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Old 05-08-2012, 03:21 AM
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Default DAXTER: The Hero Trade [Crossover/Jak & Daxter, FIRST CHAPTER POSTED]

Villains are always up to zany schemes of all kinds. Usually nothing happens because a bunch of heroes stop them. Same case when heroes team up, right? Usually it is. Sometimes they luck out and they catch the heroes on a lunch break or napping on the couch. In one particular instance, this happened to save our reluctant and rather ugly protagonist— “Hey! Who’re you callin’ ugly?” – who should know better than to interrupt narration to interject whatever he wants to say. Our cowardly hero was taking a nap underneath his best friend Jak’s bed when everything happened. His name is Daxter, by the way, little beast...

The villain Dr. Nefarious and others whom I will purposely neglect to name because we all know the little rat is listening burst in and took the heroes captive! But they’re not the only ones. Heroes across the entire cosmos, from an idiotic blue hedgehog to little evil beasts that get sealed inside tiny red and white balls to Santa Claus. Okay, we were kidding with that last one; Santa is safe. And our idiot hero, who is still sleeping under his friend’s bed and not listening to this plot recap of what he missed while he was too busy playing in dreamland, is the only hero left in the general multiverse to stop the villains of all those worlds. We all know he can’t do it, but let’s kick him in the butt and watch him sink anyways; that ought to be worth a couple of laughs.

"Is this nut gonna narrate the entire story like this?! Someone throw me a bone! Or somethin' to use as a weapon!" And now, enough exposition, pick a place to start and read already. Maybe we can kill off the little weasel before the first arc is even thought of! "We're all gonna die."

The Hero Trade

Chapter select:
1) Daxter
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Old 05-08-2012, 04:38 AM
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Default Re: DAXTER: The Hero Trade [Crossover/Jak & Daxter]

1) Daxter

Daxter is an Ottsel. Ottsels are weasel-otter hybrid creatures that were actually a precursor society of ridiculous complexity. As often happens to precursor societies, they were wiped out by zerg rush tactics employed by an enemy with a bottomless legion of troops. But Daxter was never part of that; at one point, he was human. Then he fell in to Dark Eco. Now he's an Ottsel, and has been for a few years, though this hasn't affected anything but his success with the ladies. Ottsels have orange fur with a yellow coloration on the bottom, sometimes with patterns in the fur and sometimes not, with human-like arms and typical animal jointed legs, with a thick otter's tail to finish it. They also have a pair of ears that stick up on top of their heads. Daxter in particular only wears gloves and a pair of goggles.

It was this particular Ottsel on this particular day that ended up having to save not his world, but the entire multiverse. Villains have a recurring problem of heroes teaming up to stop them, or otherwise mucking about in their plans. A particularly psychotic one named Dr. Nefarious, a robot with anger management issues and a hatred for anything that isn't a robot, decided to use some particularly advanced technology from a various number of ancient, hyper-advanced races to form a powerful teleporter that allowed him to gather the villains of not one, not two, but a very large (Unknown, if you want to get technical) number of planets. This large group of villains proceeded to quietly kidnap and dispose of every one of their enemies. The last of these heroes just happened to be Jak and his best-friend-turned-Ottsel Daxter. Jak and his best friend have been adventuring about for years, and though Jak usually does quite a bit of the fighting while Daxter is busy hiding behind him, the team is quite effective.

It was a warm and uneventful day, and Daxter was busy with his usual past time of hiding out under Jak's bed for a quick nap and to snatch his old friend's music player for a while when it actually happened. Though there was a scuffle, our hero was completely oblivious to what was going on. He was napping, and with his ears covered by headphones he heard absolutely nothing. It wasn't until some time around dusk when he woke up and wandered out from under his hiding spot. Daxter was surprised by the silence, wondering why there were no sounds at all coming from either the shooting range they'd put on the roof or from anywhere else in the house.

"Where'd everybody go?" Daxter wondered aloud as he wandered through the empty house. He half expected someone to walk through the door when he passed by it, but nothing of the sort happened. Deciding it must have been nothing, the Ottsel made a sandwich. It was a glorious beast of a sandwich, as long as his two foot height minus his ears layered with cheese, meat, condiments, and whatever else he'd put on it on impulse, speared through with an olive. He put a hand dramatically to his forehead above his large blue eyes and said in an almost Shakespearean lament "Oh how ever will I eat this entire sandwich by myself? The fates must surely be taunting me in the silence!" Which was met with... more silence.

"Jabbin' fate didn't work for once? Heh, now that's more like it," Daxter said, grinning and wiggling his fingers before picking up his sandwich. At the exact instant he was about to take a bite, there was an explosion outside that blasted the door in and almost in to him. Only the counter he was sitting behind kept him from injury... but the force of the hit sent his large and delicious sandwich careening most gloriously in to his face. The Ottsel slid a hand down his face and glared at some nonexistent force, entire face seeming to droop down with his frown. "I had to do it, didn't I?" he grumbled, paying more attention to getting sandwich bits out of his fur than to the fact that a door had tried to kill him. Daxter slid out of his chair in the exact instant two tall black-armored humans entered the room, effectively hiding him. He almost walked out from under his unintended cover when one of them spoke and he froze as if he'd been hit with liquid nitrogen.

"The other one is here somewhere. The little rat," Said the taller and more imposing of the two, with a deep English accent. Daxter would have erupted with a comeback if he hadn't clamped his hands over his mouth to keep it from happening. That explained what happened to Jak, at least. Come to think of it, the living room had been very messy when he was in there... There was a clack of guns, and the small weasel-like being stuck one eye around the corner. The entirety of the first one and half the second one were obscured, and way off in the corner on the other side of the room the Ottsel could see his exterminator gear from that job. Maybe it was a good thing he'd been playing with it instead of helping Jak clean all those old weapons.

But there was still the big problem of getting around the two invaders. "He's a small orange rat. Does it really matter if we catch him? What can a two foot pest do?" The shorter of the two said, in an accent Dax couldn't place. He forgot that this wasn't a friendly conversation however, and before he even knew what he was doing his hands were pulling him up on to the counter.

"I. AM NOT. A RAT!" he shouted, glaring and in the same instant realizing that he was completely out in the open. With no weapons to speak of. Daxter's grin went from grimace to large and sheepish. "Aheheh... I guess you guys aren't here about da mattress?" he said just as sheepishly, legs tensing as the two laughed. They pointed their guns at him, and Daxter noticed they were very big. Very, very big compared to a tiny Ottsel. Very, very big weapons that seemed to have explosives on them. Dax bolted straight, and the two men opened fire.

Despite having his eyes squeezed shut and slamming stomach first in to what felt like a wall, he was still breathing afterwards... and the two men were looking for him already, but hadn't seen him. He fell on something hard and metal, and the Ottsel grinned. Now it was on! He strapped the small spraying device to his back and bolted on all fours for the door. By then the two had picked up where he was, and fired-- This time normal bullets that came close enough that they made his fur bristle and made him forget that he was going to use that new flamethrower attachment to keep the two guys from getting out of his (and Jak's) house. The authorities were already arriving to investigate, but he didn't even pay attention to that. By the time Dax became aware he was still running he was halfway across Haven City and probably a good ways away from danger.

Still, as an extra precaution, he squeezed behind some rather conveniently placed barrels and caught his breath. He looked completely shocked, and after a few minutes when his breathing calmed down, Daxter incredulously asked "What the heck just happened...?" People had busted in to his home. That much he could get. Apparently they got his pal Jak. Okay, on the level. And then they tried to get him. Despite the levity of the situation, Daxter found himself making a semi-heroic pose and grinning. "It looks like they knew who the real hero was and came back for him," he said, poking his head out and noticing that he actually hadn't run as far as he thought he had; he was only a couple of blocks away. Great; now he was in the middle of the city running from folks the guard would probably take out... probably. And now, he had absolutely no idea what to do. "Oh boy... Jak's not gonna be happy. Somehow I get the feelin' this is gonna be a lot harder than that last jailbreak..."

And with that, the Ottsel set off... for where he didn't really know. He'd figure out when he walked in to it, or something. Now this one was going to make the perfect story to tell everyone... considering he could get anyone to believe a word of it. Daxter walked aimlessly until he found himself in a garage full of vehicles built for racing. How about that? He remembered this place all right. The little Ottsel took a deep breath and shouted.

"HEY! KEIRA!" He waited. And waited a bit more. Nothing but silence. Daxter scrambled on top of the largest of the vehicles in the garage... and noticed that while from the back the vehicles were perfectly fine, the front halves were blown to bits and it looked like there had been a big fight. And, of course, his green-haired friend was nowhere to be found. The Ottsel searched through the garage up and down, but all he managed to turn up were some bits of black armor that'd been broken off and half-finished mechanical junk that he didn't really get. Bits of precursor tech, a photo of her Jak and himself, open letter, half a ham sandwich-- Open letter. Daxter picked up the sandwich in one hand and the letter in the other. Okay, so it wasn't actually a letter, it was a note scrawled on to a piece of paper that was definitely not in his mechanic friend's handwriting (supported by a copious lack of oil stain). Missed more than one on the first trip. Already took the boy, the mechanic and the rat are the only ones left. N wants this finished; doesn't care if we kill him or capture him, no heroes left out in the open. Took goatee and the wrench chick back earlier. ~G. As he read, Daxter's mouth slowly opened incredulously. They'd kidnapped Jak and Keira.... but how many heroes were in the universe. Still, there was something a little more important; he dug a pen out of the many piles of mechanical crap and struck out 'rat', writing 'OTTSEL' in full capitals above it and pointing several arrows to it. Now for the rest of his thoughts.

He couldn't let his best buddy just be carted off like some carnival prize, that was for sure. But where had these guys even come from? The note implied that they'd taken Jak and Keira a while ago... Daxter stuffed the rest of the sandwich in to his mouth and finished it, adjusting his goggles on his head. Then it occurred to him that he had a much better flamethrower alternative than insecticide. A rather devilish grin on his face, he headed for the bathroom and dumped out what little bit of insect killing fluid was still in the tank, wondering just how green you could really make a liquid. "Hope nobody drinks outta that," he said offhandedly as he returned to the garage's main room and found a pump of nice flammable gas. No idea what kind, but it didn't really matter that much when it came to flaming killing devices. After enough time that the needle on the sprayer's handle ticked full, Daxter removed it and admired his handiwork with a quick spurt of fire. Which set the paper he'd read on fire and singed a red scarf he hadn't noticed until then. That was Jak's scarf, no doubt about it! And that gave him an idea of how to find his missing friend.

And as luck would have it, as soon as the Ottsel was out the door of the shop his two ideas were already out there. He slipped behind a stack of crates and peeked between the cracks at the men in black armor, who seemed to have escaped with no injury. They were in the process of removing their helmets. Though he'd been expecting something surprising, perhaps the most surprising part of the reveal was the fact that neither were human at all. It didn't occur to him that they were different individuals. They only gave guttural growling sounds that just might have translated to something in some language his ears didn't understand. After a bit of growling, glancing about the street to make sure they were unwatched, the taller of the two monsters tapped something on his wrist and opened some kind of portal in the middle of the road. Daxter gulped and took a breath; he'd only expected to follow them to some hidden base.

"Hang on buddy, Dax's comin'..." he said, hushing his voice for once so he wouldn't be overheard. He waited until both of the large humanoid beasts had turned and were entering the portal to dart forward. He just hoped that portal was Ottsel-friendly and that he wasn't running straight in to an ambush...

And so our little rodent makes it out of an ambush alive (Lucky little rat) and got his old equipment. As to what good bug swatting gear will do, we may never know; good thing insecticide makes a good fuel for flamethrowers! Will our Ottsel die in the next chapter? I hope so!

"Whoever this narrator is, I get the distinct feelin' he doesn't like me at all. I'll bet he's just a mid-story boss that I get to beat up-- No, really, ten bucks! ... wait, I don't have ten bucks, never mind."
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