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Stories Write a story to catch Pokemon. A Grader will then decide if it catches or not.

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Default Only a Magikarp Can Do! (Not Finished)

Seeing as my computer is dumb sometimes and randomly shuts down, I'll be posting the story I've been working on as a back up. It is currently unfinished; I'm hoping to finish it some time this week (I take a lot of breaks when I write; lots of writers block).

Pokemon to catch: Magikarp
Characters Required: 3000
Actual Characters:

I lay under a large Oak tree in Viridian Forest; the sun is beaming down from above. It is a comfortable temperature outside, approximately 77 degrees, with a slight breeze to keep my Pokémon and I cool in the mid day. My Golbat hangs from the tree, sleeping in the daylight. My Victreebel is by a stream, playing with my Goldeen. My small, precious Eevee sleeps in my lap. It has been a long day of training for my Pokémon, and the training will only be getting more intense for them.

The breeze calms my nerves; I have scheduled a battle with my rival, Fernando. As much of a rival as he is, I prefer to call him a friend. He was there for me when I obtained my first Pokémon, and he always calls whenever he finds a new spot for me to train in. He knows I’m not the strongest trainer, but I treat my Pokémon with love and respect; that’s all he asks from trainers.

The temperature quickly begins to rise; I sweat while my Eevee pants. Victreebel enjoys the rise in temperature, and leaves the stream to absorb the sunlight with her leaves. It is a training technique Fernando taught me; it helps increase the attack power of grass Pokémon.

I stand up from where I sit, picking up my Eevee while I do so. I walk toward the stream, and sit down at the edge. I place my Eevee beside me; she immediately jumps into the stream to play with Goldeen. I dip my feet into the water; the water immediately cooling me off.

An hour has since passed, and I continue to watch Eevee and Goldeen play together. I turn to my left to check on Victreebel; she is still in her meditative state, absorbing the sunlight. I take my legs out of the water, and stand up to check on Golbat. I walk over to the Oak tree, and Golbat is not where I left him to sleep. I begin to feel uneasy about losing my Golbat, and climb the tree to look for him.

“Golbat, where are you?” I shout as I climb the large Oak tree.

I continue to scale the massive tree, shouting for my Golbat while I climb. I wonder where he could have gone. This is not normal behavior for him; he is always obedient with me. I reach the top of the tree, and begin to tremble.

“Golbat, come back here!”

I climb down the tree, and begin to sob. Is my training method too much for Golbat, is that why he left? What did I do wrong for Golbat to leave me? Victreebel comes toward me, and wraps her vines around me; her own special way of hugging me. I return the hug to Victreebel, and return her to her pokéball. I walk over to the river to return Goldeen to his pokéball; he blows bubbles at me for comfort. I laugh, smile at him, and return him to his pokéball. Eevee rubs her cheeks on my legs; I pick her up and give her a long embrace.

“Eevee, we’re gonna get Golbat back” I say in between sobs.

I hear a ringing noise coming from my backpack on the ground beside me. I bend down, and begin to look through the different compartments of my backpack. I find my Xtransciever, and answer the call. The call is coming from Fernando.

“Minty, my Woobat is missing.”

“I’m pretty sure Golbat just ran away from me.”

“No, he hasn’t,” said Fernando “I’ve talked to a couple other trainers as well; all their Zubats, Golbats, Crobats, Woobats and Swoobats have all gone missing right under their noses.”

“Ferny, are you thinking what I’m thinking?” I ask Fernando.

“If you’re thinking that somehow Team Plasma are stealing our bat Pokémon…”

“You mean liberating” I say, interrupting Fernando.

“…Yeah, right, liberating our bat Pokémon, only to later use them against us.”

“That’s exactly what I was thinking” I tell Fernando.

“Okay, where are you? We need to meet up to stop them” Fernando asks.

“I’m in Viridian Forest, where are you?”

“Luckily, I’m in Pewter City. Meet me in front of the gym, and we’ll use my Pidgeotto to fly over to Unova”

“Sounds good Ferny, see you soon” I say as I hang up the Xtransciever.

I pick up my bag, and swing it across my shoulder. I begin sprinting toward Pewter City, when I realize my Eevee is struggling to keep up with my pace. I stop, and walk over to my Eevee.

“It’s okay girl,” I say with a smile on my face “I know you don’t like being in your pokéball, but you’re going to have to be there for now. We need to rescue Golbat.”

Eevee nods her head as I return her to the pokéball. I take my backpack off my shoulder, put the pokéball inside it, and place it back on myself. I once again begin sprinting toward Pewter City.


I arrive at the Pewter City gym; standing outside of the doors is my rival, Fernando.

“You came here quickly!” exclaimed Fernando.

“We need to get to Unova, are you sure Pidgeotto can handle the trip?” I ask while panting.

“I don’t want him to tire out too much… Gallade and Gardevoir can teleport us.”

“Perfect, do you have any idea where Team Plasma’s headquarters are?”

“Oh yeah, I totally know where a villainous organizations headquarters are. That’s exactly why I have my Woobat with me right now!” Fernando says with a sarcastic tone.

“Whoa, sorry buddy. Listen, I want Golbat back just as much as you want Woobat back. We need to find clues as to where Plasma is storing the bat Pokémon.”

“We’ll look for them once were in Unova, okay?”

“Fine, let’s teleport.”

Fernando takes two pokéballs out of his pocket, and throws them into the air. Beams of light come out of the center of the balls, and two Pokémon emerge from the light. Gallade and Gardevoir stand before me.

“Gallade, teleport Minty to Nimbasa City. Gardevoir, you’re taking me to the same place. Got it?”

Fernando’s Gallade walks toward me; I take hold of its arm. Fernando holds
Gardevoirs arm, and we are instantly teleported to Nimbasa City.


In comparison to the last time I was in Nimbasa, it is currently a wreck. Normally, Nimbasa City is full of life, laughter, bright lights, and trainers looking for a battle. Right now, shops have been boarded up; signs are hanging from homes reading “Looking for Woobat”. Children are crying in the streets while searching for their Pokémon. The sight makes me start to cry; I know how these children feel to have a friend of theirs gone missing.

“We’re gonna find Golbat, I promise” Fernando tells me as he begins to embrace me.

I snivel, and look into his eyes. I have never noticed how beautiful they are. Even with the minimal light in Nimbasa, his baby blue eyes sparkle. My heart begins to melt, and I bring my body closer to Fernandos.

I realize what I’m doing, and quickly shove Fernando off. I can’t have feelings like this right now; I have to go looking for Golbat.

“Kay, Ferny, you take Route 16 and I’ll travel on Route 5. Call me if you find any clues. I’ll do the same for you.”

I turn toward Route 5, and begin sprinting. I do not look back. I think I’ve started developing feelings for Fernando, but I can’t have that happen. We’re adult trainers, but barely. Being in a relationship isn’t something you want to do when trying to become Pokémon Master; boys just get in the way and slow you down anyways.

I continue running, when I reach Driftveil Bridge. It has remained unchanged, in comparison to Nimbasa City. The bridge is hundreds of feet tall, stretching across the wide river to connect Route 5 to Driftveil City.

I look back momentarily, to see if Fernando is following me. There is nobody behind me. I turn back to face Driftveil Bridge, sighing in relief. In the water, I see a rippling. Seeing as I only have one water type Pokémon at the moment, I go toward the ripple to investigate.

Shun the non-believer

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