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Default Amberdust 1

A new saga...AmberdustChapter I- Nobody

“This is my story, and I scratch unwanted characters!”

I’ve always been a nobody. Things happened, but I never got my spotlight, my day. Even when I stumbled onto that stupid platform, the spotlight simply swung past me and to someone else. Sure, I got put in a special program, but there were others there, and they were more popular and strong. Maybe it was my size, or my unwillingness to evolve, but it was just my luck that kept me away and blocked from the spotlight. I even cursed the damn star on my forehead, it just made more work that would never pay off.

“Stupid KDG, stupid early morning…” I muttered as I passed through the unfamiliar arch of silver, growlithe statues on each side of the arch. Plates declaring the growlithe were Kayne were stuck on the bases of the statues. I never knew Kayne, but he was supposedly a good guy. At least that’s what my friend told me.

I walked past the arch, into the KDG. The white light always near blinded me as I walked into my classroom, so different from the dim hallways. The hallways were dim because class started early, at 6 AM sharp. I was only second getting there to the teacher, and she was surprised that I was early.

“Oh, early for your first day Rukino? I hope this is a trend.” the source of this voice was Miss Sara, who was not only the President of Team Amber at the time, but my teacher. One thing I noticed about her, is that no matter how her facial expressions change, her eyes stayed the same. Cold, calculating, and deadly. Her tactics, as I would soon learn, were quite the same. Okay, explanation time. Our ‘classroom’ was anything but conventional; it was a huge hollow sphere. Stuff was lying around here and there, like the board that told us what class would be today, but most of it was barren white. The board displayed one word that day; Exams.

Now don’t get me wrong, Exams in normal school are hard enough. But when your whole class is about learning how to control your Gifted skills, Exams are brutal. Definitely if you just learned you are Gifted, and that you suck at your skills. I slowly made my way to the center of the room, to where only one other pokemon sat. A vaporeon at in the very center, waiting for class to start.

“Hi.” I aid as my paw raised in a greeting to the vaporeon. “I’m Rukino.”

“Rukino, huh…never saw you in this class before. I’m Farune, but most seem to call me Fay.” she replied, glancing at me before reverting her gaze to Miss Sara, and her practicing. It was a beautiful thing, and I really doubted I would be able to do that in my life, the way he pulled off a Classico Flames in mere moments, and powerful ones at that. My attention snapped back to Fay, remembering he asked me a question.

“Yeah, I’m new. It took them months to track me down for some reason, and essentially throw me in this class.” I replied, sighing loudly.

“It’s not so bad. Little sparring here, maybe some training, it’s actually pretty easy. Even today, it’s just showing your skills with one hit. Not about finesse, or speed, but power. Here, I’ll show you.” she said, leading me over to a cube of wood. “All we need to do is burn that.” That’s what frightened me, the cube was easily 10 feet on all sides. I averagely calculated that to 1000 feet squared, Fay looking over at me puzzlingly while I did the math, mouthing numbers slowly.

“Umm, you okay…?” she asked shortly after I finished my little calculation. I replied with a nod, then kept looking at the box. Others were at different areas of the room, spaced apart so they didn’t all catch fire from one being lit. But oddly, there were other objects. Some were already ablaze with grey flames and enclosed so the fire didn’t spread. Then there were the odd ones painted green, it must have been a fire-proof paint. Must be for me. As I looked around, I noticed most of the class had assembled already, Fay rejoined the group, leaving me to look like a loner.

Some of the others looked oddly at me, as their group wasn’t the largest. I guessed around 20 pokemon, some grass, some fire, some water, and me. Obviously eevee fit into any group, if they evolved, but I didn’t want to. And my silver fur was just too cool to pass up for something like Miss Sara’s amber fur.

“Life isn’t fair. There, you learned a valuable lesson already. Now here’s the catch; only 10 of you will pass this test. So, survival of the fittest,” Miss Sara commented, looking amused that ten of us would be gone. “Go to your stations…now. One minute, starting….now.” Miss Sara announced, as arrows appeared on the ground below us. I followed the green arrow, I learned a grass-type Gifted attack. Although I hadn’t used it much, it was very similar to razor leaf, the leaves a grey instead of green. Obviously since I didn’t have leaves growing on me, they sprouted from, well, empty air.

I had barely stepped in front of the block before I heard Sara call out “30 seconds left!” and I was pushed into nervousness. Thoughts rushed through my head, and even though I didn’t really want to be in the class, I didn’t want to leave on my first day. I guess my self-motivation worked, as the leaves began to swirl around me. I commanded the leaves to cut the block, and it did, along with the floor underneath it. I wasn’t sure if I cut deep enough.

“Time’s up!” Sara yelled across the room, and everyone stopped instantly and started back to the middle of the room. Looking around, I could see the results already. Some failures, some half-baked attempts, some were piles of ash or little blocks, or with no fire at all. Then there was my block. It looked perfect, but the ground around it was cut up, along with a few of what looked like shallow cuts on the outside. I knew I screwed up, and as Sara came around to mine, she looked at it questioningly, asking for the owner to come up. I shakily stood up, walking over to Sara. The walk seemed so long, the walk to my doom. Then she punched the block.

Mine along with almost everyone else’s jaws dropped as the block fell like dominos, folding to the side. I had somehow not only cut through, but in straight lines, creating about 30 slices.

“Good job.” She sounded almost disappointed that she couldn’t kick me out. She waved her paw at me for me to go back to my spot on the white floor, which I still don’t know what it was made of. As I took my spot, Fay winked at me from across the small crowd, and I smiled back. She was such an odd girl, but for some reason, I could put up with her.

Sara continued on reviewing our results, eliminating pokemon slowly off of her list. After a while, she looked away from her little touch pad, and stared down the class.

“Let’s just get this over with. Demitri, Nora, Laon, Soren, Cate, Fay, Tarin, Evo, and Quao, you made it.” Most of the students who didn’t make it raised their paws/hands, and for good reason. That was 9 pokemon, not 10. Though I was relieved Fay was on the list, the others were almost all complete flops compared to my effort.

“Simmer down, would-be class.” Sara said to quiet down the class, everyone listening for her announcement. “So much drama. Rukino and Onar please come up then.” Sara aid reluctantly, obviously she wanted neither of us in her class, by the roll of her eyes we got when we reached the front of the group. A piplup stood across from me, I guess that was Onar.

“*sigh* First one to land a hit wins.” Sara declared, and I had barely any time to think before the water rushed past me. Obviously this piplup was not giving up easily. A second water gun flew past me, whistling in my ear. A plan, I needed a plan. As mentioned by the ‘Rules of Conduct’ board outside class, no Gifted attacks were allowed in pokemon versus pokemon battles. All my other attacks were close-range, scratch, quick attack, growl, cut...nothing special or long-range.

Another second, another water gun blasted past me. Her attacks were getting more and more accurate, I needed to think faster. I just needed to get closer, and right after an attack. Then I saw it; Half a block lying on the ground. It was more of a triangular prism now, but could be used for leverage. And that’s just how I was going to use it.

Poor piplup didn’t know what hit her. Her water gun flew behind me as I used quick attack for a faster speed, and sped towards the block. I ran up the side of it, pushing off of the tip. My timing was right, as the piplup didn’t know what I was doing when I landed behind her and scratched the back of her head softly, not enough to really break the skin.

“So you might be useful after all.” Sara remarked as she declared me the winner, and the 10th and last member of this year’s class. The piplup looked heartbroken, as if she were about to bawl any second, but I averted my gaze and tried not to think about how hurt she was. Ten shuffled out, and ten stayed, as our congratulations were given (except for me) and a run-down of the class was told. Obviously all she said on that subject was “Oh, it’ll be fun, we’ll do some training, some sparring, some exams, you know, thin out the herd…” The only thing she said that worried me was about more exams. I just told myself that I would practice and train and everything would work out.

Yep, I was wrong.

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Default Re: Ambersaga(Amberdust I is up.)

AmberdustChapter II- Brooding Uncertainties
Part I

"Not a half bad performance." Fay said as I stepped into the room, like there was an invisible sensor that alerted her that I was there. My eyes widened slightly at the remark, but they returned to their normal still-half-asleep state quickly. I replied with a smile and a nod, which seemed to make her more angry.

"Not much of a talker, huh?" she said quietly, resting her head on the white floor. I shivered as the cool air hit me. Miss Sara always loved the cold, she was…odd that way. I don’t think the temperature guage ever left rock bottom.

"Fay, why are you chatting with the loser?" a buizel said this, looking at me as if I was trash, and she was not allowed to be near me, lest she get contaminated. He had a mark on his left shoulder, a dark wavy line, which almost glinted like ice in the light.

"You don't own her." words that should have come out of my mouth, but instead came from another's. I hadn't really noticed him, and that was shocking considering he was an arcanine, and a lot larger than me. He stood just a little behind me, his head over mine as he talked. I shuffled out of the way, hoping that I wasn’t caught in the crossfire of what might be a fight.

"Stupid Laon, bossing me around." the buizel grumbled, which was cut off by the arcanine.

"You quite done? Run along now, go hit on someone else. Or did they shut you down already, Tarin?" the buizel walked away, done with trying to get Fay. I was surprised the scene didn’t escalate into a fight, the look in the buziel’s eyes was that of deep hatred.

"Thanks Laon, that guy is a total creep..." Fay said, shifting a little on the ground. The lights reflected off of her, as if she was made of mirrors.

"No problem. And where is Miss Sara? Late?"

"Haha, yeah, she usually yells at us for being late!" Fay laughed, her little white fangs showing slightly.

"So what about you?" I noticed the question was directed at me once both the pokemon started staring at me as if I'd just done something incredibly stupid.

"Me? Well...I guess I got lucky."

"Nobody gets that lucky with Classico Leaf." he said, trying to flatter me. It was a difficult attack, after all.

"I guess I do." I said, looking down at the ground. I hated the feeling of eyes on me. Same as the day I learned Classico Leaf.


“Rukino, I’m not going to tell you again!” I kept my eyes on the wooden floor, splintered and broken.

“Rukino!” My eyes stayed locked on the ground, not caring what she had to say. Then she hit me. My eyes shot up at her figure, my face now on the broken and splintered wood. My eyes started to cloud with tears as the pain stung my face.

“I don’t want you to fail ever again, you hear me?!” she spat, breaking one of the planks of wood beneath her foot. What kind of trainer was she, I got myself caught because she was so nice to her pokemon. But all she desired from me was power. Something about my power, my ‘moveset’. She played with all of her other pokemon, frolicked with them, pet them. All I got was lectures and beatings. Her other pokemon pitied me, but could do nothing to help me.

Sure, I was let out in the yard. But a yard is more of a prison than a play area. Atleast for me they were. Those fences, always blocking me in. I could hear her footsteps now, walking away from me. The door clicked shut behind her, and my body began moving faster than my mind. I had to get out. This life wasn’t worth living if no freedom came with it. I rammed angrily into the fence, only to recoil due to the electricity that shocked me. She had always been a protective trainer, cautious of the unforeseen.

That’s when it happened. Born through pure anger and hate of my life, I cut my own path through that fence, and into the woods. I carved my own path with Classico Leaf.

“Stop! You’re MY property!”


"Don't squander yours-“ my mind snapped back to the present, my eyes fluttering open. I was afraid I had dosed off for minutes, but it had only been seconds. Laon was cut off by the abrupt sound of metal on metal, then voices outside. Nobody went to check on what was happening, because they would be forced to help.

You see, the one policy Sara had was "Don't just stand there! Help me!" and nobody really wanted to help. She had a habit of...dumping everything on you. So we just sat in our circle, waiting for whatever it was she was bringing in for class.

As the block of metal wheeled into the classroom, followed by more of wood, and more made of metal, along with a glaceon, everyone just kept quiet. They knew it would be no use, because she would explain quickly.

"I've decided to let you have a break." everyone looked at her suspiciously, doubting she would be nice.

"Really?" Tarin cried out from the back of the group, believing her. Everyone looked at him, and various people whispered to each other. I caught ear of one conversation, between a squirtle and a ninetails.

"Never let your guard down, she'll get you with extra work or...helper duty."

"What?! Oh man, oh man, helper duty, dude?!"

"Yeah, killer stuff."

"G-gotta pay attention, dude!"

Sara lifted a paw, universal language for "stuff it", followed by a short speech.

"Fire, that side of the room. Water, that side. Grass, come here. And Rukino...I need your help." everyone but me sighed out of relief that it wasn't them, and I heard a few words of pity.

"W-whew, not me, dude! Good luck, dude..." the squirtle behind me said. Everyone raved about how hard helper duty was, how hard could it be?


"You want me to what?"

"Be a test subject. We want to see if you can learn more than just Grass type Classico moves."

"Is that even remotely possible?" I asked meekly, looking innocently at Sara.

"We don't know. That's why we need to try." a grin spread across her face, a grin that just plain scared me. Her fangs were way too long for a flareon, the tips showing when she even slightly smiled. It was said that she only smiled out of others' misfortunes, or before a kill.

And this was my teacher and principal. King- err, Queen of the castle, ruler of the land.

She took my silence as a yes, leading me to an empty area of floor before I could even object. Everyone else was cutting blocks to make sculptures, melting metal and shaping it to make sculptures, or holding water in place then freezing it to make a sculpture.

"Would you mind if...?" I asked, Sara already knowing my question.

"How long will you take?"

"About ten seconds flat." I said, bouncing over to a block of wood. Everyone else may have just seen black and grey blurs, but I made pretty precise cuts. I walked away silently, not bothering to take off the excess. It still looked like a block when Fay hit off all the extra wood, revealing a sculpture of Fay herself, while the real Fay blushed out of embarrassment as everyone laughed, including me. I had just looked back quickly to see the outbreak of laughter.

Then Sara began testing. "I'll give you some cake if you do." she said, bribing me into the tests. I never had cake, but it sounded…sweet.

"Just think of breathing fire." Sara commanded quickly, giving me no time to think.

"I can't breathe fire." I said, after a solid 5 minutes of thinking about fire, heat, flames, fireballs…

"Fine, next test. Think of water." I did as told, and a blast of water hit me. Giggles erupted from behind me, and I didn't even bother turning around, I knew this was Fay’s revenge for the statue. My fur was soaking wet, I looked more like a tiny ratticate then an eevee. Sara sighed, looking at the ground.

‘Wouldn’t it be funny if you splashed her with a bit of water?’ a small voice said inside me, urging me to somehow soak Miss Sara. I thought back at it, as if I was talking to the voice. ‘Yeah, it would be pretty funny.’ I thought, the voice talking back. I really needed to go see a doctor after this. It whispered back, urging me on more. I had a weird feeling of mischief as white water soared past Miss Sara, from behind me.

I looked behind me to see eyes staring back. A wicked grin spread across my face, but nobody else was smiling or laughing. I thought it was a hilarious joke at the time, I really did. Then I turned around to see Miss Sara’s cold eyes.

“Rukino.” Her voice was filled with happiness and hate at the same time, her mouth in a smile. She reminded me of…her. I shoved the thoughts out of my head as I looked up.


“Nice job, but never aim a Classico attack at another pokemon unless given instruction to do so.” Sara said firmly, walking over to her little raised circle of ground she called out announcements from. Most eyes followed her, but some stayed trained on me. I couldn’t really believe just what I did. Miss Sara could have been seriously injured if that attack hit her, and she just shrugged it off as if it were a quick attack from a pidgy.

“Class isn’t over yet today, sparring is up next.” Miss Sara announced, ruffling her fur slightly. “Okay, so let’s see what we have here…” Miss Sara continued, thinking of matchups. “…Fay and Tarin, Rukino and Laon, Dimitri and Quao, Nora and Soren, Cate and Evo. Actually, I’ll group together Laon, Evo and Cate. I want to see what Rukino can do.” She said, shooting me a smile. ‘Right before a kill…’ I thought to myself, shivering at the thought of what Miss Sara could do. Everyone shuffled over to their groups, greeting each other.

“Good luck.” Miss Sara said, but her eyes told me that I would need it. I guessed it was a standard procedure first-hit-wins battle, and I was right. She won in a second as her paw pushed me to the ground, my head ringing with confusion.

“One more time.” I said, staring Miss Sara down, trying to anticipate her attack.

Her eyes moved to her left, but she seemed focused on her right. This time the paw missed, an amber blur flying past my ears. I lifted up a paw and scratched the arm quickly, so she had no time to move back. Her eyes widened in shock as I scratched her, lightly so blood wasn’t drawn. Her mood changed from shock to amusement, as she became a blur again. I instinctively ducked, Miss Sara soaring over me and into empty space. She skidded for a nice distance, just far enough that all my classmates laughed lightly.

“What do you think you’re laughing at? I-I was testing him to see if he would gloat!” Sara yelled, angered by my triumph. I guess that was when my hopes of being a good student vanished.

“Class dismissed!” Miss Sara yelled, even though it was an hour before we were supposed to be let out. All of us decided not to correct her, and instead just leave. A few of us stayed back, not knowing what to do with an extra hour. We all usually just went straight back to our rooms and slept after class.

“So what do you want to do?” Fay asked, looking directly at me. She still shimmered somehow, even though the lights had been dimmed.

“I dunno. Go on a walk?” I said, almost laughing at my own stupid idea.

“Sounds good.” She said, I was amazed that she actually said yes. We broke off from the small group, only the ninetails and the squirtle from before remaining in the dim room. We walked away from the arches of the KDG, and into the main grounds of Amber. It was pretty cold tonight in the room tonight, the staff always made it seem like we were really outside. They even went through the trouble of growing plants and grass in the room, a concept which at the time, baffled me.

“It’s a nice night. Want to go for a swim?” Fay said, shoving me into one of the nearby pools quickly. I yelped silently as the cold water hit me, but gained control of myself and floated on the surface. Something told me that Fay wouldn’t want to jump in and save me right now, she was too busy giggling at my matted fur. Although she did in a few seconds, the waves she made engulfing me and making me even more chilled to the bone.

“So, you like swimming?” Fay said, swimming circles around me gracefully. Somehow she didn’t make a single wave while swimming, like her body was one with the water.

“Well, I guess.” I said, smiling back at her. The only thing that illuminated us was the soft glow of the fake moon above us, bathing us in dim white light. Somehow, her skin still refracted this slight light, like the water itself. I paddled slowly over to an edge of the pool, pulling my soaked form out.

“You just got in!” Fay protested, resting her two front paws on the edge.

“It’s late. Besides, I could use the extra sleep. Goodnight Fay.” I said, shaking myself off, sending droplets of water in every direction.

“Okay, see you tomorrow, Rukino. I’m staying in this nice, warm water.”

“I’m not getting back in, Farune.” Fay just sighed, sinking back into the pool. I walked back to my room slowly, so that my fur dried before I got there. Just the huge halls of Amber went past me, the red carpet and grey walls, accompanied by tall ceilings.

My door, 596, approached quickly. It was a standard issue door, one touch would slide it out of my way silently. That is, if you were the tenant.

My standard door slid open to reveal a standard room, sans one bed, KDG students didn’t require a partner, and we were actually encouraged to not have one. Miss Sara’s exact words were: “When your ‘partner’ or friend inevitably fails this class, or you do, they will be assigned a partner. Unless, that is, you wish to join them.”

I was happy I opted for walking slowly, my fur had already dried, so I could just collapse in bed. Gifted attacks, to say the least about them, were exhausting.

My dream. I don’t remember my dream. Then again, I never remember them. I always draw blanks whenever I think about what transpires in my mind when I’m sleeping.

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Default Re: Ambersaga(Amberdust I is up.)

AmberdustChapter II- Brooding Uncertainties
Part II

A ringing woke me up. My little one-touch alarm clock adorned with the letters “KDG” that was given to me on arrival to the KDG. Miss Sara had a comment about that too. “Even if you fail the first exam, like I know ten of you already are, you at least get this sweet little clock. But if you win, or stay in the class down to the three I want, you will be awarded with cake, and a metaphorical pat on the back.”

While I was thinking about Miss Sara’s comment, I realised one thing. She lied about the cake. So our reward for all the hard work in the class hard work was a pat on the back. And not even a real one. The least she could do was gold stars or something, to keep us motivated.

At any rate, I put a few fresh claw marks on the clock as I got up, stopping the horrible ringing that it made. I looked in the mirror, and realised that my fur was a complete mess. A lot of my silky brown fur crusty from the swim last night. I decided that it would just dry out as the day went on, and pressed a paw on the door in front of me. Same halls, same clean floors, as nobody was around yet to make fresh mud and dirt tracks all over the carpet. The halls finally came to an end, as I reached the park, and past the same pool I had been pushed in the other day. Then I felt a small tug at my rear left paw. Then another little tug, now that I had looked back.

Before I could look back, my body was submerged in the icy water. As I got to the surface and rubbed some of the water out of my face, as well as flick most of the soaked hair away from my face, I heard my attacker.

“I can’t believe you didn’t see me! And you fell for it twice! Ahahaha!” I just sighed. Fay. Did she sleep here? Or did she just get up earlier than me and hide in the water?

“Fay…I need to get to class…dry. Not…soaking wet.” I said, starting off to the edge again.

“Oh come on, you know that was awesome!” Fay said, spinning onto her back and looking up at me happily.

“Yes, it was amazing,” I said sarcastically, “now let’s get to class.” Fay flicked out of the water, landing perfectly next to me on solid ground. We started walking slowly to class, chatting.

“Show off…” I mumbled under my breath, as Fay beamed at me.

“What was that?” Fay said shooting me a glare. Man, if looks could kill, I would have died right there.

“N-nothing! Is she part bat?” I mumbled, even quieter now. Fay didn’t say anything, but instead hit me in the side with a paw. I flipped over, and back onto four paws a little away from her. We passed through the arches again, talking about what the class might have in store for today, and about each other.

“Tardy!” Miss Sara’s voice boomed at us as we walked into the class, still looking at each other. Miss Sara was fuming. She looked as though she were about to just kick us out right there. Fay and I exchanged nervous glances, then continued into the classroom.

“And look who it is, Rukino and Farune, my two favorite students.” Our classmates just sat quietly, not wishing to get the same treatment. Except Tarin, who felt the need to laugh at our misfortunes.

“Tarin, you’re my third favorite student.”

And Tarin never laughed again in Miss Sara’s class.
“Anyway, today’s class will be a bit odd. You see, someone has to decorate the school for Halloween, right?” Everyone, including Fay and I, said yes. “Well, we are.” I felt the need to point out one major flaw. It is probably notable that we accepted a few human holidays, also Miss Sara’s idea. I think she was just in it for the candy and gifts.

“With…our paws.” I said, wondering how I was supposed to carry decorations and hang them. Paws weren’t…the easiest to pick up things with.

“Oh, don’t worry! I’m going to teach you Telekinesis!” Miss Sara said with a smile on her face, a stark contrast to her expression only a moment ago.

“That seems not only highly unlikely, but…crazy.” Fay said, a confused look on her face.

“Well we’ve been doing extensive testing in this area, and we believe Gifted can not only learn different typed Classico attacks, but other types of normal attacks as well, as evidenced by Rukino. So, if you could all just concentrate on moving that block, right there.” Sara moved aside to reveal a small cube of wood, resting on an also-wooden pedestal.

“Oh yeah, there are prizes involved.” Everyone squinted and stared wordlessly at the cube. Then it moved. Everyone thought it was them, so everyone cheered at the same time. That is, until it floated onto my back.

“Who was it…? Ah, my absolute favoritestudent again, Rukino.” the amount of sarcasm in her words took what little enthusiasm I had left in me today.

“Well, the prize was an amazing new bed for your room, but since it’s you, here’s a cookie.” Miss Sara said, tossing a cookie to the ground in front of me. I quietly growled, then started taking bites out of the cookie.

My eyes widened as my mouth felt like someone just used Classico Flames on my tongue. I spit little bits of the cookie in all directions, running to the exit to get some water. Sara laughed as her plan worked perfectly, and I ran out of the classroom, my mouth burning. I had only taken a few steps outside when I heard quick footsteps behind me, following me.

“Hey, Rukino! Wait up!” Fay yelled, amazingly only a few steps behind me. I skidded to a stop, turning to face her, my head whipping around, hoping she could help.

“Here.” Fay said, spraying a small jet of water at a dent nearby on the ground. The dent held the water nicely, and I was lapping at it only a moment after it was there. The heat in my mouth slowly subsided, but still lingered in my mouth. Fay had to refill the makeshift bowl twice, but she was happy to.

“Thanks. Let’s head back to class.” I said once the dent was emptied once again, Fay answering with a nod. We both walked into class to see only two pokemon standing where the crowd had been, focusing on the block. Tarin and that squirtle were the only ones left, so I guessed everyone else already learned psychic. Fay sprinted off and away from me, towards the two pokemon to join in. I walked over to the larger group, seating myself beside Laon.

“I hope she can do it. Sara said the last one left would be kicked out.”

“What? Crap, if she can’t do it, it’s all my-“

“Hey boys.” Fay stood over me, a huge grin on her face.

“Fay, you’re a really quick learne-“

“Let’s not ruin the moment, kay?” she cut me off again, then sat beside me. I looked through a small gap between a ninetails and a leafeon. The two remaining pokemon stood apart from each other, staring at the block intensely.

“How much do you want to bet that one of their faces turn blue before one wins?” I said to Laon beside me, still looking at the two exhausted pokemon.

“Okay. Loser has to run in front of the class and declare that they are the weakest in the universe.” Laon said, confident in his bet.

“Okay, go.” I said, lifting a paw in the direction of the squirtle. “His face is blue.”

“But…that’s CHEATING!” Laon yelled, yet kept his tone under everyone else’s chatter. I smiled wickedly at the objection, then flicked my head to the front of the class. He slowly got up, keeping a glare on me the whole time he walked around the class.

“I’m the weakest.” Laon said half-heartedly, looking at me pleadingly. I grinned at him, nodding at him to continue.

“…In the universe…” he finished, walking back to our spot. A few students lightly chuckled, but most didn’t even notice over their talking.

“Happy?” Laon said as he sat on the ground beside me, still angry at himself for falling for my trick.

“Yeah, I’m good.” I said quietly, looking back at the two pokemon still staring at the cube. Miss Sara looked impatient, looking angrily at the two. She walked over to the two pokemon, I couldn’t quite make out what she said to them. I moved closer.

“Okay, I have a number. One to ten, pick.” Miss Sara said to the two.

“Six!” the squirtle said happily, beaming at our teacher.

“That’s what I was going to pick…I guess…eight?” Tarin said quietly, looking at the ground.

“It was ten. And yaaaaaay, Tarin’s back in my class. Just what I need.” Sara said, as Tarin danced in excitement that he was still in the class.

“Okay, sparring time.” Sara said, while everyone else’s chattering stopped.

“What about decorating?” Tarin asked, tapping Sara on the side.

“We have staff for a reason.”

“But we just-“

“Sparring time. Oh yeah, you’re only allowed to use your new move. Pick your own partners.” I looked around quickly, trying to find a sparring partner.

“We have a score to settle.” Laon said, walking up to me slowly. I grinned, calming myself down.

“You ready?” I said, as we both stared at each other. It was going to be tough to move him, and easy for him to move me. I decided a good defence was better than an offence, so I started running circles around his huge, furry body.

“Stop…moving!” he said angrily, obviously growing dizzy at tying to follow the blur that was me. I hopped out of my circle, skidding across the ground to face him. My body suddenly lurched, sending me sliding across the floor. Luckily I had thick fur, or else my skin would have burned from all the friction. I got up slowly still, the sudden movement still dazed me, my mind still spinning from the attack. I was sent flying again, this time straight up in the air. I had barely any time to brace for impact, the flight was short-lived. My back hit first, my legs flailing in pain and panic at the impact. I rolled over quietly, stumbling and falling onto my other side. My mind started to fade, as feeling in my limbs followed suit.

I felt as if a snorlax sat on me. I ached from head to toe, as I slowly staggered upwards. I opened my eyes, then closed them. Then opened them. All I saw was black. That is, until I saw the white figure. It was my size, but shined radiantly. My eyes had to adjust for a few seconds before I saw what it was. A small hole, only a few steps away. I took a few steps, then jumped into the hole which seemed to above me. The light blinded me at first, then my eyes slowly revealed I was on a beach. It was almost picture-perfect, if it weren’t for the silver eevee lying in the sand in front of me. It turned its head, looking at me as if it was expecting me.

“Welcome to your soul. Nice place, huh?” the eevee said in my voice. I probably looked pretty stupid, but if you just heard another being talk in your voice you would be pretty freaked out too.

“Yeah, I know you have a lot of questions. But I just want one for now, who do you want me to be?” The eevee said, turning into an identical copy of Fay.

“I already know you want me to stay like this, Ruki.” The Fay copy said to me, grinning widely.

“Um…why am I here? Did I die?” I said, looking at the scenery quickly.

“That wouldn’t kill us, silly. I just wanted to say hi, show you around the place…” Copy-Fay said, while I looked around. It seemed the beach was stuck in an eternal sunset, the sky and water turned orange by the never-lowering sun.

“…I think I’ll just stick with your true self as my appearance, Fay is uncomfortable.” The figure changed again, this time into a human boy. His hair was orange, and he wore baggy black and orange clothes, and a sword strapped to his waist. Before I could respond, he drew his sword and swung it, showing me the red blade of the weapon. It slowly grew black flames, strikingly similar to Classico Flames. He impaled the blade in the sand, sitting down after only half the blade stuck out of the ground.

“This is you.” He said, staring into my eyes. “ us.”

I know you're thinking: A TWO PART?! WHAAAAA?! Well guess what, expect more of these. >:D

Please leave a comment! I really appreciate any feedback, even if it's a "Keep it up!" or a "Fix this...and this..." I would love it if you commented.

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Default Re: Ambersaga(Amberdust II is up! Part I and II!)

“I’ll explain why this is a set of documents just varying from the previous ones that were laid upon your desk. The human assigned to my autobiography was not only wrong on many facts, but the document itself was atrociously written. If you notice anything different, it is because that boy took down insufficient notes during my sessions, and wrote a story from them. Amazingly, he got the just of it. Sadly, it isn’t a joy to read. So here, this is my story, written by myself. It’s more accurate.”

Ambersand Rewind-Chapter I
>Up to speed

I’ve always been a peculiar flareon. Maybe it’s my love of the cold, but I think it’s my history…

Today was the day. The day I got moved to a different division. I had been in the Exploration Division for so long, it became my home. My lone bed, the occupant of the other one long gone, leaving only a faint scent of his existence.

As I walked through the hall to the Operations Room, the pictures on the wall reminded me of the history. Not mine, but the history of Team Amber. A picture of an army of pokemon running towards a group of Rocket grunts reminded me of our constant struggle with the other team. Even with all the panic a potential destruction of Amber brought, we had maintained a calm and leisurely environment in the headquarters. Another picture, this one of a sunken ship, caught my eye. The S.S Vale incident. Pokemon were saved from the Rocket transportation ship, an unknown explosion destroying the boat afterwards. Luckily no pokemon were killed in the incident, and our ranks grew after it. Never did I know what that first step into the Operations Room would change in my life. I remember my mind just swarming with ideas, wondering what the President wanted to move me. I looked silently and quickly at the screens, which littered the walls all around me. People were everywhere, sitting at desks around the outside of the room typing on keyboards.

“Sara, glad you could make it.” The president himself sat at a desk in the center of the room, looking at me. Light refracted off of his bald head, redirecting a beam of light at my eyes. I tried not to squint as I walked over to the desk, and onto the small stand waiting for me.

“I think there’s something special about you. And because of your powers and the attack you call Flare, I think it’s time you got your due.” The stubby man said, smiling happily as he addressed me. “So we think you would be a good fit for the Stealth Division. Please report to the division office now.” He finished, not giving me time to even reply. I stepped off of the podium and out of the room, back through the hall. Another picture caught my eyes this time through: one of a single luxio. My eyes grew slightly watery before I told myself it was the past, and kept walking. I occupied my thoughts with another picture, this one of a magnificent black flame. This one was about me, about the present. Humans ran tests on my attack, but advanced quite slowly on their research. Meanwhile, my power was to be used under emergencies, due to its destructive power. All they concluded so far was the flames burned quickly, and could burn through steel. Part of me wondered why I was on the wall, since he represented the past, maybe I was the future. In more ways than one, I guess I was right.

The main lobby expanded in front of me, with me at one side, and my destination not too far away. I slowly started the walk, past others who looked at me curiously. None spoke though, and I guess that was a good thing, I wanted to make a stop at my room before I had to head to lunch. The entrance approached fast, and I entered my new division quickly. I heard whispers of my arrival in the lobby of this division, wondering why I was there. One buizel was bold enough to walk up to me.

“Miss Sara, why are you here? Did you walk into the wrong division?” he asked, looking at me as if were a stray kitten lost on its way home.

“I’m in this division now.” I said. Conversations stopped. Heads turned. Silence enveloped the whole lobby, spare a few whispers of confusion and happiness. I guess I was a bit of a celebrity in Amber, now that I think of it.

“What room are you headed to? Maybe I can help you there?” the buziel said, still standing face-to-face with me.

“I’m going to room…” I said, recalling the number. People looked up, like their name was being called for the lottery. I guess they all had no partners, and a celebrity would be a great partner to them. “…596.” I finished, hearing groans of disappointment echo through the lobby. I then walked past the buziel, then to a hallway with the sign “501-600” plastered above the opening. I walked into the hallway, looking left and right for my door. Finally I caught a glimpse of the numbers 596, but only at the almost end of the hallway. I always wondered why they would put a celebrity in such an inconvenient room. I placed my paw on the door, hoping that the guys down at security already changed my room. Luckily, the door slid open, revealing what looked like a bare room, except for one detail. There were nuts everywhere. On the floor, the bed, the shelves-they were everywhere. More than that, one bed was filled with the things, the other showed signs of use by my new roommate. A small white and pink head popped out from the foot of a bed, stunned to see another in its room.

“Umm…who are you?” the pachirisu asked me, obviously this pokemon hadn’t been around much, tales of my deeds were very common in the base.

“I’m Sara. You know, the famous flareon?” the pachirisu shook her head, not getting the hint. “My move, Flare? You know, the one that single-handedly took out a large group of Rocket grunts?” No response, save another shake of the head. I sighed, not knowing how else to introduce myself. “I’m Sara, your new roommate. And you are?” I finally decided on, the pachirisu actually replying this time.

“I’m Allie, nice to meet you!” the loud voice was a stark contrast to what seemed to be a shy pokemon. My ears now ringing from the yelling pokemon, I quickly said goodbye and left the room as fast as I could. The door clicked silently behind me, cutting off the pachirisu’s goodbyes. Thank god for insolation. I walked silently through the halls again, the ceilings towering above me so any manner of pokemon could fit in the passages. But, due to a lack of materials, I guess, the hallways were…less than astatically pleasing. They were a dim and faded orange, as if they had been there for years and never repainted, which I concluded was correct. The floors were filthy, layered with mud in some parts. But when everyone was asleep, the staff would clean the huge hallways, only for them to be dirtied up again, every day. The story of cleaning the hallways was almost as depressing as the hallways themselves. Finally I reached the lobby again, this time going towards the dining hall. The light danced around me as I walked through the lobby, my form leaving a shadow beside me. The artificial sun shone on me, in my opinion, one of Amber’s greatest achievements. My shadow finally vanished as I walked into the dining hall, the huge box-like room we ate all of our meals in. The dining room was identical to the one in the Exploration Division, white walls and wooden, creaky floors. Pokemon sat at rows of tables, already served by the waiters. I caught sight of one clumsy gardevoir dropping a tray of food, but an arcanine stepped in my way.

Hearing my stomach grumble, I sat at a table alone, only one other seat adjacent to mine. I ordered teriyaki chicken, a delightful food, and the only thing I think humans have going for them. As my fangs bit into the meat, I was reminded again by how long they were. The tips clattered on the plate under the chicken, shooting pain through my gums. Those fangs were such a hassle sometimes. Biting into the meat again, I only bit with about half the length of my fangs.

One pokemon stood up, I noticed it as a zoroark, one of the more recently discovered species.

“Everyone, please welcome Sara to the Stealth Division!” he yelled, alerting what small percentage of pokemon that hadn’t heard the news. The pachirisu strolled up, sitting across from me at the table. If I weren’t trying so hard to block her out, I might have heard what she ordered.

“Sorry I didn’t notice who you were before, Sara…” she said softly, her checks blushing brightly.

“It’s not a big deal.” I said back, just trying to get back to my meal. As I was about to bite into the meat again, she interrupted my feast.

“What was the move you made called?” she said nervously, looking at me with eyes of pure innocence. I sighed lightly as I began my explanation.

“You mean Flare, right?” Allie nodded. “It’s two moves combined that make the move, not its own move. Now can I please finish my meal?” I said to her, preparing to eat more of the food. The mission bell rang out, telling everyone to get to the lobby. “WHAT?! You have to be KIDDING me!” I yelled out of frustration to the huge group of pokemon moving to the exit. One machop turned around and gave me a shrug, he wasn’t happy about leaving his food early either.

‘I swear, if this mission is not directed at me, somebody's going to get a faceful of claws.’ were my thoughts at that moment, as I walked towards the crowd gathering at the lobby, Allie trailing me.

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