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General Hang out here and talk to people participating the Ultra RPG. Talk about anything related to the Ultra RPG, or just any casual discussion with fellow participants of the Ultra RPG. New to Ultra RPG? Come in and see what's it all about.

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Old 12-13-2011, 05:39 AM
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Post Expansion of the Leadership Team

Some might ask why I take the time to write so much about promotions that can be summed up in a simple list or paragraph.

I do it because these people deserve recognition for what they’ve done. This time is reserved for those dedicated members who strive to create a better and more vibrant URPG. For members who take the time to improve and innovate. For the members who we can trust to move our community forward.


Those responsible for the welfare of this Family.

The URPG team has, more or less, remained the same size for years now. This was true even when it solely existed on PE2K. And the system worked well for all involved.

But that is no longer the case. We now stand astride two message board communities, bringing together members in a competitive and friendly environment. And, as such, need more help to handle each and every aspect of the URPG in a timely manner.

Thus, it is my duty and my privilege to announce an expansion of the leadership team. We have chosen these amazing and capable individuals to carry the torch onward.

Our New Moderators:

Bumblebee – Bee is perhaps one of the nicest and friendliest people I know. He’s always willing to help out and support those who need it. A veteran URPGer, Bee has taken the time to befriend as many people as possible and help out new members. We will Bee better off with him leading the charge.

ChainReaction – This will be of interest to some members. Chain will be the first URPG moderator who joined on Bulbagarden. He clearly deserves this promotion, having actively worked to assist the Park and develop various URPG projects. As a person, he is both approachable and willing to help other. He will make a find addition to our Moderator team.

SiberianTiger – I’ve known Isaiah for a long time, and for good reason considering that he’s been a URPGer for quite a while. Some might be turned off by his passionate nature, but I believe that it’s this dedication that allows Isaiah to push for improvements in the URPG that he believes are right and just. We’ll need that drive in the coming months.

We Taste Pies – Another URPG veteran, WTP has been a member of the URPG since he was 12, which is a pretty astounding feat. His years have given him much perspective on the URPG and his observations will surely be key to plotting our future. I cannot ask for a more experienced hand to help guide our path.

Our New Officials:

AmericanTreeFrog – So I figured that since we’re promoting Isaiah, I might as well get the whole set. Honestly though, I have no idea why ATF isn’t already an Official. As Head of Contests, he’s responsible for a quarter of the URPG and strives to ensure that everything is running smoothly. More importantly, he works to innovate so that his section, and the URPG, can be bigger and better than before. We need men like him.

Kai-Mei – Kai is not someone to let adversity stand in her way. She not only overcomes failures, but learns from them in order to become a better leader and a better person. Many know her for her work in the Stories section, but she’s also leading the development on our new art capture method. Bug her for more info!

Wintervines – The URPG isn’t simply about fighting battles, writing stories and capturing every Pokemon. No, it’s also about the community of friends and family that makes this place special. And no one understands that better than Winter. A gamer at heart, Winter has worked hard to create a better place for everyone. And she knows what truly is important.

I do have one final note. As some of you already know, Ataro resigned from his position of Second and Moderator. He’ll continue to serve the URPG as an Official. I want to take this time to thank him for his service and efforts. As my right-hand man, he has helped me decide complex issues and point out when I was wrong. He truly is a person of honor. So if you see him, please take the time to thank him for all he has done.

I have not decided on his replacement. However, during this time I have asked that Phantom Kat step up to plate as Acting Second. For all intents and purposes, she will carry out Ataro’s former duties until I choose someone to fill the position permanently. Kat is one of the longest-serving leaders in the URPG and someone who not only knows the ropes, but understands how our community functions. For years she has led stories and now I ask her to help lead the entirety of our group.

These, ladies and gentlemen, are the leaders of our Ultra RPG. By promoting them, I ask that they do their best to serve the community with honor and distinction. The family is in their hands now.

"We love Him because He first loved us." 1 John 4:19
Challenge me in the URPG.

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