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Old 11-06-2011, 01:10 AM
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Default Ref Wages: 10/22 - 11/4

let me (Pidge) know if i done messed up somewhere/forgot you

Ash K.: 500
Last Counted: Gotta Ref 'Em All

Buzzer: 5,500
Last Counted: Pokemon Forum - Pokemon Elite 2000 - View Single Post - Buzzer's PE2K Ref log (BMG = Fail)

Captain Dude: 24,500
Last Counted: The Captain's Log

ChainReaction01: 26,000
Last Counted: Scroll of Chains

derian: 1,500
Last Counted: Icy win

DrStubbsberg: 5,000
Last Counted: Doc's Patient Notes

Ebail: 56,500
Last Counted: Ebail's Reffing Log
Other: you updated your own count incorrectly here: Ebail's Reffing Log

gmandiddy: 1,000
Last Counted: The Log of Gmandiddy

Kai-Mei: 32,500
Last Counted: Kai-Mei's Ref Log
Other: you get 500 more from here, unless something like a forfeit happened in the log: Kai-Mei's Ref Log

MaverickKaiser: 41,000
Last Counted: IT'S A GUNDAM!!!!
Other: updated yourself 3,000 too less here: IT'S A GUNDAM!!!!

Nitro: 20,000
Last Counted: Nitro's Reffing Log

Pidge: 16,500
Last Counted: pidge's ref log

Roulette: 33,500
Last Counted: Dat Log

Synthesis: 21,000
Last Counted: ಠ_ಠ

WebMaster: 5,000
Last Counted: WebMaster's Reffing Log

We Taste Pies...: 8,500
Last Counted: Pokemon Forum - Pokemon Elite 2000 - View Single Post - You did what in my pool!?!?!

WinterVines: 24,500
Last Counted: Ranger Goddess Knows Your Thoughts

Xalapeno: 5,500
Last Counted: Pokemon Forum - Pokemon Elite 2000 - View Single Post - Record of hot & spicy battles
Other: included 2,500 from this Ebail's Reffing Log

Total Wages (for fun??_?): 328,500
Last Counted: ur butt xD
RaptorJesus= [WTP-(Us+pie)]*Velociraptor^Jesus
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