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Old 10-18-2011, 08:52 PM
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Default Shock Boost SU open


Like we have seen on television shows and toys weíve played with as children, fiction has greatly tried to tie into futuristic technological advances. The theme usually revolved around robots in most occurrences. Well let us take you to the year 2500. Through future discoveries and more advance technology scientists discovered ways to travel through space much faster and safer. There were a couple other ones that were discovered upon, research so scientist would then go and send brave astronauts there to go through the galaxy called The Dusty Spiral Galaxy. It was named this because it had a big sun glowing very bright but, still had a night and everything was good so they had discovered a planet called Drete. This had a small source a plant life so are astronautís touchdown and had told that to command we quickly set camp. Then we started life on this new planet. We brought are great technology to this planet and I got it up and going good in a stretch of 200 years. So when we were settled we decided to add stuff to this planet more than the regular jobs though extras. So as earth was still advancing we decided to put are top technology to this planet testing new stuff making robots it was little step that had made the robot. They went from slow functioning human looking robots to more advanced do more robots but, the government didn't want humans to get lazy so they made house robots expensive. So as this planet developed in new technology we had made big fighting robots first that would fight in arenas and people would bet on them but, the human weren't inside they had them still functioning on their own. After that they wanted to try something new besides using robots to fight so they wanted them to race but, it wasn't fun just watching the race, so they had made a new development to robots making humans be able to go in them and control them from the inside controlling their every move. So then we had the Amateur league made by the president of the new planet John Fargos. So he made this racing league to see if this sport would be interesting for the new planet. His idea worked so he had made a official league for it.

So the planetís government decided we needed a grand attraction and with this league becoming popular in the US and Earth we decided to bring it here for people to play it in Drete. They had a new sport league called RRC thatís short for the Robot Racing Confederation. Well one of those futuristic sports. Humans in robot machines racing to nearly the death to win this race it would sound crazy but, itís real. So you got your average human jumping into a robot racer with armor and weapons trying to kill each other to win a race its crazy. Only a couple of people had died from it but it is still a legal sport. So when you played this sport you get millions out of it you got to work hard to get the money. You go from the try outs to the amateur league. To the tournament then from there if you are worthy they will put you in the big leagues. You will be signed to a contract with a team of robot racers and you and your team will try to win the big RRC Achievement Trophy. Then you get your championship shoulder pad armor for your robot and a championship symbol.


Therefore, the idea is you are pretty much trying to become a robot racer to become rich. You have the start in the streets though work your way up that you can get a contract signed with a division. You get signed to a contract to race for the big league division teams. Also when you join a division you will join a specific team the teams are unnamed right now. Also as far as getting to the big leagues there will be a team tournament and a singles tournament. The team is the main competition as in the singles is just if you want to volunteer in it. It proves how good you are by yourself and to see if you can knock off the grand champion Toby Masterson in the single tournament who has been the champ for the last two years. He is a beast at robot racing he is looking this year to get a good team to win it to. Thereís also the top 5 best team the Blitzes Streak, Speed Demons, Masters of the Sun, The Jokers, and Flame Monsters. Those are the toughest teams in the Big leagues. So the big capital city is Brudin where everybody goes to get signed up to the Amateur tournament.

Thereís another thing I want to tell you the Amateur league and Big leagues are different. The Amateur you get signed on a contract by a team supporter unit that thinks your good, but all your races are individual races every man for its self till you make it into the tournament and if your play good enough then you get signed by a Big league team. Then you race as a team against other teams in a series. Whoever wins the series gets the win the other team gets a lost. So you race up till a team wins the tournament then you can volunteer to go into the singles tournament and race every man for themselves. Well the way you can have your robot race is if he has one wheel or two wheels. He had skates on both his feet. Also if slides on the floor. The field is like a metal floor and usually the field goes in a circle.

Weapons and Armor

Weapons as far as they go right now there will be Grade A0 to F weapons F being the worst A0 being the best. Also if you want to have a strong weapon like a C weapon through the beginning you have to have less on your robot. Right now you can have up to 5 weapons if you put one C weapon it reduces two slots of weapons till your robot gets bigger and stronger. So you can only get three weapons with one C weapon one your robot. you could have two C weapons and nothing else that's another possibility. D reduces one weapons slot only making you have four. You can fill all your 5 slots up with E and F weapons because they are low rated. Also your weapons have to sound weak. You can have up to two trap weapons. There are also shields too that you can use to defend yourself. Weak shields last for a short time strong shields last for long. For armors to there will be from having a beginners armor to a normal armor to a advanced armor. Then you have your legendary armors which I will shed more light on as the RP goes.

A0- Destroy an opponent or completely immobilizes them.
A- Does serious damage to a opponent
B- Does some damage to a opponent
C- Kind of does damage to a opponent
D- Does minor damage to a opponent
E- Does weak damage to a opponent
F- Does pretty much nothing to the opponent

You put the weapon like this in your sign up FW then the name F as in the rated weapon then the name.

So you are at the beginning of your journey with your robot youíre going to have crap armor nothing good. Everybody has to start out as a beginner. So the stores will have good armors but, you have to be good and have a lot of money too. You could buy armors in a whole set but, thatís going to be more than just getting piece by piece. You can create the names of the armors in the store the one you have too. Also there are field traps that you can put on the field or traps you lets out from behind you or something. Even the field will have just traps for no reason to make it tougher for the racers. Also there will be terrain changes to the field to also slow down the racers.


1- Most important rule No god modding
2- Follow capitalization and punctuation
3- No Bunnying other character
4- No Power playing
5- No killing other peoples robots unless allowed by them
6- Follow regular role-playing rules
7- Follow rules 1-6

Sign ups

Age: (15- 50)
Gender: Male or Female
Description of your guy: 3-5 Lines more would be great or a pic
Description of your robot: 5-8 Lines or
Personality: 3-5 Lines
History: More than 5 Lines
Weapons: Have to have grade D weapons or lower

Name:Rodger Murray
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Description of your guy:
Description of your robot: It looks like crap right now it has a dusty black and grey color to it. Its faced looks concave in it has a x on it. It also has a messed up left eye the robot can't even open it mouths. Its like if the mouth was stitched on. I get in and out through the back. The back of my robots its weak spot right now. I have a chipped right shoulder piece and no left shoulder piece right now. I have some leg armor but, its barely there. Its like spotted all over my robots leg right now. He uses skates to slide through the circle field. Then he has a little bit of a heavy stomach armor on him. His chest is being rebuilt right now so its like if its shot right now. He has a little bit of electrical problems sometimes its a messed up robot right now trying to get fixed. So I'm upgrading to make it a elite robot racing machine.
Personality: Well Rodger is a very smart kid. He know a lot about robots because his dad use to teach him. He is very good with electronics and stuff. He is a good problem solver when there's a problem he usually figures it out in a couple of minutes and works on it. He is stubborn to when he think something important need to get done his way he will go all out for it. He will put it on the line. He never gives up to when he See's that he is losing he doesn't give up he keeps fighting till the job gets done.
History: So Rodger dad was a robot racer one of the greatest he was put into the hall fame well before that Rodger dad would race on earth so he went to the planet of Drete and started to race there and so Rodgers dad was his mentor. Telling him pieces of the robots and fixing up stuff for him so they would build robot pieces together. So robot would watch his dad on television whenever he got the chance win or lose Rodger would always be until one day his dad beat his rival in a gruesome grudge match. So the rival shot Rodger dad in cold blood killing himself to that was one of the first act's of crime in this planet and it was devastating. So year's passed as money was barely coming in and Rodger and his mom found themselves living in a beat up apartment. So Rodgers over the year's learned more and more about robots. So he wanted to go into the robot racing business even no his mom wouldn't allow it he would do it anyway.
Weapons:4 DW Small laser gun EW Rusty arm Chain saw EW Weak Chugged machine gun FW Little pistol TW Spikes
Armor: I have John Beginner armor on well some pieces from it others from custom made by other people or me. He also has a hand shield to block small ammunition.
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Old 11-09-2011, 12:53 AM
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Default Re: Shock Boost SU open

Name: Patrick Tin
Age: 48
Gender: Male
Description of your guy: An extremely crippled man, Patrick usually wears the odd black robes of the Lark, an organization bent upon the exploration of extraterrestrial life. His skin is completely white, and so is his long beard, which oddly has metal clamps on it. He is bald, and has a red scar from his eye to the back of his head. His hands are constantly shaking with arthritis, but he's surprisingly strong. He sometimes wears regular racing clothes.
Description of your robot: As Patrick lost everything, including his 'bot, his new one, The Crystal, is small. He can barely fit into it, as it's one of the tiniest robots on the track currently. It's extremely fast, and is completely white. It's helmet is based upon the medieval times knight, as is the rest of the armor.
Personality: Patrick usually acts like a kind older man, helpful to all. He detests terrorism. He is especially fond of children. However, on the track he is savage and merciless. There's a reason why he was once called "The Savage Monk."
History: Patrick, who was named fondly after an actor in the 21st century, Patrick Stewart, grew to be doted on. He was treated as a baby by his parents, and he hated it. Then, at ten years old, he discovered Robot Racing. The idea of giant robots smashing into each other was too good to resist. Patrick soon joined. He started rising through the ranks, and eventually became one of the tops racers. At the top of his power, however, Patrick fell. In a race his robot was destroyed and not salvageable. He lost his fans, his rank, and his riches. He fell into obscurity on a small robot called the Crystal. Now, Patrick wants revenge.
Weapons: The Crystal, while not having any armor to speak about, has a small gatling gun that is E class. It doesn't do much damage, but in the hands of a master like Patrick, the damage stacks up.
Armor: The Crystal has no armor to speak of, and relies on its speed to get away from danger, while pricking the opponent.
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