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Old 09-12-2011, 03:58 AM
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Smile Evolution for random Shiny Eevee + Set/EV Spread?

... That seriously just happened. On 9/11, Shiny Eevee, 1 in 8192 chance. Shiny. Fifth random shiny. 22nd total shiny, Gyarados doesn't count. You know what I want! I'll give you the stats.

Ryou/Eevee* @ None
Rash nature, Lv 18, untouched
Often dozes off
Run Away
Hp 53/ Attack 26/ Defense 23/ Sp. Atk 27/ Sp. Def 27/ Speed 26

P.S. I want this evo based on predicted stats, not on a favorite. My favorite's already on the team! Claire, Adamant Flareon, Lv 80, female.

If you want me to rescue you in PMD1, just ask. There is nothing a Lv. 100 Flareon and Meganium cannot do.
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