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Default Kingdom 2 Come EXTENDED VERSION (Ch. 4 FINALLY added xD)


I haven't heard too much about fan-fic stealing of late, but I'd rather not take my chances. I'm only going to post this story here on, a place called Galaxy Genesis (EmeraldKey), DeviantArt (Fantasy009) and possibly on Pokemon Community. If you find it somewhere else other than these places, please notify me. Thanks! ^^


Howdy guys! I'm back with a new(ish) story~! If you were around for this year's WAR X, you might remember my one-shot, Kingdom 2 Come. Well, it's back as well! I had so much fun writing this story, exploring the fantastic history surrounding the Black and White games, that I couldn't let this story alone. Now, Zayna's tale is evolving into a full-length novel, and her journeys will take her deeper into her region's ancient mythology. But will she be able to survive in a world that's colder and crueler? Well, let's find out!

WARNING: Major spoilers are ahead---if you haven't quite reached a certain point in the Pokemon Black and White games, then things might be a little confusing. Specifically...
This occurs right before the heroine--Zayna, in this case--heads for the Pokemon League. If you're at least up to that point, you should be okay ;)

But if you are willing to spoil yourself, or have any questions, feel free to ask.

I’ve noticed that a lot of weird things have happened to me.

I didn’t ask for any of them—hey, I just wanted a normal career as Trainer. But call it what you want: fate, chance, destiny… I’m stuck with it. Stuck with a stone, which everyone thinks will decide the course of the future. Of course, I have no idea what to do with it, much less how to use it.

My name is Zayna White, and I’ve been chosen. The details of how and why are vague, even to me, but apparently I am one of the heroes of a new legend. Two conflicting ideas, both with honest intentions, have come head to head. Only one can prevail. One final battle will determine which will be the victor, and which shall fade from the pages of history. It has been decided that this fight will wage between a “king” and me. On the one side stands a man fervent in his beliefs, with a legendary dragon at his side. On the other side, there’s me: a teenage girl, confused on her own standing who wields…

…a rock. Yeah, go figure.

I don’t know what to do anymore. People expect me to do the impossible. How can I fight an organization so powerful if I’m just one person? If the Dark Stone actually worked, maybe I would stand somewhat of a chance. The myths say it holds the other key—the other legendary dragon that matched the other in all power. Yet the myths also add that it will only respond to the heart of one whose intentions are pure. And so far, I haven’t seen any dragon action.

Is there something wrong with me? I thought that I could handle this. But maybe I’m not worthy?

…Maybe… was N right all along?


“You may have the Stone, but there’s no chance whatsoever that the legendary Pokémon will accept you as the hero. So, if you’re not willing to hand over your precious Pokémon, I suggest you search for some courage—because you’re going to need it!”



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Default Re: Kingdom 2 Come EXTENDED VERSION (Yep, it's turning into a novel)

Chapter One
Strange Winds

I wasn’t running away. Don’t even think about calling me a coward. When I set out from Opelucid City, I had every intention to head to the Pokémon League and face my “destiny”. But with the huge responsibility I was about to face, I needed some time to think. So instead of heading north for Route 10, I went west with no real destination in mind. I explored the terrain around Route 9, letting my mind wander as my body did. The forests to the north were near impassible, but down along the East River passage was gentler. Best of all, I was alone.

Seemed like a great opportunity, but that was before the rainstorm—and no regular rainstorm, mind you. I had been keeping my eye on the horizon, and for most of the afternoon it had been crystal clear. Towards evening, however, an ominous dark mass gathered from the south. With unbelievable speed, the beastly cloud consumed the sky and unloaded all of its fury upon my head. Now, I fought my way through torrential rain searching desperately for shelter.

Shivers raced up my spine as another roar of thunder shook the drenched forest. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t be so intimidated, but this storm was different. It was feral and fierce, attacking me like a predator with every weapon in its arsenal. Wind, rain, lightning… all of it swirled around me in a taunting dance, trying to overwhelm me. Unfortunately, it was working. Soaked to the bone and trembling like a soppy puppy, I trudged through the mud with my sense of direction utterly disoriented.

“Is this some kind of punishment?” I cried to the skies, rain droplets streaming down my face like tears. “Have I done something wrong?”

The ambiguous answer came in another peal of thunder, this time with purple lightning snapping across the black sky overhead with a shattering crack. I jumped, and raced a ways farther up the trail, cursing everything I knew. This was stupid. Why did I come out here, again? And of all people, why me? Why choose me to pick on?

“Isn’t there some other miserable Trainer you can go plague?” I muttered again to the Fates, folding my arms across my chest.

I slipped right on cue. I could probably thank the long, slick grass that grew on the top of a ridge, but either way I soon found myself sliding down the bank. Water flew into my face, blinding me as I lost all control of my fall. Screaming over the storm, I picked up speed—flying faster and faster until abruptly crashing against stone. Dazed, I laid in a puddle until the rest of me could catch up to this moment. Unfortunately for me, however, they brought company with them: pain.

Groaning, I sluggishly pulled into a sitting position and gritted my teeth against my body's bitter complaints. A momentary flash of lightning lit up my new surroundings, bouncing off several dark forms. Eventually, I could piece together what they were: pillar-like boulders like the one I had collided with. They rose against the dark sky like a giant’s pudgy fingers, their sides glistening with the filmy rainwater that rolled down their sides. The terrain around them had turned rugged and rocky, devoid of any vegetation. Just beyond the stone pillars…

A cave.

I stared at the yawning entrance, trying to figure out its significance. In my fuddled thoughts, I couldn’t ever recall hearing about a cave on Route 9. Its size was impressive; how could it be missed? Just how lost was I?

Some instinct inside me warned me to be cautious, but right then, I didn’t care. As far as I knew, the cave meant shelter from the rain. I was more than happy to take advantage of that. Dragging my sorry hide out of the gravel, I unsteadily stood and stumbled into the cave’s welcoming darkness. Finally out of the storm’s reach, I collapsed against the cave’s dampened wall with a relieved groan. Made it. Now all I had to do was wait out the storm. Of course, I knew I should probably dry out—maybe have Rascal start a fire—but I allowed myself a moment’s rest. Just one minute…

So were my intentions, but after five minutes of wishful thinking, I drifted off into a dreamless sleep. Not even the roar of a Haxorus could wake me, and I slept on totally oblivious to the passing of time.


In the morning, I woke with a dreadful headache. Adding further to my misery, my clothes were still damp and they clung to my skin quite uncomfortably. I scowled in disgust before remembering the events of last night. I never started a fire! Now I was definitely sorry. But perhaps I could find a change of dry change of clothes? A quick search through my bag dashed that hope; everything I carried had been thoroughly soaked.

“Great,” I growled to myself out loud. “Just great. Couldn’t have stayed up for five seconds, couldn’t I?”

Sighing, I turned to the entrance and sought for one optimistic thought. Sunlight streaked through the steaming air outside, bringing with it the happy trills of singing birds. I blinked, trying to see beyond the glare to the skies beyond. A few white clouds dotted its vast span, but they looked thin and frail, a shadow of their former fury.

“Well,” I forced a smile with some hope. “At least the storm’s gone. Maybe I can dry out in the sun.” Glancing down at myself, I frowned. “These clothes are going to be so gross, though…”

I sighed again, wondering why I was talking to myself. How hard did I hit that rock last night? Experimentally, I stood, but immediately I winced at the pain in my side. Yep, pretty hard. At least I hadn’t smashed my head in. I wasn’t sure if I had broken a rib or not, but I was definitely bruised. Pacing around a little, I found that walking wouldn’t be too much of a problem. Though painful, I think I could tolerate it.

“You’ll be okay,” I reassured myself. “Just get to a Center, and you’ll be fine. And you have to stop talking to yourself…”

Bracing myself, I turned to the cave’s exit and took my first steps out into the sun. The sunny morning blinded me momentarily, but the gentle rays felt soothingly warm. Cupping my hand over my eyes, I adjusted to the light and made yet another wonderful observation.

I was completely lost.

Yeah, I had no idea where I had come from, or where to go from here. I could recognize the ridge I had slipped down last night, but the direction I came from before that… No clue.

It’s times like these when you really learn to appreciate technology. I dug through my equipment and brought out my map, trusting that it would save my carcass yet again. But when I flipped up the screen, one unwelcome message greeted me:

No service available.

I wanted to scream at the display. You had to be kidding me! I could always find a signal, even in the wilderness. The map ran on a GPS system for crying out loud. I fiddled with the stubborn device, but it never changed its message.

No service available.

Growing in frustration, I shoved it back into my bag. That had been worthless. Now what do I do?

“Maybe… the Xtransceiver?” I thought about Professor Juniper. If the GPS satellite wasn’t working, then maybe I could still get through on the phone. The professor could definitely help me get out of this predicament. With renewed hope, I dived back into my bag for my other device. If I could call the professor, perhaps she could help me get out of this predicament. Flipping out the screen, I immediately dialed her number and waited for her face to pop up.

Like a haunting memory, a familiar message appeared instead. No FREAKING service.

I resisted the urge to throw the thing, but I didn’t hold back an irritated holler. Birds fled from their perches at my anguished cry. I imagined that I turned the heads of some other forest critters as well, but I didn’t care. With forced gentleness, I replaced the communicator. With the way this was turning out, I was going to end up doing things the old fashioned way. Sticking my chin defiantly into the air, I randomly picked a direction and prayed that I would luck out. Hopefully.


After climbing up the ridge, I followed a lengthy meadow towards a pair of hills in the distance. I thought that I might gain my bearings if I climbed to a higher elevation, and those hills were the tallest points around. As far as the travelling went, I still couldn’t recognize a thing. The landscape seemed alien to me, like someone had rearranged everything while I slept last night. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but something felt wrong. Was I even on Route 9 anymore?

Before I traveled too far, I caught wind of a strange smell. Seconds passed before I could identify its woody, smoky flavor. Was it… fire?

“A camp fire!” I fool-hardily jumped to conclusions, letting a smile spread across my face. I was so certain that that was what it was. A campfire meant campers, and campers meant a chance for directions. Ditching the hill idea, I grabbed a red and white sphere from my belt.

“All right, Lilly! I need your help!”

I threw the Poké ball, which opened up in a rapid white flash. Within seconds, my Pokémon appeared: a wooly, brown and purple dog with a sniffer as good as any—or better. Seeing me, she let her pink tongue loll out of her mouth. Her stubby tail wagged excitedly back and forth.

“Who’s a good puppy?” I gurgled in a baby’s voice, lovingly scratching behind her fluffy ears. She barked delightfully back, squirming in place like she was still a Lillipup. For a minute or two, I spoiled her, though I think I was just taking comfort in having something warm and familiar. Pokémon therapy really works, I guess.

Turning serious, I took a step back. “Okay, Lilly. You smell that? That smoke? I need you to sniff out its source.”

Sensing my change in mood, the terrier lifted her head and sampled the air. After a minute, the Stoutland grew uneasy. She glanced back up at me with a sad whine.

“What’s wrong?” I frowned, confused at her response. Could she smell something else in the wind? Normally, I’m one to pay attention to my Pokémon—but I was getting desperate. “Come on girl,” I rubbed her ear again. “I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about. Nothing we can’t handle, anyway.”

She stared, unconvinced.

I sighed, “Lilly, we don’t have much choice. We’re lost out here. We need some directions.”

Lilly whimpered again, still nervous.

“Lilly,” I asserted sternly. “I order you: Oder Sleuth.”

The dog blinked, taken aback. Finally, however, she submitted. Lowering her snout to the ground, she hunted for the trail. Guilt stabbed at my stomach. I regretted using force like that, but it couldn’t be helped. I watched her shaggy coat slip through the tall grass, wondering what we would do if I was wrong. Would we end up wandering the woods for months? I shuddered at the thought. No, we had to make it out of here. Somehow. Turning my back to the hills, I followed Lilly.


And that's the end of this chapter. It probably moved too fast, but... well, it's interesting, turning a one-shot into a full, chaptered fan-fic. If you read the original piece I entered for the WAR contest, you might notice some small differences--but you'll mostly notice that I'm not adding everything at once. I've broken up the rest of the story up into new chapters--and I am currently adding new chapters to it. Same idea--Zayna gets caught in ancient Unova, but this time around, I'm not going to let her get back home so easily >:3

Zayna: Right, and fighting off an army was easy enough -____-' Thanks a bunch, Char.

You're welcome! ^^

Anyway, stay tuned! Next chapter will be added in a few days! :D Comments and criticism is very welcome, especially since this is still a work in progress. Really guys. I could use all the help I can get ^^'

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Default Re: Kingdom 2 Come EXTENDED VERSION (Yep, it's turning into a novel)

Haha, still love the witty writting, espaically when the Xtransceiver wasn't working.
I don't mind the pace, you made Zayna's feelings well known and jumped right into the story. Can't wait to see the next chapters ^^

Also... epik banner :D

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Default Re: Kingdom 2 Come EXTENDED VERSION (Yep, it's turning into a novel)

Moonlight! :D

Hey, thanks! ^^ Zayna's been such a fun character to write, especially since she's so sarcastic at times xD I don't think I've had a charrie like that for a bit, and it's rather refreshing ^^

Oh, okay. Phew! That's good--I was really worried about that ^^' But thanks ^^ I'm hoping to add chapters every friday--or at least, until we're caught up with what I have written ^^'

Thanks! :DDDDD I tried to make it in commemoration of Neo Pikachu's/Emolga's style--though I really can't figure out what type of texture he used to use, or how to do his epic text. But that's how it turned out, and I kind of like it ^^ Lemme tell ya, though, it was hard finding a picture of White to use in it -____-'

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Default Re: Kingdom 2 Come EXTENDED VERSION (Yep, it's turning into a novel)

...How did you know about my recent fanfic splurge in regards to ancient Unova? XD

Awesome job so far; I never got to read the one-shot, but I had the feeling pretty early on that it'd be this type of story *Subs to thread :3*
I'm not really on this site anymore due to the horrible lag, so if you want to contact me, DA would be your best choice.

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Default Re: Kingdom 2 Come EXTENDED VERSION (Yep, it's turning into a novel)

... Whoa, maybe I'm psychic? xD LoL, naw, maybe it's just because ancient Unova is so EPIC! :D

Hey, thanks! ^^ I'm glad you like it so far! *yays for subs! :D*

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Default Re: Kingdom 2 Come EXTENDED VERSION (Yep, it's turning into a novel)

I should have listened to her.

The closer we drew to the source of the smoke, the fouler the smoke turned. I began to doubt my previous theory—campfire was supposed to smell sweeter or earthier, right? What we smelled now better compared to a ditch fire, or compost burning. When we broke through a strand of trees, we finally found it: an entire village, burned to black skeletons.

I stopped dead in my tracks, speechless and dumbfounded. The ruined village seemed devoid of life, with only embers glowing on the crumbling frameworks of a few houses. Some flames still danced around a larger building, letting inky black smoke billow up into the bright sky. The air all around owned an unbreakable silence, only hinting at the tragedy that must have befallen the inhabitants. Not even the birds sang here.

The first question that broke through my numbed mind was an illogical what? The second was a stunned why? And the last, as an afterthought, was where? Where on earth was I? Before my brain could recover enough to think, I heard Lilly give a threatening growl. Confused as I was, I turned to see shapes emerge from the woods. Men.

They were another oddity I could not explain.

Each was dressed in an eerily familiar getup—like the grunts of Team Plasma. Yet these uniforms seemed more… authentic. Over their rugged frames they wore thick-woven tunics with chain-mail and dented armor. Underneath the ring-mesh hoods, their faces were grim. Eyes distant, they commanded an air of experience and sorrow I had never sensed from a Plasma goon. One rode in the saddle of a creature unfamiliar to my eyes, resembling a darkened Rapidash without fire or a horn.

Oh, and did I mention that they were carrying weapons? Like REAL weapons? Swords hung from sheaths at their belts, some next to short axes. Some had bows slung over their shoulders, sporting quivers brimming with arrows.

“Stay where you are,” the rider commanded as the other men pressed on with their approach.

“C-can I help you?” I warily asked. Dumb question, I know, but I was scared out of my wits. The rest of my brain was still trying to catch up with everything else—things were happening too fast. First, a ruined village; then, a bunch of medieval knights? What next? Flying Bouffalants?

“Careful,” one of the footmen warned, eyeing Lilly cagily. “She’s got a Beast.”

Lilly’s hackles bristled as she bared her teeth, ready to shrike the moment these strangers showed ill will. I gulped nervously, unsure how to act. These really weren’t Plasma goons, where they?

“Who are you? State your business here,” the rider barked again.

“I… I am Zayna White, um, sir,” came my shaky reply. I don’t remember ever being this frightened before, even when I faced other criminals. I sensed something different about these men, something colder, crueler. “I am… I was looking for directions.”

One of the footmen suddenly drew a sword—a real sword—waking me up to the reality of the situation. Lilly and I yelped together.

“She’s a witch,” the footmen sneered. “I tell ya, Cap’n, she’s working with th’ enemy. Prob’ly come to plague us wi’ monsters.”

“Look at her garments,” the first footmen added, almost fearfully. “I have never seen any of its like.”

The rider balefully glared at my Pokémon. “Should she prove so, we shall deal with her accordingly. Bring her back to camp.”

At his command, the soldiers pressed closer. For Lilly, that pulled her trigger. Before they could take another step, she lunged. After she latched her jaws around the arm of the closest man, the unfortunate victim cried out in pain. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the sword—

“Lilly, no!” I shouted, though too late. The blade sung through the air, slicing across my Stoutland’s haunch. She released her hold, letting an agonized yelp escape her maw. I leapt at the man with the sword, grabbing his wrist before he could bring down the weapon again. For my bravery, I was rewarded with a face full of gauntlet. Lights danced in my vision as I fell on my back, dazed by the punch.

“Bind her!” I heard the rider bellow, and immediately a pair of hands seized me. I struggled against their owner, but my feeble strength was no match against his. He wrenched my hands behind my back and forced me to stand back up. I became aware of the rough, unforgiving texture of a rope as it was wrapped around my wrists.

“S-sniper!” I called out, not knowing what else to do. I don’t know if he could hear me, but sometimes the Pokémon knew when he was needed. Right now would be a wonderful time for him to burst from his Poké Ball on his own.

“What? What is she doing?” a soldier asked, alarmed.

“She’s summoning a Beast! Silence her, quickly!”

A hand wrapped around my face, muffling my begging cries. I nearly gagged at the metallic taste that tainted my mouth. As soon as they finished binding my hands, a coarse piece of fabric replaced the gauntlet. I kicked and screamed for that brief moment when my mouth was free, but for once in my life… I was helpless.

I had lost this battle.

The rider brought his horse-thing up behind his men, looking down at their handiwork with satisfaction.

“Leave the mutt,” he ordered, indicating poor Lilly, who was trying to limp toward me. A footman kicked her in the face, sending back into a miserable, whimpering wad of hair.

I cried behind my binds, tears welling up in my eyes. I’m so sorry, Lilly, I wanted to beg for her forgiveness. This is all my fault…

The last glimpse I caught of her, she weakly raised her head. Then the men forced me into a merciless march.


We trudged through the woods at an unforgiving pace. Half the time, the soldiers had to drag me behind them, unsatisfied with my stumbling progress. I’d like to see them try to dodge through prickly briars with their hands tied behind their backs, without the safety of their protective armor. Before long, I had red scratches criss-crossing my skin. Maybe wearing sleeveless shirts wasn’t such a smart idea after all…

Eventually, the men did pause for a rest, though I suppose they wanted to let the horse have a break. They obviously didn’t care what kind of a state I was in. Either way, I took advantage of the stop. Collapsing in exhaustion, I sobbed into the grass. My Stoutland… my poor Stoutland! If I had paid better attention to her, neither of us would be in this mess. The armored men—they were ruthless. I couldn’t understand why. What did they want with me? Where were they taking me?

A suspicion played around my thoughts then. It whispered to me, making me wonder: I wasn’t in the same world anymore, was I? Watching the men, how they drank from the stream alongside the horse-thing, I realized how primitive they acted. Apparently, they had no fear of the micro-organisms that possibly swam around in the stream—or else, they didn’t know about sanitation. Their weapons and shields looked a little too real for my liking, as well. Had I... gone into the past?

What had I dragged Lilly and myself into?

My gaze met the rider’s, and I glared loathingly at him. Lilly, I promised there and then. I will come back to you. Hang in there.

The rider returned my stare, unconcerned and unmoved. I hate to admit it, but I was the one who finally broke away from that intense staring-contest.

My bag had been confiscated, but my Poké Balls still hung from my belt. Apparently, the soldiers didn’t realize that they could pose a stronger threat then the gear in my bag. If I could just use one… I tested the rope tied around my wrist, seeing if I could slide my hands around any. The footmen’s knots were tight, however, and I couldn’t find any leverage. But if I could knock one off, maybe I would stand a chance.

Keeping an eye on the soldiers, I experimentally twisted my body. Ignoring the complaints from the bruise on my side, I found that I could slide my arms over the spherical capsules. If I bent forward enough, the crook of my elbow could maneuver underneath the last on my left. Could I knock it out this way? The unusual movement could attract attention, so I had to be quick. Waiting until they were facing the opposite direction, I bent over and slid my arm over a ball, then jerked back. Missed. I tried again. And again.

A footman casually turned his head.

Panicking, I had to think fast. Bending all the way over, I pretended to scratch my nose on my knee. He seemed to fall for it. The man grunted, and returned to combing the horse’s fur. I waited a moment before trying a few more times. Eventually, the ball grew loose, ready to pop off at any moment.

“What is she doing?”

I froze like a Deerling caught in the headlights.

“Witch curses,” spat one, glaring at me like I would bring the plague. “She’s prob’ly try’un ta place a hex on us.”

The rider glanced up with an uneasy frown. “We should continue on, now. We’re not too far from camp.”

“Aye, the sooner we get rid awf ‘er, ta bettah.”

No! This might be my only chance! In a final desperate lunge, I finally knocked the Poké Ball free. It fell to the ground with a satisfying thump!

The men leapt to their feet, alarmed at the sight of the strange technology. Before they could stop me, I brought down my foot on the lock and kicked it into the face of the closest soldier. He shouted in fright as the capsule opened, the sudden white light blinding him. Seconds later, my hero appeared—all ten feet of him.

About time, Sniper.

The massive green snake took in the whole scene in one second, red eyes darting from my bindings, to the oddly dressed strangers, to the rearing horse-thing. He immediately decided that the men were bad news. With a warring screech, the Serperior swung his powerful tail and knocked those closest to him. The horse bolted, dragging off the unfortunate rider who had tried unsuccessfully to calm it. Three men were left standing, but none of their previous confidence showed.

“Stand down!” one finally braved forward, drawing his sword from his sheath. The others followed suite with grim expressions.

Sniper hissed, scales bristling. In a quick motion too fast for my eyes to follow, he coiled his lengthy body around me defensively, daring the men to attack. I ducked my head, knowing what he planned to do next. Razor-edge leaves suddenly swirled out from beneath his scales, pausing in midair before suddenly flying forward. My kidnappers soon were engulfed in a tornado of knife-like leaves that mercilessly hacked at any exposed flesh—which wasn’t much, but still.

I felt the ropes around my wrists give out as Sniper sliced through them with the blades at the tip of his tail. Hands free, I ripped the gag from around my face.

“Good boy,” I half-mindedly thanked my Pokémon, most of my wary attention focusing on the shouting soldiers tangoing with Sniper’s Leaf Storm. Deciding not to wait around to see what they would do next, I scooped up the empty Poké Ball and ran for it.


My legs burned as I crashed through the undergrowth. Afraid of stopping, I kept racing even after I no longer heard the shouts of the soldiers. Beside me, Sniper easily kept pace; in fact, he probably had an easier time maneuvering his limbless body through the trees and shrubs then I did. The Grass-type was in his element—I wasn’t.

Eventually, we reached a dead end: sheer cliffs that caged us into the forest. I had to tilt my head back to see the rim of the impressive wall, but when I did so my knees gave out. I skidded on the dirt and fell on my back. With my skin freshly scraped, and my sides screaming at me, I stayed in place, panting until my breath caught up with me. Sniper watched me in concern at my side before gingerly laying his head on my stomach. He tried to comfort me by trilling in the back of his throat.

“What am I going to do?” I moaned, rubbing my face with one hand while resting the other on my Pokémon’s head. “We must be a thousand years in the past, but… How is that even possible?”

Sniper silently opened an eye.

“Or… or maybe this is just a dream. Yeah, a dream—a really horrible nightmare,” I concluded, figuring I was close to the truth. It made sense, too. I mean, one of this could be real, could it? Maybe I did knock my head against that rock last night, and all of this was mere delusions. “I’ll just close my eyes, and wake up. Then everything will be as it should be.”

My Serperior lifted his head a few inches, cocking it in puzzlement. I ignored him and squeezed my eyes shut. Let this be a dream, just a dream; I repeated a self-invented mantra, crossing my fingers. None of this is real. It isn’t happening. I’m still back in the year 2011…

Placing all my hope in this silent plea, I sat up and re-opened my eyes.

And I came face to face with the dead end of an arrow.

Sensing my alarm, Sniper whirled his body around. He let out a sharp hiss as he tensed his muscles, preparing to strike once again.

“Move, and I shoot,” the arrow’s unshaken owner threatened, keeping the projectile aimed straight at me. He was close enough that I could neither dodge nor deflect—if I could do even that in my disheveled state.

I stared aghast at the archer, a young man who appeared only a year or two older than me. He looked as rugged as the soldiers I met before, but with a regal air that made him seem princely. His sharply angled face stared back fiercely at mine through sea-green eyes that would have made even a Watchog glance away in shame. I didn’t doubt for a second that he wouldn’t execute his intentions, if provoked.

“Down, Sniper,” I whispered to my Pokémon. The Serperior lit out another low hiss, and reluctantly recoiled.

“Who are you?” the young man demanded with a commander’s strict tone. I got the feeling that he was hardly ever disobeyed.

“Zayna… White.”

“Who sent you?” he didn’t blink for a second.

I strained my brain to try to understand, “I… what? I’m not working with anyone.”

The archer pulled his bow farther back, unconvinced. “Who?”

“Look, guy, I don’t know what you’re talking about,” my hands flew up in the air. He was crazy!

“Tell the truth,” he narrowed his eyes. “Or take your last breath…”

I wanted to cry, but I tried to hold myself together. “Fine, then,” I took in a deep breath. “I’ll tell you the truth: I’m lost, okay? I woke up on the wrong side of the universe this morning, and not long after a group of men tried killing my dog and kidnapping me. I only just escaped, having run a million miles through the jungle, so can you back off some?”

Okay, maybe I got a little out of hand with that last part. The kid was intimidating, but it seemed easier to face one man instead of several well-armed soldiers. Kind of. Besides, I was getting tired of this life-endangerment business. After the second time someone points a weapon at your face, it gets old. Can I go home, now please?

“You expect me to believe that?” his voice was devoid of humor, sharply tipped with ice.

“Will you relax, brother?” a new voice entered the scene.

I turned my head to see another young man emerging from the woods. He favored a leg, I noticed, but waved cheerfully to the three of us. When he drew close, I saw the remarkable resemblance he shared with the archer—the same, sharp face, sea-green eyes, and regal air. Yet instead of having white-blonde hair, the newcomer had a darker tone of brown. His eyes sparkled with mischief above a friendly smirk, and I liked him immediately. So far, he was the only stranger I met who didn’t want to attack me. I couldn’t help but hope that he was here to save me from these crazies.

“You’ll have to excuse my brother,” his mouth curled into a genuine smile, a goofy yet charming grin. “He’s always been the type to jump to hasty conclusions.”

“Zekarus,” the light-haired archer muttered in a warning tone, glancing distrustfully my way. “Stay your tongue. We know nothing about this girl.”

“Remish, just trust me on this one,” Zekarus stepped aside to argue, tossing me an apologetic look.

“But how do we know we can trust her?” the archer, apparently named Remish, growled back in agitation.

How can I trust them? I wondered at the same time. Grateful that Sniper backed me up, I continued to evaluate the boys, even as they evaluated me.

“Faith, brother. Besides, just look at her. I do not think that she will harm anyone. She looks rather lost.”

Remish narrowed his eyes. “She looks like a witch to me. Look how that Beast obeys her whim.”

Zekarus’ expression turned solemn as he replied, “Are we any different from her?”

I watched as Remish suddenly backed down, averting his eyes almost shamefully. His brother rested a hand on his shoulder, adding so softly that I almost couldn’t hear him utter, “I think she can help us.”

Help them? I blinked in curiosity. What could I do to help them?

A smile sprouting on his face again, the dark-haired brother turned back to me. “My apologies,” he bowed like a prince. “He just needed some reassuring. My name is Zekarus, son of Rhoan, and my brother is Remish. I am afraid I didn’t catch your name, however.”

“Um, it’s Zayna… Zayna White,” I repeated, exchanging an uncertain glance with Sniper. The Serperior had quietly observed them, but I couldn’t tell what he thought of these young men. I wasn’t even sure what I thought.

“It is a pleasure to meet you, Zayna,” he gallantly took my hand, kissing it. A blush involuntarily found its way to my cheeks. He finished with a coy smile, “Though I wish it could have been under better… circumstances.”

“Uh, yeah… Nice to meet you too?” Gosh, I sounded like an idiot.

“We should not stay out in the open for too much longer,” Remish declared, slinging his bow across his shoulder. “The armies are not far from here.”

“You show much wisdom, brother,” the brown-haired teen agreed, and then asked me, “Will you come with us?”

Do I have much choice? I glanced over my shoulder, thinking of the men who had kidnapped me. I didn’t know if they were hunting for me, but I didn’t want to stick around to find out. Also, I still had no clue where I was. If these boys were offering some assistance, then maybe I should take advantage of that. If they weren’t a threat, that is.

Sniper softly hissed again, still glaring at Remish. Obviously, he felt some distrust as well. I’m not sure if we can trust them, I thought to myself, examining them closely. But sometimes, you need to take a leap of faith. They were just two boys—maybe my team could handle them if they did prove to be dangerous. And Zekarus seemed nice…

“Yes, if that would be okay,” I caved, offering a cautious smile.

“Of course,” Zekarus turned aside, offering his arm.

Yeah, I’m not doing the whole medieval courtesy game
, I laughed inside myself. Instead of taking his arm, I patted it and followed behind Remish, leaving Zekarus in a baffled state.



Well, there's Chapter Two, guys! :D Hope you enjoyed it! ^^ Now we have some real conflict--as well as two handsome new charries >:3 I hope people don't groan over how cheesy their names are xD What part will they play in the future? Well... stay tuned...

But poor Lilly ;^; I do lurv my Stouties--but why are they so underrated?

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Default Re: Kingdom 2 Come EXTENDED VERSION (Chapter Two Added!)

Oh boy. This should be interesting.

Frankly though, it's a good thing you aren't using many from my team in White (I think XD). Beheeyem would've done some serious damage to the soldiers.
I'm not really on this site anymore due to the horrible lag, so if you want to contact me, DA would be your best choice.

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Default Re: Kingdom 2 Come EXTENDED VERSION (Chapter Two Added!)

Hehehe yesh >:3

Oooo, that wouldn't have been pretty xD Zayna's team is pretty close to what I have in White--excluding Zekrom and Victini. Can't really use them in this story xD

But what is your team? ^^

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Default Re: Kingdom 2 Come EXTENDED VERSION (Chapter Two Added!)

I've got quite a few Pokémon this time around XD Let's see...Bisharp, Jellicent, Serperior, Zoroark, Beheeyem, Galvantula, Scrafty, Lilligant, Chandelure, Haxorus, Braviary, Sawk, Gothitelle and Volcarona. I've also got all the Legendaries for this gen, except for the event-related 'Mons.

Nearly every single one is above level 80 >:3
I'm not really on this site anymore due to the horrible lag, so if you want to contact me, DA would be your best choice.

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Default Re: Kingdom 2 Come EXTENDED VERSION (Chapter Two Added!)

Ooo, nice :D LoL, though Serperior's the only one that matches with Zayna's team. But... I really need to train up my Zoroark D:

Level 80? o0 *reminds herself never to challenge Michelle* My team is only in the seventies--which for me, is an accomplishment xD

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Default Re: Kingdom 2 Come EXTENDED VERSION (Chapter Two Added!)

XD I don't have wifi, so it makes little difference.
I'm not really on this site anymore due to the horrible lag, so if you want to contact me, DA would be your best choice.

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Default Chapter 3

Chapter Three:
History Lessons

We travelled south down along the cliff walls, skirting them until we came to a ravine with a gentle climb. Remish led us up them, casting furtive glances in all directions. He seemed more high-strung and cautious than his laid-back brother, as if expecting an attack at any second. The archer never said much, only giving vague grunts whenever Zekarus asked him a question. On the other hand, Zekarus was as talkative as a songbird. I filled him in somewhat on my adventures here—though I didn’t dare mention anything about time travel—and in turn he shared a few of his own. From the sound of it, Zekarus was very mischievous, having an affinity with trouble. Yet I liked his easy-going nature, and it put me at ease. Even Sniper, who followed dejectedly behind, seemed to relax a little after Zek released the third peal of laughter from me.

Feeling more comfortable with the boys, I braved more questions. “So… what exactly is going on in this, er, land?”

Zekarus’ energy dimmed a bit, but he offered a sad smile. “War, Zayna. I’m afraid you picked the wrong time to visit.”

“War?” I blinked, unable to comprehend the word.

“Yes,” Zekarus’ eyes took on a far-away look. “The Southern Kingdom is rising against the Northern Kingdom, and all the places in between are in utter chaos.” He grew silent for some time, reflective, but then turned thoughtful. “Zayna? How much do you know about the kingdoms in this land?”

Remish abruptly halted, turning to fix a severe glare on his brother. Both engaged in an intense staring contest, neither side giving in to the other. I stood by in bafflement, wondering if I had missed something. Finally, Zekarus spoke in a soft undertone.

“I know what I am doing.”

Remish narrowed his eyes, replying coldly, “I hope you do.”

With that he turned his back on us again, leaving a chill in the air. Only after he put a little distance between us did I dare ask Zekarus, “What was that about?”

Zekarus sighed, “Nothing. Don’t worry about it. So, want a history lesson?”

I glanced at Remish tentatively. “Sure?”

The dark-haired twin grinned, not even hesitating for a second as he started his story:

“A long time ago, our ancestors crossed the seas and settled here, establishing tiny, scattered villages across the face of the land. For ages, the villages lived separate lives from one another, unconcerned with the matters outside their secluded worlds, until an adventurous governor set out to establish trade. In time, the villages united, forming one thriving kingdom that spread from the oceans down south, to the mountains in the north. However, the day came when the sole monarch died of an ill disease, and a usurper rose to the throne. The usurper introduced new practices, and ruled with an iron fist. Some parts of the land grew to favor his principles, but the northern regions objected his tyranny.

“They broke away from the south, forming their own kingdom with the one true heir to the crown. The usurper, enraged by their rebellion, brought forth armies to bring the new kingdom back under his dominion. However, the resistance they met overwhelmed their forces, and they retreated back to their land in the southern desert. Though bitter about their defeat, they left the new Northern Kingdom alone for a time, until another ambitious man rose to command. Decades had passed, and both kingdoms had attained an era of peace and wealth. Yet the new commander of the Southern Kingdom wanted to regain the lands that his Kingdom had lost. He was hungry for power and control. He didn’t want a kingdom; he wanted an empire.

“Another war began, though one this time that would last for a hundred years. In time, the Kingdoms began to decay from the inside, out. The wealth and splendor of the old ages were burned to the ground as our land was ravished. Both Kingdoms tried pulling everything they could to gain ground against the enemy, but never did they realize that they were destroying themselves.”

Zekarus’ expression grew weary as he finished his tale, “In the past year, corruption was sown in the Northern Kingdom. The true King was assassinated upon his own throne, and his heirs, two twin brothers barely of age, were forced to flee from their home. Now a pretender sits upon the throne, mercilessly playing the war game until we have lost all we gained.”

The young man fell silent, the brightness of his character leaving his face. He suddenly looked older to me, like a man who had seen too much sorrow in his young life. I slowly absorbed his story, still sorting through all the details. I had never taken a history class, and regrettably I didn’t know as much as I should about Unova’s roots. But I felt like I had heard a story like this before. I just couldn’t put my thumb on when and where. When I glanced up from my thoughts, I met Zekarus’ solemn eyes. Then I knew.

“You’re… you’re the brothers from the story,” I uttered, looking between the two. “You’re princes…”

“We were,” Remish stopped.

He had brought us to the opening of a cave, where the remains of a fire rested before its maw. Little evidences of a camp were scattered across the rocky ground: a pile of neatly stacked wood by the fireside, a line of rope leading from one cliff wall to the other that held dead animals (ew) or clothing. A pair of logs rested near the blackened fire pit, looking like they had been used as seats.

“Welcome to our camp, Miss White,” Zekarus welcomed, livening up once again. “It’s not much, but it’s been our home for the past little while.”

“It’s…,” I started, but trailed off as an unexpected noise met my ears. I could have sworn it sounded like barking. Dog-like barking. As I turned my head towards the source of the sound, a familiar face emerged from the cave with her stumpy tail a-wagging. “Lilly!”

I ran to her, words not even describing my joy. As soon as we met, I wrapped my arms around her wooly neck and held her tight. She squirmed in my hold until she could turn and lick the tears off my cheeks, whimpering happily all the while. I didn’t notice until I finally pulled back that a bandage had been wrapped around her thigh, clean and white.

“Ah, so she’s yours, then?” Zekarus’ eyes glinted as he laughed.

“Zekarus, what is this?” Remish sighed, shaking his head.

“I found her out in the woods, trying to follow some North Kingdom troops,” Zekarus sheepishly answered, ducking his head. “The poor thing was bleeding, and… well, I couldn’t help it. I had to help her out. I was on my way to tell you, but I think we both got a little sidetracked…”

Wiping the tears from my face, I finally released my Stoutland—then turned and hugged Zekarus. His body stiffened in surprise, cutting his laughter off short. Haltingly, he lowered his arms around me in return.

“Thank you so much, Zek,” I whispered, ever grateful.

“You are very welcome,” Zekarus chuckled, holding me tighter before quickly pulling away. Clearing his throat, he added, “Er, but you should be a little more careful—the people of this land are not very… kind to Beasts.”

I wiped at my dampened cheek again, tittering, “I think I figured that out long ago.”

Remish had quietly watched us for some time before suddenly speaking up, “Are you a witch?”

“No, of course not,” I rolled my eyes, exasperated. “Why does everyone keep accusing me of that?”

Remish and Zekarus exchanged glances.

“That is what they call those who bond with the Beasts,” Remish offered an explanation.

I frowned, turning to Sniper and Lilly. I got that they called Pokémon Beasts in this time period, but was the relationship between the two races really that different here? Did they treat each other with fearful superstition?

“Is that such a bad thing?” I asked them honestly. “Where I am from, people and Pok—people and Beasts live together in harmony.”

“Is that true?” Remish’s eyebrows lifted in doubt. “Can that be so?”

Zekarus smiled. “How ideal would that be?”

I stared. My head buzzed, trying to tell me that I was missing something immensely important. No way. There just was no way…

“Perhaps… you can help us, then,” Remish’s stony masked softened some, and I could sense that he was lowering his guard some. Maybe he still didn’t trust me, but at least he was giving me a chance to prove myself.

“Help with what?” I blinked. I overheard them before, mentioning this, but what did they mean? How could I be of any service to them? They’ve already helped me more than I could repay them, I supposed.

“We, er, actually wondered if you might be able to help our friend,” Zekarus again turned sheepish, glancing cagily towards the cave. When I furrowed my brows, he took my hand. “Come with me.”

I didn’t object, though I continued to wonder why these two acted so elusively. Zekarus pulled me through their humble camp, towards the gateway into the cliff face. I felt apprehensive approaching the cave, given my adventures earlier that day. That didn’t slow Zekarus down, but he did squeeze my hand reassuringly with an added wink.

“Um, I should warn you. Our ‘friend’ might be a little… surprising,” Zekarus clued me in as we stepped inside, sounding uncharacteristically nervous.

“Surprising?” I cocked a brow. What was going on with him?

“You’ll see.”

My question answered itself when a gust of wind suddenly blew my hair back. Rustling filled the darkness as something massive shifted against the rock. Rumbling rattled my bones before the shadows in front of me moved. I tensed, automatically expecting an attack. Soon, I was staring into the golden eyes of a dragon.

“Zayna, this is our friend: Shachor,” Zekarus introduced us, enjoying my astonishment.

As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I saw more of his “friend.” The dragon was massive, taking up the whole back part of the cave. Wary, slitted eyes watched me from a horse-shaped head, striped with shades of black and white. The long neck that held it sported a mane of silvery feathers, as fine as down. It lay on its side, over long limbs ending in sharp talons. Only when I got over its majesty did I notice its misery. Those cautious eyes seemed touched with pain. Every breath came out in slow, wheezing gusts—its broad chest rising and falling in a sickly rhythm.

Zekarus moved by its side, placing a hand on one of its ivory horns. The dragon didn’t strike; instead, it closed its eyes and rumbled again. Very timidly, I walked up to the creature as well, wondering at its size. The only Pokémon that I could compare it to… was N’s Legendary. Was this a Legendary Pokémon as well? I worried that it might not be so friendly to me, but Shachor only eyed me through a narrowed lid, showing no ire.

“He’s… magnificent,” I breathed. “But what’s wrong with him?”

“He is ill,” came Zekarus’ soft reply. “And we are not sure what…”

I met his eyes, knowing what he meant. Braving the last few feet that distanced me from Shachor, I knelt and placed my hand on its cheek. The scaly hide felt warm beneath my hand.

“Can you help him?” Zekarus asked hopefully.

Shachor’s golden eyes opened again, and up close I could see into its depths. Staring into them felt like peering over the edge of a bottomless canyon. Ancient, timeless… familiar. But sadness; so much sadness in those eyes.


I started, shaking from the spell.

“Um, yeah,” I finally replied, feeling a little dizzy. “I think I might have some medicine in my—”

I stopped as I became painfully aware of the absence one of my belongings: my bag. “Crap,” I cursed.

“Something wrong?”

“My bag,” I winced. “It was confiscated by those soldiers. They must still have it.”


I pinched the bridge of my nose, letting out a moan. “I can’t believe that I lost it. It has everything—all of my stuff. And… medicine, and… Ugh, this is bad.”

“That is not the only ‘bad’ development,” Remish’s voice suddenly called from the entrance. Zekarus and I turned to see him outlined against the light outside. “Soldiers are traveling up the ravine.”

“What? How many?” his twin brother whirled around, sounding alarmed.

“Thirty, and all armed to the teeth.”

“We can’t let them find us!”

Remish nodded grimly. “If they find Shachor…”

I glanced between the two twins, sensing the fear that stiffened them both. I realized something then: they had bonded with Shachor. Two brothers, two twins—one dragon…

…No way. They can’t be…

I sank down onto a rock, the sudden realization hitting me like a hammer blow. They’re the ancient heroes… Why didn’t I see it before? It’s not every day you run across twins—especially in ancient Unova, I would think. But… they’re so young. They were just a little older then myself. What did this mean?

I glanced up at the brothers, their faces both written in worry as they gazed at Shachor. Everything seemed so wrong—the legend wasn’t supposed to go like this. The brothers weren’t supposed to be exiled princes, and their dragon wasn’t supposed to be sick. And now, with soldiers coming, the trio could face a tragic, sudden ending. What kind of an effect would this have on the future? My future?


“We have to fight,” I stood, clenching my fists in determination.

They looked at me in surprise.

“What?” I shrugged, but they kept staring. Shaking my head, I continued, “Look, we can’t let them get to this cave, right?”

“But there’s only two of us,” Remish lowered his head, growing ancient.

I raised an eyebrow. “’cuse me?”

“Okay… then three of us,” Zekarus tried to repair his brother’s damage.

I smiled, “Still not close. I can add five others to our team.”

The brothers exchanged confused glances.

Remish, still doubtful, ventured to ask, “What do you mean?”

Right on cue, Sniper and Lilly poked their heads curiously into the cave. I whistled to them, and the two joined us in the cave, ogling at the giant within.

“Lilly can’t fight, but Sniper can,” I started to explain, reaching for the Poke Balls at my belt. “And I got four others right here.”

Ripping them from their placing, I threw the capsules one at a time. The cave lit up with each consecutive flash, momentarily illuminating the expressions of total shock on the faces of the twins. First came Kiki, my ever quirky Simipour with her glowing smile. She was followed by my Darmanitan, Rascal, and Rogue the smug Krookodile. Last of all, Archie the loyal Archeops.

“What sorcery is this?” Remish recoiled, fear mixing with his amazement.

Rogue narrowed his eyes at the prince, crossing his arms with immediate dislike. Still grinning, I rested my elbow on the crocodile’s shoulder. “It’s not sorcery, guys. It’s science—technology.”

“Science?” Zekarus scrunched his nose. “This is the strangest piece of science I have ever seen.”

“Don’t worry too much about it,” I laughed. “It’s beside the point. Now, I got six fighters here—what’s the plan?”

Remish released a sigh, shaking his head. “We’re still outnumbered. I don’t see how we can stand a chance.”

“Wait…” Zekarus mused, examining my team. “I think… I might have an idea.”

“Throw it at me,” I grinned, hoping he would say that.



And now, we got Zayna's team ^^ Those of you who read the original might have noticed that I made one change--I had to take off one team member, cuz... for some reason, Zayna had seven Pokemon xD :P

Also... I hope this wasn't too cheesy xD

Also, also... these chapters are short. Though I kind of like that xD But they'll probably get longer as we get going ^^'

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Default Re: Kingdom 2 Come EXTENDED VERSION (New: Chapter 3)

Again, nice job. I did read the one-shot you wrote, but it was a while ago now, so I don't remember what team member you cut XD

When you were describing the dragon, however, you use 'main' instead of 'mane'. That's the only error I saw though.
I'm not really on this site anymore due to the horrible lag, so if you want to contact me, DA would be your best choice.

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Default Re: Kingdom 2 Come EXTENDED VERSION (New: Chapter 3)

Oh, did you go back and read that? LoL, cheesy, wasn't it? xD Still is, but still ^^

I had to cut Terra the Scrafty, unfortunately. She's my favorite Pokemon on my team, too ;^;

YES MA'AM, MISS GRAMR NAZI MA'AM!!! xDDDDDDDDD Thanks for pointing that out. I'll get it fixed right away ^^

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