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Wi-Fi League Journey Start your own journey with your Pokemon! Travel around the map, battle trainers and Gym Leaders, catch rare Pokemon and unlock the secrets of the Celestia Region!

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Default Polaris City

Requirements: None.
Travel time: 2 hours.

Polaris City is found near the top of Mt. Eon, a harsh, cold place where it seems to be winter year-round. The residents live in small, squat houses with thick walls and steep roofs which prevent snow from crushing them. Snow and hail is constant here, blanketing the mountain top year-round and making it a favourite habitat of Ice-type Pokemon. During winter, the only land-route to the city is cut off and Route 12’s waterfall must be traversed in emergencies. The permanent inhabitants of Polaris City have learned to survive the winters by storing supplies year-round and retreating to caves in the mountainside during the coldest months. These ice caves have been hollowed out and reinforced with the help of Fire and Water-type Pokemon. Polaris City is one of the newer settlements in Celestia, though it is said that an older people lived here in more ancient times, as evidenced by the perfectly carved ice tunnels under the mountain and various stone tools and artefacts that have since been found. Legend has it that Polaris City was once home to the legendary bird Articuno and claim that the Ice-type used to watch over the people of the mountain during winter. Though no one alive today claims to have seen Articuno, the mountain people still give thanks to the Pokemon by holding an ice festival each winter. The main event is carving sculptures out of ice and snow. These statues are carted to the peak of Mt. Eon to guard the city, where they remain for many months before finally melting before the next winter. The icy tunnel trail to the peak of Mt. Eon is often snowed in, requiring the services of Fire-type Pokemon to proceed. Polaris City is home to an official Pokemon League Gym and because of the relatively unpleasant climate, most people visiting the city are Pokemon Trainers.

Mieka - A HM Tutor who teaches Whirlpool. She came to Celestia as a young girl and is now a respected Elder of Polaris City.

Polaris City Gym
The final gym in the Celestia region. The leader favours Dragon and Ice-types. Winning trainers receive the Precipice Badge.

A small, square shop with a blue roof. PokeBalls and other useful items can be purchased inside.


Mt. Eon

Route 11
Route 12

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