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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 10-01-2011, 02:02 PM
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Default Digimon (my thoughts of a PG13 live action movie)

I had a version on Nightmare, but that board shut down.

The basic plot is that six human teens from the Boston (in my home state of "Mass-Uh-Chew-Sits"), area volunteer at a summer camp for a couple of weeks in a rural part of the state. But when they arrive, the weather all over the world becomes freaky. Then, they end up in the Digital World, and team up with beings called Digimon, in order to save both Earth AND the Digital World, from evil.

The six chosen will have the following Digivolution lines from Fresh to Mega.
Normal Digivolution from Rookie through Ultimate, and Biomerging to Mega.

Note: After a certain event triggers it, Greymon will become SkullGreymon ONCE. Rosemon can become Rosemon Burst Mode in a pinch. WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon will DNA Digivolve into Omnimon in the final battle.

Eric Cohen is the Leader of the group, with the Crest of Courage, and Agumon as his partner. He has blond hair, blue eyes, and seems to be Jewish. He enjoys not much more than playing video games, but girls seem to like him a lot. Just don't get him angry, you'll regret it.

Brendan Park is the Lone wolf, with the Crest of Friendship, and Gabumon as his partner. He is of South Korean descent. He tends to enjoy the arts most. He normally is in a pretty good mood, just try not to act stupid around him.

Sarah Flanagan, the Tomboy, with the Crest of Love, and Biyomon as her partner. She is a redhead with piercing green eyes. She likes to read a lot of books. She hates it when people make fun of her, her friends, or her family, more than anything else in the world.

Jimmy Vasquez, the Brain of the group, with the Crest of Knowledge, and Tentomon as his partner. He is Hispanic, with his parents being Puerto Rican. He can be called a Walking Encyclopedia. He has a phobia of snakes for some reason.

Kiki Washington, the Girly-Girl of the group, with the Crest of Sincerity, and Palmon as her partner. She is African-American, originally from Atlanta. She enjoys all sorts of gourmet food, and despises criticism from others, especially if they don't even know her.

Omar Singh, the Jock, with the Crest of Reliability, and Gomamon as his partner. He is originally from India, moving to this country when he was 4. He has a varied taste in music. He loathes debating, as he believes it leads into nothing but the worst.

First scene will be up whenever I can.
Old 11-19-2011, 06:32 PM
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Default Re: Digimon (my thoughts of a PG13 live action movie)

Sorry for the delay ,but it will hopefully be up by Christmas.
My birthday is today, so I've been busy.
Old 11-20-2011, 05:20 AM
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Default Re: Digimon (my thoughts of a PG13 live action movie)

You shouldn't post in the Creative Writing section until you have a chapter written. Please edit your post with the first chapter, or this will be locked.

Thanks to Lunar Latias for the banner and Kirimori for the picture!

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