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Old 07-17-2012, 03:13 AM
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Default Wacky Teams

Well yes, we all know we can form teams. There are many sets for Pokemon, and many are absolutely cruel to other players, some are boring, and then there are a few that are just plain...Odd. If you've stumbled on a team like that, or created your own, this would be a good place to post it. Even if it's just a conception - not actually in existence - don't be afraid to post it here.

I for one have created a Surfing Aggron set. Aggron more or less has Thunder, Surf, Hidden Power (Ground), and Ice Beam. It's to be used in Double Battles on a Rain Dance team.

Essentially, it involves a Bibarel with Simple using Defense Curl, Work Up, and Amnesia to boost its stats. Toxicroak could provide attacking, and could switch out for Smeargle who could use Psych Up on Bibarel and put an opponent to sleep. Baton Pass to Floatzel, set up Aqua Ring and Agility, Baton Pass to Aggron. Bibarel, if knocked out or otherwise, would switch to Lumineon, who Soaks Aggron into a Water Type and sets up Rain Dance.

Proceed to wail on the enemy team with Surf (Lumi's Storm Drain negates damage and ups Special Attack, which is to be used in conjunction with Toxic and Whirlpool).

Long set up, but so worth it. Aggron is a BOSS, you know XD

This team is currently being created, actually. Once I'm able to get a Gorebyss I'll just swap them into the team. But I've already bred a few Aron with a max IV of 31 in Special Attack ;D
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