina as a warning growl erupted from his throat, the iris in both eyes turning golden yellow. The sky slowly darkened by rainclouds as the sun was hidden, all of the beams of light peeking through the trees dying to nothing.

"Jesse?" Rosina questioned, seeing the male's eyes. She turned her head in the direction where Jesse was looking but saw nothing there, the brunette turning back around only to have Caleb replace Jesse. "Caleb?" Rosina gasped.

"You can only choose one of us, while the other dies." Caleb said, now his body being pressed up against Rosina.

"So who is it going to be?" Jesse asked as he stepped out from behind the tree Rosina was pressed against, his eyes back to normal.

"I...I don't know. I really like you both. Why does the other have to die?" Rosina asked, not realizing she was whispering out of fear.

"Because that's how it has to be." Caleb responded. Both males began to press up against Rosina's body and touch her in certain places which sent bolts of electricity to flow through her, her body craving for both Jesse's and Caleb's touch.

"I don't want to choose." Rosina said in a sigh of pleasure as Jesse kissed her collarbone and down to the edge of her bra while Caleb kissed the other side of Rosina's neck.

"You have to choose." Jesse murmured, the very tip of his tongue tracing slightly inside the cup of her bra.

"I'll make the decision easy for you then." Caleb said as he suddenly gripped a hold of Jesse's neck, his body turning into dozens of Vampire Bats and all flew away.

"Jesse!" Rosina gasped in shock, only her and Caleb remaining in the woods now.

"You had to make a choice, but you didn't want to, so I made it for you." Caleb said as he began to lean in towards Rosina.

"But is he oka-" Rosina was cut off by Caleb's lips connecting with hers, all traces of Jesse leaving her mind as Rosina pulled Caleb to her, their mouths exploring each other. Caleb broke the kiss and replaced it by placing his lips on Rosina's neck and kissed her skin softly, the brunette letting out a small moan when the Vampire brushed his hands over her chest.

A sudden sharp sting stung through Rosina's neck however as she winced in pain, warm liquid beginning to trickle down her neck. She brushed her fingertips over the liquid as Caleb continued to bite where the stinging sensation was coming from, Rosina seeing the dark crimson colored liquid slide in between her fingers.

"Blood..." Rosina whispered to herself, to which Caleb released her neck to look at the brunette in front of him. His mouth was stained with her blood, a pair of sharp Vampire fangs being revealed at the sapphire iris in each of his eyes were glowing a bright blue, the Vampire giving her a deadly smirk.

"You really should had picked him." Caleb chuckled, the sun beginning to beam down through the trees again which made contact with Caleb's skin. His skin began to slowly peel away and burn as Rosina's eyes widened in shock.

"Caleb..." Rosina gasped, though the smirk was still on his face.

"You should had stayed on the path in the woods as well." Caleb chuckled, baring his fangs and sank them deep into Rosina's neck, the brunette letting out a horrible scream...

The next morning Rosina screamed herself awake from the nightmare and quickly sat up, sweat covering her body as she let out quick, deep breaths. Her hand quickly went to her neck and brushed her fingertips along the smooth skin, the brunette letting out a sigh in relief as she looked at her hand and found no traces of blood. That nightmare felt incredibly real which frightened Rosina, and even though she kept thinking to herself that it were only a dream, something about it nagged at the brunette, like it were some kind of warning. A warning was absolutely insane though because it had revealed Jesse being the wolf in the woods, which wasn't even possible.

"Mommy?" Allison called out from her crib, Rosina's scream waking up the toddler. Before Rosina could respond to her daughter however footsteps running up the attic stairs could be heard, the door trying to open but was locked by the top bolt.

"Rosina?" Bill called from the other side of the door. "Are you okay? I heard you scream."

"I'm fine dad." Rosina responded, standing up from the bed and walking to the door. She unlocked the bolt and allowed the door to swing open, her father standing there with Hanna right behind him. "Just a nightmare." Rosina sighed, looking over towards the window as the morning's sunlight peeked through the shades.

"You can't hide behind the sunlight forever." The terrifying voice from the nightmare came to Rosina's mind, the brunette walking over to all of the windows and pulling up the shades to allow the sunlight to pour into the room.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Hanna asked as her and Bill entered the attic.

"I'm okay." Rosina nodded, walking over to the crib and picking up Allison to bring her downstairs for breakfast. Both Rosina and Jesse had the day off of work today so they planned on going to the mall with their daughters to buy them more Summer and Fall clothes, so the day of shopping will hopefully distract Rosina from her disturbing nightmare.

Jesse and Rosina sat on a black leather couch together that was displayed in the middle of the large hallway inside the mall, a few shopping bags of clothes resting by their legs as they watched the two toddlers play a few feet in front of them. There was a platform built into the floor where if a person stepped on it then it would change colors, so Allison and Rebecca were enjoying themselves and played on the platform together. Both Jesse and Rosina laughed at their children's' excitement, the two parents relieved that the toddlers got along so well.

"I had a really good day today." Jesse commented as he turned his head to look at Rosina, who only sat an inch away from him.

"Me too." Rosina chuckled as she turned to Jesse. "It feels good to be able to hang out with someone and not have to worry about who is going to keep an eye on Ally. I know my uncle Hank doesn't mind but I still feel a bit bad, and when he refuses to take money for watching her doesn't help either."

"Yeah. Normally I don't really go out with my other friends that often because of that same reason with my parents. They won't take any money either, which bothers me." Jesse responded. "Plus my friends always go out to bars, so I want to be a responsible father for Rebecca. Just going out to the mall with someone who has a child as well just feels so much better."

"Exactly." Rosina smiled, to which Jesse instantly returned it.

"We should hang out like this more often, since your leg is healed up now. Like take our daughters to the park or something, or even to the public pool that is right down the street from your house since the weather is still pretty hot." Jesse suggested.

"I think that would be a really good idea." Rosina agreed. "Do you want to go to the pool tomorrow? I have off work again."

"Yeah, that sounds good. I have work tomorrow but not until four o'clock that afternoon. How does meeting up in front of the pool at eleven tomorrow morning sound? It opens at eleven so there won't be that many people there yet."

"That sounds perfect then." Rosina chuckled. The brunette began to stare deep into Jesse's turquoise colored eyes as her smile faded, drowning in the memory of her nightmare.

It didn't run away as Rosina knelt down in front of the furry animal and kept out her hand, petting the top of the wolf's head and stared into its turquoise colored eyes. She stared deep into them, as did the wolf with her own eyes as Rosina tried to piece everything together. The sound of a branch snapping behind Rosina brought her to quickly stand up straight and spin around, seeing that there was no one there except for woods. She turned back towards the wolf but saw it had disappeared, Jesse taking its place as his turquoise colored eyes stared into Rosina's dark ones.

"Jesse?" Rosina asked, his light brown hair shining in the sunlight which peeked through the high trees.

"You can't trust him, Rosina. Darkness will only consume you." Jesse said in a fierce voice.

"Who, Jesse? Who can't I trust?" Rosina asked in confusion.

"He's nothing but evil, and everything he touches just dies. You can't go into the shadows, because if you do then you'll be seduced by evil that shouldn't walk this earth. Don't ever trust him, Rosina." Jesse responded.

"You have to tell me who it is! Please!" Rosina begged, though Jesse gently pushed her up against a nearby tree.

"I'll protect you from him, Rosina. I promise I will. I won't allow him to drag you down to the depths of Hell." Jesse said, connecting his eyes with Rosina's. As she stared at them her eyes widened in shock, gently placing a hand on Jesse's cheek.

"You're the wolf..." Jesse smiled at Rosina's words, having put the pieces together as she looked into his turquoise colored eyes.

"I'll protect you. I promise." Jesse whispered, pressing his body against Rosina's and connected his lips with hers.

"Rosina?" Jesse asked in concern when it looked as though she were staring right through him, the young woman blinking away the memory as she looked down. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine." Rosina nodded, looking back up to the male as a worried expression crossed his features. "Just thinking."

"About what?" Jesse asked, though Rosina was silent as another memory from the dream entered her mind.

"You have to choose." Jesse murmured, the very tip of his tongue tracing slightly inside the cup of her bra.

"I'll make the decision easy for you then." Caleb said as he suddenly gripped a hold of Jesse's neck, his body turning into dozens of Vampire Bats and all flew away.

"Jesse!" Rosina gasped in shock, only her and Caleb remaining in the woods now.

"Rosina?" Jesse asked again, though this time she remained silent as the rest of the memory overcame her.

"You had to make a choice, but you didn't want to, so I made it for you." Caleb said as he began to lean in towards Rosina.

"But is he oka-" Rosina was cut off by Caleb's lips connecting with hers, all traces of Jesse leaving her mind as Rosina pulled Caleb to her, their mouths exploring each other. Caleb broke the kiss and replaced it by placing his lips on Rosina's neck and kissed her skin softly, the brunette letting out a small moan when the Vampire brushed his hands over her chest.

A sudden sharp sting stung through Rosina's neck however as she winced in pain, warm liquid beginning to trickle down her neck. She brushed her fingertips over the liquid as Caleb continued to bite where the stinging sensation was coming from, Rosina seeing the dark crimson colored liquid slide in between her fingers.

"Blood..." Rosina whispered to herself, to which Caleb released her neck to look at the brunette in front of him. His mouth was stained with her blood, a pair of sharp Vampire fangs being revealed at the sapphire iris in each of his eyes were glowing a bright blue, the Vampire giving her a deadly smirk.

"You really should had picked him." Caleb chuckled, the sun beginning to beam down through the trees again which made contact with Caleb's skin. His skin began to slowly peel away and burn as Rosina's eyes widened in shock.

"Caleb..." Rosina gasped, though the smirk was still on his face.

"You should had stayed on the path in the woods as well." Caleb chuckled, baring his fangs and sank them deep into Rosina's neck, the brunette letting out a horrible scream...

Rosina let out a small gasp as she forced herself out of the memory of the nightmare, her body beginning to slightly shake from fear as Jesse closed the space between them and place a hand softly on her cheek, his face only inches from hers as worry clouded his eyes.

"What's wrong?" Jesse asked, though Rosina couldn't meet his gaze as she looked down.

"I... I had this really strange and disturbing nightmare last night that seemed so real. You were in it, and Caleb was in it, and..." Rosina forced herself to meet Jesse's gaze, locking her eyes with his. What was she supposed to say? Accuse Jesse of being the wolf and Caleb being a Vampire because of some random nightmare? To Rosina the nightmare didn't feel random, no matter how crazy it made her sound. It felt real, and Rosina was beginning to think somehow the nightmare was real too, that it was trying to give her clues.

"You had a screwed up nightmare, but that's all it was; a nightmare." Jesse spoke softly to try and stop Rosina's trembling. "Whatever your nightmare was, it can't hurt you. You're awake, here at the mall with your daughter, my daughter and me. You're here with me, Rosina. Everything is going to be okay, I promise."

"I'll protect you. I promise." Jesse whispered, pressing his body against Rosina's and connected his lips with hers.

Rosina's trembling died down as Jesse rubbed his thumb along her cheek, the brunette giving a nod as she offered a small smile towards Jesse. He smiled back, though the two didn't pull away from each other at first. Bolts of electricity flowed through both Jesse and Rosina as she placed her hand on top of Jesse's that was on her cheek, the two parents beginning to slowly lean in for a kiss. Right when their lips lightly brushed up against each others the sound of both the toddler's laughter snapped both Rosina and Jesse back to reality, the two of them looking at the toddlers as they ran in a circle on the platform, the colors changing with each step. Both Rosina and Jesse chuckled as their own daughters, the warmth of Jesse's hand still lingering on Rosina's cheek even after he had pulled it away.
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Default Re: Bound By Blood

The Rest of Chapter Five

After about another hour of having lunch and shopping for a few toys for their daughters Rosina and Jesse made their way to the parking-lot towards their own vehicles which were parked next to each other, each parent securing their own child in the car-seat and placing the shopping bags in the trunk. Jesse closed the car's door to his vehicle as Rosina did the same with hers right after, the two parents standing in front of each other with smiles on their faces.

"Thanks for spending the day at the mall with me and Ally." Rosina chuckled, to which the male in front of her chuckled as well.

"Well thanks for inviting me."

"Anytime." Both Rosina and Jesse continued to stare at each other, smiles on both of their faces. After a few long moments of silence however Jesse turned to his daughter, who was playing with one of the stuffed wolves he bought for her. He then looked over to Allison, who had her eyes shut and was leaning on a stuffed bird propped on her shoulder as a pillow.

"Good. They aren't looking." Jesse commented, looking back over to Rosina. Her smile was still there, though she now looked a bit confused as well.

"Aren't looking at what?" Rosina questioned.

"This." Jesse closed the space between the two of them and placed his warm fingers underneath Rosina's chin, gently tilting her head up and brushed his lips against hers. She didn't hesitate, pressing her lips harder against Jesse's in a long, passionate kiss. His lips were soft and warm, very much alive and welcoming.

"You can only choose one of us, while the other dies."

Caleb's voice from the nightmare Rosina had that night suddenly pierced through her mind as she quickly broke away from Jesse and took a step back, the male looking at her in confusion as Rosina's gaze fell to the black pavement underneath her feet. She knew that she had to choose between Jesse and Caleb since it was clarified that they both had feelings for her, and that she had feelings for both of them as well, but what would happen when she made the final decision? Rosina already knew that the other wouldn't actually die, but what would happen to that friendship? Would that be the thing that dies? She didn't want to lose either Jesse or Caleb, but she couldn't lead both of them on, especially since they both had feelings for the brunette. She had to make a decision soon, and by soon, it had to be done by later that night or the morning at the very latest.

"Are you okay?" Jesse asked.

"Yeah." Rosina nodded, looking back up to the male, his light brown hair glowing in the sunlight just like how it had in her dream. "I, uh... just have a lot of thinking to do."

"That's understandable." Jesse responded. "I know that dating when you have a child could feel a bit weird, since it's constantly on your mind if the person you're dating is a good match to be around your child. That's why I haven't been dating, but... I just feel differently with you." Jesse paused as both him and Rosina looked down. So he didn't suspect she had feelings for not only him, but for Caleb as well... it was actually a relief for Rosina, this reason being the one she can play off from.

"It's because we're both parents... so we have an understanding." Rosina said as the two locked eyes.

"Take all of the time you need to think about this. I know it is an important decision." Jesse offered her a smile, which she returned and nodded.

"Are we still meeting each other tomorrow at the pool?" Rosina asked.

"Yeah." Jesse chuckled, bringing Rosina to give another nod as the smile remained on her face.

Both parents pulled out of the parking-lot after getting into their own cars and began driving away, Rosina pulling out first as Jesse followed. Allison tiredly opened her eyes as Rosina stopped in front of a red traffic light, the toddler letting out a small yawn as Rosina turned her head around to give her daughter a smile.

"Did you have fun today?" Rosina asked.

"Yeah." Allison nodded, closing her eyes again as Rosina's gaze went to the car who had stopped behind her, seeing Jesse giving Rosina a smile. She waved at the male and then turned back around, the traffic light turning green a few moments later. The brunette placed her foot on the gas pedal and began to drive, only to have Jesse blow his car's horn a few moments later. Before Rosina could register what was happening a car suddenly slammed into her driver's side at full speed, the car who had hit her running the red traffic light in an attempt to escape a bank robbery the driver had committed.

The full impact caused Rosina's car to flip over twice and land up-side down as the roof skidded against the street's pavement, sparks from the metal being created as her car finally came to a stop about fifty feet away from where she first got hit after hitting a telephone pole. Rosina dangled up-side down from her seat-belt as two deep gashes were sliced across her face from when her driver's window had shattered, blood dripping down from the wound on her forehead which blinded her right eye.

"Ally..." Rosina called out as she forced her head to turn where her daughter was, the toddler unconscious and up-side down while strapped in her car-seat. "Allison." Rosina tried again, seeing all of the cuts that littered her daughter from the shattered glass. "Allison!" When Rosina yelled her daughter's name sharp spasms of pain traveled through her ribs, the brunette wincing in horrible pain as her vision began to blur. She tried to remain conscious but was unable to because of the concussion Rosina was developing, Jesse's faint shouts being the last thing she heard until a sea of darkness consumed her.

The next thing Rosina knew when she opened her eyes was that she was laying down in a hospital room, her torn and bloodied clothes had been stripped from her and now wore a hospital's white nightgown, her gaze falling around the room. Jesse stood a few feet away looking out the large window as he gazed at the night's sky, Rebecca wrapped in his arms as she stared up at the crescent moon. How many days had gone by? How long ago was the accident? The accident!

"Where's Allison?" Rosina suddenly asked as she sat up quickly, wincing in pain from her ribs as Jesse spun around to look at her.

"Don't make sudden movements, Rose." Bill said as he and Hanna stood from the other side of the room, both of them dressed in their doctor's uniform.

"You have five broken ribs, had internal bleeding which we stopped, a pretty bad concussion and a really bad sprained wrist and ankle." Hanna added, though Rosina didn't care as she ripped the IV out from the vein in her hand and stood up from the bed.

"Where's Allison?" Rosina growled, tears pooling her eyes as she began to limp towards the door.

"If we have to sedate you then we will." Bill warned as he stepped in front of the door. "Go lay back down on the bed and we'll explain everything to you." Rosina didn't move at first as she stood in front of her father, the two locking eyes until a warm touch lightly gripped Rosina's arm. She turned and saw Jesse standing in front of her with Rebecca, his gaze falling to the stitched wound that went across just above Rosina's right eye and then the other stitched wound which spread across her left cheek, the male's gaze falling back into hers.

"Please..." Jesse whispered, taking her hand into his as she nodded, guiding the brunette back to the propped bed where she painfully laid against the pillows.

"We need to talk to you about Allison." Hanna spoke as she walked over to the bed and sat down, the woman forcing back tears as she held Rosina's hand. "She's in Intensive Care right now on the other side of the hospital. We're doing everything we can for her, but..."

"But we don't think she's going to make it through the night." Bill finished as he fought back his own tears. Rosina laid there frozen as all of the color washed away from her body, looking from each face in the room as her parents' words dawned down on her.

"I want to see her." Rosina choked out as a lump formed in her throat, warm tears running down her cheeks which stung the one wound.

"You need your rest..." Bill protested.

"I want to see her!" Rosina shouted as the pain in her ribs worsened, the brunette wrapping her arm around them and winced.

"Okay okay." Hanna whispered as she stood up, quickly getting a wheelchair from the hallway and rolled it towards the hospital bed. Caleb entered the room then, having gotten a text message from Bill about what had happened and has been there for the past couple hours with Jesse. The two males did their best to avoid each other, and when they were in the same room the two males simply remained silent.

"Once we see her it's important for you to get some rest since it is a little bit after ten o'clock." Bill said as Rosina slowly climbed into the wheelchair with Caleb's help.

"Caleb and Jesse actually aren't supposed to be here since visiting hours have been over, but your father and I pulled a few strings since this is personal." Hanna added, to which Rosina looked at both Caleb and Jesse.

"You two managing to not kill each other?" Rosina asked as Bill rolled the wheelchair out of the room with the rest of the group following.

"It's difficult." Jesse responded, the two males glaring at each other.

"Behave. Both of you." Rosina growled. After a couple of minutes in silence the group reached a room where Hanna opened the door, Allison being placed in a private Intensive Care room as Bill wheeled his daughter over to the unconscious toddler on the bed. She had three tubes connecting liquid to her body along with a heart monitor and a machine to help with her breathing.

"We called Sean also but he didn't answer." Bill said as Rosina reached over and ran her thumb over the top of Allison's hand.

"Typical." Rosina said, fresh tears pooling down her cheeks and landed on her lap.

"Your uncle and aunt will be here tomorrow morning." Hanna added as Rosina nodded.

"Where's the driver who crashed into my car?" Rosina asked in anger, wanting to find him and stab a knife through his throat.

"He died on impact at the scene." Jesse responded. "It turned out he had robbed a bank and was trying to escape from the police." Rosina was silent for a few moments, letting Jesse's words sink in before she leaned over Allison's body despite the pain in her ribs.

"Now you listen to me, Allison Rose Blackwell, you will not die. Do you understand me?" More tears escaped Rosina's eyes as she spoke, her body beginning to shake as she tried to swallow the lump in her throat. "I have lost so many people from death, but I will not lose you too. You're going to pull through this, and when you wake up, I'll be sitting right here. I refuse to lose my daughter because of what a random man had done." Rebecca began to silently cry in Jesse's shoulder as tears burned his own eyes, his grip tightening around his own daughter for comfort as Caleb looked down towards the floor.

After about another ten minutes or so Rosina was wheeled back to her own room and laid down on the hospital bed, her gaze falling over to her mother who put another IV into her hand.

"Please don't rip this one out too." Hanna murmured as her daughter nodded, the whites in her eyes glassy and reddened from crying.

"I should get Rebecca back home and in bed since it's really really late." Jesse announced as his tone revealed his own sorrow over the situation, to which Rosina nodded.

"Will you be back in the morning?"

"Of course." Jesse nodded, saying his goodbyes to Rosina and her parents before leaving the hospital with his daughter.

"You should start going too Caleb, so Rosina can get some rest." Bill added to which the Vampire nodded in understanding, leaving the room after saying his own goodbyes. Hanna and Bill were alone with their daughter as they both sat on the bed, looking at Rosina with glassed eyes of their own.

"We promise you that we're going to do everything we can to save her." Hanna said as she held Rosina's hand, who gave a small nod and looked down.

"Do you need anything? Water? More pillows or another blanket?" Bill asked.

"I'm fine." Rosina whispered, her parents walking out of the room a few moments later and closed the door after turning out the light. Once they were gone Rosina covered her face with both of her hands and began shaking, the brunette breaking down at the very thought of losing her own daughter.

Caleb walked down the end of the hallway which Rosina's room was on and turned left, hiding behind the corner and stood there for a few moments. He could pick up Rosina's parents leaving the room and began walking down the other end of the hallway together with his enhanced hearing, as well as hear Rosina crying in her hospital room. His jaw clenched as his fists tightened in anger, the Vampire picking up on Bill's and Hanna's conversation as the pair turned towards another hallway.

"We have to do everything we can to keep Allison alive." Hanna said.

"It isn't looking good at all though... her body is so small and fragile. I'm honestly surprised she's survived this long." Bill responded with sorrow clear in his voice. "She'll need a real miracle and a guardian angel to pull through." Caleb looked down from Bill's words, the Vampire knowing exactly what he had to do before it was too late. With speed like a bullet he ran through the hospital's hallways without being detected, as well as grabbing a box of a plastic sterilized syringe with a long, thick needle from an unoccupied nurse's cart. He walked into Allison's room and closed the door, looking at the heart monitor as it showed slow, unsteady heartbeats.

"You're going to be just fine." Caleb reassured the unconscious toddler as he took off his sweatshirt and walked towards the bed, his black t-shirt revealing his slightly pale skin. The blonde took the syringe out from the box and out of the sealed package, taking off the green cap that was over the needle and slowly pieced the needle into the main vein in his left wrist. It wasn't until the syringe was filled only a quarter with his blood until he took out the needle from his vein, the Vampire only wanting to heal the life-threatening injuries so that it wouldn't raise an alarm from the doctors that she was suddenly completely healed overnight.

Caleb gently took the back of Allison's left wrist and carefully pierced the needle through her small vein at an angle, slowly injecting her with his blood until the syringe was emptied. The blonde's gaze fell to the heart monitor once again as he took out the needle from the toddler's body, her heartbeats becoming stronger a few moments later and moved at a steady rhythm. Caleb's smile widened as he sighed in relief, the Vampire shoving everything into his jean's pockets so he wouldn't leave behind evidence and slipped on his sweatshirt. He wanted to tell Rosina what he had done and that everything was going to be okay now, but he knew that he couldn't. Caleb just wanted to take away both her emotional and physical pain Rosina was feeling right now, the Vampire cursing and leaving the room without another word as he left the hospital instead.

Rosina didn't get much sleep but when she finally did manage to doze off she was woken up by her parents shaking her, the brunette's tired eyes snapping open as she sat up. The fact that some of her ribs were broken slipped Rosina's mind before sitting up, the brunette cursing and growling in pain as she looked towards her parents, surprised by the excitement in their eyes.

"I know that it's only seven in the morning but Allison is being taken out of the ICU and being brought to you as we speak." Hanna said in excitement.

"What?" Rosina asked in shock as her eyes widened.

"I don't know what the hell happened but all of her fatal injuries are gone, though she still has some pretty deep gashes on her from the glass but those are stitched closed. She's awake now and really wants to see you." Bill added with his own excitement just as a nurse was rolling in a hospital bed with Allison sitting up on it in a small hospital gown which matched Rosina's. The heart monitor and the machine which was helping the toddler breathe had been completely stripped away as only a single IV was hooked up to her arm, Rosina standing up despite all of the pain she was in and quickly limped over to her daughter.

"Mommy!" Allison said in excitement as Rosina wrapped her arms around the toddler, tears falling down her face and fell on her daughter's cheek.

"I can't even express in words how happy I am that you're going to be okay." Rosina said as she wiped away her tears, Jesse walking into the room with Rebecca in his arms. The toddler was the one who actually woke up her father early so they could go to the hospital, both her and Jesse eager to see how Rosina and Allison were doing.

"What's going on?" Jesse asked in shock when seeing how Allison looked compared to last night, his eyes falling over to Bill and Hanna.

"She's going to be okay." Bill responded, to which Rosina kissed her daughter endlessly on the cheeks as the toddler laughed, a wide smile showing up on both Jesse's and Rebecca's faces.

"That's amazing!" Jesse replied.

"The two of you need to stay in the hospital for awhile but your father and I figured you would be more comfortable if Ally shared the same hospital room with you." Hanna explained as she looked over to her daughter, who nodded as Jesse placed Rebecca on the hospital bed Allison was on.

"Be gentle with her, okay?" Jesse instructed as his daughter nodded, Rosina releasing Allison as Rebecca carefully hugged the other toddler. Everyone laughed, and despite the pain in Rosina's ribs she wrapped her arms around Jesse and hugged him, the male being careful not to hurt her as he wrapped his own protective arms around her as well.
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Default Re: Bound By Blood

Chapter Six

Rosina and her daughter had spent an entire week in the hospital so the two could be under close observation, though since both Rosina and Allison were recovering remarkably Bill and Hanna decided it was okay to discharge the two from the hospital. Rosina couldn't wait to get back to her home, though her and her daughter would have to sleep back downstairs in the playroom once again. Rosina's broken ribs were going to take six to eight weeks until they were fully recovered, which frustrated the brunette since she wouldn't be able to sleep in her own room for a long period of time. The two wounds on her face were healing nicely as well and had the stitches removed from them, though it was clear that Rosina would have faint scars now on her forehead and cheek.

During the days and nights Rosina and Allison were held up in the hospital Jesse and Rebecca would come and visit as often as they could, Caleb visiting as well but tried to avoid Jesse as much as possible. If Jesse and Caleb would try to visit Rosina at the same time one of the males would leave, which once again frustrated Rosina since the two males refused to stay in the same room together for more than five minutes. There was also no word from Sean even though both Bill, Hanna and even Rosina had tried to call him numerous times but to no avail, which actually didn't surprise Rosina at all.

Rosina looked at herself in a life sized mirror in her hospital room as she looked herself over, the brunette wearing a simple purple t-shirt, black denim shorts and her black Converse high-tops. She lifted up the shirt just below her bra and revealed that her tanned skin had now large, dark bruises on both sides of her ribcage due to the five ribs being broken, the brunette careful not to take any deep breaths since that would send spasms of pain to flow through her body. From the mirror's reflection she saw Jesse enter the hospital room with Rebecca in his arms, the male placing down his daughter where she walked over to Allison who was sitting on the clean floor with a few toys.

"It looks gross, doesn't it?" Rosina's words were more of a statement than a question as Jesse walked over to her, brushing a finger softly against the one bruise as he looked at her.

"Soon enough it will heal." Jesse responded with a small smile.

"But these scars won't." Rosina added as she dropped her shirt and placed a hand over the healing wound on her cheek. "I'll look like Vincent Keller from the Beauty and the Beast television series." The smile remained on Jesse's face as he placed his hand over Rosina's where it rested on the wound, the brunette turning her head to look at the male.

"And what role would you plan yourself on being? Beauty? Or the Beast?"

"The Beast." Rosina responded, to which Jesse chuckled and shook his head.

"The real Beast is right in front of you... even with the two scars, you would still be the Beauty." Jesse's words were as warm and pleasant as the warmth of his hand that rested on her cheek, sparks of electricity and flames of fire traveling through Rosina's body each time Jesse touched her.

"Thank you... for helping with Allison. Both you and Caleb have shown so much more attention and love towards Allison than her own father ever had. It really means a lot to me." Rosina spoke, her heart pounding hard in her chest. Jesse didn't show it but so much negativity flowed through the male at the mention of Caleb's name, but Jesse continued to smile, giving Rosina a small nod.

"I want to help out anyway that I can. And..." Jesse took a step forward, his own heart racing as he looked down towards the brunette. "I want to be there for both you and Allison, and I want to be with you as well. I already know of the responsibility since we both have children, but I feel as if that bond of understanding is bringing us closer together." Rosina was at a loss of words as her and Jesse locked eyes, the male slowly leaning down to connect his lips with Rosina's. She closed her dark eyes and began to slowly lean in as well, wanting to welcome the kiss.

"Hey." Caleb suddenly entered the room and spoke, to which Rosina quickly opened her eyes and turned her head as Jesse took a step back, his lips just about to connect with Rosina's until Caleb interrupted the two. Jesse gave a very low growl as he looked towards Caleb, the two males glaring at each other as Rosina uncomfortably looked down towards the white tiled floor.

"Hey Caleb." Rosina responded as he walked further into the room, the blonde walking towards Rosina as Jesse made his way over to the toddlers. Even though it was the middle of the afternoon it was raining outside, the thick dark cloud blocking out any sunlight which allowed Caleb to be out that day.

"Am I taking you home?" Caleb asked.

"I'm taking her home." Jesse announced as the two males glared at each other once again, bringing Rosina to sigh in frustration.

"I will decide who gets to take me home." Rosina added in, her words possibly meaning more than one thing as she instantly blushed and turned away, though Caleb and Jesse didn't seem to notice as they continued to glare at each other. "Since it's raining which will keep Caleb awake then he can take me home." Rosina's words brought both males to look over to her. "We can hang out at my house if you want."

"Sounds good to me. I need to talk to you about something anyway." Caleb responded as Rosina nodded, turning around to continue packing her bag as Caleb looked back over to Jesse. A grin was on the Vampire's face, to which Jesse's teeth clenched as he did his best to not tackle the other male.

"I'll see you later then." Jesse spoke up as he shoved passed Caleb to pick up Rebecca, bringing Rosina to turn around and nod.

"Do you want to hang out tomorrow?"

"Sure." Jesse nodded at Rosina's question, leaving the room without another word.

After securing Allison in a new car-seat which Rosina's parents had bought and made sure it was strapped tightly in the backseat of Caleb's car the three were on the road, Rosina in the passenger-seat looking out the window while Caleb drove. The slightest bump in the road set Rosina's teeth on edge because of her broken ribs, and no matter how easy Caleb tried to make gentle turns it still sent pain coursing through the brunette, but there was nothing anyone could do about it.

"I'm sorry." Caleb said as Rosina turned to look at him, though his eyes remained straight on the rainy road.

"It's okay. It's not your fault for the bumps." Rosina responded with a smile.

"That's not what I'm apologizing for." Caleb shook his head, still not meeting the brunette's gaze. "I'm talking about when I stormed out of your house that night, when I said you were playing mind-games with me. I'm sorry." Rosina looked down, chipping off some of the black nail polish that was already almost gone from her fingers.

"It's okay... the truth is, I honestly don't know what I want. I mean, I do have feelings for you, but..."

"But you have feelings for Jesse too." Caleb finished, finally looking over to Rosina as she nodded, the brunette meeting his gaze.

"I know that if I pick one of you guys, then I'll lose the other. The two of you are pretty much my only friends here, so I can't stand the thought of losing one of you." Rosina responded, Caleb's eyes returning to the rainy road.

"Look, if you pick him, I'll still be here as your friend. That wouldn't change, Rosina. It would hurt like hell, but I wouldn't stop talking to you."

"That's what I'm afraid of though." Rosina said. "I don't want to hurt either of you... I think the best thing for me to do is to just not choose. I'll just stay friends with the two of you, and not make it anything more."

"Or we can make-out and do other things and just not tell Jesse." Caleb suggested with a grin, to which he received a playful slap. The gesture sent sparks of pain to travel through Rosina's ribs as she growled in frustration, Caleb looking back over to her. "That's what you get for hitting me." Rosina gave him the middle finger, to which the Vampire smiled.

The painful car ride was finally over as Caleb pulled up in front of Rosina's house and cut off the engine, the two getting out to unlock Allison from her car-seat. Rosina had tried to grab her bags but Caleb argued with her and said he would take care of it, slinging the bag over his shoulder and securely held Allison in his arms. Rosina smiled at the sight of Caleb holding Allison, the brunette walking to the front door and unlocked it. As she walked inside and towards the kitchen Caleb just stood there awkwardly, the Vampire not being able to enter.

"Do you want to come in?" Rosina asked in confusion as she turned to look at Caleb while the roof of the front porch shielded him and Allison from the rain, who gave a slight not and stepped inside the air conditioned house, lightly kicking the door closed behind him. He followed Rosina into the playroom with the toddler still in his arms, though he placed her down a few moments later so she could play with her toys as Rosina sighed.

"What's wrong?" Caleb asked.

"My dad forgot to put my bed and the crib down here." Rosina responded as she looked at the emptied space in the room.

"I can bring everything down here." Caleb offered but Rosina shook her head.

"The bed's frame is really heavy. Both my dad and my uncle had to move it together."

"It's cute that you're doubting me." Caleb chuckled as he walked out of the room towards the attic's door.

"If you get hurt then don't say I didn't warn you." Rosina called out from the room as Caleb walked up the stairs. The Vampire crossed the attic and stripped the blanket and pillows from the bed, placing them in a pile on the clean carpet and took off the two mattresses. After leaning the mattresses against the wall he picked up the bottom of the bed's frame and tilted it to the side, the Vampire getting a good grip on it and lifting it with ease. He smirked, walking back down the stairs with it but pretended it was actually heavy so it wouldn't raise any suspicions for Rosina.

"Where do you want your bed?" Caleb asked in a strained voice, Rosina's eyes widening in shock as she pointed to the right corner of the room from where a person would walk in. Caleb nodded and carefully placed down the bed's frame, the Vampire taking a deep breath once the frame was on the floor.

"Are you okay? I told you it was heavy..." Rosina asked in concern, bringing Caleb to nod.

"It should be easy from here." Caleb responded, disappearing from the room. After a couple of minutes Rosina's bed was in the playroom along with her blanket and pillows while Allison's crib was in the playroom as well, to which Rosina carefully laid down on her bed while Caleb sat on the floor against it, his face only being inches apart from Rosina's.

"Thanks for bringing everything down here."

"You're welcome." Caleb said, bouncing a green ball the size of his hand to the other side of the room as Allison laughed. She grabbed the ball and mimicked Caleb's actions, the toddler throwing the ball against the wall as Caleb chuckled. "I think I'm teaching her bad habits."

"Well when she breaks something I'm blaming you." Rosina chuckled, receiving jolts of pain to flow through her ribs in return as she winced. Caleb saw the brunette wince in pain which made him frown, looking at her in concern as he stood to his feet.

"Do you want some painkillers?" Caleb asked, Rosina's parents providing her the strongest painkillers for her ribs.

"I only want to take them when the pain is excruciating." Rosina responded. "Could you see if there's an icepack in the freezer though?"

"Yeah." Caleb nodded, walking out of the room as Allison followed him.

"You have a little follower." Rosina called out, hearing Caleb laugh a few moments later as she smiled. The Vampire opened the freezer but found that there wasn't an icepack, and there wasn't even any ice in the ice-maker either.

"We have a problem..." Caleb called out. "There aren't any packs, and there isn't even any ice."

"My parents must had used them for their lunch or dinner, and the ice-maker has been broken. We have to gave it fixed." Rosina responded as Caleb walked back into the playroom a few moments later while holding Allison's hand.

"I have an idea." Caleb announced while the toddler went to go place with some toy blocks. "Stand up for a minute." Rosina nodded as Caleb helped the brunette to her feet, Rosina instantly feeling the coldness in his hands as he sat on the bed with his back leaning up against the wall.

"What are you doing?" Rosina asked in confusion.

"Being a icepack." Caleb responded, motioning Rosina to sit on the bed next to him.

"Caleb..." Rosina warned.

"I'm not going to do anything." Caleb sighed. "I just want to help you." The two locked eyes for a few moments, though the pain in Rosina's ribs won over her judgment as she walked over to the bed and sat in between Caleb's opened legs, the brunette resting her back against his stomach and chest as the curves of her body molded into his.

"What are you doing?" Rosina asked in alarm when Caleb began to slowly place his hands underneath her shirt.

"Will you just trust me? I promise I'm not going to do anything sexual." Caleb responded in frustration. The Vampire rested his cold hands against both sides of Rosina's ribcage as the edge of his thumbs rested on the bottom of her bra, his cold skin cooling the hot skin underneath. "My skin might not be as cold as an icepack but it should at least help a little bit on the surface of your skin."

"Thank you." The brunette relaxed and eased into Caleb's body more, though a concern look which the Vampire couldn't see was on her face. "Why is your skin always so cold?"

"I'm not sure... my skin has just been like this for as long as I can remember. Maybe low blood circulation or something." Caleb responded coolly, the Vampire playing it off perfectly without hesitation.

"You should really see a doctor about it. My parents could check you out for free if you want." Rosina offered.

"That's okay." Caleb responded with a small chuckle. When Caleb began to very softly rub his hands along Rosina's ribs and just below her chest her own heart began to quicken, to which Caleb gave a small smirk from hearing her heart as he slowly began to slip his fingers slightly in the inside of her bra.

"Caleb." Rosina warned, though it was in a whisper just as a bolt of lightening tore through the darkened sky.

"Sorry." Caleb murmured, keeping his cold hands at a standstill just below her bra and allowed the coolness of his skin to sooth the tenderness of her own warm skin. "I'm really glad that you and Allison are okay."

"Me too." Rosina nodded as she looked out the window, seeing the pouring rain travel down the glass. "I can't believe that her fatal injuries had disappeared overnight. It's just so... strange."

"It was a miracle." Caleb added his own opinion. "A guardian angel was really looking out for her."

"Yeah." The brunette responded as her and Caleb gazed over to Allison, who continued to play with the toy blocks. Rosina felt tears of relief sting her eyes and fall down her cheeks as she wiped them away, the Vampire giving a small smile as he continued to sit there with Rosina leaning against him.

"So what's going to happen with the Impala?" Caleb asked, the Vampire curious.

"Well my insurance said they can either give me a new car or repair the Impala, so my dad towed it to a repair shop. As soon as they saw how wrecked the car was they had their doubts about fixing it, but they said they would do their best." Rosina responded. "If they can repair it then it's going to take at least five to six weeks."

"That's actually a good thing, so then you wouldn't be tempted to drive it while your ribs are in the middle of healing." Caleb pointed out as Rosina nodded.

"Yeah. I would be tempted to drive it." Rosina sighed. "I just can't wait for my ribs to heal. These next eight weeks are going to drag on..."

The long, agonizing eight weeks had indeed dragged on as Rosina sat in her repaired Impala for the first time, the date currently being October 17th, 2012. The summer's leaves had began to slowly turn their colors as Fall's season made itself known, the weather chillier for bonfires, hoodies, jeans, and s'mores. During the eight weeks that had gone by Sean had only called Rosina once to check in on how her and Allison were recovering from the car accident, the male not bothering to call anymore as he only sent in his child support checks. He had never hired a lawyer to try and win some custody of his child, the male already knowing that he would never win and that it would just be a waste of his own money.

During the long weeks that had gone by both Caleb and Jesse helped out with Allison constantly and both males showing how much they truly loved the toddler, though they still kept a distance from each other and never put aside their differences. Rosina had done her best to keep her emotions under control when it came to the two males but there were times where she found weakness, having occasionally kissed both Caleb and Jesse a few times whenever she was alone with one of them. The brunette honestly hated herself for what she was doing, but staying away from Caleb and Jesse in that kind of situation was pretty much impossible, especially since they were the ones who started it by either leaning in to kiss her first or would innocently brush their hands along certain places on her body. She was only human after all and had natural hormones, but Rosina wished that she could keep them under control. Between Caleb and Jesse however Rosina had begun to actually fall in love with one of them, that person instantly bringing a smile on Rosina's face whenever she saw him.

Halloween was right around the corner which excited Rosina since it was her favorite time of the year, and Jesse had invited her to a Halloween party which was actually that very same night. A certain area in Wilmington where a popular college was located were known for its wild Halloween parties, that part being a college area where mainly college students lived. Every year starting on October 17th the college houses would throw wild Halloween parties every other night until Halloween, and then on Halloween night there would be another wild party deep in the woods. Jesse had talked Rosina into going to the party that would be held that night while her uncle looked after Allison and Jesse's parents looked after Rebecca, and even though Jesse doesn't know this yet, Rosina decided to invite Caleb to the party as well since she thought it wasn't fair for him to miss out on the fun.

As Rosina started the Impala's engine, which purred like a kitten, she couldn't help but run her fingers over the leather seat she sat on. The brunette was relieved that the 1967 Impala was able to be repaired, and she was very grateful. After turning her head towards the backseat to see Allison playing with a red teething ring while being strapped in her car-seat Rosina smiled, turning around and putting on her own seat-belt before driving away from her house. The sun was still shining brightly in the sky as Rosina only had a few more hours to buy a Halloween costume for the party that night, the brunette making plans to meet up with Jesse at a large Halloween store on the other side of Wilmington.
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Default Re: Bound By Blood

The Rest of Chapter Six

After safely reaching the Halloween store about twenty minutes later Rosina instantly saw Jesse waiting in his car a few parking spacing away from where she parked, a smile coming onto Rosina's face at the sight of the male. After cutting off the Impala's engine Rosina got out of her car and placed her keys into her bag, the brunette slinging it over her shoulder before getting Allison out of her car-seat and closed the door. Rosina wore a black and red plaid hoodie over her pink and black striped t-shirt with faded black skinny jeans which she purchased already tattered and her black Converse high-tops, the waist of her jeans accompanied with a red and black studded belt. Allison wore a pink jacket with heart patterns, wearing orange pants and white sneakers. A pink bow was clipped to the side of Allison's dark hair, bringing the color of the bow to really pop out.

"Hey." Rosina said as Jesse got out of his own car when seeing Rosina begin to approach, to which the male waved before unstrapping Rebecca from the backseat of his car. Over his plain white t-shirt Jesse wore a navy-colored wool pea coat with dark brown jeans and jet black boots, his light brown hair a little messier than normal which actually made Rosina's cheeks burn, somehow Jesse looking even more attractive which Rosina didn't see how that was possible.

"We're still taking the kids Trick-or-Treating together on Halloween, right?" Jesse asked as he lifted Rebecca out of his car and closed the door, the toddler wearing a purple jacket with matching pants and white sneakers sewed together in baby pink thread.

"Yeah." Rosina nodded as she tried to collect herself, forcing the blush away. "I'm sure taking the girls out Trick-or-Treating would be much more fun than going to a party in the woods where people are acting like total idiots."

"That's true." Jesse laughed as him and Rosina began to walk towards the entrance of the store.

"It will be good going to a party tonight for once though. The last time I've been to a party was when..." Rosina paused for a few moments as she looked down towards Allison, who still had the teething ring in her hands.

"When Ally was conceived... right?" Jesse asked, to which Rosina sighed and nodded. "Well don't worry. I'll fend off the unwanted guys from you." Rosina laughed in response.

"Maybe I should just dress as a nun for the party, that way hardly any skin will show." Rosina said as Jesse chuckled.

"But that won't be any fun for me." Jesse joked.

"You'll just have to use your imagination." Rosina teased, to which Jesse smirked.

"Trust me, that isn't a problem at all." Rosina shook her head and laughed, the two walking into the Halloween store. The two traveled along the isles with the toddlers each now securely strapped in two shopping carts as they reached the costume section, Jesse and Rosina coming to a stop as they looked at costumes for the toddlers first. Both toddlers pointed to a ladybug costume that was hanging from a hook, the costume coming in all different sizes for toddlers as Rosina and Jesse laughed.

"The two of you want to be the same exact thing?" Rosina chuckled.

"Yes." Rebecca laughed as Allison nodded, both toddlers smiling.

"Well that was easy." Jesse chuckled as he picked out Rebecca's size, to which Rosina did the same thing for Allison.

"Now the real challenge." Rosina sighed, turning around where endless adult costumes could be seen.

"There's your nun costume." Jesse pointed as Rosina laughed, shaking her head as she scanned at the rest of the costumes.

"What are you going to be?" Rosina asked.

"Are you going to tell me what you're going to be?" Jesse challenged with a playful grin.

"I don't even know what I'm going to be but when I decide then I'm not telling you." Rosina snickered. "You'll have to wait until the party tonight."

"Same goes to you then." Jesse shrugged. "I already have my costume at home."

"You do?" Rosina asked as Jesse nodded, bringing the brunette to sigh. "I should probably find a costume which could match the scars... then people at the party would think they're just fake." Rosina absentmindedly brushed her fingertips over the two faint scars on her forehead and cheek, Jesse instantly knowing how self-conscious Rosina was from them. He placed his hand over hers as she looked at the male, his face rock solid with intensity and seriousness in his eyes.

"With or without the scars, you're still the most beautiful girl I have ever met. The scars didn't change anything at all." Jesse's murmured words caused Rosina's heart to quicken, knowing that he meant every word. It was this moment, after endless weeks of trying to figure out what Rosina wanted, that she figured out who she truly wanted to be with. She had been leaning towards Jesse for awhile and had fallen for him, but there were still the feelings for Caleb which had been so confusing to Rosina. During the weeks she truly didn't want to pick between the two males and wanted to stay only friends with them, but this moment something had changed.

She could see the love in his eyes that he felt for her, and Caleb had the same look as well, but Rosina had fallen for Jesse harder than Caleb. Jesse was the one who Rosina would think of every night before drifting off into a sea of unconsciousness, not Caleb. Rosina wanted to tell Jesse this and be with him, but now wasn't the time to do so with their children only a few feet away. She decided to tell Jesse how she felt during the party that night, this decision bringing a smile to her face.

"Thanks Jesse." Rosina murmured back, to which Jesse's solid features softened into a smile as he gave a small nod. The male dropped his hand to the side as Rosina's gaze fell back towards the costumes, her eyes instantly widening before looking back over to Jesse. "Close your eyes. I need to try on a costume but I don't want you to see which one I pick out."

"You're mean." Jesse chuckled a sigh as he turned around, bringing Rosina to quickly take off the bagged costume in her size from the rack.

"I'll be right back. Could you watch Ally real quick?"

"Sure." Jesse responded with a nod. Rosina disappeared from the isle where the changing rooms could be seen from a few feet away, the brunette getting into an emptied one and locked the door. She stripped from her clothes and opened the costume's clear bag, pulling out a light brown top which would only cover her chest and a small portion of her back. After placing on the whole costume, which had actually fit her body perfectly, she looked at herself in the mirror provided in the changing room. Rosina wore a five-piece Cherokee Indian Warrior costume, the brunette thinking this costume would be perfect since she was part Cherokee Indian.

The costume featured a strapless brown, fringe beaded top which revealed her whole stomach and most of her back, the back of the actual costume's top covering about four inches of her back as it wrapped around her chest securely. The costume was accompanied with a fringe armband which Rosina wore towards the top of her right arm, a decorative headband, brown fringed shorts with beads which showed off almost her entire legs and a colorful beaded necklace.

At her house Rosina had a pair of flat Indian side-laced boots which came up an inch below her knee, the color of the light brown boots matching perfectly with the costume. All she needed to do now was buy a pair of earrings which had bird feathers dangling from them, and maybe even buy a bird's feather to place in her hair. Rosina couldn't help but smile at herself from what she saw in the mirror, the brunette instantly falling in love with the costume.

"Can I please see?" Jesse's voice could be heard from the other side of the door as he carefully rolled both shopping carts towards the changing rooms while the toddlers laughed, the male hearing Rosina's playful giggle.

"I'm buying this one, but you'll just have to wait until tonight to see it."

"Could I at least have a little preview?" Jesse wined as Rosina laughed, unlocking the door and opened it just a crack as Jesse slightly peeked into the small room. He could see that a lot of Rosina's body was revealed which made him smirk while his blood boiled from a pleasure which he wanted to explore, though the male wasn't able to determine what costume Rosina was wearing since she closed the door quickly.

"There. You had your peek."

"That was a short peek." Jesse responded.

"Too bad." Rosina laughed, locking the door.

Darkness consumed the sky as Rosina looked at herself in the bathroom mirror in her room, the brunette having changed into her Halloween costume and neatly braided her hair to the right side, the long braid draping over her right shoulder and down a couple inches below her chest. She managed to find earrings with real blue bird feathers which had belonged to the Bluejay, and feathers dangling from her ears. Rosina had also bought a long Bluejay feather which had a clip on the end, to which she clipped the feather in her hair towards the top of her left ear. After placing on her boots Rosina walked downstairs where she was greeted by her parents and uncle, the brunette giving them a smile.

"What do you think?" Rosina asked, referring to her costume.

"You look pretty." Allison responded as Rosina smiled.

"It shows a lot of skin but you still look really nice." Her uncle Hank responded with a small smile.

"Thanks." Rosina laugh, reaching down and picking up her daughter from the ground. "You be a good girl for uncle Hank. Okay?"

"I will." Allison nodded, giving her mother a kiss on the cheek.

"Your father and I have to start going." Hanna announced as her and Rosina's father Bill were dressed in their doctor's uniforms.

"Have fun at the party, and don't drink too much." Bill added.

"I know." Rosina responded with a nod.

"If she ends up needing a ride home then she can just call me." Hank said to Bill and Hanna, who both nodded. After saying their goodbyes they headed towards the front door and opened it, only to have Caleb standing there with his arm raised as he was about to knock on the door.

"Oh, hey Caleb. Come on in." Hanna greeted with a warm smile, the Vampire returning it as he stepped inside the house.

"Nice costume by the way. Vampire I'm guessing?" Bill asked. Caleb's sapphire eyes were glowing brightly as his fangs pierced out from his gums, only this wasn't a costume.

"Yeah. The fangs were a pain to mold to my teeth though and these eye contacts are irritating my eyes a little bit, but I'm only wearing them for one night so I'll just suck it up." Caleb responded with a laugh, to which Hanna and Bill laughed too.

"Well you and Rosina have fun tonight." Hanna said before her and Bill left the house, Caleb closing the door behind them. He then turned around to look at Rosina, his jaw dropping from how she looked. To him she looked absolutely stunning, a hunger for the brunette raising within Caleb as he looked her body up and down. Rosina's eyes widened at what she saw, remembering her vivid nightmare she had all those weeks ago.

A sudden sharp sting stung through Rosina's neck however as she winced in pain, warm liquid beginning to trickle down her neck. She brushed her fingertips over the liquid as Caleb continued to bite where the stinging sensation was coming from, Rosina seeing the dark crimson colored liquid slide in between her fingers.

"Blood..." Rosina whispered to herself, to which Caleb released her neck to look at the brunette in front of him. His mouth was stained with her blood, a pair of sharp Vampire fangs being revealed as the sapphire iris in each of his eyes were glowing a bright blue, the Vampire giving her a deadly smirk.

"You really should had picked him." Caleb chuckled, the sun beginning to beam down through the trees again which made contact with Caleb's skin. His skin began to slowly peel away and burn as Rosina's eyes widened in shock.

"Caleb..." Rosina gasped, though the smirk was still on his face.

"You should had stayed on the path in the woods as well." Caleb chuckled, baring his fangs and sank them deep into Rosina's neck, the brunette letting out a horrible scream...

Rosina snapped back to reality a few moments later as she blinked a few times, the brunette collecting herself by forcing the nightmare away. It was only a nightmare after all which Rosina kept on having to remind herself, and the fact that Caleb happened to look like how he had in the dream could only be a coincidence, because Vampires and Werewolves weren't real. They couldn't be real. If Rosina began to believe the impossible then it would tear away at her, and people would think she were completely crazy. After taking a deep breath Rosina smiled, giving her daughter a kiss before placing down the toddler.

"You ready?" Rosina asked as she walked towards Caleb, who collected himself as well and nodded. The two made their way over to Caleb's car and got inside quickly to beat the chilly night's wind, the Vampire bringing the engine to life and drove away a few moments later.

"Just so you know, I'm not gonna drink since I'll be the one driving us home." Caleb announced as Rosina looked over to him.

"That's very responsible." Rosina chuckled, bringing Caleb to look away from the road and over to her.

"Are you a happy drunk or a angry drunk?"

"A happy drunk." Rosina responded, to which Caleb smirked.

"Good. I was hoping I wouldn't have to deal with an angry drunk. I can't wait to see you wasted."

"Why? Are you planning on taking advantage of me?" Rosina joked as Caleb chuckled.

"Don't tempt me."

"I already know you wouldn't." Rosina smiled, to which Caleb smiled back while flashing his fangs as he looked back towards the road.
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Default Re: Bound By Blood

The Rest of Chapter Six

After about a ten minute car ride and following the directions on a Halloween invitation Caleb pulled up to what looked to be a large white mansion next to a large patch of woods, the house being heavily decorated for Halloween as endless cars were parked around the house and even some in the woods. As Caleb and Rosina got out of the car the first thing they noticed were the different colored strobe lights shining through the broken windows with people dancing inside the house, thick cobwebs nailed over the broken windows and even on the outside walls with large fake spiders everywhere.

On the right side of the house was a large section which was taped off by yellow crime scene tape which cars weren't allowed to park, because there was a massive graveyard which someone had put together with a fog machine sending thick, slow dancing fog to travel throughout the graveyard. Rosina smiled instantly as her and Caleb walked towards the front door, the brunette opening it as loud music could be heard. She stepped inside as Caleb stood there, the Vampire looking down and cursing at himself for not thinking this through. How was he supposed to get inside the party?

"What's wrong?" Rosina asked after turning around and seeing that Caleb wasn't following her. Caleb was about to respond until a drunk female who was dressed as a french maid bumped into him from behind, the Vampire stumbling into the house. He looked towards the doorway in shock, realizing a few moments later this mansion was abandoned with no owner living in it. Caleb looked back over to Rosina, a smile on his face as he walked over to her.

"Nothing. Let's go and party." Caleb responded as he took her hand and began to walk towards the dance floor. Up against the far right wall was a DJ blasting music throughout the mansion as over a hundred people were dancing, their bodies pressed up against each others as the multicolored strobe lights danced randomly in the giant room. On the left side of the room was an monstrous bar which people were serving themselves drinks and food, which Rosina was going to check out later as she let Caleb guide her to the dance floor. She was about to dance until her eyes traveled to the immense staircase where Jesse stood, his gaze piercing both Caleb and Rosina as his fists tightened in anger.

"I'll be right back." Rosina said as she looked back over towards Caleb, who nodded and watched her get sucked into the crowd. His eyes followed in the direction where Rosina was walking towards and saw Jesse on the staircase, the two males locking eyes.

"This should be interesting." Caleb muttered, beginning to make his way towards the staircase as well.

"Hey." Rosina said as she finally made her way up to Jesse. The male wore a white dress shirt which wasn't buttoned that revealed a blue Superman shirt underneath, wearing black dress pants, dress shoes and even fake black glasses which had plastic as the lenses. Rosina thought Jesse looked really good and was hoping that he would have the same reaction as her when he saw her costume, but Rosina saw the rage in Jesse's eyes, and for a split second she thought she saw the turquoise in his eyes turn a golden yellow.

"Why did you bring him?" Jesse asked in anger as he looked over to Rosina.

"I'd figured it would be wrong to exclude him from a party." Rosina explained. "I didn't want him to feel left out."

"You know how him and I feel about each other."

"Well you have your other friends here to hang out with, and I have no one. If Caleb didn't come with me then I would be sitting alone while you were with your other friends." Rosina responded defensively.

"That's not true." Jesse shook his head. "I would had introduced you to my friends."

"Everything okay here?" Caleb asked as he stepped next to Rosina. "Nice 'Clark Kent' costume. Very original."

"I could say the same for you, Vampire. Don't you think Vampires are overused far too much, Rosina? You were the one who even told me you liked Werewolves better." Jesse challenged as he looked back towards Rosina after him and Caleb were glaring when the Vampire approached.

"Will the two of you just stop?" Rosina asked in annoyance just as three over people their age joined their little group on the stairs.

"Everything okay here Jesse?" The female from the new group of three asked, being accompanied by two males.

"Everything is fine Sabrina." Jesse responded. The girl who spoke had wavy long blonde hair and piercing hazel eyes, the girl having a beautiful slender body as she wore a gothic Red Riding Hood costume with ripped fishnet stockings, black four inched high heels and was holding a picnic basket with what looked to be like plastic bloodied wolf body parts. The one male standing next to her looked to be the same height as Jesse, having ginger colored hair, emerald colored eyes and had a built body. He was dressed as the Green Arrow from the show Smallville, a compound bow in his left hand while a brown quiver full of silver arrows were strapped to his back.

The third male was about two inches shorter than Jesse but didn't lack in his muscles, having black hair which went down to the nap of his neck and dark brown eyes. He was dressed as Impulse from the show Smallville as well, wearing bright red pants with red Converse sneakers, a red shirt, two red arm bands and a red designed vest which matched the character.

"Are you going to introduce us to your friends?" The male dressed as the Green Arrow asked Jesse.

"He isn't my friend, Austin." Jesse responded, though Austin smirked as he looked from Caleb to Rosina. "I'm Austin, and these two are Kevin and Sabrina. Welcome to the party."

"Yes, please go make yourselves feel right at home and have fun." Kevin added.

"My name is Rosina, and this is my friend Caleb." Rosina responded with a smile, the brunette trying her best to ignore Jesse's glare. She had no idea the male would get this furious about Caleb coming to the party...

"Ah, so you're the famous 'Rosina'." Sabrina said with a smirk as she circled around Rosina slowly, as if trying to intimidate her. "Jesse has told us all about you, and Caleb of course."

"Jesse never mentioned you guys before." Rosina spoke, looking over to Jesse. It was then that she noticed that Jesse, Austin and Kevin were dressed up as the superheros from the show Smallville, a small frown coming onto her face due to the fact after all this time Rosina had lived in Delaware that Jesse never introduced her to his friends.

"Why aren't you dressed as a superhero like the others? Seems like you guys stick together as a pack or something." Caleb finally spoke to Sabrina.

"A pack? Well I guess you can say that." Sabina responded with a playful giggle, looking over to Jesse as her sapphire eyes turned a golden yellow for a few seconds before returning back to normal, the blonde looking back over to Caleb and Rosina. "I never really liked superheros, so I chose one of my favorite characters from my favorite story. I just love wolves."

"I bet all of you guys love wolves." Caleb commented as he looked from each face, Rosina slightly shifting awkwardly when Caleb and Jesse began to glare at each other once again.

"They're a lot better than Vampires." Kevin added.

"Yeah. A Werewolf can kick a Vampire's butt any day." Austin snickered.

"I personally think Vampires are the stronger breed." Caleb said as he looked over to Rosina. "So who do you think would win in a fight? A Werewolf or a Vampire?"

"I, uhh... I don't know." Rosina responded with a shrug. "Both have their advantages and disadvantages."

"My answer is that Werewolves are the dominant breed." Jesse added his own comment.

"Is that so?" Caleb asked as he took a step closer, to which Sabrina, Austin and Kevin quickly stood in front of Jesse as if guarding him.

"Let's dance." Rosina quickly said as she took Caleb's hand and guided him down the stairs.

"Have a good time." Sabrina called out sarcastically, though Rosina and Caleb didn't look back as they disappeared into the thick crowd. Sabrina, Kevin and Austin turned back to Jesse, angry expressions on all three of their faces.

"Why is that Vampire here at the party? He reeks of death." Austin growled.

"If he's a Vampire then what if he was the one who killed Coral?" Kevin added. "You even said weeks ago that when you met Caleb for the first time that you smelt something familiar about him, which we figured out was the same scent Coral had on her when we had to go identify her body at the morgue. I mean sure, she would smell like death and everything, but this was a different kind of death. It was the smell of a Vampire, and Caleb is the only Vampire we know of."

"We don't have any evidence that Caleb was the Vampire who killed Rebecca's mother though." Jesse reminded the group.

"If I do find out that Caleb was the one who murdered my twin sister then I'm going to rip him limb from limb." Austin snarled as the emerald in his eyes flashed gold, two pairs of thick fangs appearing on both the top and bottom of his mouth where the two sets of canine teeth were supposed to be.

"Calm down! You'll make a scene." Sabrina said as she laced her fingers with Austin's, who took a deep breath as his eyes and teeth went back to normal.

"Guys, just enjoy the party and we'll figure out everything tomorrow." Jesse said, the group nodding as Sabrina laced her fingers through Kevin's as well and guided both males to the dance floor.

"By the way Jesse, she isn't worth it." Sabrina called out over her shoulder before disappearing into the crowd with the two males. Jesse sighed, finding Rosina and Caleb in the crowd below and saw the two dancing together to the pounding music. Like everyone else, their bodies were pressed together as they danced, to which Jesse's eyes flashed yellow angrily. He thought that Rosina was actually trying to make him jealous, when in reality she just wanted to have fun and was planning on telling Jesse how she felt about him towards the end of the night. Jesse had no idea however, deciding he would play the game he thought Rosina was playing as he made his way towards the dance floor, his eyes returning back to normal as he smirked.

"I think you need a drink." Caleb yelled over the loud music as Rosina laughed.

"Are you trying to get me drunk already?"

"Maybe. I'll be the one driving you home so go ahead and drink." Caleb responded with a snicker.

"Fine." Rosina laughed, the two walking towards the bar where people were playing drinking games. After about an hour of Rosina and Caleb playing all different kinds of drinking games with other people from the college the two traveled back to the dance floor together, and even though Caleb decided to have a few drinks as well, he wasn't as drunk as Rosina was. The brunette was giggling and laughing at everything, to which Caleb thought was the most hilarious thing as the two danced.

"You really are a happy drunk." Caleb laughed.

"I told you." Rosina giggled, wrapping her arms around Caleb's neck as he did the same with her waist, their bodies pressing together and dancing just as all of the other college students were doing with each other. Rosina's slightly fuzzy gaze fell to the other side of the dance floor where she saw Sabrina, Kevin and Austin dancing together. Sabrina was in the middle of the two males while their bodies were pressed up against hers, Austin nibbling the side of Sabrina's neck from the front of her while Kevin nibbled on the other side of her neck from behind as they danced, Caleb following Rosina's gaze.

"What a little wh*re." Caleb commented.

"I know." Rosina agreed, her gaze falling over to Jesse who was a few feet away. He was on the dance floor with another girl who wore an Angel costume, her hair being dyed purple as the two began to grind heavily against each other. Jesse's eyes met Rosina's for a few moments before he looked back over to the girl he was grinding with and placed both hands on her face, the male connecting his lips with hers as she fell into it instantly, the two locked in a hungry kiss. It felt like Rosina's whole world came crashing down as she stopped dancing with Caleb, Jesse opening his eyes to look at Rosina again as he continued to kiss the girl.

"What's wrong?" Caleb asked when Rosina suddenly stopped dancing and saw the tears in her eyes, the Vampire following her gaze where he saw Jesse making out with a girl while looking at Rosina. By now Rosina's tanned skin had gone completely pale as Caleb's jaw clenched in anger, Jesse focusing back on the girl he was making out with as he closed his eyes and began to allow his hands to wander her body.

"Oh my God..." Rosina whispered to herself.

"Come on. We'll go somewhere quiet." Caleb offered, taking Rosina's hand and guiding her across the dance floor towards the stairs, the two walking up them and into the first bedroom on the left. The two stepped inside as Caleb closed the door, the Vampire turning back to Rosina who was leaning up against the wall and looked down towards the hardwood floor. He walked over to her as he forced his eyes and teeth back to normal, Caleb standing right in front of the brunette.

"I can't believe he did that." Rosina said, bringing Caleb to place his cold fingers underneath Rosina's chin and gently tilted her head up so the two could lock eyes. "What happened to your contacts and fake fangs?" Rosina forced out against the lump forming in her throat.

"I put everything away in my pocket." Caleb responded. "Listen to me, Rosina... I would never do anything like that to hurt you. What Jesse just did is the biggest mistake he will ever make, because any guy would be so lucky to be with you." The two stared at each other for a few moments, not even realizing the king sized bed with ruby colored blankets and pillows were only a few feet away as Caleb slowly connected his lips with Rosina's, though she leaned back to look at him.

"Do you really mean that? That a guy would be lucky to be with me?" Rosina whispered, to which Caleb nodded in response. Rosina leaned forward and connected her lips with Caleb's then, the brunette instantly pulling the Vampire closer to her as he pressed his body hard against hers. She let out a sigh of pleasure, Caleb nibbling Rosina's neck and making his way down her collarbone while slipping his hands over her hips.

"Do you want me?" Caleb whispered in Rosina's ear, his hands beginning to slip underneath the thin fabric covering her chest.

"Yes." Rosina whispered back.

"And this time we won't stop?" Caleb asked, beginning to kiss her chest. Rosina's eyes finally found the large bed a few feet away, taking Caleb's hand and guiding him towards the bed.

"We won't stop." Rosina responded, pushing off Caleb's shirt where it fell to the dusty floor and eased him onto the bed, the Vampire laying down as Rosina hovered over him. She began to kiss his lower stomach and worked her way up to his bare chest, the brunette biting down against his soft skin as he sighed in pleasure, the Vampire's breathing heavy the whole time Rosina was kissing his body. The two rolled over together as Caleb ended up on top of Rosina, the blonde Vampire gently pinning her arms above her head and kissed her neck while pushing his hips into her opened legs, the brunette sighing and moaning in pleasure.

Caleb reached down and was about to pull down the zipper to his jeans when the bedroom door suddenly opened however, the two looking as Sabrina, Kevin and Austin walked into the bedroom. The group of three seemed startled at first when seeing they had company, though they quickly recovered as Sabrina smirked.

"Ah, I was right about you. I knew you were too cheap to be with an amazing guy like Jesse." Sabrina spoke as Caleb got off of Rosina and retrieved his shirt, to which Rosina stood up from the bed.

"Says the girl who is about to have a threesome." Rosina responded coldly, looking at Austin and Kevin.

"Let's just say the three of us have a powerful animal instinct which is pretty much impossible to ignore." Kevin responded with a smirk.

"What the hell is going on in here?" Jesse asked as he stepped inside the room, silver lip gloss from the girl he was kissing faintly being seen on his lips.

"The three of us were about to have some fun until we found those two in here." Austin responded as he referred to Rosina and Caleb. "Looks like they were having a party of their own."

"I'm not staying at this stupid party any longer. I hope you and that girl have fun together." Rosina growled as she began to walk towards the door.

"We should talk..." Jesse offered.

"No. I have nothing to say to you." Rosina responded, though when she got to the doorway with Caleb following she suddenly stopped, glaring over to Jesse. "Actually, I do have something to tell you. Everyone out of the room. Now."

"You can't tell us what to do." Sabrina challenged.

"But I can. Everyone get out of the room." Jesse said. Sabrina stared Jesse down for a few moments before letting out a growl, the blonde shoving passed Rosina before getting out of the room as Austin and Kevin followed. Caleb remained standing there however, bringing Rosina to look at him.

"I'll meet you at the car." Caleb slowly nodded at Rosina's words, the Vampire glaring at Jesse before leaving the room as well. Rosina closed the door and looked towards Jesse, who had a rock solid look on his face. "Do you know what I was planning on doing tonight? I was going to have fun, let you hang with your friends since you haven't been able to hang out with them that much lately because of you taking care of Rebecca, and then pull you aside during the night to tell you how I really felt about you."

"What are you talking about?" Jesse asked, his face still hardened.

"I chose you, Jesse! I wanted to be with you because you're the one who I fell in love with! I was going to tell you that tonight, and finally make us official." Rosina's tears from before slid down her face as Jesse's hardened expression was replaced by complete shock, his eyes widening as he looked at her.

"You... were going to choose me? But... but when you brought Caleb here, I thought..."

"That I brought him here to make you jealous?" Rosina gasped, a new hurt written in her eyes. "I would never do that to you! I only brought him here because I'm a good friend!"

"I didn't know." Jesse spoke as he took a step closer but Rosina stepped back, shaking her head as more tears slid down her face.

"So you just assumed that I brought him here to make you jealous, to which you made the decision to get me back by making out with that other girl. You wanted to hurt me intentionally." The brunette hissed.

"I'm so sorry Rosina. P-please forgive me. I promise to never do a stupid thing like that again." Jesse begged.

"No. After what you just did honestly shattered my heart into a million pieces. Don't talk to me, don't come over my house, and don't talk to me during work unless absolutely necessary because you and I aren't friends anymore." Rosina turned the doorknob and opened the door before storming out of the room, the brunette running down the stairs and out of the house where Caleb waited leaning against his car. The two got in and left the party, leaving Jesse to continue standing in the bedroom in shock as Rosina's words sank in.
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Default Re: Bound By Blood

The Rest of Chapter Six

He then suddenly punched the wall in anger as it deeply cracked around his fist, his turquoise eyes changing golden yellow from anger as two set of thick fangs appeared on both the top of bottom in his mouth. He roared in rage for what he had done, though the sound of the loud music cancelled it out as he shifted into a light brown wolf and jumped out the second story broken window, the wolf landing on the ground in perfect grace before sprinting into the woods.

Two weeks had gone by as October 31st made itself known, Halloween taking over the area of Wilmington where Rosina lived as she sat up against one of many Maple Trees in the graveyard that Halloween morning. Instead of Jesse taking Allison out Trick Or Treating with Rosina she had decided Caleb was going to go with her instead, the brunette avoiding contact with Jesse ever since the party. There were a few times where Jesse had tried to talk to Rosina during work and even went as far as driving to her house, but Rosina ignored him, and even slammed the door in his face when he came to her house. Due to Rosina's broken heart she had decided not to be in a relationship with Caleb either, the Vampire knowing that Rosina needed time to heal, and had even put his flirty comments on pause for now.

Rosina was actually surprised at how understanding Caleb was being towards the entire situation, since she had originally planned on being with Jesse over him. She was grateful however, because if Caleb had stopped talking to her out of anger for picking Jesse over him then Rosina would truly have no one to hang out with. What Jesse had done at the party was completely out of line and sent jolts of emotional pain throughout Rosina's body, and no matter how much she tried to put those memories of the party aside, she just couldn't.

With a sigh Rosina stood up from where she sat underneath the Maple Tree and made her way into the woods, the chilly October air filling her lungs as leaves from the trees turned a fiery orange, yellow and red, some of them falling to the ground already. Rosina walked along the path in the woods for a few minutes until it began to circle around and make its way back towards the graveyard, bringing Rosina to stop as she placed her hands inside her orange sweatshirt's pockets, looking from the deeper part of the woods where she would stray from the path, then back to the graveyard where she knew it was safe. Something nagged her to stray from the path however, bringing the brunette to turn on her black Converse's heels and began to walk deeper into the woods, the sight of the church disappearing a few moments later.

After walking carefully through the woods with the fallen branches and twigs snapping underneath her sneakers while thorn bushes tugged at her pink jeans Rosina reached a steep hill which looked to be about fifteen feet high, the brunette using tree trunks to help pull herself up from the obstacle. Once she had reached the top of the hill after slipping a couple of times she continued to walk deeper into the woods for a few seconds, the nagging feeling that Rosina should venture further into the woods continuing with each step. The brunette somehow knew she was looking for something, but she didn't know exactly what.

A small growl from a large nearby bush startled Rosina as she quickly looked to her left, the bush slightly moving as her heart began to race. The growling only worsened, Rosina's eyes widening a few moment later as a pure white wolf with hazel colored eyes came charging out from behind the thick bush and leaped right at Rosina. She didn't have time to scream as the wolf bared its fangs and knocked Rosina hard against the ground, the air easily being knocked out of Rosina as the wolf slashed its paw across Rosina's face. It was bad enough that she already had a scar to begin with, and from the three claw slashes the wolf just gave Rosina across her right cheek would only add more to her scars; if she got out of this situation alive.

Rosina let out a scream as the white wolf suddenly bit down on her left shoulder, its powerful jaw easily breaking the skin but for some reason didn't break the bone, even though the wolf could easily cause the damage. Adrenaline finally kicked in as Rosina made a fist with her right hand and punched the wolf right in the snout, the wolf letting out a whine in pain as it fell to the ground right beside Rosina. The brunette quickly turned over and was about to stand until she suddenly paused as her eyes widened in fear, Rosina being on her hands and knees as two more wolves were baring their fangs and snarling right in front of Rosina's face.

They were so close that Rosina could easily feel their breath when they exhaled from their snouts. The two wolves were slightly larger than the white wolf, one wolf having copper colored fur with emerald eyes while the other wolf was jet black with dark brown eyes, Rosina frozen in complete fear. She could hear the white wolf stand to its paws and begin to snarl, though Rosina didn't dare take her eyes away from the two wolves in front of her as her body began to tremble, the blood from her shoulder's wound pouring down on the October's leaves underneath her as the blood on her cheek dripped.

Rosina didn't know what to do as the three wolves then began to start circling her, leaving only about a foot of space between her and the preying wolves as they watched her closely, as if trying to decide what action to take next. A angry howl from below the hill could suddenly be heard however, the three wolves quickly running away from Rosina to only stand a few feet behind her just as the familiar light brown wolf came charging from the hill, the animal putting itself between Rosina and the three wolves as if protecting her from them. The light brown wolf began to growl at the other three wolves as they growled as well, and even though Rosina wasn't able to see the light brown wolf's face, she knew the wolf was baring its fangs.

"You..." Rosina gasped, knowing this was the light brown wolf who had came to her when she was injured by the bear trap. The wolf in front of her slightly turned its head to lock one eye with Rosina's, its turquoise colored eye connecting with Rosina's dark eyes as it let out a single bark, as if telling her to run. After a few moments Rosina finally stood to her feet as she swallowed away her fear and ran towards the hill, the brunette carefully running down to the bottom and began to sprint towards the direction of the cemetery as she held her injured shoulder.

"Shift back now!" Rosina suddenly heard Jesse's raged voice coming from behind her, bringing the brunette to come to a halt as she whipped her body around where she had just been fleeing from. The confused expression could easily be seen on Rosina's face as she slowly began to make her way back up the hill as quietly as possible, curiosity killing the cat. "I said shift back! All three of you!" Rosina laid on her stomach as she hid behind a bush and peeked her head slightly out from it, seeing that Jesse was suddenly standing where the wolf had just been, his clothes perfectly clean with not a single rip as if he hadn't traveled this far into the woods.

Rosina watched in shock as the white wolf shifted first into a human girl, this same girl being Sabrina from the Halloween party. The other two wolves shifted into humans as well, the black wolf shifting back into Kevin as the copper colored wolf shifted back into Austin. Rosina placed her hand over her mouth so the group of four wouldn't hear her shocking gasp, her dark eyes widening at what she was seeing.

"I can't believe you're taking that human's side over ours! Your wolf pack! Someone who is friends with the very Vampire who killed Coral!" Sabrina growled in disgust.

"We don't know if Caleb was the Vampire who killed Rebecca's mother!" Jesse growled back, to which Rosina's eyes widened even more. Where on earth had she moved to? Werewolves? Vampires? Nothing made sense to Rosina anymore.

"Oh cut the crap, Jesse! Everything points to Caleb killing my sister!" Austin added with his own growl.

"He needs to be put down, and we should honestly kill his blood-bag of that human girl as well." Sabrina said, to which Jesse snarled.

"None of you are going to lay a finger on Rosina! Do you understand me? I'm still your Alpha." Jesse responded.

"But you're putting her first over our pack!" Austin shouted.

"No, I'm not!" Jesse shouted back, then glaring over to Sabrina. "I swear Sabrina, if you lay another paw on Rosina again then you'll regret it."

"How do you know I was the one who attacked her?" Sabrina challenged with her own glare.

"Because I can smell her blood on you." Jesse growled, to which Sabrina smirked.

"Well can you honestly blame me for going after her? I'm looking out for the pack, something you're clearly not doing. I honestly think that I should be Alpha." Sabrina responded.

"Are you challenging my position as Alpha?" Jesse asked, the male in a crouching stance as if ready to attack.

"Yes, I am. You know how this works, Jesse, especially since you did the same exact thing to become Alpha." Sabrina then shifted into the snowy white wolf and quickly tacked Jesse, the male not having enough response time to shift as Sabrina slammed her body into his and the two went rolling down the steep hill, bringing Rosina to quickly stand up in shock as Jesse's human body slammed against a tree.

"Jesse!" Rosina shouted as she began to run after him, but Austin and Kevin quickly appeared at her side and jerked her up the hill.

"Rosina?" Jesse gasped as Austin pinned her against his body. Sabrina growled, the wolf beginning to sprint up the hill with her fangs bared as Jesse quickly stood up and leaped forward, the male shifting into the light brown wolf in mid-air and chased after Sabrina. He sunk his teeth into the thick fur of Sabrina's left shoulder which made her yelp in pain, though she quickly jerked her head to the side and snapped her powerful jaw closed around the top of Jesse's neck. He rolled on the ground however and quickly got out of the attack as Sabrina sprang forward to jump on top of him but Jesse used his hind legs and kicked her right in the face, the white wolf letting out another yelp of pain as her body hit the ground hard. The white wolf stayed down from getting knocked unconscious, bringing Jesse's full attention back over towards Rosina as he quickly leaped up the hill.

"I swear I'll do it if you take another step closer!" Austin growled as his emerald eyes were yellow with his four canine teeth turned into thick, sharp fangs, his mouth lingering to the side of Rosina's neck as Kevin looked from Austin to the light brown wolf in shock.

"Let her go." Jesse ordered after shifting back to his human form, his own eyes turning yellow from anger. "She has nothing to do with this."

"She has everything to do with this!" Austin shouted, to which Rosina flinched. "Caleb has feelings for her, so if we kill her then that will mess around with his head! He'll be easier to kill!"

"We don't know if Caleb was the Vampire who killed Coral!" Jesse shouted back.

"Just let me kill her! She knows our secret now anyway! She'll tell someone, Jesse! Just one rip to her jugular vein." Austin pointed out.

"I swear I won't!" Rosina spoke as she locked her fearful eyes with Jesse's.

"She won't tell!" Jesse argued. "I am you Alpha, so I'm ordering you to let Rosina go unharmed."

"I want justice for my sister's death." Austin snarled.

"She's innocent though, Austin." Kevin finally spoke as Jesse's words sank into him. "If Caleb really is the Vampire who killed Coral, that happened before Rosina even moved here. Can you honestly take an innocent life? If you do, you'll be no better than those blood suckers of Vampires." Austin glanced over to Kevin, the two staring at each other for a few moments before Austin's eyes slowly went back to normal, his fangs disappearing but didn't release Rosina.

"You better talk to her and make sure she keeps our secret."

"I will." Jesse nodded at Austin, who nodded in return as he let Rosina go. The brunette quickly ran over to a nearby tree and hid behind it as Jesse's eyes went back to normal as well, the male watching as Kevin and Austin walked down the hill without another word to check on Sabrina. She had shifted back to her human form while being unconscious as Kevin scooped up her body in his arms, a large cut on the side of Sabrina's head. Austin bit down on his own wrist after letting his fangs pierce out and allowed his blood to trickle down his wrist, bringing Kevin to lightly tilt up Sabrina's head and open her mouth. Rosina watched from behind the tree as Austin stuck his wrist into Sabrina's mouth and allowed his blood to trickle down her throat, Rosina watching in amazement as the large cut began to vanish on its own.

"That should be enough." Austin said as he took back his bloodied wrist, the small puncture wounds healing on its own as Sabrina slowly opened her eyes.

"What happened?" Sabrina groaned.

"We'll explain everything." Kevin responded, the three looking at Rosina and Jesse for a few moments before leaving, Sabrina still being cradled in Kevin's arms.
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Default Re: Bound By Blood

The Rest of Chapter Six

After a few moments of making sure his pack was really gone Jesse turned back to Rosina, who was still hiding behind the tree. The two didn't say anything at first as an eerie silence fell over the woods, the chilly October breeze cutting through Rosina's body like a blade. The brunette didn't know how to react and couldn't even find the words to speak, her body still paralyzed by fear for what she had just witnessed. Jesse was a Werewolf, and was an Alpha of a small pack. Caleb was a Vampire, who was being accused of killing Rebecca's mother. Even though Rosina had had dreams about Jesse being a Werewolf and accepted it, she never imagined it could possibly be real, the brunette looking at Jesse in fear since she knew this was actually reality and not a dream.

"Rosina..." Jesse clearly saw the fear in her eyes as blood from where Sabrina had deeply scratched her cheek ran down her face, the Werewolf wanting to help Rosina but she took a step back.

"Don't come near me." Rosina warned. Even though she knew Jesse had just saved her and that he was the wolf who appeared when her leg got caught in the bear trap she was still terrified of him now, and when she saw Caleb later she would be terrified of him as well.

"I'm not going to hurt you, Rosina. I promise." Jesse spoke softly.

"I'll protect you. I promise." Jesse's words from Rosina's dream suddenly came to her, but she shook them away, her fear still eating away at the brunette.

"How is this possible? Are are you a Werewolf? And..." Rosina paused, remembering the copper colored wolf cub who had been with the light brown wolf when Rosina was caught by the bear trap. "How is Rebecca a Werewolf too?" Jesse looked down, the male leaning up against the tree that was next to him.

"A man named David who was a couple years older than me had turned me into a Werewolf when I was fifteen. He was a lone wolf wanting to start a pack of his own, so he turned Austin, Kevin, Sabrina and I. Since he was the one who turned all of us, he was our Alpha." Jesse explained.

"How are you their Alpha then? Where is David?" Rosina questioned, bringing Jesse to finally look back up at her.

"I'll explain that soon, but let me start at the beginning." Jesse responded, to which Rosina nodded but stood her ground as her fear was replaced by adrenaline to protect herself against Jesse. "After when David had turned us, our pack had bonded with one another and we all became really close friends. That's how I met Austin's twin sister Coral, and we fell in love instantly."

"Did she end up turning into a Werewolf too? Is that how Rebecca is a Werewolf?" Rosina asked, but Jesse shook his head.

"No. Coral was never a Werewolf, but she knew about us and kept our secret. A few years had gone by when Coral got pregnant with Rebecca, but there were complications with her pregnancy. We almost lost Rebecca three times while she was still inside her mother, and then she was born premature. The doctors said Rebecca only had a ten percent chance of living, so after getting permission by David, he allowed me to change Rebecca into a Werewolf to save her life."

"Wow..." Rosina whispered as Jesse's words sank in. "If two Werewolves were to, umm... mate together, will their child be born a Werewolf as well?"

"Yes." Jesse nodded. "David had explained everything to us before he was exiled."

"Exiled?" Rosina repeated in confusion, bringing Jesse to look back down.

"Shorty after Rebecca was born Coral had betrayed me. I thought she loved me, but she ended up cheating on me with David. When I found out I challenged David as the position for Alpha, since he had technically crossed territory by sleeping with the mother of my child. The two of us fought it out, and in the end I won. I had became the new Alpha to the pack, and I exiled David. If he were to return, he would be killed right on sight from my pack and I. Coral and I never got back together after that, even though she tried so many times." Jesse looked back up towards Rosina, seeing her jaw was dropped from the shock of learning this information.

"How does a person turn into a Werewolf if they weren't born one?" Rosina asked.

"From a Werewolf bite." Jesse responded. Rosina's eyes widened in fear again however as she looked towards her shoulder where Sabrina had bit her.

"S-Sabrina had bitten me..."

"That won't turn you." Jesse reassured the brunette. "In order to turn a human into a Werewolf then the other Werewolf has to be completely willing to do so, and I know for a fact turning you wasn't on her mind when she bit you. You'll be just fine." Rosina sighed in relief from Jesse's words, though a troubled look came onto her face.

"How do you know that Caleb is a Vampire?"

"Because of his scent." Jesse explained. "My pack knows he's a Vampire, and he knows that we're Werewolves. He could sense us, and one night while you were off from work he came into the diner while I was working. I have to treat him like any other costumer, so when I served him his food he replaced his fork and knife with a pair of pure silver ones. When I picked up the plate and started making my way back into the kitchen to clean it the handle of the knife touched my skin which burned it. That's how I knew that Caleb knew I was a Werewolf, so when I hurried back to the front of the diner to confront him he was already gone."

"Is that the reason why you and him hate each other so much?" Rosina asked, bringing Jesse to look away.

"Yes, but that's not the only reason..." Jesse looked back over to Rosina, the male taking a step forward only to have Rosina quickly step back.

"Is silver your only weakness?" Rosina asked.

"Silver and a plant called Wolfsbane. If we ingest Wolfsbane we will become weakened, and if we touch the plant with our bare skin then it will burn us like silver." Jesse responded.

"What happens during a full moon?"

"Our powers get stronger."

"Powers?" Rosina asked, bringing Jesse to nod.

"Besides our enhanced hearing, speed, strength, healing and smell, Werewolves have the ability called Telekinesis, where we can move objects with our mind and not touch them. The full moon strengthens everything for the time it is out, and we can even heal humans with our blood during that time." Jesse explained. "Werewolves can only heal themselves or other Werewolves, whether they're from the same pack or not, but Werewolves can't heal humans unless the full moon is out."

"There's so much to take in..." Rosina said in a low voice as she looked down towards the ground.

"I haven't even explained Vampires yet." Jesse reminded her, to which she slowly looked back up towards him.

"Do you, well... age?"

"We age like normal humans, and we can die like a human, but it takes a little bit more than a knife wound to kill a Werewolf." Jesse paused, studying Rosina for a few moments. "Do you want me to explain to you about Vampires?"

"I..." Rosina didn't know how to respond. She did want to know about Vampires but she thought Caleb should be the one to tell her, even though she was scared of him now as well. After taking a deep breath though Rosina shook her head, locking eyes with Jesse. "I need to hear everything about Vampires from Caleb."

"But he's dangerous." Jesse argued.

"And you're not?" Rosina challenged, to which Jesse clenched his jaw. "Look, I won't tell anyone about this, and I'm glad that you explained Werewolves to me, but you have to stay away from me now. I'm going to tell Caleb the same thing."

"You really don't want me around?" The pain in Jesse's voice and facial expression stung Rosina, but she stood her ground, the brunette shaking her head.

"I'm sorry Jesse... I can't be involved in this kind of life. I need to be normal, like everyone else."

"But you aren't normal, Rosina. Why do you think I fell for you?"

"I'm sorry." Rosina said again, beginning to walk away from Jesse.

"At least let me heal you. How are you going to explain those injuries to your parents?"

"It's a full moon tonight? But it's daytime right now. The moon isn't even out yet." Rosina spoke with confusion in her tone.

"It doesn't matter because the cycle has still begun." Jesse said, the male biting down on his wrist as his fangs pierced his skin. He pulled his arm away from his mouth where blood pooled his wrist, the Werewolf offering his arm to the brunette.

"I don't know..."

"Please." Jesse spoke, the two locking eyes. Rosina knew there was no possible way she could explain to her parents what had happened to her, this thought forcing her legs forward as Rosina made her way over to Jesse. At first Rosina hesitated when she stood in front of Jesse but after a few moments she took a deep breath and gently grabbed his wrist, bringing her mouth over his flesh as she slowly sank her teeth into his wrist. Jesse's blood slid down her throat like silk as she took a few sips, somehow a sweetness being tasted in his blood as the warm liquid traveled down her throat.

When Rosina pulled away she could instantly feel a tickling sensation where her wounds were as they disappeared a few moments later, though the scars from the car crash remained since she would have to become an actual Werewolf or Vampire for them to disappear. Jesse took back his wrist as leftover blood stained the side of Rosina's face, though he didn't dare wipe it off.

"Thank you." Rosina said when feeling her wounds were healed.

"You're welcome." Jesse responded, the two only inches from each other. All Jesse wanted to do was wrap his arms around Rosina's waist and pull her to where there could be no possible space keeping them apart and passionately kiss her, and Rosina surprisingly found herself wanting the same thing, but she couldn't cross that line now, not after finding out what Jesse truly was. Before the brunette did something she knew she was going to regret she turned around and began to walk away, Rosina not turning back to face the Werewolf.

"Goodbye, Jesse." Rosina said in a low voice though Jesse still heard her muffled words, the Werewolf continuing to stand there as he watched Rosina disappear down the hill. Rosina thought that she would feel regret if she gave into her desires she still felt strongly for Jesse and would feel better if she just walked away, but with every step she took, the regret for walking away began to strongly sink in.

Rosina sat on her bed as she waited for Caleb to come over, darkness falling over Wilmington that Halloween night as Allison was ready to go out Trick Or Treating with her daughter. Bill and Hanna were downstairs with Allison who was patiently waiting in her playroom for Caleb to arrive so they could go out for a couple of hours, though Rosina's parents knew she needed to talk to Caleb first, but they didn't know about what. That evening when Rosina got home she had all of the blood on her face and the side of her clothing from her shoulder's wound, but when her parents questioned it she simply stated that some kids splattered fake blood on her, which her parents believed since they didn't see her ripped clothes from Sabrina's teeth.

The doorbell rang as Rosina's heart began to quicken, knowing Caleb was at the house as she stood up and forced herself to walk down the stairs. When she exited her room Bill had already answered the door and invited Caleb into their home, the Vampire stepping inside as Bill closed the door. As soon as Caleb stepped inside the house he could hear Rosina's rapid heartbeat, the blonde Vampire looking at Rosina as he clearly saw the fear in her eyes.

"Can we talk real quick?" Rosina asked, to which Caleb nodded and walked over towards her with a confused expression on his face. The two walked up the attic's stairs and into Rosina's room, the brunette closing the door and quickly walked to the other side of the room to put as much distance from Caleb as she could.

"What's wrong?" Caleb asked as he took a step closer, bringing Rosina to take out a pair of silver gardening shears which she had hidden in her hoodie. When Caleb saw them his jaw instantly fell in shock, Rosina holding them in a protective position in front of her as Caleb stood there frozen.

"I know everything, Caleb. Why you can only come out at night or when the sun isn't out during a storm. Why your eyes were glowing during the Halloween party, while you had fangs as well. I know those weren't fake, and now I know you were the one who was looking through my window from the street the first night I moved to Delaware."

"I have no idea what you're talking abou-"

"I know you're a Vampire." Rosina growled, her words silencing Caleb as he stared at her in shock. "I know Jesse and his three friends are Werewolves, and I already know that you know about them."

"Do you know how crazy you sound right now? Is this a Halloween prank or something?" Caleb tried to keep his tone as calm as possible.

"Don't talk to me like I'm an idiot." Rosina said as her grip around the handle of the shears tightened. "How did you become a Vampire?" The two stared at each other for a few long moments until Caleb finally sighed, the Vampire cursing at himself as he looked towards the ground.

"I really didn't want this conversation to be like this... I was going to tell you everything at the right time."

"How is telling someone you're something from fiction the right time?"

"It isn't." Caleb sighed again, walking towards the bed as Rosina pressed her body into the wall as much as she could. "I'm not going to hurt you, Rosina. If I wanted to hurt you then you would be dead already, and I was even the one who saved Allison the night at the hospital."

"You were?" Rosina asked in shock, the Vampire nodding.

"I injected her with a small portion of my blood which healed her fatal injuries. I couldn't let her die, because I know what would happen if she did." Rosina looked down from Caleb's words, the brunette knowing that if her daughter died from the car crash, Rosina had already decided she was going to kill herself.

"Thank you." Rosina whispered, bringing Caleb to nod.

"We have a lot to talk about." Caleb added, to which Rosina looked back up towards him while still holding the shears, though they were at her side now. "I'll start from back when I was turned. I was living in Salem at the time back in 1692, when the Witch Trials were going on. I was being accused of Devil Worship, so the town locked me up at the age of only nineteen and waited months until I got an official trial. Around three months after my twentieth birthday I finally had my trial, to which the town found me guilty. I was sentenced to be crushed by stone the next morning, but they never got their chance to kill me."

"Were you really a Witch?" Rosina asked, to which Caleb smirked.

"Of course I was. My family had gotten terribly sick, so when God wasn't doing anything to help, I turned to the Devil out of desperation. I didn't think it would work, but it had. Two days after finding another Witch and her showing me how to perform the spell my family had gotten better, so after that I started doing other things. I had gotten selfish, cocky and slipped up, which is how I had gotten caught. I ordered my family to flee before the town had a chance to imprison them as well, and they listened, which was a relief." Caleb explained.

"How did you escape the prison before they planned on killing you the next morning?"

"The Witch who had showed me how to use magic had a friend who was a Vampire named Kasandra. Kasandra killed her way into the prison and freed me, and then turned me into a Vampire. She didn't look a day over eighteen, but she was actually turned into a Vampire in 1465. The two of us fled, and for almost a hundred years her and I stayed by each others sides, but one night she got killed by a Vampire Hunter, leaving me to travel the world alone after I killed him." Caleb responded.

"Did you kill Coral? The mother of Jesse's daughter?" Rosina asked after a few moments of Caleb's story sinking in. "About a month before I moved here. Did you kill her?" Caleb thought back to Rebecca, the Vampire knowing he had recognized her somehow. He would take a picture of each victim he had ever killed, label the date, and then keep the pictures hidden in boxes. As Caleb sat there in silence he mentally thought back to the pictures he had, the Vampire coming across one which made his eyes slightly widen. There was a girl with long red hair who he had killed in the city of Wilmington a month before Rosina moved there, the victim's facial features matching Rebecca's as he compared the two. He realized that he did in fact kill Rebecca's mother, but he couldn't tell Rosina the truth, instead the Vampire shaking his head.
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