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Old 11-16-2011, 03:42 PM
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Default Exhibition Battle Nominations

As so kinda pointed out by TED, I forgot to post this here. We already have a sizeable amount of volunteers, but we could always use more, and I could still use more input as to how to get this going (though I think that atm a couple spontaneous matchups to get it started would not be a bad idea). That said, I'm going to bring over here the first post of the original thread and the list of current volunteers so everyone has easy access.

URPG, we are looking for volunteers for Exhibition Matches, a potentially exciting new way for you to show off your skills and learn from watching others do the same. For this to get started, we primarily need two things; we need a group of volunteers willing to battle for the entertainment of the masses, and we need to have masses in order to both watch and decide who they want to watch battle. We basically already have the masses, but we still need the volunteers, and that's what this is for.

If you wish to volunteer and potentially be adored by the masses after getting a spectacular win against your assigned opponent (or be said opponent), I would like a few bits of information to make this easier.

Special Battles:

I obviously need some sort of name to work with so we know who we're working with. Other than that, I am of the opinion that having stats readily available (especially as they are publicly accessible information) would allow the participants to form a more interesting battle through scouting and such.

The Special Battles line is special (of course); it will let everyone know what types of battles you would be willing to do beyond the normal battle. This is a good place to put, for example, if you are a gym leader that is willing to take challenges for gym battles that is open to be watched by many. Also, if you are not willing to do certain types of battles (for example, you don't want to be challenged for a gym or challenge another gym, or you don't want to participate in Double Battles), you can put this here as well. If you do wish to do anything beyond simple Single Battles, it is probably in your best interest to list that here simply to promote them, as the more people see one of these as a potential idea for a match to watch, the more it comes up in their mind when they go to nominate (please do not use this as justification for pelting them with nomination requests; let them watch what they want to watch).

The Notes line is for anything special that would be helpful for me to know (for example, if you aren't going to be available for the first planned battle, so not to include you in that list). I suppose you could put whatever you want, but anything that is not relevant is probably going to be disregarded. That said, if you need to let me know of something, please make use of this.

For the sake of example, I shall include a filled out form so people may have a visual confirmation of what is to be expected if they need it.

Username: Siless
Stats: Siless's URPG Board - Home
Special Battles: Will take challenges for Celadon Gym
Notes: If you wish to know about Exhibition Battles, this post has information. Feel free to ask if you still have questions.


With all this said, there are still a couple of questions I would like to ask you as volunteers and as an audience; namely, how long should this volunteering stage last, and how long should each nomination stage last before each battle? Personally, I think a 3 day volunteer period along with similar 3 day nomination periods would work, as would a 3 day volunteer period with week-long nominations (both assuming the battlers would get together and battle, with an audience, at their soonest possible convenience), but I feel getting input on these ideas from everyone involved would be best. Also, would each nomination period wait until the battles occur to start the next, or would the next period start as soon as the contestants were decided?

Also, please note that I will allow people to volunteer after this initial volunteering period, but I will probably not include them in the then-current nomination period unless it was early on and wouldn't cause a ton of hassle with everyone who already voted.

With that final note, I hope exhibition matches get a good start, and wish good luck to both the volunteers in their battles, and the audience in getting to watch good games. Happy Battling!
Eraizaa-Kun (No Wonder Launcher Battles)
We Taste Pies… (No Triple Battles)
ChainReaction01 (No Gym)
Fierce Deity
Xali (No Gym)
Captain Dude
Turtwig A
As always, if I messed something up or you wish to append something reasonable to your name in the list as a sort of note as to what you'll be willing to do, let me know.


So it's about time to get discussing what you want to see. We have a set of volunteers already who will be listed in this post (though you can always suggest yourself in a battle. It's probably best not to suggest someone else who didn't volunteer unless you talked to them about it though), and we need to decide what kind of battle you want to watch as well. I would suggest most rules (such as clauses) be decided on by both participants, though choosing the number of Pokémon outside of a gym battle or something could help in deciding how long of a game you want to watch. With that reasoning, I suggest bringing up battle ideas with the following bits of information.

Type of Battle: (Single, Double, Triple, Rotation, and Wonder Launcher variants, as well as Gym battles and the like)
Number of Pokémon:

This will give a basic idea of what you want to see. Most likely these battles will take place on the weekend when there are more people on, though if there are a lot of people on at other times battles may take place then. Discussion is also good; potential battles are far more likely to occur if everyone shows interest in them. If, for some reason, the battle is too difficult to get done over AIM, we can try to work it into a forum battle or something so people can still watch it or something.

These are the basic ideas I have, and as always, I'm willing to take suggestions. But for now, we need to get a few battles going so we have something to watch, so we really need ideas for those.

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