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Old 10-25-2011, 05:49 PM
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Default fun little generator

enter number of pokemon value as 6

No.1: The pokemon you turn into
No.2: Your team partner
No.3: The Big Bad
No.4: Your wise sage adviser
No.5: Annoying recurring guy who tries to bully you/steal your stuff
No.6: Young pokemon who idolizes you and gets into trouble emulating you/you have to rescue

#632 - Durant (cool)
#511 - Pansage (i guess)
#492 - Shaymin (wtf??)
#393 - Piplup (arent u a little young?)
#235 - Smeargle (huh...)
#606 - Beheeyem (ok...)

2 mine:
#41 - Zubat ( :( )
#426 - Drifblim (cool)
#570 - Zorua (tiny arent u?)
#486 - Regigigas (sweet a legendary advisor!)
#602 - Tynamo (how are u gonna take my stuff?)
#384 - Rayquaza (and im supposed to save u how?)

3 best: (i can definitely see this working :D)

#643 - Reshiram
#577 - Solosis
#292 - Shedinja
#244 - Entei
#559 - Scraggy
#424 - Ambipom
plat: ninjask weavile lucario arcanine milotic alakazam
white: victini, terrakion, gengar, milotic, jirachi, hydreigon

Platinum: 2924-1403-4459
White: 4599-2520-0472

Cell: (907) 401-0793 hit me up and lets battle (include name, friend code and reason ur texting) i get a lot of random texts

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