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Old 09-04-2012, 02:27 AM
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Default PE2K Court System V. 2

(This is the PE2K Court System, originally made by Charbok.)

PE2K Court Systems:

You may be seated, court is in session. The honorable temporary judge MGS is presiding.

The PE2K Courts is as follows: A Court System to solve problems within PE2K.
Before a TE or I close it, let me say this: This is not for solving real problems, this is all fictional.

Here's some rules that I should mention...
1) Please PM me to make a case. The case should contain the following classes below. You do not need to say who the judge is. You must show prove in some way that everyone agrees with it.

2) If a case is in progress and you wish to sign-up, please PM me instead of posting. Failure to obey this rule will result in prosecution by the attorney in charge.

3) Take this semi-serious. Don't be all like "LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL GUILTY, B!" You can provide something that is slightly silly in a way, but take this semi-seriously, like I said below.

4) No spamming/trolling/etc. This is fairly obvious.

5) PM me if you want to be a Prosecutor/Defense Attorney and for how many cases you will. Limit of five per person.

6) Slight bunnying. People can only bunny once they have found a contradiction in the statement. Only stuff like *Gasp* and "No...!" and such.

Here's how it shall work:
There are 5 "classes" within this court.

Prosecutor: The person in charge of the Prosecution against the defendant. (1 Per Case)

Defense Attorney: The person defending the defendant and trying to prove them innocent. (1 Per Case)

Defendant: The person who commited/not commited the wrong doing. (1 Per Case)

Witness: A witness to a crime of any sort. (Usually 1 or 2. Just know that sometimes the witness committed the crime)

Judge: The Judge. (The one and only me)

Signing up for these classes simply requires you to post which class you want to be, and how many cases you are willing to be that person for.

If you want to sue someone:

First, PM the person asking if they're okay with it, then choose what you're suing for. The judge will choose (randomly) if the perons is innocent or guilty, and it's the defenses/prosecutors job to determine that with evidence/ witness testimony.

Evidence: A certain amount of evidence will be given to each person as the case goes on progresses, you can present the evidence to contradict, or proove something someone says wrong. For evidence, there will be a description, and maybe a picture.

When the trial starts, the prosecutor will call a witness to testify about what they saw. how they knew the defendant etc.

After which, the Defense Attorney will "cross-examine" the witness. This simply means that they try and point out contradictions in the witnesses testimony while attempting to prove the defendant innocent.

If you are a defense attorney/prosector, and you have a problem with what the witness or the opposite faction is saying, then simply say "Objection!" and state why that statement should be recalled.

If you see any problems with the rules please let me know, I don't wanna forget anything.

Typhlosion Explosion (2 Cases, OPEN)

Defense Attorneys:
brandon_q (3 Cases, OPEN)

The names listed above are in order of signups.
If you are not online during a particular case, then whoever is next on the list for that class is given the rights to take control of that case temporarily.

So, that's all I should mention. If I need to say some things, I'll say it now.
  • Originally by Charbok
  • Usually, evidence will be PM'd to each the prosecution, defense, witness, and defendant. So, yeah, everyone.

Court is now in session!

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