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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Revolution Uprising
Base XFA (HQ), Fight Area, Sinnoh
Affected RPers: RU characters, MS (Dr. Robotnik)

Cadence had expected quite a few things before stepping outside, chaos, destruction being delivered by a hoard of angry robots and the defending guard. What she didn’t foresee was for Socrates to trip and take her with him on his way down.

What may have been an irritant for any other person in any normal situation turned out to be a blessing for the both of them. Had they not fallen, the bolt of dark lightening would have fried them to a crisp.

Not skipping a beat, the PI pulled himself up and examined the situation.
She, on the other hand, took slightly longer to get back on her feet. Her pulse had quickened for a moment, although it was quickly chalked up to almost having become sawdust.

Either way, there was a lot to see and not much at the exact same time. An unfortunate number of the buildings had suffered damage, some worse off than others. The guard defending them, distinctively dressed in their grey uniforms, they were in fewer numbers then normally.

The origin of this wasn’t exactly difficult to pinpoint, robots had effectively swarmed the place. They weren’t the ones she was familiar with; however, something about them was that much more threatening. It was hard to believe they had managed to break in here on their own, however…

Heavy tracks on the ground confirmed that, although nothing here appeared capable of leaving such a mark…

Now, however, was not the time to ponder such a thing.

"I believe I speak for all of us when I say f**k you. Hypatia, hissy fit."

Socrates had the right idea (and words), stand and fight.

Hannah, by this point, had snaked her way onto the battlefield. Cadence, at first, was a bit nervous to see her out there, in the line of intense fire.

But, then again, Hannah was no pushover. Like an ace, she dodged all the bullets that came her way with grace and ease. In retaliation, she conjured a Leaf Storm, aimed at their arms. It didn’t work well for her at first, but with a little trial and error (not to mention the nice stat buff), managed to deduce that the joints were a problem… for the robots.

Cadence had, unlike Socrates, a very limited amount of ammo. Her taser shot and ten rounds on the Thunder Wave, courtesy of Tails. She’d been sure to thank and assure him that being hurt was not part of the plan.

If he’d wanted targets to test the weapon on, there wasn’t a lack of them here. In fact, the PI had done a nice job of getting them to scramble a little, in their efforts to avoid getting torn up by his rampaging dragon.

Carefully aiming the gun, she managed to lock in on a stragglers head and fired.
Like a hot knife through butter, the bullet cut through the air around it and easily pierced metal. As one would hope, it stopped dead in its tracks, and if it had a fleshy body, it would have gone limp. So far, so good, but Cadence made sure to remember that it was only a prototype and could still be temperamental…

Another successful shot on an escaping robot and she still was sure to be careful. She also made sure to keep an eye on her Snivy, who was still going strong. Her small size and seemingly erratic movements made Hannah a near impossible target to hit, especially from a distance. On the downside, her ability to kill massive amounts of aggressors was severely minimized by said small size. Still, the grass type was doing fairly well.

Before returning to her shooting, however, the woman noticed Socrates beckon her over. With a nod, she made her way over, carefully avoiding getting herself shot despite protection.

"I have a plan." He whispered, not much to her surprise. Planning was his forte, and there was no doubt about it.

She nodded a few times as he explained, making sure to keep her expression neutral. It was bold, dangerous, see suicidal. However, at the same time, they’d been playing it fairly safe and… well… the damage that had been and was still being done was a testament to how well that had gone over.

“I don’t like taking those kinds of chances, but we are in need of that push at the moment,” she replied, still leaving it fairly ambiguous, but showing positive favour.

That communications rookie
Revolution Uprising
Base XFA (HQ), Fight Area, Sinnoh
Affected RPers: Max (Tails)

This wasn’t a good day.

The only time he’d ever been left alone just happened to coincide with the strongest enemy attack seen (or that he’d seen anyway). It didn’t help that said assault was on the HQ, which he just happened to be sitting in. Outside, killer robots fought to break the defensive forces, probably playing target practice with their heads.

The thought made him shiver.

What made him cringe had been that bolt that had completely fried every single piece of electronic equipment around. Had the room not been protected, he and the fox would probably have been bacon at this point. Delightful thought, no?

Now, he and the anthropomorphic creature were left in the dim room with no angles. He doubted even Tails could fix the fried computer their leader had told him to keep operational.

She probably hadn’t seen that electric blast coming. Neither had those other elites (or bigwigs as certain called them), it would have seemed. Before that, when they’d been informed of the attack, none of them seemed that phased. Cadence was throwing orders around like they were going out of style, like this was normal. It made him happy their lives didn’t depend on him…

“There’s nothing you can do about this disaster, is there?” he asked turning to face the twin-tailed fox.

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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

((At Jess: There's a map located in the first post if you'd like to look at it XD))

The Director
Central City

Shadow's proximity and threat proved to be more than the elderly man would take. A swift kick far more powerful than it should have been sent the black hedgehog flying in to Omega, knocking both of the 'heroes' in to the wall behind them and likely breaking a few bones as well. The director dusted off his neck and frowned. "Don't act so self righteous, Shadow. You are no saint, and to threaten an old man's life should be beneath someone so high as the commander of GUN," he said, just as casual as he had been before, though he did have a twinge of indignation in his voice. He leaned on his cane a bit, sharp eyes peering out from behind his glasses. "I have my reasons for why I support Robotnik. You mightn't have seen it yet, but his way ensures a lasting peace, regardless of this demonstration he requested. There are more of us than you know; not all of his army is made up of robots, and he most certainly hasn't set to roboticizing everyone in the areas he has conquered. The propaganda your organization is producing is at best horribly inaccurate."

The old man stood straight and turned his back to the group, adjusting his hat with his left hand for a moment. "A unified world with no disease, no crippling disabilities, and near perfect peace. That is why I aid him. His methods I may not agree with, but great goals require great sacrifice. While you were busy... playing... with Beta a moment ago, the withdrawal order was given. What members of 'my' forces haven't retreated yet are in the process of doing so. Your soldiers may rest easy. However... I would like to extend the offer to you and your allies to join me. Robotnik will ignore his empire once he's conquered the world, this much I'm certain of by his treatment of his new lands. If they do not wish to join an army, they are welcome to take up residence in any of the refugee centers in Robotnik's new holdings.." he said, trailing off. He seemed to have something else he wanted to say, but he didn't continue. He did, however, remain in place for a few moments, waiting for a response.

As proof of what he said, the Egg Carrier's jets kicked in again, what airborne robots there were returning to the flying vehicle as it completed the turn it had been making, shield remaining up as it moved away. In the streets, the robots had ceased firing, most retreating a ways and self destructing, others allowing themselves to be cut down in the attack. They likely thought the sudden turn of events very odd...

Fight Zone

The zealous Cipher admin was about to bark out another order to his Rotom when his earpiece buzzed. Withdrawing after he just arrived was highly irritating, but he'd get a chance to finish what he started later... or so he hoped. Bergan was a bit surprised when the robots that had come not a minute ago began self destructing, many hurling themselves at the nearest person who wasn't him in the process. In the confusion, he managed to slip away to the water and release an impressive but otherwise normal Wailord, leaping in to its mouth and giving it the order to dive. No sense in giving them an additional target to shoot at before he was out of range...

Stark Mt.

It was roughly around the time a particularly stupid Pokemon decided to act in defiance when the small device in her ear buzzed. A withdrawal order... which meant they'd gotten what they came for. She paid almost no attention to the battle that suddenly broke out around her, Badniks beginning to hurl themselves at the enemies as their self destruct orders were carried out, charging blindly and creating an effective smokescreen. A wave of black energy saw the shadow Dragonite returned to its black Pokeball as she stood atop her Salamence again. "You're too late. We've captured Heatran and moved it to a safe location. All this was just a distraction," Raine said, her voice magnified through the speakers on the Badniks as they charged. She smiled a bit when Chakram decided to fly in to the air. Salamence took off amid the smoke, deftly avoiding the sudden hurricane and barreling off for another direction.

Chakram's hurricane would end up being a large problem for him however. A gesture in her retreat signaled to a waiting Pokemon that it was time for it to have some "fun". With no warning, Dragonite was blindsided with a black Hyper Beam attack that blasted it and its master in to the hurricane it had released. The offending Pokemon was a Deoxys, spindly arms forming together after its sneak attack. Like the Salamence and Dragonite, its colors were off, the greens of its body being instead almost solid black. Its damage done, the Deoxys fired off a pitch black cloud from its chest, obscuring it and its "commander" from view as they fled. In a few moments, the robot attackers were little more than scrap metal and ash, and there was no sign of Cipher to be seen.

((Yes I stole Heatran. And yes I have a Deoxys. Everyone else is still available though; go hunt for them! For those wondering, there's a good chance this will be the only huge battle we have in the RP; the rest will be fairly smallish. And yes there are civilians in Kanto/Johto/Hoenn/Orre that aren't being roboticized. Some are in armies, some aren't; go bother Lambda XD

Also, @Sabi, Neo deleted his posts for whatever reason, so your post is pretty much voided because of that Dx Sorry; you can just delete that one and act like it never happened if you like.)


Due to the large area of the map, I'm implementing a new travel system to avoid people teleporting across the map hunting for magic rocks that I've mentioned they won't find by doing that. While on foot! Three posts to travel to the next area, though if it's a close area (i.e., New Bark and Cherrygrove) you can do it in less than that. Taking shortcuts is also acceptable!
While in a vehicle/on a Flying Pokemon/riding a sufficiently large Pokemon/Anything else allowing you to cross long distances at a fast pace! It takes three post to go to any other city within the continent you're on. It also takes three to go to an adjacent continent or the Sevii isles. For example, if you wanted to travel from Sinnoh to Hoenn on a flying Pokemon or other vehicle in a straight line, you would take three posts to the Sevii Isles, then three more to the Hoenn region! Simple, right?

Considering most of you should have flying Pokemon or some other way of transportation, this shouldn't be much of a problem |D Happy robot hunting!
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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Name: Kiju Shadowpelt
Team: Park Lords
Location: Outskirts of Slateport City, Hoenn
Affected RPers: n/a
<Running while carrying bags of food is harder than it sounds...and I still need a map!>

The robots were nothing if not tenacious. After being alerted to my presence by the rogue mantis-bot, they activated their sensors and weaponry to hunt me down. The slice in my leg wasn’t bleeding too bad, but it hurt something fierce and prevented me from running at full speed. Not to mention the twenty or so pounds of food I was carrying.

I took a moment to cast a look over my shoulders and saw a swarm of various robots chasing after me, only several dozen paces behind me. Growling in my chest, I gripped the handles of the bags in my jaws and shifted my weight, falling onto all fours. I then fell into a crouch and lunged forward, breaking into a flat-out run. Now that I was on all fours, I could cover more land faster, and my weight was spread over four legs instead of two. This put less pressure on my injured leg, making it hurt less.

I could hear the various robots behind me, screeching and blaring, “SURVIVOR, SURVIVOR. CAPTURE OR KILL.” It was an annoying mantra, but at least none of them seemed to have long-range weapons like lasers or missiles. It seemed they were all close-quarters fighting machines, which meant I’d be safe so long as I didn’t let them catch up. Now that I was moving on all fours, I was putting more space between us.

By the time I reached the trees, my sides were burning and my legs screaming. I wasn’t built for long-distance sprinting; I could feel foam flying off my lips and my chest was heaving as I gasped for breath. I leapt at the nearest tree and dug my claws into it, climbing up it with several upward lunges. I then rested on the lowest branch for a moment, catching my breath as I glanced at the robots that were rapidly catching up.

No time, I thought grimly, sucking in a deep breath and balancing on the branch before leaping to the next tree. I wasn’t going to give them the chance to catch up and reveal some kind of secret weapon that could reach me even in the tree. I didn’t get very far before I ran out of trees to leap to; the nearest one was a good fifteen feet away, and I didn’t feel like jumping to the ground and possible injuring my leg further from the impact.

And then a beam of bright green energy blasted from the trees behind me, striking a tree about twenty feet away and blowing it to pieces. Startled, I noticed that several of the robots had been reduced to smoldering scrap. The others had turned to face a large, teal-colored beast with a giant flower blooming on its back. It resembled something that was half dinosaur, half toad; I had no idea what it was, but the robots were focusing on it now instead of me, seeing as it was actively attacking them.

I settled on the branch, content for a chance to regain a bit of energy as the large beast, a Pokemon I presumed, let out a roar and started to stomp the ground. For now it was focused on the robots, and hopefully it wouldn’t notice me once it was done destroying my pursuers.
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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

E-123 Omega "Ω"
Central City, out in the city
Affected RPers: Grassy, metal (just cause Director hasn't really left just yet)

The elderly human kicked Shadow with such unprecedented and unexpected force for his age. Suddenly time slowed down as Omega processed the situation. What should have been two seconds of Shadow flying through the air became minutes, hours, as long as he needed. Time artificially slowed down to an insane crawl. Nobody else felt this. In fact it wasn't actually happening. With the increased processing power granted by Renee, Omega could think much quicker than he used to. It became clear what to do at that point. Calculating the angle of trajectory, the mass of the flying "object" hurtling at him, analyzing Shadow's air speed. It all happened in less than a split second. He knew what he had to do. It would hurt Shadow's back immensely, but no really serious damage would be sustained to either of them. The Force Field could only be used for very short periods of time. Calculating the time of impact had to be perfect. All the calculations raced through his processor. Bracing for impact, he adjusted his legs to dig into the pavement and put out his claws to catch Shadow. Just as Shadow was about to touch his claws, Omega engaged his Force Field a tenth of a millisecond before. Shadow would feel the entire impact of being kicked in the ribs and then slamming into the shield as it flickered on and absorbed the force of him hurtling through the air. Painful to his existing injuries (The back shards and the side shrapnel), but no really serious injury would be sustained except maybe to his back, quills, and shoulders. A very slight pancake feeling. Although 80% of the force of the impact was absorbed by the shield, the last 20% still went through as the shield flickered off. Omega still ended up scraping his feet against the pavement a good distance while holding Shadow firmly from the back around the waist, and just safely touching the building behind them.

Omega recorded all the events for possible review in the future, not really caring about it. "Elderly human's strength way above normal parameters. Elderly human is completely delusional. Threat level: High. Recommend termination on future encounter." He watched the retreat occur, putting his friend down gently after what just happened. He had wanted to retaliate, but his friend's well-being at the time was more important. "Requesting specifics of current physical status." He said, dusting himself off. He then proceeded to disengage his foot anchors from the pavement, stamping his feet a little in the process and stepping away slightly.
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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

K'sariya Damuna • Guardian Units of Nations • Central City
caught in the undertoe just caught in the undertoe


Concrete splintered and cracked like wood with a jagged rumble, rising up to a peak in massive plates, exposing the steel support cables to the open air once more. Dirt shot into the air from the damaged construction in a sudden, powerful burst, showering the maimed cement with moist earth. The mixed stone and packed soil had buckled easily under the combined force of the two Focus Blasts from the rock titan and the dark dragon. Clinging to the back of her beloved beast, K'sariya emerged first, perched between the six rippling wings of her Hydreigon. The combined Psychic of her Metagross and Musharna boosted the rest of her Pokemon upwards, themselves included.

She laid her eyes first upon the destroyed vehicle to her left, gaze immediately traveling to the broken body of the very creature that she had sent her Pokemon to protect. She felt her own anger boil inside of her, the emotion bubbling up from her gut and leaking into the expression in her eyes. The cloaked woman glanced quickly in front of her, path of sight searching out Shadow, whose foot had just come down upon the radio, crushing it beneath his smothering anger.

It started in the tips of his fingers, crimson like the blood of his fallen comrade, birthing tendrils of claret energy that snaked and swirled up his arm as his fingers curled into his palm, forming a quivering fist as rage pulsed through his tensing form. It spread like a disease, dripping its poison against gravity as it crawled up his limb, plunging from his skin and into concentrated spikes of negative energy. A rage-filled cry of massive proportions ripped from his chest, and he flung himself forward, torn paper and lightweight debris ripping about as he pushed himself toward the fleeing machine in pursuit.

Her fingers clung desperately at the cold steel of her Metagross as the impact from the sonic boom rippled toward them. The very ground beneath them seemed to shake with the splintering of the sound barrier, leaving them jarred to the bone as it threw them backwards slightly. Still clutching Kalahaq's leg, she pulled herself to her feet just in time to begin running. She stumbled at first, head ringing from the sonic boom, and vaulted forward, but her body curled and she rolled instead, and then picked herself up and kept running. She felt glass push past the calloused tissue of her bare feet, spreading blood in her wake, but forced herself forward.

The space around Alixra warped momentarily as a Trick Room rippled around her, giving her a slight boost in momentum. In addition to this, the Musharna was boosted forth in her levitation by a powerful, but harmless, blast of water from Thalion. She pursued her master at an irritatingly slow pace, but it would be fast enough to get her there in time.

Yards and yards away, the cloaked Trainer spotted fire erupting before the flying menace, sending it spiraling to the ground. Her azure orbs quickly sought out the source of this attack, and a smile spread to her features as she laid eyes upon her beloved Volcarona.

"Zira!" she called, but the Pokemon had already seen her and was flying quickly toward her human companion. The massive butterfly soared over K'sariya, body turning upside down right before she did a loop and came back under her as the bipedal being performed a practice leap in front of Zira. She grabbed tightly onto the silky fur of the Volcarona, burying her face into the comforting substance momentarily before shifting upwards to see what was ahead of them.

Zira's body jerked upright as the displaced air from the explosion rushed into them, a screech emitting from her form. She fluttered desperately to regain balance, and obtained it a back flip and a flustered Trainer later. K'sariya looked quickly around for Shadow, whom she had lost in the explosion, to find that he had been blown past her. Before she could even begin to regain her senses, he had already engaged himself in yelling at an old man. From the sound of it, the elderly creature did not seem to be of similar affiliation. She turned her Pokemon toward the source, a strange feeling rippling through her chest.

I don't think that man would be out here if he was as helpless as he see--

To confirm her interrupted mental statement, the male's leg thrust forth into Shadow's ribs, sending him flying back into an allied robot with cringe-worthy force. K'sariya could almost hear the snap of bones shattering and shrapnel flying into vital organs.

Or could she?

Her eyes opening from her wince, she realized that it would not be as bad as she originally predicted. At her steady pace, Alixra had drifted near enough to predict such retaliation, and had initiated a Psychic in mid-air. This had slowed the hedgehog's flight drastically, and he slammed into the automaton with much less force than originally intended. A smile graced K'sariya's countenance even after she rested her sight upon the man. It took a couple of seconds to fade. Oh, how she loved her Pokemon.

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861 words • tagged; Grassy {Shadow}, bron {Omega} [minor]
comments; not satisfied at the slightest with this
but here it is. issantu will come in later.
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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Miles "Tails" Prower
Revolution Uprising
Base XFA (HQ), Fight Area, Sinnoh
Affected RPers: Dr. Robotnik, All Members of Revolution Uprising

The room fell silent, lights dimming after Cadance left with Thunder Wave to fight the robots outside. “There’s nothing you can do about this disaster, is there?” a rookie turned and called to him, obviously looking distraught. "Well, I'd need my tools and some wiring, fuses and scrap metal, but I could do it. It might take a day or so, but I could have it back up and running." he said back to the rookie, waiting for a moment when he didn't respond. "That means I need you to run downstairs to my workshop. I'll begin working on diagnostics, seeing if I can salvage any parts or programs." He then bent down, starting to work on the computers, when he asked another question. "Whatever you do, don't touch anything other than the tools and the blue box of scrap metal and wires I have down there. Fuses are in the third drawer from the right, second row down in my toolbox"


He opened his eyes and instantly regretted it as the light stung his eyes. How long was I asleep? was the first thought that ran through his mind, then the dots connected. He flung his head upwards into a sitting position, his eyes flickering open. He quickly looked at himself in a nearby pond, and noticed he was lucky to get out alive. He was covered in scratches, his shoes and gloves tattered and caked with mud. Looking back at where he landed, he noticed a very long patch of dirt running from where he woke up, running through the clearing he was in, and further. He quickly assessed the situation, thinking he could be really far from home. "With a trajectory like that...and the ejector seat firing..." Tails thought aloud, looking around for evidence of his plane, but quickly stopping himself from hoping that it would be nearby.

I could be on a whole other continent! I'm still confused on how I survived a landing like that, but I guess I should be happy that I'm here.

Now the only question is...where to?

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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Guardian Units of Nations
Central City, G.U.N. HQ, Defense Operations
ARPers: Grassy, bron, Sights

Astrailyx watched as the Carrier finally retreated, the shield protecting it as it did. She didn’t like seeing it go as it did, more damage would have been a lovely thing, but at least they were left for a moment to regroup themselves. The man though, bothered Astrailyx further, but there was a time to try and identify him at a later date. With the remaining Badniks being with the retreat, or blowing themselves up, at least they could take some time to recover. If that was only a demonstration, then they had something to be worried about. She hovered lower to the ground, now that she didn’t have to oversee absolutely everything at once, and looked at everyone else in the room, all who of seemed to be a bit relieved.

“How much information did we get from the shield?” She asked, looking at another agent of GUN.

“We got a bit, it’s been sent to the databases for analysis.”

“Alright, that’s something. Have the ground teams sweep the debris for anyone that needs help.” She instructed. “What’s the status on everyone else? How are they doing?”

“Well most of those ground teams are alright. We have reports that Blaze’s team is inbound from their special task and should be here in a couple of hours once the clear is given. Also…” She paused looking at everyone else, who gave the woman a few looks. Astrailyx seemed confused as she saw everyone give her these expressions, immediately knowing something else had happened. “Well…Ace’s team…didn’t make it. Ace is…gone.”

The information hit Astrailyx a bit hard. Her ears visibly dropped a bit at the sad news, as well as her elevation. She closed her eyes and looked towards the side. Ace wasn’t the most sociable of characters, but he was still a good person. Her eyes opened halfway, thinking this was all the more reason to stop Robotnik and this reign of war.

“We didn’t want to tell you, as you specifically requested to keep your focus…”

“Yes…no that’s fine, you did a good job.” She told them with a weak smile. “We will just use this to motivate ourselves to prevent other casualties in the future.”

As Astrailyx turned, the flapped further into the air out of surprise, not hearing her before now or even knowing she was here, as well as Streak. Seeing Streak always made her a bit nervous, coming from his odd nature of how he came to be, as Blaze had suggested. After she composed herself, she looked at Renee, who had been requesting something to do.

“Well right now we need the medical equipment and computers working at full capacity, no doubt we’re going to have many people needing some attention.” She explained. “As for raising your security clearance…I don’t know if I can do that.”

When Streak mentioned Shadow, that’s when something clicked into her head. Knowing him, he was going to refuse any kind of help, and if he was in any sort of need of it, Shadow would have been stubborn enough to walk all the way back here. The dragon didn’t like the idea at all, and now that the City was being left alone for the moment, she figured it was safe to leave the premises.

“I’m going out into the field, drop the DZ’s and the TW towers and get more ground patrols in to help with clean up and recovery. Get everyone who can, into medical or repairs.”

“Yessir…ma’am.” Was the unified response she was given as she left the Defense Hub, flying out into the hallway and to the outside.

Astrailyx still felt bad for being unable to protect Ace, thinking of the possibility that if she didn’t sent the stealth team to pick him up, he may have still been alive. The thoughts swirled around her head as she met the outside, immediately smelling smoldering metal, ash and burning debris. War was a terrible, terrible feeling, in all senses. What you saw gave you nightmares, what you smelled forever burned your nose, what you heard haunted any other sound, and it all eroded at your mind. At least in her mind, she was trying to protect everyone from as much trauma as possible. Though an unrealistic goal, even miracles could happen when they weren’t supposed to.

Astrailyx was going to, in the minimal cases, keep a certain hedgehog from what she could guess was bleeding out.
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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

[Commander] Shadow the Hedgehog
Guardian Units of Nations
Central City
Affected RPers: Sight (K'Sariya), Bron (Omega), and Dr. R (Director)
<Turning Tides, Waking Wounds>

It happened quickly. In one moment, he had the old man where he wanted him, at the end of his claws...And the next instant he knew, he shifted quickly and his foot came up, smashing into his chest. He heard a distinct crack sound, although he was distinctly aware of multiple ribs breaking instead of just one. The attack was powerful and swift, far too mighty for a mere mortal, and the force simply shut down any cognitive thought the hedgehog might have had as he hurtled backwards. The Director became further away within milliseconds without making a move, defying time as those seconds turned to minutes and subsequently hours. Shadow flew without wings, but he was far from a subject of grace and beauty with his relatively beaten body. Hedgehogs were not meant to take flight, and certainly not in the manner he was, back first and feet last.

Then, he felt a peculiar feeling enshroud him, tugging at his being and mind with a calming strength. He saw the figure of K'sariya riding the figure of the flaming moth, with the same pink elephant next to her with a soft blue glow around her. It was then he realized that the strange feeling was indeed coming from that Pokemon, and it wasn't just making him feel odd. The hedgehog felt his speed slow down, and due to that time seemed to return to normal for him. He heard a faint noise behind him, recalling Omega being there, and then quite suddenly that pleasing comfort suddenly was shattered into a hundred pieces of burning agony as he collided with a shield. Confusion rippled through his mind just as quickly as a storm stirs up a sea, swirling into a tumultuous mass as darkness shrouded his vision for the briefest of moments. The glass in his back dug further into his flesh, bitterly searching for a new home within the muscle and bone as it spread its red hot fury through every fiber of his being. Everything became hazy as the pressure on his back subsided, and he felt the grip of cold steel wrap around his sides as his companion caught him before he could fall unceremoniously onto the ground.

Then he was placed onto his feet, both of them buckling beneath him as his energy gave out and he was brought down to his hands and knees. His metal companion asked for specifics of his status, but he couldn't answer him, as the hedgehog was in the process of violently coughing up small amounts of blood. His chest hurt so badly, he wished he could just rip it open to allow himself to breathe, for the pressure of his fractured ribs was maddening. He didn't know if immortals could survive without breathing; Shadow thought they could, but being flawed himself and not having proof, he wasn't inclined to try. After a few moments of the coughing fit, he finally fell over onto his uninjured side, gulping what air he could as the Director spoke.

"Don't act so self righteous, Shadow. You are no saint, and to threaten an old man's life should be beneath someone so high as the commander of GUN," he spoke casually but with some indignation, "I have my reasons for why I support Robotnik. You mightn't have seen it yet, but his way ensures a lasting peace, regardless of this demonstration he requested. There are more of us than you know; not all of his army is made up of robots, and he most certainly hasn't set to roboticizing everyone in the areas he has conquered. The propaganda your organization is producing is at best horribly inaccurate." He turned his back on them after adjusting his hat. "A unified world with no disease, no crippling disabilities, and near perfect peace. That is why I aid him. His methods I may not agree with, but great goals require great sacrifice. While you were busy... playing... with Beta a moment ago, the withdrawal order was given. What members of 'my' forces haven't retreated yet are in the process of doing so. Your soldiers may rest easy. However... I would like to extend the offer to you and your allies to join me. Robotnik will ignore his empire once he's conquered the world, this much I'm certain of by his treatment of his new lands. If they do not wish to join an army, they are welcome to take up residence in any of the refugee centers in Robotnik's new holdings..." The Director trailed off in thought, waiting for his response.

"No...I am no saint. I did not qualify for the white robes and halo." Shadow wheezed. "Peh...'Old man'...The way you kicked me suggests otherwise..." Cough. "And I don't...Make the propaganda. Talk with the victims of this violence about that." He tried to push himself up, but he couldn't move and it incited another fit of coughing. "Oh, I agree with the unification and lack of disease...But personally...I prefer free will...And having worked with him before, I honestly cannot see him as being a kind dictator." He couldn't see the Egg Carrier due to way he was lying, but he had no reason to not believe the retreat order had been given. "I do not believe you about humans being in the army. You...Your strength...Is not that of an old man. You have been...Enhanced somehow. I am not sure of the specifics. While I may relay the message to join, I can assure you a vast majority will not bother. They know the Doctor speaks lies," his eyes narrowed, "and your hesitation at the end of your speech about refugee centers is very suspicious. It certainly does not help your plea." He growled, although it irritated his lungs and forced him into another attack of hacking up small amounts of blood. "As for my own opinion, I can give you my answer right here and now. As much as I might agree with some aspects, I do not agree with the methods used. I have no plans to join his side again anytime soon. My loyalties lie with my allies...And with the promises of the past."

He lowered his head onto the ground, feeling the soothing gravel beneath. He was so tired, it was practically bone deep. His eyelids slid partly down his eyes, but he kept his gaze - steady and focused - firmly on the man that had injured him so terribly. Shadow fought against the desire to sleep tooth and nail, sinking his fangs into consciousness and clawing at the fog within his mind; he heard Omega state something about the old man being delusional and needing to be terminated but it was far away and distorted. Rather than try to decipher words unknown, Shadow focused on refusing his damaged body the relief of rest, knowing full well that in his condition there was the chance he wouldn't wake up from it. Slim, but present. After having watched Ace die in front of him, he had no desire to join the ranks of the afterlife. There was so much to do here, and he had to keep his oaths to protect life and ensure peace. He was the Ultimate Life Form; he could do anything if he wanted to. There were limits, however.

After all, he couldn't do anything if he was dead, now could he?

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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Stella Marino
Eggman Empire
Lilycove City, heading for the outskirts
Affected RPers: None, but people can intervene if they so dare

Dammit. This wasn't good at all, the robots were starting to head out from the center of the city. Stella crouched against the wall, listening to the clank of metal rustle down the street near her. They weren’t approaching her, but they weren’t going away either. She frowned a little and chanced a glance around the corner, just barely showing herself. There was a group of the stupid orange things poking around in some of the abandoned buildings, obviously looking for survivors, looking for people like her. Her fine brows dipped lower over her silver eyes and her lips turned down in the slightest beginnings of a pout. Go away, she thought, as if she could will them away.

She muttered something under her breath and retreated back to the cover of her wall. She felt very exposed even though there wasn’t a soul in sight. It was the first time she had dared to venture outside in hours. She wasn’t particularly scared of Eggman’s robots, just the sheer amount of them that could swoop down in a matter of minutes. “We’re going to need a new plan, Lola,” she whispered. “We can’t stay here, but we can’t step out either.”

“Miiisss…” a soft voice hissed in the air around her, and the cold aura that seemed to always surround the girl dropped even lower in temperature. She felt a soft brush against her cheek, a reassuring touch, and then the air next to her shimmered for a brief instant before a large Mismagius appeared. The pokemon’s butter-yellow eyes were also narrowed, but looked more irritated than her master’s. “Misssmagiuss,” the ghost said, her voice like the sizzling of water against hot iron.

Stella smiled sardonically. “I know you could take them out,” she said, glancing at her friend proudly. “But I would much rather us not attract attention. Not when we don’t need to.”

Lola twirled a little, her long skirts flaring out from her movements. “Mismagius,” she said, floating closer to Stella.

The trainer’s eyebrows went up, and her smile vanished in her surprise. “Yes, that could work,” she said as if she was surprised that she hadn’t thought of it earlier. “That would be perfect, let’s go.”

The ghost pokemon nodded before swooping even closer and throwing out her skirts, the red jewels on her chest glowing brightly as she enveloped her trainer inside them. Then, just like that, Stella and Lola vanished instantly from sight. However Stella could still see herself and she knew that she was standing in the exact same spot as before, she was just invisible. She turned then, feeling Lola follow her movements, and walked straight into the wall.

Right through it, actually, into the building she had just been hiding behind. It was some sort of restaurant, but she paid nothing any heed as she half-walked, half-floated (thanks to Lola) through the tables and walls as if they weren’t there. The next building she walked into was a small convenience store, again abandoned, and it was seconds before she reached her true destination: the Pokemon Center. She was closer to Eggman’s scouts now, and the lights were still on, so she had a higher chance of being spotted. The moment she walked into the Center, Lola broke away from her, leaving her visible and solid once more. She quickly rushed to the nearest PC, the thump of her boots echoing ominously across the building. It was still on, thank Arceus, and she quickly booted up her storage unit. Eggman might have taken over the government, but he still had to keep all of the power on, since his robots needed it.

And because the government collapsed, that meant that there were no more regulations for how many pokemon a trainer could take out of their PC. Stella would have taken out all of her pokemon if she could, but she simply could not support all of them at the same time. Instead her fingers flew rapidly against the keys, drawing out a Great Ball, a Heal Ball, Dusk Ball, and a Quick Ball in a matter of seconds. The brightly colored pokeballs clashed with each other and added bright splashes of color to her already oddly-bright supply of pokeballs. She slipped the extra four into her jacket pocket since her belt was designed to only hold six pokeballs. “Let’s go,” she said shortly.

Just as Lola swooped down to cover her again, she saw an orange Eggman robot trot right into full view of the glass doors. The robot whipped its head around the moment she disappeared and seemed rather confused for a second. Stella was already running though, sliding right though the walls of the Center, pasted the machines and the employee-only areas, out into one of the back alleys. She broke into a run the moment she was free, Lola lifting her up a little so that her boots would not clomp against the ground an make any noise. Alright, she got what she wanted, now she was getting the heck out of here.

Eggman Empire
Outskirts of Slateport City, in the air
Affected RPers: Hellsing

“Come on, go go go,” Odin muttered to himself, trying to push himself even harder. He shuddered a little as he did, since whenever he taxed his mental powers this much it felt like we was lifting weights with his brain. His brain sort of ached and burned the same way muscles would after a strenuous workout, except it didn’t really hurt so much as exhaust him. Still his efforts paid off as he streaked through the open skies like a bullet, a transparent wave of blue energy surrounding him so that the winds would not tear at his clothes. He literally blasted through clouds as he ran into them, decimating their puffy figures into scattered mists as his psychic field pushed against them.

Everything around him was a blur, but that didn’t stop Odin from glancing over his shoulder to look for his pursuer. He couldn’t sense Fenrir using his mind, somehow the robot was shielded from it, so Odin could only rely on his physical senses to track his hunter down. It was frustrating and disconcerting to the extreme because Fenrir often jumped up on him when he least expected it, because he didn’t sense him coming beforehand. As usual, he saw nothing. He knew that he could travel much faster than Fenrir when he needed to, but Fenrir could fly for a longer amount of time.

He was nearing a city, he could see the gleam of the buildings on the distant horizon. Slateport? He thought that was the city’s name, he still had to get used to Hoenn. Team Rocket had not given him much of an opportunity to go sightseeing or learn the layout of the region, since he had yet to give Fenrir a good slip that would last for a few weeks before they met up again. Odin narrowed his eyes and looked ahead glaring at the fast approaching city. Eggman controlled this place still, so he couldn’t go there. That was actually what Fenrir wanted to do, since he now had the robots on his side apparently. But where else to flee to? It would be hard as hell to lose his pursuer now, and—

The shadow that fell over him gave him a split second warning, and he swerved to the right just as a red blast of energy came flying past him, just barely missing him. Odin looked up and there he was, his spiky, unnatural wings spread out against the sunlight and his distinctive spear clutched in one hand. The blond swerved again as he saw Fenrir take aim and fire.

“Surrender, you little pest!” Fenrir yelled at him, obviously annoyed that the chase had gone on for this long.

Odin growled in frustration, wishing that he could fight and fly at the same time. If he could then he might have actually beat Fenrir into the dust by now. He yelped as Fenrir sped towards hit, almost crashing into him as he dodged. Damn robot, he knew that Odin couldn’t come out unscathed from an attack like that while his perfect little mechanical self would even have a scratch.

“Land!” Fenrir shouted, swinging his spear at Odin. The psychic dodged again, although his reflexes were getting slower. He really would have to land soon if he didn’t want to tire himself out. “I said land!” Fenrir repeated, trying to blast him with his arm cannon.

Not seeing much of another option, Odin did just that. He managed to catch a glimpse of Fenrir’s astonished face before he plummeted downwards, right for the ground. He laughed at his brief victory, then realized with a shock that he was heading right for a group of Eggman robots who were fighting a Venusaur. The psychic threw out his shield quickly and slammed it into the ground right before impact, throwing the robots nearby back a good twenty feet and cushioning his landing as well. The Venusaur on the other hand roared at him and his sudden appearance, immediately taking him for the threat. Odin quickly reached out with his mind and touched the pokemon’s, getting into its head as easily as one would open a door. He sent a wave of reassurance to the Venusaur and the large beast relaxed instantly, a puppet to his will. I am not the one you should attack, but him! Odin sent to the Venusaur, pointing at Fenrir, who was making his own way down to meet them.

The Venusaur roared in anger and stomped its feet, rising to the challenge. He growled and then fired a Sludge Bomb at Fenrir, hitting the shocked android dead on and knocking him out of his flight as if he were a fly. He crashed into the ground harshly, the thick, oozing liquid restricting his movements as he tried to get up, as the Venusaur stomped over to him angrily.

Odin nodded in satisfaction and then turned to the Eggman robots, who were starting to recover. He would have to destroy all of them. No big deal, he had done it before; he just hoped that his new ally would keep Fenrir distracted long enough for him to do it. His blue eyes slid closed and he gathered his thoughts for a moment, meditating and calming himself down for the next fight that was about to begin. “Bring it,” the hyrbrid said as his eyes flashed open and he unleashed another wave of psychic energy at the robots, picking them up and slamming them into the ground as if they were toys.
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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Zippy Lane
Park Lords
Location: Route 29- Off the Beaten Path, then back on the trail, Johto
Affected RPers: ChainReaction01, Dr. Robotnik (Lamda)

The silence in the room seemed to have lasted for days. Only the munching of chips from a very hungry ledyba filled the void. Zippy’s pokemon looked upon the ledyba in a judging manner, causing the poor ladybug pokemon to put down the chips and look very sad. Just then, the girl smacked her hand upon the countertop and leaped to her feet.

“I got an idea!”

She ran to the other side of the station, frantically looking through a small pile of books. Zippy grabbed a tall thin hardcover made of black leather. Its unique shape revealed its purpose as Zippy opened the book: it was an atlas. Though the book contained maps primarily in Johto, it was enough for the junior ranger to lay out her plan.

“OK, so there are ranger stations close to all the major cities. But if they’re all like Cherrygrove, the rangers might have gathered somewhere else, somewhere more isolated.” She pointed to a lone station out in the middle of the ocean. “The troop leader showed us a video about a research station out on the Whirl Islands. It’s operated by the rangers, so if there’s any place they would gather, it’d be there. That’s where we should go.”

Zippy’s pokemon looked at her with a blank stare. This new plan sounded an awful lot like the old one. Still, the ranger kept on talking, not even giving Shaveh a chance to speak.

“Yeah yeah, it sounds like what we’ve been doing, but this time, instead of going on land, we’ll go by boat and avoid a whole bunch of tin heads. All we have to do is sneak into Cherrygrove and nab a boat from the port. Those robots won’t miss one boat, right? I bet they don’t even like water!”

The pokemon realized that this new plan no longer sounded like the old one: It was the same plan. Only this time, they would walk into an enemy-controlled city, steal a boat that may or may not be there, and travel for miles over open ocean with no stops in between. This did not account for the fact that none of them actually knew how to drive a boat. None of that crossed Zippy’s mind however. She heard the calls for help over the radio, and she was determined to join the pokemon rangers in helping kick these tin heads back to whatever planet they came from.

“Now, since we have to stay quiet, I’m going to put you guys back in your pokeballs. Don’t worry, I’ll let you out if there’s trouble.”

The plan grew worse. Now, Zippy was going through the most dangerous part of her plan without her pokemon out. Presumably, she would be going with Shaveh and her pokemon were right on her belt, but how much time would she have to summon one of them before a badnik attacked? The junior ranger was taking a “we’ll cross that bridge when we get there” approach to strategy. Whether it would work out for them was about to be seen.

“Come on, Shaveh. It’s time to save the world!”

Zippy walked out of the forest, returning to the popular route she had previously avoided. It was the only way into the city, so the junior ranger didn’t have much of a choice. This time, Zippy entered further up the trail, closer to the city. She watched for several minutes for any robot patrols, but strangely, none were around. Stranger still, there was still a large patch of tall grass left standing, perfect for sneaking her way towards the city. Without hesitation, she entered the grassy area, crouching down to keep her head below the grass line. As she walked slowly through the brush, Zippy could hear what sounded like a radio and…a voice? Was it another person? It sounded awfully strange to be a human voice, but the girl headed for it anyways. Any hope of finding more people was always something worth going after.

Zippy finally arrived at the origin of the noise and jumped back a bit. It was one of those robots, only less…armed. Instead of guns (at least, visible ones), this one wheeled box with arms had but a clipboard. It seemed more suited for the office than the frontier. Having a better look at the machine, Zippy felt confident that it wasn’t much of a threat. In fact she decided to talk to it.

“So,” Zippy attempted to get Lambda’s attention, “what’s a tin head like you doing way out here?” She stood at full height, hands at her hips in an attempt to look intimidating. The robot was stuck in the grass, and she wanted to make sure it stayed that way. And if the badnik tried anything, she always had Shaveh to back her up.

Too bad Zippy left him behind…
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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Guardian Units of Nations
Central City, G.U.N. HQ, Defense Operations
ARPers: Grassy, bron, Sights

Astrailyx could fly very quickly when she wanted to, even faster if she had to. Already outside of base and a good couple kilometers from the city centre, the only time she paused was to land on one of the ground team’s all purpose vehicles. Someone was already manning one of the top gatling guns, only looking through a pair of binoculars when they were startled by the lavender dragon coming up from behind hem so quickly. Had she the strength to do it, she would have landed with her talons rather than stopping abruptly in flight, but at the speed she was going, it would have ended up more like a crash.

“How many are you estimating will need medical attention?” She inquired before the scared soldier could give her a proper greeting.

“We have quite a few…probably thirty at most. We picked up four so far and another team picked up three. More are on the way.” He answered nervously.

“Do you have a kit you could spare?” Astrailyx asked. “I have a bad feeling Shadow got himself into trouble again.”

“Yes I think so.” He pulled himself down and yelled at the few of the other soldiers down below. Astrailyx could hear shuffling and metal clicking about as he returned, giving her a small red and white box with the clear red cross on it. Taking it around her chest, she thanks the soldier, about to leave when the timid soldier stopped her, and offered her a radio.

“You might want this just in case. We were told Commander Shadow engaged Beta and well, he’s no longer in sight and there was an explosion.”

Astrailyx nodded and thanks the man for the information. Secretly in her mind she was to assume the worst possible scenario outside of death, she knew Shadow was far too stubborn for that. In the distance the Egg Carrier drew further and further away from the city, leaving a reminder of what threat is possessed. She stared at it as she flew with haste, wondering how they, or anyone else was going to be able to take the monstrosity down. She was willing to spend sleepless nights figuring it out, she wanted less weapons on the field and a way to stop this entire cataclysm. The man who seemed to be giving some sort of speech was either not fully aware of what kind of man Robotnik was, or had been blinded by a twisted, vague reality that was nothing but a nightmare. Having to go through all of this, there was a reason they were all fighting back against him, much more of a reason to be siding with someone as mad.

Looking down, Astrailyx saw the familiar symbol, the only thing distincting itself from any other Badnik and not having her jolt on it’s presence. It was Omega, and as she flew in closer, she saw K’sariya and her large, fluffy moth Pokémon, along with the more round, pink and purple one. If Astrailyx was remembering correctly, they were a Volcarona, and Musharna respectively. The last thing she saw was Shadow on the ground, bearing more read on him than was good for him. The fact he wasn’t even holding a bit of himself up gave her cause to worry, though she pushed it back from her mind as best she could, in order not to cloud it. Once she was hovering near their level, she could see all of it.

Glass, the wedge of metal, blood and exhaustion. It became more and more difficult to push the concern aside as she opened up the medical kit she had borrowed and started looking for proper gauze and a bandage. She continued to work away, even asking the large robot standing next to her a question.

“Omega, what happened?” A bit of worry was hidden well in the last work of the inquiry, pulling out her radio in the meantime, not quite waiting for an answer. “HQ this is Astrailyx, we’re going to need an emergency surgery for Shadow, we’re going to try and get him there as fast as we can, I want it ready before we get there.”

Without waiting she still worked away, knowing that the metal piece was going to be stuck where it was until they got back to base. Knowing Shadow probably had no energy left in him, she knew it was safe to try and fade her hand into his back and pull the shards out. As she moved her hands closer to his back, it became translucent, almost as if she were becoming a ghost. As she went to remove one, she could feel the muscles move and the hot blood come forth. Going to move another one closer to his side so she could turn him over to get the rest, Astrailyx abruptly stopped, feeling that something around his chest was out of place. Heat and muscle tension, as if it was desperately trying hard to heal something. The dragon took a closer look, noticing shallow and painful breathing, as well as very limited chest movement when he inhaled and exhaled. It didn’t take her long to put it all together; broken ribs. Without an x-ray, she wasn’t sure how bad it was, but just from looking, she could see the slightest of bumps on his one side, meaning there was at least two complete breaks.

Astrailyx was starting to get more and more concerned. “I can’t move him like that, even with ethereal abilities the gravity will cause him more harm than good.”

Astrailyx then turned toward the feeling of heat from the nearby Volcarona. Looking at K’saryia and her Pokémon, she had an idea.

“K’sariya, can I ask that you have Zira carry Shadow back to base, and that Alixra use her special abilities to lift him? It seems the best way to move him without causing him more damage. In the state he’s in right now, we can’t afford it. I’ll need her to hold Shadow up until I can get all the glass out of his back and put a tensor cast around his chest to prevent him from moving and causing what ribs aren’t completely broken to break.”

Still, as she asked and kept working on very slowly, and carefully getting the glass that seemed to want to be the new quills out of the hedgehog’s back. Ace had already died, she wasn’t going to let anyone else die if she had the chance. Especially Shadow of all people or anthros. The metal plate in his hip was a bitter sweet thing, and as much as she wanted to take it out and mend it herself, Astrailyx knew it was better to leave it in. She wasn’t sure what she would be doing if K’sariya wasn’t here, most likely a lot of sitting and waiting, or awkward moving with Omega.

“You’re going to be okay…” She thought out loud, though in a much softer volume.

‘I won’t let Robotnik take any more lives if I can…’

From the corner of her eye, as she turned, she could see the old man. A serious look came upon her face, but other than continuing to take the glass shards out, she didn't do anything other than stare. It wasn't one of anger, but the idea that he so much as took another step and she would retaliate accordingly. Him standing there idly by told him that he was not anything as he appeared. engaging in a battle with him, she even now withheld, unsure of how he would react and knowing they needed the time now to get Shadow help. Anytime that gaze of seriousness appeared on the dragon's face, she meant every expressive, silent word it spoke.

"I do not believe what you percieve as a future reality, and what Robotnik has told you he percieves as a reality, are one in the same. What you may see as primitive squabbling, senseless fighting, is the defense of the will and right of others. Perfection is only within the perception of one person, and all people see things differently. Perfection cannot be attained because of this because there is no universal continuity to what perfection is, even in a near sense. Beings cannot have strong points without flaws, people cannot claim happiness when there is no anger, or sadness that exists; it defeats any definition of anything that may exist. Even in times of peacefulness there are confrontations or arguments here and there. Differences clash and it is what makes the universe as such and gives everything a definition. Even then, shadow's point to the direction of the light, meaning things such as pain, may not be that much of a bad thing by some definition. Without flaw, there is no need to grow or learn, only a blank existence were to remain." She told him, in a neither condescending or threatening way. "You have your reasons for siding with Robotnik, ones I do not fully understand. You may not fully understand our reasons for opposing him either, but as of now I know I stand where I did before. Happiness is something much more worthwhile to aim for in my beliefs, rather than becoming perfect. Perhaps your idea of near perfection differs from what I may be thinking you're thinking it is, but I am not one to put words in anyone's mouth. If you say you and those you have sided with are retreating, I would suggest to do as you have mentioned and follow through."

The ex-deity still retained some of her wisdom from her past life, and being stuck in space gave you plenty of time to think. It was one of the things Astrailyx had actually learned, and she held onto it as her firm ideal.
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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Central City, GUN Base, Defense Operations Room
Affected Rpers: Sabi (in passing and directly)

Medical equipment and computers working at full capacity, huh? "Yea, I could do that no problem. Dunno what I could do with the Central Comuter Core without the proper clearance, though. I guess I'll have to wait for Shadow to grant that." Said Renee as the Subcommander was leaving, more to herself than to the dragon.

Still in the room, she punched up a call to Omega on her watch. "Omega, you getting this? What's the situation with Shadow? Did you find him?" The signal hissed a little but then connected.

Renee also heard the Subcommander's voice asking Omega what happened at the same time she asked this question. Wow the Subcommander was very fast and already there. Then Renee heard metal steps as he followed her to answer both inquiries.

"Affirmative, the area provided was correct. Scanning for trace Chaos energy in the city limits proved fruitful, but I was late and Shadow was already badly hurt. An unidentified old man with overwhelming kicking power further hurt Shadow and I would have started shooting had I not cared about his well-being more at the time. Anyway, based on my scans, Shadow is incredibly hurt but his immortality prevents him from total fatality. You may use my internal tracker to locate us if you wish." Answered Omega in his usual metallic and unemotional voice.

Renee motioned to the people in the room, relaying the coordinates to their computers through her Tablet. Since Omega wouldn't leave his friend's side, they could use this information to find Shadow if they wanted to.

"You coming back?" She asked Omega.

"Negative. I will stay to oversee his status and the situation. I will be back with the others. Omega out." He answered and closed the conversation link as we could hear the sound of him transforming into spike ball form, presumably to follow the others.

I walked over to Renee. "Well, that's kinda good. We should head to the Med Bay and check on the wounded along with their computers there. Wanna do that now?"

"Sure, just let me check the status of city cleanup." She said as we walked out of the room and to the elevator. "Huh." She was reading stuff on her Tablet. "Very good. The scrap from all the Badniks is being collected into storage. That could come in handy. All that metal and circuits. The metal could be melted down and the circuits could be reused for other things." We entered the elevator and the doors closed with a whoosh behind us. Renee scanned the elevator with the blue scanning light from her Tablet like she did before in DO. "I could probably improve this elevator if I had the time. Better just scan it and store it's schematics for later. This elevator could do with a voice command interface."

I pressed the button for the Medical Floor. "Always looking to improve on things huh?" I asked, leaning on the wall with my arms folded across my chest, standing on one foot with the other foot up and behind me pressed against the metal wall.

"Yes, yes I am." She nodded. "And would you stop putting your feet on the walls?" I shuffled uncomfortably and put my foot down. We arrived shortly after.

The Medical Floor had five elevators from ground level on it for easy access and this one. People and anthros were constantly being carried in in stretchers. They were in various states of needing medical attention. We walked into the Med Bay as Renee scanned it with her Tablet as usual.

A lady doctor wearing a labcoat with blood on it, probably from sewing up wounds, walked up to us. She looked pretty average. "May I help you?" She asked. The head doctor was surrounded by dozens of other doctors running around the place and tending to the wounded. General conversations, groans, some screams, stretchers being wheeled in. The usual.

"Doctor Mayweather, Subcommander Astrailyx asked us to run a diagnostic on your computers. Where is your central computer?" Asked Renee. The lady motioned to the computer in the center of the room and ran off to oversee another patient, not even speaking to us. These people took their jobs seriously, huh?

Renee walked up to the computer, looked around, and made sure nobody was looking at her. She was about to do that weird thing again. I still had no idea how a human could even do that. Placing her hand on the computer, sparks danced on her hand. Lines of light spread all over the machinery in the room, seemingly dancing all over as the wave of light moved all through the equipment in the Med Bay. "Ah. I see. Uhuh." She said. The nearby printer started up and printed something on a piece of paper. Renee pulled it out and we walked up to Mayweather again. The wave of light vanished from the room as Renee stopped interacting with the Med Bay central computer.

"Here you go." She said, handing it to Doctor Mayweather.

"What's this?" Asked the doctor, taking the paper, her eyes starting to moved across it.

"Probably found flaws in this place." I said, not looking at the doctor. Instead I was zooming from patient to patient quickly, looking at their various injuries.

"Flaws? FLAWS?! I'll have you know---"

"Yes, flaws. Please read the printout." Said Renee interrupting the doctor, who continued to read the piece of paper.

Mayweather gasped a couple of times, then proceeded to look around the room and point. "That vitals scanner is due for a repair, the readout on the stretcher plugged into the wall computer needs to be recalibrated, Heart-Lung Machine #2 needs to have some parts replaced....." She continued to read all the flaws to herself.

"I've optimized the Med Bay systems, but I can do nothing to repair them myself unless you can find a more competent engineer for me to work with." Said Renee as Mayweather continued to read the rather long printout.

"Hey, I can do engineering." I said to her as we sat down on a nearby couch, hoping to catch Shadow being brought in.

"Yes, but not as well as some other people I know. Unfortunately, my data suggests they're all busy right now. This Med Bay has some complicated and also rather old technology that needs to be repaired or replaced by people who know it specifically. No offense or anything."

"Humph." I said, crossing my arms over my chest again as we proceeded to wait for the Commander. No doubt he would be brought in eventually.
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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Michelle Toya
Eggman Empire
Hoenn, Liliycove
ARPers: Enkaku_Kumori (MAYBE Stella)

Michelle could feel the headache coming on, even now. She'd been focused on expanding her range most of the time she had been moving through the city trying to find others who had been hiding, resisting, planning something against Robotnik, and now she knew she was going to pay the price for it. She had let the robots herd her around the city she had grown up in, and now it was nearing her time fo get back to the speedboat they had brought her tere on and tame her back to Sootopolis, where she would waitto report to Robotnik the way she had the few times before.

The view from the boat was pretty, the waters around Lilycove had always been surprisingly clear and beautiful for all the aquatic traffic the city got. Michelle remembered playing in that water when she was younger, when she could sneak away from the house and her parents for a little while to play with the Luvdisc and Remoraid that lived around the area when she could coax them out with her mind... With a soft groan, she rested her elbows on the rail of the boat and rested her head in her hands. Hook stood just behind her, and puffed a hot, dry blast of air at her hair, sending curls bouncing like springs and earning him a look from his trainer. "Yes, Hook?" she asked, sounding tired.

/Boss Lady okay?/ his mind inquired, followed by an image of her looking miserable, elbows perched on the boat rail, face in her hands. The image was odd colors, but Michelle was so used to seeing things from Hook's eyes, she knew immediately that was how he saw her at the moment. Around them robots moved, preparing the boat to leave with cautionary precision--they knew what would happen if they fell overboard.

"I'm fi--" Michlle's answer was cut off by a frenzy that erupted on the deck. Suddenly robots were around her everywhere, and one apparently reached out to grab her, as Hook whirled around, snarling and stopped just short of snapping his jaws shut around the robot. /I'm fine,/ she told him mentally.

"COME. YOU ARE NEEDED ELSEWHERE." Michelle cringed at the prospect of working again, but she knew she couldn't object. "YOU ARE NEEDED TO TRACK DOWN A FUGITIVE." Oh, wonderful, Michelle thought as she allowed herself and Hook to be herded off the boat, across the city, and into some kind of strange vehicle, where she placed Hook back into his pokeball and quietly took a seat.

OOC: Crappy post is crappy post, but not much else I could come up with at the time.

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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Name: Kiju Shadowpelt
Team: Park Lords
Location: Slateport City Outskirts, Hoenn
Affected RPers: Enkaku
<Enough running; this guy might have a map!>

Things were going fairly well; the giant toad-dinosaur thing was smashing and whipping the robots, merrily reducing them to so much scrap. As I watched it, I wondered how some of them had been captured in the first place; certainly Robotnik’s mechanical army could be a daunting force en masse, but creatures such as this on were so ridiculously powerful it was hard to believe they were caught by your average Badnik.

But then I sensed a presence and shifted, glancing around but seeing no one else. At least, not until a blast of energy hit the ground, blowing the Badniks away as a blonde human male dropped from the sky as well. The toad-dinosaur charged at him for a moment, but the male pointed into the sky and the teal beast turned its attention to something else that was approaching. I looked up to see a black-haired, ebony-winged figure plummeting towards the ground, up until the toad-dinosaur opened its wide maw and heaved a ball of purplish ooze. This hit the other figure and knocked it from the air; it turned out to be another male, though I could smell the metallic tang coming from him (if only barely over the sharp reek of the sludge the toad-dinosaur had spat up). He wasn’t human, at least not fully; he had been modified, changed, altered. Unbidden, a snarl twisted my lips. This cyborg had to be working for Robotnik; who else would do this sort of modification to a human?

My focus was brought back to the blonde-haired human when a sudden wave of energy poured out of him, lifting various Badniks into the air and slamming them about as if they were mere playthings. The winged cyborg has been chasing him, and you know what they say; the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Granted, the cyborg wasn’t technically my enemy at the moment, at least not because of anything he’d done directly to me, but simply being on Robotnik’s side made him my foe by default.

I forgot about my pilfered food for the moment, leaving it tucked securely between a few large branched as I inhaled, then threw my head back and let loose a ringing howl. The sound surged up my throat and out of my jaws, and the sheer magnitude of it made my skin tingle and my fur stand on end as though I were near an electrical storm. My tail rose, a signal that I was ready to fight as my ears perked forward. As I ran out of breath and my howl came to an end, I crouched on my perch and then leapt with all my strength. I landed on all fours in front of the blonde human and let out a snarl as I lunged at the nearest Badnik, landing on it heavily and ripping through its metal armor with my claws. The steel tore as easily as a wet tissue, and various wires and circuitry were shredded as well. Sparks jumped from the ruined robot as it toppled over backwards, and I nimbly jumped from it as it fell. I flipped in midair so I was facing the group of robots, as well as the human, and landed in a crouch before standing and pulling myself to my full height.

“Come meet your end, shackled souls,” I cried to gain their attention. “I will free you so that you may find peace instead of being trapped in these twisted metal bodies Robotnik has chained you to!” At my words, about twelve robots turned to face me, and I gathered energy into my palms as they prepared to attack. Not giving them the chance to get that far, I then slapped my paws together, forming the gathered energy into a massive sphere that I released a moment later. It split into several dozen smaller orbs before hitting any of the robots; these smaller orbs then rained down on the Badniks, causing several that had already been impaired to explode upon impact while dealing considerable damage to the others.
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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

The Director (His name's Percival by the way)
Central City

"Then we share a motivation. An unfortunate thing, being driven by the past," the director replied, casting a backwards glance towards the growing group of people. Astrailyx's speech caused him to raise an eyebrow, but he merely shrugged. "Another unfortunate thing is to judge a power by it's military. As for Robotnik's lies... well, I believe you yourself know how true that statement is Shadow. As for my enhanced strength, were it not for the cybernetics in my body I would have died quite a long time ago." He paused for a few moments as a three foot boxy robot (Who looks like Lambda but with white paint as opposed to yellow) rolled around him and placed an odd looking machine in front of Shadow.

"This is for your group! It's a healing accelerator device; you should be ready to move again in no time with this thing! And it doesn't need any messy cybernetics to work. Feel free to copy these blueprints as well," the robot said, handing a rolled up blue paper to Astrailyx and rolling backwards, giving a wave with its right hand. "And be sure to transmit these blueprints to those groups that are still in the opposition; it's a gift from the director. Also, you should take this map; it shows the location of the refugee strongholds. Our newest one is in Cherrygrove City in the Johto region."

The little robot rolled back to where the Director had moved, standing on top of what looked like a simple large sheet of thick metal with thrusters and an engine attached. "Much as I would enjoy the intellectual sparring match, I'm afraid if I tarry too long I won't catch the Carrier before it makes land again. Take care." With that, a blue energy bubble formed around the odd craft and it lifted off, marking the very end of the assault. The little robot remained behind, however, watching the group patiently. It didn't seem to be interested in attacking, or to be armed either.

Route 29

Almost as soon as Lambda had finally almost gotten out of the grass and back on the trail where he could roll freely, a girl moved in front of him and called him 'tin head'. The little robot put its hands where its hips would be and probably would have looked annoyed if its 'eye' wasn't stuck wide open. "I'll have you know I was made out of high quality, durable metals thank you very much! There's not even a trace of tin in any of my body!" Lambda said, moving its eye as if it were nodding in finality before it realized it was talking to a human. "Oh! You must be one of the refugees coming to the Cherrygrove facility! Is it that time of day already? I didn't think the next groups would be arriving until later; usually they time traveling between the troop movements so no one's accidentally put under fire. I apologize for any trouble the troop robots caused you. If you'll allow me just a moment to free myself, I'll bring you there! Oh, and try to avoid entering the factory construction site; it's very dangerous there, even for a robot like me."

As it spoke, the robot checked its clipboard. Sure enough it wasn't the usual time people were moved to a camp, but he supposed this one had wandered off on her own, judging by her outfit. After a moment, he freed himself and was back on the dirt, turning around to look at her and giving a little bow. "I am E-110, but you can call me by my codename Lambda! Hopefully the new fuse hasn't rusted on the elevator; you wouldn't believe how fast the salt water has been ruining the things. The actual refugee facility is underground, and you picked a good time to show up; we just finished fixing the temperature control function in the simulated hot springs. This way please!" The little robot said, rolling swiftly up the path towards the two short tower skeletons that would in a few days be a pair of factories. He was glad to have something to do, that was for sure.

((You can rest easy 2gamers, you and the other guy aren't going to run in to any hostiles XD No more than you already have at least. The buildings that were there before are still there, I should mention.

Latio quit the RP by the way. His character and his Pokemon were murdered by the Shadow Deoxys, and the Snag Machine he pulled out of nowhere in that post he made that he later deleted was destroyed. Rest in pieces.

To people near Lambda and similar robots, feel free to ask them whatever. They're the exposition characters, in a way XD This'll be all for the attacks for now. Have fun doing whatever, people who aren't interacting with friendly robots~

... And I should also mention; don't NPC canon characters. Either take them or assume they've been captured. And again, don't place Chaos Emeralds places just because you want to; they're rewards for effort. Running around in the hills doesn't guarantee you an emerald. Put your best foot forward and you'll do just fine~))
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