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Old 03-02-2013, 07:40 AM
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Default Re: TOME: Terrain Of Magical Expertise Ver. 3.0 SU/Discussion

It;s not a matter of what page it's on--if it hasn't been posted on in 30 days or so, I think it's considered necro-ing, but then again, you also made the thread to begin with, so I dunno if different rules apply or not.

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Old 08-11-2013, 08:35 AM
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Default Re: TOME: Terrain Of Magical Expertise Ver. 3.0 SU/Discussion

Character Names: Omega

Class: Fighter

Gender: Male

Description: Omega is one of those very friendly-like, quiet, person that that little things serious, and a quick learner video games also. In battles, he always tries his best to beat a mission or a battle. He sometimes haves quick-reflexes and almost never use block nor magic, but if things get peril or serious, he will surely use Block and/or magic. He also uses his fists to break almost any protection magic, but Black Magic.

Abilities: Spinning Kicks: This ability will make Omegas to use his kicks and as he spinning, his leg at fast as possible, he’ll started to fly almost an helicopter-likes skills, and as soon its damage its opponents, it send him or her flying into the sky and down to an hard fall.

Thunder Hands: This ability will bring electricity to each hand to make it like two balls of Thunders. This ability also very effective deadly as will so careful. If Omegas charge up his thunder more than 1 minute his ability will be more deadly than ever. (TIPS: The more its charges up, the powerful and even more deadly attacks it will be.)

Rages: This ability is very powerful, but only for use for any serious battles or a near-death battle. Rages can doubles your stats, strength, defense, Magic, anything you can think of. If Omega use this, his rages ability will not cool down unless for these 3 things, the opponents HP reach to zero, haves to will for more or less than 5 minutes, or if Omegas id defeated. Also if a use once times it cannot be reuses unless it’s more then 4-5 minutes.

Freeze Kicks: This ability will freeze Omega legs, and will use it for an attack, if Omega won’t use it for more than 2-3 minutes, he shall freezes himself, making he’s opponents having an chance to attacks, Omega will be defrost if he wait for more than 1 minutes, or someone or something sat him on fire.

Fire Charges: Now this ability is a bit of my favorites. This Ability allow Omegas to charge up an fire shield, that allows him/her to do many thing you can do with this ability. The main attack for this ability is three things: you allow charging to you opponents, you may use this ability as a real shield, and you can combine any ability Omega will have as a new doubles abilities.

Super Sonic Speed: This ability is pretty simple. This ability will give you a great super speed and it kind of similar than the speed of lights, and if it possible if it continue to be use, it will create an all-powerful-like Sonic Boom. It also will give you a faster attack, faster ability and faster thinking, plus it able to let Omega to reads and dodge your opponents’ movements. It can only last for 5-6 minutes and it’s able to be reuses in about 2-3 minutes.

Personal Powers: Mythology

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