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Old 02-05-2012, 01:23 AM
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Default Re: Kingdom Hearts: Unwritten [RP]

Daniel Conleth
Undecided, Recruit
Outside the Great Hall

After questioning the woman's intentions, Daniel watched his interrogator's anger rise, her nostrils flaring and her tail whipping at the ground, launching up a small spray of dust. She then regained her composition, and gave Daniel the information he wanted.

"Your questions are valid. My name is Freya, Master of the Keyblade. You are presently standing in Everlastia, which is supposed to be impossible to enter except by certain special means. You are not supposed to be able to simply walk in. This is not simply a rule, it is for the protection of everyone living here. So. I repeat my question. How did you get here?

Gotin, after Freya finished her explanation, decided to divulge information regarded Daniel's arrival. From what he could tell the woman was his superior and Gotin was an apprentice of sorts. He seemed to be intimidated by her, nervously explaining what he saw.

"“No, I didn’t see how he and his wolf got here Master Freya,” he told the woman who Daniel now understood was indeed his master. Her name, Freya, sounded strange, and Daniel assumed it came from a different language than his own.

It was after this exchange that yet another person joined the already odd group assembled outside the building. It was another young woman, with a less tense look on her face. She seemed to be less concerned about Daniel than Freya, whose intense glare remained fixed on Daniel.

“Hey, Master Freya what’s going on over there?”, the woman asked, before addressing Daniel. The young woman, nonchalantly introducing herself, began.

"Hi, I’m Master Jasmine but just call me Jasmine. Hey, Gotin", she said, turning next to Gotin.

Meanwhile, Freya began to explain the predicament and what had occurred. She seemed to be annoyed by the other master, who had interrupted the exchange she was involved with.

"Master Jasmine, this boy... is an outsider. And he wasn't brought here by a Seeker... Although he has a Keyblade. I don't know how he got here. Care to tell both of us?", she told the other master, before coldly asking Daniel about his arrival once more. It occurred then to Daniel that maybe fate was not a proper answer to what occurred here, at least not yet. At this moment Daniel understood his position, an invader stepping into a land he was not meant to inhabit, at least without certain requirements being fulfilled. Daniel immediately deduced that a Keyblade such as the Spirit of the Tunnels were necessary to entering this world, but there was another element Daniel lacked.

Understanding these things, Daniel decided it was best to explain to Freya what had occurred, in an effort to answer any question that needed to be asked for the both of them. Before Daniel could begin however, yet another strange event occurred.

Before Daniel could devise any explanation for what occurred, a brown object fell down from the sky and collided with Freya's head. The speed was sufficient enough in Daniel's opinion to be extremely painful, and it probably disoriented the master for a moment. Normally Daniel would have taken advantage of the distraction, but the oddity of the incident implored him to stay. Looking down upon where the object fell upon the impact, Daniel found a book. Bound in simple brown leather, the cover read simply:


At this moment, Daniel once again decided that coincidence was not an ample explanation for what had happened. This was indeed the work of some greater fate...

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Old 02-07-2012, 10:47 PM
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Default Re: Kingdom Hearts: Unwritten [RP]

Master, Light
Outside of the Great Hall

Freya knew that not everything in life was going to make perfect sense. Whether this was because she wasn't the most intellectual (she knew she wasn't, but that was fine, she wasn't stupid either) or if that was just the way things were, she didn't know. But it didn't matter. She usually just took a deep breath, accepted it, and moved on.

However, when you got nailed on the forehead with a book traveling at very high velocity, you tend to want some sort of explanation for it. When you've recovered, anyway.

Freya distinctly remembered a CLONK and seeing spots dance in front of her eyes. It was only her training that kept her on her feet, and she staggered back, clutching her forehead. Her (delayed) response was an expletive, and a bad one. It was in her home language, which she occasionally reverted to when particularly frustrated or disoriented (Freya was both at the moment). She blinked at the book that Daniel had picked off the ground. She snapped something else, which the politest (and least accurate) translation of was 'what was that'. The tiniest trail of smoke was coming out of her nostrils.

((Not the longest post, but eh. Angry Freya is hilarious. Or downright terrifying, but I digress.))

THANK YOU CHAAAAR. *uberglomp*
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Old 02-14-2012, 11:38 PM
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Default Re: Kingdom Hearts: Unwritten [RP]

OOC: jasmine only remembers bits and pieces of her life before coming to the keyblade guild. but soon she will get all of it back. this might be a bit weird.

Gotin and Jasmine

Light Recruit and Master

Outside the Great Hall

Before either Gotin or Jasmine could say or do anything, a book fell out of the sky and hit Freya in the head at a very high velocity. She backed up while clutching her forehead and said something that neither of them understood. They thought it was in her native tongue. Then she said something else in that language, this time with a thin trail of smoke coming out of her nostrils.

Gotin thought Master Freya was going to attack Daniel. He stepped between the two of them with his left hand holding his sword sheath steady while his right moved towards the hilt, or he might call out his Keyblade instead. He more use to his normal sword then he is to his Keyblade. So he might use the sword over his keyblade.

Jasmine saw Gotin move in between them. She stepped between them as well, looking at each in turn. She looked last from Gotin to Freya. She didn't need to ask him the question as he shook his head no. He would not move out of the way if Freya attacked the kid. Gotin would not back down from anyone, certainly not a stranger attacking someone he knows. Jasmine looked to Freya. She could see the Master's anger.

"Master Freya, this is not how we handle this kind of situation. We do not demand explanations through violence from people who have come to this world by world book or other means. We take them to the elders so they can explain. It is to the elders they owe an explanation, not us. We are Masters of the Keyblade, we are not kings or queens or elders," Jasmine said in a tone that her parents had used when talking to highest ranking of their soldiers and nobility.

Jasmine was shocked how she had said that to another master, and a senior one at that.

Gotin was shocked as well at Jasmine's tone, but not by the words she had used. It reminded him of the way his king and queen had spoken when they were mad, and the way the princess had spoken when allowing her emotions to rule her, but in either case it had been rare.
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Old 02-22-2012, 09:30 PM
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Default Re: Kingdom Hearts: Unwritten [RP]

Daniel Conleth
Undecided, Recruit
Outside the Great Hall

Daniel, having identified the book, looked around at the general reactions of the others. Dawn was still beside Daniel at this point, and was patiently sitting beside him, occupying herself with a stick. he then turned to Freya, who was clutching her forehead in pain. She then spoke in a tongue that Daniel didn't understand, exclaiming something in the strange language. Pausing for a moment to recollect herself, she then exclaimed something else in the same foreign words. A puff of smoke then drifted forth from her nostrils, the black soot issuing out into the air.

Meanwhile, Gotin had prepared to draw his blade, signalling that Daniel might be in danger. Jasmine, however, moved in between Daniel and Freya before any conflict might arise. She then addressed Freya and her actions.

"Master Freya, this is not how we handle this kind of situation. We do not demand explanations through violence from people who have come to this world by world book or other means. We take them to the elders so they can explain. It is to the elders they owe an explanation, not us. We are Masters of the Keyblade, we are not kings or queens or elders", she said sternly to Freya. The word "World Book" was prominent in Daniel's mind, because that exact term was on the cover of the leather-bound projectile.

"Did you say World Book? Well, that's what our mystery literature here is. I don't know why it dropped out of the sky, but I have one now", Daniel said, opening the book up to the first page. Speaking aloud, he began to read what was written there.

"Then, when this book finds it's rightful bearer, shall two bound to each other meet. Each bears the mark of flames, one of a world whose fire has burned for ages, and one of a world whose flame has just been lit."

The usage of flames as a symbol in the passage caused Daniel to stop momentarily, his past dredged up from the depths of memory. Fire had always possessed a power over Daniel's fate, since it first caused him to leave his homeland years ago. Now, especially, did that passage have an eerie depth to it.

Daniel came back to the present scene, and closed the book. He glanced at it one more time, and then held it out to Freya, for her to see for herself.
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