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Wi-Fi League Trainer Records Once your sign up has been approved, create a new thread to keep track of your stats.

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Old 09-26-2012, 01:12 AM
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Default Hall of Records

The Hall of Records

You step into a giant, dome-shaped hall with high ceilings. All around you is beautiful stained glass depicting Pokemon in all shapes and sizes, from the greatest legends to the smallest Pidgey. The walls to your left and right are covered in photos of trainers and their Pokemon. At the far end of the hall is a shrine where the greatest trainers of Celestia are honoured for their achievements. Beautiful stone and marble statues of Pokemon can be seen throughout the hall.

Welcome to the Trainer Hall of Records! Here you'll find a list of participants in the League. Once you've signed up you'll need to make a thread containing the following information.
  • BW in-game name
  • Friend Code
  • Starter Pokemon
  • Number of stars
  • Stars spent
  • Current location in Celestia
  • Badges
  • Pokemon
  • Items
  • Battle log
  • Journey log

Battle Log
You must keep a detailed log of all your battles including the date and which Pokemon were used. Make sure it is clear how many battles your Pokemon have participated in. This is important when you want to evolve your Pokemon.

Make sure you note the details about the battle, for example, if both trainers were in the same location, if it was for a special torunament or event etc. This is because different star amounts are given out for different battles. For more details check the rules thread.

Your battle log must include all the following information for EVERY battle. You may set it out however you like, as long as it's all included.
  • The date
  • Who it was against
  • Whether you won or lost
  • How many stars you got
  • If there was a special event that caused you to get a different amount of stars than normal, then specify it. eg. a gym battle, tournament, both trainers in same location etc.
  • Which Pokemon you used in the battle

Journey Log
You should also keep track of your movements around the Celestia Region, including the date, your location, what Pokemon you have caught in the wild etc. This is the minimum amount you should include, you can be as detailed as you like.

Example Record
For an example of a trainer record, please click here. This example record contains the minimum amount of information required. You do not have to follow the format of the example, just make sure you include all the information.

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