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Old 10-28-2011, 03:22 AM
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Default Death by Touch (Impossible Friends Chapt. 1+2)

Death by Touch

[Banner here]

Who says a werewolf and vampire can't be friends? An angel and something worse than a demon? Whoever did, they are just that wrong.

This is biased 10% on this game me and a couple of friends play, and ninety percent on my pure imagination or what they ask me to do. Here's who everyone here...

Jinni=Gynny (Not her real name, just her nickname)
Derek=D (Again, nickname)
Ray='Hell on Earth' ('Cuz none of my friends like him xD)

The others...they don't matter.

Chapter Index:
Chapter One-The Prophesy Unfolds
Chapter Two-The Angel of Darkfire

Character Info

I understand that I just killed all of my stories for this. And prolly blowing off ten assignments. I don't care. I'm proud of this; its original yet fast.
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Default Re: Death by Touch (Impossible Friends Chapt. 1+2)

Reserve Uno
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Old 10-28-2011, 03:23 AM
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Default Re: Death by Touch (Impossible Friends Chapt. 1+2)

Chapter One: The Prophecy Unfolds

I walked towards the edge of my territory. My territory, or should I say where I was allowed to walk around with no one watching, was the city of Gig Harbor. It was a small city, but many people lived close by, and out of everything, many animals. I wasn’t a normal human blood-sucking vampire; I liked the blood of animals better. What I didn’t know, however, was that not far away, a werewolf child was wandering around. I was on grass, so it would be possible that this was the territory of the wolves.

“Hault; who goes there?” A voice came from ahead of me. I heard running feet and my wings quickly came out, though they weren’t bat wings, rather black angel-like wings with bat-like spikes on the top and tips. These were the wings of an Angel of Darkness, the second worst thing of all, right under Helldemons.

“Depends, who are you to ask who I am?” I asked with my normal rude tone. I couldn’t be too nice, but I could be five percent of the time.

The girl was apparently not happy. She stormed into view, coming from behind a tree. When she saw my wings, she gasped and stepped backwards. She stuttered and dropped her book, soon picking it back up. “I…No one…”

I listened closer and heard a battle raging. It sounded like angels and demons, maybe some vampires, and werewolves.

“Hmm, scared that I’m an angel of darkness, Eh? No need. I’m not truly one yet,” I explained, my wings evaporating as I dropped back to the ground, “my parents were killed by some dragons or something, angels, they were, mixed with vampire and mage. The angels were at war with Werewolves, demons were doing whatever demons do, and the Angels of Darkness seemed to be doing absolutely nothing, they found me suitable, so they accepted me. If you think I’m becoming a Helldemon, think again. I’m too nice.”

The girl looked at me, surprised. She motioned for me to follow her and she ran off, half as fast as a vampire could. I used my aura powers to find out where she was headed, and ran there with the normal vampire speed. I was at a small cliff above a raging fight, some things on fire, and many angels and werewolves dead. Demons and Vampires seemed to be doing quite good, but otherwise everything was in chaos.

“What is that?”

“My pack and a couple demons fighting vampires and angels.”

I stood there in awe. Angels fighting with vampires? Sure, werewolves wouldn’t fight with vampires, but this seemed more unlikely.

“What’s that necklace you’re wearing?”

“I don’t know; my mother got it for me when I was a baby, but I don’t think it really has a meaning to it.”

The girl nodded and jumped off the cliff, into the fight. I felt that she may die, but she came out with another pup, having saved it apparently.

“This is the last pup in the pack, we will soon be left with seven wolves, if not less,” she muttered, looking down. The pup reverted to its human form and stared at me, growling.

“Who dat?” The young pup looked up at the girl, having no trust in me.

“I’m Jewel,” I introduced, noticing that I hadn’t before.

“I’m Jenni,” the girl said. The pup looked at me with a scared expression, still saying nothing.

“I’m here to talk to the angels, mainly. I heard they were here.”

I was taken to the bottom of the small cliff, where the angels, vampires, werewolves, and demons were all fighting. I looked around, seeing that no one would stop unless I flew up and kicked a demon in the face. My wings spread, but an angel saw, scowling at me. The battle stopped right then.

“What do you want, Jewel?” The angel asked.

“Stop the fighting, everyone go home. Now;” I wasn’t kidding. If they didn’t go home, I would rip each angel’s wings off, one by one.

I flew up a bit so I could whisper into the angel’s ear, and told her about Death’s son; Ray.

She gasped and flew off in shock, following the other angels. I pointed towards where the werewolves were going, seeing as the girl hadn’t left.

“I need to get to school now,” She muttered. I reverted back to my human form, knowing that if a mortal saw me in my mythos form, they would die. But in some cases, that was a great thing.


At lunch, I noticed that the girl, Jenni, and I had the same lunch. Well this wasn’t good at all. I sat down at a random table with one of my angel friend, and it turned out that the two of them were friends, too. This was oddly terrible. I wanted to turn into my vampire form, but I was afraid that I would destroy everyone around me.

A few minutes after I finished eating, the principle got up and announced that we could go outside for the last fifteen minutes of lunch. I walked towards the doors and saw Ray. I gasped and hid behind Jenni, though she instantly attempted to hide behind me. She apparently knew about this person…somewhat.

“Who’s that? I mean, I know its Ray, but…why is he here?” I asked in shock.

Jenni beckoned me into a corner; I followed. “That’s the person that leads the Darkside. He’s the worst person to have as a rival; worse than having you as a rival,” she muttered, “and don’t show yourself here, you don’t want him to know.”

I nodded and went outside. I passed Ray, who had gone to the soccer field, though at the split second I passed him, I saw everything differently. Everything seemed better quality. I took my glasses off and two people started glowing red. I looked at Jenni. Her eyes had turned red. She looked at me and smiled, apparently my eyes were also red. I stared at the two that were glowing red, about as red as Jenni’s eyes. The two…I remembered them. I hadn’t just started school; school had started forty-seven days ago. The two…one was an angel, the other a demon; A good demon, which I didn’t understand.

“You get the midget; I’ll get the smarter one,” she said, smiling.

I ran at the smaller one, the one who was secretly only ten. I grabbed his arm and clawed it before he looked at me with wide eyes. He hadn’t noticed my blood red eyes.

“Mortals…they taste terrible, but they were never meant to be,” I scowled.

“Jewel, calm down; what are you doing?” He asked.

“Don’t run from me, little fool. It’ll be worthless; vampires are the fastest human-like things on earth, matched with my dark angel brain, I’m almost unstoppable!” I laughed, chasing the boy.

But of course, some angels are actually smart. He stopped running and hopped to the side, putting his shoe right where my shoe would go if I continued. Me, not seeing that, tripped and fell over. He quickly bent down, grabbed my arm, and dug his fingernails into the demon’s pressure point. I yowled slightly, and then reverted into my human form. I got up and brushed off my dirty clothes.

“W-w-what happened?” I asked, almost unable to speak.

“You turned into one of Ray’s minions and tried to make me side with you or something. Oh, and Jenni…she’s one too,” he summed up.

He looked around and saw Jenni cornering Byron, one of my other friends. I tapped into my vampire speed and ran at her. I Motioned for Byron to get away, and quickly tackled Jenni. I attempted to dig my ‘claws’ into the demon’s pressure point, but she stopped me. I tried with my other hand, thank the gods she couldn’t stop me. I dug my claws in hard, though at the last second, she bit the small area between your index finger and your thumb. I then passed out, for no vamp can survive a werewolf bite.


When I awoke, I was in the health room. Only Derek stood by me, which was understandable. Jenni was on the other bed, trying to catch her breath. Byron, however, was nowhere to be seen. Maybe he thought it was his fault and had gone to class or something.

“Hey, Jewel,” Derek said softly. “You were out a while; you ok?” He asked.

I looked at the time quickly. I was late for Social Studies already, but I didn’t care. I nodded and sat up. I looked over at Jenni and tilted my head. She put her index finger up, signaling for me to wait.

After about a minute, she began to talk. “After Choir, Ray saw me and possessed me again. I went after Derek, but he did that one demon’s pressure point thing to me. I couldn’t bite him, but whatever. I went a bit crazy afterword and he tried to stop me, but I ended up passing out for a minute. I honestly didn’t wake up in here, but I’m in here so I can calm down.”

I nodded and looked at Derek.

He looked down and shook his head, not going to tell why he was here. He did speak, though. “Byron ended up leaving once you passed out. He thought it was his fault, plus he thought you were dead…”

I was honestly shocked. I knew that I would have and should have died, but I knew that he secretly liked Jinni better than he did anyone. I doubted the fact that he would be so sensitive if I were hurt.

“I don’t understand; I should have been killed by that. Any vampire that gets bit by a werewolf immediately turns old and gross and has to hobble off into some odd forest, or they just die. I did neither, I just passed out for about an hour or so,” I muttered softly. Jinni nodded and patted me on the head. I gave her an annoyed look and got out of the bed. While I was passed out, Jinni had apparently painted my nails blue. Why she did this, I had no clue.

At that moment, Bryon came in and looked around. He was surprised to see me awake; even he knew that I was a vampire.

“How are you…?” His voice trailed off as he saw the nurse coming back. He pointed towards her, and we all got the message. I got out of my vampire form, and Derek got out of his angel form.

I looked at Jinni and Derek and nodded. The three of us then got out of the nurse’s office and walked towards our last class; Social Studies.


After school, I got off in the middle of nowhere, as always. My parents had been killed by werewolves, and my step-parents were away for the month. Of course, though, all of the others came with me. You see, the portal to the Magic Dimension was in the middle of these thick woods, though each creature had their own territory from here on.

“Well, I won’t be going to the dimension, more less my territory, until I pick up my stepsister, want to come with me? We might stop at the mall,” I said, remembering how I had met the three at the mall.

The three others smiled. “Sure, why not?”

We walked down a cobblestone pathway to the mall, for it was the only way to get to town from here.

Jinni leaned towards me and whispered something in my ear, “You know; Derek was only in the nurse’s office because he likes you, right?”

I blushed slightly, my long, dark brown hair blocking it from view. The truth was I had a crush on Derek since I met him, which wasn’t long ago.

“Really; W-wow…I didn’t think he would,” I whispered in surprise. She nodded and we continued walking.


When we reached the mall, we did not see what we wanted to see…
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Default Re: Death by Touch (Impossible Friends Chapt. 1+2)

Swearing is involved in this. And me being killed, no graphic gore (blood), though. Just getting burned by Bryon.


Chapter Two-The Angel of Dark Fire

The mall was covered in a black aura, and inside it seemed like it was burning. The black aura was to keep humans from seeing anything that was going on. Above the mall was one thing I didn’t want to see; an Angel of Darkness.

I screamed and turned into a vampire, flying towards the Angel of Darkness. She turned and looked at me. I knew this dark angel, she was Fuara. She had been the one to try to help me escape the day after I was caught.

I motioned for my friends to leave and clear the area, or at least put an invisible, protective shield up so no one got hurt except for the two inside. They tried to stay, but I insisted. They soon agreed to do so, and ran off. We started fighting once they were out of sight. I went to bite her neck, though she dodged and scratched me quite close to my eye. I kicked off of her and spiraled towards the barrier. I didn’t touch it in any way that would destroy it, though I did kick off of it. I glided towards Fuara and grabbed her by the shoulders, throwing her at the ground.


A few hours of fighting went through, but it soon came to the point that any further fighting could kill both of us. I grabbed a burning knife, about to stab her in the heart with it, until she looked at me with a single glance that made me feel that I needed her to live. I put the knife down and let her up, glaring at her.

“Fine, I’ll allow you to live, but at a risk. The next time I see you destroying something that actually means something to me; I’ll stop at nothing to kill you. Got that?” I stared at her, clenching my fists, ready to punch her or something.

She nodded, looking shocked that I didn’t kill her.

I jumped off of the mall roof, zapping it back together completely. I then opened a portal to the Dark Angel’s territory and motioned for Fuara to go through. I walked to the edge of the barrier and clawed it where the door was, destroying it. I didn’t notice that the portal was still open.

Fuara came out of the portal and jumped off of the mall, gliding down instead of just…freefalling.

“Wait…you didn’t kill her!?” Bryon roared. His hands turned somewhat red and devil horns came from his head. He was definitely turning into a demon.

Derek came from another entrance, already in his angel form. “You told us you’d kill her,” he growled

“I couldn’t, OK? I…she’s my sister,” I lied.

They stared at me in disbelief. Derek, though he had no powers other than to heal quickly, ran at me with speeds higher than I could think of and punched me in the stomach. Thank the gods that I had healed since the battle with Fuara.

I growled and turned into a vampire. I hissed at Derek and stepped back. I then knew what I couldn’t do; I couldn’t fight Derek, for…well I just couldn’t. I motioned for Fuara to run, and she did so. Bryon, nor Derek, went after her, for neither could fly.

“I already know your stepsister, and that isn’t her. Now why didn’t you kill her?” The two growled, staring into my eyes. Both looked pissed off. I looked down sadly and shook my head, saying nothing.

Bryon threw fire at me, though I didn’t dodge. I allowed him to do so, as I should have killed her. I sat down on the sidewalk and cried. I had failed my friends, and I already knew what they did to people that failed to do as wished.


Only a few minutes of battling went through because of me not fighting back, but soon, I passed out, though I doubted the fact that I would awaken again.

---(Jinni POV cuz’ Jewel’s dead)---

I walked towards the mall once again after finishing the Tic-Tacs I had bought. And of course, I saw Jewel passed out. She must have saved the Angel of Darkness’ life for some stupid reason. I sighed and picked up the somewhat limp body. Derek came over and helped me drag her to the territories.

Suddenly the sky darkened and clouds blocked the sun, though no rays came through. Thunder roared and snapped around us, getting closer as we walked to the territories. I knew only one way that this could happen; if an Angel of Darkness had been killed. No, it was impossible; Jewel wasn’t one to not fight back. She must have killed the other one.


“Jinni…Jewel’s still not up and the thunder’s getting closer. I think...I think she might be dead,” Bryon said, trying to hide the fact that he knew that Jinni would kill the two now.

“You WHAT? Dude, we need Jewel! She’s the only one that knows how to stop Ray, or at least get him back to how he was before!”

“I-I didn’t k-know that…that she wouldn’t fight back…I thought she would; she normally does.” Derek lowered his head and carefully dropped Jewel.

I glared at him and said, “You’re lucky that I know some healing magic. Kill her once more and I won’t hold back.” I closed my eyes and leveled one hand above Jewel’s heart. I could tell it wasn’t beating. I shocked it quickly, knowing that if an Angel of Darkness is shocked by anything harder than lightning, they’d wake up, even if they were dead.

Jewel’s eyes opened slowly, and then closed again. She blinked and tried to get up, but apparently she couldn’t.

---(Back to Jewel)---

“W-where am I?”I asked softly. No one answered me, though I was somewhat fine with that. I understood why they wouldn’t say. We were at the territories.

Jinni motioned for the boys to leave for a moment, and they did so. She cleared her voice and said, “Jewel, I know you’re an Angel of Darkness, but you’re not pure. I know you may not believe this, but you’re a Lost Angel. You were taken by the Angels of Darkness because you were the princess, and if anyone hurt you, the angels got pissed off, so they had the stupid idea to captive you and turn you into one of their own. You must go to the angels.”

I blinked and tilted, instead of saying ‘why must I?’.

“You must because the angels think the werewolves took you; they think the Angels of Darkness are dead.”

I gasped. I had to get to the angels before the werewolves were killed, or Jinni would be pissed off. But wouldn’t the angels need to find me?

“C’mon, Jewel; the vampires will be waiting for you,” Derek said softly. It was simple to point out that he was still upset about killing me.

I shook my head. “I’m going back to the angels,” I smiled, showing my Angel of Darkness wings, though they instantly started to sparkle and turn white. Derek and Bryon gasped, yet Jinni stayed silent. “You know the Lost Angel?”

Derek nodded and stepped towards me. “I may have been turned into an angel by werewolves, but I was an angel when one of the Princess Angels was taken by the werewolves,” he muttered.

“The werewolves didn’t take the princess, me; tell the angels that much. The Dark Angels captured me and made me think that I was one of them, though I never was. I was about two when that happened, so I wouldn’t remember clearly, plus they brainwashed me,” I confessed. I honestly didn’t know if it was true or not, but I trusted that Jinni wouldn’t lie to me.

He looked at me like I had done something surprising. “Y-you’re the p-princess that was captured?” He stuttered.

I rolled my eyes and nodded, motioning for everyone to go farther into the territories.

I looked around, not remembering what road to take to get to the angels. I just ended up following Derek in the end, for I had nothing better to do. He suddenly stopped, as a dark cloud was circling the angels of what I could tell was his flock. My wings turned black again so I could control it and I snapped my fingers. The black clouds turned into angels of darkness and they each turned to me.

“Do you dare make us lose thy prey?” The leader growled. A purple-blue aura came out in front of my hands and I sent a beam of light at him.

“Don’t you dare touch the angels, fool,” I growled.

My wings turned white again quicker than before, as the queen was coming as quickly as possible.

“I heard something about…” She stopped to look at me, and then at the Dark Angels, and then to Derek and his flock. “I-is that…?” She didn’t finish her sentence, but I knew she didn’t need to.

“Yes, your majesty; this is Shine of a million Jewels, though she took the name Jewel instead of Shine,” Derek cleared. “She, or I, can state everything at a meeting later, maybe tomorrow if possible. I think she needs some rest,” He finished.

The queen nodded and hugged me. “Welcome back, Jewel; I’m glad you’re back.” She murmured.

I smiled, hugging her back, and flapping my wings as they turned to normal Angel wings.

I looked at Derek quickly. “Now, if only there was a way to make you a full angel,” I wondered. “And you’re flock, of course. You deserve it,” I finished.

He took a short glance at me and smiled.

“You know, there is one way, and Derek here has done more than enough to deserve it,” the queen said, clearing her throat, “The Angeline Laws state that, if a tested boy who seems to be an angel comes, they may be an angel if they can kill a Tasmanian devil. You, however, have found our princess. Although you did kill her once, I forgive you for that,” she finished. She opened her mouth to talk, but nothing was heard over the whooping and shouting of Derek, his flock, and I.


The next day, I knew that I would need to talk to the other angels the second I got up. It was unnatural for me to be back on the soft clouds that were the angel’s territory. The territory of the Dark Angels was dry, cracked land where the sun couldn’t be seen, and it was quite torturing. Here, though the sun hardly shown because of me being half vampire, it was beautiful and welcoming.

“I hear the princess is back, is that true?” Someone called. I stayed silent, as a returning angel was not allowed to speak until they have been in the camp for at least two hours, not counting time after curfew. I heard footsteps and looked around, not wanting anyone to see me. If anyone did, they would ask questions that I couldn’t answer to just one person without getting mad. I honestly now thought I would fit in better with the Angels of Darkness then normal angels.

I then noticed that the footsteps faded into the wind, showing that the angel left. I walked out of my room quietly, as to not disturb anyone.

I walked up towards the Hill of Hope, as I hadn’t blessed my friends bellow yet. I fell to my knees and bent down, praying. When I finished, I quietly got up and walked away, stopping when I saw Derek. Oddly, I had a small affection for him since he had ‘saved me’ yesterday.

“Hey, Jewel; do you know where the other angels are?” He asked with a dark sparkle in his eye close to that of a Dark Angel’s. This couldn’t be Derek.

I got into a fighting stance. “You’re not Derek.” I cleared my throat and a wand came into my hand. My aura magic wouldn’t do much harm in the Sky of Angels.

The Dark Angel boy gasped and clenched his fists. “You must be stupid, I am quite apparently…” He stopped as I shot a bold of lightning at him. Sure, that was Dark Angel magic, but whatever.

“You; Are not; Derek!” I roared. I was honestly pissed off; no one impersonated my friends without being killed. I shot more lightning at him, though he dodged most of it. Dark Angels weren’t that fast, either. Could this possibly be Ray?

He sighed and reverted to his normal pose; Ray. “Ok, fine, I’m not Derek, but I’m also not here to harm you or your stupid angels. I’m here to help,” he muttered. “You becoming an angel is a bad decision. You were honestly never an angel; everyone just thinks you were because…I don’t know why. You were never truly nice enough to be one.”

I shrugged. I didn’t blame him; I actually believed him. My heart suddenly started to seem like my old heart, half-gold. Why was it turning half-gold suddenly? I couldn’t like Ray! It was impossible!

“And is Jinni going to that dance tomorrow?” He asked.

I nodded and said, “Yeah; she pre-paid. Good luck asking her out, though; if her boyfriend finds out…never mind,” I said, having forgotten what power he had over mortals. Then again, Derek somewhat liked Jinni, I was smart enough to know that.

He smiled and laughed. I suddenly heard footsteps; Derek’s. I looked around and saw a crack in the clouds that was closing. It was thin, so it must be a secret way out. I grabbed Ray’s arm and flew towards the exit. I got to the exit just as it closed, though it closed just behind us. When we saw where we were, we were in the Angel of Darkness territory.

“I don’t care for Jinni much anymore,” he admitted. I looked around and saw that the ground was rising around us. We were once again standing on a cloud, though it was a black one.

“Angel!” Someone screamed.

The piece of dark cloud that I was standing on cracked and started to spread apart. I closed my eyes and held my arms to cover my eyes. Just as I was falling, a hand grabbed my wrist, saving me from falling about a hundred feet to the ground. I looked up and saw Ray, his green eyes with worry. I grabbed the cloud with my other hand and my wings popped out, allowing me to fly back onto the cloud.

“Are you ok?” Ray asked, still holding my wrist, though softer now.

I nodded, my heart starting to beat more steadily now. I still, for some reason, couldn’t seem to find my voice.

“Ok, now who’s the jackass who decided to harm Jewel?” Ray growled.
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Default Re: Death by Touch (Impossible Friends Chapt. 1+2)

"I dug my claws in hard, though at the last second, she bit the small area between your index finger and your thumb." 'Your' is wrong

“Stop the fighting, everyone go home. Now;” ';' is wrong

"I walked up towards the Hill of Hope, as I hadn’t blessed my friends bellow yet." I'm thinking 'below'.

Other than that, it's good. Just try and slow it down a bit plot-wise, I did the really fast-paced thing with Ambersand and now I really feel the need to remake it, longer is better.

Keep it up.

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Default Re: Death by Touch (Impossible Friends Chapt. 1+2)

Originally Posted by Max0596 View Post
"I dug my claws in hard, though at the last second, she bit the small area between your index finger and your thumb." 'Your' is wrong

“Stop the fighting, everyone go home. Now;” ';' is wrong

"I walked up towards the Hill of Hope, as I hadn’t blessed my friends bellow yet." I'm thinking 'below'.

Other than that, it's good. Just try and slow it down a bit plot-wise, I did the really fast-paced thing with Ambersand and now I really feel the need to remake it, longer is better.

Keep it up.
...I swear, Word did that ; thing. I could've sworn I put a coma there.

Meh, I might if I learn how to xD

Oh, and random, but a Spanish version of Year Without Rain started playing when I finished reading that post.
And a notifacation came up.
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