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Battle Archive Once the dust has settled and the winner is clear, battles are sent here for your viewing pleasure. Feel free to look through the archives to brush up on your skills!

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Old 12-19-2011, 11:44 AM
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Default Re: Eishiba V.S. Murgle-Flag 2

Round Four


[Starla] Swampert (F)

HP: 98%
Energy: 64%
Condition: Fairly pleased; +1 Attack, +1 Defence, -1 Speed
Moves: Rain Dance ~ Whirlpool


[Ding Ding] Bronzong (X)

HP: 78%
Energy: 66%
Condition: Kind of bummed out about that lame-o round; +1 Special Attack, +1 Special Defence
Moves: Sunny Day ~ Solar Beam

Starla was eager to carry her successes from the previous round into this one. Earlier in the battle, her opponent had gained an advantage over her by changing the weather to weaken her attacks, but now she was going to do the opposite. She began to build up energy in her body until it created a flickering blue aura. A smile spread across the Swampert’s face as she released the energy skywards and into the clouds, which absorbed it in moments. Before anyone had a chance to breathe, rain was pelting the pokémon, trainers and field. The good times seemed to be continuing for Starla.

But Ding Ding hoped to bring that to an end. Orange energy appeared between his hands and quickly changed shape to form a ball. Ding Ding fed the ball with more energy so that it got bigger and then threw it up into the clouds. The orb hissed as rain hit it but it had enough power to get to the clouds, and when it did, it exploded. The rain clouds were torn apart, clearing the sky. Now the sun could beat down once again, weakening Starla once again. Maybe things weren’t going to be as simple as she hoped.

Nevertheless, the Swampert remained optimistic and set about preparing her next attack. She drew what water she could out of the rapidly hardening mud beneath her and began to channel her energy into it, making it spin. The water created a whirlpool, which Starla quickly fired at Ding Ding. The Bronzong was too slow to dodge and so was trapped in the spinning funnel, where it would have to stay for a little while.

However, the bell wasn’t cut off from sunlight, which was the only thing it needed for its next attack. Its shiny metal body began to glow white as it absorbed energy from the sun; this attack needed a lot of energy and Ding Ding couldn’t provide it all. After a little while, it had enough energy to proceed, so it opened its mouth and released a single beam of pure white energy. The attack blasted into Starla, knocking her off her feet. However, before Ding Ding could realise its success, the whirlpool contracted, putting a lot more pressure on it. There still didn’t seem to be a clear winner here.


[Starla] Swampert (F)

HP: 81%
Energy: 54%
Condition: Needs to get back into this; +1 Attack, +1 Defence, -1 Speed


[Ding Ding] Bronzong (X)

HP: 70%
Energy: 41%
Condition: In a little bit of pain; +1 Special Attack, +1 Special Defence; Whirlpool (Two more rounds)

Rain Dance- (Swampert -7% Energy; Rain is in effect)
Sunny Day- (Bronzong -7% Energy; Sun is in effect)
Whirlpool- (Rolled 43/100, 85 or less to hit; rolled 4/8, three rounds; Swampert -3% Energy; Bronzong -2% HP)
Solar Beam- (Bronzong -18% Energy; Swampert -17% HP)
Whirlpool- (Bronzong -6% HP)

Arena Notes
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Old 12-22-2011, 06:28 PM
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Default Re: Eishiba V.S. Murgle-Flag 2

Use solar beam both times. If he uses rain dance or changes the weather or sunny day ends for some other reason replace earthquake with psychic for either or both turns.

Solar Beam/Psychic~Solar Beam~Psychic
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Old 01-10-2012, 10:25 PM
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Default Re: Eishiba V.S. Murgle-Flag 2

murgle-flag, you have 24 hours to post your moves or you will be disqualified.
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Old 01-30-2012, 06:51 PM
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Default Re: Eishiba V.S. Murgle-Flag 2

murgle-flag has been disqualified.

eishiba gains $10
paperfairy gains $5
White Knight gains $5
Velocity gains $5
KantoBreeder gains $5
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