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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 04-09-2012, 10:03 PM
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Talking "LOSER's journey"

The following is my first short story about Pokemon. Please point out any grammar issues, as I'm not sure about a few things, such as stuff in between quotes, etc.
Since I'm not smart, the pictures might not work. It's much better with them, so please tell me if they don't. Hope you enjoy it!
__________________________________________________ ______________________

Today we follow the exploits of a young trainer named LOSER, having been fated to follow behind and eternally lose to the his rival, the future Pokemon Champion DUDE.
LOSER has made the most of a tough childhood, spending his days fending off creepy old men who want to show him how to “catch a Pokemon", and caring for an elderly proffessor who continually forgets his nephew’s name. This, incidentally, is how he came to be known as LOSER. (That story is for another time. Suffice to say DUDE isn’t a very good person.)
We join LOSER early on in his journey, entering the so-called FOREST OF POISONING
to search for pokemon to train and become friends with.

LOSER stared at the sign. It simply read “Bring Antidotes”. He wish he could. Professor TREE
had given him no money to start on his journey, despite the fact that he had cared for him for most of his life. He gave DUDE 5000 Pokedollars, plenty enough to buy any Antidotes if need be. He sighed. Looking up, all he saw were the thick branches of the various trees that lined the path. They curved overhead, blocking most sunlight from reaching the mossy forest floor. The lack of sunlight lent the forest a heavy, oppressive air, as if the branches would close in and grab him. The forest was eerily silent, except for the buzzing of various insect Pokemon to and fro. And something else...He swore he could hear a faint rustling in the rather out-of place bush to his immediate left...The horrible thought came to his mind scant moments before a stubby, humanlike form burst out of the bush with a slightly horrifying amount of vigour.

“Aha!” Crowed the stubby (and tubby) BUG CATCHER, who was, for obvious reasons, holding a large net. “We’ve made eye contact! We must battle!”

He sighed. (He did it often) “Do we have to? I mean... I only just got here, and I was hoping to find at least one Pokemon before I had to fight someone with two. Also, are you...Panting?”

“Yes!” Said the BUG CATCHER, who was, in fact, panting. “I mean no! I am in absolutely tip-top physical shape!” (He would have flexed his arm muscles, had he any.) “But also yes! We must battle, according to the ancient laws of Pokemon, laid down in the ages before time began! I will start!” He announced, throwing the red-and-white sphere that started many a young trainer’s journey. “Go, Metapod!”

A Metapod burst out of the thrown Pokeball, announcing its presence with a shrill cry of
“BZZCHSHUFUH!” Everyone stared. It sheepishly said “Po-od” and would have blushed, if Metapods could.

After an awkward pause, He sent out his one and only Pokemon, and, you could argue, his one and only friend; A male Zubat named Argyle.

“Zu-bat!” It proclaimed, doing a loop before coming to rest about a metre from the ground.

Not wanting to fall prey to any devious ploy, He lead off with a quick offense.

“Argyle, use aerial ace!”

Argyle sped towards Metapod, preparing to attack.

BUG CATCHER smirked.

“Metapod, Harden!”

Metapod’s shell sheened silver for a moment, becoming as hard as steel. Argyle had no time to evade. His wingtip bounced off the newly-hardened skeleton, nearly colliding with a tree before he regained control. He grinded his teeth, knowing he should have seen that coming. Metapod’s best (and sometimes only) offense was the terrific defense provided by Harden. It made physically attacking a real chore for lower-level Pokes, but was easily overcome by ones at higher levels. Exactly the kind you were unlikely to encounter in a forest such as this. And exactly the kind he didn’t have.

He had one thing to try. He figured if he persisted and kept attacking enough, Argyle might wear
through the Metapod’s protection.

“All right, Argyle, keep on attacking!”


The Metapod was beset by a flurry of strikes. He could see that his plan was working, and when a chink in the armour appeared, he called out for the finisher:

“Argyle, use Poison Fang!”

The Zubat sunk its teeth into the soft spot of Metapod’s shell, injecting a powerful poison.
At first, it seemed to have no effect; but he knew that in a few seconds, the Metapod would be out cold. BUG CTACHER opened his mouth to say something, but was interrupted by the soft, moss-muffled thud of the Metapod hitting the ground.

“KO’d? But how?” Said the BUG CATCHER, surprised at this not-so-surprising turn of events.

He smirked. “Maybe you should have picked a Pokemon that could move.”

“Fine then!” The BUG CATCHER drew another ball from a bag at his waist. “This one should give you pause for thought! Go, Butterfree!” Buttterfree appeared before him in a flash of light.


“Butterfree, use Supersonic!” Butterfree vibrated its wings, creating an odd soundwave that seemed to affect only Argyle.
He paused to consider what had happened for only a moment before ordering Argyle to use Acrobatics. Argyle zoomed towards his foe’s Butterfree. It seemed as if it would work.
Moments before hitting the purple-and-blue Pokemon, Argyle veered off to the left, doing circles around one of the many thick trees bordering the battlefield before hitting it head on and falling to the ground.

“What?” He was dumbfounded. It made no sense! There was no reason a well-trained Pokemon
like Argyle would randomly decide to fly into a tree!

“Yes! It is just as you think!” The BUG CATCHER propped his glasses up with his finger.
“One of my Butterfree’s signature techniques! Supersonic! Time to finish the job! Butterfree, use

Butterfree fired a pinkish beam, blasting towards Argyle at frightening speed.

He couldn’t let this happen. With only one Pokemon, a single hit could end this battle.

“Argyle, dodge!” He yelled, hoping his command would get through.

Argyle struggled off of the ground and flew straight into another tree, avoiding the beam with not a moment to spare. The attack hit exactly where Argyle was before, blowing a hole clean through the bottom of the tree. The big Pine leaned over ominously, creaking and cracking as a premonition of what was to come. It halted its leaning for a moment, while all watched in feaful silence. He was just about to wipe the sweat off his forehead when it came crashing down, impacting the earth with the force of a... Well, a falling tree. The noise was a tremendous THUD, enough to shake the earth around them. It had fallen directly between Argyle and Butterfree, and by extension, their trainers.

Thankfully, that semmed to have cleared Argyle’s head, and not wanting to waste such a good opportunity, he ordered his Zubat to attack!

“Argyle, use Acrobatics!”

It worked this time. Zubat sped around and around Butterfree, getting small hits in here and there. Butterfree was dazed, and he saw his chance.

“Argyle, use Super Fang!”

Argyle bit down hard on Butterfree’s head, causing it to recoil in pain.
He could see it had done some damage, and BUG CATCHER could too.

“Zubat, let’s win this: Use aerial ace!”

“Not yet!” BUG CTACHER cried: “Whirlwind!”

Butterfree’s wings stirred up a roiling wind, buffeting Argyle and sending him flying back.

“Now, use Aerial Ace!”

He thought that in Butterfree’s condition, Argyle would come out on top. He wasn’t sure, but he was going to take the chance.

“You too, Argyle!”

Both Pokemon flew towards each other, both having sustained damage in the past minutes, both determined to win. They collided in mid-air, with Argyle’s sharpened wingtip striking
Butterfree’s eye, and Butterfree making solid contact with Argyle’s head. Exhausted and hurt, both Pokemon fell out of the sky and landed, both appearing KO’d. He was just about to let out yet another exasperated sigh when he saw a twitch. A small twitch, to be sure, but it was a twitch. More importantly, it was Argyle that was twitching. From there, a twitch turned into a movement, and that became a struggle, and Argyle, scratched and bruised and beaten, slowly arose from the forest floor.

“All right, argyle, return! You did good, batface.”

He cheered. He pumped his arms. He smiled and said


He would’ve cheered more, too, if it weren’t for the sobering realisation that the “powerful foe” he had just defeated was a mere BUG CATCHER, and a chubby one at that. Oh well. At least he had one thing to look forward to...

“Give me your money.” He said with a grin.
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