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Default Supernatural: Rise of the Apocalypse [RP]

Since we have enough people and everyone's itching to start, it's probably a good idea to go ahead. The sign ups are still open to anyone who wishes to join, and anyone who doesn't already have three characters is more than welcome to create another. However, let's try not to overload the RP and make everything confusing. Anyway, here are the rules one more time.

1) No godmodding. You CAN get hurt, and your attacks won’t necessarily take out half of the face of the Earth.
2) No bunnying. Don’t control other people’s characters without their consent. It’s annoying.
3) No spamming. This includes OOC.
4) No flaming. Not everyone thinks or writes the way you do. Respect that.
5) Proper grammar and spelling are required. D0n’t typ3 li3k th!$. Please. User Microsoft Word or something to check your spelling. Emoticons are forbidden in posts as well. This does not include OOC.
6) No one liners. Please make your posts at LEAST one paragraph long. Writer’s block is understandable, but one line is not enough for a decent post.
7) Be active. If you have to go somewhere or simply can’t keep up with the roleplay, let one of the RP creators know beforehand.
8) No more than three characters. Normally there’s no limit on this, but too many characters per person can get very confusing.
9) PG-13 romance. You all should know what is and isn’t appropriate on the forum.
10) Have fun!

If possible, please state in your posts what your character is so we don't get confused with all of the different Supernatural creatures and all. xD

IC: Ichiru and Kiseki Kagami
Half Demon/Vampire (Hunters)

Soft clicking was the only thing that occasionally filled the heavy silence that hung over the room as Ichiru read through several articles on his laptop. The dark haired teen was stretched out on his bed with the portable computer in his lap. A few feet away from him, Kiseki laid on his stomach in a separate bed with a laptop of his own sitting near his head, having fallen asleep yet again while reading.

“You know, you’re not being of much help using the laptop as a pillow.” The older twin spoke without looking away from the screen, and Kiseki’s emerald eyes opened quickly before he sat up on his elbows.

“I’m trying…” He whined, giving his brother an irritated look when the older twin glanced at him. “We’ve been up almost all night doing this, what do you expect?”

“I told you to go ahead and sleep, didn’t I?” Silence was Ichiru’s answer as Kiseki returned his attention to the laptop screen. After a few more moments, the younger twin gave a sigh.

“This is harder than it should be… We don’t have any leads on what we’re looking for; just that people are going missing.”

“I know, that’s what’s frustrating about it. There’s no word on how they’re disappearing or if something is happening to them beforehand.” Ichiru answered as Kiseki rested his head back on the bed with a groan. “Whatever this thing is, it’s good at covering its tracks.”

“We could assume it’s just a demon.” Kiseki muffled reply made Ichiru look over to him. “They’re popping up everywhere lately, aren’t they? This could be the work of one.”

“Well technically every creature we deal with is a demon in some form or other…” Ichiru closed the laptop and put it on the nightstand beside the bed, giving a stretch as he looked over to his brother. “At any rate, I’m starving. Do you want to get some coffee or something? The Captain‘s Inn is just down the street.”

“Yeah, that sounds good…”

“Have you fed today?” Ichiru’s response was a simple nod before Kiseki closed his laptop as well, rising from the bed before returning it to the other nightstand.

“I did it when I got up to stretch my legs earlier.”

Ichiru nodded in response, walking over to pick up his leather jacket from a chair nearby and slipping it on as Kiseki stretched. He glanced at his guns lying on the nightstand near the laptop, hesitating for only a moment before picking them up anyway and putting them into the holsters strapped around his thighs. Kiseki gave his brother a questioning look, since they were supposedly just going to get some breakfast.

“You know as well as I do that there’s no way to tell when something will strike. Better to be prepared.” The older twin said, to which Kiseki nodded quietly, retrieving his own guns to do the same. The knife he kept with him had been strapped to his leg all night, so he didn’t need to retrieve it before they left.

“It’s weird how this town lets you carry your weapons around…”

“They think we’re cops.”

Kiseki looked at Ichiru in question, to which the older twin smirked.

“You told them we were cops?”

“Yup. How else would they permit us to carry weapons around?” The questioning look from his twin brought the half-demon to pull out a card from one of his jacket pockets, handing it to the Vampire. Kiseki glanced over the piece of plastic before looking at Ichiru with a scowl.

“This is illegal, Ichiru…”

“Yeah, and?” Ichiru took the card back from his brother. “Would you rather people be killed because we can’t bring our weapons with us?” He pulled out another card, this one with Kiseki’s picture and supposed information on it, and handed it to the Vampire. “Don’t lose that. It’s a pain in the ass to make these things.”

Kiseki gave a sigh, securing the card in one of his jeans’ pockets before following his brother out the door.

“You’re gonna get us arrested one day…”

Kotomi Kagami
Mermaid (Hunter)

A soft splash filled the silent morning air as a copper-colored tail disappeared beneath the surface of the ocean’s waters. Like she had been for the past several nights, Kotomi was getting some morning swimming in before anyone else arrived at the beaches. She had come to realize long ago that it actually wasn’t all that bad being a Mermaid, aside from if she was trying to hide it from someone - which she’d had yet to encounter. Kotomi hadn’t interacted with many people since she left her parents to begin hunting on her own, so she hadn’t had to protect the secret from anyone close to her. Not even her brothers knew about it, despite the fact that she had discovered it when she was thirteen years old.

However, Ichiru and Kiseki were actually the reason Kotomi was in this town. She had been tracking a Supernatural incident that had occurred in the town recently and had found out that her brothers had come to the town as well, which gave her the perfect chance to see them again. However, she had to admit that she was a little nervous after all of these years, although she had no idea why.

The dark haired teen returned to the surface, glancing around her to make sure there was no one else around before swimming over toward a large rock, where she knew she could dry off. The Mermaid held had brought one of her katanas with her, the blade currently hidden within the handle as she swam over to the rock quickly and pulled herself out of the water and onto the warm, stony surface. Now she just had to sit here until completely dry… afterward maybe she could head into town and look for any signs of her brothers.

OoC: Forgive me, I suck at starting posts.
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Default Re: Supernatural: Rise of the Apocalypse [RP]

Ashley Gilbert sat in a large graveyard that was located across the street from a motel, the young brunette sitting in front of a gravestone with a couple of gift bags in her hand. Ashley reached into one of the bags and pulled out a small stuffed bear, the color being light brown. She placed the stuffed animal up against the gravestone as she gave a little smile.

“Here’s a little toy I bought for you while in California. I hope you like it, Scarlet.” Ashley said, then pulling out a Silver Star shaped necklace and placed it around the bear’s neck. “I also got you a necklace. I bought Abby the same one so you guys could have a matching pair.” Ashley then stood up, grabbing the other gift bag and walked out of the graveyard, though she made sure to say her goodbyes to Scarlet beforehand.

It was quite early that sunny summer morning in Florida as Ashley found herself walking to the Captain’s Inn that was only a few blocks away, the brunette hungry for breakfast. When she walked into the restaurant Caroline was seen playing pool with another waitress, the whole restaurant being emptied right now; it was always really slow in the mornings.

“Shouldn’t you be working?” Ashley asked with a playful smile, bringing Caroline’s face to light up in excitement.

“Ashley!” Caroline said with a large smile as she ran towards the brunette, wrapping her arms around her tightly. “I thought you weren’t coming back until tonight?” Caroline asked as she released Ashley.

“I decided to come home early. I missed you guys too much.” Ashley said with a smile, holding out the other gift bag. “This is also for you.”

“You got me something?” Caroline asked as she reached for the bag.

“Well of course I did silly! You’re my best friend.” Both girls smiled as Caroline opened the bag, reaching in and pulling out a pink bikini top with orange stripes that stood out brightly.

“Yay a new bathing suit.” Caroline said with excitement as she put it back into the bag and pulled out a white box, opening it and taking out a pair of silver hooped earrings. “Oh my God Ashley, these are amazing.”

“Try them on.” Ashley said as she took the bag and box from Caroline’s hand so she could put in the earrings. After putting her blonde curly hair up in a ponytail Caroline slipped in the earrings, smiling at her own reflection.

“They’re so beautiful.” Caroline said, then looking over to Ashley. “Thank you so much.”

“When I first saw them I instantly thought of you.” Ashley said as she smiled, bringing Caroline to smile as well.

“So how was California? Did the two weeks pass by quickly?” Caroline asked as the two girls walked over to a booth which the docks and water could easily be seen.

“It was good. The CoverGirl photo shoot and commercial went amazingly. In about a week or so the commercial will be aired nationwide.” Ashley said as she looked out onto the water. “Though I have to admit, I couldn’t wait to come back home and see you guys, as well as swim back in the ocean. I didn’t know those waters that well so I decided not to wander that far in.” Ashley said as she looked back to Caroline.

“I’m glad that you had a good time though while you could.” Caroline said as she smiled.

“I wish that you could have come with me.” Ashley said with a small pout on her face.

“Sadly I have work.” Caroline said as she shrugged.

“Speaking of work, when does your shift end?” Ashley asked, giving a devilish smile, bringing Caroline to smile right back.

“At three this afternoon. Why?”

“Because you’re going to put that cute little bikini on and you, me, Jeremy and Abby are going to the beach.” Ashley said as she pulled out her laptop.

“I can’t wait! Jeremy and Abby are already there actually. Did you see them yet? They wanted to go to the beach before all the other people came.”

“Not yet. I’m gonna work on my Marine Biology paper and have breakfast here first, then I’ll go meet up with them.” Ashley said as she pulled out a large Marine Biology book and opening it to a certain page. “I have to write a ten page paper about all different kinds of coral reefs.”

“Sounds fun.” Caroline giggled as she stood up, grabbing her gift bag. “I’m gonna put this stuff in the locker room. What do you want for breakfast?” Caroline asked.

“Just a cream cheese bagel and a large glass of orange juice will be fine.” Ashley responded as her stomach growled, bringing Caroline to giggle.

“I don’t think a bagel is going to cut it. I’ll bring out a surprise.” Caroline said as she walked away, bringing Ashley to smile as she opened up her laptop. A few moments later Caroline came back with the orange juice, the bagel and a plate of chocolate chip waffles with vanilla ice cream scooped on top with whipped cream and three cherries.

“That looks amazing.” Ashley said as Caroline laughed, neatly placing down everything.

“I need to go behind the bar counter to make a few pitchers of fresh lemonade and also look out for more costumers. Just call me if you need anything.” Caroline said as Ashley gave a nod, both girls smiling as Ashley took a bite out of the bagel and began to type up her paper for her college class. After around fifteen minutes of typing and most of her food already gone, along with her orange juice glass being half full now, Ashley noticed a few strands of water were about to go underneath her laptop. She quickly picked up her laptop off of the table and placed it on her lap, seeing that the condensation from the glass was leaking on the table. With a sigh Ashley took her napkin and dried the surface of the table, then after giving a short glance around the room Ashley put up her hand to the orange juice glass, making the water that was dripping off the glass completely freeze.

“That’s better.” Ashley said as she placed the laptop back down on the table and continued to type.

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Default Re: Supernatural: Rise of the Apocalypse [RP]

A heavy sigh escaped Alex as she closed a thick journal that she held in her hands. She had heard that there was something going on here in Homestead, Florida but it wasn’t anything more than people going missing here and there. That wasn’t exactly weird in this day and age. People got kidnapped all the time. But with everything she knew about the Supernatural, and how demons had begun to possess people more frequently now, she knew that so many disappearances at once had to mean something.

She got up from her place at the small desk in the hotel room she had rented for awhile and put away the journal away. Ever since her father had died she had been studying the journal he left behind so that she would know all she needed to about the different Supernatural creatures. Even though she’d already read through it completely once or twice, she always started over again to make sure it stayed fresh in her mind and she didn’t miss anything.

She left her gun in the room, not thinking that she would need it right now since it was still early in the morning and not many people would be out anyway. However, she kept the dagger she carried around in her boot just for self-defense measures. She had been up since early that morning doing research about the town and reading some pages out of her father’s journal, so a cup of coffee would be nice right about now.

With that thought in mind, she left the hotel room, making sure to lock it before heading outside. The closest restaurant to the hotel she was staying in was the Captain’s Inn, so she could just go there. As she was leaving the building, she noticed two male twins doing the same. Although it wasn’t exactly the twins that caught her attention. It was the guns that they had strapped to their thighs. Policemen in disguise, or maybe they were hunters?

She decided to leave them alone for now, but she would definitely keep an eye on them. Even if they turned out to be police, that meant that something was up, and following them would be a good way to learn what it was. They seemed to be headed in the same direction as her, so maybe after she got that cup of coffee she could tail them to find out what they were up to.

A few minutes later, the ginger walked into the Captain’s Inn, noticing instantly that it was basically empty. Everyone was either sleeping or had something else to do, huh? The only other person in the restaurant that she could see was a brown haired girl with a laptop. Aside from that, the place was bare.

Alex sat down in one of the booths, her gaze on the street outside. Such a normal start to what should have been an interesting day…

Ooc: I hope this is okay? I didn’t know what to do for my post haha
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Default Re: Supernatural: Rise of the Apocalypse [RP]

OoC: It was fine, SA. XD

IC: As the twins left the building, they noticed a girl with long red hair walk by. She seemed to notice them as well, giving them what appeared to be a suspicious look as she walked off down the street - coincidentally in the same direction they were going.

“We’re being suspected of something already…” Kiseki muttered as Ichiru started down the street toward the Captain’s Inn, prompting him to follow. “I told you the guns were a bad idea, Ichiru.”

“They’ll get over it.” The older twin answered, bringing Kiseki to scowl as he caught up with his brother. However, he kept silent as the two of them arrived at the restaurant and walked inside. It was surprisingly empty; only two people were there aside from themselves. Kiseki noticed instantly that one of them was the red haired girl they’d just seen, but Ichiru was watching someone completely different. The other person in the restaurant - a girl with brown hair - was sitting at one of the tables with a laptop and a plate of chocolate chip waffles with orange juice. However, what caught his attention was the fact that after wiping away some water that had run off of the glass and onto the table with a napkin, she proceeded to freeze the remaining drops on the glass with her hand. This shocked the older twin, but he didn’t show any outward signs of it as he watched her for a few more moments, getting the strangest feeling that he had seen her before. Despite that, this girl was obviously a Supernatural creature of some sort, which meant he needed to keep an eye on her.

“Excuse me, I’m sorry to bother you, but I have the strangest feeling that I’ve met you somewhere before.” The demon acted on his thoughts, daring to speak to the girl as Kiseki turned around to look at him in confusion and slight irritation. “Have you been in this town before?”

Ichiru, is this really the time for you to be picking up girls? He spoke to the elder twin mentally, bringing him to glance back at him.

This girl is a Supernatural creature. I’m just checking her out.

That could be taken two different ways…

Relax. Kiseki gave a slight roll of his eyes and sat down at a table near the girl, glancing at the red haired girl that was at one of the tables near a window. He couldn’t help but wonder why she had given them such a suspicious look earlier - almost like one of a hunter. It couldn’t be that much of a coincidence that she ended up at the same restaurant as them.

OoC: Fail D: I apologize for Ichiru's line... I honestly couldn't think of anything. xD
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Default Re: Supernatural: Rise of the Apocalypse [RP]

“Excuse me, I’m sorry to bother you, but I have the strangest feeling that I’ve met you somewhere before. Have you been in this town before?” Ashley looked up at the new voice that greeted her, seeing a male who appeared to be around the same age as her along with jet black hair and piercing emerald green eyes.

“I actually moved here from London when I was eleven. I’m actually a famous actress and model so you might have seen one of my movies or maybe some pictures.” Ashley responded, though right after she got the strangest feeling of seeing him somewhere as well, but she couldn’t quite figure out where. This male’s eyes reminded her so much of Abby’s eyes, bringing Ashley to stare into them for a few long moments.

“Everything okay Ashley?” Caroline asked from behind the bar counter, tearing Ashley’s eyes away from Ichiru’s as she looked over to the blonde.

“It’s okay Caroline.” Ashley said with a reassuring nod, looking back over to Ichiru. It was then that she noticed Ichiru’s fangs, bringing her to freeze as realization hit her. Caroline felt this too as she looked at Ichiru, registering his emotions with one of her Mai abilities; she felt that Ichiru knew Ashley was a Supernatural creature.

“Hey Ash, could I talk to you for a minute?” Caroline asked, bringing Ashley to stand up and give Ichiru a polite smile, then walking passed him and over to Caroline.

“Vampire.” Ashley mouthed as she directed her eyes towards Ichiru.

“Are you sure?” Caroline whispered as she looked at Kiseki as well; the sunlight shined down on the Lapis Lazuli stone embedded in his earring, to which Caroline quickly looked over to Ashley. “The other one has a Lapis Lazuli stone.”

“I saw fangs on the guy who was talking to me; I think they’re both Vampires.” Ashley whispered as Caroline nodded in agreement, though Ichiru was really half Demon.

“That must explain why people have been disappearing. They’re probably killing them for blood and hiding the bodies somewhere.” Caroline whispered in response. Ashley looked over to the two males, now just seeing the guns strapped on their waist. “You need to go and warn Jeremy and Abby.”

“I can’t just leave you here by yourself with them!” Ashley whispered as she shook her head.

“I can take them if they try anything.” Caroline responded as her eyes slit like a cat’s for a few moments before returning back to normal, bringing Ashley to laugh lightly as she pulled out some money and gave it to Caroline for the meal.

“Can I leave my laptop in the locker room for now? I have a faster way to get to Jeremy and Abby.” Ashley said as she looked out onto the water, bringing Caroline to nod. Ashley then walked back over to her table and saved everything that she typed.

“I’m sorry but I have to start going.” Ashley said to Ichiru with an apologetic look. “I’m sure I’ll see you around though if you stay in town.” Ashley then walked back to Caroline and gave her the laptop, to which Caroline disappeared in the back for a few moments to lock it away.

“Hey Liz, could you take care of the one girl while I take care of the twin boys?” Caroline asked the other waitress with short black hair, who nodded and poured a fresh glass of cold water, walking out from the back and putting it down next to the girl.

“Hello, my name is Liz and I’ll be your waitress today. Can I get you any coffee or anything to start you off?” Liz asked Alex with a smile.

While Caroline was alone in the back she took out a small vile of Vervain and slipped a few drops into each glass, then filling them with water and walking out from the back with the water in hand, going over to the twin’s table and placing down the two glasses of water.

“My name is Caroline and I’ll be your waitress. Can I get you guys some coffee or maybe some lemonade to start you off?” Caroline asked with a sweet smile.

Ashley then walked out of the restaurant and towards the side where the boats were docked in the water. The brunette gave one last glance towards the windows where she was seated at before running off the dock and dived into the water, transforming into a Mermaid instantly as she used her speed-swim, racing through the waters quickly as she stayed near the bottom of the sand so no one from the surface would see her. When Ashley reached the spot where Jeremy and Abby would normally swim Ashley swam up to the surface in a normal swimming pace, sticking her head out from underneath the water as she hid behind an awfully large rock, not even noticing Kotomi as the brunette silently used the rock to push herself back under the water and swim towards Jeremy and Abby. Jeremy was shoulder's high in the water with Abby doing the doggy paddle around Jeremy, bringing Ashley to once again reach the surface and swim up behind Jeremy.

“Boo!” Ashley said as Jeremy jumped, turning around to see his sister.

“Mommy!” Abigail said in excitement as she swam in Ashley’s arms, who held Abby close to her.

“I missed you so much.” Ashley said as she continued to hold Abby in her arms.

“I missed you too mommy. I’m so happy that you're back. Uncle Jeremy taught me how to swim in the deep water.” Abigail said as she looked at Ashley.

“I can see that.” Ashley laughed as Jeremy smiled.

“All she wants to do is swim in the ocean all day.” Jeremy said as Abby climbed out of Ashley’s arms and began to swim on her own again.

“Well she’s a Mermaid in training.” Ashley said as she brought the end of her copper colored tail to the surface, the warm sun glittering down on it; Ashley knew there weren’t any people by them right now so it was safe.

“Yeah tell me about it.” Jeremy smiled as he looked at his sister.

“There’s something that I need to tell you though…” Ashley began as Abby continued to swim a few feet away from her. “There are two Vampires in town right now, so we need to take care of them as soon as possible. I bet they’re the reason why people are disappearing from here.”

“You gotta be kidding me.” Jeremy sighed as Abby quickly looked over to Ashley.

“Vampires?” Abby asked in fear as Ashley swam over to her.

“I promise they won’t hurt you; I’ll make sure of it.” Ashley said as Abigail nodded.

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Default Re: Supernatural: Rise of the Apocalypse [RP]

Azaziel scanned his surroundings as he teleported, using a power that he actually never really used, probably due to the fact that it was so unreliable in taking him to the location he wanted to go to. Sure enough, it messed up again, and he found himself floating about water, a lot of water. A sigh escaped his mouth as he looked around, his gaze locking on a Mermaid sitting on a rock. Azaziel studied the Mermaid for several moments, smirking as he silently floated over to the rock, his feet finding refuge on the rock, though making no noise as they made contact.

Azaziel leaned in towards the Mermaid, until his head was alongside hers, and opened his mouth to speak, a smile on his face.

"Little fishy out on her own, bit dangerous isn't it?" Azaziel asked, though he didn't wait for an answer as he needed to be somewhere, he had a Rugaru to catch. "Gotta dash."

With that, Azaziel floated off the rock, heading towards Homestead. It took him several minutes but he finally arrived on land, and walked calmly up onto the street, and headed straight into the Comets Rise bar. The bar was definitely not one frequently visited by the normal folks of Homestead, it was more of a biker hangout, but there was also a strong vibe of the Sugaru in the bar. He needed to stop the Rugaru before it killed somebody.

All Azaziel needed to do was stay incognito and everything would go according to plan. But of course, something just had to happen that messed everything up.

"Oi, why you got those sunglasses on in here, this is a bar, you don't need no sunglasses in here." a gruff voice spoke up on Azaziel's flank.

Azaziel glanced at the man, who was a large man wearing a biker jacket, who looked pretty annoyed that Azaziel was in the bar, and even more annoyed that he was wearing sunglasses.

"I don't like new people who ain't from round here, this is Comets turf, can't you read the sign?" the biker asked. "And will you take those damn sunglasses off?"

The biker reached for Azaziel's sunglasses, and tore them off of his face, revealing his eyes. Azaziel smirked, staring at the biker, his eyes pure black in colour. The biker however didn't step back in shock, he sprung into action, swinging his fist at Azaziel, who grabbed the fist, and snapped the man's arm, letting go of the man who collapsed to the floor moaning in pain.

"You Humans are sometimes pure idiots at this hunting business. Leave it to the professional." Azaziel stated, his gaze turning as he saw the Rugaru he was after burst out the doors of the bar, fleeing into the street. "See what you did now? The Rugaru got away, well done human. You're lucky I don't kill you for impeding on my justice."

Azaziel burst out of the bar into the street, looking from right to left, spotting the Rugaru fleeing on his left flank, and began to run after the Rugaru. Azaziel was faster than the Rugaru, but of course the people trying to go about their everyday business walking around the street would impede his path. However, Azaziel managed to stay at a reasonable distance to the Rugaru, and was slowly catching up, and soon was upon the Rugaru, kicking its feet out, sending it crashing to the floor. Azaziel grabbed hold of the Rugaru's throat, before smashing his fist into its skull several times, before unleashing a blast of power that obliterated the Rugaru's body.

Azaziel stood up, glancing from side to side, not noticing the fact that one of the civilians had taken a picture of him, whilst another was filming him, having caught him chasing after the Rugaru, and killing it. The body was still on the ground, and looked as if it had been very badly burnt, both its eye sockets now lay empty, the eyeballs just a goopy mess. Azaziel burst off running, disappearing down an alleyway, leaping up onto the fire escape, and climbing up the metallic stairs until he came to the roof, and he slowly made his way to his meeting point with a certain hunter. He was going to need some weapons for his hunt.

I hope everything is alright

By the way, edited my SU slightly.
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Default Re: Supernatural: Rise of the Apocalypse [RP]

“I actually moved here from London when I was eleven. I’m actually a famous actress and model so you might have seen one of my movies or maybe some pictures.” The girl, much to Ichiru’s surprise, gave him an actual response rather than the smart remark he had expected.

“Really.” Ichiru’s response came out sounding more like a statement, but he actually was somewhat shocked by what she told him. “My next question involved modeling anyway, so I guess I was right.”

Stop flirting, Romeo. Kiseki said mentally as he looked through a menu on the table.

Shut up. It took him a few moments due to having locked eyes with Ashley, but Ichiru glanced back at his twin while he responded just as another voice filled the silence, this one belonging to a blonde haired waitress.

“Everything okay Ashley?”

“It’s okay Caroline.” The girl, who they now knew was Ashley, responded to the blonde with a nod before looking back over to Ichiru. The dark haired teen was just about to say something before Caroline’s voice was heard again, making him stop shortly after he’d opened his mouth.

“Hey Ash, could I talk to you for a minute?” Ashley stood up in response, giving Ichiru a polite smile, which he managed to return before heading over to where the waitress stood.

Damn, I think she saw my fangs.

How could she not? Kiseki glanced up at Ichiru as he answered the telepathic message. You should explain about them before they assume you’re like me.

A few moments later, Ashley returned to the table to do something on the laptop, then turning to Ichiru with an apologetic look.

“I’m sorry but I have to start going. I’m sure I’ll see you around though if you stay in town.” She said, walking over to Caroline and handing her the laptop before the blonde disappeared behind the counter. Ichiru gave a nod, flashing her a smile in response.

“I hope so.” After the brunette left, he took a seat across from Kiseki, noticing a waitress with short black hair going over to tend to the other girl. Kiseki looked up at his brother, preparing to say something before Caroline arrived at their table with two glasses of water.

“My name is Caroline and I’ll be your waitress. Can I get you guys some coffee or maybe some lemonade to start you off?” She asked with a sweet smile. Normally Kiseki would have been the one to respond, but instead he was unable to answer, simply averting his gaze from the blonde. Ichiru picked up on this quickly and returned her smile, answering for his brother.

“Some coffee would be nice, thank you.” After he’d answered, he looked over to Kiseki, giving the younger twin a smirk when he met his gaze.

Way to bomb.

Shut up… Ichiru noticed the Vampire’s cheeks turn a light shade of pink, although thankfully his hair most likely hid it from anyone else. He chuckled softly, taking a sip of water from the glass. After a few moments, Kiseki finally regained his composure and did the same. However, as soon as the liquid passed his throat, a horrible burning exploded within him, making him cough heavily in response.

“Are you okay?” Ichiru looked at his brother in concern as he put the glass back on the table, the sound making a soft thud as the glass touched the table.

“Yeah… It just… went down the wrong way…” Kiseki managed through his coughing, although he quickly told Ichiru the truth through a telepathic message.

There’s Vervain in the water.

What?! Ichiru glanced down at the glasses. If Kiseki’s had Vervain in it, that probably meant his did, too. So Ashley actually had seen his fangs… Damn it, my fangs must have put us under suspicion. That’s probably what they were talking about before she left.

We can’t just leave though… that would make it worse.

But you took a big drink of that; the effects of it will make you weaker.

If I eat something, I’ll get some of my strength back. I need some of the coffee for warmth, anyway. The two stared each other down for a few moments before Ichiru finally sighed.

Fine. Even though he seemed to let it go, Kiseki could easily sense that Ichiru was irritated. Of course, they couldn’t blame Caroline or Ashley for taking precautions. There had been a lot of disappearances going on lately, and of course if you find a creature like a Vampire walking around you’d assume it’s their doing. But then again, Ichiru had said Ashley was a Supernatural creature too, so did that put her under suspicion?

Kotomi stared at the light reflecting off of the water below her, the surface sparkling from the rays of the sun shining down on it from above. She didn’t like having to sit here until she dried off, but if she went to the shore, it was likely someone would see her. She was finally drying off, thanks to the sun shining down directly on her, so it wouldn’t be much longer until she could go back on land. The sound of movement in the water made her look down, completely shocked when she saw a girl with brown hair behind it. However, it wasn’t the fact that she was there which was surprising. It was the fact that when she dove back under, Kotomi caught a glimpse of a copper tail beneath the surface before she disappeared. Was she just seeing things, or was there actually another Mermaid here in Homestead?

"Little fishy out on her own, bit dangerous isn't it?" Kotomi nearly dove back into the water out of shock when someone‘s head appeared beside her own, and a male voice sounded in her ear. She hit a button-like thing on the handle she clenched in her right hand, the sound of metal unsheathing filling the silence as the blade of the katana shot out while she whipped her arm around toward the man out of defensive instinct. However, her action proved too slow, for with a "Gotta dash.", he floated away from the rock and toward the town, and her attack missed. She gave a sigh, letting the blade retract as she continued to sit on the rock. Obviously that man just now had been a Supernatural creature. Humans can’t levitate. Whoever it was also knew her secret now, so that was just great…

The dark haired teen noticed her tail beginning to disappear then, shifting back into her legs as her clothes reappeared on her body in place of the bikini top and tail. Once her body had returned back to normal, she rose to her feet, keeping the handle for the katana in her hand as she jumped down from the rock to the sandy surface just a few feet away. She thought about following the other Mermaid, but by now she had no idea which direction she had gone in, so it was probably better to just follow the man into town.

With this decision, she carefully made her way across the line of rocks leading to the shore so that she wouldn’t get wet again and ran back toward town.
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Default Re: Supernatural: Rise of the Apocalypse [RP]

Nalani Hyland

(with Kai as an NPC)

Despite how well the trip was starting, Nalani was nervous. People in the area were disappearing, Malana suspected supernatural activity, and warned vigilance. Of course, the younger girl kept cautious, making sure her wand was always within reach. She wasn’t the toughest of sorcerers, but had enough skill to protect herself from a minor attack.

She’d been walking for a little while, taking advantage of the free time to do a little exploring. Kai, her brother, kept a few steps ahead, often texting away on his cell phone. Occasionally, they would exchange some dialogue, but the siblings usually kept to themselves. Finally, after an hour of walk, the boy finally broke the silence.

“I’m getting hungry,” he stated, turning back to face his sister.

“Oh, do you want t-to stop to get something to eat?” she replied, though the girl already knew how Kai would respond.

“Of course!” the pale haired teen exclaimed, “Let’s go there.”

Nalani followed her brother’s finger, which was pointed to an establishment called Captain’s Inn. Despite being a motel, the sign read it also doubled as a restaurant. She tried to study the building a little before committing to it, but Kai, impatient as he was, was already heading toward the door.

“What are you waiting for?” he questioned casually, eyeing his sister momentarily.

“Nothing,” she answered, hesitantly following her brother. He responded with a simple nod and entered the Inn.

There were a few people inside, most of them around her age. There was redheaded girl being served by a waitress, with another blonde server making some rounds, also younger in age. What really caught her eye; however, were two boys, obviously twins, sitting at one of the tables. One was wearing a leather jacket, the other, a sleeveless red hoodie. The latter was a smidge paler, and appeared slightly softer the other.

“Nalani?” Kai calmly called, snapping his sister from her momentary staring. “Let’s sit here,” he pointed to a booth, not too far from the dark haired twins. He was met with a simple nod, as the siblings toke a seat.

The menus sat nicely on the clean table, offering a decent verity of dishes. It didn’t take him long to start searching for his meal, Lani, however, decided to give the room another scan. Nobody really appeared too suspicious… apart from those teenage boys. It was hard to tell, but she swore they were carrying some sort of weaponry. A little young to be law enforcement…

“I’m having the classic cheeseburger with fries,” Kai concluded, finally looking up from his menu, only to notice his sister eyeing some guys a few tables off. He waited a few moments, clearly satisfied with what he was seeing. She would make sure not too stare for too long, not only to avoid suspicion, but also out of politeness. It was hard though, the paler one having grabbed her attention… “Since when do you drool” her brother asked jokingly.

“O-oh! I-I’m not staring…” Lani responded in shock, her lie obvious.

“Sure,” he replied, stressing the “s”, forcing his sister into a slight blush. Again, Kai seemed satisfied, and decided against pressing on. “What are you going to have?”

“I-I think just a salad or something,” she stated with a slight nod.

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Default Re: Supernatural: Rise of the Apocalypse [RP]

“Some coffee would be nice, thank you.” Ichiru had responded, bringing Caroline to nod in response with a smile.

“I’ll be right back.” Caroline said before walking away, completely missing the blush Kiseki had in his cheeks from her. Caroline stepped behind the bar counter and poured two mugs filled with freshly made coffee, though her gaze fell to the twins as she watched them. When Ichiru took a sip of the water first and didn’t respond to the Vervain at all Caroline was very confused, knowing that she put Vervain into the water. A few moments later when Kiseki took a sip however he began to react to the Vervain, bringing Caroline to take a deep breath.

“So he’s a Vampire, but what about the other one?” Caroline thought to herself as she looked at Ichiru.

“Are you okay?” Ichiru asked his brother in concern.

“Yeah… It just… went down the wrong way…” Kiseki forced out through his coughing. Caroline thought about putting Vervain in the coffee this time, but she didn’t want to risk enraging the twins and have them possibly attack the customers and staff. Instead, the curly haired blonde left the coffee alone and grabbed the two hot mugs, putting them on a tray along with a small basket full of cold creamers and walked back over to the twin’s table with everything.

“Here’s your coffee,” Caroline began as she placed the two mugs in front of the twins. “And here are some creamers. There’s also Sweet'N Low, Splenda and Sugar packets right there.” Caroline said as she pointed to the end of the table where another small basket was seen. As she pointed however, fading bruises that were shaped like a hand’s were easily seen on her wrists, though Ashley completely missed them due to the fact Caroline was good at hiding them. “I’ll be back in a few minutes to take your order.”

“Hey Caroline.” A new voice greeted her a few feet from behind the blonde as Caroline looked down.

“Dammit…” Caroline muttered as she turned around, seeing a male figure who was a couple years older than her. This male had a built body with short blonde hair.

“I’m working, Joey.” Caroline snapped as she walked back behind the bar counter.

“Oh come on. I just wanna talk.” Joey responded as he leaned over the bar counter.

“Don’t you think you’ve done enough? Just get out.” Caroline said as Joey smirked. “I broke up with you right after Ashley left for her trip to California so stay away from me.” Caroline whispered fiercely.

“I said I was sorry.” Joey shrugged as Caroline looked at him in anger.

“You’re sorry? After I slept with you because we were boyfriend and girlfriend you decided to hook up with Aria the very next day. You cheated on me like the filthy pig you are so I will never forgive you.” Caroline whispered back, seeing that a male and female walked into the restaurant and sat down in a booth that wasn’t too far away from the twins. “Now if you excuse me, I have costumers to serve.” Caroline hissed as she walked away from the bar counter, but Joey quickly walked up to Caroline and grabbed one of her wrists tightly, revealing where the bruises on her wrists were coming from; Joey was causing them. Since Joey was also Mai as well he was actually stronger than Caroline, which was why he could push her around the way he wanted to.

“You are not breaking up with me.” Joey growled as his grip tightened even more.

“You keep on causing bruises on my wrists.” Caroline said in pain as she tried to pull away, but it was no use.

“Good. Maybe hurting you is the only way to make you do what I want.” Joey smirked.

“Let her go now!” A man who worked as a cook said with a baseball bat in his hand, looking right at Joey. Joey looked from Caroline to the cook, then back at Caroline again.

“This isn’t over, Caroline. Don’t forget, I’m always watching.” With that, Joey let go of Caroline’s wrist and walked out of the restaurant, bringing Caroline to look down at the skin, a nasty bruise already forming.

“Are you okay Caroline?” The cook asked as the blonde looked down, tears building up in her eyes. She then quickly walked passed him and into the kitchen, disappearing into the locker room as she began to cry.

Back at the beach Jeremy, Abigail and Ashley all swam in the water together, the three swimming a little bit deeper in the ocean as Abby looked over to Ashley.

“Can we dive underwater together?” Abigail asked, bringing Ashley to smile and nod. Abby swam around to Ashley’s back and wrapped her arms around her mother’s neck.

“You know the drill; hang on tight and when you feel the slightest feeling of discomfort from holding your breath for too long then tap on my neck.” Ashley said.

“Okay mommy.” Abby responded as Ashley smiled.

“Okay; three, two, one.” On the count of one Ashley, Jeremy and Abby all took deep breaths, Ashley slowly diving down underneath the water with Abby holding onto Ashley and Jeremy swimming on his own next to his sister. The three of them opened their eyes underwater, seeing all the different colored fish and the coral reefs. When Ashley reached the bottom and touched the sand Abby released Ashley’s neck, actually swimming on her own as Ashley and Jeremy smiled. Ashley pointed up to the surface that was around fifteen feet above them to see if Abby needed air, but Abby shook her head and swam over by the coral reef to look at all the small fish that were swimming near it.

Ashley and Jeremy stayed close to Abby as they looked for any signs of discomfort from the lack of air, but so far there weren’t any. A few moments later however Abby pulled on the end of Ashley’s fin, pointing up to the surface. Ashley quickly cradled Abby in her arms and swam up to the surface with Jeremy following, Abby taking a deep breath of air when her head was above the water, Jeremy doing the same.

“That was so much fun! Can we do it again?” The five year old asked as Ashley smiled.

“Just take a few deep breaths for a couple of minutes. I don’t want you getting tired.” Ashley responded with a smile.

Back at the restaurant Caroline walked out of the locker room a few minutes later, wiping her eyes dry with a few napkins as she came face to face with the owner of the restaurant.

“Are you okay?” The older man asked as he looked down at Caroline’s wrists, the two walking back out to the bar where the costumers were.

“I’m just… having an off day I guess.” Caroline said as more waitresses entered the restaurant.

“Caroline, why don’t you take the rest of the day off? You could eat something here and go rest.” The owner offered.

“But I already have a table that I’m waiting.” Caroline said as she looked over to the twins, then back at the owner.

“Three more waitresses just came in so one of them can take your place.” The man said as Caroline nodded.

“I’ll go get changed then.” Caroline said, then turning to look at the twins. “Someone will be with you in just a moment. I’m really sorry for the wait.” Caroline then disappeared back into the kitchen and into the locker room. A few moments later Caroline walked out with her gift bag Ashley gave her and Ashley’s laptop, the blonde wearing a purple tank top that went up around an inch above her sapphire blue bellybutton ring, wearing sky blue tattered denim short shorts and black Converse All Star sneakers. While in the locker room Caroline had taken her hair out of the ponytail, so now her curly blonde hair fell neatly a few inches passed her shoulders.

While in the back she placed an order of scrambled eggs, toast and bacon with a glass of apple juice before the blonde took a seat by herself at one of the tables that was a few feet away from the twins. Even though she was upset right now, Caroline still had to keep an eye on the twins. Though another reason why Caroline wanted to stay inside the restaurant was because she knew that as soon as she stepped outside of it, Joey would be right there to harass her, so she actually felt safer being around Ichiru and Kiseki then having to face Joey since he was stronger than her. Caroline looked up and saw that the waitresses were now taking care of the rest of the costumers, bringing her to sigh in relief as the owner walked up to Caroline with a bag of ice.

“Your food will be out shortly. Just take this ice and put it on your wrist.” The man said politely, seeing that the bruise was very much visible now.

“I can just go get my food myself.” Caroline said with a small smile as she iced her wrist.

“You just stay where you are and relax. You’re honestly working too hard as it is; take a breather.” The man said, bringing Caroline to nod as he walked away. The blonde looked down at her wrist for a few moments before adverting her gave to Kiseki, then looking over towards the window where she saw Joey staring at her from across the street.
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Default Re: Supernatural: Rise of the Apocalypse [RP]

Shortly after Kiseki‘s episode, the twins noticed two more people enter the restaurant; a girl with long, blonde hair and a boy with her. Kiseki watched the girl for a few moments as they sat down a few tables away before he noticed her looking at him as well, which brought him to quickly avert his gaze to the table in front of him. His body still burned horribly from the Vervain he’d accidentally ingested, but he did his best to hide it from everyone else around him. A few moments later, Caroline returned to their table with two mugs of coffee and a basket with cold creamers.

“Here’s your coffee,” She said a she put the two mugs down in front of the twins. “And here are some creamers. There’s also Sweet'N Low, Splenda and Sugar packets right there.” At this, she pointed to another basket on the table. However, neither of the twins followed the direction of her finger, for when she pointed both of them could easily see bruises on her wrist. Ichiru scowled, and Kiseki looked up at the blonde with a mixture of question and concern as she spoke again. “I’ll be back in a few minutes to take your order.”

“Thank you.” Ichiru spoke for his twin once more, giving her a smile just before another male voice filled the restaurant.

“Hey Caroline.”

“Dammit…” The twins heard Caroline mutter as she looked down briefly before turning around to look at a guy with short blonde hair who stood a few feet away. Just from looking at him, even Kiseki could easily pick up the fact that he wasn’t a good person.

The two of them listening silently as she continued to talk with the person; thanks to their enhanced hearing they were able to catch most of the conversation - which certainly wasn’t a happy one. From the pieces of the conversation they heard, it was gathered that the two were a couple until something happened recently, and now the guy, whose name seemed to be Joey, wasn’t happy about it at all

“You are not breaking up with me.” Joey’s voice brought Kiseki to look over toward the counter, where the older male had grabbed Caroline’s wrists tightly.

“You keep on causing bruises on my wrists.” Caroline responded, her pain obvious in her voice as she tried to pull away from his grip.

“Good. Maybe hurting you is the only way to make you do what I want.” Joey smirked at the blonde as he responded, and Kiseki scowled, starting to rise from his seat but Ichiru quickly reached across the table and pulled him back down.

You’re already under suspicion. Don’t cause a scene.

But… Kiseki’s thoughts trailed off as one of the cooks came out of the back with a baseball bat in his hand.

“Let her go now!”

“This isn’t over, Caroline. Don’t forget, I’m always watching.” With that, Joey let go of Caroline’s wrist and walked out of the restaurant, bringing Kiseki to finally relax, watching the blonde disappear into the back. He gave a sigh and finally pulled the coffee mug to him, not even bothering to add creamer like he normally would as he took a packet of sugar from the basket Caroline had pointed out earlier and mixed the contents into the coffee. Ichiru’s gaze was directed toward the window as he did the same, watching the pedestrians walk by for a few moments. He thought he saw two of them running, but didn’t pay it much attention at first and instead looked back to Kiseki, who took a sip from the coffee to warm his body. A few moments later, three more waitresses entered the restaurant just as Caroline and the man from before came out from the back. Kiseki noticed the blonde wipe her eyes with a few napkins, which instantly let him know she had been crying. Ichiru didn’t notice this due to his back being to her at the moment from where he was sitting.

However, the older twin did hear the conversation that took place afterward, where Caroline was given the day off.
“Someone will be with you in just a moment. I’m really sorry for the wait.” The blonde said after turning to look at the twins, who simply nodded in unison as they watched her disappear into the back, reappearing a few moments later in a change of clothes. To their surprise, instead of leaving she went to take a seat at a table only a few feet away from their own.

Kiseki looked over to Ichiru after watching the blonde for a moment, the older twin knowing instantly what the Vampire was thinking.

“No.” He declined his brother’s silent question quietly so that the people around them wouldn’t hear, bringing Kiseki to scowl while the man from before walked over to Caroline with a bag of ice. Kiseki glanced back at her while she spoke with the man, returning his gaze back to Ichiru, who gave him a scowl. “Kiseki…”

“It’ll be fine.” The Vampire said simply before rising from his seat. Being the naturally compassionate person he was, he couldn’t just leave the matter alone. He’d taken enough drinks of the coffee to warm himself up, although his temperature was still slightly cooler than everyone else’s. Of course, that wasn’t enough to make others suspicious of him, since some people actually had lower body temperatures than normal. He walked over to where Caroline sat with her gaze on the street outside, taking a deep breath before finally speaking.

“I saw what happened…” He said softly, looking at the blonde’s wrists, then back to her. “Are you okay?”

Are you crazy or what?

Relax, can’t you see how upset she is? She wouldn’t hurt a fly right now. Ichiru rolled his eyes at Kiseki’s response, although a few moments later his eyes wandered over to the windows again, where he saw Joey still standing outside, watching Caroline from his place on the street. Somehow the sight combined with what he had witnessed here in the restaurant combined struck a fuse and he rose from his seat, heading out onto the street. His eyes flashed white from his irritation, but he made sure to keep his temper under control; otherwise he would reveal himself to everyone right in the middle of town.

“Hey, what the hell do you think you--” The dark haired teen started to confront the older male, but stopped when something caught his eye. Something lay in the middle of the street just a few yards away. It wasn’t visible from inside the restaurant, which explained why no one inside had noticed it. He walked over to the scene to stand beside two other citizens who were nearby. Now that he was close enough, he could see that it was a body which looked like it had been severely burned; the eye sockets were empty due to the eyes melting. The sight shocked the demon, especially since there was nothing anywhere around that suggested it could have been the cause of it.

Turning back around, Ichiru noticed that Joey had already disappeared, which brought him to sigh.

“Damn it…”

Kotomi ran back into town, the katana still in hand as she neared the Captain’s Inn. Further down, she could see a trio of people standing in the middle of the street, one of which appeared very familiar. However, as she grew closer, she noticed a body on the ground as well; what everyone else was looking at. The other two dispersed shortly after, seemingly in a hurry to get somewhere else.

“What happened?” Ichiru turned to see the dark haired female approach, shock appearing in both of their expressions as they saw each other.

“Kotomi…” He snapped out of it shortly after, looking back to the body. “I’m not sure. The only witnesses just ran off somewhere before I could ask. One of them had a video camera, so I’m guessing we’ll be seeing the story on the news tonight either way.”

OoC: Fail. D: Cut it off randomly so that I wouldn't cause a big scene with the ambulance and everything before everyone got a chance to finish their own scenes. xD
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Default Re: Supernatural: Rise of the Apocalypse [RP]

OOC: sorry I haven't posted yet and sorry for the short post.

"I better get going." Cobalt said to himself as he started walking out of the hotel he'd been staying in. He was going to put away his Mp3, but saw that it was on. He put them on to see what was playing.

As he went to go get it he glanced out the window and saw there was a new restaurant just across the street called Capitain's Inn.

"Hmm, it's almost lunch and I need a new place to stay in so might as well go." He thought. He packed his small backpack and checked out. He walked across the street and went to the restaurant and waited in line. he scanned the area to find a place to sit and felt that there was an animal watching him, but when he looked all he saw was a seagull picking at a french fry outside.

"Hey kid you going to order!"

He looked up and saw that there was waiter in front of him." Oh sorry I'll has a ceasar salad and a medium root beer." he waited and took his food.He started to eat, but when sat down he felt there was an animal here. He looked around and only saw a small group of people." I could of sworn there's an animal here." said to himself. He looked down at his salad and picked out the pieces of chicken. He realized that it couldn't be an animal and it had to be a Supernatural. He scanned the room and listend in to a few conversations.

" Okay so there's Caroline, Nalani and Ashley..." He thought. He was going to say something but it he knew he shouldn't . Cobalt looked at his food and his salad was done an his soda was finished. He started to leave when he went outside he glanced back saw that he left his backpack in there. When he went inside he smelled Vervain he looked for the source. He saw that it was coming from the table near his. There were twins there and one seemed to being affected by it. " Vampires" Cobalt said under his breath.

Some man named Joey came in and started talking to the waiter Caroline. "Are you what I think you are." said Cobalt to the twins.
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Default Re: Supernatural: Rise of the Apocalypse [RP]

OoC: It's okay. ^^ Only one thing, though; the twins aren't at the same table anymore. Ichiru went outside and Kiseki's at another table a few feet away with Caroline. Aside from that the post is fine.
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Default Re: Supernatural: Rise of the Apocalypse [RP]

OOC: yeah the post was fine ^^ another thing though is that Ashley is at the beach with Jeremy and Abigail
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Default Re: Supernatural: Rise of the Apocalypse [RP]

ooc: sorry didn't see last post and don't know why i wrote ashley.
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Default Re: Supernatural: Rise of the Apocalypse [RP]

“I saw what happened…” As Caroline was staring out the window towards Joey a new voice spoke to her softly, bringing her to turn her head, shock clearly visible on Caroline’s face. “Are you okay?” Kiseki asked.

“I’m fine…” Caroline spoke softly as she looked down for a few moments, the shock of the Vampire actually talking to her running through Caroline’s mind. Ichiru stood up to his feet then and walked outside, the blonde not knowing what he was going to do as she turned back over to Kiseki. Using her abilities, Caroline read the emotions that Kiseki was feeling and found out that he wasn’t going to her hurt; or anyone in that matter.

“Here you go Caroline.” A waitress said as she placed Caroline’s food on the table, bringing Caroline to smile at the waitress before standing up and looking at Kiseki.

“You’re…not planning on hurting anyone...” Caroline said as she touched Kiseki’s arm, getting a better read on the Vampire. The pupils in her blue eyes turned into a cat’s slits as she stared into Kiseki’s eyes, feeling that Kiseki wasn’t a threat at all. “Please don’t be scared.” Caroline quickly said as her eyes went back to normal, probably shocking the Vampire from how her eyes had changed. “My name is Caroline. Do you want to sit down with me and talk? I promise I won’t hurt you.” Caroline offered a real, sweet smile this time as she sat down.

Back at the beach Ashley, Abby and Jeremy did around five more dives underwater until Abigail started getting tired, her breaths getting shorter under the water as Ashley gave a small smile.

“I think you should take a break right now. Hold onto my neck so I can swim you to the shore.” Ashley said as Abby listened.

“I’m getting hungry again. Can I have more breakfast?” Abby asked as Jeremy swam next to his sister.

“Yeah; you’ll need more energy for when we come here again with Caroline so you should probably take a little nap as well once we get home and after you eat.” Ashley responded.

“I am pretty tired. Me and Uncle Jeremy have been swimming for a really long time.” Abby said as she gave out a yawn. Once making sure there weren’t any people around Ashley easily dragged herself on the dry sand, turning her body around to sit up as she hovered her hand over the copper colored fin. Steam began to radiate off of Ashley as she evaporated the water quickly, her form going back to a normal girl’s as she stood up and wiped the sand off of herself as her, Abigail and Jeremy walked off the beach together.

The three were walking down the street together as sirens could be heard, bringing Ashley and Jeremy to look at each other before Ashley picked up her daughter and quickly walked down the street. With more people gathered around now, Ashley and Jeremy reached a scene where there was a group gathering around something. After making their way to the front to see what was going on, Ashley, Abigail and Jeremy saw a badly burnt body in the road, bringing Abby to give out a scream.

“Don’t look Abby.” Ashley said softly as Abby buried her face into Ashley’s shirt.

“Ashley?” Ashley looked up at the familiar voice, seeing her father walking towards her. Ashley’s and Jeremy’s father was the sheriff of the police force in this town, so of course he would be here.

“Dad what happened?” Ashley asked as Jeremy reached out towards Abby, taking her so Ashley could walk more into the scene.

“I thought you weren’t coming back until later today?” Her father asked as he hugged his daughter.

“I came back early. What happened here dad?” Ashley asked as she let go of her father.

“We’re not entirely sure actually. Once the ambulance arrives then we’ll take the body right to the morgue and do a full autopsy to try and find out how this person got burned.”

“John, we need you over here.” Another police officer said to Ashley’s father, bringing John to nod.

“Just take Abigail and go home. We’ll talk later.” John said, bringing Ashley to nod as he walked away.

“Justin.” Ashley said to another police officer who was a year older than herself. Justin walked over to Ashley with a troubled look on his face. “What do you think happened?”

“It’s hard to say.” Justin said as he motioned Ashley to follow him, the two leaning down by the body. “It looks to me like it’s a Supernatural death.” He whispered to Ashley; Justin knew about the Supernatural due to the fact his sister was killed by a Werewolf, though Justin actually didn’t go hunting for anything Supernatural; he just knew how to take them down. “My guess would be either a Witch, Demon or Vampire did this, since Vampires have the ability to control fire.” Justin’s words sent shivers down Ashley’s spine as she quickly stood up, seeing Ichiru in the crowed.

“Son of a b*tch…” Ashley muttered as she locked eyes with Ichiru.

“Are you okay Ashley?” Justin asked as Ashley nodded.

“Don’t worry Justin; everything will be taken care of by tonight.” Ashley said without breaking eye contact with Ichiru. Jeremy walked up to his sister with Abigail still in his arms, her face buried in Jeremy’s shirt so she couldn’t look at the body.

“Abby wants you to hold her again.” Jeremy said, bringing Ashley’s eyes to tear away from Ichiru as she looked at Jeremy. Ashley took Abby in her arms and held the five year old; anyone who didn’t actually know Ashley very well would of just guessed that Abby was her little sister.

“We have something to take care of tonight.” Ashley said as Jeremy nodded, knowing what Ashley was referring to. Ashley turned around and began walking back in the direction of the house, though when her back was to Ichiru however, Abby looked up and over to him, locking her emerald green eyes with his.

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