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Default URPG Times 3/28 - 4/11


  1. A Word From Your Editor(‘s)
  2. Announcements and News
  3. Trading Section
  4. Comics
  5. URPG Quiz
  6. FFA Article
  7. Target of the Week
  8. Staff Section
  9. Story Of The Week
  10. Roleplayer Of The Week
  11. Pokemon Of The Week Article
  12. Closing Comment

A Word From Your Editor(s)
By Gmandiddy

Hello and welcome to another issue of the URPG Times. Looks like it’s my time to publish it this week since Alaska is trapped in an elevator full of bees.

This issue marks the beginning of a new section invented by Fossil Fusion, so be sure to read about it.

News and Announcemts
By MaverickKaiser


Have confidence in your skills? Have skills in a particular type you want to try? Check these gyms out but don't wait too long or someone will be snatched.

Eterna: Grass
Hearthome: Ghost
Pewter: Rock
Striaton: Fire, Water, Grass

Congrats to FC for Mauville, Ebail for Mistrailton and Zolar for Fuschia
Click Here!

Budget Tournament

Final Round folks, be sure to root for your favorites.
Click Here!

Expansion Committees

Expansion Committees are started to be created so if you want to offer you help in moving to TPW, feel free to sign up.
Click Here!

Trading Section
By MaverickKaiser

Bumblebee: Is currently trading these Pokemon:

(Willing to trade for Marts)

Dewgong, M - No TMs
Beautifly, F - No TMs
Pikachu, F - Hidden Power (Grass)
Mothim, M - No TMs
Ledian, F - No TMs
Araidos, F - No TMs
Wormadam, F - No TMs
Dustox, F - No TMs
Glaceon, F - Hidden Power (Psychic)
Magmortar, M - No TMs
Electivire, M - No TMs
Serperior, M - No TMs DW Ability
Mismagius, F - Will-o-Wisp, Calm Mind, Substitute, Aerial Ace, Thunder, Toxic
Butterfree, F - No TMs
Walrein, F - Brine
Zebstrika, M - No TMs
Lileep, M - No TMs

Fawkes. Is trading a Carvanha, feel free to offer.


Each week, besides the submissions from our employees for the Comics section of the URPG Times, we also welcome submissions from the community! Remember, we pay $1,500 for each submission usually. The amount paid might be adjusted accordingly based on your comic and permanent employees will be paid slightly higher. You don't have to be a professional as well; the only criteria is for it to be funny! PM comic submissions to Alaskapigeon or Gmandiddy.

Problem by Fossil Fusion

Trade by Morru Magnum

Untitled by Monbrey

The URPG Quiz
By WebMaster

No one has ever gotten 100% on my quiz before....


Nitro - 49/50 ($12250)
Siless - 44/50 ($11000)
Fawkes - 43/50 ($10750)
CommBA - 39/50 ($9750)
Fossil Fusion - 37/50 ($9250)
Dog of Hellsing - 36/50 ($9000)

...and they still haven't! Nitro, where the heck did you come from? You scared me for a moment when I was looking over yours lol. These scores are relatively high which means more money for you guys. I gotta say I was overall impressed with how many of you got some of the questions right. Check the answers below the correct responses. If you want your personal results back, PM/VM/IM me.

Battle Scenario: Use Recycle (5 points)

The key was Recycle in this case. I know you didn't have a lot of move options so I tried to see if you could find the missing piece of the puzzle. All of you got this right iirc. Not bad ^_^

Ref this: Ursaring @ 47.39%; Espeon @ 100% SpAtk+2 SpDef-1 Spd-2 (4 points)

A lot of you guys got this right. The trick was to not count stat penalties into Stored Power as they don't count.

Picture Time: Canalave City (3 points)

Looks a lot different from the games, I know.

Anime: Rikishii town (3 points)

I didn't even know this one. Gman helped me come up with that. Nice job, nerds.

Video Games: You couldn’t be de-frosted without being hit by a fire move. (3 points)

Trick question. Nothing can save you from a freeze unless you're hit by a fire move. All of you caught this. Man, you guys are perceptive!

Anime 2: 1x Heavy Ball, 2x Fast Balls (4 points)

Some of you put Lure Ball as an answer. Ash and Misty both used theirs in another episode.

Video Games 2: $1800 (3 points)

Always spending your money on worthless crap lol.

Flavour: Lance, Barrier, Generation 1 (5 points)

Dragonite does not get Barrier apparently. Does this mean we can get it in URPG? loljk

Game mechanics:Attack, 0 or 5 (3 points)

I had no idea what those indicators meant originally. They determine the highest value and what the last digit is.

Stories: Turtwig A, Whack a... Poliwag? (3 points)

Didn't know they made arcade games so....sinister.

National Park: Lightning Topaz, Lita. (4 points)

Having a Pichu on your lineup for an NP run? That takes guts. Props to Lightning Topaz.

Video Games 3: Curse, Generation 2 (3 points)

How was that story scary at all? I think if my bike stopped and started going backwards, I'd get off it. Common sense here.

Pokemon: Zen Mode Darmanitan, Pirouette form Meloetta, and Genesect (3 points)

Some of you put both Meloetta forms but there actually is artwork for that thing. Check the bulbapedia page.

Game Mechanics 2: Field (2 points)

Gimme. Had to put an easy one in.

Game Mechanics 3: Outrage (2 points)

So now you can use Outrage 5 times less,...k.

Well, I'm out for this issue. See you guys around. Keep trying for that first 100%!

FFA Article
By Fossil Fusion

‘Ello Govner, I am going to report on these radical FFAs that take place. Ever since the rules for FFA Limits have been lifted they are now more frequent than once every 4 months… Therefore, if one occurs make sure you are online and take part because it is fun as well. Anyways, your favourite Brit boy will be looking into them!

On the 1st of April, it was the April Fools, Prankster FFA.

Number of Participants: 12

Webmaster decided to make the game have every Pokemon’s ability changed to Prankster. This was quite a fun rule because not many people could easily abuse Blaziken and Magic Bouncing, or anything hardcore. Therefore, everyone was using a lot of stat up moves and Substitutes. I know this because I was a part of this FFA. I was using Fawkes’ Mawile, which was gifted to me. I chose this Pokemon because it had a track record of being useful in a FFA in the past I was against it. I placed 5th because of this reason:


Sad times.

The winner of the Free For All was AmericanTreeFrog and his Lanturn! He won with good teamwork and usage of good moves. Lanturn was using Agility/Aqua Ring/Stockpile and Charge Beam to boost itself up and in the end KO’d stuff. AmericanTreeFrog won a whooping $5500 from the FFA! What a result!

I decided to interview the winner of the FFA because I wanted to know his answers to my FFA questions!

Fossil Fusion 9:56 pm
Top of the mornin’ to ya… okay it’s evening whatever. Is it alright if I interview you for URPG Times?

AmericanTreeF 9:57 pm

Fossil Fusion 9:58 pm
When Webmaster (the ref) suggested the idea of the Prankster FFA. What went through your mind?

AmericanTreeF 9:58 pm
It's going to be hard to KO most Pokemon without allies. Otherwise the other Pokemon can stat up/sub because Prankster will allow them the chance to do so

Fossil Fusion 9:59 pm
I see, sounds strategic... like normal! What made you decide to use Lanturn in the FFA?

AmericanTreeF 10:00 pm
I planned to use it in combo with another person, duo Lanturns. But when she didn't show up I decided to stick with Lanturn because it can heal and set up without appearing to be too much of a threat

Fossil Fusion 10:01 pm
Lanturn team huh? Sounds interesting! Did you have many allies in the FFA?

AmericanTreeF 10:01 pm
Yes, more so than usual

Fossil Fusion 10:02 pm
That's good. Teamwork is what society needs especially in the URPG! Anyways, back to the FFA. Did your Lanturn strategy work throughout the FFA?

AmericanTreeF 10:03 pm
Yes, I was able to fly under the rader without so much as an attack

Fossil Fusion 10:04 pm
You should be renamed NinjaTreeFrog! ;-) That is good then because you could be an assassin. Last Question before it bores you! What is your most fondest memory of a FFA you took place in?

AmericanTreeF 10:06 pm
Tough one, but I would say in one particular FFA myself and Alaska teamed up and managed to take everyone down except for us two. I eventually won because her guy was weak to mine at the end

Fossil Fusion 10:07 pm
Amazing. FFAs do bring a lot of memories to people. I even remember me and TurnToDespair doing something similar to this many times! Well done to you two! Thanks for answering my questions and keep FFAing! :-)

Remember folks, you cannot Snatch Curse even if you are not a Ghost Type

Nobody cares for 2nd or 3rd places:

AmericanTreeFrog with Lanturn
2nd: Synthesis with Froslass
3rd: Dog of Hellsing with Sigilyph

(I did not know Jess had a Sigilyph lol)

Thanks for reading the FFA of the 2 Weeks. Enjoy, Peace <3

Target of the Week
By Fossil Fusion

Welcome to the newest category of the URPG Times. I, Fossil Fusion have come up with this idea from my old card game Pokemon Supreme Conflicts. Basically, a random active trainer is selected and the first 3 people to beat them earn a special prize! URPGers have to beat them before the time runs out, which is normally until the next URPG Times. If somebody loses to the Target Week trainer they cannot rechallenge.

For the first issue of Target Week there will be only one Target and this could be beating them from Battles with Special Rules or Contest Battles and so on. Therefore, activity is the key. If the Target disappears for unknown reasons a new Target will be selected.

Payments for Reffing/Judging are as $2000 for refs and $3000 for Judges per Battle. They get paid in the next URPG Times. All Logs should be posted in the current URPG Times!

Defeat the Target: $2000
Lose to the Target: $1000
Target Wins: $2000
Target Loses: $2000



Myself of course! I wanted to see who can take my out first! Here is an overview of what the rules are and target:

Target: FossilFusion
AIM: NinjaLnk
Rules: 3 v 3
Revolution/BW Revolution
Helds on/Off
Sleep/Freeze/OHKO/Acc Clauses
SPECIAL RULE: None this week!

Go hunting NOW!

Ref's will get paid when the next issue comes out, remember to Post logs in this page!!

Staff Section
By ChainReaction

Hey guys, Chainy here again. Welcome to the second ever Staff Section.

A few of incredibly handsome Staff members played a prank on April Fool's Day which involved moving around and renaming all of the stickied threads in each subforum. Their identities shall remain a secret, but I am free to release the fact that they are pretty awesome.

TPW Expansion has started moving into a run. The Staff is looking for members who would like to assist in a myriad of ways for when the expansion opens. Tutoring, Initial Event Planning and Welcoming all deal with the TPW members feeling at home and becoming productive members of the URPG Community. Training is for you if you haven't yet quite managed to become a ref / judge / grader / ranger but you want to be one by the time TPW opens so you can help out. Drop by the sign up thread in General and see where you can help out!

As of right now, the Staff are debating when to hold the next Gift Station - before TPW opens, or after it. It shouldn't be much longer until we have made a decision, so keep an eye out for an announcement.

That's all we have for this fortnight, guys. Hopefully next time there'll be some more interesting developments.


Story of the Week
By Buoy

UM. This week's Story of the Week is Fossil Fusion's Garswoop, mainly because I was forced to pick something. I'm not biased towards this sexy Chris fellow, but I've heard he is quite sexy, and his story-telling skills certainly reflect that. A part of the wonderful 'Rainbow Canyon Chronicles', stemming deep from Christina's childhood, Fossil Fusion aims to capture a Gligar in this tale, which proves mainly an introduction for a great hero-to-be named Lao. The part is aptly titled 'Enter Lao!', which really encompasses the epic tale of this Gligar capture, although the exclamation mark is a little excessive. For more details on the story, I suggest you go and read it yourself. It's really good. Maybe.

Fossil Fusion can come and claim his 1,000 for writing such a beautiful piece.

Roleplayer of the Week
By Gmandiddy

This week’s Roleplayer of the Week is Captain Dude

If you want a fun and enjoyable run to read, look no further. This run taken by Chainreaction started off with a bang, literally. Throughout the run, Captain Dude has captured a Horsea and a Frillish, and is currently battling a Magikarp. For a good read and some good roleplaying, I am awarding the Roleplayer of the Week to Captain Dude.

Pokemon of the Week
By KantoMasta

Editor’s Note: This was not going to be Pokemon of the Week, however since Maverick hasn’t sent me his article, I will use this one as Pokemon of the Week.

Hey all, Kantomasta here. As the newest member of the times, I’m going to try something here. Every Article, I am going to roll a 649 sided dice. The result will be a Pokémon’s Nat. Dex number. Then, I’m going to do a review of the Pokemon, pretty simple stuff. You guys don’t care about this stuff though do you? You’re just here for the article, so here it is:

This Articles Pokemon is…Electivire! Number 466 in the dex!


Electivire is pure electric. This means it has a big advantage to water and flying types. Electric is also weak to ground and rock. So don’t go out and attempt to beat some overpowered ground type.

HP: 354
Attack: 345
Defense: 233
Sp.Attack: 289
Sp.Defense: 269
Speed: 289

As you can see, ‘Vire is a pretty good all-around ‘Mon. It’s HP and ATK make vire what it is though. This Pokemon can take a hit, while also dealing out one of it’s own.

Move set:

Fire Punch, Quick Attack, Leer, ThunderShock, Low Kick, Swift, Shock Wave, Light Screen, Electro Ball, ThunderPunch, Discharge, Thunderbolt, Screech, Thunder, Giga Impact

Again, ‘Vire is a pretty versatile ‘Mon. With a move set that has two of the punches, ‘Vire can take out a few healthy Pokemon with ease.

EM’s: TM’s

-Mega Punch, Mega Kick, Toxic, Body Slam, Take Down, Double-Edge, Hyper Beam, Submission, Counter, Seismic Toss, Rage, Psychic, Teleport, Mimic, Double Team, Reflect, Bide, Metronome, Skull Bash, Rest, Thunder Wave, Psywave, Substitute
-DynamicPunch, Headbutt, Curse, Zap Cannon, Hidden Power, Snore, Protect, Rain Dance, Endure, Frustration, Iron Tail, Return, Mud-Slap, Ice Punch, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Detect, Attract, Thief
-Focus Punch, Brick Break, Facade, Secret Power
-Taunt, Earthquake, Dig, Flamethrower, Rock Tomb, Torment, Focus Blast, Fling, Charge Beam, Giga Impact, Captivate, Rock Slide, Natural Gift
-Low Sweep, Round, Volt Switch, Bulldoze, Wild Charge

Strength, Flash, Rock Smash, Rock Climb

Barrier, Cross Chop, Feint, Hammer Arm, Karate Chop, Meditate, Rolling Kick

Helping Hand, Magnet Rise, Signal Beam, Uproar

Dizzy Punch, Pursuit
Electabuzz/Electivire only: Follow Me

‘Vire can learn a ton of EM’s, but there are a few in particular I recommend. EQ, Mega Punch, and rain dance are three. With EQ, well, who doesn’t need EQ? Mega Punch can deal with some pesky normal and Ground type Pokemon, and Rain Dance makes thunder 100% accurate.

How to obtain one?

Well, there are a few different ways you can obtain an Electivire. You can get Elekid from the shop and evolve it(easiest way IMO), or you can even write a story for one, but with it being a “Demanding” rank, I don’t think many people will want the challenge.

All in all:

All in all, I think ‘Vire is a pretty good ‘Mon. With as big of a move set as it has, and only a couple of weaknesses, which can easily be covered, ‘Vire would make a good addition to any team. Feel Free to claim your 1k for owning Electivire.

Closing Comment
By Gmandiddy

Nothing much to add on, remember to post the logs of the battles in this chat for Target of the Week.


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Default Re: URPG Times 3/28 - 4/11

A Little Note

Post here if you want to be selected as the next Target of the Week. If chosen, you will be notified around the next week or so.

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Default Re: URPG Times 3/28 - 4/11

Whoa you actually remembered!! I have an Electivire as well

^ Anastasia-R ^
Current VPP: Palkia > Level 100: 6987
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Default Re: URPG Times 3/28 - 4/11

Claiming $1k for Electivire.
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