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Default [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Over the past few months, Pokemon trainers in every region have been noticing more strange news reports with similar stories. A Pokemon trainer attacked by machines of some kind in a forest and having their Pokemon kidnapped, only to find them badly injured nearby. The police and individual trainers eventually began exploring these areas to learn just what was going on, the police suspecting their region's respective team of villains. Encountering a combination of robotic Pokemon and more complex machines, the groups found a swirling vortex of energy near where the stolen Pokemon appeared in each of the areas.

Across the multiverse, the evil Dr. Ivo Robotnik's latest plan to conquer the world had led him to create a device powered by the ultimate power sources of his world, the Chaos Emeralds. The device created a wormhole through which he could send his many mechanical servants to capture the native Pokemon and create mechanical copies bent to his will. But like all of Robotnik's plans, he was ill prepared for his nemesis, Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends, and the evil genius quickly found his machine overloading and the Chaos Emeralds scattered across the globe. Unlike his previous machines that snapped the world back to the way it had been regardless of what havoc he had unleashed, the overloading of the wormhole generator caused the two worlds to be smashed together; bits of the Pokemon world's cities and parts of the world of Sonic the Hedgehog were forced to combine-- including the home lab of the illustrious Professor Oak.

Never one to give up easily, Robotnik and his machines overpowered the trainers of Pallet Town and stole the data Professor Oak had gathered over the years of nearly every Pokemon in existence-- Including such super powerful deities as Palkia, Dialga, and the other Legendary Pokemon. With one Chaos Emerald in hand and a limitless supply of robotic minions, Robotnik set his sights on capturing and subjugating the most powerful Pokemon in the world and constructing his worldwide robotic empire. His first stop was the seat of Kanto's government, sweeping through and either killing of roboticizing the leaders of the area and converting the Kanto Government building in to a heavily defended fortress. This fortress was used to cripple the special government agency GUN and systematically managed to wipe out most of the world's governments this way after the incident, all the while seeking to capture and manipulate the legendary Pokemon but being unsuccessful in their location. Relying on the fact that the new governments were distracted by preventing a panic, Robotnik's sneak attacks and overwhelmingly more advanced equipment broke them quickly.

Those with the resources attempted to ban together, either to stop or aid Robotnik in his conquering of the world; those who supported him wanted immortality and to become stronger through his roboticizer machines, and many stood to attempt to oppose his mechanical armies. Others sought to take the Chaos Emeralds or Legendary Pokemon and use them for their own gain. Others still seek to reverse-engineer Robotnik's technology to return their worlds to the way they were before-- Somehow. It all hinges on one important figure; Dr. Ivo Robotnik, the most brilliant scientific genius in the world and the maker of all manner of impossible technology. Dr. Ivo Robotnik, who was pursuing the Legendary Pokemon for the purpose of controlling their amazing powers. Dr. Ivo Robotnik, who was swarming the planet with countless robotic armies. With his flying fortress the Death Egg firmly planted on the dead volcano of Sootopolis City in the Hoenn region spewing out hundreds of robotic soldiers, he stands poised to take over the entire planet if an opposition doesn't form quickly.

It's been three weeks since then. With the mixed remains of the two worlds forced together and in disarray, can either side gather the forces to combat Robotnik's mechanical army and prevent the evil scientist from conquering both worlds, or will the mad doctor's schemes finally pay off? Can anything be done to restore the world to its previous state? Can anyone stop the evil doctor?

1) Technology level is the level of equipment and technology seen in the Pokemon games. From the Sonic world, modern-day weapons and technology are available. You can retrieve weapons from human-sized or smaller Badniks to use. You can only carry a maximum of two Badnik weapons in addition to whatever else you may have. Get bogged down with too much junk and you'll be swiss cheese; that's your only warning.
2)All canon Pokemon (sans Anime characters) and Sonic the Hedgehog characters are available, but they must have a good reason and you must be active with them. If you take a canon and don't use them for anything, your team WILL have points docked.
3)You do not >have< to be on a team to participate... but you have no chance of earning points if you are not on one.
4)Avoid godmodding. You're fighting an army of robots and a psycho who makes them. You're not going to be able to carry around much more than a few weapons if that. Just keep it fairly realistic... or as realistic as three foot hedgehogs and mice that shoot electricity can be. Don't control other people's characters, don't give yourself auto-hits, don't kill a character without permission from that RPer, so on. Applies to me too, but being the bad guy I get a bit of leeway with all of you breathing down my neck :I
5)There's no real post length, but post one-liners and you're not getting any points. I'm not even a judge and I know that.
6)Be active. If you have to disappear for a while because of school or whatnot, let us know before the fact. Points may be docked if you randomly vanish and you were, say, doing something plot-important and now you're gone.
7)Just because you can do something doesn't mean it'll work. As there are no 'making things' dockets in this RP, you won't be making any one-hit-kill-the-bad-guy weapons of mass destruction. Start doing it and have fun dealing with that army of robots. And don't think anything reverse-engineered is going to outperform the originals; you've neither the resources nor the know-how to make these technological terrors.
8)Judging will be done periodically by the judges. 30 points will be distributed throughout the RP, and 10 points will be awarded to the team that manages to defeat Robotnik (Or in the case of the team helping him, manages to help Robotnik win)
9)The password is Nubnub.
10) Above all, the purpose of this RP is to have a great time. Sure you'll get points to help your team, but that's not why you went through the effort of signing up. Win or lose, it's all for fun.
11) As further warning, your character will be roboticized if they are inactive without notice for a period of more than two weeks; whether you come through to make them redeem themselves is up to you when you return.
12) Traveling is possible through vehicles such as airplanes, trains, and land vehicles. Trains are limited in their range however, and planes are most likely grounded until flying is safe, unless you're all right with being pummeled by flying battleships.
13) People on Robotnik's side are either Badniks (Robotnik's grunt robots) or roboticized humans and anthropomorphic animals. If you're going to play a non-robot, you'd better have an amazing reason for why Robotnik would allow that. All of Robotnik's robots run the risk of being scrapped if they don't perform well or try to betray him, and he can easily dispose of them at the first sign of defiance. Tread carefully if you choose to side with him, and remember that as far as he is concerned your current body and development are completely disposable; he has backups of your programming... but he's not keeping those memories in stock. If you die as a Badnik, you can be rebuilt by Robotnik shortly after in one of his factories.
14) You're allowed to create things from the scrap you get out of those Badniks you'll be killing. Anything the size of the Tornado (A two-person biplane that can turn in to a two-person mini jet, that can turn in to a small combat mech) and smaller is up for creation. Try making any weapons of mass destruction and have fun watching them detonate in your base and right in front of you. Only warning.
15) Your Pokemon trainer can be from any region, mentioned or otherwise. If it's not on the world map, just assume it got removed in the world meld.
16) When you post in the RP, put the following information at the top of your post in bold: Character name, location, team. Format it however you like.
17) In case it was not clear in the SU: You CAN NOT play a Sonic character who uses Pokemon. Likewise, a Pokemon trainer CAN NOT have special powers (Pokemon trainers with light telepathy/telekiness being the exception). It's one or the other.

<Thanks for the map Neo!>

Robotnik-controlled regions:
-the Death Egg

Free regions:
-the Sevi Isles
-Central City
-Angel Island

Added locations:

-Central City: North of the Kanto-Johto area, it is a large city much like modern day New York. Being from Sonic the Hedgehog's world, some anthropomorphic creatures live here. The city has modern conveniences, but nothing of particular use to Pokemon trainers. Monorails connect the various areas of the city, which is actually quite large. Station Square is a part of this city. Some buildings have taken structural damage from the merge.

-Angel Island: A floating island located in the Sevi Island region that tends to float around a bit. There are no beings in particular that live here, but one of Robotnik's old bases lies here, as do some interesting ruins. There is a shrine to the Master Emerald and Chaos Emeralds, but naturally none of them are present. Though it isn't flying any more due to the loss of the Master Emerald, it does drift about in the ocean to some extent.

-The Death Egg: A flying fortress and spaceship built by Robotnik, lined with weaponry and filled with multiple factories. It is constantly releasing a stream of fresh robots to either defend it or join the growing robotic army. The stronghold is nigh impregnable from any direction due to the overwhelming numbers of defenses and the large army stationed there. The Death Egg is seated firmly atop Sootopolis' dead volcano, preventing anyone from leaving from the air while the number of robots make leaving underwater nigh impossible. No word has left Sootopolis City since the large metal sphere landed. The only reason it hasn't lifted off and been used to its full weaponized potential is merely because its impact with the Sootopolis volcano caused heavy damage to the propulsion systems, damage that is nearing total repair...

Chaos Emerald holders
Master Emerald- Dr. Robotnik
Green Emerald- Undiscovered
Blue Emerald- Undiscovered
Cyan Emerald- Undiscovered
Grey Emerald- Undiscovered
Red Emerald- Undiscovered
Yellow Emerald- Undiscovered
Purple Emerald- Dr. Robotnik
*Note: Chaos Emeralds can't be outright 'located'. Like Legendary Pokemon, you must put forth effort to obtain one. Once it's been deemed you have put in enough effort you'll locate the emerald. I'll let you know."

Approved Characters:
Ace Nighthare - Neo_Emolga
Revolution Uprising:
Socrates - Narphoenix
Schrodinger Salvo - Velocity
Alice Card - Velocity (Same as above)
Zek Chakram - Latio-Nytro
Not-So-Super Friends:
Park Lords:
Shaveh Teink -ChainReaction01
Ziporah Lane- 2gamers
Kraden Iodem - Braniac
The Eggman Empire:
Michelle Toya - Winter
<Note: Just because a team is listed doesn't mean that team needs a participant. The bracket is there in the event they want to join.>

(Everyone gets a day to get ready. Starting tomorrow the attacks begin in earnest from Robotnik (Which means that's when I post, natch). And watch out for the other bad guys too.)

Due to the large area of the map, I'm implementing a new travel system to avoid people teleporting across the map hunting for magic rocks that I've mentioned they won't find by doing that. While on foot! Three posts to travel to the next area, though if it's a close area (i.e., New Bark and Cherrygrove) you can do it in less than that. Taking shortcuts is also acceptable!
While in a vehicle/on a Flying Pokemon/riding a sufficiently large Pokemon/Anything else allowing you to cross long distances at a fast pace! It takes three post to go to any other city within the continent you're on. It also takes three to go to an adjacent continent or the Sevii isles. For example, if you wanted to travel from Sinnoh to Hoenn on a flying Pokemon or other vehicle in a straight line, you would take three posts to the Sevii Isles, then three more to the Hoenn region! Simple, right?

Considering most of you should have flying Pokemon or some other way of transportation, this shouldn't be much of a problem |D Happy robot hunting
<Image made by Neo>

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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Zippy Lane
Park Lords
Location: Route 29, Johto

Route 29 was once a pristine path between Newbark town and Cherrygrove City. It was where many a trainer took their first steps into a much larger world, the beginning of the greatest journey of their lives. It was a place where such trainers caught their first pokemon, usually a pidgey or sentret. They were once so common in these fields. There wasn’t much in the way of threats, so they lived in harmony. One could always count on Route 29 to remain peaceful.

That all changed when the Eggman Empire materialized into the world.

The machines came quickly, raping the land of every living being in existence. What natives they didn’t kill, they turned into metal slaves for their master’s cause. The tall grasses were mowed to remove hidden threats. Berry bushes were chopped down and burnt to eliminate food supplies. Gone were the songs of bird pokemon and the chirps of sentrets. They were replaced by the humming of motors, an unending reminder of who was now in charge.

In this new field, a single tire track stretched across the dirt path, the mark of a patrolling moto bug. This particular robot looked like a cross between a ladybug and a motorized unicycle. Usually traveling in pairs, this individual had run off its usual routine path to investigate a unique symbol: lifeforms. There hadn’t been such a reading since its team had raided a sentret tunnel. Perhaps these were the remnants of that colony? In any case, the mission was the same: find the lifeforms, kill or capture. Since badnik numbers were still stable, the choice usually leaned towards the former.

The lenses upon the moto bug’s face tilted left and right, up and down. It wasn’t simply basing its observations on vision alone: the moto bug was equipped with heat sensors to detect body heat. As it happened, it was sensing a large amount of heat in an adjacent field. It was a pokemon, but not one the robot had encountered before. It was a horse, but on fire. Yet she didn’t seem to be too bothered by this detail. In fact, she acted quite normal, as if the fire was a part of her. The ponyta was simply grazing at what little grass was around underneath a dead tree. Nonetheless, the objective was the same for the moto bug: capture or kill. With such a strong heat signature, the badnik focused on the ponyta and charged forward, knife-like mandibles flailing vertically. The pokemon looked up just as the moto bug revved its motor.

Suddenly, the robot’s vision sensors went blank. Its heat sensor detected a new signature…everywhere? How was this possible? Perhaps the fire horse ignited the entire area in self-defense? Such questions were not possible inside the circuits of a simple moto bug; it was made exclusively for assault and surveillance. Its logic sensors concluded that something was obscuring its vision. The simple answer proved to be the right one: an emolga had glided onto the scene and made a timely landing upon the robot’s face. Though this could have been seen as an accident, the electric pokemon quickly proved its intentions by sending a jolt of electricity through the robot’s body. The thunder wave attack not only short-circuited the vision inputs, it cut the motor, causing the wheel to stop spinning. The loss of control sent the moto bug rolling over wildly, giving the emolga a tense ride. Meanwhile, the ponyta watched briefly as the robot veered off course. She went back to munching on the grass; surely her comrade had things covered from here.

“EEEEEEEEEEEEE!” cried the sky squirrel during the tumultuous rollover. Fortunately, the rolling robot was stopped by yet another pokemon. The dewott emerged from behind the dead tree, using its foot to kick the robot’s paralyzed body to stop its momentum. Once the rolling had ceased, the emolga scurried off to let the water pokemon get to work. The discipline pokemon took his shells from their “sheaths” and focused on the underbelly of the robot. Rather than wildly strike at the enemy, the dewott gave a swift yet precise cut directly across the belly, quickly followed by another. The razor shells were able to cut through the gears and wires to reveal the power source of the badnik. Said power source was actually a pokemon, a ledyba to be precise. She was a tiny one, a foot tall hatchling just starting out in the world. The ladybug pokemon rolled out of her former cell, drained from powering the soulless machine. She was glad to finally gain a moment’s rest, but that moment passed quickly as the bug pokemon felt herself get picked up. The ledyba closed her eyes and hid behind her fists as she prepared for the inevitable, prepared for some horrible metal contraption to reclaim her body and mind.

“Why are you doing that, silly? I’m not going to hurt you.”

The ledyba looked up to see the face of a girl, a warm smile showing her compassion for the pokemon. Her bushy red hair and bright green eyes were a welcome sight in this land conquered by metal. Everything from her khaki outfit of short-sleeved shirt and shorts, to the pokemon team at her side, heck, the fact that she was a living being was a much needed change in the bug pokemon’s life. The ledyba continued to give the girl her undivided attention as she continued.

“Zippy Lane, Junior Ranger,” the girl introduced herself. “I’m traveling around in search of fellow rangers so we can set things right around her. You wanna tag along?”

The ledyba latched onto the girl’s back like some living backpack. She was joined by the emolga on Zippy’s right shoulder and the dewott and ponyta on opposite sides of the girl.

“Din, great work on the distraction. Gaga, the landing was perfect this time. And Ollie, you’ve really learned how to cut into these tin heads pretty well!”

Zippy passed on compliments to her ponyta, emolga, and dewott, respectively. She then proceeded to climb onto Din’s back. Her ponyta was a special breed, one large enough to bear the load of a girl and the few pokemon with her. Riding was somewhat of a challenge without a saddle, so Zippy tended to lean forward and wrap her arms around the ponyta’s neck to hang on. With Ollie sitting behind Zippy, Din rushed off across the trail, making a break for the backwoods before more badniks showed up.

This was a not so uncommon occurrence for Zippy and her team, at least for the past couple of weeks. Her journey from Pallet Town was rife with robot guards, some far more powerful than the simple moto bug. The girl rightfully avoided such enemies, as well as large groups, only going after lone robots when she needed to cross a particular path. Along with her pokemon, Zippy helped whatever enslaved creatures she came across and took them to a (relatively) safe location.

Route 29 was no longer at peace. But for Ziporah Lane, the road marked some of her first steps in a larger story, one that spanned two different worlds. It most certainly was the beginning of the greatest adventure of her life…

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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Ace Nighthare
Guardian Units of Nations
G.U.N. Combat Dragon Battleship, Near Central City


Central City was smack dab in the middle of enemy territory. The naval fleet surrounding it was the frontline defense, and it wasn't much of a defense considering civilian buildings were less than a few miles away. If anything came, we needed to shoot it down immediately, or else we were looking at a lot of possible damage to many of the structures. Considering how much abuse Central City has taken over the years, I'm surprised the whole place hasn't been militarized under martial law yet.

To the west, Orre had been completely overtaken, with Johto and Kanto in the south being brutalized by Robotnik's armies of mindless machines. We had not established a link to Sinnoh or Unova yet, and I wasn't even sure what these places were like besides what I had seen on the map. Were they even aware of what was going on? Unless we coordinated against Robotnik, I really didn't see us having a chance.

To my immediate left was the G.U.N. Platinum Star Battlecruiser, and to my right was the G.U.N. Silver Avenger Aircraft Carrier. Knowing we could be attacked at any time, we needed to keep constant lookouts until we were deployed elsewhere. The merge left the resistance divided, while it seemed Robotnik used it to his advantage considering he was the one doing all the coordination among his army. Seeing as how Robotnik wasted no time and had very little difficulty tearing other regions to shreds, we needed every bit of manpower and weaponry ready to defend Central City at any moment. In a time like this, it was perfectly acceptable to be paranoid.

In the meantime, I just kept looking out to sea, seeing nothing but an empty patch of water and waves churning the water. I knew I was going to need to take a break soon. After a while, I start hallucinating things if it gets to be over four hours of this.

"Still no sighting," I spoke into the radio as I kept on sentry duty. "Anything on sonar or radar?"

"That's a negative, out."

I hated this calm before the storm feeling. I had only just recently seen the report regarding how Robotnik dealt with this Kanto region in the south, and it was just brutal. Whoever wasn't killed was turned into a clanky, mindless machine to carry out his every whim, sent off to be destroyed by the ones that were once their allies. All communication was lost and now trying to even get close to there was a suicide mission.

It made me pissed. What was Robotnik even going to do with a conquered world anyway? Throw a toga party with his machines and then realize he had sent himself on the train to never-ending boredom? Either that, or he'd find some other civilized planet to target and harass. He conquered just for conquering's sake. There was no other legitimate reason. And to me, anyone who does that is a psychopath.

It was at that moment that I was approached by a squirrel named Switch, already gritting his teeth at nothing. His G.U.N. uniform was a bit tattered, likely a result of the cataclysmic world fusion.

"That maniac," Switch growled, joining me on the bow of the ship as I continued lookout. "Can't even give us a minute to recover from the merge..."

"Which is why we'd be morons to fight him honorably," I told him, still keeping a lookout. "Don't wait for them to get back up, and shoot them in the ass if they even so think of trying to retreat. Trust me, mercy and honor weren't ever a part of their programming."

"I'll remember that," Switch replied, crossing his arms.

Still, I kept watching the ocean, not trusting it at all. We still hadn't finished all the repairs and renovations on the buildings that were damaged from the merge, and I knew Robotnik would try to attack in our moment of recovery.

I had every intention of punishing him for even thinking it.

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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Guardian Units of Nations
Central City, G.U.N. HQ

Time seemed to be slipping through Astrailyx’s fingers as she fluttered about from room to room, checking up on everything defense based she possible could, thinking of teleporting herself everywhere to save time. However she needed all the energy she could save, still recovering from when the universes collided. Everything had been carefully put from what Astrailyx knew of robotics, pulling everything she could figure out as a safety measure. She knew Ace was out on naval duty and anything so much as a wave out of place she wanted reported. The dragon was to be prepared for the expected, and unexpected, and everything else in between. Astrailyx had the monorail systems set up, her fields set. Everything seemed to go according to her plans, with room for improvisation. Astrailyx had donated some of her very energy for the defenses of Central City, despite the fact she was in a weakened state. She was confident in her defensive capabilities, especially of the very thing that composed her body. Right now she was overlooking everything, saving what energy of hers she had for if she had to go out in the field.

“Everything is stable and in place?” She asked one of the other agents who was busily typing away at a computer.

“Yes, everything, even the Thunder Wave simulating towers, along with the DZ’s.” The woman explained to her. “We haven’t had a report from Ace or other instructions from Commander Shadow yet.

Astrailyx frowned a bit, looking back towards the open hallway, half waiting for him to come in. She worried about him constantly being stressed, as that was no way for a mind to operate. No doubt of course that her running around while she wasn’t fully healed either was troublesome, but Astrailyx was adamant on helping. Now wasn’t the time for worry, it was a time for focus. The dragon only hoped that Ace wouldn’t do anything too reckless.

The fields she could manipulate were in place, power or no power, she was the power for it. There were back ups, additional resources for the just in case, and even alternate plans if Robotnik did something a bit out of his mold. They were smashed into another universe after all, the doctor wasn’t the only one with new materials, and they were as well. Thankfully some of the denizens came to GUN, offering their assistance. Between understanding the world and dealing with how many comments about Shadow being a black humanoid ‘Shaymin’, she managed to keep moderate peace within the workplace.

As time started to seemingly drag, Astrailyx rethought her plan over, hovering in the air and sifting through her mass of information she had stored within her. She knew the DZ’s were going to work, the TW simulators were no doubt going to be lost, but were easily replaced. The dragon had worked with the other denizens of the strange universe and understood more than the rest about the creature’s called Pokémon. Thanks to them, Astrailyx had developed ways other than the typical way to try and keep Robotnik at bay.

Robotnik…Astrailyx disliked him so; how could one believe a world of metal and computers was a glorious one? The dragon almost pitied him for not understanding the beauty of nature, but with someone with such a mind obsessed with power and control, there was little she could do about it even if she had the power to. All there was right now was to keep everything safe and repair the damage done. She refused to let another universe fall again, never mind two of them. Trying to think of how he made sense made Astrailyx tired. She rubbed her claws against the gem embedded in her forehead, opening her eyes and looking back at the screens. Everything inside seemed to be fine, so there was only one other thing she could possibly do.

“I’m going for a quick fly around to see where everyone else is and get more reports back. If anything changes, let me know.” The dragon instructed, putting on a small headset over her ear for that very thing, darting out into the hallway and out GUN HQ doors.

Astrailyx could feel the energy in the air. Everything was tense as it would be before trouble happened, or a powerful thunderstorm. At heart, she didn’t want to fight, she rather the idea of fighting in a war be admonished, however there was a difference between fighting brutally and defending what you believed in, and who you cared for. That’s why she was here and that’s what she intended to do.
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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Ace Nighthare
Guardian Units of Nations
G.U.N. Combat Dragon Battleship, Near Central City

"Break" was a term I used loosely. Whenever I took a "break," it was only because four continuous hours of staring out to sea could start playing tricks on anyone. "Break" consisted of still being on the bow, looking out, but sitting down and guzzling down a caffeine drink before getting back up and doing it all over again. As any other sniper would tell you, there was no such thing as boredom. Patience, on the other hand, was not my forte.

"Astrailyx wants your full report on the situation," Switch told me, having just come back from HQ. "Nothing from Commander Shadow as of yet."

"Nothing but a lot of water so far," I told him. "What about the rest of the defenses?"

"The TW sentry towers are up and operational," He replied. "Same for the DZs. Skylance Mobile AA units are being loaded and prepped right now. Should be ready to defend the shoreline soon enough."

Well, at least we had that much so far. Personally, I was hoping we'd at least get the Dragoneye Surveillance Satellite up before any kind of assault happened, but that was a long-shot. Last thing we needed was for Eggman to intercept an expensive piece of military equipment only to watch it explode. They wouldn't launch until the coast was perfectly clear, and right now, everyone was too much on the edge of their seats to even think about sending that thing up into space.

As for these strange creatures the humans called Pokémon, I wasn't so sure about them. They had no idea what they were dealing with here. I heard the comment that one human could resemble as many as six Pokémon that could fight on their behalf, all tucked away into white and red spheres called Pokéballs. At any time, a human could call them out and summon them from the ball, and then order them to attack, among plenty of other things that could serve as utility. The main issue was communication. Trainers couldn't actually understand their own Pokémon, although the reverse seemed to be true. In terms of reinforcements, I wasn't so sure it would be enough, but the numbers had to count for something.

The truth was, even they could still be roboticized, and turned into yet another mindless insect to add to Robotnik's horde. Supposedly, there were rumors of "legendary Pokémon," ones that were the overseers of the world and had overwhelming power. Anyone would be an idiot to not realize that if those rumors were true, we could start to see a bunch of them as robots as well once Robotnik got his hands on them.

"Ace, the Skylance Mobile AAs are in place," The operator contacted me on the radio. "Any visual on bogeys?"

"That's a negative," I told him, rolling my eyes as I definitely would have reported it if I had seen something. "Nothing but waves, all signals cold. Last I heard from the Wasp and Bulldog units was pretty much nothing. No sightings."

And they weren't incompetent either. All sectors of the city had to be under surveillance at all times by multiple units. The way everyone was paranoid, I was surprised there hadn't been a misfire yet from some itchy, trigger-fingered newbie. You could always depend on them to screw something up.

Having the Skylance AAs in position was a bit of comfort. Four RX9 machine guns armed with armor-piercing rounds, as well as two Grudgefire missile launchers. They were also given considerable armor, although the real issue was them running out of ammo. Considering how many robots Robotnik had at his command, we'd need every last one of them.

"All units, all CCADC assets are online and operational at this time," the air defense operator spoke on the general channel. "On standby for confirmed scout unit assessment."

"NDI sentry, Nightkin Unit reads you," I spoke into the radio. "Sentry unit confirms no sighting on southwest sectors four through six. Out."

"CCADC, this is Wasp Unit, also confirming no sighting for western sectors one through three," Axel reported.

I thought I was pretty deadly serious about this position until I met wasp Axel Blacksting, who was an intricate and particular about everything he did. The guy was a brutal perfectionist, and hated screw-ups. I swore, the two of us could have hour long chats about how bad the usual newbies were. He also tried to look as stately as a wasp could. Although we could agree on several things, I just didn't like being around him anyway. After a while he started picking at even my inconsistencies, and it got to the point where I had to leave the room before I felt like smacking him in the face.

"Bulldog Unit, we ain't got squat on our sensors in the south seven through nine sectors," Beat's voice came onto the radio. "Check with the northwestern district. Over and out."

Beat was definitely not as formal as Axel was. Nor was he as concerned about this highly probably assault either. The gruff, casino bouncer-like bulldog probably felt he could rearrange Eggman's face using only his ham-fisted hands. And the way he loved blasting things apart made him pretty much the worst candidate to bring along for a stealth mission.

While all surveillance sectors were on high alert, the three of ours were the most watchful considering our sides of Central City were directly facing enemy territory. However, the others watching the rest of the city were vigilant also. A bit of fortune to us was that Robotnik was a scientist, not a military-grade tactician.

But the one thing he had in his favor was numbers.

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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Zek Chakram
Revolution Uprising
Route 226, Battle Zone, Sinnoh

The RU had exactly three bases. One in the Fight Area-the main base-one at the Resort Area-the Naval Base-and One at the Survival Area-a forward operations base. Forward operations, specifically, for attempts to get to Unova.

Zek's simple report: A cyan-colored gemstone (he initially said it was a rock-it hurt his head like one) had rammed into his head before he went unconscious at an unknown point in Unova. The RU had little else to go on, other than the fact that Zek knew there were a lot of buildings, and it was in Unova. He didn't remember colors, shapes, or distinguishing features.

They were lucky that they had him clearly at gunpoint for this: Otherwise, they'd probably have gotten lies out of Zek. Zek didn't trust people that didn't tell him everything. However, of course, he became compliant enough to spill his own beans once guns were pointed at him. The obvious exchange was the knowledge of everything that happened during the World Merge, and everything else the RU knew. There was an unspoken agreement, however, one Zek Chakram did not like: He was part of the RU, like it or not, and if he didn't prove his worth, he'd be jailed for life. He had committed too many crimes to be forgiven, once peace had been restored. Until then, he’d serve the RU like his life depended on it, not even taking into account the Badniks.

The Battle Zone was home to mostly the tough trainers that trained here for the right to challenge the Frontier Brains. Few Anthromorphs happened to wind themselves up here, RU or otherwise-the Battle Zone was mercifully spared most of the merging that happened, remaining largely it's own self, and in the only major instance it didn't, it helped the RU. The island received a blessing in disguise when massive rock spikes suddenly jettisoned out of the southern end of the island, covering up the island's center cove-a point, the Anthromorphs said, that was warped from the so-called 'Seas of the Demons.' It looked like an obtrusion, but it turned out that the reefs also prohibited many of Eggman's naval assaults from being successful as well, not to mention the spikes were pretty good places to put the few missile silos they could erect, so the Battle Zone, albeit still in a consistent danger of being invaded outright, was currently in a 'Yellow' status.

However, there was one point where that couldn't be so lucky: The only 'Red' status location was Stark Mountain, where the RU planned to go get new allies into Unova. They've done it for a while, it was how Zek even got here, but the Badniks figured out that Stark Mountain made an excellent invasion ground. They've taken hold of it, and who-knows-what lurks there now. The Pokémon that lived there had resisted initially, and the Badniks were briefly fought back with a truckload of s**t from the locals, but the Badniks had better programming than the average variety, and now, there seemed to be no resistance coming from the wildlife. Fortunately, they had a programming mishap-or rather, a programming mishap that Eggman put there as an obvious 'duh' kind of thing, something you do normally-The Robots were designed to only take what Eggman could prove as valuable, roboticize-able, or otherwise worthwhile. Whatever they did to roboticize people did not work on things that were dead. Eggman did not anticipate something sentient, non-computer related, and dangerous, to simultaneously be about as dead as his robots.

The Shedinja hovered around the Eggbots-the most common model of Badnik, not to mention the most akin to Eggman's shape. These Eggbots stared at the Shedinja in some form of confusion, to say the least. It didn't harm them, they did not harm it-the Badniks weren't truly sentient in this regard, as even an Antromorph had the common sense to know that if it could move on its own, it was probably capable of doing some form of damage or was otherwise thinking by some source-considering the world they were in, anyway. The Shedinja, however, wasn't interested in harming them directly. A direct offensive was ridiculous-the Eggbots would KNOW if it was harmful once it started attacking. The Eggbots knew it wasn't a surveillance droid by some random GUN agent from who-knows-where, there wasn't anything like a signal to-or from-any source. This thing was moving on its own. That was the only thing that separated it from a military weapon. Henceforth, they dubbed it's usefulness akin to a rock. It didn’t communicate directly, It only hovered around and looked. Seemingly no intelligence.

Eventually, the Badniks disregarded it entirely. It did not harm them, it did nothing but hover around, not poking into their weapons or other sensitive systems, and of course, there wasn't a way it could be linked to something, no receivers, no transmitters. It wasn't alive, it didn't produce the energy that made roboticizing things possible at all (It needed energy of some sort, something only the living produced), and, in all honestly, was it really much to panic over something they couldn't deem anything higher of a threat than a rock?

Unfortunately, the Shedinja wasn't a random thing that decided to poke it's nose into a Badnik's business. These particular Badniks were on the foot of Stark Mountain, not close to their forward base of operations within the Volcano. No other Badniks were within communication range. Zek Chakram-out of the viewing range of these robots-was spying on them from afar. They weren't totally aware of what the Shedinja was looking for-what Zek was looking for. As a note, neither was the Shedinja or Zek. It wasn't that it was there at all, more so that it could be there. What 'it' was wasn't a concern either. Any valuable object the Badniks had on their person was worth grabbing-anything valuable enough to consider saving, as in. The RU had gotten a few of the Badniks' weapons and basic systems before, and were starting to produce them en-masse. The ones that didn't have massive drawbacks made with robot bodies being a counter to them, anyways.

The Shedinja floated towards the edge of Camp, and Zek frowned. There wasn't anything worthwhile stealing in this group, nothing out of the ordinary, nothing that wasn't terribly needy. The Shedinja would have hovered over whatever object was valuable, if there was anything. The Shedinja retreated out of the sight range of the Badniks, and returned to Zek Chakram without worry. It was time for stage 2 of taking back Stark Mountain.

Stage 2 was simple: Destroy the Badniks. How? That was simple as well. Many Badniks were surge-protected, but these were miserably lacking in that. Combine that with dirt-like coolness, and the usually lower body temperature of Pokémon (in comparison to humans and anthros), and you have an Eggbot Deathtrap.

Suddenly, a several Stunfisk-having used Dig to get under the campground, slowly and steadily, and having stayed there for quite a while-suddenly popped up. Eggbots were the usual grunts, meant for all-purpose smashing of things with whatever was available, and they didn't have the time for them to all get arms, so those closer to Stunfisk than their guns ran towards the Stunfisk. Big mistake.

The Stunfisk suddenly started cackling electricity-the smile they had while doing it was utterly devious-and within seconds the Badniks had short-circuited, and went into a brief stasis mode.

Then Zek-and the few humans outside of the Eggbot's best seeing range with infrared or other heat sensors- closed in a few steps and Fired. Silenced Pistol shots to the head (Why Eggman didn't put the CPU's somewhere less likely to get shot, Zek had to admit as a result of Eggman not thinking too much) disabled the CPU's permanently, allowing Zek and the many humans, to close in on the campsite.

Zek was a leader, he was known for it. A harsh, cruel leader, but definitely one that wasn't hated. He had good military tactics (after a few rounds of military strategizing with RU leaders), prohibited loss of life with sound stealth tactics, and gave the secrets of modifying PokéBalls to be silent and dark to the RU at large, giving them the major advantage of not alerting everyone when the Pokémon came out.

The whole place had but a few usable weapons-some Egg-Naders. Why Eggman gave them that terrible name, Zek had yet to think about. Eggman had to have had some sense of pride, even now, to keep the name. Zek referred to the guns by their near-constant serial numbers: EN-78's. He took one-they had three shots left, and they were basically grenade shooters, with one exception-instead of a fragmentation/EMP cross Grenade usually used by the RU (Robots hated EMP's, and in the rare case they fought scavengers too mad to be generous, they still had quite the good kick), it shot a sticky projectile that would attach to a surface and exploded a second after attaching. It held three grenades per clip-and there wasn't much room for its round ammo. At least they were lightweight enough to carry-Zek figured there wouldn't be as much time for preparing to take back the rest of Stark Mountain. The Badniks would eventually spread out again, and wouldn't accept the presence of the life forms that were in their once-held base. A younger member was dealing with the radio back to the base, and the team was moving forward. They'd take back Stark Mountain. Time was ticking.
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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

OOC: With a posting rate like this, makes me wonder why I'm not playing Sonic himself. XD

Ace Nighthare
Guardian Units of Nations
G.U.N. Combat Dragon Battleship, Near Central City

The researchers overseeing the Dragoneye Satellite launch were strongly considering going forward with the launch operation, especially considering all eight surveillance teams, including mine, reported seeing nothing. It could be hours, possibly days, before the assault. The launch could be risky and we would be pushing our luck, but if we didn't get it up now, the whole thing could be wasted and we wouldn't have eyes in the sky.

"Well, we've got better news, at least," Switch told me, sitting down in a chair besides my lookout post on the bow. "Seems like they've finished the repairs on Central City. Reinforcing it, however, may take time. We're almost certain Eggman will attack before we can do that."

"The whole thing could be a bluff too," I told him, still looking out to sea. "Wouldn't put it past him to get us to think there's an imminent attack when really he's planning something else."

"He will attack," Switch told me, sitting up. "It's a matter of when. He's already dominated more than half the world with his ruthless army of machines."

They weren't exactly prepared for it in my opinion. Meanwhile, Central City was looking more like an oversized military base than an urbanized metropolis. Still, the whole thing could be a distraction. The Death Egg was still vomiting out robots by the hundreds. Robotnik could lose hundreds of them and he could just laugh it off. Still, we couldn't chance it. We had seen half the world fall into the madman's clutches. Any units that were deployed outside of Central City was us cheating on luck. We'd never forgive ourselves if Robotnik had overrun Central City because we sent units outside to do something stupid.

"Ground support to surveillance, all Titan AA turrets are in place and are now online," Corporal Sun, one of the communication technicians of the G.U.N. Ground Defense Initiative, told me. "All GDI troops are on standby, waiting for your mark."

"The Combat Dragon reports no dots on sonar, over," Captain Lash reported.

"Same for the Platinum Star. Out."

I felt like we had been repeating these same verifications hundreds of times for the last few hours. Ever since the threat alert had been set to yellow, we were spending most of the day just watching, but still, every last citizen of Central City was pissing their pants over this possible incoming attack.

It was times like this where I really wish we'd start giving civilians at least some form of basic self-defense and combat training. Otherwise civilians just get in the way with their panic and hysteria. Heck, I wouldn't even complain if they at least just scouted and helped keep watch and report if they really weren't confident to fight. Or be communications technicians, engineers, medics, at least doing something to help the defense.

"You hear about those tank units they're creating?" I asked Switch, figuring small talk couldn't hurt to pass the time. "Battlefists, I think they were called?"

"Right," Switch replied, nodding. "Haven't heard a bloody thing about them besides research and development pushed it past the design phase. If you were hoping those thing would be joining us today in defense of Central City, I'm definitely urging you not to hold your breath waiting for that to happen."

Couldn't hurt to hope. But realistically, he was right. Still, as much as I was looking forward to stronger ground support, I knew I still needed to watch my own hide. Asking for cover fire was always a big mistake, I felt. Assuming you'd get that was taking too much of a chance and relying the guys you were depending on actually had visual on the enemy.

Still, I knew just one sentry unit had to give the call, and all hell would be unleashed into the water and the sky would be lit up like Independence Day on steroids. I was tempted to start taking bets with Switch to see how long it would take before there was an accidental misfire.

With all the infantry, armored vehicles, and turrets just waiting and watching and getting more paranoid by the moment, I knew some poor sap was going to humiliate themselves for life soon enough.

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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Zippy Lane
Park Lords
Location: Route 29- Abandoned Ranger Outpost off of Route 29, Johto

“Don’t worry, little one. Once we get to the ranger station, they can take good care of you.”

Zippy was conversing with the baby ledyba on her back as she and her troop took a ponyta ride away from the well-traveled Route 29 to a more wooded area to the north. Few people ever took this path; there were far too many trees and grass patches to make it a suitable shortcut. Ever since the robot takeover however, wild pokemon had stomped through shrubs and foliage to make new paths. The junior ranger took advantage of such paths to get into the forest. It was a rather nice forest too. The trees were still filled with bright green foliage that provided decent shade for the denizens below. There were even a few pokemon still around. It was likely that the badniks were no longer hunting them; there were still plenty of robots to go around. This place would be safe for a while.

“Now, according to the map, the Cherrygrove Ranger Station should be…ah! We’re here!”

Zippy pointed out a small shack built in a clearing amongst the trees. The red paint was in the process of peeling, leaving exposed wood panels in some spots. More significant problems were the broken windows and the missing door, signs that the outpost was no longer functioning. Finally, a sign was posted in front of the house, depicting the portrait of a large bald man with a somewhat ornate mustache, the one known as Eggman. That could only mean one thing: the badniks had already raided the station.

“Well, at least this one is still standing,” Zippy commented, trying to sheer up her disheartened pokemon. This too was becoming a common occurrence in their journey. Being a junior ranger, Zippy had all the ranger stations marked on her map, so it made it rather easy to find them all. Unfortunately, the machines had beaten them to every single one. By the time her crew arrived, the structures had been reduced to craters in the assault. As for the rangers themselves, no trace of them was ever left. Her pokemon feared the worse, but Zippy had much higher respect for the rangers. She had plenty of fantastic theories of what really happened.

“Of course they’re not here! As soon as they heard about the attacks, they left the station to go gather somewhere else to make an epic stand. They’re probably at one of the main stations, maybe near the National Park.”

Zippy was just about ready to hit the trail once more, determined to make it to the National Park and unite with her fellow rangers. She turned to see that her pokemon were rather weary, especially the ponyta that had to carry all of them. The junior ranger conceded to the tired faces and dismounted.

“Alright, we’ll rest here for a bit. But let me check the station for booby traps. Remember that crater at Tojo Falls? Like I said, the rangers put voltorbs inside as a trap for the invading army, then BOOM!”

The ledyba on her back was startles by the “boom”, almost letting go of Zippy. She set the bug pokemon down and looked around the building for any explosive pokemon (made much easier with the lack of doors and windows). As soon as the ranger gave the thumbs up, the four pokemon rushed inside. Zippy followed, but not before taking a good look at the Robotnik sign. She had no idea who this guy was, but the robots seemed to worship him. That probably meant he wasn’t a good person at all. She spun the sign around as she ran up the porch steps, switching it back to the pokeball emblem on the other side.

The inside of the shack was rather cozy, which was a nice word for small. The one room served as a kitchen, bedroom, study, and clinic. There was a countertop near the sink and a desk at the other end. Two cots were hanging on the wall to set up a sleeping area. The ceiling had string hanging off of it. Pulling on it would reveal a ladder to the rooftop balcony. Other than that, it was a fairly Spartan place.

Zippy’s team of pokemon were finding a wealth of supplies, mostly canned goods. The ledyba was passing off cans to Ollie, whose razor shells cut into them easily. Din had her snout in a can of green beans, while the ledyba was taking in a fistful of fruit cocktail. Once they were eating, the dewott opened up a can of tuna and joined in the picnic on the floor. As for Gaga, the emolga had found a six pack of light bulbs. One by one she sent an electric charge through the bulbs, making them grow brighter and brighter until they shorted out. It was like popping bubble wrap for the pokemon (though she liked that too). Every pop of the shorted bulb elicited a giggle from the sky squirrel, the dewott shaking his head in annoyance. Food seemed to have put everyone in good spirits.

“Gee, they sure did leave a lot behind- ooh, peanut butter.” Zippy grabbed a jar of the gooey treat and placed it in her drawstring pack for the road. For now though, the girl found a chocolate bar to nibble on (good thing Gaga was too distracted to notice). However, the more valuable items to Zippy were not food at all. One was a first aid kit. With all the robot encounters they had, she was fortunate enough to not need such care. Things could change in an instance, so Zippy took the item ball on the desk and absorbed the kit, putting it in one of her shirt pockets. The other item was a pair of binoculars. She had left her own pair back at Pallet Town in the rush to escape the chaos. The ranger wasn’t thinking about those painful memories, but rather doing a bit of surveillance.

“I’ll be on the roof guys,” Zippy told the others, pulling the string upon the ceiling to reveal the ladder. She climbed up to the crow’s nest and looked through the binoculars. Wait, this pair was rather dirty, as one would expect after it had been exposed to the elements. Zippy spit in both lenses, then took the end of her shirt to rub out the water spots and random goop from the feeding frenzy downstairs. With the quick spit shine, Zippy then surveyed her surroundings.

The ranger took in the sights of a nesting pidgey, a rattata scurrying in a burrow, and absolutely nothing made of metal. That was until she spotted a break in the treeline. Through that, Zippy could spot a bit of Cherrygrove City, the first largish town she had seen since leaving Pallet. Like the route however, it too was empty, save for the patrolling badniks roaming the streets. Their shining metal could be seen from quite a distance. The girl then spotted a building she was not familiar with: a factory. Smog billowed from the tall smokestacks upon the structure. Though she was too far to see much else, Zippy knew that place wasn’t for making Nintendo games. It was the source of all the robots she had come across since she arrived in Johto. Pokemon were likely inside, waiting for their inevitable fate of enslavement. If the rangers were around, they would have put an end to such atrocities.

“Where are they…?”

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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Revolution Uprising
Base XFA (HQ), Fight Area, Sinnoh

A large map of the Battle Zone was carefully laid out, each of the island’s features painstakingly indentified and labeled. Clever eyes would note that it had been modified to include the spiky rock formation that had appeared post merge. This addition, which the anthropomorphic beings had identified as having originated from the “Seas of Demons” had been, in general, a blessing.

Three obvious dots stuck out, each representing one of the Revolution Uprisings bases. The more interesting point, however, was the inky black “X” atop Stark Mountain, a volcano at the northern extreme of the island. It wouldn’t take a genre savvy individual to know that meant this location was a point of interest. Unlike stereotypical pirate flicks, however, this did not indicate a treasure. Actually, saying the reverse would be accurate.

That “X” marked the enemy’s current stronghold, a very real threat that needed to be dealt with both intelligently and quickly. A small cluster of red chips represented the RU’s current retaliation force, which, although unrepresented on the map, had been the source of many discussions.

Now, however, that was not the focus of the bodies clustered around the table. No, news of a possible attack was what drew these people here at the moment. It was common knowledge that the risk of being invaded was always high, but it was even greater at the moment. Intelligence had gathered evidence that Robotnik, leader of the enemy fraction, was planning something “big”.

When the robots had something “big” on their horizons, taking the situation lightly was never a smart option. As a result, time and energy had been pooled into furthur securing their territory, with emphasis on the bases. Of course, they hadn’t had much of a temporal gate to begin with; the news had been a late arrival.

Considering the number of people present, the noise in the room was surprisingly civil. The topic of their discussion wasn’t obvious at first, but a bystander would eventually realise they were debating possible angles the enemy may attack. This was represented by yellow chips on the map, and there were a fair number of them present.

Little did any of them know another woman had been seating on their planning. Perched above the room was a small balcony, which allowed for a perfect view of the large space below. Its placement also permitted the brunette resting on it to overhear most of the words uttered.

One may have believed she was spying on them, although this was actually far from the truth. In reality, the female was simply making sure preparations were going smoothly. So far, she was pleased with the progress, although weary time was running short. Hopefully, they would finish soon and further bolstering could be implemented in the necessary areas.

She didn’t stick around much longer, slightly anxious for news on the task force’s progress. Those red chips on the map were flesh and blood in the real world. Hopefully, her judgement had been accurate and placing the shady Zek in control hadn’t been a miscalculation. In reality, it had been advised another be put in command, but he simply wasn’t as good. Fears Chakram would go rogue were widespread, and while they were founded, wasting his talent was inexcusable. With a nod, she turned and pushed the light doors open and left.

“Miss Cadence!” a voice bellowed, barely two seconds after she’d stepped into the hallway. Slightly surprised, the brunette’s gaze fell upon a fellow RU agent, who was rushing down the corridor top speed.

“What’s going on?” she asked, bracing herself for anything. The alarm hadn’t been sounded, which reduced the probability that an attack had started. Still, it was wise to anticipate the unexpected…

“We had just received confirmation that the assault on enemy camp was no doubt a success,” he informed between pants, making sure not to lock eyes with the woman. Cadence had never really understood why looking a superior in the eye was such a taboo, but no matter how much she insisted against it, the practice continued.

Grace was perfectly quiet, carefully eyeing the young man before her. She knew he wasn’t very high ranking and served as a messenger to those few who preferred not to use the much more convenient communicators. They had expressed worry that transmissions would be intercepted, but within the base, Cadence trusted information was safe. For the most part.

“Excellent,” she started, although it sounded far less emotive then one would expect. Her face then suddenly changed expression and her mouth opened once more, “Was Chakram and his force warned of the impending threat?”

“Umm, I don’t know,” he staggered, instantly feeling nervous.

“I see. Nothing further,” She stated, turning in the direction of the radio room. On the inside, the woman released the fiercest of sighs; this was an important matter…

Her destination wasn’t very far, just a few turns. Inside, a rookie was just placing his headset on the table, whistling a happy tune.

“Is Thirteen here?” she inquired, noticing the missing presence of the man in charge of communications. It was his job to make sure important information got out to the front.

“Oh, Leader!” the young fellow exclaimed, obviously startled. “He left for a break not a long time ago. I-is something the matter?”

“Get me Chakram’s unit,” she ordered, not risking the time it would take to get confirmation from Thirteen.

“Yes, of course,”

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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

K'sariya Damuna • Guardian Units of Nations • Central City
watch the beauty of all our lives passing right before our eyes

The water quivered with anticipation, ripples hopping upward to brush against her down-turned palms. Brimming with energy, the chilling touch of the liquid sent gentle shivers up her arced spine, causing her lids to lift from over her light azure eyes. The snapping of her cloak billowing around her had become a dull drone in her ears, which were tuned to the sea that was spread out in front of her. She could feel her bow, which she had moved under her topmost garment to prevent easy damage, tapping against her back in the slight breeze. Her gaze swept across the open waters, her body rocking slightly as she balanced precariously on the rock in which was was perched upon, right hand dipping completely into the water as she did so. She rested upon the balls of her bare feet, heels tucked together to support the weight that was forced upon them, toes pressed forcefully against the ashen stone below her. The femme's folded knees parted as she made an attempt to regain the control of her sentinel stance that she had so painstakingly worked to achieve.

A cerulean nose pushed against her submerged palm, righting K'sariya once more as her hand moved down the narrow muzzle and over the domed head to wrap her fingers around the creature's short horns. A soft sigh of relief slipped past her small lips as her path of sight flicked downward to her valued companion, Monsoon. The Kingdra gave a slight chortle of joy as she received a loving scratch under the wavy protrusion that extended from the base of her upper jaw. As she turned her sights back out to the eerily calm waters, she felt dread dripping from the lodged saliva in her throat down into her stomach, weighing it down like lead. She inhaled the scent of the sea, the breath passing from her body shakily as she made an attempt to calm herself. Anxiety pounded in her mind, setting her senses aflame. She was hyper-aware, taking in and registering every tiny change in the wind and in the scents and in the temperature and just everything; she was aware of every bit of it as anticipation-caused adrenaline pulsed through her veins. The air thrummed with this very anticipation, swirling over the unbearable waves of tension that plagued the space before them.

The sounds of wings graced her auds to her left, and she turned her head. Heat caressed her features as the massive glowing butterfly of embers fluttered calmly to her side, piercing cobalt pools set upon the girl.

"Any sign of them?"

The Volcarona shook her ebony, crimson-crested head, and then pressed a bit closer to K'sariya. The woman accepted the advance openly, leaning her head into the alabaster silk that coated the bug's upper body. Burying her face in the comforting material, her mind toiled over blooming insecurities to the point of her feeling like she was bursting at the seams. She rose, standing on the protruding surface below her as she clutched at the Sun Pokemon. Monsoon rose up to rest his own head on K'sariya's leg, blood-hued eyes clouded with worry as he looked up at her. The girl could feel the Pokeballs at her belt quivering against her hip as the beings within sensed her distress.

"I've got to help defend this place..." she murmured, slightly watery eyes turning upward to the face above her, and then downward to the dragon below. "But if I send you out to help, I may never see you again... I wish I could explain, but I don't know if I have time..."

A Pokeball dropped from her waist and rolled across the wide rock. In an explosion of red light, the Pokeball opened before snapping back to her belt, and in its place was a violet and pale rose-colored mass curled into a ball. A strange, thick, pink smoke drifted lazily from the hole on its head, curling and swirling over itself.

I've told them, came the Pokemon's voice in her mind. She blinked at Alixra, startled. You dreamed about... about what might happen. Last night.

A sigh escaped K'sariya. She could not decipher if it was a sigh of relief or a sigh of embarrassment. It could have been both, yet neither at the same time. She flinched as she recalled the dream in vivid detail. Zira began to pull her wings closer on her hovering down-flap, to offer solace to her beloved Trainer through her warmth.

We'll be fine, Zira reassured, a raspy sort of bug-like purr vibrating through her chest. The Trainer stepped back, relinquishing her grip on the other creature, and stared out at the water. In the distance, she could see the three large, bulky silhouettes of the naval ships that would be one of their first defenses against the robots that would soon come to destroy everything she knew. Blinking the moisture from her eyes, she nodded. The fingers of her mind wrapped themselves tightly around her emotions as she took control of them. The gears of her mind churned steadily, processing her plan.

"Alright." She reached into the small bag on the hip opposite of her Pokeballs, withdrawing from it a small scroll of paper she carried around for this very purpose and a pencil. She had no radio to contact the one she sought, so she planned on relying on more classic, outdated techniques. Beckoning Alixra, she tapped the Dream Pokemon, and a couple of Defense Curls later, her companion because a useful, solid writing surface. She began to quickly write in a readable scrawl:

I am not sure if you are familiar with I or my Pokemon, but I am sending these two to the front lines to help defend. I am aware of the dangers of this and so are they. Below is a rundown of their powers and what they can do with them.

The one carrying this note is known as a Volcarona that answers to the calling of Zira. I think she may be useful for creating Hurricanes, if needed. She will be certain to keep them from colliding into the ships, as well. If you command her to, she can clear the skies of any clouds and weather and make it easier to see any opponents above the water, and will improve our visibility below. Being a Fire type, she will avoid the water at all costs unless absolutely necessary. If you need to return any messages to me, do so with her--she will know where to find me, but please do so if only necessary. Returned thanks are not needed nor wanted for their assistance, and either are returned damnations in case you did not want them.

The one accompanying her is a Kingdra (check the water for a blue Pokemon with two horns with wavy protrusions on them), and he goes by the name Monsoon. He specializes in anything water, and I believe may be of some help. He can create whirlpools to help slow our opponents down, and with some tactical guidance as to where he needs to put them, I believe that he is mostly independent and will need no further instruction after you give him an order, but if he encounters problems, he will report back to you for further tasks. On a side note, he can also create Blizzards. If he spots robots before you all do, he will alert you to their presence with a Signal Beam.

Good luck, sir. Do not fret if you fail--we are holding down the fort at the city, but please do make an effort to return to us in case of the hopefully unlikely event in which you do not succeed.

-K'sariya Damuna


The bug's massive wings beat steadily, each wide down-stroke sending air forcefully down with an airy whoosh. Below her, a figure raced through the water, head poking from the surface as spray was sent behind him. She slowed, approaching the ship that held her target, the scroll clutched tightly in four small feet, protected from the droplets of water that occasionally splattered her bodice by the heat of her form. She drifted to the bow, where she spied ashen, almost Lopunny-eared creature that K'sariya had described. She flapped her wings gently to prevent her embers from falling onto the bow as she hovered directly in front of it, and offered the note to the rabbit. Monsoon waited on the right side of the ship a little ways out, eyes turned upward to the bow expectantly as she waited...

all together all alone against all we've ever known
1,426 words • tagged; Neo {Ace}
comments; hopefully this is a somewhat acceptable post.
haven't rp'd pokemon in ages, let alone on pe2k.
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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Revolution Uprising
Base XFA (HQ), Fight Area, Sinnoh

A shadow emerged from the darkness of the observation room. The trench coat clad man it yielded approached his superior with no particular caution; he long disregarded the notion of superior and inferior beings from his mind.

"He is just as likely to abstain from invading in the next 24 hours as I am to begin to enjoy my gluteal regions as a delicacy of the highest order. But then, you probably already knew that." The man spoke suddenly. It was obvious who "he" was to anyone with half of a quarter of a mind, so he did not feel the need to expound.

However, Socrates began to notice an uncertainty in the face of the woman: it was obvious she was hesitant about something. Socrates thought at length as to what precisely could be dividing the woman's mind, and could only come up with one sensible hypothesis.

"Chakram is not stupid, you know. He is probably the single most competent person we could have attacking those...robots. As an subset of his nonstupidity, he is not going to betray a heavily armed faction fighting for his freedom. I think we can both agree that would be idiocy itself. You were right to put him in command." Out of any other person, it would have sound like comfort; however, Socrates' childlike tone made the utterance sound more like a statement of fact. "I'm going to check on the scouts I have on the rest of the island. I have them most concentrated on the area just around the survival area, as that would be the most sensible for Eggy to attack, as not only is it the shortest route from here to Kanto, one of Robotnik's strongholds, but also it is extremely probable that it would draw our forces from Stark Mountain and possibly screw us all over from both sides." With that happy thought, Socrates decided to do what he promised:

<Hello, person of the earth. How may I help you?> The psychic "voice" playing in Socrates' mind was that of a purple multipointed star.
<How much company do we have? And also, how are the others doing?>
<No uglies so far. Sol and Grace are in different parts of the air right now, confirming what I just told you. Deborah is pacing and really bored, and she's driving Barricade up the wall. Antigone is somewhere, although I don't know where, and Amp is at the beach, waiting to do some roasting. Trick is lurking beneath Grace, covering her, and I can sense neither Hypatia nor Colossus, so I think they're with you, right?>
<Points for brains, Solomon. Keep an eye out.>
<I would, but no eyes. It's a drawback of being a psychic denizen of the water.>
<You know what I mean.>

The PI spoke,"No bots invading where I'm keeping eyes. But I do not know how much longer we can expect the lull."
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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Guardian Units of Nations
Central City, G.U.N. HQ

Astrailyx flew over the roof tops of Central City, looking down and around, well out of the way of the defenses. Being the special type of sentience she was, she could reach out and feel everything in working order. Even the specially placed defenses exclusive to this world she could distinguish, the energy and power was so unique, it was overflowing almost. She could feel the clashing though at times, if she concentrated hard enough, or even in her sleep. Sometimes she even had nightmares of the turbulent universes. Her thoughts felt out to all the systems, looking for so much as a slight flux in system power.

“This is HQ, come in.”

The dragon’s thoughts were stopped by an incoming call. She adjusted her headset as she flew between buildings with ease.

“Go ahead.”

“Ace says there’s nothing, same as last time.”


Astrailyx kept minimal radio chatter at all times. Call it a small paranoia of being listened on, but this time of the day, with this much tension, she was careful. She was keeping a watch on everything, the skies, the water, and the land, even everything below sea level. Perimeters, anything robotic, she had a check on. In her mind she went through trying to memorize as many of the Badnik’s, robotic creations she had encountered in her lifetime with GUN. She had memorized a few, and knew their systems pretty well, but not everything. Even when the dragon was resting, as sleep was no requirement for her, she spent time and hours going through as much information as she held within her mind, trying to memorize it all. It was barely a scratch, as exposure to the universes colliding had her forget a few things that, at the time, nigh seemed important.

One thing she did remember however, was she wasn’t organic at all right now. She was special; she was the one thing GUN had against roboticization. She was immune to it, and while others cheered or glowered at her for having this seemingly blessed ability, Astrailyx still wished for her original body back. One day she may figure out how to change herself back, but now wasn’t the time.

Astrailyx had circled around the city almost twice now, knowing there were certain places she could not go when they were in a code red. Every bit was in place and now it was only a shoreline check before heading back to headquarters, where she was most useful. From the corner of her eye she spotted a large, red winged insect moving towards the location of Ace’s fleet. Upon further inspection, she recognized them as one of those Pokémon, owned by one of the humans from the other universe. Astrailyx thought the beings were intriguing, finding more relation to them since some could manipulate electricity, fire, or even wander through solid matter.

The dragon resumed thinking of the plans ahead, knowing it wasn’t a time for distractions. Astrailyx decided to head back, having a feeling that things were going to start up at any moment.
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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Schrodinger Salvo
Revolution Uprising
RU Headquarters - Sinnoh Fight Area
Affected Roleplayers: Eternal Moonlight (Cadence) and narphoenix (Socrates)

Bent over the great map, ignoring everyone around him, was a cat in a suit.

The cat's golden eyes were dull and hollow with exhaustion. Even his fur, which he always kept so tidy and sleek, was starting to lose its shine. At any other time the cat would have cared, but he knew that an attack was coming soon. Any time there was a lull in Robotnik's attacks, it meant that worse was coming. And it was in Schrodinger's best interest to keep the Fight Area base from getting wiped off the face of the map he was looking at.

Suddenly the cat looked up sharply, sensing a flicker of foreign thought brush by. He only relaxed when he saw that trench-coat fellow, Socrates, who had a pet mutant starfish - a Pokemon, it was called - that liked to communicate with its master via telepathy. Normally Schrodinger wouldn't have been so startled, but he was extremely tense, what with the imminent danger of an attack from Robotnik.

"No 'bots invading where I'm keeping eyes. But I do not know how much longer we can expect the lull," Socrates informed Cadence, the head of the Revolution. Schrodinger spoke up.

"Certainly not much longer," he murmured. "It's been nearly twenty-four hours since the last attack. That means we can expect something very big and very bad soon." He paused, then said quietly, "I have ensured that we have the weapons we need, but arms alone will not save us. As we all know, we need Chaos Emeralds. Once Chakram comes back in, I recommend that you let me peer into his mind, Cadence, and try to find in his memory exactly where the Cyan Chaos Emerald lies. With its power, we could gain ground and perhaps a slim advantage - if only via a secret weapon - over Robotnik." That said, Schrodinger looked at Cadence and Socrates, touching their minds ever so gently to try and gauge their reactions.

Alice Card
Revolution Uprising
RU Headquarters - Sinnoh Fight Area
Affected Roleplayers: Zek Chakram and anyone in his unit.

Alice had never been a master of stealth. It nearly killed her to just sit and wait while Stunfisks and snipers - as a human she might have been one, but while she was one of the RU's best Trainers, she was rubbish at guns - took out the badniks. She hated hiding in the dark; it made her feel like she was waiting for something to go awry. But she was an obedient little soldier as she followed Chakram along with the others in his unit. However, unlike the others, she had an eye in the sky - her Xatu, Oracle, who could fly high enough not to be spotted by the badniks but whose sharp eyes could still see the enemies below and report on their movements. Alice hadn't informed Chakram of this move yet, but she didn't think he'd mind. Alice had taken quite a few precautions - she'd even given Oracle a Nevermeltice to prevent him from being spotted by heat vision.

Once the badniks in the first camp were all dead and gone, Alice followed the others for the looting party. They were picking up weapons, mostly the strange bazookas known as Egg-naders. They weren't very good weapons, and they were certainly nothing Alice could have used, given that she was just as likely to take out teammates as she was to kill robots. She did, however, slip a couple of the grenades into her bag - no more would fit, what with all the first-aid and other miscellaneous supplies she carried. Hopefully the extra munitions would come in handy later.

How's everything, Oracle? Alice asked her Xatu. What are you seeing?

Nothing's happening yet; they are unaware of your presence, Oracle replied. You will see a fork in the path ahead of you. Do not go left unless you wish to encounter another two-dozen badniks. You may be able to sneak up on them like you have done with these others, but I do not see anything valuable in that camp that you have not already passed over.

Great, thought Alice. Can you see what's going on in the mountain? I've heard legends... Can you really tell if Heatran is in there?

I cannot even see into the mountain from this height, I'm afraid. I sense a strong force, but whether it is just these half-sentient abominations or a Pokemon of any sort, I cannot tell. Even my eye - both physical and mental - has its limits. I am sorry, Alice.

I understand, Alice replied, trying to conceal her disappointment. She crept toward Chakram and, doing her best to stay quiet despite how badly that contradicted her nature, she said, "Excuse me, Mr. Chakram: I have a Xatu up there scouting for us. He says we should take the right path. Badniks to the left, and he doesn't think they've got any good weapons for us to take."
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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Zek Chakram
Revolution Uprising
Route 226
Affected RPers: Eternal Moonlight (Candace), Narphoenix (Socrates), Velocity(Schrodinger and Alice)

The instant he got over the first hill, he had a feeling that this wasn't going to be the fully stealthy run through here Zek wanted.

Eggbots weren't their only company: Roboticized Weezing, of all things, were lurking around. Eggman, apparently, didn't like the odd shape of the Weezing, and made a more spherical appearance. Multiple eye-like censors, heat-sensors, ectcedera. They spewed toxic gas-as usual-but more importantly, were stuffed with explosives, and if defeated by any distance but very, very far, would be able to detonate. If that wasn't a signal to Badniks from miles away, there'd be little else that could.

However, Badniks had bad sense of tactics. Robotnik’s ‘tactics’ required numbers to be effective, usually: If matched number-for-number by soldiers with your average assault rifle, the soldiers would probably walk away with low casualties while the Badniks either suffer tremendous damage or outright be demolished. Robotnik could spew his forces out by the thousands, andhad to spew out his forces by the thousands-he could lose them by the thousands just as easily.

A sniper got into position. Zek wasn't used to anything bigger than an SMG, and he'd let the professional sniper do the work here. He wasn't an effective long-range sniper himself, having never used the weapon, though the instant he got the time he'd start training. A spotter for the Sniper nearby quietly muttered such factors as wind speed and temperature. The Roboticized Weezing was big, but if done correctly, it would look like the thing blew up of it's own accord. There were early cases of Pokémon rebelling against the programming of Roboticizing, ending badly for Robotnik: Electric-Typed Pokémon short-circuited their mobile slavery suits (Robotnik surge-proofed the Roboticized Electric Types), Psychic Types used their mental powers to move around certain plugs and overload circuits (the Priority for them after the first few instances was apparently kill on sight rather than Roboticize, there wasn't a way around it), Ghost-Types just phased through the Armor if they could (Gengar seemed to be the Bane of the common grunts, and again, Ghosts were killed without hesitation, no Roboticizing unless it was proven they couldn’t escape). There were other incidents when Robotnik just wasn't prepared for the amount of willpower and power outright the Pokémon had, too, though nowadays Robotnik seemed to have it pinned down. Still, the Eggbots may think it was an accident, and it would be hard to investigate without leaving a post, so unless it happened twice, they'd be assuming nothing was happening.

"...Sir?" Said the spotter.

"Yes?" Replied Zek. Ugh. Here we go...Another complication.

"There seems to be a large Piplup, bobbed, tied to a rock, and gagged, in that nearest camp. See?" Said the spotter, giving his binoculars to Zek.

Sure enough, Zek saw it. Large Piplup-except that it was a pure blue color, rather than most of the markings, save a fluff of white on the chest and a patch on the eyes. No fingers either, flippers. It seemed to be one of the Anthros. There was a light vest (Black) and a pair of black-tinted goggles (He was reminded of Eggman immediately). As stated, the large Piplup was tied to a rock, and as unstated, the thing was struggling against the metallic binds to no avail. It was up for Roboticization, but such things weren't around in this preliminary camp-the real house for the Badniks around here was the volcano itself, which was probably crawling with Badniks.

He heard what Alice Card said, and he aknowledged it with a nod to the right, but gave her the Binoculars to look at the camp.

Do we rescue him? asked the Sniper. I've got two other targets in my sights, perfect for a distraction. He said.

Zek thought about it for a minute. On one hand, the less casualties, the better, and there weren't any Roboticizing machines around outside the Volcano's interior, where the Badniks had taken as their stronghold here. They'd have to wait for something else to pick them up, meaning he had the time. Plus, whatever it knew-or guessed-was valuable, and in the end, there was probably some sort of power it possessed that could help immensely (or pitifully) in retaking the mountain. On the other hand? Anthromorphs weren't known for full-on loyalty (There was only one Anthro in an officer position in the RU, and that was a gray anthro Liepard look-alike that was clearly a bit insane, and that wasn't counting the Eggman-level genius that was Tails), it was much easier to take out the closest target, it was probably a civilian (he heard that as 'worthless guy who sits around either panicking or doing nothing), and for the love of Arceus, it looked like an utter idiot, trying to struggle free. It looked like the overly-large Piplup would get in the way rather than help.

".......Do we have a choice? Rescue it." Zek said, rather grumpily. He didn't trust the Anthros. But they were powerful, and it was an order to prevent Roboticization whenever possible anyways.

The spotter and sniper exchanged a few fast quips on the two targets they chose, indistinguishable to regular eyes from the consistent rain of ash, then they shot their first target.

BOOM! Even from here, the ash blew away to reveal what they shot-and from the looks of it, most were true robots and not roboticized. He could see blood, though. A second group, to the southwest of the position that just got blown to smithereens, was looking in as much surprise as the closest one, now fully visible at this range. Both waited a minute-enough quips for the Sniper to aim at the next target, even as the ash rain resumed to reduce visibility.

BOOM! The noise made a few of the soldiers nearby him cover their ears, but ultimately the goal was achieved-the Eggbots and the Roboticized Weezing left their usual posts to go check out the disturbance.

Zek himself was responsible for it-he didn't trust the others to be stealthy, trust at his low levels or no. He took the few steps silently, hiding behind whatever cover possible to hide from the sensors, until he got close enough to the Oversized Piplup that he could clearly hear his muffled yelling. He briefly reached out of cover to tap the Piplup on the shoulder, causing it to face him. He put his mouth on his lips, and the screaming ceased. He touched a thing on the back of the rock-which kept the ropes in place, apparently-and the ropes were released. Zek dragged the Oversized Piplup to cover, but didn't bother un-bobbing or gagging it. He dragged it back towards the safe-ish zone, where the RU forces were, and then, keeping a finger to his lips to symbolize further silence, he got another guy to un-bob and un-gag him. He was stupid to take the finger away from his lips.

"Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthank-" The oversized Piplup immediately let forth, with an expression of ecstasy, no less. And he wasn't silent at all. Zek took his hand to the thing's beak and shut it, getting his SMG ready. This wasn't good.

The remaining robots quickly came back towards their camp, but didn't make their usual rounds, not even bothering to look at the rock. They quickly got themselves armed, and were coming directly towards Zek's position. The oversized Piplup gave it away like a sore thumb sticks out. Stealth wasn't an option this time-Now was the time for fighting. At least it was a small group, and not the whole force. But...Nevertheless, Zek quickly grabbed a Radio.

"Command, this is thirteen!" Zek said, quickly. "Small group of Eggshells coming our way. Engagement preparing. We've been spotted. Check the airwaves, disrupt signals, NOW." Zek quickly added. Eggshells-meaning, Badniks.

Then he looked back at the Piplup. "You better not be thinking of running away, bird." The 'bird' was absolutely frightened into nodding.

Then the firefight commenced. At least the RU weapons were muzzled. The Badniks had Melee weapons in the mix, but some had guns. Miserably lacking in Silencers, too.

"Card, 2 Pokes out!" He said quickly, as the silenced bullets started flying towards the Eggbots with Guns. The Stunfisk quickly proved worthless-these were Surge-Protected, and were stepped on. They've taken worse.

They'd all be taking worse if they didn't suceed.
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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Shaveh Teink
Park Lords
Approaching Cherrygrove City
Affected RPers: 2gamers


Shaveh walked with a firm but careful step throughout the wilderness. Once this forest had all been green and leafy and the sounds of animals and Pokemon playing could be heard throughout the woods. Now, however, only the toughest of plants survived, and all that remained of the majority of the trees were scorched trunks. All of the places Shaveh had travelled through on his way to Cherrygrove had been damaged in some way, but this was by far the worst. The worst part of it all was that Shaveh had no idea what was changing the world like this. Ever since leaving Mount Mortar, Shaveh and his party had avoided civilisation, just in case it was some region-wide terrorist attack or something.

On a whim, Shaveh turned around to look behind him. His trusty Meganium, Saki, was obediently following his footsteps. She looked sad, no doubt because of the devastation that had been visited upon these innocent plants. Shaveh noticed with a small smile that blades of greed grass and small wildflowers were slowly poking their heads up out of the dirt and devastation. Saki tended to have an encouraging effect on the flora wherever she went, and Shaveh was almost positive it was intentional.

"Saki, I know what you're trying to do but if we're not careful we could be followed," the young man said. He pointed out the long trail of green, stark against the brown-and-gray landscape. "It's probably nothing, but if there's some kind of invading force they'd be able to find us easily."

The Meganium sighed, and the pink petals around her neck drooped. Shaveh rubbed her head encouragingly and they set off once more. When Shaveh took a quick peek out of the corner of his eye, he saw that Saki had stopped raising the plants. His smile became more full - he was truly lucky in his friends. Few creatures would willingly suppress their natural desires just to appease the cautious side of their companion.

Slowly the landscape became greener, and the forest started to show signs of life. Shaveh decided that the burned patch must have been the site of some kind of battle. Maybe a Legendary Pokemon had been enraged and set fire to the forest, and now everyone was off trying to calm it down? Shaveh didn't know of many Legendary Pokemon, but of the ones that he did he could think of at least three that could cause this devastation. Still, it didn't seem like a Legendary Pokemon would burn down a wood full of innocent creatures just because they were angry. The more Shaveh thought about it, the more curious he became.

As Shaveh as Saki crossed into the more lively part of the forest, a low buzzing began to fill the air. Saki's flower petals and yellow antennae curled up in fear, but Shaveh didn't blame her. It sounded exactly like a Beedrill, and Saki wouldn't have a good time versus Bug/Poison type. Not that that really mattered - Shaveh didn't intend on catching any Beedrill, and even if he did he wouldn't use Saki to do it. She was the designated team medic, and Shaveh rarely risked her in open combat. Besides, Shaveh was pleased at the thought of running across another living being - he hadn't seen anyone except for his Pokemon for close to a month now.

The buzzing grew louder until it was almost deafening. Shaveh's eyes widened as a pair of strange creatures flew out of the trees. They looked a little like robotic bees. They had orange heads, black bodies and a striped abdomen which featured a decent-sized cannon of some kind. However, instead of wings the two pseudo-bees were equipped with twin rocket packs, which kept them aloft. Their yellow antennae moved in a circular pattern as they flew closer, and Shaveh realised that they had to be almost half his height.

"Wow, they look badass. I wonder why I've never seen them before?" Shaveh asked himself. He pulled his PokeDex out of his pocket and pointed it at the approaching bees. Instead of making the light ding sound that meant it had identified the Pokemon, the PokeDex made a deeper blurp-blurp sound. For a second Shaveh thought he had discovered a new species of Pokemon, but the PokeDex didn't open up a new entry in the encyclopedia.

The bees reached the small clearing that Shaveh and Saki were standing in. They both appeared to notice the young man at the same time - Shaveh could feel Saki hiding behind him, pressing her head against his legs. The pair of fliers circled the clearing once before readying their cannons.

"Hey there fellas, there's no need for that," Shaveh said in a placating tone, raising both of his hands. "Saki and I are just passing through."

Saki whined agreement.

The bees didn't seem to care, though. The one on the right fired an orb of energy towards Shaveh, which exploded on the ground in front of him. The explosion threw the Trainer and his Meganium backwards. Saki skidded to relatively safety on the grass - Shaveh crashed heavily into a tree.

"Alright then," he gasped, "come on out, Vishi!"

Shaveh pulled a PokeBall off of his belt and threw it towards the center of the clearing. The spherical device expanded as it flew, and it popped open to emit a bright white flash. The light resolved itself into the form of a bird. This wasn't any ordinary bird, though - it was slightly bigger than Shaveh himself. Its under-body was blue and over-body was red, and it had a brilliant white plumage around its face. The bird screeched a greeting to his Trainer.

The greeting was interrupted by a blast from the other drone. Vishi was sent flying through the air, and just like Shaveh he smashed into a tree. Unlike Shaveh, Vishi immediately picked himself up. He screamed at the bee, and Shaveh had to cover his ears. He knew what was coming, and it was never pretty.

Vishi kicked off of the tree, tearing through the air towards the pair of bees. White energy coated the edges of his wings and Shaveh recognised a Wing Attack. He was glad he had taken the time to train his Pokemon in the use of their initiative. Both bees fired another orb towards the incoming Braviary, but Vishi screeched again and dove low. He skimmed over the grass before jinking upwards, bringing his left wing slicing through one of the bees. Surprisingly, the bee was chopped cleanly in half. Pokemon mostly used energy-based attacks, and since they had inbuilt energy resistance they were never really hurt in their own battles. There was no way a Wing Attack would do that to a Pokemon.

Sure enough, as the bee fell to a ground a whole jumble of cogs and wires spilled out over the forest floor. The bee's antennae moved for a couple seconds before going still. Vishi screamed his victory and banked, preparing to deal with the other bee. It was a good thing he did - Shaveh's brain had momentarily shut down. These were easily the most advanced robots he had ever seen. There was no way they should just be wandering around out here in the wilderness. What exactly was going on?
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