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Old 08-06-2012, 09:55 PM
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Default thunder storm that turns into a tornado

Welcome to my new team the thunderstorm that turned into a tornado baised on tornadous and thunderous -t

so lets get started

politoed @leaftovers

252hp 252 defence 6special attack
ice beam
perish song

politoed is here simply for the rain, shame isn't it? His ability is worth more thna his own existance, but the prievously medicore toad finds himself as a solid conter for a weather starter, he may be a medicore water type but thats it's he is mediocore, he is not bad in any ways his stats are all decent it's just that he is nothing special average, a bit of a dead beat. Here I am using his bulky set, I need rain up and thats pure and simple and a bulky sets lasts longer and is pretty solid too, incase something sets up on the toad I use perish song and protect to stall them out, ice beam helps politoad counter dragons as he can come in on a dd, take an outrage and ko back, it's that simple.

tornadous@life orb

252special attack 6hp 252 speed
super power

faster but slightly weaker than tornadous, but he is great, even is 110special attack is solid, just ask latias why it was banned last gen, hurricane is monsterous a stab 120 attack with a good chance of causing confusion or flat out koing ****, super power tkae down blissey and heatran which other wise all me all day, u turn deals damage while i espcape. Pretty standard tornadous for a standard job.

thunderous@choice scarf

252special attack 252 speed 6hp
focus blast
volt switch
hp ice

I was going to go for a nasty plot set but i decided a revenge killer is what i need and a powerful force he is, comming off a monsterous 145 base special attack, this thing will stop boosting dragons dead in their tracks and hits really hard ontop of it.


252special attack 6 hp 252speed
hydro pump
Ice beam
rappid spin

starmie is here to lay down the hurt while supporting the team, most of the team might let hards set up at some point and it dosn't like it either, stamie loves the rain and has great coverage for the team, for dragons and gyarados ect.

dugtrio@choice band

252attack 252 speed 6hp
stone edge
shadow claw
sucker punch

death to other weather abuses is the motto of dugtrio, the team is pretty solid so far , but tyranitar terrakion and other weather starters are a pain and we need rid of them and find no better than death to a weather starter against rain teams than dugtrio, hippowdon and abamasnow give him some issues but that are not very common threats and the team cna hadle them anyways.

breloom@life orb

252attack 252 jolly 6hp
match punch
swords dance
bullet seed

breloom rounds things off here being able to pick off and set up on things like ferrothron, which is a pain and his typing complements the other mons, while he has little touble with enemy rain teams due to a solid move in bullet seed with the potential to out power even super power in terms of raw power and match punch which gives it coverage.
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