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Old 07-03-2012, 09:52 PM
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Default The Fire Red Nuzlocke Tales

Ok guys, I know Nuzlocke is mainly cartoonized, but im not all that good, so I thought. IMA WRITE IT UP INSTEAD.

For those who dont know about the Nuzlock challenge, it is where you decide to play a pokemon game with rules. The rules can change for whomever wants to play, people can add there own, but the three main rules that ALL Nuzlocke challengers must follow are.

1. The first pokemon seen in a route/cave/ect is the only pokemon you're alloud to catch for that route/cave/ect, if it runs away or dies, tough luck.
2. All pokemon MUST be nicknamed for sentimental reasons.
3. If a pokemon feints it has died and is unusable, you must either release it or put it in a 'Graveyard' box. I choose to put it in the box, again for sentimentality reasons, but yeah.

Onto my Fire Red Nuzlocke Challenge.


GYM 1 ~ Brock

"Why hello there, my name is Professor Oak. Are you a boy or a girl?" I look down at myself, curious as to know what my gender is. I was abviously a girl, but screw it.

"So you are a boy. What id your name?" A big mystical portal opens up on my gameboy's screen and sucks me in. I stare around a little before realising that one, im standing on a large keyboard and two, I had turned into a boy. I stepped over the keyboard and tried to type my name, but it was to long, so I became.

"FDK, FlufflesDeKitten, at your service." Yes, that is my game name/screen name for most things... Large thumbs up.

"Ok FDK, let your challenge begin, and dont forget, everything happens for a reason."


Yawnage. "Yay adventure time~" Jumps outta bed, gets dressed and runs out the door. Blue, yes I named him Blue, was at the lab, BUT NO PROFESSOR.

"Oh well, im sure I can get my own pok-" Is grabbed freakishly on the shoulder by a much older man before you could go into the 'taller then average' grass.

"Your not aloud out of the town without your own pokemon. I was no where to be seen inside said town, and I have no pokemans on me, yet im aloud out because im SPECIAL." The professor freaks you out and drags you into the unknown.


"Ok FDK, Blue you may choose your first pokemon." You wait for Bue but he slyly says,

"FDK can choose first because im nice." So you choose, SQUIRTLE, and name him Turtle Wax, cause your a derp.

"Yay, now Baulbasaur time~~~~" So Blue chooses your pokemans weakness, because he's a prick.

"I EVEN GAVE YOU A NICE NAME, UNLIKE WHAT MOST OTHER PEOPLE DO!" You fume before letting Turtle beat the crap out of Blue's Bulbasaur and gaining a lvl.

"Yay." You give another thumbs up before running back and forth between towns while you lvl up Turtle. Btw, Turtle is male.


"Woot, Turtle is now lvl 9, I have some pokeballs, lets add to the team." You run around route 22 hoping for a Rattata, when a Manky pops out. You shrug.

"Better then nothing." Mizz Monk joined the team, Female, lvl 3. You run around route 2, hoping for a Rattata, when a Pidgey pops out. You shrug.

"It will become my fly derp." Feathers joined the team, Female, lvl 4. You run around Viridian Forest shouting, CATERPIE, METAPOD, CATERPIE, METAPOD and a Pikachu pops out, your eyes bug out of your head and you look at it dumfounded.

"And yet im still slightly pissed." You shrug and Squeakers joined the team, Male, lvl 3. So now you cant catch any more new pokemans, you grind and grind and grind some more, but before you do that.

Wild Rattata VS Trainer FDK (I will be doing this for all major battles, just to let you know.)

Lvl 3 Manky VS Lvl 3 Rattata. Rattata uses Tackle. Critical hit. OHKO.

RIP Mizz Monk Lvl 3 - Lvl 3. You cry for a little bit. THEN GRIND. Turtle is now lvl 10. Feathers is now lvl 9. Squeakers is now lvl 7.

You fight Blue again.

Rival Blue VS Trainer FDK

Lvl 7 Pikachu VS Lvl 9 Pidgey. Pikachu uses Thundershock. Pidgey uses Sand Attack. Pikachu uses Thundershock. Pidgey uses Tackle. Pikachu uses Thundershock. Pikachu wins. Sqeakers is now lvl 8.

Lvl 9 Pidgey VS Lvl 9 Bulbasaur. Pidgey uses Gust. Super affective. OHKO. Feathers has earned your respect. Feathers is now lvl 10.

You celebrate, then go to Viridian Forest to continue your GRINDIN. Once you have emerged Turtle is lvl 13. Feathers is lvl 10 (I didn't see the need to lvl her up some more, she will be useless against Brock.) Squeakers is lvl 10.

You heal, buy all the things needed to go against Brock, then enjoy the Museum. After that, you go against Brock and his subordinate.

Camper Liam VS Trainer FDK

Lvl 13 Squirtle VS Lvl 10 Geodude. Squirtle used Water Gun. Super effective. OHKO. Yay.

Lvl 13 Squirtle VS Lvl 11 Sandshrew. Squirtle uses Water Gun. Super effective. Sandshrew uses Scratch. Squirtle uses Bubble. Super effective. Sandshrew faints. Turtle is now lvl 14. Yay.

Gym Leader Brock VS Trainer FDK

Lvl 14 Squirtle VS Lvl 12 Geodude. Squirtle uses Water Gun. Super effective. OHKO. Yay.

Lvl 14 Squirtle VS Lvl 14 Onix. Onix uses Bind. It misses. Squirtle uses Water Gun. Super effective. OHKO. Yay. Turtle is now lvl 15. DOUBLE YAY.

So you beat the gym, get the badge and the TM. You smile, save the game and turn off the gameboy for now. Untill next time, FDK out.


Ok, so this is part one of my FR Nuzlocke. Sorry if the layout seems crappy, but I cant be bothered to write it out like a proper story and this way seems better at informing you of what has happened and such. Up next will be me VS Misty. Squee~

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