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Old 10-25-2011, 11:38 PM
MichaelXD3 Offline
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Default I can't beat the Elite 4 on Pokemon Stadium 2

So I have tried to compose of many different teams but none of them are that good enough to beat the Elite 4. I want to get to the Kanto gyms and I'm using rentals. The transfer Pack still works but my Gold version won't save which is why I've posted on another Pokemon forum to try to get it fixed. Anyway, I can't get past Bruno and Voltorb keeps losing to Xatu. Either because Xatu has high Special attack or Voltorb has low Special defense. Which one is it?
Old 10-26-2011, 01:28 AM
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Default Re: I can't beat the Elite 4 on Pokemon Stadium 2

Just to tell thats really hard you just gotta pick a lucky pokemon combination thats it yo I tried with my brother when we were young its hard check youtube that might have a answer. Or look it up on google.
Old 01-04-2012, 11:56 PM
Swampert Guy Offline
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Default Re: I can't beat the Elite 4 on Pokemon Stadium 2

I hope you have already beat the Elite Four, it's been two monthes since you created this thread, but if you're still stuck at Elite Four in Pokemon Stadium 2, there is the team I used and the respective berries each one was holding (it helps a little, may come in handy).

Electabuzz (Mint Berry)
Fearow (Burnt Berry)
Misdreavus (Bitter Berry)
Kadabra (Przcureberry)
Hitmontop (Berry)
Wobbuffet (Ice Berry)

The berries you strongly need are Bitter and Przcureberry. Wobbuffet is your major weapon and using it requires a bit of luck, which is necessary to beat Elite Four. After using several real Pokemon teams I concluded that the team above is the best one you can built. Even for someone that understand a lot of Pokemon it would be rather difficult win Elite Four by using the Pokemons above. Below is a little description about each member of the Elite Four and the Champion.

1st Member: Will


Suggested: Electabuzz, Misdreavus, Wobbuffet

As a lover of special attack, most of Will Pokemons are psychic or got special moves. I suggest Electabuzz to lead once it can activate Light Screen and halves for 5 next turns the damage of special moves from foe Pokemons. You should keep him on field unless Will calls out Girafarig, whom knows Earthquake and can take Electabuzz down in one hit. Misdreavus knows Shadow Ball, and in spite of being super effective on psychic Pokemons, there are two normal foes which are immune. Wobbuffet seems a great weapon in here, but look out when using him against mixed-sweepers (Xatu, Jynx and Exeggutor).

2nd Member: Koga


Suggested: Fearow, Electabuzz, Kadabra

Koga order his Pokemons to raise Evasiveness and cause poison on opponent's Pokemon. As countering moves doesn't seem accurate in here, therefore Wobbuffet will rest in Poke Ball now. Each of your suggested Pokemons has a function. As usually Koga leads with Electrode, then use Fearow first and Toxic it, afterwards (next turn) switch to Electabuzz. Koga can also start out with Muk, so switch to Kadabra, turn Reflect on and hope Psychic won't miss. As long as your opponent uses Double Team you have some turns that your move can hit, though hardly.

3rd Member: Bruno


Suggested: Hitmonop, Wobbuffet, Kadabra

His Pokemons aren't so hard as they look like. The best way to take all them down is dealing the damage back. Kangaskhan and Blastoise are the most surprise opponents you have because them know either physical and special moves, so pay attention when using Counter or Mirror Coat. Remember to use Relfect when calling Kadabra out.

4th Member: Karen


Suggested: Fearow, Kadabra, Misdreavus

Although a specialist on dark Pokemons, she has only Umbreon as example of dark Pokemon, in fact Karen's got a varied team, so this is supposed to be a hard battle. She always start with Umbreon (I've seen only once Vileplume leads), so use Fearow first and cause Toxic. Umbreon will use Confuse Ray (and Attract as well if foe is opposite gender), after it'll use Psychic. Gengar also applies the Attraconfusion status condition. Vileplume has Stun Spore and Magmar has Attract. Kadabra can get ride of any poison (Victreebel, Gengar, Vileplume) and crash Murkrow with Thunderpunch. Misdreavus has Shadow Ball, but I think that Pain Split and Thunder will come in handy, most against Gengar.

5th Member: Lance


Suggested: Hitmonop, Wobbuffet, Misdreavus

Four out of his six Pokemons know Hyper Beam: Dragonite, Tyranitar, Aerodactyl and Gyarados. Hitmonop can counter one and Wobbuffet can counter two, if you deal them back sucessfully this battle is over for Lance. Misdreavus could use Pain Split, but this puts her at risk, so you could use try Thunder if your foe is Charizard, Aerodactyl or Gyarados. Lucky on dealing moves back, this is just what you need. Tip: don't use Wobbuffet against Tyranitar, Crunch sucks! It's good leading with Hitmontop because generally Aerodactyl and Tyranitar are used as first Pokemon by Lance. Dealing moves is never easy against mixed sweepers, so, I wish you luck against Gyarados, Dragonite and Tyranitar.

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