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Old 01-14-2012, 09:37 AM
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Smile 2011 URPG Awards Results

You’re waiting for a train, a train that will take you far away. You know where you hope this train will take you, but you don’t know for sure. But it doesn’t matter. How can it not matter to you where that train will take you?

Because you’re going to Hogwarts.

Wait, no, that’s not right.

Well, it is, but not exactly right.

You see, it isn’t Hogwarts you’re going to but rather Ultra Hogwarts, which is pretty similar. There you are not taught the mysteries of magic, but the powers and abilities of strange creatures called Pokemon. You learn, through this faux-British boarding school how to be Pokemon masters.

Or at least, that’s what the letter said. In reality, you’re also taught useful skills such as logic, writing, coordination and creativity. Which is silly. After all, do people really go to school to learn things? Of course not.

But yes, you were one of the lucky few who received a letter to go to this prestigious institution. And they assured you and your parents that you will be learning from the best. They only lose five or so students a year, so the chances of you failing are miniscule.

But really, let’s fast forward to the good part (aka, the end). No need to go into the minute details of meeting your best friends, encountering your eternal rival, the sorting of members into team houses (you think someone ended up on Team Trainer, whatever that is), etc.

And no one needs to know how you slowly uncovered the secret plot by the Dark Lord Raik who manipulated new members of the URPG towards acts of vile and deceit that nearly destroyed everything you held dear. Only by your wits and courage alone (and your magnificent Stupefying-rated story) were you able to uncover the secrets of this deadly force. One wrong move, a mis-predicted TM Substitute, and it could have been all over. But you prevailed. And all without having to backstab your allies in the FFA. Double bonus!

And now you sit in one of the many chairs in the Ultra Auditorium, watching the End of Year Ceremony. Upstairs, your bags are packed with the various knick knacks you’ve collected over the year (Two Pokeballs, one broken pen, a shard of a broken mirror, a Psyduck, a stained park pass, famed Jack O’ Clovers autograph on an In-n-Out napkin, a Fluttershy doll, 7 rocks, Hogwarts: A History, several type-advantage charts, a bookmark with “Smogon” written on it, and your collectable PE2K and BMG sports caps, among other things.)

Suddenly, your attention snaps back to reality as you realize the Awards Ceremony is about to begin.

An old, wizened figure in grey robes steps forward. He is very old, probably somewhere in the 800’s if you were to guess. Maybe 887. Regardless, he’s a very old man.

The old man lifts his hands up and immediately the murmuring dies down.

“Honored members of the Ultra RPG,” he begins.

“DON’T YOU MEAN ULTRA HOGWARTS!?” a voice shouts.

“Oh, um yes,” replies the man, momentarily looking confused. “I do.”

He clears his throat.

“As I was saying, this is a momentous occasion. We have concluded another chapter in our honored, centuries-long history.”

“I’m pretty sure we’ve only been around 13 years, Professor Kim,” interjects Professor Kat sitting behind him.

“Ah, right,” he waves as the detail was not important. “In any case, as your Headmaster, I’m proud to see so many familiar faces with us today. We have lost quite a few of our numbers over the past year, but have also gained many wonderful and talented individuals. Let us rejoice in the memories of the past and celebrate our bright future together.”

Again, he clears his throat and continues speaking:

But enough Sirius talk. We’re here to have fun and by golly, we’re going to enjoy it!

A big thanks to our Ultra Professors, who have done a wonderful job during the year. Now I don’t want to Pidgeonhole it, but these are some of the most dedicated and intelligent people you’ve ever met. I would Bee doing them a disservice to not mention the efforts they undertake to train you Jr. Trainers.

The lessons you learned here have set off a Chain Reaction in your education, allowing you to unearth grand Fossils of knowledge. With these tools you can Reign over all Scourge who dare oppose you. They are your lucky Clovers to channel your Kai-Chi against all Atario-based games.

From the valleys of Hellsing to the heights of the Moonbrey, you all have done well. And I am very proud of you.

Let us celebrate and Taste Pies under the stars of Taurus!

Oh, and one more thing. Beware of the Phantom of the Katopera. She lurks in shadowy places of the Umbral Dark. If she finds you, you’re as good as dead. Like a US Tree Toad eaten by 17 Russian Wild Cats during the coldest Winter.

Now on to the awards!

2011 Ultra RPG Awards

In the category of Favorite Author!

1st Place: Kai-Mei – 8 votes
2nd Place: Alaskapigeon – 6 votes
3rd Place: Scourge of Nemo – 3 votes

Some people just have a natural talent to draw you in. And that’s Kai-Mei! Except, she doesn’t draw, but write. Well, I mean, she draws also and writes! Cause she’s a writer and an artist! What was I talking about again…?

In the category of Best Author!

1st Place: Dog of Hellsing – 7 votes
2nd Place: Scourge of Nemo – 6 votes
3rd Place: Kai-Mei – 4 votes

Jess is one of the best authors I’ve ever met. She’s also a big fan of vampires. Thus all fans of vampires are good authors! Pretty logical I think!

In the category of Favorite Roleplayer!

1st Place: ChainReaction01 – 5 votes
2nd Place: Bumblebee – 3 votes
3rd Place: Akinai, Ebail – 2 votes

The world is a stage, and we are all players. Or at least Chain is. A role player, that is. This fun guy is no fungi and a wonderful person to roleplay with in any situation or day or night or midsummer.

In the category of Best Roleplayer!

1st Place: ChainReaction01 – 5 votes
2nd Place: Bumblebee, WinterVines – 3 votes
3rd Place: Akinai, EmmySCX, Captain Dude, MuddyMudkip – 1 vote

So it is not surprising to find that not only is Chain our favorite roleplayer, but also the best roleplayer! Sometimes these categories go hand in hand and this is no exception. However, I will say that it takes talent to not only be good at roleplaying, but also to have others enjoy your roleplaying.

In the category of Best Coordinator!

1st Place: HikauIzumi – 5 votes
2nd Place: AmericanTreeFrog – 4 votes
3rd Place: Buoysel. – 2 votes

A one and a two! The best is Hikaru! Hikaru can coordinate like there is no other. Whether it’s Pokemon Contests, her clothes, time, etc; she can coordinate anything! She’s probably also very good at Battleship!

In the category of Best Referee!

1st Place: Pidge – 13 votes
2nd Place: Ash K. – 4 votes
3rd Place: WebMaster – 3 votes

Is anyone surprised? Anyone? I’m not. Pidge is one of the best members in the URPG, noted for his intelligence, skill and strategic mind. It’s no surprise that the Head Ref is also the Best Ref. And we are lucky to have him running our battle-intense section. He also looks great in black and white uniforms.

In the category of Favorite Referee!

1st Place: Ebail – 6 votes
2nd Place: Roulette – 5 votes
3rd Place: Pidge – 3 votes

Email the great Ebail if you need a nail or a pail or a whale for your snail trail battle quails. He is the gale that we rail as he regales us the grand tale of betrayal. Hail the great Ebail!

Also bother him to ref more.

In the category of Best Grader!

1st Place: Kai-Mei – 7 votes
2nd Place: Scourge of Nemo – 6 votes
3rd Place: WinterVines – 3 votes

Our favorite author is also the best grader! Which would make sense. If we like her stories, she probably also knows how good ones are formed. Pokemon captured! I better get paid for this grade.

In the category of Favorite Grader!

1st Place: Buoysel. – 5 votes
2nd Place: Phantom Kat – 4 votes
3rd Place: Kai-Mei, AmericanTreeFrog, Scourge of Nemo – 3 votes

Our favorite grader, Buoysel knows what we want from a grade. Now, that usually means a successful capture, of course, but we writers understand that the more important part is a strong review of our style and technique. Only through this critical feedback can we improve to become the very best there ever was. And Buoysel knows how to help us reach our full potential. Thank you.

In the category of Best Ranger!

1st Place: ChainReaction01 – 11 votes
2nd Place: WinterVines – 4 votes
3rd Place: AmericanTreeFrog, Nito – 2 votes

I got lost in the woods once. It was cold and dark and there were witches trying to eat me. Then Chain found me, fought off the witches, and gave me mushrooms to eat. They were hallucinogenic mushrooms and I was in a daze for weeks. But when I awoke I was alive, in the hospital, and safe from those wild dangers. Though my wallet was gone. Regardless, I’m thankful that he saved my life.

In the category of Favorite Ranger!

1st Place: WinterVines, ChainReaction01 – 6 votes
2nd Place: AmericanTreeFrog, MuddyMudkip – 3 votes
3rd Place: Ebail, Buoysel. – 2 votes

Whether it’s a Vine or a Chain, you can always count on these two rangers to pull you through your Park adventure! They know not only how to bring you the time of your life, but also how to do it in style!

In the category of Best Judge!

1st Place: AmericanTreeFrog – 13 votes
2nd Place: Feng – 3 votes
3rd Place: Buoysel., SLCalamity, ChainReaction01 – 1 vote

They say that Justice is Blind… in America! There are also Tree Frogs… in America! Thus American Tree Frogs are Just Judges… in America! ATF knows how the system works and he’ll ensure that no pony violates the rules.

In the category of Favorite Judge!

1st Place: AmericanTreeFrog – 5 votes
2nd Place: Nitro – 3 votes
3rd Place: JokesterJesse, Buoysel., Feng, MorruMagnum, ChainReaction01 – 2 votes

And he’s also our favorite judge! Kind of like a Judge Judy except we actually like him and he doesn’t have to deal with crazy situations. Then again this is the URPG, so it’s more likely he has to deal with crazier situations. Regardless, we like him to judge our stuff!

In the category of Best Battler!

1st Place: Pidge – 11 votes
2nd Place: Roulette – 4 votes
3rd Place: Team Evolution – 3 votes

Pidge is the Battler! We should make that his last name. Pidge Battler. Then we can call him Battler-kun or Battler-san or Battler-sempai. Or Aniki. Yeah. I like that. It’s like a shounen manga where Pidge is the hero whose goal is to become Hokage of the world. And if you lose to him, you become his friend. This is a good story.

In the category of Best Gym Leader!

1st Place: Pidge – 13 votes
2nd Place: Xalapeno – 3 votes
3rd Place: Neonsands – 2 votes

Let’s just say it this way. If Pidge was a gym leader in the Pokemon Anime series. Ash would probably have skipped Hoenn. Well not really. He would have fought his way to Fortree. And then stopped. Then he would have went to Sinnoh and we would have Pearl and Diamond two years earlier. So thanks Pidge for making us wait!

In the category of Favorite URPG Moderator/Official!

1st Place: ChainReaction01 – 7 votes
2nd Place: Pidge – 5 votes
3rd Place: Bumblebee – 3 votes

Fun Fact! Chain isn’t really a person, but a robot. He was built by the genius trio Loyal Arcanine, Dark Umbreon and Marth to replace them when they began med school. He can’t let anyone know his secret so don’t tell anyone. He likes cupcakes and long walks on the beach.

In the category of Coolest Member!

1st Place: Captain Dude – 5 votes
2nd Place: Derian, ChainReaction01 – 4 votes
3rd Place: Monbrey – 3 votes

Dude, I mean whoa. That’s radical, man. Like awesome cause you’re one cool, cool dude, Captain Dude. I mean, like, whoa, like, awesome, dude. If we were all about 20% as cool as you, dude, we’d be Captains of Coolness too. Brohoof man.

In the category of Funniest Member!

1st Place: Alaskapigeon – 9 votes
2nd Place: Captain Dude – 3 votes
3rd Place: Roulette – 2 votes

There once was a pigeon from Alaska.

But you see, Alaska is a cold place with lots of snow, oil, polar bears, snow, salmon, snow, penguins and snow. And because it was so cold, everyone was frozen solid in sub-thermal stasis. Which was really unfortunate because Abraham Lincoln wanted to buy Alaska from the Soviets so he could fight Henry Lee. But every ambassador he sent there became frozen!

But one night, just before Washington crossed the Potomac to battle Napoleon at Normandy, Lincoln saw a bird sitting on his windowsill. It was a pigeon!

“Mr. President,” said the bird. “My name is Alaska. I’m a pigeon from Alaska. Winston Churchill ordered me here to deliver a message for you.”

At first, Lincoln was astonished. After all, Winston Churchill was the Kaiser of Spain and they were at war for the last 30 years. Still, he didn’t want to look a gift cat in the mouth. So he took his diplomatic message for the Soviets and tied it to this Alaska Pigeon’s leg.

The bird flew really fast, travelling over Mexico, Canada, Australia and the North Pole until finally she reached Anchorage. Prime Minister Kruschev of the Soviets was there and he took the letter from Lincoln and read it. There was also a guy named Seward there.

Kruschev liked the deal and signed the agreement, selling Alaska to the United States for one gazillion dollars.

And that’s how Equestria was made! Next time I’ll tell you how I got my cutie mark!

In the category of Nicest Member!

1st Place: Kai-Mei – 9 votes
2nd Place: WinterVines – 4 votes
3rd Place: Bumblebee – 3 votes

Kai, you are so nice! You’re the kindest member in our community and always so considerate! I can’t say anything else. Thank you.

In the category of Fastest Growing Member!

1st Place: Captain Dude, White Knight – 5 votes
2nd Place: WebMaster – 4 votes
3rd Place: Roulette – 3 votes

A Captain and a Knight. I can’t say I’m surprised that you were both voted as the fastest growing members. In the short time you’ve been here (at least from my perspective) you have become valued members in this community. I salute both of you and charge you to continue to grow and succeed as before.

In the category of Most Helpful Member!

1st Place: Bumblebee – 9 votes
2nd Place: ChainReaction01 – 6 votes
3rd Place: WinterVines, Alaskapigeon – 2 votes

Bumblebee, I want to thank you for taking the time and effort to help others in the Ultra RPG. It’s through deeds like yours that we’ve managed to grow as a family and grow closer as a result. People look up to you because you’re always able to lend a hand and I’m proud to name you the Most Helpful Member of 2011!

In the category of Most Dedicated Member!

1st Place: ChainReaction01 – 6 votes
2nd Place: Pidge – 5 votes
3rd Place: Ash K. – 3 votes

If there is one man you could name who is always striving to improve the URPG, you’d name Chain. Not only does he work hard as a Park Ranger and Moderator, but he also takes the time to develop new and innovative projects. You come up with an idea and he’ll be the first one volunteering to help plan it out. He’s a man I look up to and one I strive to emulate.

In the category of Most Intelligent Member!

1st Place: Pidge – 7 votes
2nd Place: Scourge of Nemo – 4 votes
3rd Place: HKim – 2 votes

It is with grand distinction that I hereby declare Pidge, Moderator and Chief of our Conflict Resolution Department, as the notable expert in all fields related to intellectual studies. Perhaps the most pronounced thinker in these turbulent times, Pidge represents the epitome of educated members within this established community.

In the category of Wish You Were Here!

1st Place: Xalapeno – 7 votes
2nd Place: Synthesis – 4 votes
3rd Place: Hide in Plain Sight – 3 votes

Xala. We miss you. We await your return.

In the category of Favorite Pokemon!

In this year of 2011, the favorite URPG Pokemon is…

Husnain and Metagross with 2 votes!

Wait, it’s a tie!? We can’t have that! The staff will have my head if I give out TWO free Pokemon!

Better make this fair. We’ll do this URPG style. And as a retired ref, I know exactly how this works.

If the dice rolls 1-50, everyone gets a free Metagross.
If the dice rolls 51-100, everyone gets a free Husnain.

hkimf rolled 1 100-sided die: 51 (verified by FC and Nitro)

Looks like everyone gets a free Husnain this year! Congratulations! Post here to claim your Husnain.

And with that, I’d like to say one last word. For his dedication and perseverance in all things Bob Dole, I’d like to award Fair, 100 points. Which means Gryffindor wins the House Cup! Yay! I’m not biased at all!

Also, a big thanks to ChainReaction01 for tallying the results this year!

If you voted, post in here to claim your $3,000.

Live Long and Prosper!

"We love Him because He first loved us." 1 John 4:19
Challenge me in the URPG.

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