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Old 12-17-2011, 02:21 AM
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Default [SU]Night Rising[SU]


The year is 4000, the era of the finest and most advanced technology of all time. Most cities are of 300 floored skyscrapers with hover cars and roads that float above in the sky. Homes float now in the air and can fly to relocate anywhere when neccessary. Cell phonse now can make holograms of the person your are talking to so you can have full body visuals through communication. Many different kinds of complex laser guns are used by the police officers who ride hover cycles to catch criminals. Guard robots of lethal power are what guard the most important buildings. Just about everything is top notch of pure technology. But this maybe the era of the most advanced technology, yet it is also the world of Pokemon. Poke Balls are just about the only thing that stayed the same, except their look is more update. It is a metal ball with a colorless bottom but the top half flashes red. Each trainer has a Poke Gadget which is a poke ball shaped wrist watch on their wrist, which was given to them at the start of their journey. There are three buttons on the side of the Poke Gadget, a red button and a blue button. The red button materializes a Poke Ball, this way the trainer never has to go and shop for more. The blue button opens the Digital PC System, pressing it opens up a green sphere hologram which shows all Pokemon within the trainer's PC. By tapping on the Pokemon you can instantly switch out from a Pokemon in your party, making Pokemon Team building effortless. Battles are the same except that now a days most fields float high in the air and they have a control panel that can make the terrain any kind, from the sea floor to a high mountain. The Pokemon League still exists and so does the Grand Festival, these trainer pursuits have not changed and probably never will. Despite the appearance of the stadiums and stages that it is, those are highly upgrade just like the Pokemon Battle Fields. With all this Technology you would think of all the energy wasted and pollution, but you think wrong. Scientists made the ultimate break through and were able to make everything run on air. This eliminated pollution problems and energy issues.

But nevertheless nothing is perfect, not even this era. Things were all good and peachy until a mysterious Tower rose up in Ilex Forest, Johto, an ominous tower made of pure black crystal. This tower was not a good thing at all for it began to poison the life around it and the Pokemon became extremely vicious and hostile within the area. This caused many people living in Azalea Town to flee and move away for the Pokemon began attacking and destroying their homes. Then the same thing happened in the Ice Path near Blackthorn City. This alarmed many people and it's causing a world wide alert for these towers are suspected to be spreading.


You were recruited by the professor of your region for your skills as a Pokemon Trainer, Coordinator, Breeder or Ranger. You are part of this team sent to find out about this crisis. Even though this is a dangerous task, you chose to brave it. So now is your time.

Gender: (Male or Female)
Pokemon Team: (Up to 6 pokemon on hand and only 2 in Digital PC)
Appearance: (picture or vivid description)
Other: (any other info we should know about)

1.)No godmodding, flaming, or bunnying.
2.) All PE2K rules apply.
3.) No legendaries on team or in Digital PC!
4.) Only three characters max.
5.) You must be dedicated to this RP.
6.) Have fun!!! :D
7.) Try to use correct spelling and grammar
8.)Any questions ask me!/B]

Leena and Taylor (Mickmon95)
Shay (Saraibre Ryu)

Credit to Lynchy Pokemon lives forever!

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Old 12-17-2011, 06:57 AM
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Default Re: [SU]Night Rising[SU]

Sounds interesting enough.

Name: Shay "Dracha [Dray-KA]"
Age: 19
Gender: Female

History: Shay was born and raised in Blackthorn City, though often moved to her other families farms where many Pokemon Ranches and Reserved were maintained and owned by them. Her first Pokemon she fund as a stray egg on one of the farms, and after taking care of it for some time, it hatched into a gold Charmander. Since then shay trained on her own from a young age, always with the shiny Charmander at her side. Once she became of age, her parents allowed her to take the Dragon's Den challenge, there where she earned their special Dratini. After that Shay went on her own journey as a Pokemon Trainer. Her battling skill slowly improved over the years, earning gym badges and so forth, however she never fancied taking the Pokemon League challenge at first. This didn't stop her from obtaining all the other badges from the other regions however. Still, never taking the actual league challenge. Her skills became that of a rumor and soon that rumor spread quickly about a trainer who never took the league challenge despite her abilities. As Shay fought more and more people on the road. One of her few friends who was called for the mission, suggested her to be a part of it, however having Professor elm track her down was no easy task. Soon enough she was contacted and at first Shay didn't like the idea of being on a team. However a week later Shay returned the call, saying she would join the cause.

Personality: Shay isn't much of a talker and can at first impression, seem like an ignorant ass who doesn't care about otuer people whatsoever. This isn't entirely true. Shay doesn't like people in general, however she isn't beyond making friends, it's just incredibly hard to make friends with her, if you aren't a Pokemon. She likes to keep her distance from people, and favors older technology over the new. She still keeps an old Poke Gear her parents gave her, though it was upgraded by a friend to be compatible with some of the technologies in the current era. Though she admits technology has its perks, she knows their downfalls and prefers anything natural and as possibly natural. Many people key her in as a loner of sorts, however if she were a true loner, she wouldn't have Pokemon. Her skill in battle is incredible, and she is capable of taking on the Pokemon League, however has earned the reputation of never doing it, for the sake of not having the attention. Only those she considers friends of a sort know her name, and for those who don't, only know her by the nickname given by her reputation: "The Dragon Champion", or "Dracha" for short. Her skill with Pokemon is extremely developed for her age and her battling skills as people have spoken about in rumors, may as well rival the champions. She has a relatively cool and calm demeanour, however when angered she can have violent tendencies. Few things set her off but lets hope you never find those things and do set her off. Shay never refuses a challenge but however, there is a reason why she was called for this assignment. She follows her intuition like a sixth sense as it is often never wrong.

Pokemon Team:

Asharas the shiny female Charizard
Vio-Nai the female Hydriegon
Tearess the female Flygon
Brio the female Dragonite
Obelisk the male Rhyperior
Cayci the female Galvantula

Bandit the male Sceptile
Gami female Druddigon

Appearance: Shay stands at 5í8, weights around 120 pounds. A young female athletic body is hidden under a slate grey hoodie that seems just too big for her, and black slacks with a single white line down the sides of the leg. Even wearing a hood, she wears a faded teal Gatsby hat with a blue tie around it on her head. Her skin is slightly tan, despite the heavy clothing, and is quite the looker in past male views. Her face is calm and flawless, greyish blue eyes seem to glow under her shaded face, giving her that enigmatic ambiance. Should she not be wearing her sweater, underneath is a carmine, form fitting tank top with rune-like markings all over it in a dull red that is just a few shades from the carmine itís printed on. The popular choices of black fingerless gloves and wrist bands to match are also part of her swag.

Accessory wise, Shay only has two things: a back pack, and a necklace. The backpack is a medium sized, worn out school bag that has seen better days. Despite itís rugged look, itís lasted over the years. What was a bright blue is not a faded and washed out cerulean hue, trimmed in grey, having used to have been white. Frayed fabric in the corner most of the fabric, and few zippers that have stood the test of time hide various carry-on items in their pockets. The necklace is a simple silver chain and a trinket as itís main centre piece. A pewter S in the shape of a general dragon, coiling around itself that Shay received after completing the Dragonís Den test.

Other: Shay has a strong afiliation with Dragon Pokemon and Pokemon difficult to train. She also hs this weird fondness of ghost type Pokemon, who also seem to like her. Asharas is her strongest Pokemon and her signature Pokemon, anyone who knows her reputation knows her shiny Charizard.
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Old 12-17-2011, 08:02 AM
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Default Re: [SU]Night Rising[SU]

Mick: Thou art accepted. :)

Name: Leena Anne McKinnely

Age: 17

Gender: Female


History: Leena was born and raised in Sinnoh, by her two parents. They were both Pokemon Archeologists which meant Leena was always traveling with them to many different places and regions of the Pokemon World. Leena received her starter pokemon Piplup when she was ten as any other regular trainer and the two were inseparable. And it was a good thing too, because as a kid she was bullied as child by all the other kids. So Kase (Piplup) became her only friend and helped her cope with her problems. But Leena didn't leave home like most of the other kids her age to begin her journey, she stayed home with her parents and Kase. Then her parents began traveling more than usual so she never really stayed anywhere for long enough time to get adjusted and build an actual life there. Leena finally got tired of always moving and never being able to stay in one place, so she began her journey but didn't travel much. She stayed in Floaroma Town with her aunt for a couple of years at age 12 with her Pokemon. During that time she caught two other Pokemon, a Starly and a Pachirisu. She nicknamed her Starly as Ace and her Pachirisu she called Zoey. Even though technology was so advanced, Leena was one of the very few who took joy in the basic things in life. Floaroma Town was a hovering town as most where now a days in this technological era, but everyday Leena would descend to the land where the old Floaroma Town used to be and just play with her Pokemon within the flower fields. Soon enough Leena wanted to see the world and all its other beauties so finally traveled at age 14 and got into Pokemon Coordinating. She became a great coordinator alongside her Pokemon and even made it to compete within the Grand Festival twice. Now with all her success as a Pokemon Coordinator, Prof. Rowan sent her a letter informing her on the urgent situation in Johto and she did this because Prof. Rowan was the one who started her on her life with her Pokemon. So she now she is arriving in Johto.

Personality: Leena is a girl who keeps to herself and isn't really good when it comes to socializing with people. She is great when it comes to Pokemon but with other people is hard for her. She does what she wants and doesn't really care what anyone else has to say about it. She isn't the type to burst out in a fit of rage if angered, she is more like an internal inferno of inner rage. She hates arrogant fools who think themselves better than others and also bullies. She is polite when to those who she believes deserve her respect, but to those she dislikes she doesn't even acknowledge them. She isn't one to judge others and is pretty overall accepting. She likes to help others in anyway she can. She doesn't talk about her feelings or any other personal aspects of her life. She is pretty serious all the time, but she can take a joke every now and then. She is smart and quick on her feet. She doesn't like to receive help from anyone other than her Pokemon and if she starts something she must finish it.

Pokemon Team:







In Digital PC System:



Other: None

Name: Talyor Rendan

Age: 18

Gender: Male


History: Taylor was born and raised in Johto in Goldenrod City, by his mother. His father had passed away when he was only 2. Taylor started his journey like all other kids at age 10, with his starter a Cyndaquil he came to call Quilos. Except something very special happened that day. Quilos had wandered away and Taylor searched for him all over, but he didn't find Quilos. Instead he met up with Celebi, legendary Pokemon. Celebi was weak and fragile, as if close to death. But Taylor came to it's rescue by giving it all the berries he had with him. Little by little Celebi got better and was okay. That day Celebi touched Taylor's forehead with her powers and gave him a special ability. From that day on Taylor had a sort of sixth sense about things, especially about the truth within people. He was able to sense when a person was lying or had bad intentions. A few months later, Taylor and his mom traveled to the Unova region during the summer and he caught a couple Pokemon from there which he took back home with him. Taylor chose his path early from the stories of his Dad being a great battle champion he was told by his mother when he was young. So he became determined to win, and he did become a great trainer. He got 3rd in the Johto League and 4th in the Unova League. Talyor then took a break from the great life of battle competitions and just went exploring the Pokemon World. He was hoping that one day he would meet Celebi again. Soon enough word got around about Taylor's excellence as a trainer and Prof. Elms knew all about his success. So Prof. Elms immediately notified Taylor about the situation so he could help.

Personality: Taylor is an intellectual yet somewhat socially awkward. He doesn't really understand love and other human emotions for he usually only thinks factually and needs data to prove superstitous theories. He always thinks with common sense and not his heart like his mother always told him growing up, but didn't heed her advice. He is very cold and distant by instinct. He will say the truth even if it hurts someone and doesn't really care. He isn't the best with social customs, even though he seems to know about them. Then again, he knows a lot of things. He loves to read and perform experiments and is a skilled inventor. In his spare time he is usually reading a scientific book or tinkering with some machine of his, not to mention training with his Pokemon. He values his Pokemon greatly but doesn't have that special bond most trainers have.

Pokemon Team:







In Digital PC System:



Other: None
Credit to Lynchy Pokemon lives forever!
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