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Old 12-04-2011, 06:35 AM
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Default Ref Wages: November 19th to December 3rd of 2011

Please check over the Reffing FAQ, you may learn something new! There's something about Torment in it that I recently found out that changed in BW, thanks to Eraizaa for bringing it up. Also, please post any questions in that thread as well. I want there to be absolutely no mysteries on what happens in certain situations. Also, post tricky questions that you may already know, but others may not.

AmericanTreeFrog: 4,000
Last Counted:

Ash K.: 12,000
Last Counted:

Bumblebee: 225oo
Last Counted: Pokemon Forum - Pokemon Elite 2000 - View Single Post - |-Cybertron's Elite Reffing Squad-|

Captain Dude: 25,000
Last Counted:
Other: You mean 2,000.

ChainReaction01: 16,500
Last Counted:
Other: 658 - 660 implies 3 battles took place.

derian: 0
Other: I counted that one last time.

DrStubbserg: 500
Last Counted:
Other: (;_;) Aww come one, I just told you 2 weeks ago that ties can't occur like that.

Ebail: 29,000
Last Counted:

Eraizaa-kun: 9,500
Last Counted:
Other: If you want, basic battles involving the same species of Pokemon can be logged in one post. See other logs for examples.

Fierce Deity: 11,000
Last Counted:

Kai-Mei: 4,000
Last Counted:

MaverickKaiser: 15,500
Last Counted:
Other: It's a 4v4 apparently.

Mubz: 8,500
Last Counted:

Nitro: 11,000
Last Counted:

Pidge: 18,500
Last Counted:

Roulette: 3,500
Last Counted:

We Taste Pies...: 2,500
Last Counted: Pokemon Forum - Pokemon Elite 2000 - View Single Post - You did what in my pool!?!?!

WinterVines: 20,000
Last Counted:

Xalapeno: 3,000
Last Counted: Pokemon Forum - Pokemon Elite 2000 - View Single Post - Record of hot & spicy battles

WebMaster: 6,000
Last Counted:

Total: 216,500
Coordinator Stat's

Other URPG site (more active):

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