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Default The Color of Death-Betrayal's Outlaw

-Going to make a banner or something later-

Welcome to Fog Heights middle school, the school of Peace and Respect.

Learn what happens to Jeana, Deltoro, and Brandon, on their race of time, to get back on the girl with the cat-ears.

Side-note: I know that, in the past, I left my stories to die, but this time, I hope, I won't. This story is biased off of a 'game' I play in reality, and my dreams.

Table of Contents:
Chapter #-Title-Link/where its located.
Chapter 1-The New Life-Bellow.
Chapter 2-Rebel's Cry-Coming Soon

Chapter 1-The New Life
Jeana's POV.

I walked along the cobblestone streets of the small town, better known of by Timber Towers. It was most likely the smallest town in Revazia, though it was highly populated. Over fifty thousand people lived here, and it grew every single day. A sudden cold breeze that you could actually see whipped by, forcing me to skid to a stop. What had caused this colored wind?

“What’s a little kitten like you doing outside?” A voice rang in my ears, though I didn’t see a single person around. I suddenly whip around to see a girl, about four foot five, staring up at me. Her hair seemed to be as brown as mine, her blue eyes as cold as ice.

“First off, I’m not a cat, I’m a normal human. Second, I’m doing the turtle dance.” I stated the last part quite sarcastically. My dusk blue dress flowed around in the wind, sweeping to the left and then the right. It only did this when either a storm was about to appear or something, or someone, evil was around.

“Oh? Well you really look like a cat to me. And it looks like your walking towards that Two-leg nest over there. Good luck crossing the Thunder Path, Kitty Pet. You’re going to need it,” she hissed out, her fingers moving as to ‘unsheathe’ her nails. I chuckled and turned around once again and walked off.

Minutes later, as I sat on the bench to watch the Main Screen in the Town Centre, I saw two boys, one seeming to be about eleven, the other twelve. I shrugged and continued to watch the big TV set. It was currently showing a parade in Trevasia, the ‘capitol’ of Revazia. All of the sudden, the screen went blank and then came back to another screen, showing Timber Towers’ own Government official, Francine Greyshot.

“I’m here with a VERY important announcement, Timber Towers. A young girl has been reported to have powered down many buildings, including my own,” she said, her face serious at all times. The next things she said made me want to go jump in a hole and die. “She has also murdered our Guard Captain, George Freezento. I feel quite bad for his daughter, Jeana.”

I looked down from the big screen and stared at the cobblestone streets, starting to cry. My father was my last hope, and now he was dead. When people began to stare, I just shooed them off or blocked them from my view. Quite apparently, the two boys that I had seen earlier had seen the news, and me, because they both walked over, the one that seemed to be only eleven sat beside me, looking at me sadly.

“I-I’m sorry…” the younger one stuttered, seeming to recognize me from somewhere. I looked up at him and he popped into my head. He went to my school; he was in most of my classes, at that.

“It’s ok,” I lied softly.

He must have sensed me having lied, for he put his hand on mine and closed his eyes, saying, “I can tell you’re lying. I know who killed him, and how…”

I smiled for a moment, not only because the young boy, who, if I had remembered correctly, was Deltoro knew who killed my father, but also because he put his hand on mine. I felt somewhat safe around him, starting in that very instant.

“Who killed m-George?” I asked, about to say my father, though I had stopped.

“It was Harthress; she’s a young girl, about a foot shorter than Brandon.” I knew exactly who he was talking about; he was talking about the girl obsessed with Warrior Cats. I thought about her silently in my mind. Her brown hair, her icy blue eyes, her cat ear headband, her little cat-girl outfit…I remembered it completely.

“I now her…se asked me what I was doing outside and then she called me a cat…apparently she has anger issues…all I did was laugh when she continued to call me a so-called kitty pet.” I muttered. The young boy looked at me like that was the exact thing that she says when she’s going to do something bad.

“Why don’t we uh…talk about this at the Butterfly Sundown?” He asked quietly, quite apparently attempting to ask me out. I nodded kindly and smiled. I had liked him for about a week; it was about time for him to do something. “A-and uh…can we be…a bit…more than just…friends?” He stuttered.

The older boy smiled and laughed, whereas Deltoro just glared at him, Deltoro’s sweet, hazel eyes still somewhat fixed on me.

“S-sure,” I said, hugging him. He didn’t push back; rather he just hugged me harder, though not too hard.


After a while of hugging, talking, and laughing, the three of us decided it would be high time to go home, not only because the news board warned us that anyone found outside would not be assured to life the night, but also because it was already seven O’clock PM.

Back at home, all was quiet. My little brother was probably back at his friend’s house already; the friend who promised he could live there is my father, my last guardian, died. Although my brother had his friend, I now had no one. I sighed and walked to the kitchen, where a single note was on the fridge. It read…

Dear Jeana,
You may think you have no one to guard you,
But my parents have agreed to allow you to stay with us.
If you’d like to come live with us, please take the attached note to school.
Give it to the office to get a Bus Pass to my house.
You may be surprised when you get here.

And yes, your father wanted us to protect you.

Deltoro Gretchen.

Seeing this note, I was quite surprised. I had only started to be kind to Deltoro; I had been jealous of him before, though we were still friends. I smiled suddenly and grabbed the attached note and ran up to my room, on the second floor of the house, and shoved it in the small blue backpack that I was allowed to carry around because it was basically a purse.

I then, without daring to think, grabbed the LG Cosmos from my nightstand and turned it on. I had gotten a single new text since I left. Looking at it, I almost threw my phone at the floor. It was from the girl that killed my father.

Ur Next…

Sure, it wasn’t much, but still, it was creepy. I knew exactly what she’d meant; she was going to kill me next. Then it hit me; I had to protect my brother.

I looked around the small room for anything I might need. I grabbed my suitcase and stuffed it with a few clothes that weren’t already shoved in my other backpack, the one with the paint splatter pattern on it. I then threw my phone into my blue ‘Dragon scale’ purse and walked over to the small, wooden desk that held my computer and my 3DS, along with all of my coloring things. I grabbed each thing and threw it in the suitcase, then put my three middle fingers to my lips and turned them out towards the room. In my house, that had been used for a goodbye or a greeting. In this case, it was the last goodbye I would get.


I collected many things around the house, including a few hunting knives and my bow and quiver. I had the slightest thought that I would need them.

Looking out the window, you would think it was past Midnight, yet it was only Ten O’clock PM. I shrugged and walked back into my father’s room, which had bloody handprints and footprints everywhere. In the corner, there was a single clue, a blood-stained knife. I jumped into the bed and fell asleep, attempting to forget my father’s death…


The image of Harthress interrupted my sleep many times, tormenting me into attacking her, though it wouldn’t do much in the nightmare I was reliving. I clenched my fists and bit my lip, attempting not to listen to her, saying that I was wrong, showing me my dead father, and showing images of my brother, if she found him. I wondered how she knew about my brother…

I then lost it, launching at her, the knife I had been holding steady, aimed towards her neck. I slit her neck, and my nightmare disappeared, replaced by the light, gentle ring of my alarm clock. Today was the last day I would be able to look at this house.


At school, everyone avoided me except for my two greatest friends, Brandon and Deltoro.

“Did you bring the note?” Deltoro and Brandon asked at once. When I nodded, they both high-fived one another, then high-fived me; it was as if a happy bomb went off in them.

“Thank you, Deltoro, Brandon, I’d have nothing without you,” I admitted.

“Dude, your father found out that you were friends with us and he almost jumped out of his seat, as you said. His best friends in Middle School were my parents. You should thank your father and us,” Deltoro laughed. I shrugged and chuckled. It was true; legend has it that my family and Deltoro’s had been friends for years, along with Brandon’s.

In the exact next moment, Harthress passed by us, scowling. “How the heck is she still here? She’s a murderer!” I thought out loud. Both Deltoro and Brandon shrugged, not knowing.

“I’m no murderer, I don’t know you.” Harthress lied, though she shot an arrow at me. Deltoro swiftly caught it before I had to duck for cover. Though there were many adults around staring right at Harthress, they acted like they saw absolutely nothing until the arrow hit Deltoro’s hand.

“Put the arrow down!” was screamed by many, though the students around us just stared.

“He just saved Jeana’s life, he didn’t hurt anyone!” Brandon and Devon both screamed at the teachers. The teachers, though the two students argued, simply wrote a green slip for the four of us. That ruined my Friday night, though I was constantly in detention for this sort of thing, or worse.


At lunch, I plotted my revenge on Harthress. It wouldn’t be easy, getting revenge on a kid killer such as her. I clenched my fists as she walked past, sliding her finger across her throat in a way to tell me that I’d have a slit neck by the end of the day, though it was highly doubtable. With my wit and my friends’ help, I was pretty much unstoppable compared to her, unnoticed and unfriendable.

“Well, well, well, what do we have here?” A voice so beep it was soft asked. I spun around and sighed. It was only Selth, my old friend from fifth grade.

“I don’t know, what do you think?” I asked, turning back around in my seat.

Deltoro laughed and turned around halfway, facing Selth. “Hi, Selth; or is it Filth?”

Everyone around us laughed except for Selth himself. He simply glared at Deltoro and turned around. My heart stopped when I saw who he was sitting next to; Harthress.

“I thought you said he was your…friend?” Brandon asked, turning to me. “He seems like the enemy.”

“He WAS my friend,” I concluded, “until earlier this year; he’s been a jerk since he met Harthress. I’m surprised Harthress has a jock-jerk like him as a boyfriend.” I looked up, thinking. I didn’t want to say it, but I shrugged, doing so just as the bell to go outside rang. “I wonder who’s paying who, and how much.”

We wandered outside, the sun seeming to stare down at us, trying to heal our sadness. If that was what it was doing, it wasn’t working.

We walked up the dirt hill and hid among the many trees there, for if we hid here, Harthress would have a harder time trying to kill us. I turned to Deltoro and Brandon and looked down, having forgotten to thank them for saving my life within the first five seconds of school. “Thanks for basically saving my life,” I muttered softly. I wasn’t going to say it louder, even if I had to. Thankfully, Deltoro simply nodded.

When I looked up, they were jumping on a root that came out of the ground. It was easy to jump on and off of it, honestly, but I didn’t normally use it. It wasn’t the most useful object near me at the moment. I looked towards a bush of bright red berries, berries that no one should ever eat. I smiled and pocketed them. Deltoro, not knowing what I was planning, ran up to me and tried to take the berries. I simply pushed his hand away and told him one simple thing; “Harthress doesn’t know about these berries.”

We each studied the trees, making sure no cameras were hidden, or if Harthress herself was hidden among the trees. I saw Harthress over in the field messing around with her friends, and I pointed to her simply. They smiled, though no one noticed the small video camera pointed right at us in the smallest, yet tallest, tree by us.

“So, what’s the plan with the berries?” Deltoro asked. His voice was softer than normal, oddly.

“I’m going to make them into a smoothie and give it to Harthress.” I replied, while thinking of how many berries would be needed for the smoothie to work.

“Just a smoothie? Why not something more…I don’t know, painful?”

I shook my head and said simply, “The berries eat you from the inside, and turn you insane over time, and the government would know this, hunt you down, and kill you. I was it done to my aunt when she was forced to eat one when she was twelve, though I was merely five.”

Deltoro looked shocked. Sure, my father and his parents had been great friends for years, but apparently he had never heard about this. He looked down sadly, as if he were sorry. I thought of something quickly and grabbed his hand. “I need to help show the school that they don’t own us.” Those simple words started our rebelling.


At the end of the day, Deltoro, Brandon, and I ran down the halls, me with nail polish and Brandon with simple spray paint. Deltoro had a paintball gun. It was after school, so no one was here. Deltoro had already called his parents to pick us up at Six o’clock, so we had a lot of time to trash each and every classroom, and down the halls. We wouldn’t touch the lockers, but we would destroy posters unless they said something about a dance.

I ran into the Library and painted a skull on the closest table to the door, as detailed as possible. I made flaming hair on the tables around it and pushed the tables together. Meanwhile, Brandon had been spray-painting blue slime all over the walls of the A-wing. Deltoro was shooting paint balls all over in C-wing, shooting one straight into each room perfectly onto the white board or smart board.


Once we were done with that, we met in the Commons, which had already been half way done. I looked at both of them, but they shook their heads. I looked around for any sign of a name or anything, and then I saw it. Johnny had done it; he was one of our friends. But how did he know we were doing this, I didn’t know. I shrugged and painted a lion cowering to some hyenas on the wall, larger than needed.

Brandon and Deltoro saw the painting and smiled, high-fiving me. I looked over to see what they drew, and they drew scenes from the Lion King, where Mufasa was ran over by the stampede, and when Simba was hanging onto a cliff over a flaming grassland bellow. I smiled and nodded, running out towards the portables.

We had agreed not to touch B wing or our favorite teacher’s room, and we didn’t, though we completely trashed both Womafeild and Rivers’ rooms, almost destroying them. We had done a job well done.


At Six O’clock, we ran to our lockers to grab our bags and other things that remained there that we would need. Deltoro and I walked down the hall, side by side, once we were ready. To be honest, we had done a fine job painting the school, although Johnny had done actual graffiti.

“That…was amazing.” I said, smiling slightly. He nodded and started to run down the halls. Not knowing why, I ran after him.

Deltoro grabbed his paint ball gun, knowing the doors were locked from the outside, he shot the window. It broke, the edges splattered with paint. I smiled, satisfied, and jumped through. We probably looked like a couple robbers running out of a building, aside from the fact that we weren’t dressed in black, and that we had paint guns instead of pistols or anything.

“Hello, Jeana, Brandon, Deltoro,” a feminine voice chimed as we got into the mini-limo. This must have been Deltoro’s mother.

“Hello, Stacie,” the three of us replied in unison.


The ride took a while, but when we got to the house, I knew I hadn’t wasted my time coming into the car. We had arrived at a large mansion, a single story taller than any mansion I had ever seen. I was simply amazed; I had never seen something this beautiful. A simple stone fountain was against the house, running down into a pond, like a waterfall. A small cobblestone pathway led to the door, to the waterfall, and to the balcony, though you would need to climb beside the waterfall to get to the balcony.

I smiled and grabbed my things and walked with Deltoro inside. The inside of the house was almost too beautiful to define. A chandelier hung above a glass coffee table with what seemed to be a boat in the middle of it. A remote control was set on the table. And if I hadn’t asked for more, two leather ‘club couches’ without the left and right armrest surrounded it, along with two beanbag chairs at the ends.

Deltoro kindly motioned for me to sit, and I did so. He grabbed the remote control and started pushing some buttons, making the boat go. Foam came out, making the words ‘ILU’. I knew exactly what he meant. I rested my head on his shoulder lightly and an ‘aw’ was heard from both Brandon and Stacie. Simply looked at them disapprovingly and they stopped.

This was the start of my new life.
I'm alive! -coughnotcough-
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