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Old 07-18-2012, 07:49 PM
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Default Weather Wars: Revenge of the Kitsune

The other weather starter to be introduced to gen 5 is nintales the the kitsune pokemon. Nintales like politoed was living in the land of mediocrity in the last 4 generations. Nintales was given the gift of drought an ability that summons eternal sun to the battlefield. Sun shine isn't the best weather in the world but it's pretty decent, unlike politoed who is banned with shift swim ninetales is not banned with chlorphyll users, this is mainly because the sun is a double edge swords for these pokemon, while it doubles their speed in the sun unlike swift swim users chlorphyll users see little benfit of the sun outside of increasing a hidden power fire move, it increases their weakness to fire and dose not increase their primary stab. Neverther the less doublign speed in the sun and increasing the power of fire moves gives drought and gives nintales a place in ou as a solid contender. it's not all sunshine and rainbows for ninetales, it's very weak to other weather starters politoed and tyranitar the 2 most common weather starters and to add insult it's weak to sr so switching to change the weather for these 2 is a burden, both ninetales issues and the lesser status of the sun has put ninetales in the twenties in usage no where near the heights of politoed and tyranitar int he top 5. But still nintales revived a blessing most fire types would kill for and it's useage is hardly lack luster and at least unlike politoed nintales is well loved enough that it's apprechiated as a pokemon in it's own right and not an ability on a stick.
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