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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Zippy Lane
Park Lords
Location: Cherrygrove City
Talking to Tinhead

Crud! Why did this robot have to be so nice? Even after Zippy pulled a pokeball out on Lamda, it still calmly reasoned that it was not programmed for war. Furthermore, the robot explained that Pallet Town was an unfortunate incident, one that was not repeated too many times. The ranger only had Lamda’s word that everything was OK. It wasn’t quite enough to convince the girl, but the robot was offering troop movement schedules. What kind of army would freely give out that kind of information to anyone? Though suspicious of what was really going on, Zippy did want to see how Cherrygrove was doing. Besides, her plan did involve infiltrating Cherrygrove. If she was able to get this robot to let her in without fuss, so much the better, right? The ranger directed her pokeball to her shoulder, allowing the emolga inside to materialize upon her.

“Stay close and keep an eye out for any other badniks,” Zippy said calmly as she ventured into the city with Lamda. The junior ranger took one last look behind her, hoping for Shaveh to appear out of the bushes to stop her. No such luck…

Zippy was shocked to see the condition of Cherrygrove. Aside from the new construction, everything else seemed…normal. At least, as normal as it could get without any people around. Buildings were still standing, the water was still clean, and even the automatic door to the pokemon center was still operational. The only thing out of place was the overgrown grass and shrubbery, both lacking the usual maintenance from landscapers. It all seemed very eerie to the girl and her emolga. A city devoid of people, yet kept entirely intact by robotic overlords. Lamda led the ranger to one of the newer additions to the city: an elevator leading to the refugee camp. At its sudden appearance out of the ground, Zippy took a step back. Feeling her trainer tense up, Gaga looked down upon the robot, growling to look more ferocious.

“Woah woah woah!” Zippy shouted as Lamda asked her to step on. “You may have gotten me into the city, but there is no way you’re getting me into that hole in the ground!” Hot tub or not, this smelled of a trap. The ranger had a pretty good idea of what would happen: she’d enter the refugee camp, the elevator would never come back down, and she would be trapped forever, or when the robots were sick of keeping the refugees around. Lamda could start flirting with her and she still wouldn’t be swayed to enter the camp.

“I think we can stay above ground just fine,” Zippy continued, her hands back on her hips in an authoritative position. “Now, since you’re so willing to provide information, I‘ve got a few questions of my own. Why are you here in Johto and Kanto. Heck, why are you even on our planet?”
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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Astrailyx and Blaze
Guardian Unit of Nations
Central City HQ, Medical Bay

Affected RPer's: Grassy [Jais]

Astrailyx sat, remembering her meditation practices from Reaver so many years ago, slowly growing more and more her usual calm state. She hadn’t panicked so much in a long time and she certainly didn’t like it just as much as the first time. She wasn’t sure how long she was sitting there for, but she could still feel a bit of electrical static in her one arm, a stray spark jumping through her embodiment every so often. She thought it was maybe the impulsive action of her going electrical that had the lingering feeling of anxiety after the fact everything became a much brighter situation. Maybe it was because of the fact she may have disrupted everyone else because of that decision that made her worry just a little bit still. Astrailyx would to her usual, personal rounds to make sure everyone had everything they needed and was doing alright. She cared about the people more than anything and felt it was her job to keep everyone as safe as possible.

The dragon looked up when her ears picked up a familiar voice in the distance, and only a few seconds later did she find herself looking at a familiar beetle she hadn’t seen in a long time. His presence seemed to perk her up a bit as it was a found soul rather than another lost one. Just as Blaze returned she noticed him as well and seemed to feel a bit more relieved by his presence.

“Hi Jais, it’s nice to see you again.” Astrailyx greeted.

The feline nodded in agreement. “Yes, it’s pleasant to see someone come back to us.”

Astrailyx wasn’t sure what Jais meant by her looking pale. She took a quick look at her colouring and indeed the hue was not as up to par in vibrancy as it should have been. It would make sense as to why there was still static in her arm since her colouration meant which energy she was attuned to most.

Astrailyx gave a lighthearted half smile. “I guess I am a bit tired, but no I’m alright Jais.”

Blaze found it better to not say anything, given the situation, so only stood there and listen to Jais continue speaking. His explanation of no one going to look for him when he went offline, along with Delilah, surprised both of the pastel schemed beings, causing them to give each other a quick look before looking back at Jais. Astrailyx would have sent someone out to look for him, however she had to think of a reason why not send them immediately.

“I’m sorry about that Jais, with a lingering attack I think most of our resources were put into defenses and research.” The dragon explained. “I would have gone and looked for you myself personally if things here weren’t so frantic.”

“The group that was sent out to look for you was most likely recalled in the event of the attack.” Blaze finished. “I wouldn’t be sure though, I was off on another assignment when the attacked happened and only returned a few minutes ago myself.”

As the conversation continued, Astrailyx and Blaze weren’t sure who should tell Jais first that Shadow was the man in charge or not. Giving the circumstances Blaze was thinking it may have been better to save that information for when the hedgehog was conscious again. Then, as if their thoughts had materialized, Astrailyx saw Shadow being wheeled out , IV being held by one of the nurses and two others pushed him along. Looking at the awkwardness of trying to move with everyone seeming to be in the medical bay at one time, Astrailyx flapped her wings and took it from the nurses hand, holding it with her own. A bit surprised the female looked up, only to be greeted with a calm smile.

“It may be easier if I hold it until it’s hung on a rack.” She stated.

“Yes, not everyone can fly or move through solid objects.” The nurse replied, trying to make some humor out of the situation.

Blaze only shook her head as she saw Astrailyx go to wherever they were putting Shadow. No doubt in some quiet recovery room where he would not be bothered by anyone.

“She spend more time worrying about everyone else than herself.” Blaze told Jais quietly, knowing Astrailyx was out of ear shot. “I’m not even sure if she’s fully recovered from the whole, universal crash yet.”

The dragon in question help the nurses set up Shadow’s room, setting his IV on a stand so that no one had to hold it for hours on end, even limiting some of the light that came in for when he did wake up, nothing would be hinderingly bright. She knew pain killers were in the IV but she could only wonder what kind, as she hadn’t remembered if he had ever had pain killers before. As she let go of the IV, she felt a slight twinge in her arm she had used to send the boost of electricity to in the defibrillator. She flexed her fingers, feeling as if that were the last of it. She left Shadow to his room and would be sure to check on him later, right now she needed to take her mind off of things and look at everyone else who had suffered these events.

As Astrailyx returned back to the hallway where Jais and Blaze still were. Blaze gave her a concerned look that caused the dragon to stop mid flight.

“I think you need to take a few moments and rest yourself. It’s my own personal recommendation.” She told her a bit firmly.

“I will, don’t worry, I’m going to ask the engineers if I can have a time slot for some welding tomorrow morning so I can make something, then later tonight do a quick walk around to see how everyone is doing.” Though Astrailyx said walk around, it was more of a hover around since she could barely walk herself. “I’ll take it easy in the meantime, on my word.”

“Alright then…I’ll send you that report of what I found by tomorrow afternoon so you can look at the data.”

“Sounds good.”

Blaze stopped her again, only this time, out of curiosity. “Also, why do you need to weld something, if you don’t mind me asking?”

Astrailyx was slightly disheartened by the question, but kept a cheerful demeanour despite that. “Just something so we can remember what we have left of Ace…and reinforce his memory so it lasts.”
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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Elisabeth Smith
Heading towards Sinnoh via Lapras
Affected RPGers: None

The sun shined brightly down on Elisabeth's head. She wiped some sweat from her brow and scolded her self for deciding against bringing a hat and deciding to wearing dark colours. Climbing over Big Blue's back, she cupped her hands and took some of the sea water to dump on her head. Big Blue made a concerned high pitched noise.

"I'm okay Big Blue, just a little hot." she said kindly to her Lapras.

The concern from her friend pushed away all thoughts of how hot it was to focus on the mission. She took the map and compass out of her bag. She started to memories the map while peering at the compass from time to time.

The map only showed the Sinnoh region and not the ocean they were crossing. However, she did know that Sinnoh was towards the east and her compass stated they were going in that direction. As long as they kept going east they'd be fine.

As she was putting the map and compass back into her bag she noticed some thing in the distance. She quickly pulled out her binoculars and searched through them.

"Sinnoh." she said with a grin as she saw the large land mass ahead of them.

She looked to her Lapras to see if he had seen it as well but his sight was not on the horizon before them but rather to the north. Elisabeth frowned and looked in that direction. All she could she was a black speck. She quickly looked through her binoculars and saw a ship. However, it was too far away for her to tell who's side it belonged to. All that could be seen was that it was heading straight towards them.

Elisabeth had a few options. They could flee in the other direction and hope they didn't notice her. That was not a option she didn't like as it would mean running away. They could speed up and try to get to shore before the ship got there. That might make them suspicious and attack her if they didn't get there fast enough. Lastly, she could keep the same speed and course and hope it wasn't the enemy. If it wasn't they most likely ignore her, if it was well, they might attack or they could also ignore her. The ship looked pretty big, they could sneak by unnoticed.

"Blue, keep course. Don't panic, don't rush. Just keep cool." she told him.

Big Blue kept pace though he looked terribly nervous while doing so. If he had sweat glands he would have been sweating bullets. Elisabeth cocked her rifle back and turned off the safety. There was no way she could win a fire fight but if they started to shot at them she could at least attack back.
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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Name: Kioji Sunburst
Team: Park Lords
Location: Central City
Affected RPers: k_pop
<A new friend, maybe…?>

Kioji had been moving more among the rubble than in the open as he came across more crews working on restoring the city. As he moved about, going into the occasional precarious building to help one trapped person or another, he started to wonder why so many people were working on the parts of the city that weren’t as damaged. To his young mind it seemed a better idea to start at the worst-affected areas, where there were more injured that needed immediate help.

As he wandered, he noticed yet another crew in the distance. But then he saw a large, gray flying…thing…holding what appeared to be a large piece of metal. The sight of the beast made him even more wary than he was before, but curious as well. If it was helping find and save people…such an ally would be beneficial in his search to find any members of his Tah that might have survived the slaughter of months passed. A growl rose in his throat at the memory; despite him having been so young when it happened, he still remembered every howl, every snarl, every scream. The sights and smells and pain were as fresh in his mind as if they’d happened on hours ago instead of years. The growl quickly petered into a whine, though, as Kioji’s thoughts turned to his imprisonment.

With a fair amount of willpower, he soon pushed those dark thoughts away and loped towards the crew the gray beast was assisting. As he drew closer, the proximity of others made his wariness spike, and he slunk behind a partially-collapsed house as he saw a young woman finish patching the leg of another anthro. After that had been done, the anthro was taken away in a truck and the main crew went back to getting this area of the city cleaned up. A few moments later Kioji’s ears pricked at the sound of a female voice speaking. He could only barely understand what she was saying, not having a very good grasp on the strange humantongue called English.

The female is looking for directions…to what? To where? Maybe allies, others who can help me in my search for survivors of my Tah…Kioji thought, peeking around the house to see the female who’d patched the anthro’s leg speaking to another anthro, this one a cat.
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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

(Uh, yeah. Shadow's part is going to be creepy, guys. Just a heads up. Quite frankly, I think he's still in character...Considering what the dream is about. ...Plus, pain killers freak out the mind for anyone XD Really PG-13!)

[Commander] Shadow the Hedgehog
Guardian Units of Nations
Central City/Base/Hospital Room
Affected RPers: None...?
<Maria in Nightmareland>

Augh...Where? Darkness...No...Not darkness. Not quite. This is black, yes, but it seems different. Before there was complete nothing, save a light. Here...I see shapes. Bleak, lifeless, and without definition, but I can make out the blurred figures of solid objects. The ground is firm, but I cannot quite tell if there is grass or not. I can only presume in retain my form, although this notion quickly - and why would it not? - makes me check to be sure. Thankfully, I am correct in my assumptions, otherwise it might cause some problems in the future. Now the issue was, however, how I was going to see. As sharp as my eyes are, they cannot pierce such darkness, and I would rather not trip on something which could cause harm to myself. In truth, I have no idea where I am...A dream? Unconscious? I know I am not dead, for the pain I felt ever so briefly from that fast approaching light earlier...

I certainly wasn't in Hell. No fire, no laughing demons...

How dull.

"So, 'aving fun yet?" Flicking my ear, I am nearly blinded as the room suddenly lights up. I can now see that the objects I saw before are in fact computer consoles, attached to large screens with closed doors on either end. Thick cables above pulse with blue energy, powering the area and also places beyond. Hovering nearby, the familiar figure of Jais - annoying babysitter extraordinaire - is looking me over, scanning me with his optical sensor. "I 'ope you are not too startled? It 'as been a long time since you've seen the ARK..." I knew the place was familiar. "Anyway, 'ow 'ave you been doing?"

That is an odd question, considering the current circumstances. "Fine. How did I get here?"

"Impatient as always. I am glad you are all right. You were always 'ere, Shadow. You returned to the Space Colony ARK after joining G.U.N.; I find your current behavior questionable. Are you indeed sure you are okay?"

Wait. I returned to the ARK? But... "No. I periodically check on the ARK, to which circumstances I can no longer, but I did not return to live on it alone." As much as I detested admitting it, I did find myself craving some sort of social interaction. Perhaps I was growing too soft. "I believe you need to get your memory unit fixed, Jais. The facts you state are erroneous."

The machine halted for a moment, performing a self-diagnostic check. "...No, Shadow. My facts are correct. I am the perfect machine - I would not mix up something such as this lightly." I am quick to state that they were messed up, as I have no recollection of being on the ARK for as long as he said I had. "...Would you believe the computers 'ere?" Shaking my head, I proceed over to one control console, activating it. There are logs here, yes, but as I watch them, I notice inconsistencies. Difference in coloration, voice being off, dates and times not fitting together...

"These are fraudulent videos, Jais." Turning, I raise an eyebrow when I notice he is not there. Noting the door is open to the room beyond, I follow it through, and lo and behold it shuts behind me. I can't say I was NOT expecting it, because I was. Ahead, a green shifting light, contained within a large cylinder with a hazard sign painted on the front. I recognize the volatile compound within, which is casting the sickly illumination. It is the only light in the room...And beside it is a young girl, dressed in light blue with thick blonde hair. With great hesitation, I approach, for I know that the girl before me has been dead for fifty years. Yet, secretly, I truly hope she is alive. "...Maria?"

The figure turns, and I can see she has been crying. I quicken my pace to be by her side. "...Shadow?" As I reach out out to provide comfort, she suddenly slaps my hand away, scrabbling backwards. "Don't touch me!" NOW I am confused. Why would she act like this? "You...You didn't do anything..." She shook her head. "You didn't do anything to save me! You let those horrible men...Come and kill everyone. And then they shot me!" As she stood, she approached, reaching out. Gripping me by my arm, I am - admittedly - horrified to see her skin rotting, bones and muscles exposed where the filthy dress did not cover. Her grip was cold yet ironclad, refusing to let go as I struggle.

I don't want to hurt her; she is still my sister, even if not by blood. "I tried to help you, Maria. I failed. I'm sorry...But the past is the past. It cannot be changed."

"You didn't do anything!" And suddenly, I'm slammed against the volatile container, hearing the glass crack softly from the hit. Her eyes are blank, mere slits, with bloody tears pouring constantly from the organs. A pulsing wound in her chest signified where the lethal blow had struck, and it reminded me all too much of my own pain. "You...You watched me die! And then you had the nerve to join the ones that killed me! Imprisoned you! You...! YOU ARE NO SAVIOR!" Again, she slammed me into the container, and it cracked more.

"...Forgive me..." Ignoring the creature in front of me - for it was clearly NOT Maria as she was the sweetest soul - I grabbed the hand holding him, twisting. The sound of popping bones and ripping tendons reached his ears, and a strangled scream of agony as I was dropped unceremoniously to the ground. Leaping forward, I kick out with my legs, sending the demon toppling into the twice cracked compound. It shatters, and a shriek is quickly drowned out by a loud bang and fire, pushing me forward into more darkness.

A single red glowing eye greets me, along with a wide grin. "So, had enough?" That voice?! That gruff, old voice...Usually so kind...Gerald? My creator? But...How? "You were supposed to be a powerful weapon. Soulless, with all the strength in the world...Yet, look at you." The white teeth set themselves in a grin. "You're so pathetic. You truly aren't my greatest creation...Rather, my greatest failure!"

"Now I
know that is a lie. You created me to be humanity's savior, to bring peace and a cure for diseases. You...Are nothing more...Than a nightmarish creation of the mind! Of my doubts, which I thought I long since buried!" A new container floats into the area, revealing that Maria - whatever it was - was nothing more than a charred corpse. But the figure in front of me was one that I knew...And didn't know.

Jais stared at me, ripped wings in place of jet wings and three spindly legs from the bottom tipped with two claws each. The machine gun was gone, having been too close to the large mouth he now possessed. From the engines on his side, copious amount of thick, viscous fluid dripped to the floor, painting it red with its crimson menace. Opening his mouth, saliva hung in strands, a heavy, large tongue set behind the pearly whites. Flapping his wings, he circled around, slowly, fading away into darkness only to reappear beside me in an instant.

"Oh, you say that...But do you believe it? I went insane. Can you trust what I said before? What I say now? What about yourself? You have recordings...They can be changed. You saw it yourself." Sticking his tongue out, it stretched a ludicrous amount in such a short amount of time, wrapping around my torso and lifting me clear into the air. His spit dribbled down and slicked my fur, making it shine with...Well, spit. It stung, burning. "Truth hurts doesn't it? You look so adorable like that. I could eat you up, my little failure."

"All right, that's
ENOUGH!" Forming energy on my hand, I lash downward, cutting through the thick muscle with a "slrk" sound, causing a mix of oil and blood to spray out, blinding me. As Gerald - Jais? - roared in laughter, I felt a claw sink into my spine, pushing me into the ground. The pain was unbearable, the darkness piercing my body, my muscles, into my very marrow. I felt...Different. Powerful, but angry. I know I am powerful already. Maybe now it just finally occurred to me...

This was a nightmare.

In my head.

...I can control it.

Feeling newfound strength, I twist my head around to clamp my fangs on the leg, breaking it like a twig with an easy crack. Striking out with my claws, I tear at at the other two legs, bringing down the monstrosity to my level where I proceed to rip out the eye. The entire time, he laughed. LAUGHED. Even as I tore out the engines that bled so much, the wings that could not fly, the teeth that were too pure in the darkness. I tore apart the metal, stabbing into the core...Only to feel something soft and warm.

Opening the steel up, I gazed at the figure before me. Pelt darker than black, crimson stripes jagged and fiery...It looked malformed, with ribs sticking out of its sides and a spike on the tail...Or rather, it WAS the tail. With a start, this mutilated creature...I realized it was me. Maybe? Was it my inner fear? Doubts? Evil? I had my own blood on my hands...I felt horror. It would be worrisome if I felt nothing.

Shaking myself, I stand, figuring that with these demons gone I could perhaps figure out how to wake up.

I never saw...Myself...Rise from the broken cocoon he had been entombed within.

I only felt white hot pain in my chest, claws protruding through ribs, and vicious amber eyes glaring hatefully at me as everything began to fade.


Apparently I hate myself. Who knew?

Unit 05-000 Jais
Guardian Units of Nations
Central City/Base/Medical Bay
Affected RPers: Sabi (Astra/Blaze)
<How Drab This Is...>

Upon hearing the explanations, the machine relaxed. "Oh, I see. Well, I suppose protecting the city is more important than finding me and Delilah. Still..." He sighed. "Oh well." Hearing her state she was just tired, he would have frowned if he could. "You? Tired? You are made of energy, dear Astrailyx. I find it rather difficult to believe you 'ave run out...But, 'ho am I to say? Some say motherboard isn't installed properly. Hmph. The nerve." As the dragon got up to head somewhere else, he turned to Blaze. "Just got back a few minutes ago? Ah. You must 'ave been busy. 'Opefully it will 'elp the ever so illustrious Guardian Units of Nations..." Spinning slightly, he heard a beep, and stopped as he listened to the other end. "Ah, seems my dearest Delilah is already delivering messages again. What a fine dear, she is. I am so lucky to 'ave 'er." He floated up a little. "If you 'ave nothing you need 'elp with, I will go and assist in locating missing personnel. Give Shadow my regards, will you? I cannot be bothered to find the chap out myself, as 'e is far quicker than I am. Maybe eventually I will get 'is blasted motif off my chassis...Although I admit, the color scheme is rather ravishing."

Turning while humming, he stopped. "There...Is nothing you need 'elp with right now, yes? If you do, please speak up now milady. Otherwise I will not 'ear, and I would be shunned if I left a fine young woman needing 'elp alone." Even if he wasn't facing the feline, he dipped his head. "After all, I am the best machine for the task. Unit zero-five-zero-zero-zero, Jais. The first sentient machine Guardian Units of Nations ever created, and by far the most dapper!" If he had an ego chip, it had to be severely malfunctioning at this point. It would be far too big to work right at this point in time!
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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

GUN medical bay
Medical robot

The small body machine had managed to escape from its lumbering caretaker Omega in the mass confusion that was the GUN base's main lobby. The hulking machine hadn't been able to follow and quickly lost him, though it was likely the red machine knew well enough where the small robot would go. And he was there now, white and red shining in the stark white light. It didn't take long for the robot to find the room where Shadow was sleeping, and encounter a nurse outside writing on a form of some kind.

"Greetings!" the little robot said, giving a mock bow to the nurse. "I've been asked to assist GUN with their medical operations starting with Commander Shadow!" The nurse gave him an odd look, but after checking over the papers again she smiled and apologized, opening the door for him. The little robot rolled inside as the hallway behind him was filled with the broad red and black shoulders of E-123 Omega. It reached inside of a small chamber of its body for a needle filled with the smallest bit of red fluid. In just a few moments, the robot had injected the fluid and begun drawing out blood of the exact same color for investigation.

To say Omega ripped the door off its hinges would be an understatement of several magnitudes. Chunks of rubble and shattered wood framed an oddly Omega-shaped hole in the wall as the lumbering behemoth gripped the small white robot in one hand by the head in a grip tight enough to cause the metal to cave in. "EXPLAIN YOURSELF. AUTHORIZATION WAS NOT GRANTED FOR ACCESS TO MEDICAL BAY ALPHA." Omega demanded loudly, drowning out the squeak of the nurse behind to be careful around the injured commander. The little robot made a terrified shriek of its own and pulled its limbs and wheel in to its body, quivering in Omega's grip...


The little robot puzzled on its own for a moment at the questions, tapping a hand beneath its eye socket as it thought. After a moment it put its occupied hand on its side and gestured with the other. "Well, I'm not sure of the specifics myself. Something about Chaos Emeralds and portals to another world or some other crazy talk. As for why we're in Kanto and Johto, the Director asked Dr. Robotnik to not kill or roboticize everyone on the planet. Let me tell you, appealing to that guy's ego will get you just about anything you want. So Robotnik caved and the Director was allowed to set up these refugee camps; they have to be underground though because Robotnik wasn't nice enough to actually keep a running list of actual refugees to live in the real towns. We're more than happy to send a retrieval robot back to wherever you might have lived and get what you left behind in your stead though."

The little robot made a motion much like scratching the side of its head before shrugging. "It all goes over my head honestly. I'd much rather be back home at the Hyperion corporation headquarters; at least then I wouldn't be rusting apart out here next to the ocean. Director Percival has been the head of it for almost fifty years, but for one reason or another he's had to help Robotnik. Something about saving his life with some kind of nanobot to fix an autoimmune disease or... something. No one tells me anything; I have to find out from second hand sources. I can patch you through to a comm line below and see if anyone'll come up if it'll make you happy; I'd rather pass off the data I have rather than see an innocent traveler blasted to bits by those bloodthirsty war robots. I hate those things!"

((Complains a lot, don't he?))
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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Astrailyx and Blaze
Guardian Unit of Nations
Central City HQ, Medical Bay

ARPer's: Grassy and the Doctor

Astrailyx only tilted her head with a smile at Jais. Yes she was an energy being, but she wasn’t always, she had an organic body of some kind in the past, and even though it was gone, she tried her best to think she had one. She laughed at his comment about her running out, knowing he meant well and the idea did seem rather amusing, though it was still possible for her to run out of energy. She was her own, living unique energy and she wasn’t able to find another source of it, she was the source of any and all Iylix energy in this universe.

“Even a mind grows tired Jais, and I try my best to simulate the physical body I once had…at least what I remember of it.”

As Astrailyx hovered away, Blaze was left to converse with the beetle. Where Blaze didn’t find him a terrible nuisance, she didn’t mind his presence at all, especially in these times where friendly faces were hard to find. Yes, Blaze was gone on her own mission, one Astrailyx had sent her on once she knew what had happened with the two universes colliding. She wasn’t sure what she wanted the information for, other than being concerned for her own well being, but if anyone knew the dragon, Astrailyx never had selfish motives and there was always more than one reason for looking into something, should the initial reason seem small.

“Yes I was sent to look at energy fluxes and find their epicentres, or at least help pinpoint them as Astrailyx asked, though I am not entirely certain why.” Blaze explained. “I don’t doubt we will find out soon enough.”

As Jais turned to leave, Blaze couldn’t help but smile a bit as he almost seemed to complain about Shadow, but she wasn’t certain if complaining was the proper term for it. Even still, the insect was insistent on helping, and found his manners of helping a woman in need first, and though Blaze preferred to work alone and wasn’t shy of letting it be known, she knew Jais was only being, well…Jais.

“If we need help with anything, I will make sure you are the first person to be asked. Please day hello to Delilah for myself and Astrailyx.”

Astrailyx hovered more closely to the ceiling than the floor, passing along soft cotton blankets to the injured and ill, clearing away dishes and helping replace bandages, and even changing the elevation of the beds. Helping people kept her busy and everyone appreciated her extra bit of effort and that second glass of water. Helping bind casts and administer medicine to the most stubborn of soldiers and operatives made her feel like herself again and put her depressive state of mind behind her. In about forty five minutes she had cycled through the majority of the medical bay and everything seemed in fine order with everyone moaning a little less and even snoring a little more. As the dragon was about to re-enter the hallway, she was stopped by a nurse.

“Doctor Rogi wanted me to tell you about Shadow’s brain activity.”

Astrailyx seemed a bit surprised it was already so soon he was coming around. “What do you have to tell me?”

“Well, he said it was a bit…erratic and, well he said ‘unpleasant’.” The nurse seemed nervous.

Astrailyx knew that Rogi could be a bit of a…well weirdo most times and turn people away just by how he acted. Nevertheless if that doctor had told her something, or rather someone to tell her in his place, she should be on her way to take a look herself.

About halfway down the hall, there was a thundering crash as if someone had just blown a wall out. A bit panic stricken, the nurse and Astrailyx rushed towards the room they placed Shadow in, even catching Blaze along the way who had heard the commotion as well. The last thing anyone wanted to hear was a break in, and before anyone knew it, there was a small crowd , sheepishly peering around the corner, almost cowering, looking upon the new mess the medical bay had to deal with. Astrailyx hovered above the mess while Blaze was careful to step over it, making their way slowly towards a very large and dust covered Omega, who was holding a small and now trembling robot between his massive claws. The dragon remembered the robot and knew it was the one the Director had given them earlier, for reasons she still wasn’t sure of. It looked as though Omega was going to pop it’s head at any moment. She hovered in front of Omega, putting one hand on his arm and making sure he wasn’t intent on disabling the machine immediately for the long term.

“Omega, stand down, this robot is fine.” She instructed the giant machine of spontaneous remodeling. “It’s here to help heal Shadow, please remove your grip and put him down.”

“Where did he come from?” Blaze asked. “I know I am not familiar with him inside the medical bay…”

“It’s a long story, I’ll explain it to you later.” Astrailyx answered. “In the meantime, can you get me a wheelchair? I think we’re going to have to move Shadow again since…the wall needs to be replaced.”

“Yes…” Blaze repeated, looking at the mess around them. “I’ll get the clean up crew as well.”

Astrailyx began to remove the robot from Omega’s grip, carefully making sure that it wasn’t going to harm him. She hovered closer to the floor and put the robot on the floor, giving him a somewhat kind look, though was still unsure about the mechanical being all together.

“Would you be able to help Shadow as we wheel him back into his room?” Astrailyx asked the machine. “He can’t exactly rest in here anymore.”

As the dragon finished, Blaze returned, both hands on the handles of a wheelchair as she shifted rubble around so they could wheel the recovering hedgehog out of the room without getting caught on anything as he was moved back to his room. Astrailyx was still astonished by how fast Shadow had come to, as he seemed incredibly agitated by something, even acting hostile towards the nurses as they tried to move him into the chair slowly. Between swatting and making grabbing motions, and even between snarling as he started to fully wake up, the nurses had a hard enough time getting him into the mobile furniture, never mind being worried about him possibly biting them with the white fangs he seemed intent on showing off. She wondered what caused him to be so agitated, and could only conclude that it had something to do with his brain activity-


The lavender dragon jumped back, seeing the hunched over and gloomy looking Doctor Rogi staring at her with half open eyes, his long white jacket almost draping to the floor as he stood there amidst the commotion.

“Oh…Rogi you startled me…”

“I noticed.” Rogi replied in a long drawn out manner.

“You wanted to see me about Shadow’s brain activity?”

“Yes…” He looked over at Shadow for a moment, watching the black and red, half-awake being, being moved into his new mode of transportation. “His brain was acting very upset…very unpleasant…like a nightmare, I was going to ask your opinion if we should wake him up or not, considering he needs the rest…but…”

Astrailyx only looked around. “Yes he’s…certainly awake now.”

“If you’re going to move him into his room, I would suggest making sure he needs not his IV…he’s awoken so quickly…it’s almost abnormal…”

Astrailyx nodded. “Yes…it is…Blaze would you be able to leave Shadow in the lobby when it’s quiet while I figure out what else he may need? I’ll move him down there myself shortly afterwards.”

“I can do that, yes.” Blaze replied, looking back at the still a bit groggy, Shadow. “No more biting for you, you just sit down and don’t move.”

As the feline made her way around the rubble and moved through the somewhat empty hallways, she stopped inside the lobby, leaving Shadow close to the wall and next to the coffee machine where it was the most quiet. Locking the brakes in place so Shadow wouldn’t move himself anywhere, she waited until the dragon returned from her small task before leaving to work on her own things. It was getting much later into the night as the lobby was clear of people who had done their job during the day and had set off to bed. There was only herself and the hedgehog, which meant good quiet as to not provoke the odd behaviour into escalating, though Shadow still seemed out of it all together and was no longer acting estranged in feral habits. The sound of flapping came to Blaze’s ears as Astrailyx returned, looking ready to take Shadow on the rest of his way.

“He’s healing almost at a rate that’s alarming…or so I’ve been told.” Astrailyx told Blaze. “I’m not sure what to think of it.”

“Perhaps something happened when you shot the excess amounts of voltage through his body…?”


Blaze left her with that and left the two of them in the lobby. She had no idea what events she was about to miss.

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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

(DEAR. LORD. This was fun to write. Permission granted to me by both Metal (AKA our illustrious GM/Judge) and Sabi to bunny their characters, although Sabi helped me with portions of this post involving her character - essentially a combo post. And yes, this is completely out of character for Shadow, but the guy is HIGH on PAIN KILLERS. Did you expect anything LESS?

Also, IMO, Sonic characters aren't naked as long as they are wearing one article of clothing aside from gloves - guys, at least. Why am I telling you this? Read on...)

[Commander] Shadow the Hedgehog
Guardian Units of Nations
Central City/Base/Private Quarters
Affected RPers: Sabi (Astrailyx) and Metal (Adorabot)
<Highlarious Hi-jinks>

Everything was a haze. Between a pinching sensation in his side to a loud bang forcing him awake, he couldn’t tell what was up and down. Thus, when he awoke, it was only natural he awoke in a hostile state. The nightmare lingered in the back of his mind like an unwanted cousin, pricking at his anger and disorientating him. But that wasn’t the only cause – the room swam with the slightest head movement, and he still felt terribly tired. When humans began to reach for him, he responded with a low growl, curling his lips back in a snarl that displayed his fangs as he tried to slap, or in some cases grab, the arms of his attackers. Eventually he felt himself being placed onto a solid surface, his mind numbly registering it as a wheelchair, before he was wheeled out of the room along with a voice stating “No more biting for you, you just sit down and don’t move”, briefly wondering who it belonged to.

The trip to the lobby was a blur, although he noted the contraption they stopped next to wait; in his case it was sitting, but that didn’t matter. Set upon the desk was a black body, with a digital blue reading on the front and a container of water behind it, and he had grabbed the drink that often came from it many times for a much needed boost of energy. The coffee machine had never captured his interest like it did now, however. His muddled mind saw it warp and change, and before he knew it, the device had sprouted arms and legs with the mouth being where the mix for the coffee was inserted, the eyes being the digital display. From it, it also produced a cane and a top hate. And then, to his complete and utter amazement, it began to sing and dance. The lyrics went along the lines of, “Hello my baby! Hello my darling! Hello my ragtime gal!” as it went dancing in the same spot. This all seemed too good to be true, quite frankly, and he narrowed his eyes in suspicion, although he found it rather amusing regardless.

As Blaze left, Astrailyx hovered next to Shadow, noting his extreme interest in the coffee machine. She wondered if he was just trying to focus on the time, of which was very late, but after hovering for a good few minutes, it seemed like too long. Looking between Shadow and the coffee machine, she was hesitant on disturbing the hedgehog. Eventually, she put her one hand on the handle of the wheelchair, and another ever so gently on his shoulder. She was slightly concerned for his behavior, especially after what just happened.

“…Shadow? Are you feeling okay?” Astrailyx asked him quietly.

His ear twitched toward her, but he refused to take his eyes off of the spectacle that was unfolding before him. “The machine,” he was a bit startled with how weak and quiet his voice was, “is dancing and singing. With a top hat and cane. …It also says hi.” Once she had appeared, it had quickly stopped dancing and singing, although it was now currently waving and speaking many words that flowed together into a jumbled mess. At least it was polite enough to greet his companion, although he was unaware that it was the pain medication that was forcing the hallucination and that it actually wasn’t doing any of the aforementioned antics.

Astrailyx listened carefully to Shadow’s words and was entirely surprised by it. The coffee machine was singing…and dancing? She was starting to wonder what on earth kind of medication they gave Shadow, or was it from him not actually needing them before? The dragon wasn’t sure but it was clear as day in night, he needed sleep. Waking him up from the nightmare from before seemed to only bring more weirdness, but at least he wasn’t growling and snarling again. She patted Shadow’s shoulder and grabbed both ends of the wheelchair.

“Hi there coffee machine.” Astrailyx responded, trying not to sound as unnerved by it as she actually was. “Say goodbye though Shadow, it’s time for you to get some rest alright? You can see the dancing and well-dressed coffee machine tomorrow.”

With that, she slowly started wheeling him away, giving him a chance to say goodbye, even though that would do nothing for him not having hallucinations. He did say a rather gruff farewell to it, before they hurried down the corridor. They took the wing down to resting quarters, although this particular one was for the commander, and some lower ranking officials, as putting them all in the same wing would lead to disaster if a strike happened to that particular area. The door at the end of the hall had a security code, which she was able to access easily, although she shielded the medical bot’s view from it.

Inside, the room was spacious but grey, with dark blue curtains over the windows and a bookshelf with various implements and authors. The bed was white and was obviously built for a human due to its size, with the floor being the same color as the curtain except for a maroon rug. No light filtered through the window, and the oak furniture – nightstand and dresser – were obviously untouched, although pristine. A fan overhead was set on low – to which the dragon quickly turned off – while the lamp, cover a pale yellow, next to the bed flicked on with the light switch. Another lamp, this one tall, was set further back in the room, but similarly responded.

As Astrailyx looked around the room, she noticed the bed was a bit sparse. She was given instructions to have Shadow be kept warm in order to help his core temperature stay up, and the one blanket to her just didn’t seem enough and she wasn’t one to go rifling through another person’s belongings, be it anthro or human. She wheeled Shadow next to the other side of the bed, making sure the brakes were on just in case he tried to move anywhere, knowing even his side wouldn’t let him stand up for more than a few seconds if he was stubborn enough. Thinking he was too medicated to be stubborn, she hovered over to the other side of the bed, and toward the door.

“Shadow I’ll be back with another blanket, just in case you get too cold.” Astrailyx told him gently and a bit slowly so he would know where she was. “Please don’t get up until I get back to help you in bed.”

Being incredibly careful not to disturb him with even the slightest of noise, she carefully opened the door, and watched him carefully as she closed it behind her. The hedgehog, however, was not one to listen. Rather, he felt nothing, and was too exhausted to care for much. He had never used the bed before, but he had been convinced early on to keep clothing around just in case. Bracing himself, he pushed himself up, although a dull ache in his side reminded him of his injury. What nearly threw him off was the extreme amount of dizziness which swarmed his mind, the entire room spinning. The dresser wasn’t far, and for the most part he put all his weight onto his good leg and whatever was nearest him at the moment. He grabbed the first pair of boxers he could find, noting with a bit of dismay that while the color match – red – they were covered with what appeared to be darker red flowers. The style was Hawai…or something like that. At this point, he didn’t care, struggling back to the bed where he sat and removed his gloves. They were covered in a little blood, so he placed them on the nightstand to be dealt with later as well as putting his belt and guns in the drawer, before working on getting his shoes and socks off. Feeling the tough fibers of the carpet beneath his feet, he absentmindedly wondered how humans put up with the rough texture. Reaching over, he stood, looking rather drunk as he tried to balance on his good leg in order to start slipping on the article of clothing.

As Astrailyx came back from a nearby supply closet, a heavier and warmer blanket in arms, she looked back on today and as she did, there was something that pressed on her mind. Someone had called her sub commander, and as far as she was aware, she wasn’t that rank. Was it a new person perhaps who mistook her rank? She wasn’t sure, everything from earlier she couldn’t remember quite clearly at the moment. As she came onto Shadow’s door, she turned herself backwards as she opened it, still a bit lost in thought while carrying the extra blanket, almost silently shutting the door behind her.

Upon hearing the door, Shadow froze when he noticed the dragon. As soon as she started to turn toward him, however, he suddenly gave a rather loud yelp, his leg giving out as he grabbed at the blanket beneath him. It flew off, and as he hit the ground – giving a slight whimper of pain from his broken ribs complaining about the impact – it fell on top of him, shielding him from view. Even in his stupor, he managed to get his face free from the entangling sheet, although he felt a distinct warmth flooding his cheeks as a result. Embarrassment was a foreign feeling to him, but he’d seen others experience it enough for him to recognize it.

As Astrailyx heard a soft thud on the floor, followed by a whimper, she turned around suddenly, only to find Shadow not in the wheelchair and…actually not in her direct line of view either. She wasn’t sure what was going on but it wasn’t long before she spotted a pair of red eyes out from under the blankets that had previously been on the bed. It didn’t take her more than a second to realize what was going on, for as she looked around for Shadow, she remembered seeing slightly stained gloves on the nearby nightstand, and even his shoes next to the bed. Within half a second of finding Shadow hiding under the blankets, she looked away and folded her wings in front of her face while curling up out of response and landing on the floor, completely encircled in herself and the blanket she was carrying, blind to everything else but the inside of her wings which masked her face entirely along with the fluster she was becoming more and more familiar with today.

It wasn’t the reaction he had been expecting, but nevertheless, he finally managed to catch his breath again to speak. Opening his mouth, however, he grimaced as nothing more than a slight squeak popped out of his maw, and it only made the warmth intensify on his muzzle. Gathering his flagging energy once more, he again attempted to speak, this time succeeding. “Have you not heard of knocking?!” The indignation in his voice was plain to hear.

Astrailyx only thought for a moment. Yes she could have knocked but she wasn’t expecting Shadow to actually be up and about, never mind with barely anything on. She coiled herself up more at the indignation in the hedgehog’s voice, knowing she could have tried to knock, but was concerned for his health.

“Yes I could have but I wasn’t expecting you to actually be up!” She told him. “I was worried about causing you any further headaches…anyway I can’t see anything and you so…you can put on whatever you need to put on…”

He squirmed a little bit with that answer. “Are you sure you can’t see anything?”

Astrailyx seemed a bit confused for a moment, wondering if Shadow actually heard her the first time or not, or if it was the medication. "Yes, I wouldn't have told you I couldn't see anything if that wasn't the case...Why are you double checking?"

“…Because…I’m afraid you’ll peek…” His voice sounded oddly sheepish, although given the subject matter it was appropriate.

Astrailyx had her eyes wide open, though still under the cover of her wings, with such a statement. Meds or no meds, she spoke out immediately within seconds of regaining her composure, if a coiled up dragon had composure to begin with. “Peek? When have I given off the impression that I'd peek in this kind of situation? I would have thought you knew me better than that!" She spoke defensively, almost as if she were insulted, something of which she still wasn't sure if she was or not.

“I don’t think you would, but I’ve been told I’m…handsome, apparently.” He certainly knew what it meant to be embarrassed at this point, especially since his muzzle felt like it was on fire. “At least, that is what I have heard. …Do you think I am?”

Astrailyx felt a bit better by the first part of his comment, but was completely caught off guard by his question. Behind her wings she looked off to the side, unsure of what to say as she wasn't one to lie for no reason. After a few moments, she managed to say something, albeit, starting off very slowly.

"Well...I suppose," she started, finding something to finish off with, “people have a reason to think that you are, handsome, as the correct term is. I'm sure you'd like to get fully dressed so I'm just going to sink into the floor until that is so, then come back up when you say you're ready so I can remake your bed...I suppose it's my fault it was messed up." Before he had a chance to say anything else, she did exactly that, although he was a bit confused by her response.

Once he deemed that she wouldn’t be coming back up, he – nervously – managed to get to his feet, quickly finishing putting on the boxers and musing that he did indeed look good in it. By now, however, the adrenaline from being frightened by her unexpected appearance was running low, and his exhaustion was shutting down his mind. “Ready, Astrailyx. And if it means anything, I think you’re handsome too.” He stated, yawning. Despite the fact she wanted to make the bed, he just couldn’t wait anymore, and was quick to lay down on the mattress that was too big for his size. To him, the pillow was the softest thing in the word, and he made sure to stay on his left side which had relatively no damage done to it, except for his ear.

Astrailyx could still hear Shadow perfectly well in the floor, and wasn't sure about what Shadow just told her about her being handsome. She wasn't sure if it was his pain killers talking, or if he was aware of anything that was going on. It took her a moment to let the more than pink feeling from her face fade before coming back up through the floor, seeing Shadow already fast asleep.

So much for making the bed. She thought as she picked up the extra blanket. Hovering over the bed, she covered the weary hedgehog with it, making sure he was as comfortable as possible, at least by looking at it. Putting the other blanket within arm's reach, she looked back at the stained gloves on the nightstand, picking them up and looking at the bloodstains. I suppose I could wash these...I'll have to check up on him again later just in case he feels the need to try anything again... She thought to herself, taking the gloves with her in hand.

She stopped just outside the door, looking at the little machine that seemed intent on helping them. Sighing, the dragon looked at him, and asked him in the quietest of voices, "Could you try to help mend the wounds faster? Just until I come back at least. I don't want him disturbed further." In response, it carried the metal box into the room, placing it on the nightstand where it activated. The light on it turned green, and a little transmitter appeared on the top, but other than it giving the softest of hums nothing else happened. The little medical bot wheeled back out, stating it would go and help others that were injured.

As she went to leave the room, she took one more look at Shadow to make sure he was actually asleep, noticing his face becoming a bit paler but not due to lack of blood flow. She wasn't sure about it before, but that only confirmed that she had actually seen him blushing. She couldn't help but smile as she closed the door.

Unit 05-000 Jais
Guardian Units of Nations
Central City/Base/Medical Bay
Affected RPers: Sabi (Blaze)
<No Luck With the Ladies>

“Even a mind grows tired Jais, and I try my best to simulate the physical body I once had…at least what I remember of it.” Well, that was certainly true. As she got up to leave, the machine turned to Blaze, whom began to explain she'd been sent to investigate energy fluctuations and the like. The feline quickly stated she didn't know what it was for, but that they would more than likely find out soon. While she didn't need help, she assured him he would be the first person they came to for help, and to pass their regards on to Delilah. Nodding as the cat left, he turned, and began to hum as he entered the elevator. Sending the message to Delilah about regards, he figured that perhaps he should start to go out and search for survivors, or perhaps...?

Right 'o, it's getting late. Maybe I should figure out 'ow to deal with this "Leviathan" tomorrow. Surely it cannot be as big as they say it is... But for now, he would hover around and see what he could do to assist. Planning would come later, as everyone was exhausted and confirming there was still a threat out there would just send everyone back into a panic. Which really would not be the best move at this point in time. Still, with that thing out there, no boats or shipments could be made except by air...and that was incredibly risk in its own right. Something had to be done.

By golly, if THEY wouldn't do it, he would!

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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Schrodinger Salvo
Revolution Uprising
RU Headquarters - Sinnoh Fight Area
Affected Roleplayers: Fight Zone People.

Schrodinger collapsed against a wall, clutching at his chest while he waited for his ears to stop ringing. He fiddled with his tie and tux, trying rather desperately to make sure that everything within his power to arrange - the singe-marks on the fabric did not count - was neat and orderly and downright godd*mn perfect. Fortunately, the candy-red tie around his neck had escaped damage, and the black of his tuxedo would hide its scuffs and scorches until a replacement could be appropriated.

As he did, the little cat allowed his mind to wander. He avoided touching Socrates's consciousness, but he did let himself touch thoughts with several others throughout the base, trying to figure out exactly what was going on. Some were still in a state of complete disorder and panic; however, Tails the fox was managing to make some repairs and get things done. Good, thought Schrodinger. All communications would need to be up properly for their recovery to be swift.

Recovery... the thought was rather bleak. One of them would never recover. Chakram was dead, and the chance for a Chaos Emerald was lost. With a groan, Schrdinger pushed himself to his paws. The moment for indulging his exhaustion had come and gone.

"I have another plan," said Socrates. This statement was rather expected, given that he rarely didn't have a plan. What was surprising was the inordinate calm he radiated. "This one won't be destroyed instantly by one unseen order, as it is rather flexible."

Schrodinger listened as the human explained, his face impassive but his ears twitching with interest. The plan concerned him rather heavily; it placed quite a bit of responsibility in his paws. It also happened to coincide with the very goals he had in mind. But there was something about it that he did not understand - nor could he pry the knowledge from Socrates's thoughts, for obvious reasons.

“I’d be hard pressed not to agree with that course of action,”
announced Cadence, her voice firm and strong. For all the human's softhearted faults, Schrodinger had to admit that he respected her ability to lead. “Before continuing, however, I would like to know what you were going to say,” she added, turning to Schrodinger. He nodded slowly.

"Heatran," said Schrodinger as coolly and calmly as he could, "has been captured by Robotnik's forces. To further complicate matters, they apparently possess another Pokemon of great power, which my telekinetic contact calls 'Deoxys'. If what I understand is correct, it... eviscerated... Chakram and his Dragonite. Except for Card, her Pokemon, and yours, Socrates, nobody on our side made it out of that place alive." He paused to let that sink in. Then he added, "About this plan of yours, Socrates... It's as reasonable as any, and I won't argue with it. But one has to wonder... What will you two and Card be doing, exactly, staying around like this?" an edge crept into his voice. "I do not like being left in the dark, and as an advisor and ally to the Uprising I think it is my right as much as anyone's to be let in on the plan-making, if only to know what is going on and being able to make decisions and plans accordingly." His speech finished, he stood calmly, waiting for the reactions of the other two.

Alice Card
Revolution Uprising
Stark Mountain.
Affected Roleplayers: Those at the Fight Zone base.

Gretchen continued to fly, her breathing labored. Alice was worried about her, but there wasn't exactly time for her to stop and let Alice check her over. When they returned to the base, Alto could do that. As they flew, Alice closed her eyes and began to think, mulling over the preparations she needed. However, it wasn't long before Oracle broke into her reverie with yet more news.

A Togekiss, he said, wants you to know that you will be joined by Cadence and the one called Socrates. She also stresses that Socrates wants you to know, and I quote, that you've 'got balls'.

Despite herself, Alice let out a chortle of laughter that coupled with a rather unattractive snort. She grinned rather manically. Yeah, well. I suppose I can thank him myself when we get there, eh? She sensed Oracle's mingled disapproval and disgust. Lighten up, will ya? Anyway, it'll be good to have company - even if it's serious Cadence and that weirdo Socrates. Whatever the telepathic equivalent of rolling one's eyes was, Oracle was doing it.

Anyway, the Xatu continued, apparently there's a big plan. He filled Alice in on the details. That said, do you want me to fly ahead and round up the others so that we can depart more quickly?

Fine, Alice agreed. That plan sounds pretty solid. But you'll have to help keep everyone in touch. I still don't trust that little hairy weasel, even if Cadence does. she didn't have to name the 'weasel'; Oracle knew exactly who she was talking about: Schrodinger, the conniving little cat that could manipulate emotions and thoughts. Alice, who maintained that her freedom was one of her favorite privileges, hated the very thought of being controlled.

"It looks bad," murmured Gretchen when they were in sight of the base. "Not on the outside... But they are scattered and scared on the inside. I can sense fear." Alice didn't argue. Most predators were excellent at sensing fear, and Gretchen was no exception.

When they landed, Oracle, Alto, and Liberty were already waiting outside, on grounds that looked suspiciously like they had seen several large explosions very recently. Alto was taking chugs from a Max Elixir, her other hand occupied by a roll of bandages. As soon as Gretchen landed, Alice hopped off of her and allowed the Audino to tend to her dragon's wounds.

Alto whistled lowly, placing a hand on Gretchen's chest. "This," said Alto, "is weird. The skin is completely black, but the burn isn't very severe at all. Does it hurt?"

"Feels like I've been poisoned," Gretchen hissed, flopping onto the ground. "Can't you use Heal Bell and make it go away?"

"Ain't poison," said Alto. "Most of the wounds were like that... Apparently some black lightning hit some people's hands. I don't know what the deal is, but that sh*t's pretty nasty." Alice, who swore so freely, made no comment on the rude healer's vulgar language. She shuffled her feet.

"Alto, can you heal the others as well? We're going to be going to Spear Pillar soon, and I want -"

"Spear Pillar!?" Gretchen growled. "That's your plan? Are you mad? That place is the gods' playground! It's not a place made for humans."

Alice snorted. "Neither is Stark Mountain. We need the help of Legendary Pokemon to fight Legendary Pokemon, and that's the end of it. That tentacle thing, Deoxys? It could have killed us all. But if we get help from the legendaries..." she let the sentence hang. Gretchen seemed disapproving, but she didn't argue.

"Yes, I can heal everyone," Alto said. "But you'd better get in there quick. They're makin' plans, and I heard your name mentioned." Alice smiled - she already knew what was going on. She nodded, then released the rest of her team. Bessie, Garda, Jack, and Darius all appeared. Bessie, a tall, proud Scolipede, lay down tamely. Her exoskeleton was covered in scratches; it was cracked in at least three places. Garda the Krookodile had a fang missing from her wide smile, and she clutched at her side as though it pained her. Jack the Simipour seemed not too worse-for-wear; however, he flopped on the ground immediately - he was exhausted. Only Darius the Serperior, Alice's first Pokemon, seemed unaffected by his wounds, which were actually quite minor. He had a long, shallow scratch across his scarred face where a bullet had grazed him, and his great golden collar was a bit frayed. He fixed Alice with his knowing brown stare. She nodded, understanding his message; he was fine, and he wanted to come along. Alice thanked Alto and walked into the base, Darius by her side.

They didn't have to walk very far before they came upon Socrates, Cadence, and Schrodinger. Alice immediately noticed an air of tension between the odd trio. Putting on a Krookodilian grin, she asked, "Hey, all, I'm back! We've got no time to waste, so let's get this freakshow on the road before the good Doctor decides to try and kill us all again, yeah?"
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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Charlie Webb
Eggman Empire
Kanto, En Route to Seafoam Islands
ARP's ~ None

Charlie smiled when she appeared over the water, it wasn't far now untill she got to Cinnabar Island. She had thought about landing Hazard onto one of the islands and going in that way, but she needed to find a map of the area first, hopefully there was one on Cinnabar, if there wasn't she would just have to risk it. However Hazard was starting to get tired. As if on que the Charizard turned his head and snorted at his trainer. Charlie woke up Spectre, who had fallen asleep at some point and pointed to Hazard.

"Translate, please." She smiled at the ghost. Hazard snorted again and Hazard tiredly translated the words.

"He's asking, like most of us, why we are even bothering to search for these legends. It doesn't seem like were going to find anything." Charlie sighed, she knew this would come up eventually.

"Look I know this seems stupid and tiresome but imagine meeting a legendary pokemon. Look we only need to go to a few more places before we can give up searching Kanto. Seafoam Islands is a hard place to get to, we should be able to get there no problem, but the robots would be eaten alive before they can even get into the caves. If im right, Articuno shouldn't know whats happening, and hopefully we will be able to defeat the pokemon and take it to this Doctor Robotnik person." The two pokemon exchanged looks before Hazard went back to flying.

"Yes, that sounds reasonable, but the question that we all want to know the answer to, you probably want to know as well, is how the hell are we going to catch a legendary?" Charlie smirked at this.

"I hoped you would ask me that. Well all we have to do is weaken it in battle, you then, my ghostly little friend can hypnotise the pokemon to sleep and Hazard can then carry it off in a large net." Spectre nodded, sort of, at this. The plan seemed to have way to many flaws, but he couldn't argue with his master, plus if this worked, it would be quite the epic acomplishment.

A few minutes after their conversation and Hazard signaled that they had arived at Cinnabar. Charlie returned the pokemon, he was a faithful companion. She then looked around, noticing a few guide maps for the Seafoam islands. They weren't very detailed, they just showed you the first few, unimportant caves. Looks like she would have to explore the hard way. Charlie sighed before throwing the useless peice of paper away. She walked back to the edge of the island where Spectre was waiting. She pulled out another pokeball and Beach happily emerged from it.

"Ok Beach, lets go to the islands." Charlie said while climbing onto her pokemon's back. Beach sqealed in delight and set off. Along the journey Spectre decided to nap, again, in Charlie's lap, while Beach would let out a purr ever now and then when Charlie would pet her.

"I hope we have more luck this time." She sighed.
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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Park Lords
Talking to Lamda

Even with Zippy’s attitude, Lamda was as calm as ever, kindly explaining what he knew of his boss and their motives. It was quite difficult for the ranger to keep her furious stare in light of the little robot’s opinions on the war. He (the ranger was starting to move away from “it”) just wanted to go home. Maybe they weren’t so different after all. In fact, Lamda was so willing to give answers, Zippy decided to delay her plans of escape in order to get as much information from the little guy as she could get.

Of course, that didn’t mean she could trust his companions. Offering to bring someone from the underground compound was a discreet way of bringing up a coerced decoy to offer a bright opinion of the new overlords. There was only one way to see how the refuges were doing, so in a complete reversal from earlier…

“Hold on there,” Zippy said to Lamda, “How do I know there won’t be some actor coming up and pretending everything is all honkey-dory? You can’t fool me that easily! Now get me into that hole in the ground! And you’re coming with me too!”

In an ironic twist, Zippy overthought the situation and was doing exactly what she thought she would never do. Zippy followed Lamda onto the elevator pad, all the while continuing with her questions.

“So these guys, Robotnik and Percival. They’re your bosses, right? And if you’re not set up like those war robots, what are you here for? Even better, what were you doing before all of this?”

As crazy as her world was, the ranger never thought she would have an engaging conversation with a toaster on a wheel.
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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Cherrygrove, refugee camp

Lambda couldn't help but stare when the young woman, instead of letting him bring someone up, demanded now to go to the camp herself. Some people were just so confusing... But she still continued her questions, and so a few button presses later the elevator started down and he wheeled back to face her, small white lights on the sides of the shaft keeping it well lit despite the flap above closing shut again. "My boss is actually Director Percival, the head of Hyperion. Before I was more or less forced to work with Robotnik, I was one of the Director's assistants. I usually handled stuff like shipping and minor management stuff where he couldn't get to it himself," the little robot replied cheerily, giving another pseudo-nod. "Something or other happened to him over the last month or so and he's been having to help Robotnik. Last I heard it was his autoimmune disease acting up again, and I think the world merge ended up blowing up some fairly large equipment he liked to keep in his office. I told him that was a bad idea... he seems to be okay enough now, though."

By the time Lambda had finished speaking, the elevator had reached the bottom of the shaft at a fairly large door. With a loud unlocking sound, it opened to reveal a nicely lit, almost perfect replica of the town above, with several extensions in the form of small mountains and a minute forest. The metal ceiling high above had a series of bright lights mimicking sunlight well enough that it seemed to almost be daytime inside despite the night above. There were neatly made paths of brown brick leading to various areas, and it looked like the people were winding down for the day. Several looked at the opening door and several more waved and smiled, but it seemed they were content keeping to themselves.

"Welcome to the Cherrygrove Refugee Facility! It was only recently finished, so we haven't really had time to come up with a decent name, but hopefully that'll be solved soon. To my knowledge, the Director should be coming by soon for my monthly tuneup if you'd like to meet him, or we can get straight in to the tour... unless you just want to get the troop movement schedules and be on your way, which is perfectly fine too. Oh! Right, the elevator code is 2213 for whenever you want to leave, though I would suggest avoiding nighttime movement. There's a much larger troop movement at night than there is in the daytime, I'd guess because Eggman has some covert operation or something going on. Either way, it's up to you." With that the little robot rolled up the path a little bit before turning back around, waiting for a response.
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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

OOC: Bunnying permission from Grassy

Guardian Units of Nations
Central City HQ, Private Quarters

It wasn’t that long of a ‘walk’ from Shadow’s room back to the medical bay where the vast majority of the cleaning supplies were. Anything to get blood stains out was going to be here as Astrailyx left the gloves to soak a bit before properly washing them out. As she waited she hovered around and turned off lights of those who had fallen asleep, resting on cots and elevated mattresses, clearing away empty glasses. Everything was incredibly quiet as there were only a couple of workers even up this late at night. Astrailyx didn’t sleep often, she didn’t really need to but she did so to keep her mental state in tip top shape. Being composed of energy in it’s almost entirety had its benefits, but the dragon still wanted to return the way she originally was a very long time ago.

Coming back to the sink a few minutes later, now with some cleaner added to what would be scalding hot water to some, the water started it turn a slight pink as the blood was dissipating from the cloth itself, leaving it white once again. Just a bit of wash work and everything looked clean on the pair of well used gloves, almost looking better than they were before the stains. Satisfied, Astrailyx started her way back to Shadow’s room to return his items after leaving them in the dryer for a few minutes. Still a bit damp, but they would be dry by the time Shadow would need them again.

Hovering down the hall was incredibly quiet, the only sound being made from her occasional flap and the slight clink in her anklets. Some asked her why she wore only just those anklets, and never took them off. If she didn’t the force of gravity on a planet would be too strong for her, and she would have very little to withstand the force, and end up being stuck inside the center of the planetary mass. That was one of the downsides to being her, she was victim to gravity a bit more than people realized. With them on, yes she could hover and fly without needing to follow the laws of physics and use her wings much at all, however she wasn’t keen on the idea of being compressed by pressure and heat for the rest of her life.

That was another thing people often asked her about; life. As an energy being, she, at the moment, had no organic matter in her, though her body best simulated the one she once had. That meant she wasn’t affected by sickness or spread it, didn’t seem to age as energy was a constant, and that she was assumed could not die. Astrailyx often wondered that herself, wondering if she had none of her energy left to live off of, would she die? The dragon believed she had a soul and a sentience that gave beings life and existence, but since she could change her own energy to that of another, if all of her Iylix energy was gone, would she cease to be? It was something she often thought about, though was unsure of even attempting such experiments to go as far as even thinking of such things to risk her life with.

Coming back to the door, she opened it, knowing she had to since she could not phase herself and solid matter through another piece of solid matter. She let the medical bot out of the room and locked the door behind her, knowing she could just hover through it later. Astrailyx replaced the gloves back on the nightstand, albeit a bit neater than they were previously, and looked around the room a bit more. The wheelchair seemed to not have moved, neither did his shoes, and even the way Shadow was laying down looked the same from when she left. She moved the wheelchair just to the side of the bed just to keep things neat, and looked at Shadow one more time as he shuffled a bit in bed.

‘Well…you’ve seemed to have been actually sleeping and not gotten up again…’ She thought to herself, turning around towards the door. ‘I wonder just how fast you’ll-'

As Astrailyx tried to move away, she felt something stop her, something that had grabbed her tail. Turning her head she saw it in the clutches of a black arm of the sleeping hedgehog. Astrailyx put her hand to her face, knowing that she couldn’t even try to phase through Shadow since he seemed to be recovering at an abnormally, positive rate. Doing so would result in a chaos energy surge and that would be dangerous for her. Even with Shadow this weak she didn’t want to risk it, and she also didn’t want to wake him up. His deadweight didn’t allow for her to simply pull her tail out without making the hedgehog come off the bed itself. So Astrailyx reverted to the other option of trying to move him without waking him up to get her tail free so she could leave him in peace. Slowly, she took her left arm and gingerly took Shadow’s left wrist, the one arm that had gotten a grip on the end of her tail. As she started to lift his arm up, and her tail becoming free, Shadow moved once again and had his right arm grab onto the dragon’s left arm.

Leaving her stuck on her side on the bed with a sleepy hedgehog using her arm as a teddy bear.

Astrailyx was unsure what to think, but as far as she could tell, she was stuck. Even moving a bit she couldn’t get her arm around to the other side, as even making her energy less dense so she could move through the mattress was going to risk an energy surge. If Astrailyx had the hand to do it, she would facepalm at her own situation, because as if the conversation earlier wasn’t awkward enough, now she was stuck until Shadow so much as loosened his grip so she could leave the room and not provoke any other odd and embarrassing situations.

‘Wonderful...It looks like I’m not getting any other work done tonight now that I’m stuck here…at least he seems to be sleeping better than before.’

She had avoided looking at Shadow’s face due to such close proximities to her head until now. Astrailyx wasn’t too fond of people touching her head, but she couldn’t quite figure out why, still unclear to it being trauma as her solution to the puzzle. There wasn’t any contact with her head as of now, but she was conscious of keeping it that way. It was a bit hard to relax but at least Shadow looked like he was perfectly happy sleeping for once. The hedgehog didn’t know good rest and this may have been the best he had in a while, and it only took emergency surgery to do it.

‘I’ll just have to keep awake and see when he moves again so I can get free…though since he’s so tired I doubt th…wait…is that…purring?’

Astrailyx had to move her head a bit to listen better, but after a few seconds, Shadow was, indeed, purring in his sleep. It was a low and deep rumbling kind of purr, but a purr nonetheless. Astrailyx silently sighed to herself in response and was mentally shaking her own head.

‘Oh Shadow…’

The sign of comfort was at least comforting to know that he was resting that well, but the sound was something that would make someone drowsy. Astrailyx figured this was some form of higher power karma, and had a feeling she was going to be here for a long time yet, and staying awake was going to be difficult. Even just closing her eyes to think about various, complex theories and hypothesis wasn’t enough to keep it away.
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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

(Well, it's night for this, but not for long methinks. This is just filler pretty much, and the last chance I have to have Shadow act a little bit OOC. Let's face it - he's cute when he isn't all grumpy and serious! Also, nothing for Jais. He's just hovering around being himself.)

[Commander] Shadow the Hedgehog
Guardian Units of Nations
Central City/Base/Bedroom
Affected RPers: Sabi (Astrailyx)
<Confusion and Comfort>

Once more, darkness. Honestly, I'm rather bored with this whole scenario playing out over and over again. Can my mind not find anything new to toy with me? This is rather irritating. Rather than move around too much, I decide to do the most logical thing; I sit down on the ground, which is smooth and cold. By my summary and logic, it is most likely concrete, churned so well and smoothed over that it will not even be that uncomfortable to lie on. Given, I have no inclination to do that, as lying on my back will leave me vulnerable to the monstrosities that my mind will unleash upon me. Oh yes, I have no doubt something will emerge to tear at my skin and attempt to kill me. After the last nightmare, which still so clearly rang in my head, I knew better than to expect "happiness" and "flowers" in a place as dismal as this. I am no fool, and I am certainly not ignorant of the facts. Sometimes though, I question if living a lie would be better for my health. ...And then I recall my forged memories, and how distraught I was when I thought I was an android...

Yes, truth is painful, but it isn't nearly as terrible as a twisted lie.

Sitting there, thinking, I find it ironic. I am in my head, yet I am thinking...Just how does that work exactly? "Very easily, actually. This is your realm of dreams. Anything you want, becomes real. Anything you don't like, however, can also become real..." The icy voice slid through the void of the darkness, but I do not bother to look. As before, I recognize it as being my own, and I am quite certain there are a set of amber eyes glaring at me hatefully as it speaks.

"So, my insecurities and doubts have fully manifested now? Hmm. Drugs do that, I suppose." My voice is a little lighter, but completely impassive to the other. Showing any sort of fear would be very bad here, although being a part of myself, I most likely wouldn't be able to hide it. "Do you not have another soul to torture? Perhaps an innocent little bunny protecting her young? Or that kitten stuck up in a rotting tree?"

I can hear a growl, and it pleases me to no end to realize I have hit a nerve with him. "I prefer talking to you, frankly. After all, I know everything about you. You are myself, albeit seen in a...softer light." Softer light? "Well, I see you as being a bit misguided too..." What does he mean, exactly? Misguided? I am rather certain I picked my own path, following my instincts. Why do I not say this out loud? Because judging from the flash of a smile in front of my face, I can tell he is reading my thoughts. It makes sense, considering the location. "You choose to help humanity. But they still do not trust you, still loathe your power. Why do you help them?"

That is a simple answer. "Maria asked me to. You know that, being a part of myself.”

I feel a distinct sneer aimed my way. Whatever I have just said has apparently amused him in some sort of sick, twisted way. “I do know that, yes. You gave them a chance already, however. Lost your memory, true, but the fact is the matter you were copied into androids by a human.” Doctor Eggman, yes. An evil human. “And what of Commander Abraham Towers? The illustrious leader of the faction YOU now lead? He didn’t want to hear your side of the story…He just wanted you dead. Will you excuse him for his folly?”

“But of course. He is only human, and I did cause him quite a bit of pain.”

“Perhaps…” Shrouded in darkness, I can see the glinting of three blotches of amber watching me. I return the stare without blinking, well aware that if I do he can disappear in a mere instant. “But answer me this. If you truly had made things up with him, why – when you joined – did he have his little
pet machine babysit you? One that had tranquilizers loaded into his gun powerful enough to knock you out within minutes! Explain that!”

“You already know. Again, you are me. What I know, you know.”

A somewhat psychotic grin. “I want to hear you say it.”

Giving a sigh, I realize I might as well entertain my doubts. “I’ve made mistakes. Of course they did not expect me to be on their side. Not completely. Had I begun to act unruly, it was Jais’ duty to ensure I could not escape. In that way, I would not hurt anyone else from a rash decision.” As I stop, he waits. I know why, but the staring seems to compel me to continue. “I don’t know what they would do with me, though.” I lied.

Boy, did he catch on, breaking out into vicious laughter. The scary fact is that technically,
I can laugh like that as well; I make a mental note not to. “Well, if that isn’t a rather big loud of bullcrap, I don’t know what is. You know perfectly well what they would do to you. You are powerful, and G.U.N. has shown themselves to be corrupt, like many governments and militaries. They want that power. You’re whole existence is because of them. What do you think they want to do with you? You are a weapon.”

“I prefer a shield.”

“A shield can just as easily be used as a weapon if you sharpen the edges and throw it just right. You are a weapon, face it. The moment the opportunity arrives, they’ll throw you into the fire. Oh wait…They already did.” What? “If you fail, or make a mess of anything as Commander, they’ll punish you. Who falls the hardest? The leader. They will look for the smallest excuse to take you down and control you for your power.”

“I’m not a weapon.”

“You are. A rocket fired by a computer – a conscious – is still a weapon. Admit it!”

I can feel my own anger washing over me slightly. “I already told you I’m not, so stop pestering me!” Yet, it only seems to make him laugh, quick to point out that my angry response suggests something else. “You keep pestering me over something I am not – quite irritating.”

“Truth hurts, doesn’t it? You thought it earlier…The truth is painful. A twisted lie is painful. This is both. You are living a twisted lie to believe that they have no intention to use you as anything other than the truth – a living weapon that does not age, does not rust, only gets stronger. THOSE are the facts, so stop deluding yourself to them!” His voice raises and echoes, the ground crumbling beneath me as I suddenly fell. As much as I didn’t want to, I knew that my doubts had some sort of truth to them, stemming from my insecurity; I want to remain blind to the facts yet even that was denied to me...

Trembling ever so slightly in his sleep, pinning his ears to his skull as the inner turmoil took root, the talk of weapons caused the hedgehog to mutter something along the lines of “I am not convinced that I am not a weapon”, tugging on the dragon’s arm with such force she was pulled up beside him. It was enough for him to bury his face into the top of her skull with relative ease, the effects of the pain killers still working their terrible magic as his mind succumbed to the horrors of sleep. There was no knowing what was happening now, of course, for he was experiencing the lull in dreams that happened regularly for any resting soul. Yet the memory lingered, and even with his face buried into the lavender dragon’s head it brought no peace.

Suffice to say, he’d probably never take painkillers again.

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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

OOC: Shooorrt. Sorry Jess, I feel bad that this is coming so late. >.< Thanks for coming round and waiting on me though. And yay! You get BJ's first line. ^^

Cassie Sheppard
Guardian Units of Nations
Central City
those affected:

After helping to free the badger’s leg, BJ stood aside while his partner took care of the injury. He caught a glimpse of a young wolf ducking out of sight behind a damaged wall. His generally impassive gaze registered mild curiosity and, without drawing any notice from those nearby, the Lucario leapt up to the open level above him. With a few quick steps, he was able to move along lightly without dislodging the damaged masonry before he stopped on what was left of the roof over a house. The building looked as if a team had started demolition before taking a break. BJ had seen the wolf take refuge behind the structure. He closed his eyes, letting his senses reach out around him. The creature below him seemed to have a rather jumbled Aura, but there was no indication that he was a threat or meant to attack. Raising his gaze, BJ leapt down neatly on the open street to avoid startling the young wolf. He walked a little closer with paws crossed over his chest. The Lucario’s stoic expression did not change except for a slight cock of his head.

A strange thing to hide when you want to be found.

His mouth did not move when he spoke, the words being audible by his Aura. Though few knew this since it was a rare ability of experienced Lucario. It was certainly a rare occurrence for BJ. He did not say anything else, and he did not look as if he expected an answer. While he could vaguely sense the feeling, BJ’s abilities could not reach any further to know what the wolf was searching for. Looking back up the street, he stood there waiting calmly for his partner to catch up.

The cat foreman was shaking his head as he went back to his crew’s clean-up. Dahlia was grumbling behind the Ranger at every obstacle they had to walk around as they went down the street. BJ was not waiting too far away. When she got closer to the Lucario, Cassie pointed in the direction she had been walking.

“The GUN base is only a couple blocks away and the foreman back there said that most of the big obstacles were already cleared out to make way for the trucks going to the rest of the city.” She glanced slightly at the corner of the building where BJ was standing. “So, did you find someone new? I wondered what caught your attention.”

A slight smile momentarily twitched at the edge of his mouth when Cassie guessed correctly. Turning his head, BJ watched calmly and made no move to draw the wolf out from his hiding place. Waiting instead to see what he would do.
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