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Wi-Fi League Journey Start your own journey with your Pokemon! Travel around the map, battle trainers and Gym Leaders, catch rare Pokemon and unlock the secrets of the Celestia Region!

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Default Lake Sunset

Requirements: None.
Travel time: 2 hours.

A beautiful, big lake nestled at the foot of the Sundown ranges. The water has carved its way into the rock face, creating an underground basin of sorts. The lake is the largest body of fresh water in the region and provides water to many of the surrounding towns, including the farms on Nebula City and the mines in Solstice City. The lake surface is often calm and small streams flow down the mountainside to rest in the lake. The water is cool, clear and refreshing and while fishing is allowed, trainers are asked not to disturb it or pollute it in any way. At sunset, the sun’s rays hit the water, creating a spectacular array of colours in the water. Lake Sunset is also known as the Mirror Lake as the water is so clean that it perfectly reflects the sky and the mountains. At dusk, many Pokemon come to the lake to drink.


Wild Pokemon


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