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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 12-04-2011, 01:01 AM
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Default Behind the Scenes: Deadliest FanFic Warrior

Behind the Scenes of...
Deadliest FanFic Warrior

As you may of guessed, this isn't the actual series, but the "Behind the scenes." I've got so many stupid ideas for the FanFic series that hasn't even been posted yet, it's ridiculous.

What this is, is essentially a group of one-shots I'm writing on a whim for the series that I thought would be cool. I don't gaurentee the quality of this thread to the actual series. Expect some hilarious content, stupid tib-bits, and surprise leaks to future episodes.


(The following is a rare phone interview with Lex Corp. founder and CEO, Lex Luthor.)

L=Lex Luthor

R: Hello? This is Redlark, with Deadliest FanFic Warrior. Mr. Luthor?

L: Speaking.

R: Alright, you’re on tape now. How are you?

L: Fine.

R: Are you excited to see the footage of Superman versus Mew?

L: Should be interesting to watch—but I’m not a big fan of popular entertainment.

R: Makes sense, you’re a busy man.

L: Very. Can we please move this along? I’ve got important business to attend to.

R: Of course. I’ll try to make this quick, Lex.

L: Mr. Luthor.

R: Sorry, Mr. Luthor.

L: It’s fine.

R: So what are your personal feelings towards this match up?

L: Indifferent.

R: What do you mean by indifferent? You’ve known the Man of Steel for some time now. He’s resided in and protected your city, and diverted catastrophe many times in the past.

L: Superman’s overrated. He’s arrogant, believes in vigilante justice, and I don’t believe he deserves the pedestal that we’ve raised him on.

R: That seems like pretty harsh words, Mr. Luthor. What are your views on Mew?

L: Mew’s fine. He’s a resident of this planet, and unlike Superman, understands the importance of investing our safety towards domestic sources; not aliens who may have a sub agenda. Personally I would like to see Mew rip apart Superman.

R: Ouch. But it’s Superman. He’s been called the greatest hero of all time. Did you know Superman’s been known to break the sound barrier and maybe even reach the speed of light?

L: I wasn’t aware of that.

R: But let’s say hypothetically you had to make a bet on one of the two. Who would you put your money on?

L: Mew. Superman hasn’t the right to victory against the most powerful creature of Earth. Also, Superman has no psychic strengths that I’m aware of.

R: Even though Superman’s saved your company from disaster in the past? You seem to be harboring some pretty ill feelings towards the Man of Steel, Mr. Luthor. Where are these feelings coming from?

L: This conversation is over. I’ve got more important business to attend to.

R: But, Mr. Luthor. You haven’t answered all my—



Editors Note: Lex Corp. has refused to make any more comments. I am sorry for the lack of insight from one of Metropolis’ most famed businessmen. Though, I am excited to report that we are schedualed to interview Professor Oak, famed researcher on Pokemon, for some insight on Mew.
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Old 12-10-2011, 10:03 PM
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Default Re: Behind the Scenes: Deadliest FanFic Warrior

Back in the Green Room…

S = Superman
M = Mew
F = The Flash
B = Boba Fett
Sm = Samus Aran

F:--man… All I’m saying is that you’re going to have to at some point in the fight.

M: Mew.

F: This is a fight to see who’s better.

S: It’s going to be difficult.

M: Mew.

S: Just look at him.

M: Mew.

Sm: Is this coffee fresh?

B: This mud tastes like the wrong end of a sand worm.

M: Mew.

S: I just—

F: Okay, let’s practice. Mew, get over here. Heads up, Supes’. He throws a bubble at you! Whadda’ ya’ do?

S: I—I, uh… Gah! Look at that face!

M: Mew.

B: I wouldn’t trust a face that cute. Back where I come from—

F: Boba, you’re not in this conversation. Actually, no. Let’s say you are.

M: Mew.

F: If Mew attacked you. Would you punch him in the face?

Sm: I would.

B: I’d blast him.

Sm: Bomb him.

B: Light saber across his—

M: Mew.

Sm: Harpoon him and—

M: Mew.

B: Flamethrower his—

Sm: KICK HIM, where the sun don’t—

B: --back to Pokeland, or wherever the—

M: Mew.

Sm: --then I’d--

S: Okay, stop it you guys. Seriously; save it for the fight, okay?

B + Sm: Sorry.

M: Mew.

S: This is exactly why I said, “Back in the Green Room…” was a bad idea. We’re all under camera to show any funny stuff or good conversations. But it’s horrible for keeping any future episodes a secret.

M: Mew.

S: Exactly my point, Mew.

Sm: Hold on a second. You understand Mew?

S: Most of the time.

M: Mew.

B: That makes no sense.

F: You still haven’t come to a good conclusion, Supes’. Would you punch Mew in the face?

M: Mew.

S: Hold on, Barry. Stop right there. You’re not even supposed to be in this room. Your fight hasn’t even been officially released to the forums.

B: Yeah, you don’t show up till episode 2.

Sm: Why our fight was released before yours still baffles me.

S: Really? Was that necessary?

M: Mew.

S: I don’t think Redlark wants us to spill the beans about every episode before they come out.

M: Mew.

IJ: Is the coffee fresh?

Sm: No.

F: Indiana Jones himself. Why are you even in here? You don’t show up till episode 5.

S: Really, Flash!? I think you’re just doing this to annoy me.

M: Mew.

F: Maybe.

Ma: Is a the coffee fresh?

Sm: No.

F: Oh, let me guess… Uh…

S: Don’t do it Flash.

F: Hold on...

Ma: You know a’ me.

F: It’s on the tip of my toungue…

S: I’m warning you.

Ma: C’mon.

F: Fine… I… don’t… know…

S: Thank you, let’s keep his identity a—

Ma: It’s a me! Mario!



S: Why’d you punch him in the face?

DT: I don’t trust anything thing that adorable.

F: Thank you, Tracy.

M: Mew…

S: Shut the camera off.

Sm: I’m getting more coffee.

F: Fine…

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