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Default PMD: Night of the Red Moon PG-13

OK figured I'd post one of my fanfics here. I admit I'm a little rough around the edges so any tips you can give me will be appreciated.

Oh and I don’t own Pokémon or Pokémon Mystery Dungeon.

It was a beautiful morning in Treasure Town. Many Pokémon were already up getting ready to go exploring or getting their stalls ready in the case of the Kecleon brothers and the others. Right at the end of the right hand side of town there was a cliff shaped like a Sharpedo named Sharpedo Bluff in the hollow centre a Pikachu was just waking up and had a huge stretch. She got to her feet and walked towards the opening in the cliff then gazed outside.

Chloe watched the large blue sea letting the ocean breeze caress her yellow fur. She looked like any other normal Pikachu but in fact she used to be human, a human from the future. The groove in her tail seemed a bit bigger than most Pikachu’s. Chloe also had a ruff of blonde hair on her head. She also wore a purple bow around her neck.

Then the other Pokémon started to sit up and have a good old stretch himself. The Pikachu turned around and smiled.

“Good morning Chimchar.”

Chimchar returned the smile. He also looked like most other Chimchar except he had a small scar on his forehead that sort of looked like the letter x Chloe never asked him about it. His eyes were a very light grey in fact almost silver.

“Morning Chloe,” He greeted and took a look outside. “Awesome it’s another great day for exploring!” He said enthusiastically.

Chloe giggled at her partner’s excitement.

“Sure is. We better get going before you explode.”

Chimchar blushed slightly. Chloe loved to tease him like this.

“Yeah OK guess we should.”

Chimchar grabbed the treasure bag and checked their supplies.

“Good looks like we have everything we need.” He said.

Chloe smiled,

“Great lets hurry to the guild and see what jobs we can find.”

Chloe and Chimchar climbed up the steps and started passing through the lush Treasure Town almost everyone greeted them Chloe and Chimchar happily greeted back with a wave. They had become quite famous and popular around here but that’s what saving the world twice does to you. Everyone in town knows their names even most of the travelling explorers who pass by In fact a few of them asked for their autographs Chimchar often joked that they now could be as famous as Dusknoir used to be if not more.

Once they’ve reached the guild Chimchar examined the job bulletin board while Chloe looked over the Outlaw Notice board. (They’ve discovered it will be a lot quicker that way.) There certainly weren’t as many jobs as there used to be possibly because the world was now mostly back to normal but luckily for the exploration teams there was still plenty of work to do. Although on rare occasions there was nothing on the boards at all. Everyone would take that opportunity to take a day off or explore uncharted territory.

Just then Chloe spotted something interesting.

“Hey Chimchar here’s one. A Nidoking is causing havoc at Blizzard Island the reward is a Zinc band we’ve been needing one of those.”

Chimchar looked pumped.

“OK let’s do this we haven’t been to Blizzard Island in awhile this will be a great excuse to go.”

And with that Chloe and Chimchar dashed out of the guild and to their left where the dungeons were.

About ten minutes later just as Sunflora and Bidoof were heading down the guild steps to go on a mission a Pokémon walked towards them.

“Excuse me.” He said almost as if it burned him terribly to act polite. “But is Team Firestorm here?” Sunflora as cheery as ever looked in his direction. “Oh my gosh I’m sorry I’m afraid you just missed them they left to apprehend an outlaw over ten minutes ago.”

The Pokémon looked annoyed by this.

“Any idea when they’ll be back?”

Sunflora and Bidoof shook their heads then Bidoof spoke up.

“If it’s important you can always wait for them at Sharpedo Bluff that’s where they live.” Bidoof pointed right. “Just keep going up that way till you reaches the cliff but you might be in for a long wait yup yup.”

The Pokémon headed off seemingly forgetting to say thanks. Sunflora and Bidoof shrugged it off and continued on their way.

At Blizzard Island Chloe and Chimchar continued their search for Nidoking. As always Blizzard Island was completely coated in snow and ice. It was also snowing quite heavily. But despite the harsh weather Chloe and Chimchar pressed on. These two really work as a team Chloe did her best to keep any water Pokémon away from Chimchar while Chimchar did the same with Rock types as he knew Focus Punch Chloe then spotted something.

“Over there!” She called to Chimchar who was just finishing off another Nosepass.

Chimchar glanced over and saw Nidoking threatening a poor Delibird into giving him his Clear Gummi. Chimchar and Chloe rushed to the scene.

“Hold it right there!” Chimchar called out.

The Delibird looked relieved.

“Yay! It’s team Firestorm!” Nidoking just laughed.

“That’s an Exploration Team? They look ridiculous!”

Chloe smirked flicking a bit of hair out of her eyes.

“Yeah we get that a lot”

Nidoking prepared himself. “Well this should be easy.”

Chimchar pretends to sigh.

“Don’t you just hate it when they’re so over confident Chloe?”

Chloe nods.

“Ohhh yes it gets soooo annoying.”

Nidoking was now seeing red.

“Ohhhhh you’re in for it now!” Nidoking Charged at them with Horn Attack. Chimchar and Chloe dove out of the way. “Ohhh we have a feisty one.” joked Chimchar.

He then used Fury Swipes.

Nidoking got hit a couple of times but managed to grab Chimchar’s arm then Poison Jabbed him in the stomach making the poor Pokémon fall to his knees. Chloe glared.

“Ohhh you’ll wish you hadn’t done that” She growled.

Chloe charged at Nidoking who was about to finish Chimchar off with Horn Drill and grabbed his tail. Now Nidoking was really fuming he swiped Chloe off his tail sending her flying then got ready to use Double Kick but he got hit by a Flame Wheel attack which turned out to be Chimchar.

“Thanks for the breather Chloe!” He called.

Chloe smiled,

“No problem Chimchar.”

Nidoking looked at Chimchar half impressed. “Not bad kid that actually hurt a little.” Chimchar smirked,

“Why thank you.”

Then Nidoking used Horn Attack but Chimchar ducked and uses Focus Punch. Chloe used Discharge. Nidoking was dazed but managed to use Poison Jab on Chloe. Chimchar tried to use Focus Punch but Nidoking was faster and used Double Kick Chloe used Iron Tail from behind. Nidoking fell to the ground knocked out.

Chloe smiled feeling exhausted that was the toughest Pokémon they battled in awhile.

“We did it.”

Chimchar nodded.

“Yeah we did.” Then Chimchar winced a little obviously still feeling that last attack.

“You OK?” Chloe asked her eyes filled with concern.

Chimchar smiled reassuringly.

“Yeah I’ll be fine.”

Chloe picked up the Clear Gummi and gave it back to the Delibird.

“Here you go.” She smiled. The Delibird happily accepted it.

“Thank you”

Later after taking the Nidoking to Magnezone they started heading back to Sharpedo Bluff for a well earned rest.

Chloe stretched. “Man what a day.”

Chimchar nodded.

“Tell me about it at least now we can get home and relax.”

Chloe nodded.

“Yup wow everything is so perfect I hope it stays this way forever.”

Chimchar beamed.

“Same here,”

Chloe smiled she felt really happy. Ever since he found her on the beach Chimchar was the one Chloe felt the most comfortable with. Everyone else was a good friend to her of course like Wigglytuff, Chatot, Bidoof, Sunflora and everyone else in the guild and around Treasure Town. But Chimchar was different he was always there to cheer her up. His enthusiasm always motivated her. Chloe and Chimchar never seem to be apart. Residents of Treasure Town started calling them “The Dynamic

Chimchar and Chloe reached Sharpedo Bluff then they noticed the Pokémon that was talking to Sunflora and Bidoof earlier waiting for them Chloe looked slightly confused. “Can we help you?” she asked politely.

Chimchar however as white as a Snover.


*Gasp* Shock! Horror! So yeah in case Chimchar somehow didn’t give it away that Pokémon was Infernape and he’s Chimchar’s Father. What will happen? Find out next time!

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Default Re: PMD: Night of the Red Moon PG-13

Chapter 2

Chloe was shocked beyond belief.

“Excuse me?!”

Chimchar looked rather nervous.

“Dad wh...What are you doing here?!” He cried.

Infernape scowled.

“I was about to ask you the same thing!”

Chimchar backed of alittle Infernape always scared him in this mood (Then again he was always in this mood) but then found his courage and stepped forward.

“I…I’m part of an exploration team now and there’s nothing you can do about it!”

Chloe looked confused. What was this all about? Chloe decided to try and get some answers.

“Erm excuse me but I don’t quite understand. What does Chimchar mean by…?”

But before Chloe could finish Infernape gave her a dangerous look.

“You stay out of this!”

Chloe immediately backed off. Chimchar wasn't amused at all.

“Hey! You can’t talk to my friend like that!”

Infernape was fuming.

“And what did I say about conversing let alone making friends with non fire types?!” Chimchar shrank down to the ground. Chloe looked even more shocked than before.

Only allowed to make friends with fire types? How unfair is that? She thought.

Infernape glared at Chimchar then roughly grabbed the Relic Fragment that Chimchar always wore around his neck making the poor Pokémon gag a little.

“I see you actually managed to find this piece of junk” He said.

Chimchar just looked away.

“It’s not junk.”

“You really are a stubborn child aren’t you?” said Infernape sternly. “I’ve specifically forbidden you to join an exploration team and one day you weren’t in your room I’ve looked everywhere and recently I happen to overhear someone talking about a so called Team Firestorm and they happen to mention that a Chimchar with a scar was a member I had a feeling it was you and it looks like I was right.

Infernape let go of the Relic Fragment releasing Chimchar almost making him topple over.

“Don’t you know how long I’ve looked for you?!”

Chimchar just glared.

“For what? So you can keep blaming me for what happened?!”

Chloe looked stunned. Where did that come from?

“Huh? What happened?” she asked

Infernape gave her another dangerous look.

“That is not of your concern!”

Chloe flinched. She started feeling pretty angry. How dare this Infernape harass her best friend like this she desperately wanted to step up and give him a piece of her mind but she was afraid that she might just make things worse.

Infernape glared back at Chimchar.

“And don’t you dare talk back to me like that! You know very well that if you hadn’t disobeyed us and….”

Chimchar wasn’t taking any more of this. He started clenching his fists. The little Pokémon could feel his anger boil up inside of him and it was now reaching breaking point.

“No!! It was not my fault! How was I to know she would follow me! Not to mention I was very young at the time! I admit if I hadn’t ignored your warnings she would still be here…”

Chimchar was now desperately trying to hold back his tears but failing miserably.

“But that doesn’t make it right to remind me of that all the time! And I’m not letting you make my life a misery anymore!!!”

Infernape scowled. He was growing more and more furious with his son. Not only did he start an exploration team he was friends with an electric type. Infernape has had enough he was going to get Chimchar away from Chloe no matter what it takes.

“You are coming home with me right now!!”

Infernape made a grab for Chimchar’s arm but he jumped back.

“Back off!”

Then Chimchar just ran off the other way. Infernape sighed angrily and glared at Chloe

“You see what you did?!”

Chloe was now rather annoyed. Infernape sure found it easy to blame others.

“No what did I do?” She asked irritated.

Just then Chatot arrived at the scene.

“Goodness gracious what’s all this about? I was on my way to let you know of challenge request only to nearly get run over by a seemingly upset Chimchar.”

Chloe explained everything to Chatot, about Infernape and about his “attitude”.

“Hmm I see. Then we have a bit of a predicament.” Chatot said thoughtfully.

Infernape grew tired of this.

“I am taking my son home! And you non fire types better not try and stop me!”

Chatot hopped over to him.

“Now now there’s no need to be rude if you feel the need to take him home we can’t stop you but he seemed quite distressed when he dashed by me so at least let him have some time alone.

Infernape scowled but nodded.

“Fine we will leave in the morning” and with that he went on his way.

Chloe was crestfallen.

“Chatot are you sure there’s nothing we can do?”

Chatot looked sympathetic.

“I’m afraid so if Infernape is Chimchar’s father then he still has authority over him.”

Chloe sighed sadly and looked in the direction Chimchar went.



That evening Chloe went in search for Chimchar who had not returned yet which worried her. Chloe had a good idea where he could be and headed for the beach. As she guessed Chimchar was sitting on the sand watching the Krabby blow bubbles but not even that seemed to be cheering him up right now. This worried Chloe even more because this scene always brought a smile to her partner’s face.

Chloe slowly walked up. Chimchar sensing someone was there looked up.

“Oh hi Chloe.” he said sadly.

Chloe felt sorry for Chimchar. it was obvious from his eyes that he had been crying. Chloe sat down next to him and told him what Chatot told her which didn’t help lift his mood.

“It’s not fair!” he shouted pounding his fists in the sand which scared away some of the Krabby.

Chloe sighed. She hated seeing her partner like this she really wanted to comfort him somehow.

“I know but maybe your mum can convince your dad to let you stay” said Chloe hopefully but immediately regretted it when Chimchar flinched and sobbed slightly.

“Oh man I’m sorry I didn’t mean to open old wounds is that who you meant when…”

Chimchar cut in.

“Look I don’t want to talk about it ok?”

Chloe nodded.

“Ok I won’t force you but you might feel a little better if you did.”

Chloe hoped Chimchar would talk to her as she didn't really understand why he was so upset over it. Chimchar sighed.


Chimchar looked at the sand. “You see… I don’t remember my mum much she died when I was very young.”

Chloe looked shocked.

“Oh man I’m so sorry!”

Chimchar sighed.

“Don’t be it was my fault.”

Chloe glared at her partner.

“Don’t say that! How can it possibly be your fault? You told Infernape that yourself!”

Chimchar just sighed again.

“You see back then I was full of energy. Curiosity always got the better of me. My mum or dad always had to get me down of anything that was too high. I remember that my mum was quite happy saying I had great potential to be an explorer one day. Where I lived there was this huge craggy mountain my parents always warned me to stay away from it but then some other fire types and I were playing truth or dare.

You see my dad never let me even look at other types and someone dared me to climb that mountain. I don’t remember why I went along with it guess I didn’t want them to think I was scared or something. Anyway I was doing quite well but when I was just a few feet away from the top I realised how high I was. I got dizzy. My foot slipped and I hit my head on the side of the cliff.”

Chloe could only sit and listen as Chimchar continued.

“I must’ve knocked myself out because the next thing I knew I was being carried home by an Exploration team. Apparently my mum saw me climbing up the mountain and went up after me. When she saw me falling she…”

Chimchar was now on the verge of bursting into tears.

“She jumped off after me! And she shielded me with her body to protect me from further harm. I would certainly have died if it wasn’t for her. The exploration team were apparently called out too and were climbing up aswell but by the time they realised what fell right by them it… it was too late!”

Chimchar buried his head in his knees sobbing.

Chloe just sat there sadly. “Oh Chimchar…”

Chloe felt terrible for him. She guessed that must’ve been how Chimchar got his scar. Chloe put her yellow paw on his shoulder to try and comfort him a little. She often did that whenever Chimchar was upset or scared. Chimchar looked up and continued.

“As you can guess my dad didn’t take the news very well and he was always blaming me for it telling me if I had listened to him and Mum she’d still be here so you see it was entirely my fault!”

Chloe shook her head she wasn’t going to let her partner and best friend beat himself up about this.

“No way! You didn’t know this would happen! You can’t blame yourself like this! Your mum wouldn’t want that”

Chimchar looked down sadly.

“I guess not.”

Chimchar then looked at the sea watching the last of the bubbles dance in the gentle breeze. After a short moment of silence he continued.

“Anyway since then my dad rarely let me out of his sight. But after being rescued by an Exploration Team I really wanted to join one. So whenever my dad wasn’t looking I’d go and explore areas like caves and cliffs. But my dad always found me eventually these areas aren’t that big you see. When I said I wanted to join an Exploration Team he went ballistic and forbidden me to even think about it. Then I found the Relic Fragment…”


Chimchar was climbing up a rocky area above his home he soon reached the top and looked around.

“Wow what an amazing view!” He chimed.

Chimchar walked around though finding nothing but rocks Chimchar sighed.

“As amazing as it is I guess there’s nothing up here.”

Suddenly Chimchar heard a booming voice.

“Chimchar! Get down from there this instant!”

Chimchar groaned he had only been up here about 3 minutes and Infernape already found him.

“Give me a break dad it’s not like I can easily hurt myself up here.”

Infernape really wasn't in the mood for this today.

“You better be down in five minutes or you’re grounded!”

And with that he was off Chimchar growled it wouldn’t be the first time he was grounded. Chimchar was about to throw a small rock in frustration when he stopped and gazed at it. He hadn’t realised he was even holding a rock til now. Upon closer inspection Chimchar noticed that there was a peculiar pattern on it one Chimchar had never seen before. Chimchar thought it looked pretty cool so he decided to keep it.

That night Chimchar sat on his straw bed in his small room simply staring at his new rock he decided to call it a Relic Fragment. He thought it looked very mysterious. Could it fit into something somewhere?

“What are you doing?!”

Chimchar jumped at the sound of his father’s voice and turned around hiding the Relic Fragment behind his back.

“Nothing,” He lied.

Infernape just glared. He could always tell when his son was lying.

“What kind of junk did you bring home this time?”

Chimchar looked away.

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“Do you really want to do this the hard way Chimchar?” Infernape asked dangerously.
“Because I promise you it will get very ugly very fast.”

Chimchar sighed and hesitantly showed Infernape the Relic Fragment which he swiftly swiped from Chimchar's hand.

“This?!” He barked. “You bring home nothing but a rock?!”

Chimchar growled,

“It’s not just a rock I’m sure of it! There’s a pattern on that rock it has to mean something!”

Infernape wasn't happy at all.

“Don’t you even think of starting that with me!!! You know perfectly well not to explore and take home anything that catches your eye! That’s what exploration teams do!”

Chimchar just shouted back.

“But that’s the thing! I want to be part of an exploration team! And it’s not fair that you won’t let me just because you hate them! I’m not a baby anymore dad I can make my own decisions!”

Infernape was now really mad though slightly taken back as Chimchar never spoke to him like that before.

“Don’t you dare talk back to me! That is it mister! You are grounded until I see fit! And Infernape threw Chimchar’s Relic Fragment out the window and storms out. Chimchar looked shocked then glared.

“Fine! See if I ever speak to you again!!! I HATE YOU!!!!” And Chimchar just lied down on his bed trying hard not to burst into tears.

He could hardly take this anymore his dad was always on his case and would blow up at poor Chimchar if he even remotely mentioned exploration teams.

It’s not fair! He thought to himself. How dare he refuse to let me join an exploration team! How dare he throw my Relic Fragment out the window! I hate him! I hate him!!!

Once Chimchar was sure that Infernape had gone to bed for the night he sneaked out of their house and looked around trying to find the Relic Fragment eventually finding it near some shrubs. Chimchar checked it over and was relieved to see it wasn’t broken. Chimchar began to sneak back inside when a thought occurred to him. Going back inside would mean continuing his life of misery.

His father not taking his eyes of him and when he did it was never long till he found Chimchar and dragged him home grounding him most of the time. No one would miss him here. So without thinking twice Chimchar backed off and dashed away as fast as he could he didn’t care where he ended up. He just couldn’t live here anymore.

* End Flashback*

Chimchar sighed. “And that’s how I ended up here.”

Chloe sighed she had no idea that her own partner had such a depressing past.

“Wow you must’ve been miserable there.”

Chimchar looked down at the sand.

“You have no idea.”

Chloe looked at the sky the stars were starting to become visible and the air grew colder.

“It will be dark soon. Let’s head back home and try to get some sleep.”

Chimchar smiled sadly. “You go ahead I’ll catch up. Thanks Chloe I do feel better.”

Chloe smiled,


Chloe woke up really early the next morning she looked beside her but Chimchar was nowhere to be found. Chloe became concerned. Did Chimchar even come back at all? Chloe headed up the steps and looked around and was relieved to see that Chimchar was sitting on a patch of grass.

“Everything ok...? Erm considering.” She asked.

Chimchar nodded.

“Yeah couldn’t sleep so I thought I’d watch the sunrise from here one last time.”

Chimchar stood up and held his hand out.

“I’ve made you something.”

Chloe looked and saw it was some sort of necklace with shell fragments.

“It’s beautiful!” She chimed.

Chimchar helped her put it on.

“It looks good on you.” he said causing Chloe to blush slightly.

“Thank you.”

Then Chimchar looked sad and hugged her.

“I don’t want to go Chloe! I don’t want to leave you! I’ll miss you too much!”

Chimchar just sobbed into Chloe’s non-existent shoulder.

Chloe hugged back.

“I know. I’ll miss you too.”

Just then the sun began rising Chloe and Chimchar watched.”

“Just as beautiful as ever,” said Chloe smiling.

Chimchar nodded.


Then Infernape arrived looking at Chloe disapprovingly. Chloe quickly let go of Chimchar not wanting to anger him. Chimchar wouldn't even look at him. Infernape roughly grabbed his arm.

“You get away from her!”

Chimchar growled and took Chloe’s hand and looked at her with tear filled eyes.

“I’ll never forget you.” He whimpered.

Chloe nodded close to tears herself.

“Same here,”

Infernape began to drag Chimchar away.

“You’re coming home with me where I can keep an eye on you!”

Chimchar’s hand slipped from Chloe’s and they were off. Chloe felt like her heart was ripped in two. Infernape then snapped Chimchar’s Relic Fragment off his neck.

“You’re not taking this!”

Infernape threw it into the sea. Chloe looked shocked and saddened as she watched them leave her sight.

To Be continued...

Ohhhh this is so sad! :( Chimchar is being dragged home but this is not the end not by a long shot. So till next time!
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Default Re: PMD: Night of the Red Moon PG-13

Chapter 3

I do not own Pokémon or Pokémon Mystery Dungeon

In a mountainous region, a young Chimchar was climbing a huge mountain, a small group of fire types were cheering him on. Suddenly the Chimchar looked down and started feeling dizzy.

“No Chimchar, don’t look down!” cried a voice but Chimchar slipped and began to fall….


Chimchar sat up quickly, and looked around panting. He was in his old room back at his house. The moonlight was shining through the window. Chimchar sighed.

“Just a dream,”

Chimchar laid down sadly. They got “home” fairly late, so Chimchar just went straight to bed without a word. Infernape had informed Chimchar that he won’t be taking his eyes of him until he was sure he could trust him; like that was ever going to happen after Chimchar ran off to start an exploration team against his dad’s wishes. He was certain that he would be grounded for eternity.

Chimchar stared out the window. The stars were shining brightly, not much had changed since he left. Some of the resident Pokémon had evolved but that was about it. Chimchar yawned and tried to get back to sleep, but his mind kept wondering back to one person.


Back at Sharpedo Bluff Chloe wasn't having much better luck sleeping; she finally sat up and looked out at the sea. She never slept alone before. Not that she could remember anyway, it was an odd feeling. Ever since Chimchar left this morning, Chloe didn’t really feel like exploring, which Chatot totally understood, thankfully, and reassured her that she can get back at it when she was fully ready. Sunflora and Bidoof apologised to Chloe over and over, but Chloe managed to assure them that it wasn’t their fault and they couldn’t have known that this would happen. Chloe laid back down and sighed sadly.


The next day Chloe woke up yawning, she most defiantly did not sleep well last night. She headed up the steps and into Treasure Town everyone was being very sympathetic, particularly the Kecleon Brothers having “lost one of their best customers.”

Azurill was in tears after hearing the news, while Marill tried to comfort his little brother. Chloe brought Azurill an apple which cheered him up a little bit.

Chloe then headed for the beach thinking that maybe some sea air would wake her up a bit, and was slightly surprised to see Manaphy who had just come back from his morning swim.

“Oh, hi, Manaphy,” Chloe chimed as she walked up to him.

Manaphy smiled at seeing her.

“Hi Chloe,” Then Manaphy looked sad. “I heard what happened.”

“Yeah so has pretty much all of Treasure Town.” said Chloe.

She looked out at the sea. “It’s weird. It’s like I can’t function without him. We’ve always been together, and now that we’re apart I just can’t stop thinking about him.”

“Oh really?” teased Manaphy.

Chloe started blushing, realising what she said, and flailed her arms rapidly.

“Hey I’m not saying I have special feelings for him or anything because I don’t!”

Manaphy giggled.

“OK whatever.”

Chloe sighed, and then looked back at the sea.

“I wish I could’ve held on to Chimchar’s Relic Fragment, but Infernape threw it into the sea now it’s probably lost forever.”

“Not necessarily.” mentioned Manaphy.

Chloe looked a little confused.

“What do you mean?”

“Well I am a water type, and Water types have the ability to breathe underwater.”

Chloe was amazed, she felt embarrassed that she could forget that; she then gave Manaphy a pleading look.

“Could you….?”

Manaphy smiled knowing exactly what Chloe wanted.

“Say no more.”

Manaphy did an impressive jump and dove into the sea.

Chimchar walked out of his room yawning and rubbing his eyes. There was a leaf with berries and Red Gummis on a stone table. Chimchar feeling pretty hungry, sat on one of the stone stools and tucked into an Oran berry, that was when Infernape walked in.

“Sleep well?”

“OK I guess…” muttered Chimchar trying to keep this as pleasant as possible since Infernape seemed to be in one of his rare good moods.

Suddenly a Flareon rushed to the door.

“Infernape, we have a situation.” she said urgently.

“What now?” asked Infernape walking up to her, annoyed that what he thought was gonna be a pleasant morning got derailed. Flareon whispered into his ear.

Chimchar shrugged, not really bothered if he knew what was going on or not, and finished off his Oran berry.

Infernape sighed tiredly at the news he received.


Flareon nodded.

“I’m afraid so.”

“OK I’ll sort it wait with my son until I get back.”

Chimchar groaned silently, Infernape went on his way and Flareon sat down next to Chimchar. It was silent for awhile until Flareon decided to try and start a conversation.

“So erm you’re his son?”

Chimchar just nodded.

Flareon smiled,

“It’s strange, I don’t believe I’ve seen you around.”

“That’s because I was part of an exploration team, until he found me and dragged me back here.” Chimchar groaned sadly.

Flareon tried her best not to laugh.

“I’m not surprised, that Pokémon has always hated Exploration teams for one reason or another. Well, since I've known him at least.”

“It’s because they couldn’t save my Mum.” Chimchar said quietly.

Flareon felt a little guilty.

“Oh sorry,” she apologised.

Chimchar smiled, probably for the first time since he came here.

“It’s alright.”

“What was your team called?” asked Flareon changing the subject a little.

“Team Firestorm” said Chimchar glad to at least has someone to talk to.

Flareon looked slightly surprised.

“Really? Wow you’re quite famous.”

Chimchar nodded sadly.

Flareon glanced at the food on the table.

“Not hungry?”

Chimchar shook his head.

“Not really, I thought I was, but I guess I can't bare to eat right now.”

“Well you should try, Infernape hates wasting food almost as much as Exploration teams.”
Chimchar had to laugh, he remembered that fact quite clearly. He got on his father's bad side more than once just because he was full.

“Well maybe if I had some Cheri berries...”

Flareon smiled.

“Mm-mm my favourite. I can find you some if you like.”

Chimchar nodded happily.

“That would be great.”

“OK I won't be long so just sit tight.”

Flareon dashed out the front door as if she was on an important mission. Chimchar saw this as his chance. Once he was sure that the coast was clear, he carefully sneaked out the front door and made a break for it.

Manaphy looked around the sea bed in search of the Relic Fragment. There was a lot of water Pokémon, mainly Chinchou but a few others also. Manaphy swam through some seaweed.

Hmm from what Chloe said the Relic Fragment would’ve drifted to this area. He thought.

He kept looking until he comes across a rock unlike the others.

“That must be it!”

Manaphy swam over to the rock and picked it up. It was indeed the Relic Fragment.

“Yeah I found it! That was easier than I thought it’d be.”

Manaphy began to swim back up but a tentacle grabbed him.

“Hey, what the?”

Manaphy looked behind him to see a Tentacruel, a very angry Tentacruel. Manaphy looked confused.

“Hey, I don’t know what got you in such a bad mood, but if you don’t mind I think I better be off before it worsens.”

And then Manaphy shot an icy beam at Tentacruel making him let go. Manaphy then swam for the surface but Tentacruel wasn’t finished with Manaphy yet, and swam in pursuit. Manaphy made it to the surface and Chloe looked in his direction.

“Did you find it?” She called. “Yikes he's a big one isn't he?”

“Yeah but some one found me too.”

“Ohh it’s not your dad is it?” Chloe teased.

Manaphy had to laugh.

“Not the best time for a joke, Chloe.”

The Tentacruel reached the surface making Chloe jump.

“Yikes he's a big one, isn't he?”

The Tentacruel shot poisonous needles at Manaphy but he dodged them, and created a pulse of water he then threw it at Tentacruel luckily confusing him. Chloe watched a little worried then got an idea.

“Hurry, Manaphy out of the water!” She called out.

Manaphy nodded and swam back to shore, Chloe then tensed up her cheeks and released massive thunderbolts on Tentacruel. This caused him to snap out of his confusion; however he did not count on an electric Pokémon interfering, he then retreated.

“Phew…Man hope I didn’t hurt any water Pokémon in there”

Manaphy smiled assuringly.

“No, I think Tentacruel got the worst of it.”

Manaphy held up the Relic Fragment as if it was a trophy. “Good thing I didn’t drop this though, huh?”

Chloe looked real happy and gave Manaphy a big hug.

“You’re awesome, Manaphy!”

“Oh it was nothing.”

Chloe took the Relic Fragment and held it close, at least she now had a part of Chimchar with her again. Then she gazed at the ocean. “But, what made Tentacruel attack out of nowhere like that?”

Manaphy shrugged. “I wasn’t sure at first, but it’s most likely because I wondered into his territory. They tend to get pretty grumpy if you do that.”

“It’s the least of your worries right now.”

Chloe turned around to see where that voice came from.


Sure enough Cresselia was hovering right behind her, looking rather worried about something.

Flareon returned to the stone house carrying a balled up leaf in her mouth that was when she noticed that Chimchar seemed to be absent. She quickly put down her delivery and looked around.


Infernape returned slightly weary.

“That’s that sorted out.”

Infernape then noticed Flareon's worried face.

“What's the matter now?”

Flareon looked at her feet sheepishly.

Infernape looked around.

“Where’s Chimchar?” He asked, noticing his son didn’t seem to be present.

“I don't know. He was hungry for Cheri berries, so, I went to get some”

“You left him alone?!” exploded Infernape.

“I...I didn't think he would sneak off.” defended Flareon.

Infernape face-palmed at Flareon's carelessness, but then sighed.

“I should've known he would pull a stunt like this, suppose I'll have to find him and drag him back and boy is he in trouble!”

“I’ll help you look.” said Flareon. “It’s my fault he’s gone.”

Infernape nodded.

“I could use the help.”

Chimchar climbed up a small ledge. He figured he was about a couple of miles from home now. Chimchar wasn't sure where to go. He definitely can’t go home, not yet. It would be the first place Infernape would look. Maybe he could lay low at one of the Time Gear lakes for a bit. Suddenly the sound of footsteps interrupted Chimchar's thoughts.

“Oh no, he can’t have found me already!” he moaned.

He was about to find a place to hide when suddenly there was a huge earthquake making Chimchar topple over.


Infernape and Flareon who were only around the corner felt the earthquake too.

“Where in the world did this earthquake come from?” Infernape wondered out loud.

Flareon struggled to stay on her feet.

“I don’t know normally we get some sort of warning like ground Pokémon going berserk, but then again we haven't seen any yet.”

Infernape walked around the corner and spotted Chimchar, who was trying to get back on his feet but failing miserably.


Chimchar looked up to see his father just feet away.


“Chimchar stay where you are! I’ll come to you!” Infernape called, clearly concerned for his son’s safety.

But just as he was heading over, a huge fissure opened up over Chimchar. The little Pokémon grabbed on to a foothold. Flareon looked terrified for his well-being.

“Oh no! Chimchar!”

Infernape knew he had to act fast.

“Just hang on Chimchar!”

Chimchar looked really scared.

“No I’m slipping!”

Then the foothold broke and the poor Pokémon hurtled down.


Infernape could only watch as Chimchar disappeared into the darkness.


Oh no Chimchar fell down a crevice! Will he be OK? And what does Cresellia mean? Find out next time!
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Default Re: PMD: Night of the Red Moon PG-13

OK here chapter 4 of Night of the Red Moon and I’m pleased to tell that the boring stuff is more or less over.

Chloe and Manaphy followed Cressellia back to the Town Square. Everybody was there, including the entire guild. Chatot was busy trying to awaken Wigglytuff who had apparently fallen asleep with his eyes open again.

“Wow this must be real serious for everyone to be called out.” said Chloe looking around the area.

Bidoof spotted them and walked over.

“Hey guys glad you made it.”

“Hey Bidoof, do you know what’s going on?” Chloe asked with utmost curiosity.

“Nope, all I know is Officer Magnezone declared a state of emergency yup, yup.”

Chloe was now concerned, there wasn’t a meeting like this since the trouble with time.

“Wow then it is serious.” She muttered.

Cressellia nodded sadly.

“You have no idea.”

Cresellia hovered to the middle of the square.

“Thanks for coming out everyone as you know there’s an emergency. To put it bluntly, Darkrai is quickly regaining his memory.”

The town instantly rang with gasps and screams which shocked Wigglytuff awake. Chloe was probably the most shocked of them all.

“But… is that possible?! You said that Darkrai will most likely never regain his memory, I understand the possibility still existed, but he couldn’t have regained his memory so soon with no warning!”

Cresellia felt really guilty.

“I’m ever so sorry, I’ve overlooked something, and that something will make Darkrai more powerful than ever!”

Everyone was now in a state of panic, Wigglytuff had to use Hyper Voice to quiet them down. Cresellia thanked him and continued.

“Something happens about once a millennium, something I didn’t count on, in three nights time it will be the Night of the Red Moon.”

Everyone just looks at each other utterly confused.

“Night of the Red Moon? What’s that?” Manaphy asked.

“Something tells me the moon turns red during the event.” said Chloe

Cresellia nodded.”

“Yes, but there’s more to it than that, the red moon gives off a mysterious power which only Darkrai can harness. If he is allowed to do that he’ll be almost unstoppable!”

Chloe began to get nervous, she thought that the Darkrai she knew was gone for good, everybody thought that. But it seems they were wrong, very wrong.

“Now that’s what I call an emergency.” said Chloe.

“But it doesn’t really explain how he’s regaining his memory.”

Cresellia nodded.

“Ah yes, well since Darkrai had lost his memory I thought I didn’t have to worry too much. But apparently the moon starts giving off power a few days before the event, and it seems it was enough to help Darkrai regain his memory somehow, and now he plans to use this power as a last ditch effort to drown the world into darkness.”

“I’d of thought he’d want to try and get rid of me, you and Chimchar first.” mentioned Chloe

Cresellia nodded in acknowledgement.

“Yes, so did I, but now I think he has a new plan he must have figured his mistake was trying to take us on all at once now he plans must be to get rid of us all one at a time. That’s what I believe.”

Chloe almost screamed, she suddenly felt sick to her stomach.

“But that means Chimchar is in danger! We need to find him before Darkrai does!” She cried.

Cresellia nodded.

“I’ll accompany you there’s safety in numbers.”

“Let me go too I want to help Chimchar!” cried Manaphy.

Chloe looked concerned, Manaphy meant well, but he was still quite young despite now being able to live outside the sea with no ill effects, and she was worried for his safety.

“I don’t know Manaphy it will be dangerous.”

“But that’s what Exploration teams do! They laugh in the face of danger!” said Manaphy, puffing out his little chest trying to make himself look tough. Chloe couldn’t help but laugh slightly at his adorableness.

“OK then Manaphy, as long as long as you're careful.” she said.

Manaphy nodded eagerly.

“I will I promise”

Chloe got herself prepared by getting plenty of Oran Berries and apples, she also put the Relic Fragment in the treasure bag to give to Chimchar when they find him. Chloe missed Chimchar very much, and was now very worried about him.

What if Darkrai found him already? What if he’s…?

Chloe shook the terrible thought from her head and started heading to the meeting spot, Chloe stroked the necklace that Chimchar gave her.

He’s fine. She thought to herself. I’m sure of it, he just has to be!

Chloe saw Cresellia and Manaphy waiting for her by the watering hole and soon joined them.

“OK let’s do this!” She said and the trio set off.

Chimchar slowly opened his eyes, finally awakening after that awful fall. It was quite dark, but it would be at the bottom of a crevice. Chimchar slowly sat up holding his head, which felt like a Snorlax stomped on it, then yelped and held his right ankle which was hurting quite badly. Chimchar figured that he must’ve have hurt it when he fell. He also has a pretty nasty gash on his left shoulder and a few cuts and bruises.

Chimchar looked around seeing nothing but rocks, then looked up. The crevice wasn’t terribly deep, but appeared impossible to climb. He certainly wouldn’t have been able to climb back up with his ankle in the condition it was in anyway.

“Dad?! Flareon?!” Chimchar called but there was no answer, he was all alone, Chimchar shivered from the cold, he knew that he couldn’t stay so he painfully pulled himself up trying not to put too much weight on his injured ankle, which he wasn't finding easy. Chimchar then started limping off leaning on the wall of the crevice for a little support whimpering in pain.


Flareon and Infernape we're looking for a way down the crevice.

“It's all my fault!” cried Flareon. “If I hadn't left him alone!”

“Blaming yourself won't help us find him any faster.” said Infernape. “Anyway there doesn't appear to be a safe way down, but I have a rope back home.”

“Excellent idea.” said Flareon, though still with a hint of regret in her voice.

“I'll go fetch it, stay here in case Chimchar manages to climb out himself.” Infernape told her as he headed back home.

“Will do.” said Flareon.

It was now evening, Chimchar was totally exhausted, and his ankle and shoulder were hurting really badly. He just had to sit down and rest so he flopped down, leaning against the crevice wall and sighed holding his leg. He had no idea whenever his ankle was broken or not, but walking on it certainly wasn't doing it any good. Chimchar scanned the area, but everything looked the same to him, was he really getting anywhere? He was now starting to wish that he stayed home, at least then he wouldn’t be in this pitiful state. Chimchar shivered slightly as the night air chilled him to the bone.

“Oh dear looks like someone hurt himself.”

Chimchar looked up after hearing that familiar voice and was shocked at who he saw before him.

“Wha……what?! Darkrai?! But...that’s impossible!” he cried.

Darkrai looked amused at Chimchar’s shock.

“I’m afraid you can’t get rid of me that easily.”

Chimchar stood up glaring, ready to fight if he had to. Darkrai hovered closer to him.

“And now that I have you all alone I can finally be rid of you”

Chimchar jumped up, and rolled up into a ball of fire then shot at Darkrai but Darkrai dodged him. Chimchar landed improperly because of his ankle and winced in pain.

“I wouldn’t bother.” said Darkrai “You won’t last very long with those injuries.”

Chimchar growled.

“I’ll never give up!” he shouted determined.

Darkrai chuckled.

“You’re a stubborn one, that’s a bad mistake.”

Darkrai shot pulses of dark energy at Chimchar, sending sending flying a few feet.

Chimchar's leg now feels like it was gonna fall off, Darkrai hovered over to the suffering Pokémon.

“Well isn’t this a pathetic sight?” he cackled.

Chimchar could only glare he wanted to stand and fight but he couldn’t move he was in too much pain, how did Darkrai get so powerful in such a short amount of time? Darkrai picked up the small pokemon by the neck.

“Now let’s finish this” He said triumphantly, Chimchar tried to get free struggling to breathe but Darkrai had a firm grip, then Chimchar, using his good leg, managed to give Darkrai a swift kick in the face causing him to let go. Chimchar flopped to the ground, then yelped as his injuries throbbed even more.

“You rotten beast!” bellowed Darkrai as he nursed his aching cheek.

After Chimchar managed to catch his breath he made a dash for it despite the pain. Darkrai rushed off in pursuit. Luckily Chimchar found a crack in the wall small enough for him to get through, but not Darkrai, so he took cover.

Please don’t let him see me, Please don’t let him see me. the little Pokémon thought to himself.

Luckily Darkrai moved on passed Chimchar’s hiding place.

Chimchar breathed a sigh of relief and sat down panting, his ankle was now in a right mess, the pain travelled all the way up his leg and up his right hand side too.

Well that wasn’t very smart of me. He thought to himself wincing in pain. Despite how pitch black it was, Chimchar didn't dare come out of the crack fearing that Darkrai would return, and Chimchar was in no state to fight him, their earlier bout was proof enough of that. The poor pokemon never felt so alone, so cold, so scared.

Chloe Cresellia and Manaphy had decided to called it a night, and had found shelter. Chloe tried to relax but found it near impossible.

“I sure hope Chimchar’s OK.” she said suddenly.

“I’m sure he’s fine.” reassured Manaphy

This didn't help Chloe feel better.

“But what if Darkrai found him already?” She said anxiously

“If so Chimchar can hold his own pretty well so I’m sure he can ward Darkrai off until we get there.” said Cresellia.

Chloe smiled and nodded.

“Yeah you’re right I should have more faith in him.”

Manaphy smiled too.

“Yeah that’s right!”

With that in mind, Chloe laid down and tried to get some sleep.

Please, Chimchar, Hang in there until we find you.
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