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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

Chapter 23: Justice Incarnate

The twelve new members blended into Eon Sky so much that I barely noticed, so there's not too much to say about that. That was probably the most forgettable thing from Trident to the next raid, coming in two week's time.

Karazin's training was finished a few days after leaving Trident, leaving myself to work on using my Spear, and training myself and my Pokemon. For learning how to expertly use the Spear, I consulted none other than Duplix, an elite user of the weapon. Combining that with the new additions to the Illicit Blessing, and I couldn't count how many techniques I had happened to learn. My regular training aside from that was the usual; If it can be done, do it, and if it could be of use, do it.

My Pokemon training was coming along much better since Trident. Albeit Meta, Film, Vyraz and even Scyez were absent, they used Trident as devotion to train harder than ever, and Scyez was finished a week before the next raid. Lesha also trained, but only because she didn't want to take orders from me, and she got jealous of what Scyez could do. This wasn't a petty jealousy, either: If I wasn't trained in Knight's Assent, Scyez would pretty much be an impossible foe to fight against.

Meta evolved, much to my delight: A Metagross was not something to mess with. Film obviously wanted to evolve too, but I had no Shiny Stone, nor did any of Eon Sky, so that was a no-go, but Film took it very lightly. Vyraz was starting to get depressed about it, however: He still had a stage to go, and two of his friends had evolved before him. Of course, he still trained hard.

My dreams...Well, the endless killing sprees were over, that was for sure, which made me sleep better. The dreams that I had instead were far more pleasing. In fact, I swore I never had a dream like that in my whole life before, nor did any one like it ever have been as good.

I never remembered the specifics, but I was in full-Latries form, considering I looked exactly like him. I knew I was being hugged by 'angels,' one being smaller and red, while the taller one was blue. My family was hugging me, too, and we were in some kind of nice place, floating in midair, and it just made me feel so good all over, the hug was warm, and I was in the center of it all...It was just so...Happy. Happy like I had never felt it before. Dreams were the reason I fell asleep: killing Arbiters and training was why I woke up afterwards. Me and Latries discussed this with extreme interest, and Latries swore something came to mind when I gave my very vague description of the angels, but he couldn't reach any conclusions. Neither could I, of course, but we kept talking, the minimal amount of variation being intensely focused on by us. We got nowhere, of course.

I couldn't remember the exact form of the Angels, though, which greatly polluted my thought when I had spare time. They were ringing some very distant bells in my own mind as well, and I oftentimes almost started saying "Brother" or "Sister" When referring to one of them, then correcting myself quickly and saying "Angel." All five of my partners (What I call my Pokemon) were quite inquisitive about these dreams, even though there was little to no variation in them. Lesha was just a little more curious than the rest, but not enough to suspect anything (Not like I knew her inside-out). I ignored her and instead, when training, chose to believe I was punching an Arbiter, or something like that.

Speaking of that, my relation with the Arbiters was similar, only now I had utter loath for the Loyalists. Sure, Avonu was an Arbiter, a extremely likely candidate for being High Priest (It was a definite to Eon Sky that he was an Arbiter, but not that he was the highest rank), and we hated his guts off, but my absolute hatred only increased to massive proportions after the events at Trident, and it expanded to include every last Arbiter that happened to be of the Loyalist rank. I wasn't fooling myself either: I was totally devoted, and there wasn't any kind of voice in my head that disagreed. They were just the very essence of bull**** from hell, and I wanted them dead. They said they had their reasons...They'd never be able to get a reason good enough to stop me from killing them.

I accidentally let it slip that I knew about Lesha's feud with Blizzard's Weavile, promptly named Avalanche. Lesha got furious, and nearly hit me with the mace, and repeatedly questioned about how I learned. The eye-contact trick I had was top-secret, even to the rest of Eon Sky, and Lesha wasn't an exception. She was easier to tick off ever since then, and whenever I was in a mood to answer a ton of questions, she'd try to slip me up by asking how I knew, but each and every time I'd say, without any variation, "No Comment." That obviously irritated her.

Mario resigned from his leadership position, announcing that he would give it to the second-in-command. That wasn't totally shocking, considering that he needed help to make any decision revolving around his position, but it still was rather surprising. Ohnal was replaced as the head of Eon Sky, but Mario's last action as the leader was to announce the location of the next raid before the reins were handed over to Ohnal: a planet called Hyvin-Hul, at the city of Alto-Mare, the target being a certain head of agriculture named Valio Kyte. He also said it was tomorrow. Mutterings abounded, confused whether or not Mario wasn't totally sure he wanted to give it up, or was just testing Ohnal out a little.

That same day, Karazin came back to me on news about the GS and Dark Balls: "The data on the GS ball is almost totally inconclusive thus far, save that there does seem to be an unlock mechanism. What activates it isn't making itself clear for now. As for my study into the Dark Ball, we can't do squat without getting a Shadow Pokemon for ourselves. Alto-Mare is rumored to have a gang who knows how to do the Engulfment process, and uses it frequently on strong Pokemon. We could steal one from them." Karazin said.

"Got you. I'll keep an eye out." I said.

I noted that, that night, the dream had a very definite and detailed setting: It was in some kind of garden, over a beautiful fountain, with many kinds of pinwheels around...


The very next day, Ohnal gave the reasons behind their stopping.

"When we escaped from Triaton and hit the DEE at the best speeds we could, well, we went just a little too fast. It did no harm to weapon systems, but the hit took out a shield generator. We need to stop briefly and get it fixed. Meanwhile, there is news afoot that the Head of the DOH, a man hired by Avonu and letting obviously rotten practices run amok among food processing companies for the sake of his already ridiculous salary, a man by the name of Valio Kyte, has slipped by the media and went home to his hometown of Alto-Mare." Ohnal said, calmly. "Alto-Mare is a city where we fought back against some of the strongest Arbitarian Forces ever encountered, including the beast Tyzzax himself. The great victory is overshadowed by it's criminal influence: Several gangs run wild, tearing up the once-great city, and the local terrorist gang, 'The Exio Void,' has made Shadow Pokemon a major issue. Even Gear Pesse has had trouble rooting these criminals out. And not to mention outside its walls, beyond its seas, there lies the Nocturnal Lands." Ohnal said, still totally calm. "We will NOT tolerate the further desolation of such a great city and such a memorial to those that fought, and still fight against the Arbiters, by the very presence of this man no further!" Ohnal declared, more charismatic. He wasn’t met with a good crowd, though.

"Our next target is a man nerfarious in all of the Republic's politics, the infamous Cheiz DeVaxim. Even before Avonu's appearance in government, he has soiled the good name of many good causes, and has been at fault for multiple issues in education and is also the instigator that sparked the Market Crash of 2006, and has even been in several ways related to criminal activity. He is to meet on the planet Chael on the third of June, Chael being past the Lightshard Asteroid Field, something we can't get past if we don't have the barrier. This is to get rid of one man's unjust presence in Government, and to make ourselves able to reach another, and rid of him as well." Ohnal said. Still no huge crowd.

"No member of Eon Sky will be exempt from this raid, we need every one we can get to comb through Alto-Mare's massive streets, twisting alleyways, and deep canals. Each member, so long as they keep in contact, may also comb the city down independently of the other." Ohnal said, sounding like the mother that promised her kid a treat for doing something the kid didn't like.

The whole of Eon Sky roared its approval: never had they been fully involved in a whole raid since stealing the Calypso, and now, and without wasting time, Ohnal went into tactics.

We had two days to days we had to stay, for the barrier damage: Without the barrier, we'd be victim to asteroid collisions, shots fired from Arbiters and Onlisk forces alike, and other ship-wrecking things. Meanwhile, the exact location of Valio Kyte's residence wasn't known to us, and nobody knew what he was going to do there-but he'd be doing it all alone, from the looks of it. This led up to why we'd be searching through the city: We didn't know what he was doing there, and if we did we'd already have a plan to kill him rolling.

Ohnal stressed the fact that they had to put a tracker on Valio Kyte BEFORE they went in for the kill, and only go in for the assassination after they had a plan and after the ship was fully repaired. As Hyvin-Hull was Volteer-friendly, this wasn't much of a challenge, as they could wield Volteer powers naturally and openly to speed up the process, and use Volteer techniques to make sure Valio Kyte, only a Minor-rank Volteer himself, would never know he's being tracked. However, until they had a tracker on him, and until they could safely escape from the city (apparently, the Nocturnal Lands were far too dangerous for even the combined force of every Legendary Volteer that ever lived, at least for back then), he'd stay alive.

When asked about what they would do aside from barrier repair, getting the word from the Volteers around Alto-Mare, and hunting down and killing Valio Kyte, Ohnal said that so long as they were to not give themselves away, they may do as they please. This further served to please everyone: Alto-Mare was in itself a beautiful city, having structures older than the foundations of the Onlisk Republic, and those foundations went way back.

The people that knew how to operate and maintain a ship had been asked to stay behind, those people being Issac, Karazin, and a few others. Everyone else was free to roam Alto-Mare as they pleased. It was nice, that at least this time, I wasn't going to be required to kill someone this time around, unless I found Valio Kyte.

I could already see the planet from afar, with a large ocean and many various continents dotting it here and there. In the middle of a large, oddly circular ocean was the city we were aiming for: Alto-Mare.

My eye caught, however, the space around it: The planet could sustain life, but it was massive, and that was by planet standards. The sun that kept the planet lit was about as good as it got for suns of massive planets, and it wasn't going to die out anytime soon, so there wasn't anything wrong with it from up here, or at least anything wrong enough to keep civilization from expanding outward into the rest of the planet. I swore the planet would look ruined outside of Alto-Mare, but it didn't even seem slightly out of order. I was highly confused: It was apparently a total taboo and an unspoken rule to never, ever, not for even the best reason there ever was, to even put one foot in the Nocturnal Lands, for it was beyond dangerous from the presence of several mysterious entities who eradicated all who crossed them without hesitation or mercy, collectively called the Herobrine. They were the works of the Arbiters, and if they were that dangerous, they'd have destroyed Hyvin-Hul at this point. It was beyond understanding, unless the Herobrine were that strong, and nobody in Eon Sky knew. I guessed it wasn't anything important, though, if I wasn't leaving Alto-Mare.

Alto-Mare had several points to park from, mostly segmented islands large enough to hold the large ships, but not part of the main city itself. We landed on the southernmost said platform, and got outside.

My heart instantly clamored for me to stay here, forever and ever and ever. It was just this stunning city, free of stuff like graffiti and whatnot, old and ancient but nowhere near decay, as if the whole place was built yesterday. There wasn't any sign of litter or trash where it wasn't supposed to be, and the whole place had these beautiful waterways. The place had small shops just floating around in the spacious canals, selling unique wares at low prices. To put it shortly, the place was far from the decaying, gang-infested city I was thinking of when I thought of Alto-Mare.

In fact, it was almost perfect. If Undella Town wasn't a place I could lie low, if it wasn't Volteer-scarse, and if it didn't already appeal to me, I'd have chosen Alto-Mare for a location for a home instead of Undella Town, and I'm still considering buying property there since I turned sixteen. (For anyone using the Reol system for determining adulthood, if you're sixteen under the Pesse system, then you're an adult.)

I was sorely tempted to get into half-Latries, or even full-Latries (something I hadn't tried, even then, purely for the lack of legs) form, and fly all around it, observe it from every angle and nook and cranny, but I knew much better: if I was seen and recognized by any member of the Onlisk, I was dead and the mission would be compromised. Being half-Latries was what I was probably well-known for within the Onlisk and considering Latries was a unique species, there was no way I could hide suspicions if I was caught in full-Latries form. I had to suppress the urge.

That didn't stop my Parkour abilities. I looked like a freaking ninja, climbing and jumping over rooftops, using my extremely high levels of speed, agility, reaction time and endurance to breeze through whole blocks in seconds. Many Volteers like to do Parkour with the assistance of Kinetic Energy, but that I didn't need it was a stand-out. Then again, Pokemorphs and Pokethrobes of Pokemon that are well known to be able to do such things weren't totally uncommon in Alto-Mare. My first task was simple: Get Ohnal an accurate map of the great canal city.

I swore I managed to subconsciously know half the city by heart without even looking at it: I had a feeling that the Museum was near the northeastern part of the city, and sure as hell, there it was, near the northeastern part, next to one of a few plazas that dotted the city, every shining brick as white as most of the city, and the Museum itself made of majestic marble. I remembered the last time I had Vanilla ice-cream (Pardon me, Sivan ice-cream), and wouldn't you know it, there was a nice little stand selling cones for half a Zav, that I happened to be heading towards. Looking for the town center wasn't too much of a challenge, with two statues of Alto-Mare’s local Legendary Pokemon, Latios and Latias.

Yes, I stopped moving when I saw them. Latios and Latias. Running the names through my head was a bit of a wake-up call for me and Latries. I almost forgot about them, and here Latries was, looking almost impossibly like the Eon Siblings (or at least their statues). Latries was getting more and more nostalgic, but wasn't getting anywhere at all.

That was a brief stop, and continuing on like said stop never happened, I came across a series of alleyways between two buildings that just screamed "I've been here before, god****it!" I descended into the alley, and found Duplix right next to me.

"Holy-Oh, uh, nevermind." Duplix said, looking back at the children nearby. "Where the hell did you come from?" He asked, far out of earshot to the kids.

"Oh, I was just, well, you know, touring the area." I said, casually. "Something about this place seems awfully familiar, though. Haven't been around here before, but..."

"...Well, if you want to, who am I to hold you back? I'll come with you, in fact." he said, following me.

I seriously was just curious where my whims would carry me. Even in the bright-stoned alleyways here, it was darker than most everywhere else, and I really wasn't keeping track of where I was walking around, taking turns of my own accord, and I even tested how good I 'knew' the place and closed my eyes, walking around, making turns completely out of faith, for a couple of minutes.

"Hey, where'd you go?!" Duplix said. I opened my eyes and took a look around.

I swore where I wound up at was impossible: There wasn't any entrance or exit, and all that was behind me was a thick brick wall. The sun was shining from above in a secluded garden of sorts, and...There it was, the pool where my last dream happened to be set at, weird pinwheels nearby and all.

"Duplix? Duplix?!" I called, suddenly having a bolt of inspiration. With that bolt, I reached through the wall. 'Through' being the operating word. I happened to grab an arm, and pulled a very, very surprised former Team Plasma grunt through.

"What the f***?! Wait, wait, where the heck are we?!" Duplix said, his confusion of suddenly being somewhere far different than his previous location setting in. "Avalon, where did you take me?!" He threw in.

"You have no idea...And neither do I." I said. "I don't know, I was just spacing out, not really watching where I was going...Guess it paid off, huh?" I elaborated.

"Great." Commented Duplix. "Like Valio will ever be somewhere close to here, in the...In the...In the hidden Lati Gardens...Yhea, those kids were talking about it." He said, confusion being replaced with that universal adventurer stuff that universally is hardwired into every Volteer's brain. "...We're either dead already, about to be knocked out and put in some secluded part of the city, or, if we're lucky, they aren't here..." He added.

"Eh? What?" I queried.

"The Kids said that Latios and Latias had this kind of special garden, and that it's forbidden for anyone but who they pick to go in and out, and they usually don't like intruders. And if I was a freaking Legendary, I wouldn't have either of us here much longer. Let's leave, before-"

Before an extremely angry Pokemon that isn't either Latios or Latias jumps out of the pool of water unexpectedly?! That probably wasn't what he was going to say, but it happened regardless.

"What the-"

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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

The Pokemon that jumped out of the water was a Feraligator, and was also blind, judging strictly from the fact that his eyes weren't any color other than pure white. There was also a kind of purple smoke coming off of its body. However, if my brief utterance wasn't enough, then Duplix's yelp was defiantly enough to let it know we were there. Yawping (A barbaric yell, for those that don't know), the Feraligator ran forward, as blind as could be. Me and Duplix dived out of the way, of course, and had minimized our sound enough to let the ba****d run into the wall behind us: Sure, some of it was an illusion, but there was a real arch above the illusion that the thing hit.

"Avalon...Oh, dumb kids...Those kids that you saw back there, you see, well, they said something about blood and this stupid garden! If you get so much as a drop of it on anything here, they'll know, and they'll be here in an instant! We've got to knock it out...Or get it out...If those dumb kids are right, anyway..." Duplix whispered, too quietly for a Feraligator, roaring his heart out, to even notice.

"At this point?! It'll be a freaking miracle for them to NOT have noticed, if you didn't notice the roaring and the charging, and US. But I'll take it into account...Let's do this quickly." I whispered back, picking out Meta's PokeBall, gesturing to the fountain. We quietly crept over, while the Feraligator stopped roaring, and started searching for us more accurately than I thought possible, each step possibly being the trigger for another charge, while we were crouched down on the ground.

The Alligator Pokemon sniffed the air, and started approaching me with a little more speed, while I used his rather loud footsteps to muffle my own. We were at the fountain, and I started telekinetically talking to Meta, Meta still being in a PokeBall aside. <"Meta! I want you to listen very, very carefully..."> I started.

<"You realize I have been monitoring what you've been doing for the whole day? I could have popped out whenever you wanted."> Meta responded. <"Don't worry, I'm up to speed with the plan."> he added.

My plan was simple: Throw the PokeBall nearby the fountain, in a perfectly straight line between the Feraligator, Meta, and the pool of water, make our attacker charge, fall in, and scare it off from there. Oh, and I did, of course. Meta's form would have intimidated the Feraligator if it wasn't blind, or if it wasn't too outraged to remember what fear was. As predicted, the Feraligator charged straight towards the source of the noise, roaring, and tripped upon Meta's crouched body, right into the pool of water.

The Feraligator wasn't done yet, though, and he roared further, and the purple smoke warped and darkened...And a purple crystal of ice formed at the mouth.

In response came dragon fire, straight from my own palm, as well as a kinetic burst of fire from Duplix, and a Psycho Slash from Meta, the combined force of which not only hurt the Feraligator's mouth, but also had destroyed it's ice crystal. In it's mouth. In an explosive, freezing style. It obviously hurt, and it also served to muzzle it. Thankfully for the Feraligator, its two tiny little holes the size of a needle tip that somehow served as nostrils were mercifully unfrozen, but it was no longer focused on killing us, more so than it wanted it's mouth de-muzzled, ripping at it's frozen jaws with it's claws to little success. It eventually gave up both killing us and getting it off entirely, and instead chose to swim into an opening where the thing came from, probably to retreat and find a safer environment to get rid of it's icy mouth-cage.

"...OK, that was lucky, I guess..." I said.

"<"Avalon, according to some surface thoughts you had about that Feraligator...That is what a Shadow Pokemon is. The dark aura around it that masks it's true aura is what you can tell with. Lucky you can tell, I guess...You can see the Aura, so that's expected. Regardless of that, I advise following it." Karazin telepathed, deciding to drop in.

<"And how do I get it, once I find it and knock it out?!"> I replied.

<"Every last Shadow Pokemon that was ever created should be in the hands of a trainer. A severely misguided or unknowing trainer, but a trainer nevertheless. Find the trainer, steal the PokeBall, and viola. We don't have a snagging machine, like they're even slightly legal, so that's all we've got."> Karazin said.

<"Pardon me, but, Shadow Pokemon sightings?! I think we may have the Exio Void behind this...Attacking in the Lati Gardens, for goodness sake. I think they may have been trying to bag the Legends, but that's obvious. The Exio Void isn't one for major competition, so they may shoe us out if they discover us, kill us all, or making enough ruckus to attract the Onlisk. I’m not one for chance, and they’re despicable fellows, our issues aside. Find them, at once!"> Ohnal put in, also deciding to pop in.

"So, how're we going to follow it, anyway? We don't have anything that can breath underwater, and the bloody thing swam off!" Commented Duplix.

"Well, Kinetic Energy could work..." I said, hinting at Water control.

"I don't have that under my belt! Fire, Earth, Air, even a little Metal, but no god-d**m Water!" Duplix said.

"That means we swim it, and hope that we can keep up." I said, returning Meta and diving in the deep pool of water. "Like we can stay here, the Eon Twins are probably breathing down our necks." I added, popping out briefly, hoping that they weren't literally breathing down our necks. That would be the prelude to death or amnesia, neither of which was desired.

Duplix followed, but only hesitantly, the prelude to the daunting task of tailing that Feraligator. Even while holding Duplix's hand and using that lovely antigravity propulsion to speed up the process, and Duplix made bubbles of air for easy breathing, we had to keep an illusion up at all times, making sure that we didn't make a disturbance with the local Remoraid or the boats and floating stalls above us (meaning slowing down) while Aura-sighting one Feraligator who didn't have nearly that much to worry about. That alone allowed the Feraligator much more time to get away. Throw in the fact that Aura-Sighting made navigation through places like this confusing with most everything being see-through, and I oftentimes bumped our heads into walls, granting our target even more distance.

Meanwhile, the whole surroundings about us began to be more and more in disrepair, some small sections of stones disturbed, cracks at the bottom of the canals, the increasing rarity of people and Pokemon alike, and even signs of Arbit-Burning. I was too focused to notice, until the Feraligator went into a hole in the wall that was just large enough to let it in with no trouble, nearby a small place that was dry land, thankfully. We walked on it and immediately saw why Alto-Mare was described as a very dilapidated place.

These buildings were subject to the full brunt of some kind of attack. Judging from the kind of damage, a cross between a burn and an acidic substance, I guessed this was where Tyzzax and the Herobrine had launched the attack on Alto-Mare, and this part of the city was where the brunt of said attack was taken. Far from the pearly-white and nearly perfect areas of beautiful buildings and bountiful populace I immediately associated Alto-Mare with, this place was probably the reverse opposite of that, with only a few shady characters standing around in the late afternoon sun. We were at the chase for at least an hour or so, but I didn't really keep track of time.

I checked back underwater, Aura-Sighting (I wasn't keeping my eyes open in water, no way), still looking at the hole in the waterway, having a kind of net of sensors around it. Above it, the building was a shabby one-story building that wasn't spared the dusty and drab appearance of the other buildings nearby, but was exempted from having to bear the scars of battle. In that aspect, it was in incredible condition, almost to suspicion.

And, with that, a vision popped in. It gave me an aerial view of the building, which had no roof access, and proceeded from there to let me see it from all sides, where a door was located on one end. Judging from the light of the sky, this was from earlier this day. Nearby this door were two people, dressed in civilian's clothes, save they were darker. One of them, the one closer to the door, said to it, "Moo-lah-lah." the door slid back, revealing an elevator, and the two walked inside, with the Vision focusing in on a camera nearby, while the vision took me into the underwater hole: There wasn't a password here, only a camera and a laser beam trap: If you weren't 'authorized' via the Shadow Aura, in or out, then the lasers, a much smaller variant of the energy used in Spartan Lasers, would turn your body to pieces in record time, as shown by the previously seen Feraligator leaving, but not before eating one of a stray remoraid pack, making the others flee, several swimming straight into the trap and dying, appropriately, all also being seen by a camera...

And there I was, back in my body, observing the front side of the building. I quickly told Duplix everything I saw in the vision, and formulated a plan.

Duplix and I would once again go underwater, only totally invisible. As me and Duplix approached the trap, we were nervous that the trap would activate while we were in the middle, and make us all swiss cheese. No such event occurred, and the trap was thoroughly fooled. The doorway to the other side, complete with a nice staircase, was available to us, and we didn't hesitate to go through, turning another corner.

Inside was a different story to the half-ruined city above us: The whole place was made of some kind of partially-reflective metal, tough and durable, and it looked very much like a factory, save the rare insignia of a purple vortex. We were still totally invisible, and this was only the B1 room. The Feraligator was pointing at the muzzle it had wound up with, and the presumed owner, a young man with blond hair and dark-colored civilian clothes, proceeded to use a Bo-Staff to smash it off. It did it's job in a hit, and the Feraligator roared it's approval. The man then hit the Feraligator with the Bo-Staff, right in the face.

"Dumb***, you were supposed to go get the Eon Twins from their god**** garden! What stopped you?!" He yelled at his...subordinate.

"Two humans and a Metagross were there before I got there, master. They had made me hit a wall and froze my mouth, and the Jet Psycho Dragons weren't there at all." The Feraligator responded, in an ironically monotone fasion to go against it's obvious outrage against us at the gardens and it's sitll malevolent presence.

"C**p! The d**m recon data was f***ing wrong! We only had one chance to do that right, and that d**m reconnaissance team d**m messes it up and gives me the d**m wrong time!" He yelled, to nobody in particular. The Feraligator looked like he was thankful that it wasn't his fault the Eon Twins were there, the whole blame being placed instead on the Recon team, he also started looking quite evil upon the mention of this man's next victims, the only emotional stance it could give being through it's eyes. The duo walked off, the man still heavily agitated, the Feraligator oddly cool. That's when we got out of the water.

We were still invisible, and we were, with our whole beings focused on not getting noticed, were shocked nearly to making some sort of noise or bumping into another Exio Void grunt, dark-clothed, dark-hair, black eyes, and very pale skin. I caught eyes with her and proceeded to get the layout of the building as she had it memorized. The point where they stow the Shadow Pokemon, as well as anything else they've stolen Pokemon-wise, was at the 3B floor, to the immediate right of the staircase going down, while at the 2B floor the Engulfment Process was being done, to the immediate right of the downward staircase as well. There was also something going on in the 5B floor, but that was top-secret. For now, all she had to do was to report to the 4B floor, where a kind of speech was to be made, and only members of the Exio Void that weren't on duty would be allowed: the grunts on guard would still be there, as usual. I relayed the information to Duplix via telepathy, and formed a plan as to how this would work out.

First things first: Steal a Shadow Pokemon, meaning, go to the 3B floor and get to the room where they keep all their stolen Pokemon. The whole place was hustling to get to the meeting, so the only issue was being behind the crowd, in spaces where the grunts hadn't occupied. Considering we were at the back, it was simple to get to the 3B floor without being seen or heard, some general commotion going on.

The 3B floor had one door, two guards guarding said door, and a camera watching them. Fortunatly, there was also an open vent, which had a cover that was removed, placed to the side. Duplix and I crawled in, the former with some difficulty, going up the vent and into a vent that happened to be an overlook of the room, which was basically uninteresting if not for the massive racks of PokeBalls and the guards, armed with shotguns and non-harming red lasers for targeting, muttering about how they were forced to stay behind and guard a place that wouldn't get discovered in their wildest dreams while the others got to go to 'that awesome speech.' Oddly enough, the vent cover was absent from it's proper position as well, sitting atop the closest rack.

<"You stay here, I'll go for the Shadow Pokemon. If I'm spotted, help create a diversion. OK?"> I telepathed to Duplix. He didn't argue, and agreed to the plan, as I got out, hovering just above their heads. So long as nobody saw me, I'd be good.

"So, what's the deal with this one?" Said one of the grunts.

"Apparently, this was one of Tyzzax's Pokemon. He was disappointed, 'cause it wasn't a killing machine, like a Shadow Pokemon is, and it was too smart to kill, but he kept it anyways. He must've dropped it during the battle, way back when Gear defended Alto-Mare from the Herobrine, and all that." Said another.

I instantly whipped my head towards the source of their voices, finding the two grunts unmoving, backs turned to everything else to gaze upon a ball upon a rack labeled "Special Pokemon: High-Ranking personnel only."

"So, it's strong?" Said the first grunt.

"Duh, it's strong. It's strong enough to kill us all, and smart enough to get away with it." Said the second, as I approached them cautiously.

"So, if we were Commanders..." Said the first grunt, resuming the position to guard the rare Pokemon all the while. "...We could use it, right?" He queried.

"Hell no. It wouldn't listen to us. It's all religious and serious, and it thinks it doesn’t need us, d**m independent. It's too good to lose, but it's immune to the Engulfment process, 'cause Tyzzax infused it with Arbitarian Energy, so we're having a tough time tricking it to fight for us." The second grunt answered.

"Yhea...OK...Say, what is it, anyway? What kind of Pokemon, I mean." The first grunt questioned, making one last glance towards the PokeBall, now identifiable at this range as a jet-black Pokeball, minus the gold-lined insignia of the Arbitarian Eye that I'd be painting over as soon as I'd get it (I had my mind set the instant I could identify it).

"A Chandelure, I think. I don't really know, I heard a Commander talk about it, but I wasn't really paying attention." The second said, not making one further glance at it. I landed silently between them and pocketed the PokeBall, resuming hovering well above them after that, and looking around for more targets. Karazin needed only one Shadow, but I wanted to make sure these dudes took a good hit. I decided on getting PokeBalls at the ends of the rack, making it look like they weren't even there to begin with. I took about four balls in this manner before someone was caught.

That someone not being me.

"OY! There's some kid over here!" Said a grunt, thankfully nowhere close to the vent or my position. "AND HE'S STEALING THE SHADOWS! KI-OWWW!" He added, yelling in pain at the end. The other grunts were starting to shoot at their unknown target, while I started speeding up raiding the special rack, reducing it to the point where someone would have to notice, all the while the signs of a major struggle, Pokemon and Humans alike being involved, were coming from the opposite end of the room. I decided that, with fourteen PokeBalls in my hands, that would be enough to satisfy me for right now, and I threw each one to Duplix, catching them effortlessly, leaving all but one.

"Ah, got 'im! You put up a fight, 'ere, didn't you?" Said the same grunt that alerted the others.

"Gah! Lemme go, nits! GAAHH!" Said someone, a guy from the noise. He must have been getting punched.

I had an ingenious idea. I needed no vision or eye-lock to make a commotion and formulate a plan from there, my plan being to slam the last PokeBall, coincidentally the Arbitarian Pokemon's PokeBall, into the ground without setting it off, letting half or more of the grunts go to where the sound came from to investigate, while I flew off to see the situation, and hopefully help. I threw the PokeBall at the ground, careful not to release the Pokemon within.

"BOOOoong!" The noise of the PokeBall bouncing, a very distinctive noise, rang through the room, as I grabbed it as it bounced back up, and still invisible, hovered to the opposite side of the room, where seven grunts came to investigate the nose I made, while three others were standing around, one of them holding someone that couldn't have been older than seventeen. White hair, black jeans, a blue shirt, blue eyes, and with an odd black-red device on his arm, he was obviously in pain by repeated punches to the gut and face. The grunts that were nearby him were all the burly type, but I never really focused on anything other than their shotguns. One held the dude, another was assaulting him, and a third was just watching. The one dude that was punching the guy had at this point exhausted his patience with merely punching him, and had pulled out his shotgun, pointing it at the boy’s chest. He pulled the trigger.

The exact timing of my intervention couldn’t have been more comical; it looked exactly like the thing literally backfired, shooting the lethal spray through the user’s chest over the captive’s. As a bonus, my control also allowed the bullets to arc around and make fatal hits in the heads of the other two grunts nearby, and a heavy-duty silencer made the whole thing silent. I took the young man, cloaked him with the illusion, and half-handed half-threw him to Duplix, who pulled him up. Now the real game was on.
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

The remaining seven Exio Void members in the room, having noticed the disappearance of the Arbitarian Pokemon but not noticing the Pokemon on the end of the rack that were equally missing, were now joined by the two guards from outside, somehow alerted to what happened. The fallen Guard's Pokemon, released when their bodies hit the floor, Shadow and quite confused as to what to do without anyone to order them around, were looking at their master's dead bodies with a bored and dull look, the confusion only notable by my Psychic abilities. The Guards were now on high alert, willing to kill whatever went in their way other than them.

That wouldn't matter. With every guard situated close to their fallen brethren, I could easily fly back to the special rack and steal even more of the Shadow Pokemon, bagging another twenty, including some rather close to the center of the rack, and threw them all to Duplix and the young man above, catching them without making a noise, save the last one, when our new partner accidentally put a PokeBall too forcefully on the metal above, and made a very distinctive noise. Each and every guard heard that, and without missing a beat aimed their arms at the open vent cover. Duplix and the other guy weren't to be seen from their angle, but they started to move directly below the vent cover, and with the assistance of the three shadows, unless a major distraction was made right then, they'd be found.

I pushed on a rack, and right then and there, I got a picture for what having well over the combined physical ability of six elite Olympic athletes meant. The special Pokemon rack, behind the rack I pushed and pressed against the wall, was the only one to remain standing: The rack I did push went soaring, slamming into every other rack and making the whole place fall like dominoes, and I had to keep airborne just to avoid drowning in the downpour of PokeBalls. Several of the grunts were knocked out, one was at the lower half of the business end of the rack I pushed and got crushed to death with it's weight, and one had suddenly burst out of the hodgepodge of PokeBalls with a Kinetic burst. In response, I threw one of the many PokeBalls now half-flooding the room at his head, and he got a nasty concussion, to say the least. It was bloody.

Using Telekinesis, I lifted about forty or so PokeBalls from the sea of Pokemon, all at once, flying up into the vent with it, not wanting to stick around for the Grunts that had started coming in and finding their very orderly Pokemon storage room now very disorderly.

<"Let's get the hell out of here!"> I telepathed, pleased that Duplix had spatially warped the captured PokeBalls out to the Calypso, save the Arbitarian Pokemon.

<"And how do you propose we do that?!"> Duplix responded.

<"I got here through the vents, they're just large enough for us."> Said our new accomplice. <"P.S., My name's Wes."> he added.

I'm not explaining how one crawls through a ventilation system, it's like crawling through a small tunnel made of metal. And it was hot. But it served us well, and with Wes leading, we found ourselves somewhere where there wasn't a high alert, at least, judging strictly from the lack of tense, careful, footsteps.

<"You can make us invisible, right?"> Wes asked.

<"Yes."> I responded. Wes worked on the vent cover, getting it open without pushing it out, and sliding it aside, while I put my touch on it, making it look to others like it never happened. Wes crawled out first, and then I did.

The room was a small one, made so by the large column of metal in the center of the room. On every wall save the one the vent was at, there were computers with complicated equations and recordings, 3D models and charts, and other scientific gibberish. Some were also blank. There wasn't anybody here right now, astoundingly.

Wes immediately went to press a button on the column within the room, and the thin metal sheet that made up most of the column was out of sight in instants. In it's place, a glass wall stood, thick and difficult to break. In two different crammed glass cages, without any kind of food but plenty of water, stood two Pokemon.

One was an Emboar, no doubts, and something dubious was about him, but he was calm and only curious as to what were obviously new faces. He was massive in comparison to me in all dimensions of size, and seemed to be larger than the average Emboar as well. The other was a Garchomp, smaller than the average, who in response to having the metal sheet removed from his sights, sprang up to make an obviously scary pose, roaring, but the voice didn't make it past the glass wall, and he suddenly noticed Wes. He dropped the act and started pointing at the button directly below him. There was also a third glass cage, but it had no prisoner. The floor was pure white, as was the ceiling. My glance was adverted for a second by something shiny, and I looked briefly at a sign above the doorway out of here: 4B floor and up. That meant by logical conclusion that this was the 5B floor, where something Top-Secret was located, even when the grunt that had this information knew that the 2B Floor was where the Shadow Pokemon were made.

With the cages unveiled, and the location confirmed, the whole place took on a new meaning, and several suspicion boiled within me, as questions emerged. Why keep two non-Shadow Pokemon caged up in here, when the Engulfment Process was being done three floors up from here? What was with all the science-related stuff, when these Pokemon weren't even Shadow Pokemon? And why was it just two, most of all. Was there a third? Where was it? And even if there was a third that was somewhere else, why just have enough space for three down here? What was going on?

Wes, without taking into account the kind of place this room was, immediately advanced to the Garchomp, but I was faster, and he hadn't taken two steps towards it before I stopped him cold.

<"Hold it. We don't know what's going on here."> I telepathed.

<"But that's my-">

<"Something's wrong about this place. Do you know what it is?"> I asked.

<"Something called the Starvation Process. I got it from eavesdropping this Commander, didn't see who it was. I'm not sure what they meant by it, but look. There's no food. I guess they're starving them."> Wes responded.

<"Hold it. Give me a minute before you do anything."> I telepathed.


<"Duplix, don't let him do anything dumb. It'll just be a few seconds, OK?"> I telepathed, Duplix standing in between Wes and the button, as I took in a direct glance from the Garchomp, hoping for answers.

My suspicions were well-founded, to say the least.

I'll skip the part about Bolivan's (The Garchomp's) relationship with Wes, and the kidnapping, and get down to what I was looking for. The first memory was when the first three Pokemon were still at the base stage, the Emboar currently a highly scared Tepig, the Garchomp a even more afraid Gible, and the third Pokemon's identity was revealed to be a Riolu. A female Riolu. A hyperactive, overly-childish, female Riolu, totally unaware of even the slightest threat. This memory was the first day of confinement within the cage for the poor Gible, and the other two were probably caught before then.

The second memory took place in the same glass chamber, but the Tepig was initially missing, and the Riolu's jumping around and about was strictly in curiousity, trying to find some way to speak to the Gible and to get to her absent buddy. But the Tepig, now a Pignite, rose up through the floor via a kind of elevator, and the Riolu took to further jumping about, obviously trying to yell out her confusion to her prior inmate's new form, and new, far more relaxed posture. The Riolu didn't have much time, as the ground beneath her gave way, and the Gible's thoughts were that the Riolu was going through the same thing the Tepig did...

The third memory was after the Female Riolu came up, and it was obvious that she, unlike the Pignite, hadn't changed even slightly, still attempting to yell out how it was like through the glass. However, now it was the Gible's turn for whatever it was, and true-blue mortal fear coursed through the Gible faster than it's madly beating heart could ever pump blood. The ground beneath it lowered slowly, steadily, revealing machines that were obviously new, and being used for the first time. The Gible madly scratched at his cage's grip-less walls to no avail, as he helplessly entered another room. The Gible didn't have time to comprehend it's newfound surroundings, however, as sleeping gas was pumped into the room.

The fourth memory was after the Gible regained consciousness, as it was being lifted back up to the top again. It instantly recognized two things; An impossible, irresistible hunger coursing through him stronger and more powerfully than his prior fear, and his Evolution. He was more confused about it than pleased, and only returned the looks of the Pignite and the Riolu with utter confusion.

The fifth memory was when the Gabite was back in the room he was taken to before to take in sleeping gas, gain an impossible to satisfy appetite, and Evolve, all of which didn't really make sense until when it was paired off against a Carvanah. In the water. In pitch black darkness. Ground-Type aside thanks to Dragon-Types being able to breath underwater and in space (I took both facts to heart), the sole predator made easy pray of the Gabite, unable to swim and totally confused as to it's surroundings, taking bite after bite at every angle, never ceasing or letting up. Meanwhile, the incomprehensible hunger was starting to get even stronger than before, transmitting to his whole body in a strange, welcome way, as it kept being bit. Then one time, the Gabite knew it had been bit again, but it felt more like something had, at last, given it something to eat, and it's body started swallowing whole it's attacker. The Gabite didn't take much notice or worry about the new sensation and the visceral information until he realized that the only thing that he could use to swallow anything was his mouth. he opened his eyes: The room's lights didn't go on, but it was as if everything was given an HD sight of sorts, while his body seemed to be enveloped in a black substance. He whipped his head around to where the last bite occured, and saw the tailfin of the Carvanah, desperately flailing, being sucked into the darkness. The craving it's stomach had made it's approval known by disappearing, and now the Gabite seemed to suddenly notice something: The Water's unfamiliar and intimidating qualities seemed to vanish. Looking over the black substance coating his body, he noticed the feeling of the tail and the fins of the Carvanah on him in proper ways.

After all of that, the Gabite promptly fainted from shock.

The sixth and final memory was later, when the Garchomp was currently as it was now, in it's wierd Dark-Bodied form, currently showing off Sharpedo parts and even more rows of black teeth, while the Emboar nearby showed off four arms and dark pillars, and the Riolu, still totally hyperactive, sporting Pidgey Wings and some kind of coat that reminded me of a Snover, all of it in the color of pitch-black darkness, each and every one still in their glass cages, each and every one focusing on two woman, one of who looked extensively like the girl I got Scyez from, the other looking like she was in charge. She made several gestures to the Riolu, probably explaining something to the feminine Volteer that would later get frustrated with training Scyez and give her to me, before she took an Ultra Ball and returned the Riolu, and the Garchomp could notice that the Emboar was watching the Riolu with a mean look in his eyes, as though he was jealous of the Riolu's freedom: It needed Friendship and Loyalty to something to Evolve, and for that, it needed to be with someone that would supply that...Or at least attempt to. And that wouldn't happen inside a cage.

A few other memories occured, and I was back, outside the cage. And I was hearing something entierly new.

All three of us turned our heads, and the Garchomp did as well, following our gazes: Someone was being dragged down the stairs, someone female, someone crying, screaming "NO, NO, NO, PLEASE NO!!"

The Emboar picked itself up, in a newfound excitement, while the Garchomp just stared with that actor's fury in his eyes returning, for some reason. Then I remembered that the Garchomp couldn't see us under normal circumstances: It was either the Starvation Process, simple assumptions, or something else.

"You have to be the dumbest idiot I've ever seen! I don't care how d**m frustrating it is, it was d**m irreplacable, those compounds are too rare for replacements, you d**m idiot! AND YOU LET IT GO TO SOME GOD**** KID?!" Someone else said, also femeline, but in a controled rage, bursting throug the door.

The female that wasn't panicking was tall, black-haired, looked brutal with cold brown eyes and equally cold black clothes, with the same Shadow Aura about her body, dragging the girl that gave me Scyez down the stairs. The girl looked bloody

I'd deal with Scyez's past later. If possible. For now, all that was left to do was to let the bomb drop: The metal sheet was absent, and the woman noticed.

"Whose in here? COME OUT NOW!" She yelled, her rage briefly letting the girl drop, allowing her to pick herself up. Neither noticed me, as I creeped up slowly, coming in range to knock them both out...

"Please, one more chance! I'm begging you! I'll find him, I couldn't mistake him!" The younger girl pleaded.


With that, both of their heads collided with each other with enough force to knock them both out.

<"You dit, did you know what you JUST did?!"> Duplix angrily telepathed. I whipped my head around, and there was Wes, frozen in the pose where he had slipped around Duplix to press the button.

<"You MORON! The Pokemon were genetically modified! They can EAT YOU WHOLE, and they don't even have to open their mouths!"> I telepathed, screaming at Wes. All hell was breaking loose: The Garchomp container was being released, and although the meeting with Wes and his stolen companion was all and well, no devouring on the latter's part, the whole of the Exio Void had just stormed in, and for some reason, our illusion had faded. Wonderful. We were dead. I braced myself for a brutal onslaught on all sides-


Nine voices total, all working in unison, and that froze everything where it was as though it was suicide to twicth after the ownerless voices spoke.

Then the ownerless voices became owned. By the Herobrine, none the less. Just guessing from the Arbitarian Grab, and the energy emitting from them. They were like wraiths: They wore a massive cloak, and though all nine were humanoids, all nine were floating off the ground, all of their bodies hidden behind their cloaks minus their individual weapons, different for each, and their unblinking, highly creepy red eyes. The Exio Void forces from outside seemed to keep from twitching: These were the beings that nearly destroyed Hyvin-Hul; Tyzzax was there just to watch, and wasn't really expecting Gear to get at him (Well, they thought that much).

"Justice Incarnate...And you two." One of the Herobrine said, pointing a nearly formless, totally black finger directly at me, just inches from my face. They hadn't started killing me yet, so I was cool, calm, collected, though sheer horror was amounting on the faces of the Garchomp, Wes, and Duplix. "No further time must be wasted on your petty tasks. A greater justice must be done. And we will show the way." The single Herobrine said, probably the leader.

Then all was black. We weren't dead; just teleporting in the Herobrine fashion, but there was a second of bleak darkness compared to the usual second of brilliant light. It disoriented me all the same, and I could hardly register where I was, but I knew it wasn't Alto-Mare. The eerie presence that came from the ground itself, the floating rocks around us, the moon's odd brightness; We were in the Nocturnal Lands.

Yay. More suicidal stunts.
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

Chapter 24-Tomb of Misery

This was a fantastic situation: My allies included Duplix, Wes, his Garchomp that could find enough reason to eat me alive, and my Pokémon, and potentially the Herobrine. My enemies included whatever happened to live here that was so threatening to Volteers aside from the Herobrine, and potentially the Herobrine, who had us surrounded.

"Alright, what's the deal? You've just happened to teleport us to the Nocturnal Lands, which are completely unmapped, totally dangerous, and could potentially be our graves. Any reasons? Any at all?" I asked.

"This is not our intended destination. But there will be time, explanations, and answers. And you will need it, all of it. You must live, for you are the only thing that keeps the Arbiters from destroying the world: Erevius will listen to you, the Archangel, and will chose your opinions and line of thought over the combined reason of every Arbiter, so long as you remain just and sane in your words. The Arbiters are attempting to sway you over, or show you in a tortured state, unable to communicate, and blame the world for it." one of the Herobrine started, hurrying us along.

"What the heck?! Him?!? THE ARCHANGEL?!?! One of those crazy deities that those crazy cultists WORSHIP?!?!?!" Wes yelled, panicked, shaking me.

"As horrifyingly sad that is for me, yes. Don't worry, I hate their s**t off their a**es." I said, grinning in a cheap attempt to make him stop panicking. Wes only looked more panicked.

"We tell no lies. Alas, the only sane Arbiters seem to be the Deities...Tyzzax has stained the Arbiters reputation, once well-respected and even honored, and it will never be erased...And if you keep it up, you're reputation will take to similar bloody manner. We can already predict that you're corpse-littered path will extend drastically, beyond all expectations, but it isn't wise to kill at all, if you have the option." The Herobrine continued.

"YOU'RE A MURDURER?!?!" Wes screeched.

"Yes, but you may have let one loose when you pressed the d**m button!" I said. "The three Pokémon that went through the Starvation Process those-"

"Brutes of the Exio Void had done was another attempt to alter nature and create a powerful Pokémon, but the Devourers, the Pokémon they created as a result, were beyond that. With the ability to consume any living being, using it's beneficial traits and limbs to it's advantage, these Pokémon were meant to be as much the killing machines as are Shadow Pokémon, but the unwavering loyalty to their masters they do not exhibit. One is beyond the control of anything; it will gladly destroy whatever crosses its path, but hates the Exio Void too much to be chained by their will. The second is insane and unaware of its dangerous talents, far beyond what is normal for both Lucario in general and the Devourers, and from the looks of it, wound up in your hands, and the one you have still takes killing as no fool's game." Another Herobrine said, pointing first at me and then at Wes. They were guiding us, and we were more focused on each other than them.


The Herobrine closest to him shot out a ragged hand, strictly made of bones, and put it over Wes' mouth. "You are highly confused, as you should be, but we have limited time. Hold your tongue." The Herobrine said, as another began speaking.

"It is irrelevant as to what our knowledge is of such things, as time is running out: The Arbiters are closing in on a third solution to your problem, and if they find it before you act accordingly, everything will be no further. It will all end if you fail in the tasks ahead, but your future could not be more foggier; Nearly all attempts to glimpse into your future are shut out by our own eyes." The Herobrine said. "We can say that you must gather the assistance of many, and you must be willing to continue killing, the wretched act it is, but now your goals are timed: failure to meet them before the Arbiters come up with an answer to their own will be an Armageddic flaw, one we cannot allow."

"But one thing must be done before this is possible: You have, through your actions, garnered a group of foes, and said foes must not remain foes forever. If they do, the leader, unaware of the full circumstances, will make the command to knowingly condemn you, and unwittingly all existence with it." The Herobrine said. These foes remain mysterious to our eyes, but we are certain that these are revered and famed in some way. Who they are is beyond us. We can say that Gear Pesse isn't among them, but otherwise, the fooled, famous enemies you have made must have their sole folly corrected, as soon as possible. After this, the future must hold between you and the High Priest a pair of battles, dire battles. Victory must be obtained in both, for even if you escape them unharmed, it will cost you everything to lose." The Herobrine said.

"That is all we know of your future. We are sorry for our lack of knowledge." The Herobrine said. "Regardless, one thing is absolutely certain: Our destination, and why we trek there." Added one of the Herobrine, as we went under a large floating island just feet from our heads. "We lead you to a place we have recently discovered; Digging through dirt and stone has revealed a startling and intricate tomb of odd, unique stones and gems, but it is ultimately a place of burial for a hero that never was. There is no sign of who created it, sadly, as the only signs are the creational rings, and they are found among most every works of the elder societies; Coganan, Kortazian and Arbitarian alike." said the Herobrine. "Moreover, our entrance is forbidden, as are others: We have gathered the bodies of the dreamers-"

"The dreamers?" I asked, taking more notice of my surroundings: Trees were semi-abundant, and on the ground there were...Sleeping people?

"At times, those that are tortured greatly go into a deep slumber unto which they cannot awake, their consciousness confined to a dream where they are somewhere else entirely, not tortured. In this state, they do not need to eat or drink unless they were starving or dying of thirst, for the hibernational state they fall into requires utterly no movement and barely a heartbeat. Only they can awaken themselves, but they lose all memory of their former life in the process of going into their imprisonment. We saved them from being Eradicated at the last minute, an action as to why we are only nine, when originally we totaled thousands; Tyzzax took it as treason. It was also an action in vain, for despite our attempts, many still will never wake until they die." The Herobrine said. "We tried helping them awaken, appearing in a form of themselves, nearly a mirror image, with eyes without pupils being the only alteration. We alter their dreams in ways impossible by the normal standards, show them signs of this being a dream only and a dream totally, convince them out of all other ways possible...And even then, only a rare few escape. Those we set back into Alto-Mare. They have told those at Alto-Mare, but they do not believe them when it comes to our involvement as being innocent, so they stay away." Said the Herobrine, showing the only hint of sadness I could detect, which is saying something. "It is a terrible way to live and die."

"Continuing on from that, we have amassed the bodies of the dreamers, and used them to try and cross, but no matter what their energy levels were, or really what they were at all, they fail to go past the barrier. Nothing happens to them asides, so that is good enough, but the barrier sports an Aura: Yours. You may go through, we predict." The Herobrine said.

"There is one more thing we would like to discuss: Your power and abilities. I understand that you know much about them as it stands, but we must tell you now that your rate of gaining power isn't as fast as you believe, but it is rapid enough to cause concern, and something unexpected has came up. Henceforth, we must tell you something now: It seems that Coganan Energy has recently entered your range of powers. It is only a little for now, and we expect that even in later years you will wield it with some issues. There is also the opposite to deal with: Your Arbitarian Powers are expanding even further than we believed initially possible, and is starting to relate to abilities that we initially believed were reserved to us alone, as well as the ability to use the Arbit-Storm. Very few can learn it, and it usually requires more than one user to use it successfully, even with your level of power." The Herobrine said. "There is other things as well, but we know that these things will be known to you in time." They said.

"Wait a minute. You're telling me now that I do have access to all twelve energies a Volteer can use, however minor some kinds may be, AND you're saying I have been in possession of elite Arbitarian techniques and abilities that were initially thought to be reserved to you, both of which were deemed impossible. You KNOW that I'm going to have more powers, and they're probably going to get more and more off-the-wall insane and impossible. And you can't tell me what they are?" I said, feeling quite sick of the absurd Power gain. Even a tyrant that managed to assume control of everything in all of existence, down to the tiniest movements of each and every individual subatomic particle, would start to get irritated at the seemingly unlimited power that kept coming en masse. It would rise a level where I'd be chastised and murdered for it, eventually, if it kept up like this.

"The fact aside that we do not know anything else at all about the powers you are gathering, it would still come as a surprise if we were to tell you a power you would get ten years from this night at this exact time, because you'd have forgotten by then, and that is purely hypothetical. There is one thing you must know, now: seeing the future only means you see the most likely events, and it is defiantly so that these events may not occur in the most likely fashion. Destiny isn't, to put it simply. We are here."

The Herobrine spaced themselves out, and I started looking at my surroundings once again: The Herobrine led us to a floating rock, hovering over a pool of water, it's source made by several rivers, their supply of water crashing down into the pool. To add to the mystery of this rock's location, there wasn't any visible connecting landmass: even with Aura Sight, there wasn't a platform around that could have gotten us here. The rock was itself made up of ordinary things, rock and dirt and gravel and whatnot, and even for a floating rock, it was very normal.

"Within lies the Tomb of Misery. This name was made so in the three languages of the elder societies, meaning that whoever built this wanted their identities secret. We have told you what else we know of it. We do not know what lies beyond the first room. Good luck." The Herobrine said, parting a little more to let a small entrance into a rock cavern be visible, a few globes of light hanging inside it. I walked in, ready for all hell to break loose.

It took a few minutes of simple cave exploring to reach the actual entrance to the tomb itself, during which time I realized how ordinary the whole cavern looked to me: had it not been that I knew there was a very interesting tomb on the other side, I'd have turned back already. Only the globes of light that hanged on utterly nothing let the course be known to me, which made the process fast.

The entrance to the tomb itself was the corner opposite of boring: Once I turned a corner, I found myself in a very smoothed out, purposeful room, with not even the slightest crack or inch of mossy growth on any of the rock walls, and several orbs, either made of stone and coated with jewels, or else a jewel in itself, and sometimes a combination, floated around, sporting various patterns, sizes and colors. It all led up to a kind of doorway, regal and proud, made entirely of gold and jewels embedded inside it of every color. There were three patches of text, all probably saying the same thing, judging from the English text: "The Tomb of Misery, and it's contents: Herein lies Justice Incarnate." There was no barrier to prevent me from walking in, other than my own aura, hovering around it. The Herobrine weren't liars after all: I walked right in, only a brief sense of warmth from passing through the barrier.

The room itself was only a passageway into the rest of the tomb, and it was made of stone bricks, but matching impressive splendor with the outside room with it's impeccable condition. It was like it was made yesterday. There wasn't much here, only some text above the next archway inwards: "To hope that Justice remains evermore pure." I walked straight in, no doubts about it, on the barely marked trail leading straight ahead.

This room was even grander: Aside from the fact the trail had been elevated and split the room into two, there were four massive silver columns that were dotted here and there with diamonds, and the jewel orbs were hanging around in more quantity. Treasure was loaded in the four corners of the room, mostly golden coins, and had it not been Latries, I probably would have been preoccupied with carrying some out.

"Justice Incarnate...Ugh...It sounds so familiar...So, so Familiar...Oh, oh, I think I...No, no, I lost it...Ugh!" Latries said, probably having lost a critical train of thought. "...Well, I don't think this is the back room, there'd be some kind of grave of sorts, right? There's a doorway, over there." Latries added, pointing at a silver archway leading into another room. Truth be told, with Latries's mind almost totally consumed on the familiarity of the title the Herobrine gave me, I now swore something familiar about it was also ringing bells. The archway over the door stated "To the hope that the forces of Justice may rest in peace, with a world at peace."

The next room was even more so grand than the last: This room had the same layout as the last room, but the whole place was made of silver, excluding the four golden pillars, and even more jewel orbs hanged around, this time no longer sporting stone cores. There was even more treasure, still stuffed in the corners, this time with some variety: Platinum Coins sprinkled among the Gold, several Golden items here and there, Diamonds put around in some articles of jewelry. I kept on trucking: Something was fishy about the extravagant amount of jewels, and my curiosity in turn was even more focused on what lied ahead. The text above the door this time stated: "To the hope that the world may have never needed the one buried here."

The next room was ridiculous: Golden walls and floor and ceiling, with Onyx columns, for some reason. The jewel orbs floating around were starting to get bigger and bigger in size, and were starting to get more colorful and more elaborate, and the treasure followed suit: There was enough here to buy out the whole Nexus and all of its population. That was ridiculous. I wouldn't need Latries' curiosity at this point: There was defiantly some kind of trap about this treasure. The engraving above it stated proudly, "To the hope that we may see Justice Incarnate again."

Then I triggered a switch, by walking on the ground, now transitioning from Golden to Onyx, as darkness suddenly came off of the treasure, and as the darkness faded, I smiled for my restraint: The position of every golden coin was over a ledge, leading to a spike pit, the floating jewel orbs were in truth made of spikes and iron, and every last room was made of stone save the one I just stepped in, all of it an elaborate illusion minus the dimensions and design. I looked ahead, and I guess I found where "Justice Incarnate" was buried.

This room looked remorseful, in comparison to the extravagant (and fake) rooms that really took away from the solemn nature that should be one's final resting place. It was totally fitting, henceforth. The floating orbs of death were gone, but treasure was here still, but already in untouched bags, save for one sword on a hilt. The room itself was made of onyx, with the exception of platinum pillars and a small part on one wall that read: "To the wish that his death never had came so swiftly as to not allow for life." It took a few seconds for the meaning to sink in: "Justice Incarnate" died in his birth, or too soon thereafter to count for dying in birth. In the center of the room stood the coffin, made of pure platinum, polished to a respecting shine, with Latios and Latias on it, tears flowing freely from their eyes, hugging-who else-Latries, eyes closed, in an inert and dead position.

OK, even you knew it was coming. I put one hand on the coffin, in respect, and surprisingly, the platinum top slid away. I jumped back a little, still unable to see the contents, and afraid that I might have set of a booby trap of sorts. When utterly nothing happened, I slowly approached the coffin, and peered over.
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

I knew that he had to have died at a very, very young age, so I braced myself beforehand. The shock was still too great. It was unscathed, untouched, not even a slight scratch, eyes closed, still in the same position the coffin’s design put Latries' inert body at. It was so peaceful, so serene, and yet something totally wrong was about this, and it wasn't just that Latries died that young: Latries’ soul was much bigger than his apparent corpse, which was barely a quarter of my size, in fact going almost three feet above my head, and he was having a visible impact at the fact that he had, indeed, died at birth. A light bulb came into our heads at last, but it was still foggy.

The real issue with it, though, was the fact that zero percent of this was specifically Arbitarian culture, for even the ancient ones hadn’t enough interest in the languages of their rival civilizations, the Coganan and the Kortazian, to put it inside their temples, and with the Archangel the only deity the Arbiters worshiped aside from Erevius, the Coganan and Kortazian, both not truly concerned with the Arbitarian religion, were ruled out. That made one hell of a confusing picture.

I decided to inspect the treasure, which wasn't an illusion. Two bags contained mostly golden and platinum coins, but also thrown into the mix of treasure were some other items: dinnerware ranging from forks to knives to spoons to a few chalices and even a few plates, all of it embedded with indigo-colored diamonds and brilliant opals; A platinum and an onyx ring in a small golden box, all three items with the universal symbol of justice on it (If you aren't that educated in ancient runes, that's a downward-facing triangle with three perfectly straight lines jetting from each corner, dividing the bases in half, with a circle around the intersection point); a platinum-gilded mirror refusing to show anything else other than the form of my soul (I didn't take a really good look at it). A third bag had clothes, very ornate, usually having some kind of precious metal in some way, always sporting the universal symbol of justice, usually given an indigo color, and, in the Volteer fashion sense, looking far more traditional than modern. If that didn't come across you well, that meant they looked more like the stuff that you'd find people wearing in renaissance fairs back in the day.

A fourth bag contained berries, to my confusion. However, further inspection proved these to not be the ones that I had known about. I inspected one that seemed to be a five-pronged red berry with a green section sporting the stem, and put it in my mouth, and to my delight, I tasted some kind of weird cross between sweet, spicy and sour in a beautiful blend that made my whole body feel much less stressful after all the stressful events I had to endure...The other berries, including my new favorite, were all in different kinds, colors, and varieties my taste buds had yet to experience.

The fifth bag had more elaborate forms of treasure: Instruments made out of platinum; vases and pottery that felt like they could withstand blows from Gear Pesse with ease, decorated vividly; and several differently-sized telescopes and eyeglasses made of gold, to name a few, though it also had golden and platinum coins.

That was it for the bagged treasure, of course. However, the few pieces of larger treasure that didn't come in a sack were even more interesting. There were only three things, but these were the oddest items by far. The first one was a sheath, probably for the blade that was put here, said blade half-rooted in stone. I took it out, totally ignoring all the ancient writing on the stone it was in and on the blade itself, and put it in the sheath just to check. Yep, it fit. I kept it opposite the Illicit Blessing, the blade I had before still being the better, even if Arbiters gave it to me.

The final piece of treasure went quite unnoticed until I looked directly down, and there it was: A book, indigo-dyed and given a leather strap, oddly floating an inch off the ground, the symbol of justice taking up the majority of the front cover. I unstrapped the book, curious as to a brief summary of it's contents via skimming, and instantly my question as to how I'd carry all my treasure out was solved, in an odd way: The book suddenly opened, revealing totally blank pages, and suddenly sucked in all the loot. I, and all the stuff on my person, was thankfully spared, but not even a golden coin that had been taken out of the bag and put on the floor directly under the book wasn't spared, being caught in the invisible vortex and sucked in, all without a trace, vanishing entirely. I was highly confused, but it didn't really matter. Ah well. Serves me right for removing the straps from odd, levitating books.

Re-strapping the book, it vanished. I'm not going into detail, but I felt it's presence, still, and my mind felt like it could call it up. It was kind of like hammer-space. You know, hammer-space, a personal infinite void where anything could be stored, brought out, and used, no matter the size? That hammer-space. Regardless of that, I proceeded to inspect the ancient writing.

My first immediate thought was as follows: "What the f***?!" It took all of one sentence to confirm a fact, or at least insert a theory, that stood in stark contrast to the Archangel theory, but made twice as much sense and was far easier to understand: Latries was a Legendary Pokémon. Further reading only made each fact it stated pop up in our heads as total truths, more impossible to believe otherwise and served to keep sending me back to my initial thought as it just got more and more ludicrous. Among Latries' supposed abilities included the ability to be immune to the majority of the unique powers the other Legendary Pokémon had, the strength to put him (the texts said 'it,' really) as the strongest battling Pokémon in all aspects ever made, the sole being in possession of the absolute and unwavering knowledge of the exact laws of justice, and other stuff, including a few things that I’ve never utilized in the context of this book, and wouldn’t tell you about even if I did. I can't tell you EVERYTHING.

Fortunately, the amusing, somewhat disturbing, and informative text I was reading was parted from my eyes with the sound of footsteps directly behind me. I turned my head, and ducked as some kind of chain of hammers was whipped at me, missing.

I nearly mistook my opponent for Gear, but his skin was the shade of bronze Gear's was thanks to skin color, and not enough freckles to nearly conceal his whole body. He also had white hair, a white moustache that covered his face in a large horizontal line, a brown denim jacket, and white jeans (who wears white jeans?), as well as a few red splotches that looked to be the cause of paint, and a very, very angry look on his face that suggested I offended him horribly, something I had a hard time imagining how I'd do that, considering I never even properly met him. However, he was about as tall, and looked about as muscular as Gear.

No words, just another whip of the hammer-chain. However, this round against a random foe would end at once. I grabbed the massive white hammer that made up the chain-tip (If you could call it a tip at all), and immediately used that ridiculous foot speed I possessed to do enough of a jump to get over my foe's head and to ram his own weapon into his face before reactions could be made. That worked wonderfully: that was a KO.

I took my beret and slid it off to one side, letting one of Latries' omnipresent ears aid in hearing if anyone else was around. Nothing made a sound, and I put my headgear on properly, now using Aura Sight instead. Nothing but the Herobrine, Duplix, Wes and his Garchomp, as I left them. I walked out without difficulty, barely bothering with the body, but still making sure that it didn't so much as budge, by frequently looking back. I got out of the Tomb of Misery without an issue, and I got out of the cave systems without any kind of trouble either.

The Herobrine, Wes, and Duplix were all waiting patiently, though the Garchomp was looking up. As soon as I walked into the small ring of Herobrine, they parted and closed their numbers once more.

"We will not ask of what was within the Tomb of Misery, but we already know it will assist you. We are sorry for our inability to answer the questions surrounding the harsh road ahead of you, but for now, it may be of importance that you waste no further time. One more thing has been foreseen by us in your absence, however: A second encounter with Gear Pesse, the Cogix, the legendary guardian of the Coganans and existence, has been revealed to be inevitable. Moreover, as you, the Archangel, must survive, the Cogix must also survive this war against the Arbiters. Of these things, there are no doubts." The Herobrine said.

"Ah, come on! He's-"

"Now, it is time to leave. The Nocturnal Lands are still hostile alone, and it is our presence alone that keeps you from the forces of darkness that Tyzzax manipulated to create us. These forces, however, are too rooted in darkness: The sun's rays touching their skin will destroy some of them, and those that are not that easily affected are still easily ridden with the sun's power. They fail to even appear if we are around...Or if it is bright enough. We thought that you will try to come here again, and it will be useful to know these things..." The Herobrine said, one of them holding out a peice of paper, which I took. "We adivse you should read this when you get the chance. It details you of the manuvers to properly use the Arbit-Storm, as well as what kind of power you have gotten, the one you share with us...Both are picky techniques, to say the least, and controling their power is what has casued both to be feared. Now, without further ado..."

The next second's sights included absolute, oppressing darkness, and the second after was filled with the confusion that usually followed when you're teleported without being the one using the technique, and the second after that was filled with the lights of Alto-Mare's night-time scene, from the better half of the city, of course. We were near enough to go easily to our locations, and far enough to remain unseen from onlookers. The Herobrine weren't around.

"Now can you answer my questions?!" Wes said, finally free from the Herobrine's presence.

"To put it bluntly, no. I know what they are, and I can't answer most myself, either." I responded.

"The murders?"

"Can't answer." I said.

"The deity stuff?"

"Don't know." I said.

"The hint at you killing Gear?!"

"I'm not answering that one, and not like I could now, without suffering some kind of unknown consequence..." I said.

"Who the heck are you?!"

"You have no idea. For the sake of all three of us, let's keep it that way." I stated.

"Why should I?!" Wes said, almost too loudly.

"Because...You have no idea...You have utterly no idea...You haven't had an idea...You have simply imagined what ideas you had...You have no idea..." I said. Influency to it's greatest potential was impossible to ignore, and that was influency to it's greatest potential. Wes seemed to be staring blankly into space, as well as his Garchomp. Then, they went limp, fell down, and were out like lights. Meanwhile, I teleported me and Duplix away, back nearby the Calypso. Right in front of Ohnal, to my suprise.

"WHOA!" Ohnal said, startled. "Please don't do that, for one! And two, where were you? I couldn't contact you at all, I swore you were dead!"

"It's complicated. You have no idea...And If I told you, you still wouldn't. It's not likely to affect the mission, though I'd stress 'not likely,' just in case." I said, deciding not to divulge information about the specifics, to Ohnal at least.

"And now for your map." I said. I then reached out my hand, a nonverbal way of asking for a pencil from Ohnal, which he supplied, and immediatly started sketching out the whole of Alto-Mare, complete with color, annotations, and arrows pointing to good sniper spots.


"Avalon, you are going to go in the history books, somehow. I can bet you every last Zav I have ever made on it, and I'd be getting a payoff. A Legendary Volteer, possibly the Archangel, possibly a totally unknown Legendary Pokemon, possibly both, definately one of them, and either way, in knowledge of Knight's Assent, one of the first to survive more than one fight against Gear, a powerful Influential, the strongest Arbiter known to date, and even more crazy stuff that puts the whole legend of the Cogix to shame...You're incredible." Karazin said.

I told him everything, he was the only one I told everything to directly. Karazin is strictly the only other person alive to know exactly how I tick. I restrained a few details, specifically the idenity of the assailiant that perfectly failed to kill me in the Temple of Misery. I had also taken a read to the script on the paper the Herobrine gave me. How anyone can do an Arbit-Storm will STAY secret, thank you very much, but I couldn't resist the Herobrine power I nabbed: Blaze control. And no, I do not reffer to fire when I say Blaze.

"Arbitarian Fire is not entierly unknown to others outside of us: Tyzzax, the current High Priest, Prikade, his eldest son Blizzard, his sole daughter-currently dead-Ashley, and of course, you, can all use this ability. Of course, using the Arbitarian Fire at all requires you to exercize great caution, as the Arbitarian Fire spreads fast, engulfing any kind of matter in energy and wiping it out of Existance. The power you possess is relevant to the Arbitarian Fire. When we stormed Hyvin-Hul, we had the command of several of the dark forces that populate the land, infused with the Arbitarian Energy to the extent that they cannot fail to serve us. A similar process has been used on more sentient creatures, but the feral beasts we tamed and controlled with the Arbitarian Energy were far more powerful than the average Arbitarian footsoldiers. You have gained the ability to control ONE of these beasts, an odd being made of pure fire, called a Blaze. The Arbitarian Fire must be applied to these creatures, and you need to summon them as well, but their abilities allow for many new strategies to be formed, and of course, better self-protection." Wrapped up in the paper was also something the paper reffered to as an Arbitarian Blaze rod, which allowed me to simotaniously summon a natural Blaze and infuse it with Arbitarian Energy, allowing me to control it. The fun part: There wasn't any limit or charge on summoning the Blazes, and just some expense of Arbitarian Energy on the part where I infuse the energy into the Blazes.

"Yep. I'm incredible. Ugh...Too incredible." I said.

"It's going to be a rough road ahead...They didn't explain themselves very well, outside of making sure to not get killed, or kill Gear...They didn't say who the faction was, if we've already know who they are, if they're a totally new group, and what their reasons are if so. If only they did clarify that..." Karazin said.

"Yep. They didn't explain." I said. "You got the Shadow Pokemon, right?"

"Of course, but I haven't accessed them yet. Ohnal wants us off the ground as soon as possible, so we're all working." Karazin said. "...So...About Scyez..."

Knowing that all she needed was a massive spike in an already unsustainable hunger to eat all of Eon Sky alive and become something of an unstoppable force was something scary.

"She absolutely, posotively needs to comply with it, but I can safely remove the Devourer condition from her. There was a similar experiment done right in Tuaxin, with the same kind of status, but Gear was all over it, and I helped a little in constructing the formula to fix the affected Pokemon. I still remember the formula, and we have all the ingrediants. All you need to do is to...Convince her to comply, and...Have the...Devourer form out...And not touch anybody..." Karazin said, suddenly realizing the mountain of a task it was. Convincing her to comply was easy enough, she liked me too much to say no. Getting her to not accidentally touch somebody and eat said unfortunate soul alive was quite another.

Fortunatly, that voice had popped into my head again.

"You can always just relieve her of those powers directly, and be rid of them..."

"And how does one do that?" I mentally asked myself.

I'll make these next parts brief, because I didn't remember them well on my own, and the Jounal didn't provide very good explamations. To put it simply, I learned how to drain someone's Supernatural (Aka Non-Volteer/Natural) powers, and to visualize it, It's just touching someone with the symbol of justice in an indigo energy upon the front of my right hand. The conversation between me and Scyez was brief, with me being rather direct:"Hey, I heard you have this kind of...Condition...We could get rid of it, if you'd like-"

Scyez agreed before I could finish my sentance before I could finish my sentance. It's not like it would be any kind of big talk. Scyez was never one for making much reason, or caring for it, with this time being an exception. Scyez said that she would either starve herself to death, or blow herself up from eating food, which is her reason behind being that compliant. She didn't specify which food she was talking about.

The whole thing was as quick as could be, and Scyez's power appeared to me in the shape of an orb, black and wierd, hanging above her head after it was done. After Scyez made a comment about being much less hungry, but hungry still, I swatted the orb of power out of existance with the Arbitarian Fire, which thankfully didn't spread.

Now, all that was left was to find and kill Valio Kyte. And apparently, a whole day was shot already: No sign of Valio was to be seen, not even in the ruined parts of the city.
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

(After this chapter is fully put up, I'll put up something to explain the whole complexity of the Nexus much better, as you're probably scratching your heads over something at this point. Plus, I messed up a bit at the point where Avalon discovers the text at the Tomb of Misery.)

Chapter 25: The Council of Legends

Good news? We had an excellent map of Alto-Mare, several well-trained snipers (Issac in particular), three ingenious strategies for each location, and overall good morale. Bad news? No target. Anywhere. At all. Either the Exio Void killed Valio Kyte, the Exio Void was holding him hostage, he wound himself up in the Nocturnal Lands, or he simply slipped in under radar, something hard to do for an aged Tyranitar Pokemorph. This particular assassination wasn't entirely critical to the cause, more so than repairing the barrier that would keep us safe from asteroids, but for those that wanted him dead, the issue was that we only had truly one day to kill him, the last day we could spend, and the instant we did, we had to get our rears over to the Calypso: We'd be taking off shortly after the kill.

All of this was made plain via telepathy by Ohnal, who called in everybody to hit the hay. Karazin had already done thus, and I was about to, when one last thing came to mind: The treasure from the Temple of Misery. Wealth could certainly come in handy.

Getting the book out of Hammerspace was easy. However, removing the strap didn't immediately do the trick. I opened it up. Still nothing. I turned the totally blank pages from one end to the other. Still nothing. I picked up a pencil and tried putting a mark on one of the pages. The pencil was sucked in the instant the lead touched the paper, but nothing else.

Me and Latries bounced back some ideas, and tried them all: clicking my fingers, trying a Light-based Volteer trick, saying random magic words, simply demanding the book to spit out the treasure, saying "I am Justice Incarnate," trying to step on the book while it was open, poking it with the new sword-which Latries reconized as a blade named "Shynehart"-they were all met with utterly nothing. I tried using it as a pillow, and slept for an hour before I awoke again, having no result or dreams. At last, in frustration, I simply punched the air a few times.

I then looked at the book, then at Latries. Then something came to me, and I looked back at the book. Then back at Latries. Then the book. Then Latries. Then the book. Then Latries. Then the book. Then Latries.

Was it really that simple?

I tried transforming into FULL-Latries form, immediately found myself far too tall for the room, and I had to bend over. This was my first time, after all. But it felt wonderful. I wasn't liking my loss of legs, restricted to whatever those things Latries had for feet for, well, feet, but outside of this, I felt full and free. My appendages that were supposed to function for arms comfortably retracted into pouches, which didn't feel as awkward as it sounded. They weren't very short either. I defiantly was bigger than Latries, for some reason: He could float upright in the confines of my room.

But that was unimportant. I poked the book's open page, just a light tap.

Suddenly, I was not in the confines of my room. I was in the Lati Gardens, but a much grander and even more welcoming version, and I was basking at it in broad daylight, warm, joyful sun streaming down my back like a liquid river of warmth, only not liquid. Latries was there, of course, and he looked around with nostalgia in his eyes. I looked into the pool of water that was nearby, and see the differences between me in Latries form and Latries himself: That counted for many.

To start, I was bigger. That probably was already an easy change for you to guess. I also had an even darker shade of indigo, dancing on the line between a indigo-tinted black and a black-tinted indigo. Spikes were on the indigo colored segments of skin, not totally great stabbing weapons, but defiantly handy for defense. Said indigo colored segments of skin were probably harder than steel, but that was nothing compared to the razor-sharp claws: Standing on the absolute best point for precision and power, these could do accurate surgery, and could easily tear you to shreds in seconds flat. Weird platinum rings were also upon the appendages that had these lethal claws, obviously my arms, as well as on my chest and head, along with the symbol of Justice put inside the ring on the chest. As if to add to it all, my simple thought as to where the Illicit Blessing and the Shynehart went were answered with blades jumping out of an unseen hole in the arm-appendages, both positioned to make wielding these weapons as literally a part of my body very easy, and both looking like incredible weapons (as if they weren’t before), morphed specifically to accommodate the form I had taken (the Shynehart in particular), and were equally incredible weapons, practically.......Perfect.......

You should have seen me laugh about me having to put down that they seemed perfect. Perfect is a delusion for idiots that don't know about something called reality. Where I was wasn't exactly reality, either, but that wasn't the point.

After soaking in my bodily changes, I soaked in the view a little longer, and then it hit me: I was somewhere beautiful, relieving, pleasant, and most important, somewhere where I was...Free. For a brief moment, the cares of the outside world failed to breach my mind, even the threat of existance being terminated by the Arbiters, and I flew about without a care in the world, no worries, no burdens, just flying around, carefree...Oh, it was fun to be unburdened by reality. It really was. For everything about myself to, however briefly, not apply, was like a ten-ton weight was lifted from my whole being.

As does everything else in the world end, so did that moment. The sound of stone moving attracted my attention, and I focused in on an archway that appeared out of nowhere in the middle of the garden, with a symbol of a weird ring atop it, the same one that ha, a kind of bluish energy forming a half-clear veil upon it. I was wary: Surely something was wrong here. Latries, on the other hand, gave it a look, and gestured to me.

"Something about this is familiar...A good familiar, I guess..." Latries said to me.

"...So, we're going into that, which is probably a portal, and is probably someplace we don't fully know about, to do something that we don't know of?"

"...Something important...Council...Of...Ugh, I'm forgetting something! Please, let's go in!" Latries said, half-ignoring my reason.

"...I'm still not entirely sure.......Oh, what's the worst that could happen? I guess..." I said, totally reluctant. Latries and I went in without further hesitation. For the sake of my sanity, I should have listened to myself.

Now, we were somewhere else, somewhere obviously important. It seemed like a very large place, a kind of massive map of the whole Nexus in the center of the floor of the room, and a large ring of Platinum keeping the portal arch that brought me here, as well as several other different sized ones, separate from the centerpiece. The place was utterly unmarked outside of that, pure stretches of white being beyond the portal arches.

This sight was quickly interrupted by the sight of something else.

A massive beast suddenly appeared in our presence, from where impossible to tell, and it's form nearly incomprehensible at this range: All I could tell was that there was white fur, a gray face, and four eyes, two without pupils, and all four staring at me with an outraged look, as though my very existence was a crime beyond crimes. It also looked like it expected me.

"You. You are the foolish twit that wound up with the powers of Latires, something obviously beyond you…" The massive beast said, not doing anything other than manipulating sound itself to make it's regal, proud and commanding voice.


Arceus is exactly ten feet tall and weighs about 700 pounds, which both seemed to not be the case in this instance, the way he decided to make himself appear. It seemed more like his head was ten feet tall in itself, his body seemingly hundreds of feet tall. Outside of that, however, you could expect the wierd form that Arceus took, with all of its curves and bumps, and the ring of creation being sported on his torso-exactly matching the same (much smaller) rings I had as well. Four legs, all ending in tips that could be used for sword-tips or sewing, they were so sharp, had caught my attention as much as Arceus's four green, unblinking eyes, the upper, larger two with red pupils.

"Well? Is the Master Influential suddenly mute?" Arceus asked, obviously pissed off at something, making the remark harsh enough to keep it from being any kind of mocking.

"No." I said, very simply. Enough to make it sting.

"...Are you playing dumb? Even you know what role Latries serves, and his unfortunate past..." Arceus said, still insulting me without being totally direct.

"No. I know. But giving Latries an 'unfortunate past' while I have to dodge deathtraps at the age of twelve really doesn't make me sentimental about it. It's a tragedy, but it didn't sound like torture. One you contribute to." I said. "Common knowledge here, twit: The people that help someone are the people that someone likes." I said, deciding to be less indirect.

"And yet, no matter how deep down you've shoved it, you still hate Eon Sky's former leader, Teal, for dragging you into the conflict at all." Said another voice.

Unlike the (currently) massive Arceus, Uxie-the speaker-decided to not appear as anything more than she was: very small body, nothing like fingers or toes, and barely legs, but definatly a yellow head, closed eyes, two tails, and red gems poking out of the tail tips and the forhead. She must have been using Aura-Sighting, else she couldn't have seen. Of course, she knew almost everything, emphasis on almost. Even she admits that.

But her comment did more damage than I realized. I might have opened my mouth to argue, but that was something that I couldn't deny. She nailed it like a bullseye.

"And so? At least he's got the common courtesy to NOT want me dead." I said.

That was equally true: The Herobrine, Teal, Eon Sky, and my own conscious being had settled on one thing: My survival is needed, period.

"That wasn't something you thought of when you thought of that. You know it." Uxie said.

Arceus, although his head had backed up enough to not make me feel like I was pressed against a rock and a hard place, was defiantly hiding something, and was easily capable without having to make any odd movements: Just standing there was enough to hide smaller entities behind his tree-trunk like legs.

"And I know that there's more than you two here. Move. I want to see the other Legends that want me equally-"

They were obviously trying to make me shut my d**m mouth: If an Influential speaks, he can control a conversation. What better way to shut up an Influential than to give him an impossible topic to argue?

Latios and Latias, in the flesh. I was NOT related to them, not even slightly, outside of Latries. That didn't help. They were smaller than me, of course, six-foot-seven and four-foot-eleven respectively, but they WERE the angels holding me in my dreams, even if their bodies resembled jets more than angels (as did mine). Their expressions, however, weren't the ones I'd want staring at me: Latios looked like he wanted me dead, and was restraining his mouth with extreme difficulty; Latias looked like she was on the verge of tears. Brother and Sister came to mind sharply. There were also a few other Legends there: Azelf and Mersprit, probably here strictly from Uxie being here as well, The sacred swordsmon (Coballion, Virizion, Terrakion, and Keldeo), and-guess who-Meloetta.

I don't care who DOESN'T know that the chic's a legend, and I don't care for your excuses into the matter, even if it's the passable 'She only came around to keep the other Legends from being depressed,' or 'She came really recently compared to the other Legends' stuff.

The only issue was, to add to the situation, she was the only thing here in a true human form, not even the Avatar crud most other Legends use: That contradicted itself, as most people find her other forms infinitely more attractive if they've ever met her, simply by her single purpose: embodiment of the better characteristics of sentient creatures. I immediately guessed she was here to comfort me and everyone else less willing to see something that wasn't fun. That contradicted itself even further when I found myself more attracted to her now than when she was in her half-Legend form at her little siren gig at Povinal: Long, curvy, brown hair, and sharp emerald eyes, as well as a smooth, face, only a few freckles, plus a very simple dress in black and white, all added up to...Well, I decided to keep those feelings down too. If my assumptions were correct...

"...You assumed this was an execution I'd comply with?" I said, not wavering slightly on the outside.

"No. Not even a little. We both know at this point that you know every weakness a Legend has. Then Uxie came with a solution-."

"Use the few rare cases of people that were Legendary Pokethrobes, and use their human forms to counteract your knowledge. As it happened, Meloetta was the best and only one to fit the bill." Uxie finished. "The alternative is-"

"Conformity." I cut in. I transformed into human form, and crossed the distance to Meloetta, both of us approaching slowly. Uxie seemed to be raising an eyebrow, Arceus seemed to get slightly angrier, and Meloetta was slightly shocked. Latios and Latias, miles distant to my whole being, and thirty yards away in truth, still caught my eye. But now, my eyes were boiling with rage.

"Hold it!" Uxie shouted, getting in front of me before I took the step onto the image of the Nexus, moving with it's orbit ever so slightly. "Do you really want to see if you can honestly win? Meloetta knows every Martial Art in existence, is physically stronger and faster than you, and is probably smarter than you. This place doesn't allow for any of your own abilities aside from physical might to work: No Volteer powers, no tricks from Latries, not even the special qualities of your weapons, just your strength. And you don't even want to die at all, you'd rather live. I personally don't want to see blood, I'd really, really rather save you than kill you. We can help you, we don't want you dead." Uxie said, showing signs of not wanting this to turn into conflict.

Latries' role was to be a failsafe in case a Legend went corrupt, and was given the knowledge of every Legendary Pokemon's weaknesses and strengths, and was given power that could trump them, take their Powers away, and use them until the Legend was reborn: Knowledge Latries remembered on the spot, thankfully. As for Uxie's help, I didn't know what was going on there.

But…That was when a thought hit me: Who was I? I tried answering.

One part of me was Latries, basically a deity, something totally pure, sinless, in knowledge of the exact laws of justice, powerful, revered, loved by all, blah blah blah...But was it really me? I wasn't Latries to begin with, why was I now?

A second part of me was my still confused self, nearly mirroring my personality before I was sucked into the world of Volteerism. I was still confused about many things. I was raised in Reol for twelve years of my life, raised as regular as any other, and nine months of Volteer culture, where I was given extreme attention due to my traits, barely computed in comparison. Was it an illusion? A really bad dream?

The third part was the fury, the anger, or rather, the emotion that a combination of Influency and wanting to blend in more, attempted to bottle up. But what was all that pent-up emotion all about?

I tried to answer all of them, but another popped up. Why? Why was I even put into this situation at all?

That one couldn’t be answered. It just couldn’t. Was it because of Teal, whose plans included warping me into the darkest bowels of a conflict I barely wanted to participate in? Was it because I met Gear? Was it meeting Eon Sky? Too many variables, not enough solid facts. I couldn’t find solid ground in my position at all, in fact, it was all just luck of the draw that I got to the point where I joined. I could have protested joining, and just given them the facts, but that could mean that there would be casualties, ones I'd technically be responsible for. That meant that I was either insane, or else this was literally impossible to advert. The Herobrine alerted me that the latter wasn’t so likely: Destiny isn’t. That left one alternative: My willing participation with ALL of the events that occurred, where an alternate action wouldn’t get me killed, was a position of insanity: I was doing the thing I hated the most, and paying for it with my mind.

Or did I hate it at all? And was I paying for it? A man that says he is insane, or could conclude he is isnane, cannot determine he is insane. That was it. My last certainty of anything non-Arbiter related, and a few things that were, were now gone. I had lost everything on Eon Sky...I gambled with it and lost...

...Or...Did I lose it at all?

That last sentence was where I found the answer. I didn't gamble with it, I was gambling, a major difference: I didn't lose it yet, but I could. Equally likely, I could get it back, and even more stuff with it. My decisions, and my ability to see them through to the end could potentially give me back everything, but I had to see it through. I had put everything on Eon Sky: I would NOT turn back now.



"Out of my face." I said, finally, shoving her aside, to the extreme displeasure of everyone else. Latios was so mad that Latias started talking to him, probably in an attempt to make him leave. He looked to be refusing. I stepped in the 'ring,' as said ring of energy was formed around the map of the whole Nexus below us. Escape was impossible, until one of us died.

"What the...Well, I'll credit you for your devotion...But I can't respect your stance on this. I cannot." Meloetta said. The part of her voice that made her voice identifiable as siren-like (as well as the siren-like qualities) were gone. It proved she had a very nice voice nevertheless. "The cause of fighting the Arbiters can be done in many ways, and you've chosen the worst. That's the reason behind this." She said.

"I don't care. You want me dead, they want me alive. Reason enough." I said. "I don't care what your reason behind killing me is...You must know the big reason for working with Eon Sky, and if you don't, then I'm not telling. It's your mistake at this point." I added.

I was literally ignoring every shred of common sense I had, not caring for the result: Destiny isn't.
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

Meloetta didn't waste time: Neither did I. Uxie's statement happened to be correct, however: Meloetta easily blocked my first attack, then overthrew it, and I barely blocked her own blow. I went for a kick, but that was blocked with equal gusto.

At that point, our movements became nearly indiscriminate: kicks, punches, headbutts, and several other techniques, all being sent at ridiculous speeds. Meloetta was the clear superior: Her hits were harder and faster, if only by a little. She also had more variety, but I was fixing that problem with each attack she had used. This kind of rapid volley of whatever technique came to mind ended after a few minutes, with me pushing her away, and I realized how good she was: She plugged in a few small hits, but she was without even the slightest red welt, from what I could tell. Moreover, in the engagement, I had been pushed towards the edges of the wall by her, not being able to get away.

I wasn't going to try and see what happens when one touches the wall, so the obvious move was to make her change up her game. We closed in yet again, though I went in with a through, dodging her kick. I grabbed her by the midriff and flipped, forcing her to do a hand-plant. She used this position to hit me in an undesirable location, and I had to let go, while she flipped and grabbed my neck with her feet as I grabbed her legs with my hands. She used gravity to her advantage, and managed to make me fall, getting out of my grip and flipping, kicking me in the jaw before I fell flat on my face, while she landed on her feet. She didn't waste time: She kicked the ground where I was, emphasis on was: I had rolled out of the way, and gotten myself to my feet.

"I will not die. I will not die. I. Will. Not. Die!" I said.

"Then why did you go up against me, knowing the odds were stacked against your favor? We wanted to help you...Some more than others...But as a whole, we would be willing to help you. You refused. Why?"

"I hope Arceus and Uxie aren't feeding that BS about you having a guaranteed victory, because I have a newsflash for you, b**ch: destiny isn't!" I said, going at her again, sliding for her legs.

"I don't doubt it. I hope that you weren't feeling likewise." She said, jumping over me. These Legends knew how to insult. However, she paid for falling for my trap: I put my hands to the ground and pushed out of my slide, quickly transitioning to catch her legs, and she found herself unable to land correctly, and instead settled for falling face-first on the floor, and I let go before she could twist my wrist. I jumped back up first, and we resumed our violent flurry of fists, vigor anew.

Albeit Meloetta still had an advantage over me in strength and wit, she most defiantly couldn't have stopped my tongue from lashing out at her.

"Why kill me?! I will not now or ever hesitate to kill a corrupt member, as is my role. I hate the Onlisk, and it's worst members I hate even further. I despise something for it's worst parts, and it is those I kill. That is my role, so WHY KILL ME FOR IT?!." I yelled, while blocking one of her own punches aimed for the neck.

"Because you don't heed your own knowledge!" Meloetta delcared, flexing out her fingers and hitting my throat with good force regardless.

"You don't heed it either! Where's my fair trial?!" I barked, crunching her fingers between my chest and chin, seeing that blood was starting to spill, and it wasn't hers.

"If only the judge and jury weren't corrupt..." Meloetta said, whipping her hand out of my chin-to-chest grip.

"Yhea, if ONLY HE WASN'T!" I said, kicking her away, landing a good blow to her lower leg, while making one hell of a rude gesture to Arceus. Whatever force that made the ring on the ground appear apparently blocked out sound, but everyone could see the action, and Arceus could do nothing but stare even more angrily than before. Right next to him were the Soul Trio: Azelf, silent and unmoving; Mersprit, looking even more angry than Arecus; and Uxie, who had her eyes open, and judging from the curious look in her eye, something might just have gone wrong. Something I didn't know about, of course.

Meloetta reached for the sword: Shaped like a musical note, though this wasn't terrifically decorated outside of that: Sure, it was fully made of onyx, but otherwise it was your standard blade. I pulled out the Illicit Blessing, ready to face her.

"I thought you hated the Arbiters, why use one of their blades?" Meloetta said.

"Two reasons: A, I will prove to you that I am NOT yours; and B, I liked this one better regardless." I said. "Not like you'd understand what I'd think. Not all insane people are totally insane." I added.

Meloetta made the first move, something I was hoping for, as I put the blade behind my back, too soon for her to move out of the way, but I turned my backside perfectly in time, and there wasn't any way to parry it. Her first real injury of the match was a cut straight to her side, just missing the critical deepness to greatly increase my odds.

Now she found herself outmatched: I was clearly the superior swordsman, capable of doing flips while strafing around her and while blocking blows, which made life hard for Meloetta. However, she wasn't anywhere near a slouch either, and could hold herself with the best of them, and her strategy of keeping me going towards the walls was still in effect. However, I could now use it against her, pushing her back when she couldn't correctly block my blows.

She was nearly towards the wall, when she looked to be trying the same tactic I did, what I dubbed the reverse backstab (You usually have the sword pointed at their backs, not away from yours). I wasn't that dumb, however. I wouldn't fall for it. Her premature shaking motions, dance-like in rhythm, weren't going to tempt me into it either, and if anything, it kept me distant, right in the center.

That was a fool's move.

She threw it, unexpectedly and without warning, and I blocked it, but improperly. It scarred my stomach, ripping through my cloth again, half the size of Storm's cut and going perpendicular to it, but nevertheless a big blow. My recoil was inadvertent, but now my blood was boiling. (Coincidentally, I found out that the scar hit the midsection of the one Storm left, making an, upside-down 'y' on my chest.)

To make it worse, Meloetta nearly got me, punching me, forcing me to let go of my Blade, and nearly taking me to the wall in one hit. I sidestepped the near-instant next blow, and at last, I noticed it.

Meloetta wasn't as scarred as me, but I hadn't any kind of tactic until I saw it: her heavy breathing. She was starting to get exhausted. I looked at her: The wounds were less, certainly able to kill a regular human in their numbers, but certainly not her. She could walk off most of them, and the others required bandages, nothing too serious, at most a cracked rib. I probably had three ribs cracked, seven more bloody cuts, hundreds of more bright-red spots, and millions of more reasons to cuss like a sailor (or Issac) than she did. I wasn’t perfect on my own account, as I still had pains that were credited to exhaustion but at least I wasn’t as exhausted as she seemed to be.

I was overcome with the giggles nevertheless, and could have been pounded towards a wall if Meloetta didn't ask.

"Alright, have I tipped you...over the edge of sanity?" Meloetta said. "Are you forgetting something?"

"F*** that, here I am, and aside from the wounds, I can breathe easy, literally, and you're trying to find the oxygen at the end of the tunnel. I don't need to breathe, that's just for some optional energy: Not so much for your purposes, eh?" I said, still able to breathe regularly. Dragons don’t need to breathe: their Anaerobic respiration produce enough ATP, and Aerobic so little, that breathing is totally optional. Oxygen isn’t important in our bodies.

She looked at me and then at Uxie, as did I: Uxie's face had changed from odd curiosity to some kind of form of panic, her black pupils narrowed to the extent where the gorgeous amber that reflected off of them made the red gemstones look cheap, and a few beads of sweat were on her as well. Azelf took notice, and was obviously speaking to her.

I didn't immediately look away, but instead try kicking her in the face, taking a few silent footsteps closer before letting her foot meet my shoe. She had turned around just in time to receive my biggest hit yet, breaking her nose. She was bleeding freely, unable to correct her cartilage mid-battle, but was ready to rock again.

This time, at last, she was slowed down to the point that only her wit kept me from being the outright winner, and my new array of techniques that she so graciously and unawares taught me firsthand were very fun to use against her. But she didn't know where she was going, turned around after that blow to the nose, starting to feel the effects of overexertion.

I eventually wound up exactly were I wanted to be, right under my blade. I pushed her away, and used my legs cleverly and quickly to whip it into my hands: I was armed. Her blade was nearly opposite of where mine was. Sadly, my weapon wasn’t in reach of her body.

She ran, panting now, while I kept running, my body paining me from my own exhaustion even harder: Technically, I told the truth, but only for the intimidation; that I didn't look like I was in any particular need to breathe, when she did, was a good morale-lowering tactic.

She was close to her blade, and close to my own as well. Then she pulled out her ace in the hole: She suddenly front-flipped-towards me-and I jumped up to meet her with my blade. Big mistake. She took it with her arms, stabbed me in my own face, and made me fall down on my back. She then picked me up, and dragged me towards the wall, to my doom.

I was outraged: I had been fooled. She needed a weapon when I had one to defeat me? hardly. She used my own. But it was moreover, fury at myself: I had lost, and would pay the ultimate price for it.

"You took a risk: you lost. I feel sorry that you were deluded into your course of action." Meloetta said, professionally. At this point, Latries was the sole reason why I wasn't barking mad. She had me pinned towards the energetically walls at last.

I was expecting an instant death, but nothing was good. However, Meloetta wasn't finished with me just by pinning me towards a wall. She immediately took to beating me up with mach-speed punches, rapidly and ruthlessly. I was starting to lose consciousness...I'd die, there. That's what I thought.

And it was all my fault. It wasn't that I was weak, or stupid, or that I took a risk: I failed to see it through. I'd die here...

...Destiny Isn't...

Exhaustion suddenly vanished from my whole being as rage and adrenaline took their place. F***ing the existence of Meloetta's fist, I grabbed her by the chest, and our heads collided with massive force and fury. I threw her to the opposite wall, but I wouldn't be satisfied by doing her in in the same dumb way she did. Oh no. She'd be dying in a whole different manner.

I quickly scooped up the Illicit Blessing, and ran forward, before she could recover. I then quickly took the blade, and roared my fury, palpable and alive with a voice that would make the most fearsome demons alive quail in terror, slashing at her with a maniac’s speed and a torturer's brutality. I eventually was satisfied with her nearly in pieces, and then I beheaded her. Each chunk of her body was red with blood.

The ring was no longer existant, and I quickly stepped out, before a new contender got out to face me. I was bleeding a whole bunch, and I was intent on getting out of here.

"...YOU...YOU...YOU WILL DIE!!" Arceus screamed. "You will die in a pitiful corner of the Nexus, friendless and alone, and you will REGRET your defiance! I am not a dictator, YOU are a TERRORIST!"

"GOOD!" I yelled. "F***ing good, because I could CARE LESS! I'll kill WHATEVER, give me a reason, and I WILL, NO S**T ABOUT IT!" I ranted. "YOU'LL WISH YOU NEVER HAD TO FIGHT ME! YOUR LAST HOPE HAS JUST FAILED YOU!" I added, giving him further extremely rude one-finger sign language.

"...Are you sure?" Arceus said, with a brief break giving him a brilliant bolt of inspiration. "Gear, the Cogix. The legendary Cogix, the one that's supposed to be heir to the Coganan throne, the one that's the greatest warrior the Coganans could ever hope for? The one that has remained untouched in combat skill, use of the Coganan energy, immune to influency, nearly impossible to harm with Psychic attacks at all?. Even YOU couldn't defeat him without help from an arsenal of explosives and a group of strong, loyal Pokémon, and that was him barely trying. Let's see you defeat him at his best! You are that sure of yourself, then fine, PROVE IT!" Arceus said. I was nearly at the gateway out of here, of course, and the symbol of Justice overhead it prove it proudly.

"...Destiny Isn't, twit. You thought Meloetta would win it. Gear's victory isn't absolutely assured either. And when you meet it, I hope you've got reason better than my failure to fall in line...One your spy hasn't been totally able to get, now has she?" I said.

AT LAST, Arceus looked like he had utterly failed to forsee something.

"Apparently, the ability to see the truth, ONE I WON'T TELL YOU HOW IT WORKS, is one that you haven't accounted for. My visions didn't even show me as much as you twits did, unawares of it all. I knew who it was before I even got her, I knew it all. She is mine now, you will not have her back. Her life is strictly in my hands. You have failed to guess I might have known about this...All of this...Far in advance. I'll admit, Meloetta wasn't as easy as I'd thought, but hell, I'd be dead if I didn't know it in advance. Ultimately, I am the smarter of you all." I said, walking through.

The Lati Gardens were still peaceful, and once again some kind of lightening was in effect. Moreover, healing occured, to my delight, and I wouldn't be getting wierd questions in the morning about the scars and tears in my clothes. I transformed into Latries, and got out.

I was back in my room aboard the Calypso, and barely minutes had passed. However, it had started raining heavily in that time, the sole window's glass being given the appearance of crying in the darkness.

I pulled out the PokeBall containing Lesha, and had let it loose. Lesha came out, confused at the darkness, why it was night. And then I pulled out the sole Encrypt, in my possession the whole time. That was right: I had it on me, and I knew it too. There was no way that Meloetta could have dodged a bullet at close range. I had it pointed at Lesha's heart, point-blank.

"What the...Why are you-"

"You were always a spy. You couldn't deny it if your life depended on it. I always knew...I should have killed you sooner." I said. My voice wasn't mocking. It was the grim, cold rage death could only replicate.

"...So...That's who you are..."

"Yhea, I don't think that too many people like spies in their midst." I said, still grim cold.

"...It's the end for me...Isn't it?" She said. Barely fear, and nothing more in her tone suggested anything else.

My trigger finger was exact, and I had nearly pulled the trigger all the way back, just a little more...Nobody I cared for cared for her.

...The distance was literally on the edge of death...Subatomic particles were larger than the distance...

Then I dropped it. My whole body, limp, fell backwards. I wasn't dead: The gun didn't even go off. I didn't even conceal sounds of sobbing: No interference, not even Lesha's undeniable cuteness (unless you WERE Lesha), was the cause of this. The laws of Justice didn't forbid the killing of a traitor.

Ultimately, I could no longer take blood. After ruthlessly and heartlessly killing Meloetta under near-suicidal conditions, I couldn't kill a Pikachu, helpless and defenseless, utterly unable to do anything. I couldn't reach my family, my dear family, I couldn't tell my friends, I couldn't confide in anybody...It was torture to be bottled up.

To add to it all, it took a minute of this helpless crying, neck totally exposed for Lesha's own mace to have ended me. For her, it was a gain in favor and a deep and dear honor to Arceus and herself far beyond what even Arceus could fully comprehend for: Certainly the killing of a rouge legend that was made to be able to fight off other Legends and take their powers, even Arceus himself not excluded, would score extreme favor and give her much honorable reputation, something she didn't have a lot of. Instead, she came up to me, and tried comforting me, just holding me, not saying anything.

This was a vow: I would never allow anyone to believe in impossibility. And I'd do it by destroying anything dubbed invincible.

And I would do it. Or I would die.
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

(Well, as promised. This might just be to flesh out the setting a little more, and get those details that won't be explained in the story, but if you don't want to see anything like this ever again, RESPOND.)

Basic/Advanced Energy types:

There RARELY (But not always) is any kind of limit as to how one can use any type of energy, but Volteers usually know what does what. The rare exceptions are usually the strongest Volteer techniques known-specifically the ones that are almost guaranteed to be volatile and lethal to the user if done incorrectly.

Psychic: Telekinesis is fun, sure, and Teleporting is useful. But it's not an option in comparison to using actual Kinetic energy to move items, and Spatial Teleporting is easier to use, so Psychic energy is, more often than not, used for either the absolutely practical alternative to other forms of communication that is Telepathy, or for trying to mess with somebody's head.

Kinetic: Aside from the fact that this is the energy to turn to when you need something moved, as well as the one to bolster your physical strength to incredible heights, or need help manipulating certain kinds of objects (Fire, some Liquids, most Solids, a few Gases, and sometimes most Metals), then this is quite handy.

Light: Don't let it fool you. This may be the energy that can be used to vanquish, I.E, stuff from the Nocturnal Lands, Demons, and other stuff, the Energy is more often than not the platform for illusions and countering them. It can be used for healing, but that's more in the suit of Life energy. Note, however, that the less sin that clings to the soul, the stronger this can perform.

Dark: Again, don't let it fool you. The energy itself takes in the strength of sin, henceforth, the user can get stronger by doing bad things, but this only goes to a certain extent-really, most Dark energy users have already maxed this out before they got it. Moreover, Dark energy users in a pro-class can create whole 'body parts' out of globs of shadow, which is always cool.
Life: It's pretty much a requirement in hospitals that you have this. Of course, this heals like crazy. However, it also controls plants, both their growth and their movement, and its strongest users can take single-cell life forms and, at full strength, evolve it into a small creature.

Death: There isn't much explanation required. The forms it can take are vast, but of all the energies, you know someone wants you very, very not alive if they fling a lot of this at you, as there are few ways outside of just using it bare-bones to use it. Ironically, Volteers with a specialty here NEVER get sick, as they can kill off germs and viruses before they even start infecting them.

Space: You can warp Gravity, fly much easier than a Kinetic user can, Teleport, go through solid objects, and a bunch more with this energy that is as equally useful as Psychic and Kinetic. This is also one of two energies that can create Paradoxies, but creating Paradoxies is ridiculously illegal, and can give you a life sentence. Users can also piss off Palkia if they're not careful, as if something spatially altering sticks around for too long, the spatial deity will appear, and he won't be happy.

Time: Traveling through time is Celebi's and Dialga's domain, no doubts. However, being able to slow down, speed up, and reverse time's flow is great. You can also visit alternate realities, but only if you're really good, and you'd better not take too long: this is another way to create Paradoxies, and spending too much time in the alternate reality will motivate Dialga to hate you.

Chaos: In simple terms, this is altering Kinetic and Psychic energy via Dark and Light energy. This causes a numerous amount of new options, and each user of Chaos uses the energy different from others: A person using an exploding orb of chaos energy, for instance, can use it to send people into the ground upon detonation, while the same kind of usage by another person may cause everyone nearby to get heavily confused and start to hallucinate. This is an advanced energy that requires both Light and Dark energies to use and Chaos energy changes its forms with so much at the slightest power-up to either basic energy. It's also not as effective as using Kinetic and Psychic energy directly, but using this is a wonderful alternative when you need a suprise. This energy is symbolized by the Yin-Yang symbol, stolen promptly from Confucius.

Draconic: In simple terms, this is altering Life and Death energy via Space and Time energy. This combines the definite, single form of Death energy (and the many shapes this form may take) with a more flexible set of rules. This functions as a cross between Life and Death that can do both sides good, but not as good as one side can do it's own tricks-as in, Life energy is still the better healer, and Death energy is still the better killer. However, it's invaluable when dealing with reptiles of any sort-Wyverns, Dragons, Hydras, and anything else reptilian, as they are instinctively know to respect users of this energy. This energy can only be used with Space and Time energy on hand, and usually the user's limits are determined by the strength of both energies. This energy is symbolized by four crossed lances with a diamond in the center.

Coganan: Combining Draconic Energy with Kinetic and Life energy grants this advanced energy. Coganan energy is primarily for those that have heavy emotions, as no matter what, Coganan energy channels this into power, strengthening the basic energies the Coganan user possesses for a period, depending on the intensity. Coganan users can also use the energy to prohibit the use of the Basic energies to other users, unless the Coganan user gets a share of the energy. Gear is considered the absolute master of this Energy to date, and his use of it can garner an 80% 'tax' of energy in others. This energy is symbolized by the six-pronged cog, the one Gear likes wearing.

Arbitarian: Combining Chaos energy with Death and Psychic energy grants this advanced energy. It is the opposite of Coganan, so the less emotion boiling in one’s thoughts, the better the use of any Arbitarian attack. There are two uses: One lighter version that knocks out, which is legally permitted, and a second, full-blown version that Eradicates, which is what makes the Arbiters so powerful and infamous. According to Arbitarian lore, the Arbitarian god Erevius gave this energy to the first few Arbiters as a symbol of their servitude to him and the universe, something seemingly long forgotten by the Arbiters now. The High Priest is considered the best user of this energy to date, if not the strongest: Avalon clearly outclasses the High Priest on strength in his own specialty alone, neither title counting Erevius himself. This energy, like anything else Arbitarian, is represented by the Arbitarian Eye.

The Elder Societies:

Half of Volteer culture comes from the Elder Societies, who remain a large mystery to most. There are three total: the Coganans, the Kortazians, and the Arbiters. The Coganans and the Arbiters were founded quickly when their respective energies were discovered. The Kortzians are total mysteries, having barely lived in the brief time frame when all three Elder Societies lived before the Coganan-Arbitarian war, their prime being before recorded history. Nobody could translate the writing of their language. The Kortzian culture largely remains a mystery because of this, but the Coganans and the Arbiters still seem to be the more interesting Elder Societies to date...

The Coganans, after discovering the Coganan energy, were fascinated by the six-pronged cog, a highly efficient shape that made Coganan energy highly efficient. Using this for their technology, they quickly called it a symbol, engraving it and carving it out using their most common material, which was bronze. Some further experimentation with Volteerism produced a process for keeping Bronze, (along with Gold, Platinum, Onyx and Silver, all of which were extremely rare finds to the Coganans) much, much harder, and making it refuse to take on wear and tear-Oxidization wouldn't harm Bronze, as an example. They called the process the Celestialization process, and called any metal enhanced by it a Celestial metal, in the case of their Bronze, Celestial Bronze. In short, Bronze became very useful. They became a practical society, focused on technology, experimenting with their Volteerism to come up with a way to teleport to every planet that they came into contact with without ever going into space, even going beyond their dimensional boundaries of Pesse and expanding into Kaiot. There were also extremely good water control systems, used for whatever water was needed for, and basically industrialization without the coal.

Meanwhile, the Arbiters, a very religious race, had realized their own energy, and had also discovered the Celestialization process. However, they had Gold, Silver, Onyx and Platinum instead of bronze, and they had all four metals far more scarce combined than the Coganans did with just their bronze. Of course, that wasn't a highlight of their society, at least in comparison to their religion: The Arbitarian Eye was based off of a symbol on Erevius's stomach, there were ceremonies yearly on the day the Arbiters met Erevius, going to the temple was practically mandatory each and every day, mostly twice, three times on holidays, the government was a theocracy operating around the High Priest and his Loyalists, and the partition of other religions was given the death sentence. Like the Coganans, they too were technologically advanced (if far less focused on it), equally able to make portals that teleported to every planet possible, the creation of balls of light to hang over streets instead of torches, the application of aura crystals to communicate over long distances, and other things. They lived in Optu, and although their expansion was slower, they did go into Kaiot like their Pesse-based counterparts.

Not much else was known about the customs of either society outside of the above, save one thing: the immense amount of details about their meeting and war: They met thanks to the Coganan Teleportation system going to a planet the Coganans thought was remote. The Arbiters had already colonized nearby where the Coganans found themselves, noticed the odd disturbance, got a party to investigate, found the Coganans before the Coganans found them, and thankfully tried using telepathy to the Coganans before they met tete-a-tete. They grew immediately skeptical of one another. While the Coganans thought their stories about Erevius, the Archangel, and the first Arbiters were acceptable, their religious zeal and the nature of their very energy made it look more cult-like than anything, while the Arbiters were surprised, if not downright appalled, that the Coganans failed to have a unified religion, and had so much bronze on their person they almost mistook it for greed. The kinks were quickly worked out, however, after they visited the other’s planets, started a small trade, and made English in an attempt at a shared language.

Of course, neither faction’s peace lasted long: English didn't catch on very quickly, and outside of that and Telepathy, the conversation went nowhere, unless you were the rare sort that was born with both a Coganan and an Arbitarian parent. It went downhill when a Coganan, drunk from too much wine, had wound up insulting a high-ranking Arbiter far beyond what he intended: The Coganan word for "Zealot" is, in Arbitarian, thrice the amount of insult of saying "f***ing ba****d." The issue could have been quickly sorted out, if it didn’t happen twice, the second time by the same Coganan, who was quite sober when he did say it (if still unaware of what it meant to the Arbiters). The Arbiters were nearly over the edge, and pretty much ready to declare war, but ironically, when the Coganan who insulted the Arbiter was found murdered in his bedroom, the Coganans blew their heads over it, and declared war against the Arbiters, believing them the killers. Albeit the real killer was discovered to be Coganan, neither side cared too much, as both sides found this an easy excuse to finally let all their hells on the other side on the battlefield.

The Arbiters found their unique energy highly useful in discouraging the enemies from coming close to them, making their defenses top-notch, something critical to keep the grade-A Coganan offensive from so much as scratching them. When the Arbiters were on the offensive, however, it wasn't so equally matched: Celestial metals were immune to Arbit-Burning, and the Celestial Bronze on the Coganan forts kept their Arbitarian tactics of Eradicating the opposition from working, and throwing Coganan Archers on towers into the mix made for some grim situations for the Arbiters, initially. This all changed when some Loyalists, finally fed up too much with the losing status of their War, slow and grinding, led a small party of Arbiters to a critical Coganan Fortress in the dead of night, used the Arbit-Storm technique to punch a hole through it, and seized it while half the defenders were still asleep. Using Loyalists to boost morale, being stealthy, and appearing suddenly, hitting fast and hard, quickly turned the whole war around: Now the Arbiters were finding themselves the winners. Just when a war-winning conquest was about to take place, the absolutely unexpected happened: the High Priest was killed by a Coganan who was taken in as a priveate refugee by the High Priest himself.

The full story was that the Coganan, named Corlog, had realized that the High Priest was showing signs of insanity, and was secretly ordered to do it by the only other high-ranking Arbiter that knew, his brother. However, a Loyalist caught the action without knowing anything about the Coganan or the High Priest's mental state, and what would have otherwise been covered up as a suicide brought about by depression related to the dead Arbiters that were KIA, quickly turned into an assassination attempt that was totally underhanded and dishonorable. The Coganan, however, was quickly harried to his homeland, cheered on by his brethren as a hero and their savior, while the Arbiters faded away from moaning about their prematurely dead leader, leaving the Coganans to rule Pesse.

After the prophecy about the Cogix was released by the same war hero, the Coganans faced a tragedy: Palkia had been outraged by an accident that occurred while teleporting, making a few Paradoxies. These alone destroyed a few planets, and gave the spatial Pokemon quite a few headaches in removing. The Coganans had to pay the price for the spatial repairs by having their whole teleportation system shut down to appease the space-bending Pokemon, lest they wind up like the Kortzaians. Some places, where food couldn't be grown, were quickly turned devoid of all life, while in other places, the lack of travel and inability to trade with other planets turned into a pent-up riot. Only two planets survived with a Coganan Culture, those planets deciding to strip their temples of anything unneded to survive. They lost their identity, and worse still, the Volteer gene died quickly afterwards, stayed dead for a few thousand years, before returning.

The Cogix:

No man can insult Geoffry Exius. Geoffry, Aka Gear Pesse, the Cogix, is quite frankly an indestructible force, the legendary hero of the Coganans, and the heir to their long-dead throne, as well as the only thing that has been keeping the Arbiters from destroying the Onlisk outright. Gear's ability to use the Coganan energy is unmatched by any other being that has ever existed, and Gear is the only person that can wield the Gear Titan without having to lift five million tons of hyper-compact Celestial Bronze.

The legend of the Cogix was born quickly after the Coganan-Arbitarian war: The hero of that war, a man by the name of Corlog, had approached the current king of the Coganans, King Vycin, and told him of a vision he had: That the bloodline of the royal Coganan family would eventually produce a man who could wield the Gear Titan, originally meant only for Vycin, and would become not only the greatest user of Coganan Energy to ever live, but would also be a critical force in stopping a future Armageddon. Before the Coganan culture died out, this legend spread like wildfire, and the Gear Titan was quickly hidden among copies that looked exactly like it. The total amount of temples that had a Gear Titan copy reached about 1473, with the 1474th temple housing the real Gear Titan.

Geoffry Exius himself was born on Sera, one of the planets where Coganan culture died, albeit it's up to debate whether or not Coganan culture had any kind of impact upon the formation of the COG. Of course, E-Day, the Hammer Strikes, and enlisting for the COG were almost essential parts of life for Geoffry, and he was a Sargent-Major when life decided on a different path for him. Unwittingly chased down into an Emergence Hole which led to a buried Coganan Temple, Geoffry ran inside. As the Cogix, he was able to keep the traps from setting off, while the poor Locust found this not so for them. However, Bezerkers weren't to be put off by pesky arrows. They were to be put off, fortunately for Geoffry, by the Gear Titan blade in the back. Albeit nobody could determine whether or not it was a copy simply by looking at it, it barely mattered to Gear: All he needed was to lift it and cut the Bezerker in two. The contact with the blade-which was the real one-sparked Geoffry’s Volteerism, granting him enough physical strength to crush the Locust that dared get past the temple's many booby traps. However, the Emergence hole was closed. Geoffry, unaware of his new powers, would have died from keeping himself entrenched in the back room if a Volteer didn't happen to know where the temple was: He unearthed the entrance and found Geoffry, holed up in the back, bloodstained and thankful for the fact that the Locust weren't going to approach someone that could send them flying about as he wanted. Geoffry learned about Volteerism, wound up in Cavix, went through some registration to make him a citizen of the Onlisk Republic, and trained hard in order to master his Legendary-rank Volteerism.

It didn't take long for Geoffry to be discovered as the Cogix after he was finished with it, and it quickly wound him up in the military, got him promoted to the second-highest rank (Storm was still higher), gave him a codename of Gear Pesse, and got him involved heavily in the frontlines of combat against the Arbiters, where his Seran origins enforced his already good reputation as a great leader and shooter, and his incredible Volteerism, only totally lacking Psychic and Arbitarian energies, was near-impossible to defeat in battle. Even as the war is taking a turn for the worse, Gear remains a beloved part of society, and so much of a charisma bolster for anyone around him that if he were to die, the destruction of the Onlisk would be swift as lightning.
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

Legendary Pokémon

Legendary Pokémon exist: Volteers have had contact with them since the Elder Societies. However, as a single Legendary-rank Volteer can beat a single major Legendary Pokémon, it stands as a reason why there aren't that many people who are Arcists, people who worship Arceus as god. What god can make something stronger than itself? Despite this, Legendary Pokémon are very strong, and have altered the lives of Volteers on numerous occasions.

The Legends and the protectors they appointed to guard them, Aka the Mythic Guards, are called as a collective the Council of Legends. Each Legend has it's own band of Mythic Guards, which are primarily used to protect the Legend they've been appointed to, but can also be used for several other tasks. All of Pokémon that know the Mythic Guards consider it a great honor to serve as one, and the Mythic Guards have the benefit of an infinitely long lifespan (NOT IMMORTALITY-there IS a difference) as well as a small amount of power, sharing a theme with the Legend they serve. The amount of Mythic Guards per Legend ranges from a small group of no more than ten to a whole army, with absolutely no dependency on who the Legend is: As it is the Legend's job to appoint the Mythic Guards, the Legend may appoint as many as he/she/it wishes, with the sole exception that there must be five Mythic Guards in the appointment of a Legend at one time. There isn't an exact ceremony, but a Pokémon’s close contact to a Legend for extended periods or during Evolution can give a portion of power to the non-Legend, which is more often than not considered appointment.

The base five that were recruited for Latries, who then served under Arceus when he was born and died, and were scheduled for re-appointment back to Latries when Avalon was discovered to be the Latries Pokethrobe, are being told to assist in Avalon's execution, if need be so, so that they can recover Latries's soul for it's Reincarnation while Avalon himself passes on, the reason why the Legends want Avalon dead, the reason Avalon already knew when he came into contact with Melodey (hell, he knew basically EVERYTHING here when he came into contact with Melodey, it's a big reason why this is here). Scyez, Vyraz, Meta, and Film have spent enough time and have evolved in close proximity to Avalon, enough for them to become Mythic Guards (unwittingly, of course), but Lesha was already a Mythic Guard to Dialga, so she remained unaffected.

All the Legends share a base set of abilities: Immortality, Reincarnation, and the ability to use Avatars. Immortality prohibits death by anything other than a mortal wound, allows for the user to change his/her age at will, allows for faster natural recovery, and of course, keeps the user alive forever unless dealt a killing blow. Reincarnation is an ability that allows for the Legend, if killed, to reincarnate itself via its soul in a matter of a few days. The Legend that got reincarnated will probably have a different personality, and defiantly will remember everything that happened to it in its past life. Avatars are additional forms that can be taken to disguise oneself, outside of Pokethrobism. In fact, Pokethrobism overrides this, so Avalon and Melodey, the two Legendary Pokethrobes, have this ability, but can't use it. This allows for a Legend to become human and roam the population undetected, unless very advanced technology is being used. This also allows for the Legend to become another Pokémon, and use its moves accordingly. Legendary Pokethrobes can use the moves of the Avatar Pokémon as compensation, but can’t transform into them.

Legendary Pokemon can control the forces of nature, but their absence wouldn’t cause nature to function improperly: Rather, they are a stop-gag in case things go wrong with the weather, space-time, souls, or anything else. Due to this, they group themselves accordingly: Landorus is in charge of any disaster related to weather and the ground, and as such controls Tornaldus, Thundurus, The Hoenn Weather Trio, Shaymin and Heatran; Lugia is in charge of any disaster related to the mind, and is in charge of Manaphy, Celebi, Jirachi, Kanto's Legendary Birds, Meloetta and Cresselia; Ho-oh's group is dedicated to disasters involved with life, and includes Mew, the Legendary Dogs, and the Regis; Latries WAS supposed to be involved with crisis’s involving souls and sin, but as Avalon's currently the only one with Latries's powers, the group is temporarily being led under Coballion, and under him are the Lati twins, Genesect, Deoxys, Mewtwo, and the rest of the Sacred Swordsmon. Arceus reigns over them all, and has direct control of all of the group leaders and every Legend that wasn't put under any of them. The hierarchy of command is highly complicated, but usually all orders are passed down from Arceus, and usually aren't made by the group leaders, so basically it's "Follow Arceus."

Arceus isn't all knowing or all powerful-He needed most of the other Legends to do anything else. However, his own powers include total control over the Legends in case of emergency, some power over the fabric of time-space (not like Dialga, Palkia or Giratina), extreme battling power, great leadership skills, and possession of some pieces of knowledge Uxie wasn't born with. Arceus wasn't behind the creation of most of the Legendary Pokémon either; most were created WITH Arceus, the Alpha Pokémon himself the only one that knows who created them. Despite that, there are definitely some Legendary Pokémon that were created by Arceus, I.E. Latries.

And that's it. Again, if you don't want to see stuff like this in the future-or if you do-ask. I'm not entierly sure whether or not to consider this fleshing out the background and the story a little more, to say it's a Christmas Present, or to call it a spoiler.

Don't worry, I'm working on the next chapter, right now...

Merry Christmas!
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

Chapter 26-Ruthless Resolve

After the events of last night, I thought it best to tell nobody. I would simply hunt down Valio and use him as a vent for my rage and sorrow. I wasn't going to toy with the corpse, but the scene would defiantly not be for kids...Other than me, of course.

Ohnal's motivate speech flew right over my head-I didn't need a motivational speech at this point. However, as it turned out, most everyone got grouped together at one point in town, not even a particularly populated one, so Ohnal had to assign patrol points, and I was given the spot where the Lati Gardens were, by coincidence, of course. if Ohnal knew, he'd put me anywhere but near where Legendary Pokémon were, but I didn't decide to notify him. My lips were sealed. I would not be weak.

Surprisingly, I ran into neither Latios or Latias, and I should have had at least one encounter with them, being so similar in purpose, and so close in some kind of instinctive (and intrusive) sense. Regardless, my eyes were on for any sign of a Tyranitar Pokemorph: Sudden Sandstorm, sand, landscape-changing strength, and-almost too obvious to acknowledge-the look of a Tyranitar Pokemorph. But nobody had any clue the whole day. That's how the first half of the day went by.

Then something interesting happened, around noon. The Exio Void was making another attempt at the Lati Gardens, and as I was nearby, it quickly reached my ears. This time, however, they weren't just leaving it in the hands of the sole Feraligator-no, they brought the Devourer Emboar and their better numbers, as well as what was left of their good Shadow Pokémon reserves, as apparently, I stole quite a few good ones. I and a few other Eon Sky members converged, mainly to see what would happen, and to intervene if it got bad: Ohnal didn't know that Legends aren't the source of natural balance, but rather a plan of action in case nature suddenly decided to go apocalyptic, but either way, nobody would want to see the Exio Void win that much. However, I had just bet that the Eon Twins wouldn't stick around, being faster than jets, and the Emboar would just eat the Exio Void, more than likely, so it would be amusing if they failed.

The Exio Void plan wasn't stupid, from the looks of things when I got there: A small force was being brought to the alleyway that served as the main entrance into the Gardens, but they were certainly enough alone to handle the Eon Twins in case they were being expected. There was also a much more substantial force coming in via the waterways, carried to and fro by a Water-Type (probably the Feraligator), all armed, all with Shadows, including the leader, and apparently, a hostage they've been saving just for the occasion. They all probably forgot the chance that the Twins might just not be there, from the looks of things, but if they were, this wouldn't be good.

Where was I? I was perched on a rooftop, overlooking the whole scene, including the Lati Gardens-I was immune to the illusion, being on of their 'kin,' so I was safe.

The order was given, and the first entry force emerged, running straight in, silently. The windmills started turning, as they did with an unwanted presence in the Eon Twin's refuge. No Dragons in sight.

The first of the water-carried troops started emerging from the pond, including the Leader-the woman that had dragged the girl I got Scyez from down the stairs, the one with the Shadow Aura-and the Feraligator used to ferry them there was immediately going back, as a Shadow Swampert brought in a few more. The Windmills were turning even faster, as darker presences were brought forth. Still no Dragons.

The Leader was becoming impatient as the last forces filled the Courtyard, including their hostage, who's time was being spent in a sack. Had I asked, I could get an eye on the targets, quickly head back to the Calypso, get a big gun for someone else, come back, tell whoever got it where to shoot, and watch the carnage, but I knew that nobody could see the action unless they were inside the Gardens, and it was crawling with Exio Void troops

"GAH! The d**m recon team failed AGAIN?!" The Leader yelled, stomping her feet, and making the people closest to her that weren't Commanders take a few steps back. She then got hold of her com. device, and started yelling into it. "IDIOTS, YOU SCREWED IT ALL UP AGAIN! THAT'S TWICE! TWICE!! Once, maybe acceptable, but TWICE?! You are all DEAD, unless you pull out a f***ing miracle, right f***ing NOW!"

The f***ing miracle she received was either exactly the one she wanted, or totally not the one she wanted. A hit-and-run attack by one of the Lati Twins suddenly commenced, cutting off the heads of half the forces there. The Windmills, turning enough to cut heads off itself, slowed down enough to stand right next to it without being pushed away, but was still dangerously fast. Latias wasn't the kind for slicing heads off normally, and I don't think that, even in a temper, she'd do that. Latios had to be responsible, and more importantly, he had to be angry. I myself seemed to be reason enough, but the direction of his attack was moving away from me, though. That was good-he didn't know where I was.

Latios didn't stick around, of course, but even then, judging strictly from the reactions of the Leader, the recon team seemed to be smug, but only very inwardly.

However, time stretched on, a few hours before the next attack. The Exio Void members were smarter, their crowd was thinned out conveniently enough, and many less heads were cut off in a run the next round, but there was still blood. And this time, he was coming towards my position. I was not liking the scenario-half of me knew that Latios had reason enough to give away my position in a heartbeat after what happened, and half of me rather wanted to evade confrontation. Fortunately, this confrontation didn't happen, and Latios steered to the right before he got close enough to my building.

It was nearing nightfall, and the Leader was mad like hell, but she refused to leave, and to add to it all, it was raining harshly, a storm picking up, and even a lucky thunderbolt hitting the Exio Void base. Twice. It shut down all power and made communication impossible, as well as taking a bit of a dent out of the building. The Leader was muttering cussword under her breath like a machine gun, and would have exploded if anyone talked about her. The others, equipped with silenced guns, started firing off a few rounds at the surrounding area. It didn't take long after they did so that another attack happened. The unlucky shooters were totally off-guard, not even scratching Latios, and at this point, the body count was enough that if Latios engaged in a head-on attack, he would have an excellent chance of victory.

<"Avalon, what's the status of the reconnaissance?"> Ohnal asked via telepathy at every hour, on the hour.

<"Exio Void hasn't moved an inch, no sign of our target, Latios has done a third run, casualties for the Void are high."> I responded. The latter parts were mainly to alert him of a well-timed potential assault, finishing off the Exio Void to take resources, eliminate the risk of a ruthless rival, and possibly even swing a little favor with the Onlisk.

<"Good. Remain in your position, recon ends in an hour. That's all."> Ohnal said, not even responding at the hinted question. I thought I was going to be left to my thoughts and watching these idiots for another hour, when I felt a tap on my shoulder, and I whirled around, drawling the Illicit Blessing with an assassin’s silence.

It was Latias. If it was Latios, my neck wouldn't have been intact, so I guess it was better, but I didn't want to see her cry. She was in her human Avatar, which looked like a teenage artist, with straight, long brown hair, a small but well-defined nose, two sapphire-blue eyes, and a green beret. I couldn't tell if she was tearing up, or already crying-there was too much rain to judge whether or not there were tears on her face.

"Well? I don't need sympathy, I don't feel like dying, and I think you'd like it to see them, at the very least, leave. I have no regrets for what I did, no regrets for joining Eon Sky, and no regrets for ruthlessly cutting down Meloetta." I said, brisk.

"Her name is Melodey. We all have names of our own, except Arceus...Calling us by our species names is generally formal...My name's Cherri, if you didn't already know by the way...I have...Things to ask you. What I don't get is...How did you know Lesha was a spy?" She said. She had a sweet voice, but obviously one stained in sorrow.

"Melo was an unwitting asset for information. I didn't even need to look at Lesha to know. Aside from that, the action of planting a spy, or rather, the way you did it, was stupid. Iris would have probably knocked me out if you didn't make her take that course of action, and dragged me back to Cavix and to my inevitable death, if she got there. So thanks for saving my life, unwittingly." I said, still brisk.

"I have more...I'm not sure what you saw in Avonu's office to make you think he was a spy for the Arbiters, so what's that? Also, why'd you join Eon Sky with that information, instead of taking it to Gear, assuming your correct? What's your deal, ditching us?! You had a chance, you didn't have to do anything other than give up your silly crusade, we wouldn't have even touched Eon Sky at all, and you knew that, WHY did you throw it in the dirt?!" Cherri said. She sounded exasperated.

"I put everything I had for Eon Sky, hoping to win it back and more. Leaving it would shatter trusts I had already, and possibly make me lose. That's for the reason I dropped your offer. As for joining Eon Sky...I do not think you'd believe me at this point about what made me KNOW Avonu was a spy unless you were actually looking at it yourself, but with the knowledge, I guess I decided that there would be those too stubborn to accept a fact, even if they knew it, and that would lead to civil war, something that would destroy the Onlisk, the only force keeping the Arbiters in any sort of check. I instead decided that removing Avonu by a party expected to do it was a better course of action. I didn't intend to join, but I rolled with it." I said.

"...Loyalty....among Terrorists? Crazy. I think most of them would sell you out in a heartbeat...I guess there could be some that are better than that, but still..." Cherri said, still struggling with the concept a little. "...You haven't told me what you saw...What was it?"

"You wouldn't believe me, and if you did, Arceus won't. Latios won't. Even if they didn't hate me, they wouldn't believe. What's the big fat deal with sense, anyhow? I've been a regular twelve-year old as far as I know, and suddenly, I'm thrown in this crazy situation, where I'm freaking powerful, the a**holes tailing me more so, I've got your buddies hounding on me, and even more crazy s**t I'd rather have NEVER been involved in! I HAVE to do this, I HAVE to do that, and it's not even that! I have never, ever, not even once, had a**holes wanting me dead, not EVER BEFORE! Now I've got the whole d**m Nexus after my rear! And it's not even that! You know what it is?! NONE OF THIS MAKES F***ING SENSE!!! I'VE LOST F***ING EVERYTHING, AND I CAN'T GET S**T BACK!!! AND IT'S ALL SENSELESS, THIS IS THE BULL**** OF FANTASY FROM WHERE I WAS RAISED!!!!" I yelled.

Not smart. Seriously not smart. There wasn't anything preventing the noise from reaching the ears of the Exio Void troops below, and they were focused in on it like flies to honey. Forgetting the whole reason they were in the Gardens at all, they now had every last gun pointed at where the sound came from, which wasn't exactly me, and had whipped out every Pokémon, who were then told to look exactly where they were pointing, with some grunts correcting them. It was almost too good to be true: The corrections mislead most of the Exio Void members so much, that they either were headstrong and ignored it, firing the wrong way instead of the correct way the directions were pointed at, or listened, and fired the wrong way, when they were pointing the right way instead. The night was too dark to see me in, so somehow, I was safe, but they were on even higher alert now.

My outburst had caused Cherri to start crying, tears indistinguishable from rain, on her knees, confused and alone in her sorrows: She had expected her presence, her mercy, her 'relationship' with me, something, anything, to have at least made me listen. It was not the case, not even slightly, and even then, she hadn't expected my unnessicary harshness. It was a blow, a heavy blow. But I cared very little. I would be strong. Even if strength couldn't have a all-defining definition, just like how perfection couldn't exist.

I sat there for another thirty minutes, with Cherri trying to recover from the blow. It was raining harder than I thought possible, and it was enough to make anything else look dumb. Ohnal Telepathed with a warning: Thirty minutes, time to hit the hay, and no Valio assassination would take place. Makeshift was for idiots, obviously, and the final day at Alto-Mare was strictly to kill Valio if we found him, and as a last check for the barrier systems.

"...If you're so...Loyal...To Eon Sky...Why do they make you kill? You don't like it!" Cherri said.

"I like killing the right people, the ones that really just don't deserve life." I said. "Call it being a vigilante, call it being a criminal, call it whatever. That's Justice, miserably for you. I haven't forgotten the rules, the little part of my mind that knows them hates the rest of me for not following them...But...I am not Latries. I may break them of my own accord. I am not bound to them, I just know them. Latries is bound to them and knows them, but I am not Latries. Latries is a part of me, but not the other way around." I added. "Besides, sometimes justice is nothing more than just glorified revenge." I said, timing it nicely with a thunderbolt from the sky.

"Glorified revenge?!" Latias said, partially insulted, but mostly surprised.

"Yes. Now, feel free to leave. I've got another half-hour of doing nothing other than sitting around in the rain, looking for an elderly Tyranitar Pokemorph that really needs to bite the dust sooner than later." I said, turning around.

I couldn't believe my luck: Valio Kyte, in the flesh, was in the courtyard, the hostage the whole time. Apparently somebody decided that a regular sandstorm was better than rain landing hard enough to leave welts, and the removal of the sack from Valio's body was enough to activate his Ability, and let sand swirl in the gardens, which didn't cancel out the rain, and made everybody else even angrier. The mad chaos down in the gardens was near zero-visibility, but was still dangerously and definitely occupied with Exio Void members that would shoot anything that moved in their very short line of sight, and even had one Devourer Emboar that could eat anything so long as it touched it. That all added up to one thing: I could finish this. With that kind of crazy action, a single operative, silent and quick, would be able to pull off an assassination attempt any day of the week.

<"Ohnal, Ohnal, I have a visual on Valio Kyte! Valio is the Exio Void hostage! Very strong rain and the localized sandstorm conditions going on in the gardens favor a stealth attack right now on our hostage! It would probably work to great effect, considering the visibility, and could lead authorities to believe the Exio Void was responsible. Do I go in?!"> I telepathed to Ohnal, hastily.

<"...The repairs are good...Weather's nowhere near perfect, but it'll have to do. Everyone! Avalon's found Valio Kyte! Valio's the Exio Void hostage in the Lati Gardens! If we can kill him now, we can leave, the repairs are finished!"> Ohnal said. My cue to go was right then and there. Latias overheard my thoughts, and gasped. She reached for me, gently, but I took a step away, out of her grasp, and without further ado, I jumped into the chaos.
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

Aura-Sighting made the remaining grunts easy picks, and their panicked firing as a response to the somehow-heard yelps of their partners was only making this easier. I could also see that the Leader was starting to care less and less and less for the safety of the others, as she started to shoot off multiple attacks towards the general direction, needlelike projectiles in a spray, easily ducked under. She, however, believed that it was done. Oh, it was far from over. This was barely the beginning. Tonight was the night I proved that I was dangerous, far too dangerous to mess around with. Too smart, too strong, too fast, too deadly.

The Leader was not to be easily put out of her highly agitated state at what she thought was the death of an intruder, obviously one that wasn't Latios, and still, she stomped her feet and breathed nasty insults. My approach was silent, roaring sand, pounding rain, and the simple silence of my footsteps, basically made it utterly impossible to have guessed that somebody was there. Until a Commander fell upon her, one that had just been stabbed, courtesy of me and the Illicit Blessing. I wasn't to be seen, but all the commanders sent out all of their Pokémon, and the Leader sent out the Devourer Emboar. The Emboar seemed to be smartest, and seemed to see me within the storm. Sadly for his IQ, he did a dumb, forward rush that would have taken out any other foe, the Devourer energies starting to coat his body. However, I had already gotten the Power Drain trick ready first, and even the Devourer energies couldn't touch me while that was up, if he touched it. And considering that he ran straight forward, and my palm was outstretched.

The Emboar seemed quite mad that he somehow wasn't able to even touch my hand, the indigo energy separating me from it. Then he realized that he was getting really, really tired, but not exhausted from an overload of exercise, or drowsy from having stayed awake for too long; no, this was the tired that came with the loss of energy, the loss of power, and he would have moved if his body permitted, but no, he could not, and neither could I. It was over in seconds, and I had destroyed the power with some weak Arbitarian Energy before giving the Emboar a strong jab to his face (with my fist), making the beast lose consciousness. The surefire sound of the beast falling onto the ground only made the Leader's patience with all of it even more paper-thin.

"BA****D! Come out and fight me! I DARE YOU!" The Leader barked.

"Now aren't I already?" I said, barely loud enough to be heard, but not enough for them to guess my position accurately. This was wonderful: I had perfect view of them, and they were as blind as Zubat. To add to it all, this would at last prove something to every last single idiot that had the nerve to think that Eon Sky didn't have any measure of foresight. Even with me aside, Eon Sky probably had more foresight to the situation than any other faction within Alto-Mare.

<"Avalon, are you-"> Ohnal telepathed, his last, abrupt, message cut short, in time with a sniper rifle burst, coming from the highest building here, the museum. Everyone ducked, but it came nowhere near them. It took no idiot to put two and two together, and that wasn't even needed. Lesha was a spy; Ohnal was a turncoat. My ability to see the truth was unaffected by the suppressants Arceus implemented against me during the 'execution,' and Arceus was, above all, the ultimate resource of knowledge about anything going on against me. And that wasn't even needed. What resource gave me the intelligence of Ohnal’s position as an Onlisk spy? Nothing more than a vision. I can make them of my own accord. I ask an inquiry about something, I get the answers.

The plan that was to go down here was concocted by Gear and Arceus, who have been good contacts ever since it was discovered that Gear was one of the few Volteers capable of killing Arceus-he didn’t actually kill him, but he could have, henceforth, he’s capable of killing Arceus. Ohnal was already a spy in the Onlisk, and it was his joining that got Teal Killed-that much, I got from the inquiry. The plan involved Ohnal’s secrecy be maintained, so that he could get the group to Alto-Mare, the promise of a corrupt government official as bait, and stay there for a day or two. Arceus and his divine intervention would keep Gear’s operations from our eyes, as he made deals with Exio Void to keep an eye on us and bait us in somewhere where escape from an ambush was inevitable, in exchange for Gear dropping the charges of using the Engulfment Process on Pokémon, should they go to court. They accepted, on part of Arceus and his divine intervention. The Exio Void would find someone they could expertly disguise as Valio Kyte with a holograph, who would capture whoever came close-the plan. If that didn’t work, then Ohnal would order everyone into the gardens, and then we’d get get caught by a ruthless onslaught of Onlisk pouring in, including Gear and Arceus themselves, the latter in his human Avatar form and body armor. Latios cutting into the Exio Void troops was his own doing, as nobody guessed that the location would be the Garden, and neither Lati twin knew of the plan anyway. The thunderbolts to the Exio Void building…Ah, that was our doing, and our doing entirely. Cut off their communications to Gear and Arceus-oh, that would make them sweat under their collars.

They should have gotten suspicions the instant Ohnal was promoted to the leader, the instant-Because all the rest of Eon Sky was covertly informed of the treachery a week before the promotion was announced. As my inquiries opened up more and more of the plot, our counter-trap was becoming larger and larger as well. Simply going along with their scheme would work-right until now. First step-kill Ohnal. Issac took the shot, Issac always takes the shot, he misses as much as I do, which is to say, never. Second step: With pre-obtained coordinates (thanks to the inquiries), ones most of Eon Sky had memorized by heart, they’d attack the clustered and scattered troops that would convene upon the gardens, killing them all simultaneously to prevent communication of the massive trap of our own. The two groups that had Gear and Arceus within them would be spared, if only to make sure they realized who exactly they were dealing with.

As a bonus, the hostage herself was a potential ally: Sure, she might have been the sister of the Leader, but she probably didn’t feel in the spirit of sisterhood, after her older sibling strapped her to the chair, using the holograph to make her appear as Valio Kyte instead, nearly guaranteeing that she’d die. Neither of them knew their attacker, nor would they have guessed said attacker had the illusion-proof Aura-Sight. If the hostage was alerted that she’d be arrested, possibly executed and jailed for life otherwise for multiple acts of terrorism, Pokémon cruelty, assault and battery, burglary, criminal conspiracy, and several other nasty bits of s**t (that Gear’s deal didn’t cover), then the chances were high she’d immediately join. Hell, the whole Exio would switch sides if I wanted them too, had I simply pointed out that fact, but it didn’t matter. And before I get a million letters saying that they wouldn’t be arrested (with the side remarks about how ‘evil’ I am), then you should notice that the Onlisk only agreed to making sure that they weren’t charged with using the Engulfment Process. The decision to kill them all except the hostage was only because I hated the Exio Void, and the decision to rescue the hostage was only because she seemed to have been sucked into the Exio as unwillingly as I was sucked into the world of Volteerism.

All that was left was to dispatch them, which was really a simple matter of killing Arceus quickly-I had informed them that Arceus would reincarnate-and using the advantage of numbers and his lack of Psychic energy to try and squirm into Gear’s mind, something so weak to Psychic attacks that Gear gets nasty headaches from having somebody Telepathically say something to him. After that, we could leave.

Of course, first things first: Getting rid of the rest of these Exio Void Commanders, including the Tyranitar who was strictly responsible for the sandstorm. It definitely was not hard. I just pulled out the Encrypts and started aiming for their heads, and watched via Aura-Sight as the Commanders and Shadow Pokémon fell, one by one, until the Leader was left. I shot her, twice, one for each leg, making her fall over and faint, this particular choice due to the relation of the hostage. That left me and her, speaking of which. I proceeded to cut the ropes that bound her, coming up closely, Illicit Blessing sheathed, for the moment.

<"Listen up, girl. I know who you are, and I know that you'd rather be free of those ropes. But you've got a choice: Either you run away after I cut you loose, and get tracked down and arrested for what the Exio's agreement with Gear Pesse didn't cover, which includes almost every crime under the sun, or you can go with me, join Eon Sky, and at minimum, get away from here for the time being."> I telepathed.

<"Huh? You...You knew about that?! How'd you...Wait, how'd you know...Oh, forget it, cut me free!"> She said. <"And you're one to talk about age, kid."> She added.

<"Whatever."> I thought, cutting off the ropes. <"Now, about that agreement...">

<"What, do you think I've got short-term memory, or something?!"> She said.

At that point, exactly twenty soldiers jumped over the walls surrounding the place, guns aiming at the two of us. The newly-freed hostage scared to death-we were caught regardless of her choice, she thought.

Two seconds later, the hundred-man force that was Eon Sky came out of nowhere to ambush the two ten-man forces that were all the living Onlisk in the city, and it was immediately obvious to both sides who was superior-the Sandstorm subsided, leaving enough view of the scene to determine the larger force. Arceus, standing six feet tall, with white hair, skin and clothes, same for some yellow gloves, boots and a belt, was shocked, and Gear's face turned red enough to look like fire.

"You have no idea about how we knew you were lying about in this city, none at all. I'm not going to explain all our tricks, so we'll just put it to you bluntly: You lost. Big time." I said, soaking up their failure and wearing a big grin.

Next second, Arceus was shot-not by my gun, but by a bullet on the ground nearby him, one of the ones the Exio Void had shot out in their prior boredom. Of course, I did it, but I was unconcerned-I knew he'd reincarnate, and either way, he’d hate me. With that, the nine men that were guarding him were also killed by the Eon Sky members around them. Ten down, ten to go, if Mario wanted to. He was still the Leader.

"Mother******s!" Gear cussed, outraged by the sudden table-turning we pulled off, under their noses. "We NEED a GOVERNMENT right now, if you haven't realized it, to fight off the Arbiters! NOT F***ING TERRORISTS LIKE YOURSELVES!" He roared.

"I had no idea you were that blind to the faults within your own faction, though I suppose zeal is a good thing. I thought that we needed people that KILLED ARBITERS to, well, you know, KILL THE ARBITERS. Pretty simple concept." I added.

Gear looked ready for a go, but then he took a pause, let the some of the singing red disappear from his cheeks, and started going a different route."Yhea. But I'm having a hard time really believing you. Arceus killed Arbiters, no doubts there, he helped me out on a b**chload of occasions too, so it's curious why you killed him just now. It's also kind of funny, how you stabbed Storm in the back on Povinal, or how Anne helped you on Trident, and you took her hostage. Really weird." Gear said.

"Are you honestly suggesting we've sided with the Arbiters all of a sudden? Even you know that much is the chance of s**t raining down from the sky." I said.

"I know nothing about you, I'm free to assume whatever I want. I guess you know we have a bit of a choice to kill you, and you probably already know that I wouldn't bet on it. You realize why the Arbiters want you. Assuming Erevius exists, if they have you in their grasp, they have a free ticket to immediately cause an unstoppable Armageddon, destroying all the Nexus and possibly everything outside it. Irony is, that whatever Erevius-or really, the Arbiters-want to live, will, well, live, and considering siding with them would put you in their good books...And that aside, would Erevius lay a finger on his 'adopted son,' if the Archangel has that much sway over him? Hell, you'd be f***ing royalty to the Arbiters. Cross that up with basically what I can only interprate as a loath of the Onlisk, the sole check to the Arbiters, and it paints a nasty picture. The only chance you had of living outside of that was for you to f***ing give up-this, right here and now, was your LAST CHANCE. But you screwed it before I asked. Shooting Arceus isn't a way to make friends with anyone. And you seem to know everything." Gear said with a smirk.

"...Interesting. I, who you obviously know is NOT an Uxie Pokethrobe, am very thankful for your leak of knowledge that would have otherwise escaped me. Thanks for being an idiot, which I now give you the title of, by the by." I said, only making Gear utterly confused by anything other than being called an idiot. "And even if I already knew that, then you'd be hard-pressed to figure out what my link is with them. For instance, If I sided with the Arbiters, why did I go to Trident, kill pretty much every Arbiter there, AND leave Iris and Anne alive, considering you were planning to blow the place up once everyone was out?" I said.

"Influentials are good actors." Gear said, simply. "Any Influential knows how people work, and know what will generate what response. I'm immune to influency, if you didn't realize it." Gear said, still smirking.

I could easily sense the logic with Gear's argument. He was no influential, but he obviously was smart enough to make a valid point: Influentials were good actors, and could get anyone to do anything, all by saying words. In my case, that wasn't even needed, I could just give any number of people I wanted a psychic command, and they'd obediently, immediately, without memory, and without hesitating, follow orders.

"OK, so Influentials like me are good actors. It doesn't mean I am acting. I will not back down, no matter who hates me, who thinks I'm insane or evil, or one of the Arbiters, and I’ll just ignore the accusations, and I will not stop until I see every last Arbiter on the ground dead, and the Onlisk's worst parts removed from my sight. I am not alone in my thinking either: You defend injustices, a few with knowledge, and these are grave ones. These kill lives, these take money from you, these are reasons enough to kill over. Optu and it's citizens are considering rebellion against the Onlisk, in the back of their minds, for what you have given a blind eye towards, using the war as an excuse to let inexcusable behavior among the leadership there run wild." I said. "And besides, not like you could touch me, right now. All you can do is say words to me. Reinforcements will not come: We have killed them before they could reach us. You are the only force left. This advantage of numbers wouldn't ordinarily effect you, now would it?" I said, trying to swing back the conversation in my favor. Gear remained silent, and his grin fled from his face. I had locked eyes, and came upon something interesting.

"Pretending not to remember? Shame. You were contacted by the Herobrine last night, and you were told many things. You were told that they were grateful for the defeat you dealt to Tyzzax, years ago, but have decided to keep neutral, for reasons they denied telling you. You were also told that the Archangel, me, and the Cogix, you, were equals in combat, and if there would be any kind of victory, only luck and external conditions would allow either of us to prevail. I think that our numbers are enough to ensure victory on our behalf. An attack, right now, by you and your forces, is suicide. All you can do is try to make us fall into despair, at the cost of cheap words." I said. "You came here stealthily, with weaker ships that wouldn't attract attention, and now pay the cost: you can't overpower or outrun the Calypso. We can leave." I said. "Good idea?!" I said, at last turning my back to Gear and asking Eon Sky's numbers as a whole.

"Sounds a smart idea!" Mario said. I grabbed the Dog Tags of the fallen, still on that habit I started from Povinal, resparking Gear's intense displeasure once more, and started walking out.

Issac, in the wings, was equipped with anti-illusion equipment, capable of seeing straight through the illusion that kept the locations of the Lati Gardens safe from a view from above. Gear couldn't move an inch without Issac firing at him. As soon as we left the Gardens, a shot came from Issac's gun, and a few shouts were to be heard-Issac shot somebody. That's the equivalent of saying 'I hate somebody' nowadays: Both translate to 'somebody's dead.' All we had to do was let him know we were all on board, and he could spatially teleport to us, and we'd be on our way.
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

I had a few suspicious looks the instant we started going back, mainly from the girl I just recruited, the sister of the Exio Void leader, the girl that tried and failed to train Scyez. Her hair was brown, save for the dyed tips, which were pink. She was tallish, but couldn't have been older than 16. Two hand Axes and Four PokeBalls were on her belt, One axe white like Ivory, the other black like Ebony. She wore a green jacket with a plain green cap on top, hadn't even the slightest blemish, and had these deep, green eyes. She was physically fit. She also had that whip of hers, still around her shoulder like before. Everything else was quite regular, by Reol Standards, anyway-shirt and skirt, both aquamarine and plain.

"...Eh...Avalon's your name? Whatever, I've got a question. Sure, Gear's stuck where he is, and I really didn't get much of that conversation, but I could tell that we're not getting hit by reinforcements from Onlisk Military. But what about the police?" She asked.

I might have opened my mouth to speak, but then I remembered that the local police of Alto-Mare still existed, however weak, inefficient, and worthless they were. And they had guns, more than likely. Anyone in hearing range quickly picked up the pace out of immediate fear, and those that asked about it quickly followed suit. Our ears were on high alert for the sounds of anything, our eyes looking out for anything along the lines of police lights.

As luck would have it, the only thing that happened was the heavy increase of rain and thunder, now striking randomly around buildings nearby the procession. At one point, a guy nearly got cut up by the broken glass of a vase and window, the former probably thrown at someone in a house and missing, hitting the latter instead. It missed, which was good enough for him to breathe a sigh of relief over.

Well, the sight of me and the girl happened upon one other thing: Cherri and her brother in his human Avatar. Cherri still seemed to have a wellspring of tears in her eyes: Latios had a expression of concentrated hatred at me, from a pair of green eyes, dark skin, dreads, jeans and a white shirt-in short, he looked nothing like his true form at all. Clever, to avoid looking like himself. I only gave a cold stare back at Latios, and carried on.

"Who were they? What was that all about?" She asked.

"Two people, obviously. You may ignore them and move on, or ask what's they're deal. Of course, you won't find the Calypso if you take too long, and I won't be holding back the 'exodus' out of here." I responded, keeping on the move. "What's your name, anyway?" I asked.

"My full name's Marisa Livankia Zhivan, but everyone calls me Milli. Don't get that nickname at all..." She said.

"Did I just hear the word "Zhivan" come out of your mouth? The Zhivans are the most influential and rich family in all of Alto-Mare, possibly all of Kaiot. Too close to the Vitions in terms of pure cash." Karazin said, strolling quickly to the back. "By chance, do you have-"

"Dont. You. Dare." She said, hands going for the axes.

"Karazin, you might be a genius, but you can give the wrong impressions." I said quickly to him, then turned to Milli. "Albeit, some form of Zav would help, I believe he probably is looking for some rare item he couldn't possibly obtain that you might have. Besides, this genius was part of the reason we owed you your life. I might have foresight, but I'm too recent to the scene of tactics to be any good. I need Mario and Karazin over there. Mairo's the leader, and Karazin knows freaking everything, not even joking. Ask him about almost anything, he'll have an answer." I said, starting up the conversation that took my mind off things and introduced Milli to the state of things. I was back in the Calypso before I noticed, and thankfully, the cops were nowhere in sight.

We took Ohnal's corpse with us, but only to be burnt in the garbage disposal: We didn't want the Onlisk to know what happened to him. I told Milli about how he nearly killed us all, but she still wasn't totally cheery about it. Nobody was, really: The only benefit was salvaging whatever Ohnal brought with him, which wasn't much outside of Zav, and killing was rarely something anyone takes lightly. I should know. However, at this point, it was starting to become trivial: When something is exposed to you constantly, you get less and less excited over it. Sure, it still had some impact, but it no longer discouraged me so much from doing anything else.

The only really bad thing was being Arceus's target: I shot him, and it hit. Even if it was with the knowledge of revival, the chance Arceus's reincarnation will make him less likely to screw with the operations wasn't anywhere near terrific.

Our next course of action was to go to the Lightshard asteroid field: The chance that they'd go there to hunt for us, considering their recent revelation of what we knew and what we could do, was almost nonexistent. If they did, they wouldn't send out anything other than a few scout ships and a destroyer: enough to kill us, but easily a small force, and equally capable of losing the confrontation.

Back in my room, I made a small grin as I left Alto-Mare. Despite all the headaches that went down there, a part of me liked it. That, or I just was in a good mood after I basically made Gear incapable of lifting a finger.

But I knew it probably was going to go downhill from here. The Herobrine warned me of a faction that I wanted on my side, else I’d die and the war would ultimately favor the Arbiters, but killing Arceus and pissing Gear off further, both representing the Legendary Pokémon and the Onlisk Republic, respectively, were probably the only two factions that would have swayed. However powerful I might stick to the motto of "Destiny Isn't," I knew that the Herobrine weren't about to go out of their way to inform me of what likely wasn't going to happen. Also, I had to make sure that Gear lived, no matter what: if Gear died, so did the Onlisk, and even with my motto, the Herobrine and Gear were equally correct: however successful I was against them, the Onlisk were the only faction capable of keeping the Arbiters from their ultimate goal, and Gear was too important to the Onlisk to consider killing him. And I knew that we couldn't always pull off what we did back there, and keep Gear at bay: he'd eventually manage to fight me, odds aside, and there was no denying that he could win.

I lost my smile, and looking out the window to the stars, I knew it: either I wind up forced to kill Gear, which would destroy the Onlisk and prevent anything from stopping the Arbiters, even us, or he kills me, and the Onlisk dies slowly, grindingly, at the hands of a traitor within their ranks. Unless a miracle happened, like the destruction of the Arbitarian Relic, all that was left was to fight off Gear anytime we came into conflict, and hope that I can knock him out. Chances weren't looking in our favor.

Odd. I tried saving my life, and everyone else's in the process, and now, here I am, faced with the fact that the chance of victory was virtually zero. Even the fact that there was still a chance wasn't helping. It all would come down to sheer luck in the end, circumstance. I didn't like uncertainty, but it was better an event to look forward to than inadvertent death.
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

Chapter 27: Siege and Massacre

My matters about what looked like a no-win situation weren't kept to myself: Karazin and Mario, the latter formally resuming his post as leader, were highly concerned of the issue. Neither needed the Herobrine's warnings to know that it was a death sentence to many to let Gear die, dooming the Onlisk Republic and its entire population as well. And that was pretty much everybody.

"Regardless of the Herobrine's ability to peer into the future, there’s no doubts about it, Gear dies, everyone dies. But then we have this: if the Herobrine are correct, then if Avalon dies, everyone dies as well. If the Herobrine are correct about both their powers being equal, then we've got a massive problem." Karazin said, summing it up. "We've got more than a few hopes, but the chances are abysmal at best: the Onlisk hitting a stroke of luck, and destroying the Arbitarian Relic; the capture of the High Priest; something along those lines. With Avonu as the President of the Onlisk Republic, the chances are nil."

"Hopefully, one of those events happen to us." Mario said, hoping. "The odds are against us for it, but if it happens, then we live." He added.

"Yhea, but...The odds. Even without a traitor working for the Onlisk in our midst, we've got a major challenge in just tracking down a possible location for their HQ, much less actually finding them, and even then, it’ll be almost impossible to breach. The Arbiters haven't been winning just because of their Intel, you know." I said. Luck, sheer luck in massive amounts, would be required just to get the stars to align like that...And even then, if we did find it, then actually doing damage would all be ridiculously hard to do, and I was doubtful that even the whole of Eon Sky and the most elite forces the Onlisk could muster-combined-could ever do the job. It was the closest thing to impossible. 'Destiny isn't' was all that kept the whole idea alive for me.

As per the rest of our lives, Our training hadn't progressed as fast as I hoped, as per my Pokémon-Sure, Scyez was done, but she was easy: Lucario knew what their best Martial arts were from the start, so they only needed the additional stuff Knight's Assent gave. The rest of my Pokémon didn’t have this advantage at all, and indeed, all of them failed to be able to do the motions required: the martial arts weren’t made with all Pokémon in mind. I do not recall whether or not Karazin was of assistance in the matter, but either way, I had to invent some styles of fighting that fitted the individual Pokémon, in true Knight’s Assent style, forcing creativity on my part, and nothing short of to mind-bending extremes. No evolutions occurred in this short time span either. Vyraz was getting a tiny tad edgy from it, but Film, like always, took it in stride. Lesha tried harder too, but only if because she had, at last, found more reason to trust me and do it. She still was heavily independent, but at least she was a lot more calm.

Milli wasn't Knight's Assent material, but she was quite the good fighter, and, as we found out, did have her credit card on her-and a mountain of Zav to go with it. Getting it out of the bank so we didn’t leave a trail was another matter. She was also very good with those axes and her whip. However, she was half-hearted in her fighting, from the looks of it: the whole reason she joined was to evade the punishments for being an Exio Void member. She still gave me those fishy looks, too: nobody wants so much as the slightest association with the Arbiters, or even an association with someone with an association with the Arbiters, and her line of thought wasn't outright fear, but rather partial horror at the thought of walking into a trap of my design, partial concern at my now-instable mental condition. These concerns were contagious, it seemed: others, less-informed of my loath of the Arbiters, were also giving me the looks.

Oh, yes, I was proven insane…At that point, anyway. Of course, Karazin had been, aside from his usual work with his devices, studying my mind, and he came back with some less than savvy news: My experiences with Volteerism, along with a survivalist attitude, my partially bottled-up emotions, and Latries, all barely connected to one another, resulted in Karazin failing me in a sanity test, but only by a little: The oddity of me believing that I was insane didn't hold much ground with how insanity usually worked-a contradiction to the usual fact that one acting irrationally believes he’s sane as the next guy. He didn’t say I was insane outright, but 'Mentally Unstable,' teetering on the edge, and slightly towards the worse end. I wasn't forbidden from anything, I was given advice to keep myself away from any violent thoughts, as I had developed 'An aloof attitude about death.' Karazin told everyone that thus long as I didn't center myself on violence (too much), I would be fine, but that alone gave everyone even more reason to watch their backs and keep an eye on me, save for those few that trusted me better.

My own training proceeded normally, of course, and nobody could blame anyone for not wanting to get me riled up at this point: I had learned enough that there was virtually no way most of Eon Sky could win in a fight of any sorts, and the threat of death looming overhead now more than ever only gave my temper a shorter fuse-not saying it was short, but it defiantly was shorter than before. My dreaming habits also returned to normal-and not the 'kill everything' normal, the actual normal dreaming habits anyone should exhibit. In comparison to my real life, the dreams started seeming rational to the point of boredom, but I knew which was dreaming and which wasn’t.

It was only a matter of days before we started going through the Lightshard asteroid field. For those that don't know, the Lightshard field got it's name from the Shinebomb crystals that are found in the dark nooks of the asteroids: enough light, and the dark green crystals absorb the light and explode in a black blast, the absorption of light giving the crystals their names. Lightshard is not tricky to navigate: several options on ships can provide alternates to regular sight, allowing for light to not become an issue, and there aren’t too many asteroids around for an asteroid field. In fact, we wouldn’t be making this much of a deal if it wasn’t for the Onlisk: the Onlisk had found out long ago how to make their scout ships invisible to most non-sight methods of tracking.

That was where I came in. As a Dragon, I could breathe and survive comfortably in space. We guessed there was a lot of equipment for traveling in space, but the maze that was the back of the Calypso's interior was a labyrinth nobody thus far would try traversing for anything yet, and the equipment was probably back there. Henceforth, as the only thing that could go into space without dying by any cause, even freezing (I was curious why the only flaw the Pokémon games ever had in comparison to real life was that Dragons were weak to Ice-Types in the games, while most everyone knows that Dragons are immune to Ice-Type attacks), I was sent out into the dark reaches of space, using flight and my experience with zero gravity to scout out the ships before the ships found us. No ships in sight for three days, and halfway through day four, I wasn't betting on there being ships for the rest of it either.

Boy, was I ever wrong.

Scouting out this place was more annoying than tricky: Aura Sight was easy to use. However, the Shinebomb Crystals were slippery and fragile, and Aura Sight makes no distinctions between the crystals and the rest of the rock, so oftentimes I found myself stepping on the crystals and slipping. Meanwhile, it was cold, even if we were immune to being frozen, and the Calypso still had to move slower than usual: Mario wasn’t taking the risk of ramming into an asteroid in exchange for extra time, so here I was, cold and bored, looking for ships. I’d rather be sleeping or eating or training. Then I noticed it, out of the corner of my half-Latries form eye: an aura, mint-green, stationary. I moved to make better sight of it, and I looked at Latios. It was a distance away, and assumed he was unseen, probably, but Aura Sight was the bane of illusions.

<"Latios, no hiding. I know you're there."> I said. <"If you're here to kill me, then go ahead and try.">

<"I have no intention of it. I...I want my brother back. That much, I am certain of. You're not my brother-I could have him, though, just by killing you. But...I've no want of killing you yet, at least. Do not think my reasons for keeping you alive are enough to fully restrain my carnal desire of seeing Latries, as he should be, in the flesh, once again. You engage and I get the upper hand, and I will strike you down."> Latios said, starting to approach, very slug-like for something that was capable of out-flying jet-planes; moderately speedy, enough to get there fast and not make me reach for the weapons.

<"Latias talked me into it, really: told me to keep away, let something or someone else take care of the grizzly business for me, only to smite you if you come at me. But I want one thing of you, and under any circumstance, dare avoid the question, and you'll find me less of a pacifist. Tell me......."> Latios started, suddenly losing the words.

<"Tell you what? Tell you I'm insane? That wouldn’t really prove anything."> I started.

<"Tell me everything that you didn't tell Latias. She asked twice for what you saw, you avoided the question. You haven't made any kind of goal really clearly, and even Uxie is puzzling over your particulars."> Latios said. <"Tell me. I'll listen, but I guarantee nothing further.">

I looked around, another check to make sure enemy ships weren't around, and turned to Latios again. <"You...First and foremost, what I saw in Avonu's office is still hard to believe. I was puking over it after I saw it, if you were so kindly spying upon my life at that point. But no more question dodging: Avonu got a visit from Blizzard and Curze. No hostilities: Avonu seemed to be reporting to them, more than anything, specifically about me. They were immediately assuming I was the Archangel, something they've yet to fully prove to date, and were talking of whether I was a purposeful traitor, simply misconceived, or else, an imposter. I'm still not sure whether or not they know the answer to that question."> I said.

Latios was probably making a confused expression: who was I to claim such a thing? Aside from blemishing a man's absolutely sterling reputation in an absolutely uncalled for manner, the whole story was incredibly frail in its basis, and was obviously being taken for the conception of a deranged kid. Nevertheless, he didn't interrupt, so I moved on.

<"Now then, with that out of the way, I do believe you mentioned my goals? You have no idea what my goals are? Truly the worst intelligence-gathering to reach my ears, to not know what Eon Sky's goals are. In simplest form, we strive to, of course, kill Avonu, a goal set before I even got there, for the same reasons as I do. There's also the greedy, corrupt men that have slipped into the Onlisk, siphoning it's Arbiter-stopping power. We intend to kill them as well. No doubts about the last one: kill Arbiters whenever we see them. We might not always want to face them, but the less of them there are, the better."> I went on.

<"I know that. We know what your faction's goals are...But what are your personal goals? You have to have some kind of sub-agenda, everyone does, it's not like somebody joins a side for the heck of it."> Latios said. <"What are your goals?">

I stood silent for several seconds, but the answers seemed to come quicker than I anticipated. <"First off, the sooner the war's over, the better for me. I have better things to do with my time than kill. Second off, I take Avonu's seat of power with the utmost disgust, the treacherous swine he is. Of course, I'd rather avoid Armageddon, if it was me, and thus long I refuse to bend to their will, they don't have the power to do it...If I am the Archangel. Nothing has proved it, as of yet. There's more, but that's private."> I said.

<"So that’s it…The motives are good, but they don’t justify the means, not even slightly. You cannot prove that Avonu even had that meeting, your mental fog and your ability to lie can mask anything as the truth, so even if you did see it, I can't trust you to be showing me what you saw. In truth, all of what you said isn't adequate for swaying my trust to you, just for that. I can't confirm anything. Even with all that aside, no man should be killed for corruption. Avonu would be an exception, if you were telling the truth, but everyone else? No. Punished, maybe, but always the death sentence? No. We can't confirm anything. I hope you realize I was going into this believing nothing of what you said. I...I want to see my brother again, my dear brother...Latries...His death scars many of our memories. Uxie, Azelf, and Mersprit were there for his birth. Arceus was there for his birth. The Sacred Swordsmon were there, even Keldeo. And we were there...It was so fast...He had the spark of light in his eyes...Then it vanished...His soul, cast out somewhere, probably destroyed, by some random Paradox…Not even something purposeful...It was torture, to see it."> Latios said, starting to ramble on about Latries.

<"And to see that, after so long, we can confirm the soul within you, misused for your own purposes, still mysterious to me...I could barely hold myself back. I still am barely holding myself back. I don't believe you. I believe you should die. I hope you realize what that means, no matter how much of a cesspit of sin it has become.">

Once further did my temper lack strength.

<"Of course, immediately assuming that I wouldn't tell a word of the truth, you come here! I knew it. I told that much to Latias, and I was right: You wouldn't believe even the most believable parts! Even if I WAS sided with the Arbiters, what would I to gain to prolong the war?!"> I yelled out, telepathically. <"What have I to gain from this war at all, anyway? A mass grave, blame for me? Hate from everyone? I've nothing to gain but the end of it, you twit! And you're prolonging it! If not by taking a more active stance, then by taxing the speed of people dedicated to Arbiter-Killing! And that asides, I've no quarrel, no reason, and certainly no happiness, to be gained from arguing, with WITLESS TWITS, that can see EVERYTHING, and choose to see NOTHING! You can do something to save lives: yet you choose the path of least resistance in this war, and I find it an atrocity, that you are not at least fighting to protect the people you have been born to protect! And all that, ALL OF IT aside, I AM NO LEGEND, FOR THE LOVE OF LATRIES YOU EXHIBIT SO MUCH! Latries, no denying that he is a Legend, but I?! NO!! SHOVE OFF OF MY MISERABLE HELL-HOLE OF A LIFE, SOULLESS BA*****S!!!">

<"Soulless? SOULLESS? You kill without any kind of-">

Latios didn't have any time for further reaction: I, in absolute rage, had thrown the Shynehart at him. It was fairly inaccurate, but I guess I didn't care for whether or not it killed. I detached the sheath, too, and threw that at Latios as well. He caught both with Telekinesis before they got close to him, but he got the picture. I couldn’t see his face, but I knew I had either angered or shocked him, and vastly beyond all expectations.


<"Avalon, what the hell's going on over there?!"> Mario cut in.

<"Umm...Guys? I think we've got company, judging from the patterns the energy is exhibiting..."> Karazin telepathed, softly.

I looked to my right. Even without Aura Sight, the effect of the Red Thunder getting stronger by absorbing other energy was clearly in effect, and was in a pattern suggesting it was a barrier.

Then our next target appeared, promptly out of thin air: A supercarrier that was mammoth-sized, even in comparison to others of its kind, and supercarriers were already mammoth-sized in comparison to the average Onlisk battleship. I couldn't count the amount of guns, and I knew most of them could singlehandedly tear through the Calypso entirely in a single shot, leaving behind no trace, and that wasn't even counting the Cardinal cannons, not to mention the massive amounts of docks, where twenty of the Calypso would easily fit in along with forty ships thrice that size in half of the space there...The Red Thunder chose this moment to carry on it's course, which was initially going towards the ship itself. The amount of energy was equivalent to a spark before contact, but now it was a full-on thunderbolt, and it rammed itself into the side of the ship, directly into one of the larger cannons. The whole ship took a massive hit, as the Red Thunder coursed through the mechanical objects of the ship, devouring the energy and critically damaging most everything, before finally being expelled by the effect of the energy crackling outside the ship itself. Oh, and yes, that meant the Arbiters invented Aura-cloaking.

Everybody that wasn't an Arbiter, right then and there, officially had the best day of their life: The biggest Arbitarian Ship ever discovered had just been found, exposed, and turned into a sitting duck, all without a single casualty on the attacker's part by doing so. Eon Sky, however, had found itself in an odd position: Indeed, I wouldn't have predicted that this would happen, and if I did, I would immediately doubt we could disable it and pound the s**t out of it with little chance of losing a life, something that would probably never be triumphed in military genius/luck, but at the same time, we had to do it ridiculously fast, as the energy that was used to reveal the ship to us was obviously seen from Infrared and Voltrace without any difficulty, and if that didn't work, the ship itself was harder to miss than the broad side of a barn: Nothing could hide this, and henceforth, nothing could hide us. Gear would send ships to destroy the ultimate core of Arbitarian power, and the biggest ones he had, prepared for the worst. It would be nasty if we had a confrontation, especially in this scenario.

But who cared? Not me. I had one Arbiter-killing spree to start up, very, very soon.
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

To start my encounter with the ultimate stronghold of the Arbiters that could have easily torn us to shreds if it wasn’t totally crippled, I gave the Arbitarian ship the middle finger. I was not in a good mood after Latios decided to confront me with the thought of immediately labeling everything as an untrustworthy statement, not untrue but not to be taken for truth either. When you're not trusted, your not happy.

<"Sir, I advi-">

<"We need your smarts to shoot that?! It's a sitting Psyduck, d***it! Firing the Cardinal!"> Issac telepathed, de-cloaking nearby a meteor, the shot already half-charged. Meanwhile, I unsheathed the Illicit Blessing. Just like Issac didn't even bother for Mario's or Karazin's thoughts on his actions (like anyone would advise against it), I wouldn't take no from anything, and the Illicit Blessing would meet the blood of Arbiters for the first time in what seemed like many long years.

Issac aimed for one of the cannons that could easily take out the whole Calypso in a shot, and obliterated it with the massive red Spartan Laser. A big gaping hole was providing the vacuum that was space the opportunity to suck in things, mostly the Arbiters happening to be nearby the blast that weren't fried by the Cardinal. The scene wasn't very humorous, though on any other given day, it would have been. But not this time: this time, the only humor I'd find was the blood of these ba****d's on my sword. I transformed into Half-Latries form, and shot into the vortex like a cannon (of course, to overcome the pushing motion of the vaccum). I could easily notice Latios following, probably out of some mix of curiosity, the obvious want to keep a razor-sharp eye on me, the natural draconic instinct to compete, and of course, the Arbiter-hating no sane person could (or rather, should) resist.

But who cared? The clock was ticking. Arbiters were to be slain, and this time, they'd be the defenders holding back an impossible-to-deter siege, and even worse still, this was their greatest fortress, and their greatest numbers, waiting for a massive slaughter. If they got hold of the situation, that was another story, but if Issac kept firing, then that threat would be neutralized, and the Onlisk wouldn’t hesitate to appear with as many ships as they could send in. I immediately found the entry point devoid of life, of course, but entering a narrow service tunnel fixed that.

My first few Arbiters were Majors, meaning they were honestly aware of what they were doing and willing to do it. All of them weren’t existing in the next few seconds: The one in front shot a burst of energy my way, but the Arbitarian pulse was deflected back at them, and tore through them all with little resistance, clearing a path through the hallway.

<"The Arbitarian Stronghold? Can't tell from size alone, but it looks likely...That being said, confirming anything around you is-">

"You're seriously NOT interested in Arbiter-killing. Wow. I didn't expect I wasn't exaggerating it when I thought you weren't doing anything at all. Looks like that's not entirely false..." I said.

Latios suddenly cut in front of me, and stared me down with pure rage. That wasn't a smart comment.

"You CAN'T BE TRUSTED! For the love of Arceus, did that cross your mind?! It's F***ING BLIND FAITH TO TRUST YOU!" Latios yelled.

".......Didn't know you cussed!" I said, utterly sarcastic in the utterly cheerful tone, as that fact caught up to Latios, stopping him cold with the realization that his control slipped for a second. I slid under him and moved on to the end of the service hall, and into the next room, which was conveniently (for my Arbiter-killing lust) a point of massive attendance by the Arbiters.

I was not sure what exactly they were doing, at first. It looked like they were praying at a shrine of some kind of massive dragon with a lot of wings, two massive arms ending in massive claws, and a massive amount of serpent-like heads...Of course, this stopped when I entered. In fact, the thousands of Arbiters in attendance immediately got out their weapons, hidden in their very robes, and were aiming them all at me. Miserably, nothing under the sun could protect them from something that was simultaneously all around them, and no sooner had they gotten their weapons ready did I smash them into the floor, turning them into, per-say, the human equivalent of a broken egg: Guts and bones and blood everywhere. I wasn't even bothering counting the corpses, I immediately went towards the door with the intent to repeat that as much as possible.

"Hee-hee-hee-HEE, the guy that ruined our nice little ship!" A familiar voice called. The doors, made of Celestial Onyx (judging from the color and lack of control I could put into it), shut. Latios was cut off from me, trapped in the service tunnel. I was trapped in the much larger ‘temple,’ but at the very least, Latios couldn’t bother me.

"Oh, and what's this? You make PANCAKES out of people praying to their deity, Erevius. What a good favor you did us, getting rid of our preciously scarce infantry...Ah, forget sarcasm,F*** YOU!" Pandora squealed, her position unknown to me, and my head was darting wildly to find the b**ch.

Then the whole room seemed to vanish in a curtain of indigo, individual streaks rushing around me...Seemingly wind-like...but Arbitarian energy was thick, very, very thick. It was like the energy was crammed into every nook and cranny in between the very low density of regular air. This was the extremely feared, hyper-deadly Arbit-Storm, I guess...Though I had an assumption it was actually supposed to do something to the foe. I was just admiring the scenery, and if it wasn’t for the absolute rage flowing through my veins, I’d probably look and feel…bored. Yes, the most lethal attack in the book of Arbitarian techniques defied and useless, and I wouldn’t have felt accomplishment.

Pandora cut it short, probably thinking I was dead, revealing herself to be on top of Erevius'es alter-and looking shocked like hell, finding her assumption wrong. I grinned: Obviously, whatever made the whole Arbit-Storm fail was not part of Pandora's plan. This wasn't regular shock either, but mouth-gaping, finger-pointing, voice-muting, paralyzing shock that came with a failure of massive size.

"…Your. Supposed. To be. Dead. Dead. DEAD!! The Dead kind of Dead!" Pandora screeched, after getting over what appeared to her as absolute insanity, defiance of the laws of nature that even Volteers couldn’t defy. "Nothing survives that! well, except the hull, but that's different!"

The hull was obviously unscathed, probably tempered for such things. That aside, the corpses were almost all gone, save those at the edges of the room, where some pieces of flesh could be identified, but they had odd holes in them. The irony of Arbitarian energy: Mastery indicates being able to totally destroy what one wishes, and leave everything nearby it utterly unscathed.

That being said, that's irrelevant. While I was looking around to see the damage, Pandora teleported out of there at once, and although I could have followed, tracing her aura to another part of the ship and teleporting there, I still wasn't totally fond of teleporting yet, and Pandora would probably try a second escape-not worth it. I’d find another target, equally rewarding and less likely to flee.

"This is so confusing." Latries muttered, behind the door of Celestial Onyx, picked up by my ears. I chose to ignore that, too. I just decided to rip open the metal around the other doors to get through. I decided to leave Latios behind-the less baggage, the better-and made my door problem disappear.

A sole unarmed Arbiter was immediately behind the door, reminding me of what happened at Trident. I killed him before he could utter a single word of his offer, took out the surrounding troops that had suddenly teleported nearby me, and moved on. I only walked around at a leisurely pace, but strictly to conserve energy, and I made no effort to conceal any other outward form of my outrage, as I strolled along, killing whatever crossed me, so long as it was an Arbiter. The hallways were clogged with them, mind you: If not for recovering from the massive damage the Red Thunder did, they were there in waves to stop me from taking a step further and doing anything to their precious loyalists. It was a fun day of making metal scorch white-hot, and squishing floor to cealing. The hallways were annoyingly endless, but that didn’t truly matter with such easy opponents. Whether it was moving to kill me didn't matter either: they were all corpses, whether I was involved with it or not, and they were just peons waiting to be exterminated by me, now or later, only small annoyances that kept me from the bigger reasons I was here for: Destroying the Relic, killing as many Arbiters as possible, and severely weaken the whole cause.

After exploring a long series of hallways, killing about, like what, thousands upon thousands of Arbiters the whole time, I wound up face-to-face with the same baggage I swore I managed to shake free.

<"You know I'm not leaving you to wander around, doing-">

In the Arbiter-killing frenzy I had going on, Time lost all meaning and calculation, but whether it was hours or minutes, I didn’t care much for: Latios annoyed me greatly, not attacking, not just hovering around, just saying things, annoying me about trust, ally and enemy, passive and aggressive, and in ways that didn’t involve offensive pursuits. At this point, I was ready to punch Latios right in his face, knock his lights out, throw him off this Arbiter-infested ship, and resume the massacre, but my temper held, fortunately for him. <"Do you honestly INTEND to have me get SO angry, I go crazy, kill you, and resume my planned course? No matter what, that's bad for you, and I'd rather not waste the little time and effort it would take to do just that. BUG OFF!"> I made a final telepathic shout, before finding another dozen Arbiters to get rid off. The whole metal infrastructure was really helping matters, as most of the metal became a mural of my fatal work, blood-red and fleshy. This particular case was particularly gory, flaming flesh flying towards us in small chunks, and Latios got the picture: he was a 'guest,' but one that could be killed with no moral respite on my part, and he was starting to really get on my nerves. He stayed back and left me alone while I killed the Arbiters in my path. However, now something new annoyed me: the endless hallways and the never-ending flood of about a dozen Arbiters at a time, not even varying in tactics or ease, was starting to annoy me, but I wasn't dumb enough to let them have a few 'lucky' moments and give them an edge, or restrain myself. No, this was combat, and in combat, you do what kills.

Eventually, I found myself in another room, at long last, and it was devoid of Arbiters. It was also massive. Statues of Arbiters, probably some of the ancient (and, even then, still respected) Arbitarian Leaders, ones that honestly had some sense of restraint, unlike the a**holes that were currently screwing it over, were part of the decor, about three times as tall as me. However, in the center stood a giant statue of what I could only comprehend as Erevius, and it was almost as big as the room. The massive titan resembled a Dragon, but had six feathered wings as well as a pair of much larger scaled wings on his back, as well as a load of tentacles. The feet were kind of stubby, but the arms could have reached down to the feet with ease. However, if all of that could have been mistaken for something else, then nothing could have mistaken the fact that there were almost a hundred different snakelike heads, each ending in a head with a different facial expression. The largest had the decoration of a platinum and gold head crest atop its actual head, but the rest of this statue-as well as the other statues-were all made of Onyx, and surrounded by small pools of Arbitarian Energy.

I then realized how much I needed the Energy. I wasn't going to go for the pools that easily-in their own fortress, I wasn't going to be fooled into taking anything and springing a trap. I instead charged on the static in the air. Less effective, but safer.

"...The master of Armageddon, Erevius."

I whipped my head to the sound of Blizzard's voice, and he closed his eyes when we could have locked them. Obviously, the Arbiters weren't totally unknown to my strengths after all, and the eye-closing incidents weren’t just coincidence.

"We don't have any theories or ideas on creation, we just say he will destroy it all, play the biggest role in it, the actual destruction." Blizzard said, calmly. Apparently, the defeat of his father was either forcibly calming or intensely infuriating, and judging by the look on his face, Blizzard was infuriated by it.

"I'm not contesting your beliefs, I'm contesting your actions, and I will stop them." I said.

"I'll be frank, before we begin, Avalon...I've never heard of any person who would deliberately betray the Onlisk and kill several of its members, defending it by calling them inefficient, or saying they’re Arbiters, and say it's to improve the Onlisk and squash our faction. I've heard of a lot involving terrorism...But that's rather unique." Blizzard said. His tone was one to infuriate, and he pulled up Anti-Illusion gear, in the form of goggles, on his head all the while in a (futile) attempt to see me when the action began. I was resisting his Influence without effort, being a stronger Influential myself, but the actual words behind them was what got me.

"Yhea, and I've never heard of ba****d's your size before I met you." I said, rewarding all of Blizzard's hard work with the realization he went too far: I gave him my middle finger while drawing the Illicit Blessing, and the statues erupted with the Arbitarian energy on their surfaces, my work. They wouldn't be destroyed, but would definitely help in the long run. Oh, yes, that was followed by an almost immediate case of the ground being far too hot: the whole room's metals that weren't Arbit-Burning were now white-hot, literally burning. Blizzard had to create a thick layer of ice under just to stand on, in an attempt to keep from touching the lethal ground, a way to consume energy and make Blizzard tire easier: I could just stand where I was, the metal under my feet being no issue whatsoever (I could just cool the metal down directly under my feet and heat it up when I removed them) and the Dragon blood resisting some of the heat. Both of us were sweating madly, though, and I couldn’t deny this was going out of the freezer and into the frying pan. The Arbitarian footsoldiers that were about to flood the room were now kept at bay, because of the intense heat and the fact that they couldn’t cope with the heat: the undead cannot have Volteerist powers, end of story.

However, Blizzard wasn't about to step down. I had the advantage, sure, but Blizzard wasn't easily deterred by someone having the advantage. He also wasn't easily deterred by my first attack, which was ramming the whole blade into Blizzard's legs. It knocked him backwards, making him lose a lot of footing and granting me access to cut him up a little more, blood flowing out of his body, and he narrowly managed to freeze his feet in place before he was sent into a wall. He was wounded, but not dead.

Then he reacted: Ice tried forming at my feet. However, mach reflexes mean that I had more time to dogde than Blizzard realized, and I jumped to the statues, which was Arbit-Burning at my will, and henceforth wouldn't harm me. The area around where my feet were quickly emitted steam, like under Blizzard's icy platforms.

I wasn't expecting Blizzard to retaliate with gunfire, and no less with an energy-infused gun, something I can't control. This was ludicris preparation: how much did they know? The goggles he wore kept me from finding out too. Blizzard fired one bullet from the pistol-a model of a Vio, considering the lack of flash, reeking of Death Energy, before I ducked behind the statue. It was at this point that I turned invisible, and whipped out a light-based illusion of myself to peek out from the statue. Blizzard didn't fire at it, knowing it was just an Illusion, and looked around the room for me. The irony was that he wouldn't be seeing me with that. The Eon Twins and I do not manipulate light energy to keep invisible, but rather, manipulate their reflective down to naturally bounce light off and react. It's a natural defense that has no known counter. Crummy day for Blizzard.

I was on the statue of Erevius to shoot off a Mist Ball, which didn't catch Blizzard's eye. The attack launched silently, and remained so until the psychic forces that held the whole ball together exploded. Blizzard couldn't have been worse off: Now his goggles were shattered and his anti-illusion capabilities had to require energy, further expanding the precious energy he had. If he fell to the floor out of exhaustion, then it would be the end of this confrontation: At that point, he shouldn't have the strength to create more ice, and henceforth, he'd be putting his hands on freaking white-hot metal, something he wouldn’t have the stamina for, meaning one dead Blizzard. Of course, it took its toll on me as well, but I could control the effects, I was now currently eating one of those Energy Bars Mario introduced to me on the Triaton (I like how it’s literally packed with energy) and Blizzard was feeling the worst of it, as he was taking hits and other things...It was only the beginning, as Sadly for me, those good times were quickly overshadowed by a disaster.

"Sir! Onlisk Forces have found us! They're only scout ships, but they're going to get bigger ones!" An Arbitarian footsoldier yelled.

"What the-no, no, No, NO!! Get to the engineers, shields are up priority, forget weapons, shields are up priority, also up priority on escape vheicles..." Blizzard said, still yelling as he ran out, evading white-hot metal that I used as a last ditch attempt to kill him. However, he escaped, while I had a new priority of my own: Get what I need to do done quickly, and get out quickly. Or else. The idea of Onlisk battleships destroying the Calypso wasn't funny, and the fact that they'd probably send their best to destroy this massive Arbitarian stronghold didn't help.

(I'll be trying to get these up more actively from here on in.)
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

Chapter 28-Of Emotion and Arbiters

Wonderful. I was in a ship that would be blown up at an unknown time by Onlisk forces, Eon Sky was at major risk, and so far, there was literally no gain other than the loss of a few of the infinite amount of infantrymen the Arbiters seemed to get out of thin air. I also happened to be in it with a highly annoying Dragon, several Arbitarian Loyalists that were still alive, and of course, the seemingly limitless Arbitarian foot-soldiers that happened to be aboard. Cheery.

<"At last, this ends."> Latios said, referring to more things than one.

<"I don't think so. You have no idea, at least not retaining to the ship's structure. These hallways in ships...Not much to them, really, just the same old metals, same height and width, there's little differentiation I've seen so far...Chances are you'll get lost trying to find the exit."> I commented.

Latios gave me a sharp look, but then realized the golden rule in shipbuilding for the military: Do not have too many differences in the hallways, to confuse boarders. He found a logical way out of that one, though.

<"I'm not fazed. You'll be escaping no matter what, so you have to have a way out, and in the process, show me."> Latios said. <"You're not fooling me into doing anything for you.">

<"...You really annoy me."> I telepathed, not even attempting to slightly disguise the agitation.

<"You really annoy me. Scratch that, you outrage me."> Latios parroted, sounding even harsher.

<"I knew that. So you know what? Good-bye."> I said, irritation and rage showing in my expression, forcefully teleporting Latios away to another part of the ship, far from where I was.

<"Hey?! What the-"> Latios said, before cutting off contact with me. Meanwhile, I started on resuming my course.

This time, I was more focused on speed than on eliminating the local population of Arbiters, though anything getting in my way was not spared. Engineers were scrambling all the while, as the first shockwaves of the shots started reaching this section of the ship: The ship itself was built to contain shockwaves, but it didn't give it any immunity. This made it all the more important to get the barriers up and running.

<"Avalon, what did you do?!"> Karazin suddenly telepathed, when a more noticeable shockwave rocked the ship, sending an engineer's tool flying out of his hand, which hit something on my back-the Blaze Rod broke, sadly.

<"Depends, what are you talking about?"> I said, dealing with my still-ongoing anger far more tactfully than the recent conversations with Latios.

<"Pllllleease tell me you didn't just teleport a Legendary Pokémon away from the only person on the ship that knows any sort of way out, and wouldn't kill him. Pllllleease tell me that you didn't." said Karazin, imploring his luck to say that I didn't.

<"I did. He was really, really on my bad side, and you'd rather want him alive than dead, right?"> I telepathed, getting rid of the Blaze Rod's shards, slowing down so I didn't do anything dumb, like cutting myself up.

<"...Umm...OK, you're in a bad mood, you're just a kid, you're still prone to tempers no matter how old you are, but you seriously shouldn't have done that!"> Mario jumped in.

<"Lemme guess-he's panicking."> I said.

<"No, we're not sure what mood he’s in, but he’s probably mad, and that wasn't a brilliant idea no matter what!"> Karazin yelped. <"It's a Legend, something that doesn't come back if it's Eradicated, and you've sent him into a very, very bad scenario! Gear's gotten wind of it, too! I thought you would know this kind of stuff?! Gear's not going to take an Arbitarian Ship this size on lightly, and he's just learned that a Legend is hopelessly lost inside the bowels of an Arbitarian ship: He’s coming in there with the explicit purpose of saving Latios, and he’s coming in there with whatever he can get in there!!"> Karazin yelled. <"I thought you'd be more thoughtful of that! Where'd your head go?!"> Karazin added.

<"Ugh...If I didn't get orders from Teal before he died, I'd just keep you from going on these things...Probably should do that regardless..."> Mario said, lamenting.

<"In short, that was about as dumb as shoving your head into the trash compactor!"> Issac cut in, insulting. He was Ignorable, even in my rage-fed condition that would only be quelled by the death of the things that caused me torment.

<"He was slowing me down, he was seriously just trying to find a reason to fight me, and it was better than just killing him, right?! I'm pissed off for one, and I'M IN A SHIP FULL OF F***ING ARBITERS!! Can we focus on them?!"> I brutally commented. Obviously, that had impact: Karazin suddenly teleported in front of me, and although he didn't look angry, he definitely was...Well, like an unimpressed and disappointed critic, not truly angry, but making his emotions known. He blocked my path, and had seemingly slowed down time incredibly well: An Arbiter turning the corner had seemingly frozen right where he was.

"It might be obvious to you already, but rage blinds. Even your incredible Influential skills are almost entirely worthless, even now...You may have many strengths, and those strengths great, but your emotions are easily stronger, and are crippling your other excellent talents...It is obvious that Gear wanted to expand the power of emotional wrath when he made Knight's Assent, for when he fights, he makes it obvious that he channels negative emotions to put himself under controlled stress, never blind to his action, his rare mistakes made by miscalculation." Karazin said, calmly. "It seems, however, that you didn't understand that, and you suppressed the bad emotions entirely instead of what appears to be the desired effect...And here we are. I will occupy you to whatever goal it is you're attempting to accomplish...Probably the relic." Karazin added, resuming time's standard pace, and whipping a crossbow off an engineer's back. The engineer didn't react, for he was too busy with repairing something to notice, and Karazin shot the approaching Arbiter in the face, calmly.

<"It's the relic."> I telepathed, so as to not let Arbiters even hint at what we were doing, taking hold of Karazin.

"Avalon, cool your head before you even attempt that. The Arbiters are manipulators, skilled and smart. They are not terrifically tough, but mentally, they are nearly unmatched. You are one of the few hopes to defeat them-even stronger at all of their own games than all of their members. If you die, what then?" Karazin said, trying to keep his energy levels higher by not wasting time with telepathy.

<"I won't."> I simply responded.

"...What do you want?" Karazin asked, equally simple.

The Engineers were still there, giving us shoddy looks, but maintaining in doing their duties. I answered quickly: <"I want them dead.">

"And afterwards?"

That one hurt. Karazin knew me well. It also made me think...I thought of my family, of course...They wouldn't ever want to see me do this...Ever. It was a brief moment, but the rage vanished. However, the seriousness of the situation flooded the seconds-brief void that inhabited my emotional aspects, and once more was I aware of the world.

"...I see your point. But we've got to go. Ship's going to blow up, relic to s**t, Gear, and all that." I said.

Karazin listened, smiled slightly, and now allowed himself to be dragged around with me. However, he still followed blind, and we still killed Arbiters that were going to hinder our progress all the same. His whips and knife strikes were even faster than mine, and he took full advantage of it for fast, brutal neck strikes, breaking them with velocity to blind.

However, that was about it. Were the Arbiters trying to bore us to death? That was probably the single most pitiful attempt ever to try our resolve. All ships were just like this: Gray hallways purposely designed to derail the attackers, making them forever lost and forever confused, dead by the eventual overload of attacking forces. However, it was almost invariably the same force of twelve Arbiters, six spearmen, three swordsmen, and three Archers, easily dispatched by a variety of tactics. A good formation of the spearmen charging under the cover of a few arrows while the swordsmen defended them, but it was worthless when we could reach farther than the swordsmen and they were vulnerable to very easy to execute tactics. Pandora wasn't as much of an idiot as she led on, as well, and had memorized the route to the relic, mainly because she wound up there several times. The paths were a spider's web of annoyingly gray, nearly uniform hallways, with very few-yet all the more noteworthy-landmarks, in the forms of a small pipe jettisoning through the ground, or a computer-though a few times, support pillars and Engineers fiddling with parts of the ship were serving as noteworthy landmarks, and the shaking of the ship, caused by repeated firing, was to be noted. I knew the way, and there was nothing nobody could do about my knowing of it. I guess, however, that stopping me was the important part for the Arbiters.

As we turned a corner, we found ourselves face-to-face with a doorway. It was closed, the Arbitarian eye (the disgusting symbol the Arbiters turned it into) protruding outwards, seemingly turning to look at us both. Oh, wait, it was.

Then the door opened, and-once again-a dozen Arbiters strolled out: Six spearmen, three archers, and three swordsmen. Behind this regular formation were three seemingly elite Arbiters, wielding whips, and clothed as if they tried hiding their bodies as much as possible, and could only get a hold of grayish-black rags, rugged and tough in appearance, showing only sunglasses aside from that. They definitely weren't the regular sort. Then, behind them, came a beautiful woman, with skin-tight tops and bottoms, and several streaks of purple, half-transparent silk draped over her in various ways, making her body as visible as possible without being outright nude. Charms wouldn't win me over, but I guess it was worth a shot. Following behind her was Pandora, more armored than before (out of fear, maybe?), and behind her, Blizzard, having some sort of armor on his body too (Slim and non-restrictive plates of Nirn Ebony, the nasty hard stuff)...And behind him, Quake, armored as well (more Nirn Ebony, thicker and very plentiful almost completely covering him). With all that protection, I suddenly wondered why I wasn't introduced to some form of protection outside of my own skills sooner. Ah, well.

"Pandora, this is a lesson we'll drill into your skull if we must, but you must learn the Archangel's skill-set...As much as he does, hopefully, but as much as we do...You're unwitting mind was the source of this issue." Said the beautiful Loyalist to Pandora, the four Loyalists backing themselves to the doorway, closing shut. Pandora was at the far right-the far left stood Blizzard, the center right was Quake, and the center left was the mystery Arbiter.

"I have to ask: WHY DIDN'T I KNOW THIS SOONER! I'm a Loyalist, and I should be in the loop about such Intel, dumb***! You're the intelligence division head, this is your responsibility, am I right?!" Pandora yelled, taking her focus away from the two of us.

"Albeit, I do believe that Pandora isn't one for listening to minute details, I do wonder why she had to ignore an entire briefing on his abilities." Blizzard commented, putting on another set of anti-illusion goggles, like the rest of the Arbiters (that weren’t mindless husks)were.

"COME ON, Lillith, how was I supposed to know that a briefing based off of entirely what I knew would have included something I didn't?!" Pandora added.

"Lack of foresight isn't an excuse." Lillith said, simply, before turning at me. The goggles she wore were meant to look good on her, almost impossibly so. I slapped Karazin when I noticed him drooling over Lillith: I might not be attracted to looks, but that didn’t mean someone of age was.

That's when the battle began: The six Arbiters-the spearmen-immediately charged, and Karazin shot the spearmen down, while we dodged the arrows, I crushed the archers between two plates of metal-purposely making sure the spray of blood came at the Loyalists-and we charged the remaining sword-wielders. That was short work-the Average Arbitarian sword was a half-inch shorter than the Illicit Blessing, meaning I could weave in a fatal hit at a distance they couldn't reach, and Karazin's whips were obviously longer. Necks snapped, blood spilled, Loyalists bloodsoaked before they could poke somebody with their weapons. Not a bad start.

The remaining seven took a formation, as we took a big step back from the reach of Pandora's fans and the Loyalist's whips. Quake had taken point-the three whipmen were behind him in a small, wide V, Lillith and Blizzard directly behind them, and Pandora in the rear. The whipmen and Pandora would assault us with their respective weapons, while Quake kept us away from them, and Blizzard and Lillith supported with whatever they would do. A good formation. In contrast, there were two Volteers and whatever Pokémon we decided to send out. Out of their range of sight, of course.

We got behind the corner, quickly, as the Arbiters advanced on our position gradually. They need not be hasty-nay, all they had to do was stop us. The sooner, the better, but better late than never. Meanwhile, we got out Pokémon to help. I chose Scyez, Lesha, and Vyraz. Vyraz's purpose would be for a little later, but Scyez and Lesha had obvious benefits right off the bat: Sycez was far faster than she let on, and would be able to distract and irritate the Arbiters: Aura was something none of them had, theirs was too weak to manipulate it themselves. Meanwhile, Lesha had the ability to slow down time in a manner that kept the Arbiters from interfering, with Dialga's strength backing her (hopefully-I had the doubt that Dialga knew of Lesha's actions, and that she had lost favor with the Temporal Pokémon). Karazin chose a Buizel, something seemingly like him, only its sleepiness was the cause of a lax nature rather than whatever kept Karazin's somnia that sensitive.

"Hah! Come on, you honestly think we don't have Pokémon of our own?! Mafia!" Pandora yelled, throwing a PokéBall. Judging from the other sounds, the others had fallen suit.

I poked my head out once more. Upon Pandora's shoulder laid a Honchkrow, presumably Mafia. Blizzard had Avalanch hovering nearby his feet. Quake had a Rhyperior right next to him. Lillith had a oddly dark Lilligant nearby her. All of them reeked of the Arbitarian Energy. I whipped my head back into cover-another of Pandora's fans whipped dangerously nearby my head. I informed the rest of the situation telepathically. Quick nods, exchanges of plans, and everything else went underway. Then came the fun.

To start, Scyez popped out of cover, shot an Aura Sphere at the Tyranitar, and ducked back inward. The orb of energy knew its target, and swerved around the whips to strike the massive Pokémon aside Quake. The power was strong enough for it to topple onto one of the whipmen, who dared not attack the Pokémon of a Loyalist. He was killed by the sheer weight of it, along with the spiky backside. Quake tried using kinetic energy to pull it up, but Karazin started intervening, making it ridiculously hard, credit going to Coganan Energy under the cover of my down-based light bending. Quake, unaware of the extent he was exerting himself to pull up his comrade, had nearly exhausted himself of all of his energy, and decided that doing it the physical way was better.

Scyez shot another Aura Sphere at the poor Tyranitar as it was halfway up. Supported by Quake, the impact was still too great, and it fell again, making Quake fall on its front side, attempting to get up off it quickly, in no part due to disgust, but rather the threat of keeping the formation guarded. Before this happened, Karazin shot two arrows of pure Arbitarian Energy from the crossbow at the remaining two Whipmen, right at the sunglasses. They hadn't the time to react, and died on impact. I shot out an Aura sphere of my own, this time at Quake's neck. He rolled over quickly enough that it missed him, but scarred his Tyranitar's cheek.

"Sorry!" Quake said, getting up, sweating under the effort he tried to lift his companion and stay alive. That wouldn't last, though: His neck once again exposed itself, and I took full advantage of it, invisible, closing in quickly with a stab. My stab worked, cutting into the stony flesh without resistance, the speed I put it into him combined with minor Kinetic Powers. I dashed away, dodging Pandora's retaliating fan, as the void of the Arbitarian Relic took his body.

"Whatever he's using, it's not being picked up by these goggles!" Blizzard said. "I was standing right in front of him and couldn’t see that stab."

"Well, well, those claims of easy victories might be backed after all...With exceptions." Lillith said, taking a sideways glance at Pandora. She huffed.

Time suddenly slowed heavily, to them, as Lesha did her thing. She couldn't move, so the rest of us moved up, taking out Pandora and Mafia quickly and without incident, before reaction could be made. However, Lesha's power's ran short, and I was bringing back the Illicit Blessing to kill Blizzard when it happened. Avalanch caught on, and reacted.

Seconds later, my blade coursed cleanly though the Weavile, skull-to-crotch, as Blizzard was pushed behind his companion. The blood spilled onto him and I, and he stood there, unbelieving. I hit something important to him-too important. He was utterly stuck. Lillith was the only thing in my way. I turned to look at the scene she was concocting.

Karazin's prior shenanigans weren't without good warrant: Lillith apparently warped Karazin's mind a bit, and now she was 'flirting' with him, and vice-versa. Her lips turned eerily purple with truly fatal amounts of Death Energy as they went in for a 'quick kiss,' one I took a step forward to react to, but Karazin was apparently the manipulator here, and stabbed Lillith, simultaneous with a Snagging Ball to slam into the Lilligant. His hand clutched upon the Ball and its lock while it tried shaking violently, and the eventual settling was a convenient sound. He jammed the Ball into the center of the eye, and the door opened.

"Smart. As usual." I said, unopposed by Blizzard or the Tyranitar as we walked into the room: A shrine, with another door leading inward. The place looked like some kind of lobby, with a few teleporters rigged here and there, chairs seated, and a few Arbitarian Guards shocked by our entry, but unmoving. We took three steps in before reaction happened from any soul nearby. Obviously, it wasn't friendly reaction.
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