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Old 11-20-2011, 01:29 AM
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Default Ref Wages: November 5th to November 18th of 2011

Well this was a pretty slow period. Let me (Pidge) know if I counted wrong or forgot you.

There is a relatively new discovery about draws, mainly that they are impossible to occur unless two battlers 'Run' in the same turn. You can read about how unclear battle results work at the end of this post: Reffing Encyclopedia

Also the SA v D feature on the reffing calculator does NOT work. So in order to ref Psyshock, as well as certain other moves (Wonder Room), try using this: Damage Calculator - Tools - Cherubi

When you're claiming, please say you understand and read these two things above, or I will bug you through VM, PM, IM, mention, and e-mail about it. And finally...

AmericanTreeFrog: 1,000
Last Counted: Pokemon Forum - Pokemon Elite 2000 - View Single Post - ATF's Tree of Battles

Ash K.: 2,500
Last Counted:

Captain Dude: 17,000
Last Counted:

ChainReaction01: 7,000
Last Counted:

derian: 2,000
Last Counted:

Ebail: 45,500
Last Counted:

Kai-Mei: 13,000
Last Counted:

MaverickKaiser: 32,000
Last Counted:
Other: Why you no record rules correctly ;_; :
What is (Something)?:
Can't really draw:

Mubz: 19,000
Last Counted: and Pokemon Forum - Pokemon Elite 2000 - View Single Post - I made another thread by mistake :x

Nitro: 10,000
Last Counted:

Pidge: 28,500
Last Counted:

WinterVines: 57,500
Last Counted:
Other: Can't really draw:

Xalapeno: 7,500
Last Counted: Pokemon Forum - Pokemon Elite 2000 - View Single Post - Record of hot & spicy battles

Total Wages: 242,500

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