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Wi-Fi League Journey Start your own journey with your Pokemon! Travel around the map, battle trainers and Gym Leaders, catch rare Pokemon and unlock the secrets of the Celestia Region!

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Old 09-08-2012, 08:39 AM
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Default Mt. Eon Peak

Requirements: Defog is required to find Wild Pokemon and items.
Travel time: 24 hours.

The peak of Mt. Eon is hidden by thick clouds that loom over Polaris City, making it extremely foggy. Visibility is nearly zero, making it difficult and dangerous to navigate the high peak, which is blanketed in snow and ice year-round. The calls of wild Pokemon can be heard, but it is impossible to locate any without the use of HM Defog. Only Pokemon that can brave the cold are found and it is said that Rare Pokemon reside here. Half-melted ice statues are scattered around. A large, grey stone statue of Articuno can be found at the tip of the peak.


Wild Pokemon

TM14 Blizzard can be found half-buried in the snow. It is only visible if Defog is used.

Mt. Eon Depths

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