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Old 06-06-2012, 08:04 PM
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Default Gotta Catch 'em All: A New Adventure!

Sorry for not making the OP all flashy. I sincerely hope that its contents make up for that.

Anyways, are any of you either aware of or partake in JD's "Gotta Catch 'em All" game?

Gotta Catch 'em All: A New Adventure is similar to the two GCeA's here, but is in no way directly affiliated with the latter.

Have you ever wanted to take a journey through Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, or Unova; meeting new friends along the way as you climb up the ranks to be the region's next Pokemon League Master? You can here. With mechanics similar to the original games that have been drastically simplified, all you need to worry about here is roleplaying with other trainers just like yourself. The point is to just have fun!

This is mainly an RP for more advanced RPers / writers, meaning that if you're a one-liner, you may want to rethink this. Of course, even if you do tend to do one-liners, why not come try out anyway? Here you'll be able to hone your skills with better roleplay standards, which, I can assure you, can really benefit you in the long run if you enjoy roleplaying.

What's the storyline? Basically, you and your group of comrades have just started your Pokemon journey, 20 years down the line since the events of Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2 (which I'm assuming is the most recent, timeline-speaking).

Here, I'll just copy and paste this tidbit:
ou are starting out your Pokemon journey in your region of choice as a brand new Trainer. You'll have to take the Pokemon League Challenge, which is to obtain all of the badges and defeat the Elite Four; along the way, you may even make new friends. This roleplay will, for now, just consist of one main RP thread for each of the five main regions in the world of Pokemon. A new element, however, has been discovered: Pokemon Hybrids. After all those years of Pokemon testing, mankind was finally able to successfully split and combine the DNA of two unalike Pokemon to form an entirely new one. Since those 20 someodd years ago, most Pokemon who were passed down from generation to generation now have this hybrid gene in their genetic code; thus, there is a chance that when two Pokemon breed, instead of the offspring being of the species of the mother, it could hatch as a hybrid of the parents. Luckily, these hybrids are not sterile, meaning that they can breed on without any worry. When two hybridized Pokemon come together and breed, there is a chance that the offspring is one of the species of Pokemon that is contained in the DNA of the parents, for it to be the same hybrid species of one of the parents, or be of a completely new hybrid.
Fortunately, no ill-effects have occured with this new find, so crossbred Pokemon are able to evolve and level-up just as a regular one would.
You will start out in Pallet Town if you're in Kanto, New Bark Town for Johto, Littleroot Town for Hoenn, Twinleaf Town for Sinnoh, and Nuvema Town for Unova.

On a side note, by now Cinnabar city has been completely restored to its former glory. Officials of Cinnabar have made sure to take better precautions against volcanic eruptions.
Yeah. I did kinda half-arse the background...just a little bit. It's just that I'm mainly wanting for us all to focus on the journey at-hand.

I'm sorry. I'm absolutely terrible with advertising and trying to get the attention of the public. Well, I tried. T^T

But if you're interested, then great! We really need more roleplayers, especially a few more for Kanto since MGS is kinda going it solo as of right now. Which really isn't all too great, because every RP group needs at least two people.

We could also really use some more experienced roleplayers to narrate / ref the journeys at hand. A great example of the kind of thing you'll be doing as a RP staff member is basically what I've done, here.

If you're wanting to start out, read this thread first! :3

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