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Old 05-27-2012, 08:13 AM
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Default Basic Guide to Role Playing - For the New!

Basic Guide to Role Playing

~ For those that are new, to learn and improve!

Hello there! Welcome to the Basic Role Player’s Guide for the New to Improve!

Welcome to your first step into learning more about what Role Playing is, how to do it, learning it’s terms and simple nooks and cranny’s. However, you may be wondering to yourself a question:

What exactly is Role Playing?

Role Playing is where you control the role of your character, and play as that character through a plot or story with other members. You control your character’s actions, interactions, reactions, everything they do through the story.

So now you’re probably thinking;

What is a Role Play?

A Role Play is an interactive story, where a plot has been defined, and the problem is set out to be solved or made worse, by characters created by members, participating in that Role Play. Characters help progress the story to a [in almost all cases, undefined] end, adding to its depth and intrigue with their own events, actions and doings.

Now that you’ve gotten that far, let’s take a look around the forums to help you get started!

Role Play Boards:
Here is where the Role Play, or RP for short, actually happens. All of the story and character interaction goes on in this forum, and for those creating their own RP, this is where you post the actual thread to begin! Being a Pokémon forum, we are not limited to only Pokémon Role Plays, all kinds of RP’s may be posted here.

Role Play Sign Ups and Discussion:
Looking for a Role Play to join? Want to start a Role Play, but need members to join them? This is where you start anything Role Play. Again, any Sign Up for any kind of Role Play begins here. These threads are also for where all the discussion about the RP in particular happens. Anything out of character is posted here, be it working out ways to progress the story, plot twists, or even character relationships.

RP Chat and Feedback:
Want to talk about an RP with other people outside where it all happens? Gotta scream how awesome another story is to the rest of the board? This thread is the place to do it. It’s all about talking and chatting about RP’s you’re participating in, giving feedback about a particular RP, or comparing ideas with other role players.

Role Play Directory:
Here is where to find a list of Role Plays that are currently active on the forum. Role Plays listed here are currently running, and is here to help find those looking for a particular kind of role play, and to prevent dead threads from being accidentally revived. It’s good to check what’s new and what’s lasting to help you get into a fun story!

The Role Play Forge:
Have an RP idea that needs a little something extra that you can’t quite put your finger on? Need help with a plot design? This is the place for you. Post your idea here and members will put in some input to help assist you in the best way they can!

Role Play Terms and Acronyms:

Often you’ll see some weird terms or acronyms around the forums. Not sure what they mean? Here’s a list of definitions and terms we use here in the Role Play boards:

RP – An abbreviation for Role Play
SU – An abbreviation for Sign Up
DS/DC - An abbreviation for Discussion
OOC - Out of Character, used for speaking out of character, if necessary in an RP post. This is usually kept to discussion threads.
IC – In Character, used for stating you are going back into character in an RP post after using OOC. In Character posts are used in the Role Play itself.
GM or RPM – An abbreviation for Game Master and Role Play Master respectively, the member that runs the role play of which members are participating in.

Bunnying – A term used for controlling the actions of another character that is not under your control or ownership. Doing this without the permission of the owner of the character is one of the things we try to avoid.

God Modding – This term refers to one’s character’s actions being those that are either impossible and or completely controlling of the situation, such as instant killing, gaining knowledge on impossible circumstances, or surviving impossible circumstances, even the capabilities of one’s character being that in likeness to a god. We discourage this throughout all the Role Play boards as it is highly frowned upon, and let’s be honest, it’s not really that fun. Don’t do it.

Out of Character Knowledge [Or OOC Knowledge] – Knowledge of something within the RP that has only been made known, discussed or discovered outside of the actual RP itself. For example, the GM reveals a plot twist for the RP that was concealed at the start so the members have more of a story to go on, however the characters in the actual story have no idea of.

Reserve or Reservation – When people ask for a reserve, they're basically saying "Hey, I wanna join your RP, but my character will be done later on!" People who have finished their SU will be sure to let you know when they're finished!

General Rules of the Role Play Boards:
  • Respect all players, please to not spam or flame any members. Be respectful of everyone!
  • Avoid necroposting. Check the RP Directory for active Role Plays, and avoid posting in dead threads! Check the dates of the last post in a thread before you post!
  • Try to avoid creating an RP of similar story and plot to that of which already exists. Try to keep from posting another role play that’s extremely similar to another’s!
  • Post only your own creations. Plagiarism is a big no-no on the forums and will get you into a lot of trouble.
  • Avoid chat speak. Using chat such as ‘r u l8?’ is very frowned upon within role plays, we like proper grammar and spelling!
  • Remember to have fun! That’s what we’re here for, to have a good time!

For more general rules, click here!

Role Play Board Ratings:

Here on the Role Play boards, we have a rating level of which we don’t exceed in order to correspond with the rest of the forum. Usually the rating is not blatantly displayed on the role play itself, however usually within the internal rules of the role play, it will mention what level of romance, swearing and such is allowed.

Here are some things to try and avoid with Role Plays considered PG 13 level:

-Excessive amounts of cursing: We don’t need a long trail of every word that would end up getting your mouth power washed in seconds. The occasional curse is alright if the role play permits it. Should a character of yours be such a potty mouth, rather than ending up writing out each word, use something more along the lines of: ‘And then he continued muttered a long trail of profanities.’

-Romantic scenes: A lot of times, anything beyond a kiss/snuggle will be fine for everyone else to read, again if the role play you are in permits it. Remember to check the internal rules of the RP!

-Scenes of intense violence and detailed gore: This isn’t entirely frowned upon, and sometimes the GM will mention if the RP will have violence involved in it. If you need to post something bloody and violent, keep it in spoiler tags with a warning for other role players who may not want to read it, or any followers of your role play that happen to be reading your adventures!

Here are the following things that are not allowed to be displayed in any public role play posts and are entirely restricted to PM if you MUST play them out:

Highly detailed romance scenes involving intercourse: Just don’t do it in public, chances are no one wants to see it, so keep it to PM’s. Anything like this posted will be removed accordingly by a mod. Remember: if it’s over a rating of 16, most likely, it’s not for public eye.

Writing of extremely graphic and disturbing events: things such as rape, intense murder, aren’t going to get you a lot of places. Killings are toned down and are usually contained in the background if need be. If intense things are even put into spoiler tags, it is subject to being removed if it is found inappropriate.
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Old 05-27-2012, 08:14 AM
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Default Re: Basic Guide to Role Playing - For the New!

Signing Up: First Steps!

The Sign Up process for role plays are very simple. First of all when looking for a role play to join, you’re probably looking for a specific type, be it a Pokémon one since you are after all, on a Pokémon forum, or maybe you’re looking for something non-Pokémon related? Both types are perfectly allowed in the Role Play boards and stories of all kinds are welcome! Obviously Pokémon plots will have a [Pokémon] prefix in front of them, and anything else will have an [Other] prefix in front of it. Reading the plot displayed on the first post of a role play will tell you what kind of role play it will be, along with any additional information the author or GM has put. We have all kinds of genre’s, mostly action adventure with fantasy, but all kinds such as science fiction, non-fiction, tragedy, survival and such are around the forum. Horror and romance are not often used, but there isn’t stopping you from using them as long as they are appropriate.

What if I’m making a Role Play?
There are many things to consider when you’re making a role play; what genre is it, what rating is it aimed for, is PVP involved, will it be a limited amount of characters? What kind of problem is going on; saving the world, a war, battling an evil group or entity, protecting a chosen one? Let’s simplify making a plot:

Plot Breakdown:
Genre: Fantasy, science fiction, adventure, romance, or maybe a mix? Often the genre is depicted in what kind of plot you’re trying to think up for the role play itself.

Setting: What place and in what time your role play is taking place. Is it in a Pokémon world, a world you created yourself, a world from another universe or franchise? What time setting is it in? Medieval, future, modern, distant prehistory? This will often dictate what kind of technology is in your role play as well.

Problem or Goal: There is always a problem/goal in a plot, one that is usually the one the role players are attempting to fix, or make right again, or even achieve. A plot without a problem or goal for role players to fix/achieve is often not going to go too far, and sometimes you may develop new ones as you go along with the story! There is also nothing wrong with more than one problem in the RP, but having too many may be overwhelming. Even in these kinds of role plays, role players can play on a ‘bad guy’ side to try and make it harder for the ‘good guy’ side to fix the problem. This is what we call PVP, Player vs Player. Make sure this is mentioned in the plot if there is this kind of thing!

Putting it all together, you get your starting story for your RP, however, we’re not quite done yet! After touching up your role play with it’s plot information, making it look spiffy and intriguing, theres a few more things to put down:

Your Role Play’s Internal Rules:

This is your role play, so you can add additional rules and or guidelines or what goes on in your RP. There are a mandatory set of rules that go along with any role play, along with following the forum rules. Here are a few you may want to mention with your role play:

Rating: Is it Pg13, something a little more aimed at older teenagers? Will violence and blood be involved? Are violence and blood allowed? What level of romance is allowed? These are some questions you may want to answer. Remember not to go overboard!

Limit to characters: Some role plays have a limit to the amount of characters a person can use. There are various reasons as to why someone would want a character limit, such as activity amount, not having too much going on at once, or trying to keep things fair. Whatever the reason may be if you do have a character limit, sometimes it’s good to post the reason!

Limit on special powers: Say your role play features some super powers that are only available one per person. Some RP’s limit to how many ‘special role play powers’ a person can have per character, or maybe even one special power or item or thing per role player. In most cases for Pokémon role plays, if you allow legendary Pokémon to be used, most often it’s limited to one per person/character.

There are more internal rules you yourself can put into your role play, but try not to put too many to allow some freedom for the other role players, and not to intimidate other new people!

The Sign Up Sheet:

The Sign Up Sheet, also known as Character sheet or in most cases on PE2K, the SU sheet, is the form of which you create your character and submit it for the GM or RPM to look over and evaluate. No RP can live without them, and they come in all kinds of sizes. SU sheets are the required information for a character of yours that the GM and other players should know. [Unless under a specific section it says optional.]

Let’s look at the simple break down of an SU Sheet:

Name: Your character’s name. Sometimes specific role plays require a specific kind of name, but it is a rare case when it does. This is where you can also include nicknames or alias names as well.
Age: How old your character is. It’s very straight forward, the only complications being if you are playing a different species that ages in a manner not similar to humans. In which case, you can put the literal age, and then mental age.
Appearance/Description: How your character looks, including distinguishing features, clothing or accessories. Many simpler role plays will allow just a picture of your character without a description, however a picture doesn’t tell all!
Personality: How your character acts, thinks, feels about certain things, their outlooks, morales, whatever they think when someone takes the last of their favorite snack off the barista shelf. This tells the GM/RPM more of what kind of person your character is. Try to avoid using single sentences to describe your character’s personality, expand on it, include their weaknesses and strong points!
History/Backstory: In a nut shell, how your character came to be the character they are now in the current time setting. It doesn’t need to go as far as to when they were born, but maybe as a young kid. How did they become the person they are? Explain why your character acts certain ways as written in the personality! Most times role players include part of the plot of the RP they’re joining within the history of their character to better connect to the story.
Other: This is basically a section for anything that doesn’t fit anywhere else should it not fit anywhere else. If the role play involves powers for characters, it’s often a good idea to put in a ‘Powers/Abilities’ section into the Sign Up sheet. For Pokémon role plays, put in a ‘Pokémon’ section is they aren’t playing an actual Pokémon themselves!

*Remember to give time for those people who have reserved a spot in your RP to finish their characters!

So you think you’ve got the basics of creating a Role Play and Sign Up thread? If you do, great! If not, nothing wrong with asking a fellow role player for some help or advice with the Role Play Team Creation thread! Feel free to even ask for help after the thread is posted!
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Old 05-27-2012, 08:15 AM
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Default Re: Basic Guide to Role Playing - For the New!

Managing your Role Play: The Adventure Continues...

So you’ve got your role play, members rearing to go on with an awesome story that you and maybe a friend helped create. You may be thinking to yourself, what should I know to get started and keep it afloat? How to I avoid the dreaded Dead status? How do I even start my role play? That is what the this thread is all about!

Accepting members into your Role Play:

You have your character that you made for your role play, it’s sheet all made up and dandy. You know you’re accepted because you’re the game master, you’ve got your approval. Then there’s everyone else who’s posted their character sheet, all completed and awaiting approval, the only thing the Role Play Master or Game Master can do. Here are some things to consider while looking to accept other characters in your role play:

Did they follow your rules and the RP rules?
Look at the character to see if their character follows the rules, such as ungodly powers, a ridiculous history that doesn’t make any sense. Sometimes there are people that forget an internal rue of your role play, but don’t fret, a simple mention to them that they may have missed something is all you need. Remember, as GM/RPM, you reserve the right to refuse people into your role play for good reason.

If special powers are involved, are they reasonable?
Sometimes people post characters with beyond sublime abilities that are godly. Godly abilities are usually something to be very cautious of and disallow because of possible abuse of god modding. Look for a balance, does this awesome ability of their have a bad drawback to it? Does it have special conditions?

Is their character believable?
A character that you can believe as a character is important. Did the person make a character that sounds too much like another character from a series? Did they copy paste from an already existing character that isn’t theirs? Of course it’s alright to have a lot of similarities between characters, but there is a difference between very similar and a carbon copy.

Is their backstory [should it be written out] something that makes sense for that character?
Histories, though optional, some may be written in such radical nonsense that not only does it not fit the RP, but sounds absolutely unlikely to happen. Another thing to watch out for is to see if it fits with your plot, watching for any details that may or may not give that character an unfair edge or start ruining the RP for everyone else. We want everyone else to have fun!

Don’t forget as GM/RPM, you have to follow your own rules as well to be fair to everyone else!

So your characters look good, people have been accepted, and now you’ve posted the actual role play thread in the roe play section. The start of a new role play and another wonderful story! Next step in the process is keeping it active so it can make it to the end. How does one do that exactly?

Active Role Play: Keeping it Alive

Whiles there is no one reason for a role play to die, nor a full sure fire way of keeping them alive, one thing that always remains true is that a role play’s life is reliant on the role players. Here are some tips to keep your role play active and alive:

Keep up the interest: A role play with people who are interested in it will keep it alive, even in times where posting in it are low and gloomy. A constant interest in the role play means people will stick around and stay with it for a while, and keeps up the motivation for posting!

Throw in twists and turns: As any role player, keeping the story intriguing by putting in unexpected twists and turns into it will keep people interested. Expanding on the plot is a positive thing to do as well, work together with your fellow members to do so!

Give your players a run for their money: As a GM, keeping things going can be hard, however throwing some push onto your role players to get them under pressure is one way to do it! Be it bad guys, or the planet on a critical crash course to its doom.

Discussion: Your Role Play’s best friend.

Having a Discussion thread may seem like a waste of time. [At this current point in time, Sign Up and Discussion threads are put into one thread] I can assure any role player that it is no such thing. Discussions allow for players to chat out of character about the role play, discuss character interactions, where the role play may go, even in story events to happen in the future to make the story better! Everything from character romances to who is going to make the big sacrifice, to who the comedy relief is, anything and everything can be discussed, so long as it follows the forum rules of course! Even if the role play is not active, discussion shows that there is still interest for the story, and shows others that may be hovering that there is still room for them with plenty of story left for all to experience!

All role players, even though the GM/RPM may have made the original plot, contribute to the story and plot. Working together to make the plot better midway through the role play is a wonderful way to keep things interesting and fun for everyone! Even some off side character chat is permitted, as long as the entire thread doesn’t consist of it, and even then you can develop not only the role play, but characters further! Discussion threads can be made at any time, before or after the role play itself starts.

Other Information:

As a Game Master or Role Play Master, you take on the responsibility of making sure your role play goes well and that it’s fun for everyone. Naturally you have to be fair to everyone, but sometimes theres just that one guy that wants to mess it up for everyone else.

  • You are able to ban or restrict players from your role play with good reason. No there is no official banhammer button for this, so you can simply just post it.
  • Ensure that everyone is having fun! The rules are there to make sure everyone is on the same playing field in fairness.
  • Mediate who you let into your RP and what goes on in your role play. Of course, lets not be a spoiled sport and try to control everything that goes on, that’d be boring and rains on everyone elses parade!
  • Participate in your own creations. It’s not mandatory, however it’s a rare case on PE2K that an actual GM doesn’t participate with a character in their own RP!
  • As a Role player, you’re one of a few or many working towards the story, the goal of the story, and keeping it alive until it can get to that ending!

As an RPer:
  • Ask questions! Anything to about the story, to why something in your SU or post was wrong, nothing wrong with asking and it is encourage of new role players to ask questions! If it was involving why a GM/RPM has disallowed you further from the role play, there has to be good reason for it!
  • Keep it fun for everyone! No one likes a party pooper, or the guy claiming all the glory and killing all the bad guys, so don’t be that guy right now…or ever. Remember, modding is a big no-no!
  • Work together to keep it going! Discussions can be just as fun as the role play itself. Interacting with everyone just as much as in the role play is something you should always strive for!
  • Try and keep active! One of the number one causes, aside from real life homework, for role plays dying is inactivity. Everyone understands the trivial reality and how much real life can suck, so don’t feel bad if you have to drop out though or be inactive for a little while!
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