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Wi-Fi League Journey Start your own journey with your Pokemon! Travel around the map, battle trainers and Gym Leaders, catch rare Pokemon and unlock the secrets of the Celestia Region!

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Default Solstice City

Requirements: None.
Travel time: 2 hours.

Solstice City is an industrial city set up for miners and their Pokemon. It is responsible for much of the Celestia Region’s wealth, exporting important metals and minerals to other regions. In the early days, Solstice was a small town renowned for its railway service and gold mines. When the gold ran out, most of the settlers moved away and the steam trains stopped running. Decades later, the wealth of Solstice City’s mines was rediscovered, this time in the form of iron, steel and coal as well as precious gems. Workers flocked back to the historical town and a mining boom put Solstice City back on the map. While the old steam trains no longer run, the Solstice City Station has been preserved as a heritage are by the government of Celestia and is now part of the Solstice Museum. The newer areas of the city consist of many large houses and apartments made of stone and wood. In the older areas towards the outskirts of town are the original weatherboard and brick cottages of the first settlers. Despite their ramshackle and dusty appearance, they have been standing for many years and are well cared for.

During the warmer months, excavations take place at the mines, coating the city in dust. Activitists from surrounding cities have complained about the pollution and are especially worried about any potential damage to nearby Lake Sunset, which provides fresh water for much of northern Celestia. Because of their concerns, the refinery was recently shut down. Its two large, abandoned smokestacks still tower above the city. Mining is now carried out in a more environmentally friendly way, but many of the miners are not happy about this new arrangement which is much less efficient. Because of the time it now takes to prepare the metals and minerals for export, many of the smaller mines have been abandoned and focus has shifted to the largest and most profitable mines. Because of the constant digging, seismic activity is somewhat of a constant and visitors are cautioned to be prepared at all times.

The Solstice Museum not only details the history of the Solstice gold rush and railways, but houses fossils, precious gems and rocks which have been dug up from the mines. The researchers here even claim to be able to revive Pokemon from fossils. Solstice City is also home to an Official Pokemon Gym.

Bradley - A HM Tutor who teaches Rock Climb. He has been mining in Solstice City for many years and enjoys hiking.

Solstice City Gym
The fifth gym of the Celestia Region. The gym leader uses Rock and Steel-types and winning trainers receive the Terrene Badge.

A small, square shop with a blue roof. PokeBalls and other useful items can be purchased inside.

Pokemon Ranch
A sprawling ranch complete with fenced paddocks and a cute homestead. The owners breed Pokemon and sell them to Trainers.

Mining Camp
A large area of land right by the mines where the miners from out of town camp during big projects. Many tents are scattered around a large stone building, where the master of the mine lives. At night, the glow of campfires makes it look almost beautiful.

Solstice Museum
A place where the history of Solstice City and the Celestia Region is showcased. Precious gems and Pokemon fossils from the mines are also displayed and researched. Scientists here can revive Pokemon from fossils.


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