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Default URPG Times 2/16/12-2/29/12

(Congrats to Buoysel for winning the banner contest!)

1. A Word From Your Editor(‘s)
2. Announcements and News
3. Trading Section
4. Comics
5. URPG Quiz
6. Featured Gym Leader Interview Q&A
7. Story Of The Week
8. Roleplayer Of The Week
9. Pokemon Of The Week Article
10. Closing Comment

A Word From Your Editor(s)

Dear URPG,

I'd like to begin this issue of the URPG Times on a more serious note than I normally would. By now, I am certain the news of the staff board leaks and TE's banning wil not be news to any of you. I'm sure a fair number of you are also aware of the increase in trolling that has been seen both on AIM and the forum. We are moving through a difficult and dark period of time. However, I believe it is important that we're not discouraged or worried, because this is nothing but part of a cycle. This is, literally and metaphorically, winter. It is dark and cold, and we're going to have to be strong to survive it. In fact, we can't survive it without each other. Rest assured, though, that our spring is coming and we will be able to flourish and grow strong. The expansion to TPW will allow us to reach new members and the URPG will be more active than ever. The night is always darkest before the dawn and our night is almost over. I have been witness to the strength, intelligence, and dedication of the Staff, and can say with no uncertainty that they are the best people we could have to lead us through this crisis. So, instead of worrying, prepare for the expansion. Before long, you'll all be helping newbies and be busy reffing, grading, judging, and leading park runs again. One last note before you go claim your money and skim the comics: if you have any information regarding the leaks, please contact HKim or Phantom Kat immediately. Now you can go read.


If any of you see Gman, please call me. I need to return him to the dung- ... Time's Office. Heh.

News and Announcements

By MaverickKaiser

Yes the Budget Tournament is still going on. Now in the semi finals where users must use 5 Pokemon each.

Game Board-
Yes that is still up and running. Join if you want to as well.

Not much else to go about here.
Stay strong folks.

Note from the editors: The expansion to TPW is the perfect time to get the job you've always wanted! Become a grader, ref, judge, or ranger now so that you can help out the next generation of URPGers! Contact Scourge of Nemo or Phantom Kat for grading info; Pidge, Monbrey, Ash K. or WTP for reffing info; ChainReaction, Bumblebee, Wintervines, or Dog of Hellsing for ranger info; ATF for judging info.

Trading Section
By MaverickKaiser

Galvantula, Toxicroak, Dugtrio, Lucario, Yanmega, Scolipede.

SYN wants Ice mons.

Marowak, Male - Earthquake, Fire Punch, Iron Tail, Stone Edge, Swords Dance

- Above this line, no marts. Below, I'll take marts. Pokedex is almost done, help me out ;). Also, TRADE ME YOUR HOUNDOOM

Dewgong, M - No TMs
Beautifly, F - No TMs
Mothim, M - No TMs
Ledian, F - No TMs
Araidos, F - No TMs
Wormadam, F - No TMs
Dustox, F - No TMs
Glaceon, F - Hidden Power (Psychic)
Magmortar, M - No TMs
Electivire, M - No TMs
Serperior, M - No TMs DW Ability
Mismagius, F - Will-o-Wisp, Calm Mind, Substitute, Aerial Ace, Thunder, Toxic
Butterfree, F - No TMs
Walrein, F - Brine
Zebstrika, M - No TMs
Lileep, M - No TMs


Each week, besides the submissions from our employees for the Comics section of the URPG Times, we also welcome submissions from the community! Remember, we pay $1,500 for each submission usually. The amount paid might be adjusted accordingly based on your comic and permanent employees will be paid slightly higher. You don't have to be a professional as well; the only criteria is for it to be funny! PM comic submissions to Alaskapigeon or Gmandiddy

By Webmaster

By Webmaster

By Roulette

The URPG Quiz
By WebMaster
So you guys think you can get 100% this time? Let's see.

Battle Scenario

Zoroark @ 100%; Espeon @ 97% SpAtk+6 SpDef+6 Ref-1

Here Espeon's been building up calm mind and OHKOing your team one by one. Zoroark is your last hope and there is one move that can stop Espeon. Espeon is holding a choice scarf and is locked into using Stored Power. Though you basically have unlimited time, you get more points based on how many turns it takes you.

Ref this

Whimsicott (F/Prankster @ Lefties) @ 20.37%; Gardevoir (F/Trace (traced Prankster) @ Lefties) @ 45.48%

Whimsicott uses Endeavor
Gardevoir uses Pain Split

Picture Time

Name this Place


There are two Pokemon that have shown signs of having a crush on Ash. Name them. (Movies count)

Video Games

In R/B/Y, when you trigger the Missingno glitch, there are three options for the Pokemon you encounter: a level 0 'M, a level 80 'M or a Pokemon over level 100. How does the game determine what level 100+ Pokemon you encounter? For example, I encountered a level 146 Missingno in my game.

Anime 2

There is an instance where someone is deciphering a code and it is actually written in Russian. What episode/movie was it? (movies count)


Officer Jenny has been seen holding a rifle in one episode. What model was it?


What Pokemon can learn the most moves out of all non-legendary Pokemon? (URPG does not count)

Flavor 2

In G/S/C, what is the first trainer (not characters like Prof. Elm or Mom) that you can register in your phone? Give me name and trainer title.

Video Games 2

In G/S/C, what conditions must be right for a Pokemon to be female?


Calculate the experience points earned in B/W for the following scenario: your level 45 Houndoom just KO'd another trainer's level 52 Musharna. No mons were switched. Houndoom is holding a lucky egg. Hint: Try this page

URPG History

Name the past two editors of the URPG Times. (current ones don't count)


What story involved a character named Clarke and a mysterious number sequence? Give me title and author

Stories 2

What story has captured the most Pokemon in the history of URPG. I need the title, the author, and how many mons were captured. For full credit, name all the captured mons.

Pokemon 2

What is the first evolved Gen 2 Pokemon to ever appear in the anime? (movies count)

By MaverickKaiser

Dog of Hellsing

Favourite Pokemon: Rayquaza. Well, any Dragon Pokemon, really, but Rayquaza ultimately. He would totally be the leader of the Dragon Reich, yo.

Favourite Gym Mon: Sableye. I haven't officially used him in my Gym yet, but Prankster makes him freaking badass man. Priority Pain Split, Recover, Confuse Ray, Taunt, Trick, Torment, Calm Mind, etc etc his typing means no weaknesses. He's anything but a powerhouse but he's gonna eff your **** up before you take him down. ENJOY FIGHTING HIM GAIZ.

Memorable URPG Moment: When Harry asked me to take over developement of the National Park and I became the Head Ranger. Looking back on what it used to be and how far it's come...I'M SO PROUD. *Cue cheesy Park montage playing to an equally cheesy 80's anthem. We Are The Champions works.*

What got you in to URPG: My God, my memory barely extends to 48 hours ago, let alone several years. Um...damn...well, I'm sure it had something to do with...uh....ah screw it, let's just say it was the chance to spread my madness to many people at once that attracted me to the URPG. Yeah, that sounds good.

What you think about the people in the URPG: Not to steal Harry's thunder, but you guys are pretty much my second family. My dysfunctional, drugged up, alcoholic, homicidal, psychopathic, nymphomanical, stalker-ish online second family. I LOVE YOU ALL.

Why you chose your gym and if you like the type: I've always loved Ghost Pokemon, and Ghost is a type I'm really good at using. Also, you all know I'm a grimdark *****, and there aren't a lot of Pokemon who top Ghosts in terms of nightmare fuel. I mean come on, Gengar hides in your shadow and steals your life and Yamask is an ex-human that carries a mask of what it looked like before. Lampent hovers near your deathbed, waiting for your last breath so it can steal your soul, and Drifloon drags children away. WHAT ISN'T THERE TO LOVE ABOUT THESE MURDEROUS BASTARDS?

Are you looking for something to come to URPG: Well, obviously the expansion. I'm so freaking excited MDF)#IfFF#Q@Rg32f2R!!!!. Of course this means having to tone down my natural freakish nature and putting a dam on all dat grimdark, because I don't want to scare all the newblets off, but still I CAN'T WAIT. Also I'm already anticipating Gen6. I will eventually earn the first of one Pokemon or another, dammit!


Favourite Pokemon: Snorlax
Favourite Gym Mon: Ludicolo
Memorable URPG Moment: URPG Leaks
What got you in to URPG: Uh, I posted on the forums and a URPGer asked me if I liked to get my freak on so I said yeah like anybody would, one thing led to another and now I'm here.
Why you chose your gym and if you like the type: I enjoy drinking water, it keeps me from dying. I figured if I surround myself with it, I'll be less likely to die.
Are you looking for something to come to URPG: R. Kelly

Roleplayer of the Week

So this spot is empty right now. COULD THE NEXT RP SELECTOR BE YOU? Submit an application. We're not picky.

Story of the Week
By Buoysel.

Buoysel was busy drinking tea or something, so there's also no Story of the Week. That means everyone's a winner. No, you don't get money.

Pokemon Of The Bi-Week
By SLC and MaverickKaiser

Sup guys? Me and Maverick are back with a new Pokémon of the Bi-week, and this week we rolled a Magikarp, making the POTBW a Gyarados! If you own one, be sure to claim $1,000.

There's no more obtaining cash from owning a Chandelure, but if you happen to own a Gyarados or Magikarp the money is yours. Without further adieu, let's get started!

How to Obtain One

Magikarp is an extremely easy Pokémon to capture. Although it isn't a mart, it is only an easiest-ranked story Pokémon, only requiring a basic, run-of-the-mill plot and an easy 3,000 characters to capture one. However, you might encounter either at the Great Lakes. As well as housing other water-types, Magikarp is common (requiring just 4,000 characters) whereas Gyarados is intermidiate (requiring 25,000).

Gyarados. A Pokemon that if not prepared for correctly, can cause a lot of damage. Gyarados is a Pokemon that is a Water/Flying Pokemon. Right off the bat, 4x Weakness to Electricity may seem like a hindrance but it can be used corrected and it will work to your advantage. First off, Gyarados has two very good abilities. Intimidate, drops a pokemons attack by one, or Moxie, gain +1 in attack when knocking out a Pokemon. Both, depending on the situation, can be very useful.
First off, stat wise, Gyarados is very good. 349 Attack, 269 Speed, 394 Defense, this thing is pretty good. Gyarados learns some pretty good moves along the lines of Dragon Dance, Ice Fang, Aqua Tail and Rain Dance. These are just the start. Gyarados is used in Dragon Gyms as a wildcard and it helps counter many of the Ice weaknesses. Gyarados has some good Daycare moves as well, Outrage, Iron Head, and Bounce. Mainly Bounce since that is the only physical Flying move it can learn. Technical Moves are a must for this thing and it learns a lot. Earthquake, Stone Edge and Dragon Tail are good to begin with. Dragon Tail is a good addition since it doesn’t learn Roar. Icy Wind is also a good addition to slow someone down, Bulldoze if you want to cover your bases. Thunder Wave is also good if you need the paralysis. This thing is a powerhouse with a Dragon Dance up. One can wreck entire teams if not careful so have an Electric type/move handy.

Moxie [DWA]
Icy Wind
Fire Blast
Stone Edge

Closing Comments

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Default Re: URPG Times 2/16/12-2/29/12

Takin dat Gyarados monies


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Default Re: URPG Times 2/16/12-2/29/12

I think everyone has a Gyarados. My first potw.

Also, gonna disagree. The comics have been a waste of page scrolling.
Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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