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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

Thanks for commenting. I'll try to work on that.
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

Try to change things up. Instead of "Gear said" or "Gear asked", change the order up, like "asked Gear" or "said Gear".

Or, for even more variety, try "Queried Gear" or "Gear queried" or "Commented Gear" or "Gear Commented".
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

Chapter 8-Anarchy's Wind

Sword training was really just like everything else Knight's Assent: Gear would yell at me, telling me what to do almost like an insult, and I'd do it right the first time or mess up a few times before getting it down. The only difference was that now I had a sword to do it all with. The sword's details were very intricate: Several symbols probably of the Arbiter's design were put almost everywhere on the sword, including a design of something Gear identified as the universal symbol of justice, an upside-down triangle with three perpendicular bisectors jettisoning from each point, and a circle around the intersection point. If you don't know what a perpendicular bisector is, think of a straight line coming down from an inside corner of a triangle, dividing the triangle into two.

It was nearing Christmas, unto which I was surprised Volteers celebrated. The holiday spirit was abounds, talk of various stuff to do on the holiday was discussed along the military personnel that I passed by on the way to the training room. In fact, coincidentally, I was finishing the whole of Knight's Assent on Christmas. That's a Christmas gift in itself.

I woke up to Gear's usual military-style yelling. It seemed slightly softer, but I got up as fast as I usually did-very fast.

However, I wasn't expecting that everything here would be given a Christmas touch. Gear was grinning, standing near a Christmas Tree. There were only two or three presents, but I think that It was enough.

"Merry Christmas!" Gear cheered with a smile, as he walked towards my bed. I looked confused as I changed from the PJs into the clothes I usually wore.

"Ah, can't remember what Christmas is, can ya?" said Gear. "Christmas is a time for giving. Here's what I'm giving you-an extra hour to open whatever's here, and good news: With the fast progress you've made so far, you'll be finishing up Knight's Assent today, if you're quick enough." Gear added. "Your presents are in the boxes. Open 'em up!" he said, gesturing to the boxes.

I walked up appearing nervous, as if the boxes was booby trapped or something. I wasn't really nervous, of course. I opened one quickly-specifically, one book-shaped. Inside was a journal.

"That book's blank. You can write what you do day-to-day in it. Neat, huh? It's called a Journal."

I opened the next box, which was slightly larger. Inside that was a pack of Pokemon toys, with a small screw to wind them up. There was a toy of Palka and a larger, more intricate screw inside the box as well, separate from the package. I looked at Gear, totally puzzled.

"They're all the rage, them Pokemon figures!" exclaimed Gear. "They're popular among folks that don't really have the cash to actually raise Pokemon. I'm not sure why they use screws to wind 'em up over a switch to activate them, but they're really lifelike!" Gear added. "Some clever folks used some spatial distortion and some light tricks on some regular Pokemon toys, and the result were these!"

I looked at the Palkia toy. There was a number on it's back. The number was 3437. There was also some small text below it that subtly yet proudly declared 'Rapid Fire+.'

"The larger key makes the figures larger, but don't ask me how. Oh, and that Palkia is absurdly rare. Don't lose it." Gear warned. "The instructions are in the package, so open that up too!"

I tore apart the cardboard with a little less hesitation, still looking semi-confused. Inside was a Pikachu (The number was 347, no words beneath it), A Oshawott (The number was 354, no text), a Charmander (The number said 400, no words), and a Glaceon (The number was 839, and text that said 'Up Ghost'). A paper fell out too, detailing all the specifics to the figures that I ever needed to know.

I noticed the third package, and this time opened it up without a prompt. Inside was a wallet, packed with paper currency that certainly wasn't the dollar bill.

"You have to have money. There's no doubt about it." said Gear, rubbing his goatee.

"Thanks." I said.

"It's nothing. Nothing at all." Gear said. "No, seriously, compared to the money-buster that most Christmas’s are, this was impossibly cheap." he joked.

I smiled politely.

That was probably the last truly good thing Gear did for me under no unwilling circumstance.


The winter decor mother nature brewed up continued to be peppered upon Cavix from the heavens, as I walked outside. I had completed Knights Assent (Thank God), and had been told that I should go to the Cavix Orphanage.

However...I already had a different plan.

"Look, I already knew that you want those Arbiters absolutely destroyed, but giving that kind of info to a Terrorist Group?! You don't know what they'll do with it!"

"And that, Latries, is the only doubt I have too: Unpredictability. The news would no doubt do something, and hopefully something constructive, but until it happens, we've got no clue what kind of action they'll take."

The conversation between me and Latries on the Monorail, with use of thinking my answers back to Latries over speaking them, was simply about what would happen. It was all I could do. I had to keep my ears peeled, however, for the whereabouts of any of their hideouts; the only thing I needed to give the whole Terrorist Group the Intel all at once.

Of course, secrecy was the reason why the Terrorists Groups were still surviving.

My eyes caught a man. This man seemed to have every last muscle beefed up to the largest size possible, and this man was wearing some kind of necklace of iron balls just to add on to his strength. I had caught notice of a symbol on his shirt, almost completely hidden from view by a vest he wore too: A symbol of a ring. Inside this ring was a crescent moon, and a lightning bolt connected the tips of this moon...

He caught notice of me, and adjusted his vest so that the symbol was completely out of view, then ceased eye contact.

I found a Terrorist Group's member.

A slight jerk announced the train's stop, and the Terrorist left the monorail, and had it not been for his massive muscle, he would have blended into the crowd perfectly. I followed in a calm manner that wouldn't show signs of following somebody's tail.

His next destination was to the Markets, where even more people abounded, but that only made him stand out more. It was like finding a black cow in a massive flock of white sheep. I kept an even pace, as did he-nobody would expect that the muscle man would be related to terrorism, nor that I was following him.

He turned sharply into an alleyway, and I followed with a little more speed. I made it around in time to see which door he entered: A kind of tavern. There was also a convenient trash can to transform behind.

I ran to the trash can, and transformed into the Half-Latries form. I turned invisible too, and popped out from behind just in time to see somebody else with the same symbol as the muscle man: Someone that was barely twenty-one, with the symbol stitched into his jeans, though it was very tiny. He opened the door, and I slipped in.

The Tavern was filled to the brim with guests drinking their hearts out, and the young man I tailed was just interacting with the barkeeper. I caught sight of the several kinds of alchaholic beverages on the menu: It included everything from something called 'Alchemy's Wine' to 'Lloyd's Mead.'

"A pint of Anarchy's Wind." Said the young man, almost totally muffled by the rest of the bar. The receding barkeeper was reaching for the tap labeled 'Alchemy's Wine,' when he caught, out of the corner of his eye, three taps on the table with the young man's ring finger.

"Sorry. We're all out." Said the barkeeper.

"It's no problem." Said the young man, getting up from the seat he so briefly occupied, and heading towards the men's restrooms.

I followed, thankful that when I did accidentally brush by somebody, they mistook it for the person nearby. I slipped in the bathroom just before the door closed.

There were four stalls and three urinals, the latter seemingly controlled by motion sensors. The young man activated the third urinal from the left, but didn't do his business in it at all, and walked away, letting it flush. He then walked into the fourth stall on the left, into which I slid in. I wasn't letting him out of my sight.

I was surprised that nobody noticed a giant gaping hole in the wall, save me and the young man. Where it led was totally blacked out, save the first few inches. The young man stepped in, and I followed.

The instant the Young man took three steps deep into the barely-illuminated cave (I barely got my whole self in), the hole repaired itself silently and without warning. I was immediately discomforted by the lack of light.

Then two torches lit up with odd green flames, revealing a ladder that led directly down. I practically threw myself down the hole, for the young man was out of sight.

The ladder ended a few yards down, revealing another section of the cave, with two other green torches and a door. The door had the symbol that the young man and the muscle man both sported. Engraved under it was a title:

Eon Sky
Winds of Anarchy, Blades of Truth

There didn't seem to be a trick to this at all...Then the young man reappeared from the ladder above.

"Hell, I swore it was 'Blades of Truth'..." The young man said. The text under 'Eon Sky' was instantly removed. The young man engraved in different text.

Winds of Anarchy, Death of Corruption

The young man re-entered the door, walked inside...Then reappeared on the ladder again, only now, the flames turned yellow.

"F*** this S**t!" The man cussed. "Did they change it again?!"

Someone on the other side knocked on the door, and opened it halfway, to reveal the muscle man. "We haven't. It's 'Winds of Anarchy, Demise of Liars,' you idiot." He said. "It's been that for four days now."

"Smart***" The young man cussed under his breath, a look of downright rage on his face, as he walked inside, and as I slipped in before the muscle man closed the door.

It was the mirror image of the room with the ladder from before, no changes, minus the yellow flames over the green ones. The muscle man got on the ladder and slid down, as did the young man. I followed their suit, getting on and sliding down.

The ladder fell even further down, to a room with another ladder, same as the last one. Do I need to explain?

However, when I reached the bottom of this ladder...

This time, I was led into a place that suited a post-apocalyptic army bunker build underground, with about a hundred people, either chatting, smoking, drinking alchahol, cussing, looking at a rack which held a lot of weapons and pointing, and other various things. Two green flames were placed at the bottom of this ladder, but otherwise, the lighting was the same kind of half-electric half-Volteer distortion that didn't differ in design from your everyday light. There was a stage, opposite me, that the muscle man was heading directly too, whist the young man mingled with the others.

Once the large man hit the stage, everything stopped. Even one of the smokers put out the cigarette in his mouth and trashed it.

"Brethren of Eon Sky, our brief worries about being discovered can now be dispelled! We have not been compromised!" The Muscle man declared. "Teal has protected our location from Avonu and his unwitting pawns!" he said.

Everybody cheered. Whoever Teal was, it was good that he protected their location...For them.

"However, we must still wait before we attempt another full-scale raid, and we must still keep our identity secret!" The muscle man commanded. "This delay is a small price to pay for our continued existence, and future strength!"

More roars from the crowd-but now it was mingled with a few boos.

"Now, onto our next business...It's been kept secret long enough. Teal had already picked a new member long before any of us knew it, even the person he chose. However...From what I can get at, Teal also notified me he also shares our beliefs, has seen Avonu's true colors right under Voya’s nose, and is incredibly powerful!" The muscle man said.

A general 'huh?' was issued around the room. Even I couldn't get at why this Teal guy chose someone to join a Terrorist Group without telling him or most of the Terrorist Group.

"Teal did conveniently note, however, that this new member just so happens to be invisible, and would be right in front of the entrance-today." he said, revealing a remote within his pocket and pressing it.

Everybody's heads somehow managed to turn directly to me, even though I could still look through my hand, and at the same time, a metal wall slammed down just behind me-I was trapped.

In the shock of being discovered so easily, and swearing that the muscle man said I'd be the next member (that came out of the blue), I forgot to retain invisibility, as I instead focused more of my efforts to fighting off the all-sides attack.

I was aiming with reckless abandon, but every last blow was a hit because of the sheer amount of people...However, just when I thought that I might just be the last one standing by some miracle, the muscle man caught me off-guard by slamming into me from behind.

He was strong enough to hold me firmly in one arm, leaving me to helplessly struggle. Gear had never told me how to do anything to a person that was not only flat-out stronger than you, but also gripping you around the chest, rendering arm-based attacks impossible.

"Easy! I'm not gonna hurt you!" said the man. "I've never seen this guy before, but I'll check in the back room anyways. Don't disturb me!" he said to the rest of the terrorist group.

General passing of gossip ran from mouth to ear for every terrorist in the room, as I was helplessly dragged back, deciding that at least I'd get my chance to inform him of the truth about Avonu...Though a little suspicion already told me they knew before I did.

Now, I had been taken to a more private back room, where there were a few chairs. I was put in one of them, and the muscle man sat himself down in the one opposite me.

Answer me calmly...Do you know Avonu Voya's an Arbiter?"

This was worthless. I had no idea that there was a chance that anybody could have learned of this news before I did.

"Yes." I replied.

"What's your name?"


"Touch this orb. It won't hurt you." he said, holding his hand out and conjuring a blue orb inside it. I touched it.

"...You've got to be kidding me." the muscle man said as he removed the orb. "Are you only twelve?" he said.

I transformed back into my 100% human form. The muscle man was briefly startled, but I didn't move. However, he slapped himself when I replied: "Yes..."

"If I EVER see Teal again, I'll kill him for this. I will." said the muscle man.

"Whatever...Teal said that I HAD to let you join without any fuss...Meet back here on the twenty-seventh, four-o-clock, side entrance. The Tavern's name is 'Iron Goblet,' in case you didn't notice. I'll get you in."
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

Chapter 9: Hell's Luck

The sudden recruitment into Eon Sky's ranks was unanticipated, nor was I exactly pleased about it. However, they knew about Avonu. I was still sure that it was a sharp turn for the worse.

I managed to get into the orphanage, saying I got into the wrong Monorail. Nobody cared too much. Anybody could make that mistake. As a small bonus for it being Christmas, I got a figurine pack of two. I opened the pack. Inside was something to trump Gear's Palkia-A Shiny Mewtwo with the number 3500 and the words 'Ultra' on it, and eight small digits beneath the word were also visible at close range, reading 'A4D6S3T5' Whatever that was, I was easily confused. The second one was a Watchog with 562 and nothing more. The Watchog was quite creepy.

I finally decided to read the manual about the figurines, and wasn't disappointed-first off, the bigger the number, the all-around stronger the toy is. That made Mewtwo and Palkia just flat out awesome already. Second, text under the number generally meant something good. The list of abilities noted 'Ghost up' as an ability that powered up Ghost types and 'Rapid Fire+' as a special feature to allow a period of rapidly firing off moves, but had no reference to 'Ultra' at all. It did say that there were Pokemon with special abilities, not listed in the manual that were really off-the-charts strong.

As you could probably guess, I rocked at Pokemon Figurine tournaments ever since. You don't lose with what I had.

That was the highlight of the days to come. I shouldn't have introduced the Orphanage to Scyez-she had a habit of messing with people. Then again, she had no sanity whatsoever. All the boys in the orphanage were irritated the most, mainly because of short tempers; but I couldn't do a thing to stop Scyez, and any attempt to use Pokemon against her was almost useless, as she could easily fight without need of commands. I abused this when actually Pokemon battling-my first fights were landslide victories in my favor because my opponent didn't know what to dodge, and in some cases, how to dodge it. Nobody owned a Psychic type either, probably the only thing that would work. That only made the orphan boys more frustrated. Using the Palkia and the Mewtwo toys and the large key in the figurine battles that the boys actively participated in was also an irritation to the rest of my homeless roommates, and even without either of those toys and the large key, I never lost: the Glaceon I obtained had Shadow Ball and Ice Beam, and most of the kids hadn't anything outside of the starter pack, meaning most of the kids used stuff below 800+ mark, and the one toy that defeated the 839 with an 872 was a Tropius-easy work for an Ice-type. You'd be furious too, with the inability to ever win against a person at your favorite thing. However, with Legendary-rank Volteerisim, attacking me was out of the question, only heightening their loath of me.

The members of Eon Sky took as much liking to my recruitment as the boys took a liking to me.

"Mario, you've got to be f***ing kidding us?! Teal chose a KID to get into Eon Sky?! Are you absolutely sure about this?!" Issac-the young guy I followed to get inside Eon Sky's base- yelled, adamantly refusing to believe that his former leader was in the right at all.

"Considering that SEVERAL of his predictions were dead-on accurate and always happened, I'm pretty sure Teal didn't choose Avalon here to join-He was forced to." Mario-the muscle man from before.

"Yhea, but WHAT kind of reason is there for a twelve-year old to join?! What mother-f***ing, bull***t excuse of a reason is there ALIVE to let him join?! He's just a kid, he'll get himself killed, and we'd be arrested for kidnapping!"

'WHAT you are about to hear, gentlemen, is PERFECT reason." Mario said.

"Now, we are in knowledge of a special ship. These ships are the newest, cutting-edge tech models, which are to be delivered to the head of Military special forces, Gear Pesse. These models include one small-sized carrier, five Gunships, and ten fighters. These models came through the hands of the Hugarok, meaning that these ships could be the worlds best fighting ships. However, as with anything, Avonu's prying eye will be gazing upon the blueprints, and the Arbiters could easily mass-produce all of them." Mario said. "They will be shipped to Gear, during the night before new years eve-The 30th, if you don't know when that is." said Mario. "Teal has left some final instructions-we must take these ships before Gear gets them...And miserably for us all..."

Mario paused. He kept a straight face, but nervous emotions radiated from his mind.

"You jack***!! Don't tell me we got to bring HIM! He'll do something stupid and get us all caught, or worse!!" Screamed Issac, his face searing with anger, throwing whole of Eon Sky into uproar.

"The alternative is to leave him be, lose half of our men, and make the rest of us be discovered." Mario said, still serious-and slightly relieved that he didn't have to be the one to say that I'd have to go.

That shut everybody up.

"Teal insisted that this kid was in possession of abilities that can easily make the difference! He made himself invisible to get in here, for instance, and if it wasn't for me already being in knowledge of the event, I'd have never noticed!" Mario yelled. "It is to my knowledge that this kid has got Legendary-Rank Volteerisim, and the training to go with it! There is no way that any guard could EVER stand up to that!"

"One more thing...As he joined...Is there a Pokemon Egg for this guy?" queried Mario.

A Eon Sky member, clad with reddish jeans and a black hoodie, came running up, delicately holding a large cylinder container, visibly showing a Pokemon Egg. Mario took the container, presenting it to me.

"As a member of Eon Sky, you'll be getting this egg of a Dragon-Type Pokemon. You can do whatever with it, but I don't know what's in it." Mario said.

Later that day, I asked Latries what to do.

"If you don't go to the raid with Eon Sky, you'd basically be murdering fifty people that know Avonu's secret, and right now, we don't know of anything else Like Eon Sky. I think that, for now, we'll have to roll with it, and hope to duck out of as many raids as possible in the future." Latries said. "I know as much as you do about them, but I'm pretty sure considering their secret, traitors won't be dealt with lightly."

That didn't comfort me much. My luck was becoming worse and worse with each passing day, and what did seem lucky to begin with was now turning against me. There didn't seem to be an end to it, either. I wasn't sure who to contact or what to trust. It was a nightmare.


The 30th. I was dreading it. They'd collect me after the curphew-9-o-clock, and I kept an eye out at it, even while attempting an insane battle with Mewtwo against every orphan boy's figurines, to which I was winning with a combo of Psystrike and Aura Sphere. However, the battle was briefly deterred.

The egg that I had been given was hatching.

Every orphan in that room was trying to look directly at the egg, me most of all. The first cracks were made quickly, then more, then more...Some orphan girls from the other room ran in just to look.

The egg had taken a severe blow to one side, and was about to give way to reveal the Pokemon within at any moment. Many of the spectators looked on with even more intensity.

With another severe blow, the egg broke apart, revealing something that sparkled.

A Shiny Bagon. Green and all. Well, it was a Dragon-Type. It had caught sight of me first.

Some of the boys grew even more jealous instantly, and all of the girls left because Dragons weren't their thing. One orphan yelled out: "Where do you get this stuff from?!"

"Luck. Sheer luck, absolutely nothing more." I said.

And with that, I decided to get Mewtwo to use another Psystrike, taking down another figure. The massive, insane attempt to try to topple the unbeaten Pokemon figure champion of the orphanage was back on. I had to admit, those figures were addicting.

The Bagon hopped up, staring at me with great interest, as an Aura Sphere took down a Golem figure. If my Pokemon knowledge served me correct, It thought of me as a parent. I petted it's head.

And after this brief distraction, I quickly returned my attention to the battlefield, where there were but a few figurines left, but I was almost out of health. 'Lucky' me-there weren't any Dark-Types left. I thought that this would either make them really mad, or finally grant some respect, as not everybody could survive this long on one Pokemon toy, even if it was as beefed up as my Mewtwo figurine. It was a fifty-fifty chance, I guessed.

I was just about to wrap it up, against one last figurine (A Garigafig at 793), the last deterrent from victory, but I was briefly puzzled, as neither of my two attacks were super-effective.

"Bagon! Bagon!" The baby Bagon called. I petted it's head more, then decided that Aura Sphere would hit harder. I shot once, missed, tried again, and it landed, sending the Garigafig down. Aura Sphere's in toy battles weren't the same as Aura Spheres in the game-they could miss.

"Babababababababa!" The Bagon screeched. I stroked it more, until at last, I saw the outraged faces on the orphans, seething in fury beyond description. There went respect.

I took the Mewtwo figure, the Shiny Bagon, and ran like hell, as they at last decided that the risk of attempting assault on a Legendary-Rank Volteer was now worth it.

I wasn't going on the offensive right now, as I didn't want to hurt any of these less unfortunate people, so I ran all day long, at times hiding in whatever nook I could, escaping them for hours, and others being forced out of several failed hiding spots and forced to run to another. Above all, I avoided physical confrontation until at last, the head of the orphanage came and forcefully restrained every one of my pursuers.

By the time that was over, I looked at the clock. Two hours remaining.

I ate the dinner slowly, still keeping a sharp eye on the device that would tell me when I'd partake in the raid that I was so nervous about. I finished last for that. However, even with angry glares at every other orphan boy abundant in the room, one of my eyes couldn't be wavered from the clock, telling me what time I'd have to do the very thing I thought I'd despise myself over...Time seemed discombobulated, blinking shaved three minutes off the clock, sneezing sent me into the future by a third of an hour...And, before I even knew it-


I went into the bunk I slept in easily, finding that not looking at the clock really helped me breathe easy.

I didn't want to dream before they came, because I'd either be waken up from a good dream, or be forced to live through a nightmare-as if the whole Christmas Vacation week wasn't a nightmare in itself.

My heart was beating uncontrollably the instant the lights turned out.

...A whole hour passed...I'd actually feel a little relieved when they came...The wait was intolerable...

I almost fell asleep, but someone's rough hand came poking at my eye, waking me up.

I stared down. Who else to send for me than Issac, the very man who detested my joining more than anyone else in Eon Sky. "Get up, and get some clothes on you!" Issac whispered, giving me an angrier glare than some of the orphans.

I didn't hesitate-I even used psychic powers to get the clothes on me in record time. I didn't know why I put on the beret in addition.

"The Raid starts soon. I'll get you there!" Issac said.

I nodded, as we ran out of the orphanage, moving as fast as possible while remaining totally silent.

Outside, I felt just slightly relieved. Issac brought with him a kind of futuristic car, and I got in the back seat without even being needed to ask. Issac got in the front, but didn't immediately take off. "Listen, kid! Don't screw this up! I don't give a d**m for what Mario or Teal says about you, you're still a kid, and we will not be getting this chance again! Screw this up, and it'll be the last thing you'll EVER do, even if we all survive! Understand?!"

"Yes." It was barely a whisper, almost indistinguishable from the wind.

Issac drove like any sane person would, which made me quite comfortable. He obviously drove often, for even though driving in Cavix was quite similar to driving on earth, the signs were still confusing for someone that never drove a car before.

All the while, nervous thoughts still ran through my head. I didn't want to kill, I didn't want to die, I didn't want to be here at all, I didn't want any of this to happen, I wanted to be at home, with my family, no matter how much of an annoyance they could be sometimes.

Nervous thoughts apparently could accelerate time, for Issac had stopped and told me to get out.

I refused to hesitate, almost leaping out of the seat as if the comfy leather was suddenly replaced with white-hot metal.

"Follow me!" Issac ordered. I didn't want to lose him-we seemed to be in the forests that bordered Cavix. Through every movement, I followed without questioning, only altering my movement to avoid spiky vines that Issac brushed up against, cussing whenever they stuck to him. Other than that, I refused to leave Issac's trail.

I saw lights in the distance after a few minutes of travel. One minute more, and I saw what made the lights.

Eon Sky had set up a small base here. No tents or funiture, but there was a green fire going in the middle. Mario was sitting on top of a fallen log, and when he noticed my arrival, he took my hand.

"Kid, I'd rather not let you in on this either, but I also rather not let fifty or so people die because I didn't. Mario said, reading my mind.

At least somebody agreed that I did not want to do this.
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

Chapter 10-Wrath of the Hero

"Here's the plan: I've prepared a list of people for each squad. All of us are going in simultaneously: Alpha Squad comes in through the north access point, near the main gate; Beta Squad comes in through the east access point, which is this window here..."

Mario was telling everybody the plans, with a holographic blueprint of the facility that housed the ships to help him. I was listening hard enough to know if anything was moving outside the light's radius for miles. I didn't want to miss anything.

My role: I'd be going with Beta Squad through the window, who would lead me through some hallways to the ships, being the first there. I'd then help the expert pilot (A very miserable Issac), who'd be coming from Alpha group, to get the carrier, with all the ships inside, moving out of Cavix, with everybody on-board. They were ditching the Iron Goblet as their headquarters, thinking that a mobile command center would work better.

The only issue is there was little margin for error: Gear Pesse was coming to collect the ships himself, along with a small group. If he got there before they were gone, the chance of leaving was minimally low.

That was the last news I wanted to hear-to fall by Gear's hand would be tragic, ironic, and most of all, painful. Very, very painful. They wanted this done before Gear's undisclosed ETA, and if they were spotted, that would be a matter of seconds.

I was now at my most nervous-The camp had put out the green fire, had split up into groups, and were now going through the dark forest to where the warehouse where the ships were being kept was. I was sweating profoundly. It was halfway when I then, at last, came up with something brilliant.

Nobody except Eon Sky knew I could transform. Not even Gear had any clue about such a thing. I could possibly pass off being somebody else, which would feel just a little better. As an added bonus, I would be taller, possibly stronger, I could fly, and I could turn invisible. I didn't warn anybody, I just did it, thinking it was too good to not do. The result was slight surprise from everybody in my group, who I didn't know well. However, nobody cared enough to dawdle on the topic, and the brief half-second worth of stopping I caused had ended, and the trek through the woods continued.

Even with the transformation's benefits, I was still profoundly worried. I still wasn't cool with stealing the ships, even if it meant that Avonu wouldn't get the ships to tell about to the rest of the Arbiters.

...My mind refocused on the heinous crime Avonu had committed-no, the crime Avonu was, and I had lost all thought about anything else-about being scared about the thievery of the ships, about being depressed that my luck seemed to not be going my way, about worrying about possibly having to do similar acts again in the future, I forgot all of it. Avonu was plotting the downfall of the government he was meant to represent, the government he was meant to lead, and so far, his plan was working. Everything the Onlisk Republic did to defeat the Arbiters would end in failure if Avonu wasn't stopped, and we'd lose everything, past, present and future, if someone didn't stop that one massive mole. And if taking those ships would not only slow down Avonu's grand plot, but also assist the very group that would only continue to foil it...After thinking that, there was much less about it that was wrong.

I knew his secret.

I was in the group that knew his secret.

I would fight him, and the rest of the Arbiters.

And I would win. I couldn't lose, or else there was no point in doing anything else, for nothing would exist if I didn't stop this.

I would kill to stop this threat.

Again did my sense of time outpace how fast it was in truth; I was in sight of the entry point before I knew it. But I was ready. I was going to do it. No turning back.

The first obstacle was a barbed wire fence, metal and menacing. However, a hole near the ground, small enough to climb through, was present. I jumped over, however, avoiding light. My ability of flight easily propelled me safely over such an obstacle as that, and I quickly assisted in getting the people going under through the fence.

Now, all of us were on the grounds. There were guards nearby, but not if we remained quiet as we approached the window. It was low enough to the ground that if it wasn't covered with glass, we'd be able to jump inside from there. It was broken, but only slightly-Not enough for a normal person to fit into.

Now it was my turn. I used a convenient spatial trick I learned to make glass appear solid, but make it become merely an illusion, allowing for a space large enough to get through. I vaulted in first, and everybody else got in after I did. With that done, I released the warp on space, making the glass resume being truly solid.

We were in a storage room, large enough to fit us all...And a sleeping guard.

"What the heck is he doing here?" I asked.

"Obviously, he thought it wise to get some shut-eye here. Obviously, it wasn't. He's got a pistol." An Eon Sky member answered, picking up the weapon. "Doesn't seem to be energy-infused, or anything..." The unknown member added.

I looked at it desperately. I had all these powers, but none of them I knew of was anything like controlling metal-I wouldn’t be catching bullets anytime soon. The member that had the gun caught sight of me, staring.

"Kid, you're still twelve. You've never used a gun in your life before, either. You've got this apparent arsenal of powers none of us do, so use that."

I didn't realize that I could, but I didn't really care when a small puff of bright blue fire came out of my nose the next breath, a slight sign of irritation.

The gun-wielding member took the clothes off the snoring cop, and we were all thankful that he wore something under his uniform and that he didn't wake up. This member was the one to go first, allowing the rest of us outside.

The next room was kind of like a massive warehouse, with several tools that were probably better used during the day left behind where nobody would accidentally stumble upon them, several guards were walking around, patrolling, and-

I blinked. Supported by multiple chains near the roof of the room was a massive gun, the kind that one used on battleships-or the kind you send flying at someone to distract them for an escape. The dream where I did just that to Gear just as he was going to stab me was brought back into vivid memory in my mind.

Then another invaded my sight. I didn't get a good look at my surroundings, but I saw a slow-motion bullet fired from a guard's gun curve slightly and fly into the space between my outstretched fingers and stay there, incapable of moving at all, protecting the person that the guard was aiming at, whoever he was.

I was snapped back into reality, still where I was, as if it never happened. Nobody questioned me at all.

I turned invisible, in sight of my allies, whist the disguised member was talking to a pair of guards that were blocking the way ahead.

"Mate, I'm serious, I'm sure I was supposed to be patrolling back there, with the ship-"

"Sorry, Vance, but I'm pretty sure you're patrolling around in the workshop." The guard said.

"...OK, I swear I remember different, but if you insist...I've just got to go to the bathroom quickly..."

The two guards didn't ask any more questions, and allowed him behind them. However, once their backs were turned, the disguised member knocked them both out with a bo-staff, unseen by anybody. We ran past them while the disguised member took two pistols from the unconscious and threw them to two of the other members, as they too stole the clothes of the unconscious guards, and shoved them under a nearby table.

It didn't take long for me to spot the ships in the next room, which looked like a hangar-The size, in comparison to me, was enormous. It wasn't anything like the bulky rockets I saw lift off on Earth, nor was it anything I'd call boat-like. It seemed to be more like a giant jet, with a few slits in the sides where the smaller fighters and gunships came out of. Painted on it's hull, I noticed this ship's name: "Calypso."

More guards were also abundant, particularly around the ship...Alpha group came from the entrance to the hangar. I could see Mario's grin from miles away. None of them of were seen by any guards...

I didn’t say we weren’t seen by any guards.

The three disguised members and I were unseen, but one unwitting fellow had wound up in a position where he was spotted.

"YOU! This area is off-"

That man's last words. One of the disguised members shot the guard in the head.

We ran, most of us still silently, but some made some slight noise-Nobody saw the guard getting shot, but somebody has to have heard it.

Delta group, the third group Mario assigned, slipped in from a back room, having taken another route from the ceiling into it. Good timing-Now all of Eon Sky could make a break for the ship.

With Alpha Group knocking out several guards in their way with a kind of pulse attack, we ran like mad, like it was madness not to run, like we'd die if we didn't-and we would have. Alpha Group made it first, and Issac slipped into the ship. As Delta Group got on, the ship internally rumbled, forcing us to get going.

Boom. A gun shot. I whipped my head around to the guard that had shot it...This scene was too familiar.

I had my fingers spaced far apart, hoping that, like the vision, I'd 'catch' the bullet. I didn't count-


The bullet was right there. A small, little object that couldn't be a bit lethal if it didn't have the propulsion of an explosion, floating in midair right between my middle and index fingers. A second later, another gunshot, and another caught bullet, this time between the ring and middle fingers.

The guard didn't seem to notice me, until I at last wished that such lethal instruments weren't between my fingertips, as even though they were only harmful at mach speeds, I didn't really want to see them anymore.

I didn't really think anything about 'return to sender.'

Boom. With the initial force they were sent at, the bullets immediatly made a beeline for the guard, both piercing him-One straight between the eyes, the other right in the heart. It was total overkill, as he fell down, a lifeless corpse.

I was horrified, utterly. I didn't want to actually hurt anybody, much less kill them outright. I tried consoling myself, thinking that I had no control over that, that it was really more of a luck thing than anything...I was still running, but I long since ditched the invisibility. My group was much farther from the ship than Alpha or Delta was, but we were going to make it, so did that matter?

Yes. It did.

I felt the slightest tremor beneath my feet, and then, cutting me off from the rest of the group in an explosion of dirt and concrete, a very angry looking Gear presented himself to me.

This time, Gear was moderately armored, a cross between something a soldier might wear and knight's armor. Metal protecting various parts of his body, and Kevlar getting just about everything else, all adorned with Gear's tribute to the society of which his own legend derived from-Six pronged metallic bronze gears.

I liked Gear. He wasn't an Arbiter. He was a nice, nice person, and he'd donate to charity often. However, I knew him well. He couldn't stand crime.

I wasn't frozen in fear. I drew my sword as quickly as he unsheathed his, and both of ours met inches from the other's face. I was quite scared that a massive blade that could easily cut my soul into shreds was right in my face, but my blade could eradicate Gear entirely, so that was rather ironic.

From here on out, I'll call the series of rapid, frenzied, lethal series of rapid-fire attacks as a flurry.

Oh, and we started with a flurry of sword strikes, the metals of our blades clashing with a violent fury, before Gear broke off purposely, to use some Kinetic energy to send me flying on a crash course into a wall. I forcefully propelled myself backwards to stop Gear's simple Kinetic blast, and tackled him in the Kevlar.

Gear shrugged off my improvised tackle, but didn't expect that he'd be kicked to the head in a rapid manner by something that defied gravity, for he had no helmet. The flurry of kicks, however, was cut short when Gear actually grabbed my leg, and slammed me to the concrete with some brutal force.

I guessed that it was either a benefit of being a Volteer, or it was something about being half-Latries, but that hurt less than it should. Gear then tried stabbing me. I reacted faster with a kick to knock him over, and he hit the concrete, armor clanging.

I was focused enough on Gear to ignore the guard pointing their guns at me. They saw the opportunity. I don't think much intellect is required to figure this out.

With the sound of firing pistols in unison with the start of the engine of the 'Calypso,' I instantly panicked, expecting my death any second.

Gear was giving me an odd look. I looked around me. I had an odd look on my face too.

Apparently, some divine force-or maybe my own power-had decided that I was NOT going to get shot today. Bullets had paused from their direct course, just hanging there, suspended in space.

Then a hypothesis formed inside my mind-Perhaps Volteerisim could get stronger over time, providing new abilities? Like a Pokemon Levels up?

Perhaps this was a control over metal. That made all of their guns useless, and possibly Gear's blade as well. To test, I reached out and thought of a gun coming to me.

Oh god, I was actually a little panicked because it was quite fast, but it harmlessly entered my hand. It worked.

I then shot every bullet that I 'caught' straight at Gear. They tore through the Kevlar, and the dented the metal-but sadly, the defenses were good enough to withstand the onslaught of lead, and keep Gear intact.

Gear grinned quite an evil grin. He then kicked me.

That kick was far more than it should have been, for it sent me backwards into the next room. I clutched the pistol and the sword tightly, and found a trickle of blood coming from my arm, having rammed into a concrete wall Close to me, A mirror barely reflected the damage, revealing that blood was actually pouring out of my body.

I was rather phobic of blood at the time. Blood was coming out of me. It made me panic. "Oh god oh god oh god, I'm bleeding, somebody help!"

I didn't ask myself to help myself, but a beam of light shot from my right hand, that had dropped the pistol briefly to control the bleeding. It felt warm, nice, cool, like something was being righted...The mirror showed that although there was still blood on me, the bleeding stopped.

I could heal myself.

But I barely had time to pick up the gun when Gear finished a tremendous bound that I didn't notice at all, slamming down right next to me. The Gear titan was in his hand, and he looked...stabby. I know 'stabby' isn't a real word, for the record. I just really never figured out what emotion it was, for it certainly wasn't downright malice or anger...Something else. Gear's eyes told me that.

And one of the chains that controlled the large gun on the ceiling was nearby...

I shot. I shot instinctively, and I have never shot a gun before in my life, but I so totally shot at that chain, not really thinking of anything else. The sound of it connecting was heard, and the chain immediately started to loosen. Gear didn't pause, however. He was just about ready to prove how powerfully he could stab me...I transformed, out of fear.

He almost dropped the blade. "What the f***?!"

That was exactly what I needed, though I didn't like it when Gear let a f*** slip. The chain had finished loosening noticeably, and the gun from above started it's crash course...Gear's face was aghast, horrified, in shock, whatever words one could possibly use to describe how confused and panicked he was. Meanwhile, I was running, leaving Gear to his thoughts and what I knew would be a massive gun to the face. Me, in a Terrorist group? Gear just couldn't see that.

He could see me transforming back into half-Latries form, attempting to fly back to the hangar. Oh, and he turned around to see the massive gun, right before it hit him.

I saw him fly out of the building. It was actually kind of funny to see that. However, Gear was still visibly alive and rowdy. I swore I heard him cussing like there was no tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the Calypso was nearly ready for takeoff, and I flew in almost too fast to be seen, barely making it inside the ship's confines.

As it happened, two energy shields came around Calypso's hanger doors. For what reason, I didn't know at first, but I was thinking that I barely made it.

The Calypso finally made her assent into the sky, as some armed Eon Sky members came in, expecting the worst. However, all they saw was me.

Mario was among them, and he got really surprised. As I transformed back, he asked me the one question to which reply I said more than any other.

"Dear Arceus, how in hell did you survive?! Gear's supposed to be invincible!" Mario said. "He's got Knight's Assent, for crying out loud!"

"You have no idea." I said, breathing out a sigh of relief. "But it took transformation, me being known to be a Terrorist fully, and a conveniently massive gun flying into his face."

"Issac, Avalon's back!" said Mario, sounding quite cocky. "He kicked Gear's a**!" he added.

"What the f***?! That is bull***t! Total bull***t! He couldn't have survived, he's just a f***ing b**ch of a Twelve year old against f***ing Gear Pesse!!" Issac yelled, as we walked to the cockpit. "Gear's totally f***ing bad***, Avalon would have had to be an absolute bad*** just to live two seconds!!" Issac ranted, as we entered the cockpit. "And I know one thing for sure: Avalon is no bad***, he's just an a**-"

"Oh, hello Issac. Just thought I'd let you know that I AM alive, and talking to you, a**hole." I said, not caring that I cussed.

Issac nearly fainted, but he kept piloting.

"Get us out of Rycogis'es orbit ASAP, I do NOT want Gear Pesse deciding we're worth an AA assault right now!" Mario yelled.

"Avalon, of all the things I ever saw you do, why did you do that?!" Latries said. "Come on, you seriously can't be liking this, right?!"

The following reply was my second-most used.

"I have no idea."

That was the start of what would be a year-long campaign against the Arbiters. That was the start of me becoming more than a direct threat to Avonu. That was the real start of a legendary gang of invincible fighters.

That was the true start of Eon Sky.
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

(Sorry for the delay. You probably thought that it ended at chapter 10, didn't you?)

Chapter 11: Metamorphisis

You've seen my reasons behind my entrance into Eon Sky, and my loath of Avonu Voya.

Now, see my actions. Of course, I wouldn't let the 90% of you that would read anything for the action to be let down so easily! The start of the book was just the prologue to quite an interesting war. A three way battle - the Onlisk Republic against the Arbiters against Eon Sky. And you get to see it from my perspective. That could prove interesting for you, could it not?

However, we didn't do another raid after stealing Calypso for a few weeks. The Calypso would become our home, our transport, and our mobile command center, all at once, all very quickly. All of Eon Sky knew to bring everything important with them-even me. I would have told you that I did bring my Pokemon and my Pokemon toys with me, but apparently, there was a 'blacklist limit' that was made, saying you could only have so much censored cussword set down by the publisher, and if I included that small scene, I'd break the limit. Putting in the part about Issac going rapid-fire on the inappropriate word machine gun his mouth was about my survival took some work.

However, the immediate day after the escape from Rycogis, we were all called to a meeting by Mario.

"Alright then, our labeling as a Terrorist group has taken a whole new meaning with the last raid-I'm pretty sure they're not going to take priority one off the Arbiters, but I'm pretty sure they're not going to keep ignoring us when we're not doing anything." Mario said, kicking off the meeting. "Arbiters can appear at any time, and Onlisk or otherwise, they see a ship that isn't their own, and they will try to destroy it." Mario added. "Also, fuel isn't cheap, food isn't cheap, and water isn't cheap. We need guns too. We have to find ways to get them." Continued Mario, now sounding a little stressed about it all. "We all know what this means-Money. We need money. If anybody wants to donate, now would be a great time, but if anybody's got suggestions as to how we can earn it without being caught by the Onlisk, now's perfect." Mario said, almost pleading.

Nobody spoke. Nobody moved.

"...Of all the things you brought with you, you didn't bring money?" Mario asked.

"We did, It's just not on our persons right now. As for getting it, I can only think of robbing a bank or something like that..." Said an Eon Sky member.

"Alright, that aside...We wont be spending all of our time getting money. We WILL be finding raids that will cripple Avonu's ability to aide the Arbiters, we WILL be looking around to see if Avonu manages to get in other, less-than-worthy people into gov't positions, and, whenever needed, we WILL be assaulting Arbiters." Mario said. "So basically, same old-same old, save that we're in a ship instead of a cave at the bottom of a tavern." he added. "Speaking of which, next raid is in a week."

I walked back to my room, knowing that at least there was something to look forward to.

As I happened to, I decided to see if there were other routes to my room from here. I took a left where I should have taken a right, and then, just around a corner, I noticed it.

It was like a garage door, not coinciding with the automatic sliding doors in every other part of the ship. It was closed, and there weren't any windows.

"B**ch! Shouldn't have followed you." Issac said, appearing behind me. Then he noticed the garage door.

"Wonder what's in it?" I asked.

"One way to find out. You, open it." Issac said.


I reached down where the door met the floor, and pushed hard, upward.

Inside was blackness. Then a light came on.

"Holy c**p!"

If guns were million-pound diamonds, we'd have hit the mother load. It was an armory. Guns of all sorts were everywhere, neatly arranged. I couldn't even know which one was which. Everywhere, boxes labeled 'Ammo' left little space for walking in.

How in hell this got here, we didn't know. It was ours, and now we had guns.

"What is it?" Mario said, just happening to come around the corner and notice the door. "...Whoever found this first is defiantly in my good books!" Mario declared, looking at all the guns and ammunition. "I've never even seen anything like that one!" Mario commented, pointing at a gun unlike anything I've seen before either.

"I did!" I said.

"I did!" Issac said.

We both happened to say it at the same time.

"What the f***?! No, I did!" Issac said, louder.


"I agree with you." Mario said, backing me up.

"B**ch!" Issac said.

"Well, at least we have finding guns out of the way..." said Mario.

Feeling pleased at my find, I walked back to my room, taking the right path this time.

It took two days after this event for another to happen. Everything was so boring until something for better or for worse came about, but I wasn't sure about this one.

Whenever I let Scyez out of her Pokeball, she immediately held onto my head, thinking pleasant thoughts about my beret being a pillow. One particular day, I woke up to find her on my head. The only way to get her off is to take off the beret. Guess what? I did.

Sound immediately pierced my ear, shot through every fiber of my being, and all I could feel, not just in my ears but in every single fiber of my body, was pain, pain, extreme, unrelenting, horrible pain beyond comprehension. I couldn't speak or move, only managing to put my hands on my ears before I became totally paralyzed in all aspects, my heart stopped beating, I almost stopped thinking, I wasn’t breathing. The sound was killing me, suffocating me, torturing me...

If Scyez liked that I had removed my beret, I'd be dead. Scyez, still to fond of her position on my head with my beret in between, shoved it back on my head and put herself on it.

The sound immediately extinguished. I was panting, heavily, as my heart regained beating-yes, it was that extreme.

I looked up at a mirror. I tried sliding the beret off, very slowly. The speed I did that task was the reason I didn't die.

Halfway through sliding, I found myself looking at a small appendage, linear, indigo colored, poking out through my hair on the left side of my head. I was panicked, but the instant I was hearing more than I should, It was reason to keep my hand on my beret, keeping it there.

"No, no no! Pillow-top stays over HERE!" Dictated Scyez, pusing my beret back off my head. I only noticed she was the one talking because of the mirror. Pokemon don't talk. Moving more assuredly, I shoved it the other way, and exactly like the first one, there was another appendage, to the right of my head. This time, I kept my hand firmly on my hand, and prevented Scyez from moving it, allowing me to realize how just one could easily make my hearing...Extremely perceptive. I could hear Issac's cussing from the cockpit, and that was a bit of a distance. I attempted flexing it. The creepy part-it worked. It was just like any other body part.

I was pretty sure that shoving a beret on these additional ears wasn't it. Just in case, I withdrew Scyez, forcing her back in the PokeBall, and put the beret back on it's place atop my head. My normal hearing was back the instant I did. I really couldn't explain it. Maybe it was soundproofed, or something.

I let Scyez out again.

"Ooh, ooh, ooh, pillow!" She squealed, jumping atop my head.

"My head isn't a pillow." I said.

"Oh. Okay." Scyez said, getting off. "Wait, what are you? 'Cause you're head looks like a pillow, and it's soft!" Scyez said, gleefully.

"It's a hat!" I said.

"That means it's a pillow!" She said, jumping back up.

"Lemme rephrase that. It's a beret." I said.

"I'm not sure what that is." She said, climbing down.

"Something I wear because...I've got two ears on my head as well as these two, and if it comes off, they'll pick up so much sound it'll really, really hurt, beyond description, and it's soundproofed so I can't hear anything from those two ears at all. Oh, I could let one out, but that's about it, I think." I said, whispering partway through to deter the efforts of potential eavesdroppers.

"Oh! Oh, oh, okay!" Scyez said. "I thought it was a pillow. Oh, wait, what if it get's blown away by the wind?"

Considering the snowstorm I went through during a brief check of the woods a few days ago had some strong winds, and I never took the beret off while I fled the tower at some very fast speeds, I was convinced that it was also kinetically weighed-as in, it won't come off from such things as wind and other forces, only a sentiment creature's direct intervention. How it got like that, I'll never know.

"It can't get blown away by wind or anything else. Only if somebody tries to take it off themselves. OK?"

"Yep! Yep!"

At this point, somebody decided to knock on the door. I removed the lock, and the door slid away to reveal Mario.

"Ah, you've managed to keep her off your head, eh? It doesn't matter." Mario said.

"You said you've managed to hold off Gear until you could slam a massive gun at him, correct? However, Gear is adept at finding the weaknesses of others. Knight's Assent is the name for this skill, but very little is known about it...I've never seen anybody defeat Gear, and I've rarely seen anybody defeat anyone with Knight's Assent training. Gear's sparred with other Knight's Assent partakers, and they've came close, but never have defeated Gear due to his Legendary Volteer status." Mario said.

"It might just be because of a lucky environmental factor Gear didn't notice until it was too late, but even then, the skill to hold Gear off for thirty seconds with him wanting you dead is already ridiculous. But you did. I want to see if you have Knight's Assent. It would really, really help."

Gear had said quite sternly that 30 or so people with Knight's Assent is enough. However, that was before Gear tried killing me.

"Right now, Gear's probably kicking something because he gone and taught somebody Knight's Assent who'd join a Terrorist Group-but he had no reason to until right now." I said. "The only issue is that the chances that one person has the easily overlooked qualities for such a thing is slim as hell. It'll just be like learning another martial art if you don't have Psychic ability OR Seraph's Eye, not to mention a ton of Micro-qualities that aren't easily explained. If the rest of you already know how to do a Martial art or two, I may not be able to do more." I said, trying to make sure that Mario didn't try to overtax me. It would be unlikely that I'd ever be able to teach more than one person Knight's Assent at all.

"...Do you have amnesia, or something? Everybody knows one or two Martial arts, it's kind of a Volteer thing." Mario said. "And most of us have psychic ability, and I know two people with Seraph's Eye."

"That's not enough. I don't know enough words to tell you about these micro-qualities that one also needs. However...I can say with certainty that you've got the goods." I said. "Nobody else in Eon Sky, with the possible exception of Issac, has the needed trends." I added.

Mario blinked.

"What do you know?" I asked. I hoped that I didn't need to teach a Martial Art-It would be impossible If I had to, I only knew Judo and Kung-Fu.

"Uhh...Taekwondo. And Karate."

I focused on him...Taekwondo...and...

"You needed Taekwondo, that's for sure...and you need Judo, that's for sure too. I said.

"Huh? I thought they were all the same, minus the weapons..."

That lead to a very long discussion about what Knight's Assent was, with Scyez poking at whatever muscle Mario presented to her. Again, governmental issues prevents the remainder of this from ever being in anything public like this.

Come on, most of you would rather see me dead than in jail.

I still couldn't tell you what I did. I wasn't entirely sure myself. I was just...Yhea, Couldn't tell you, even if I was sure to the most absolute extent as to what I did.

But one thing burned fiercely in the back of my mind. First, I didn't have a human soul. However, Latries technically disconfirmed this. Now the problem was that I wasn't human at all-what human has ears like a cross between a knife and an antenna?

So I asked Latries.

"I don't know, Avalon, I just don't know. I guessed that powers should cross over regardless of form...Maybe there were some other things thrown in."

OK, I'm not human. Considering I've been human for most of my life, that was a cheery thought.
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

Chapter 12-Karazin

It was about time for another raid, and Mario had the plans-like last time.

Fortunately for us all, Issac redeemed himself from the gun incident last time-He managed to find a lot of non-perishable food tucked away on another private, ignored corner of the ship. I may have wanted to tell you that sooner-it's how we survived for so long. Of course, why these shipbuilders put all that food and guns inside the ship itself is puzzling. Maybe it was an added gift for Gear buying it and him being the military, and all that?

However, you always need food. You use guns when you want to shoot stuff. But you need food. And we were running out. Water was also an issue, and even though Mario thought in advance and brought water bottles, we ultimately had to stop somewhere.

And we had finally found our next target. We waited in the cafeteria, where it was large enough to put the 100 members of Eon Sky comfortably. There were tables that had eight seats each, and of the many individual seats on each table, most were occupied.

"Avonu is our ultimate target for many reasons. Primarily, he is an Arbiter. However, he has also personally put up for election people that would easily abuse power, and could still look legit from the outside. Not all of who he put up for these offices were corrupt, but there is no doubt that Avonu did put them up for election. Obviously, as the public views Avonu as the person who killed Tyzzax, the former Arbiter, and nothing more, they immediately voted for those corrupt officials. However, we all know that Avonu did indeed take Tyzzax's place, and did place those members in to slow down the Onlisk Republic even further-which is clever, as they aren't related to the Arbiters at all." Declared Mario. "One of these corrupt officials is Jalan Tavaz, Head of the Onlisk Treasury. It doesn't take much to know what he is doing-Obviously, pilfering money from the Treasury, putting the Republic into unwitting debt." Mario added. "Tavas is, like everyone else, unaware of the scheme that Avonu is planning, but Tavas doesn't care about the war with the Arbiters. He cares about money-and money alone. That is a mistake he has made."

Mario paused for a minute, then started smirking when he started again. "Like many other people, Tavas has a home-in this case, a fine mansion overlooking the hills of the city Tuaxin, on the planet Covinox. Of course, he is at his house many times, including at night. Though he has employed a small guard to assure his security, Tavas has made a second mistake in that we can still get in silently, without alerting the guard...Add all that up, and Covinox, as you have already guessed, is our next destination...Our objectives: Kill Tavas, steal the fruits of his ill-gotten wealth, and rid the Republic of the leech that saps their hard-earned money!"

Eon Sky, as a whole, roared their approval. I was in it this time-I liked the fact I could easily remove a tumor Avonu planted.

"However, our supplies run low. Obviously, we'll steal Tavas'es stuff because we can sell it for a good price to buy essentials. However, many of us have brought money, and now is the time to use it. Seventy-five of us will be going to the Mansion, while twenty-five of us will stay in Tuaxin, buying the supplies we need now. The twenty-five that will remain behind, unable to take part in our mission directly, will still assist us by providing the raiders information-though he's yet to know the signs, he will be hot on our trail if he knows we're here. As soon as your done, get back to the ship, drop off the supplies, and get ready for a takeoff." Mario said.

"With help from some people I've already decided wouldn't be going on the raid, I've made a list of who's staying. If you don't see your name, you'll go to the mansion. Clear?"

A general mumbling of "uh-huh's" and "sure's" was made. Mario walked around the room, handing out a sheet of paper to each table of eight. I quickly skimmed the sheet-considering my name started with an 'A,' it didn't take long to find me as the second person on the list (second only to a guy named "Albert Vazz").

"We'll be arriving at Tuaxin in the hour." Mario finished. Walking out of the room like everybody else was, I was sort of relieved I didn't have to go on the raid. I'd have liked to keep collateral damage to a minimum.


"We've landed! Everyone on the raid, get back to the cafeteria! We'll plan everything there! Everyone else, I suggest you pool in money to get the supplies! Make them last as long as possible!" Mario said.

I walked, along with the twenty-five other Eon Sky members, outside of the ship.

The first reaction-it was bright for what was supposed to be about eight p.m.

I then realized that there must have been a party at the actual part of the city, for it shined almost as bright to rival the sun, only in multiple colors of various sorts. We were at a docking station just south of the city, and a small forest was all that stood between it.

"The world of lights!" Said an ES who was staring at the sun-like orb of light. I started calling my fellow allies in Eon Sky ES's because I couldn't think of anything else to call them, and I wasn't totally acquainted with most of them at the time. "Shame we can't really experience it...Unless we have money left over."

"OK, enough. We're just getting a restocker to get our supplies in order, and get out." Said another, older member. "Waiting around will get us killed."

"Alright then, the restocker's in the city. I don't want to know how much Gear and the Onlisk know 'bout us, so let's just go to the restocker personally to get the stuff." Said the younger ES, still staring at the lights.

"You just want to go there, don't you?" Said the older ES.

"Well, do we want to see if he knows our phone numbers?" Said the younger ES.

"I was just saying." Said the older member.

We diverged. I decided to follow the general direction of everybody, as they walked to the light cluster.

As we left the docking zone, the woods, as it turned out, were decorated-there were those Chinese lanterns alight on the trees, but there were also lights just suspended in midair, like a miniature sun. The path, which would usually be a small, dark-gray path of concrete, was now a colorful display. I soaked it all in-quite beautiful.

And before I even knew it, I looked at the city itself.

Neon adorned each building, all in various colors and shapes, as though it were criminal to not have neon lights on a building at all. But that wasn't the end of it-Those Chinese lanterns and the odd bright lights were joined by spotlights that moved around, as well as lights coming from under pools of water here and there, and every last light was changing color, like artwork come to life. This was obviously a lively city. People were coming and going casually and cheerily.

"The restocker's over there." Said the older ES member. "We meet back at the ship if Mario telepaths us. Don't wait for anybody, just go. Clear?"

Everyone nodded. "Wait right here." He said, walking in. It took thirty seconds for him to walk back out.

"As it happens, the cost for a year-long supply for a small cruiser with 100 men is...35,000 Zav."

"Wow, that's a steal!" Somebody said, handing him a paper note marked 100.

"Yhea, real lucky!" Someone else said, handing over two 100's.

I checked my wallet, and found myself to have a 100, a 50, and a 20-all in Zav. I handed over the 100 and the 20, as more Eon Sky members got money in.

"Altogether, that's only 2,000." The man said. "Fortunately, Mario already handed us me the Zav everyone else gave out prior..." The ES said.

He walked back in, and walked back out, taking one minute tops.

"We've got...About 25 left." He said, handing out 1 Zav to everyone. I stuffed mine in the wallet.

"I'll oversee the process...Everyone else, I'd like to see if there is anything OF USE we could buy. If it is, report to me. If it's for yourself, you're on your own." The ES said.

We immediately split up. We knew where the docks were.

I looked at everything-everything was for looking at, and you could look at just one small thing for an hour plus. However, one thing was something that nobody my age could resist.

It was either Scyez and my Bagon (who I decided to nickname Vyraz) or the figurines I had that kept my occupied. And wouldn’t you know it, there were new ones in a toy shop nearby. It was kind of small, but who cared? If toys kept my mind off the situation, then more toys would probably keep it off more. I walked in, casually.

'Ding-ding!' A small bell rang, and the shopkeeper was ready to sell. "Good day, kid! What can I get for you?" he said.

"Uhh...What kind of packages do you have? for the Pokemon toys?" I asked.

I'll just leave the selection at this: A lot. Aside from the usual two-pack 'Booster sets' and the four-pack 'Starter sets,' there were also tins, 'Super Boxes,' 'Jumbo Boxes,' and other stuff I couldn't even bother to name. I don't even want to list the prices.

"Eh...Just two of the boosters will do..." I said, slightly timid

He still happily handed over two. The total price? 7.8 Zav. I had fifty.

"Uhh...Can you break a fifty?" I asked, shy.

He still looked happy, but one mentally scanning him would hear him think "Come on! Fifty dollars?!"

"Ehh...Sorry, no!" He said.

I took a Super Box instead-those contained 10 figures. That was worth 20.8 Zav.

"I still need this fifty broken." I said.

"Lemme check...Yep! Now I can!" The shopkeeper said, politely handing me the 29 Zav I was due, along with two coins that were a tenth of a Zav each.

"Come back anytime!" Said the shopkeeper, cheerily.

I decided to quickly take back the newfound possessions to the ship, bee-lining it. I wasn't running, I blended in, smiling at the array of colors, walking back to the pavement road that led to the docks.

On the way back, I heard the whispers of a voice.

"Ugh...So tired..." Said one person, obviously tired.

"Shut it! I will break that habit if it KILLS me to do it!" Said a much louder voice, still distant. I kept my even pace, admiring the lights.

"You can't fix my irregular sleeping habits, I've tried and failed." The sleepy person said, still calm and wishing he could sleep.

"I do NOT care for what you tried, I am someone much better than you at this! I know things about staying AWAKE! AND YOU WILL!" Said the louder, bossier voice, obviously at the end of his wits.

"A nature hike quickly turned into an argument for If I could stay awake for it all...I'm not a quitter, but I'm not a optimist either. In fact, I doubt the odds for you being able to solve multiple tasks involving stubborn things at once, considering you ram into the iron wall head-first again and again until your head will finally crack open, at which point you'll either lose sanity, request that I be taken back to the house and 'politely ask that you never hear of me again, or in an extreme case, commit-"


I saw the arguing people at last-a dude that honestly looked like he could sleep right now, despite the cold pavement and the bright lights, and the lethal gaze from the person I'd go to if I needed somebody that looked like a boy scout leader.

"Alright, enough of this, let's just-oh, hullo. Didn't expect anybody from around here to be out here...Unless you're going to the docks, of course." The sleepy person said.

The boy scout leader looked like he'd murder the poor dude for doing that. I walked on, nodding so fast I barely registered I did, before finding the docks again and quickly locating the Calypso.

By this time, the restockers were mostly done. The remaining crates were being moved by some Volteer-originated force, neatly being stacked and assorted, overseen by the older ES.

I'll be direct-You know those times when there's a big blank between point A and B? Like when you go over a rail out of curiosity, check under a few logs, and find yourself facing a venomous snake in the face, and suddenly, you're back behind the rail without even remembering how you got there? Same case scenario-First minute, I had the box, going to my room, next thing I knew, I was already back outside, box-less. It also seemed to have taken but an instant to be back at the city, the trip through the woods (and possibly confronting the sleepy kid and his overly-aggressive buddy again) having taken almost no time.

And I only knew that there were three good minutes between when I got there, and decided to sit on a chair, thinking, and when the following happened.

The sleepy kid, looking just a little less sleepy, and his companion, looking like he had just killed someone accidentally.


And then an arrow, coated in Arbitarian energy, shot straight through his body, killing him instantly, and proceeding to dispose of his corpse and soul.

The sleepy kid and I took the exact same piece of cover, while everyone else flung themselves headfirst into panic and more Arbit Burn arrows.

I then slapped myself mentally. How did I not see this coming? They wanted me, and alive. They took great interest into me. If it wasn't the Onlisk, it would be the Arbiters. But, miserably for them, while the Onlisk probably wanted me dead while I'd like it if they survived, the Arbiters wanted me alive while I didn't want to see even the slightest trace of their unworthy corpses.
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

Teal! Gotta love that name xD I'm enjoying the story, hope you add on more soon!

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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

You know, I wasn't able to remember most of this book. I needed my journal. If I didn't have that one conveniant book Gear gave me, I'd basically think of everything as just another day, and never remember any of the strategies, specific actions and parties involved. After so many long months of being reffered to as 'Avalon;, my real name was remembered because I put it there. I knew why I was doing this because I put it there. I put my story there-It blossomed into other worlds for me.

However, there was an exception. I remember anything, ANYTHING, clearly and truly, as though I was honestly there, actually doing it, so long as it had me killing Arbiters. I enjoyed seeing the beyond hell-bent fools that dared to cross me under my foot as I cracked their ribcages, I grinned when I vaporized a whole Arbitarian troop with a single Volteerist attack, I laughed at their every defeat and demise, and, remembering it all, I still do. I get kicks out of looking at a collection of Arbitarian spears once wielded by Arbiters who didn't know what the hell they were doing with those more-than-lethal weapons.

I memorized the foot-soldiers clothing of choice: Traditional Arbitarian war robes, worn way back when by the initial Arbiters in a conflict completely unrelated to today's Arbiters. However, the purple, indigo and black colors, with only a trim of gold for anything bright, obviously had a mental impact on their foes, and their four-option choice of spear, sword, crossbow and bo-staff was more effective than one would think, as the Arbiters never ceased to use Arbit Burn weapons. Some special units got more, but it was rare.

First attacker: An Arbiter tried attacking with a spear from behind our position. I turned around, kicked him in the face, making him drop the spear. I grabbed it and stabbed him. I liked it that the blood evaporated before I could see it-that made me feel a little less evil, even though I was making sure this person was in deeper than hell.

Our next foes were people ambushing us from the sides, both wielding crossbows. The sleepy kid, who somehow wiped all appearances of exhaustion right off his face, must have been the one to make the move, for I didn't really focus on how to hang people with tree branches. They were strangled, in a mostly painless death.

We both made a dive for those crossbows, and as we picked them up, another Arbiter ambushed us with a blade in hand.

A whip came out of nowhere to save my rear-the sleepy guy had it, and showing remarkable control, he not only made sure that his whip didn't get Arbit Burned, he also shoved it into the Attacking a**hole.

I pulled out my own sword, and pointed it directly upward, and I got a lucky kill, for an Arbiter was going to drop down upon us with a spear, but he got stabbed by my own blade. As the Arbit Burn effect became apparent on my blade, the sleepyhead was already directing my movements out of that alley.

Dodging a few arrows, and slicing/whipping some of the Arbiters nearby, we dived into another piece of cover: A now half-destroyed toy shop with the shopkeeper dead and decaying fast thanks to the apparent Arbit burn corroding his skin. Toys were scattered about, and I was on the verge of picking a few up when sleepy shot an arrow straight from the crossbow without having reloaded it, and netted himself another Arbiter kill.

I tried the same tactic, just shooting the Crossbow without doing anything, for I noticed no strings to load an arrow with. As it turned out, as a back-up option, Arbiters can launch pure Arbitarian energy arrows straight from the bow without consuming their own energy, at the cost of power. I learned all this from firing it once, and looking at the lucky Arbiter who died long before an Arbit Burn was established between his eyes, where the bow went through.

A brief pause. The old man had now vanished from sight totally, both his body and soul having been totaled by the Arbit Burn. I found a wad of Zav, just laying nearby where he was. He must have died trying to get away with it. I assumed that my twenty Zav was in there, and as he was dead, and this whole place surrendered all civil law to anarchy’s madness. in seconds, I assumed there was nothing wrong in pocketing it, along with some of the toys scattered about. I wasn't really looking at them when I did, I was looking out for any more attackers. I still had my sword ready for drawing, and my Arbit Crossbow was ready for action.

...Time seemed to stretch to hours, even though it was shorter than two seconds. I decided a mental scan of the area would work.

First off: Mario survived, along with the rest of Eon Sky. The restockers were killed in the fight, but the ship is supplied enough to last for nine months. All of Eon Sky-except me-were already at the ship.

<"Mates! I'm still in the city! I've got another guy with me!"> I telepathed to them. <"If I can't get to you soon-">

I suddenly realized it-What would I do? Most likely be used in some insane scheme to cause the end of the world forevermore. I was dooming the world to say that.

<"Scratch that last mental sentance. I will get back to you soon."> I telepathed, more confident. The a**holes that blocked my path weren't worth the dust off an old hobo's three-toed foot.

<"Avalon! If I wasn't Atheist, I'd say thank god! But you've got three minutes, and that's at most!"> Mario telepathed back. <"You'd kill me from the inside to leave you here, you would!"> added Mario, almost begging the Nexus to save my skin in the process.

And that was it. No other survivors could be heard of, not including me and sleepy.

"There's a ship that'll wait for us for five minutes, and five no more." I said. "Nobody else is here otherwise, it's our only chance."

"I hate to burst your bubble, but you've probably got less time than you think. Besides, Arbiters like to make survivors panic." whispered sleepy. "That's how they make sure nobody lives. One step, and you'll have an arrow sticking out of your chest!"

"They'll barely see us leave."
I said.

I transformed, and almost threw sleepy on my back in the process, using some psychic energy.

"Hold on!"

I shot out of there like a cannon, and I realized that those archers, drawing back their arrows like a predator would stand, waiting to pounce on unwitting pray, almost shot themselves. One did.

"Oh, god, did you see that dude back there?" I said, almost laughing.

"These kinds of speeds weren't calculated for...By them, anyway. By the way, I'm Karazin."

"Whatever!" I said. "If it's in indigo robes and moves, shoot it before it shoots us!" I added.

I didn't expect me to ram into somebody. In midair.

"Oh, looky, just who I wanted to meet..."

She was floating in midair on the winds, she was lightly dressed in japanese robes and samurai armor, colored black, she had pitch-black ponytails and skin, she held fans with lethal, Arbit-Burning energy on it, totally blacked out save for the symbol of the Arbiters in purple lines...And she was about as old as me. The grin on her face was as large as a quarter-moon.

"The all-infamous Archangel, Avalon." The Arbiter Girl said with an obvious insanity in her voice. "Lower it, or else. You're not as precious as he is." She added, talking to Karazin while pointing at me.

Karazin must have obeyed. I saw her smile widen.

"I am Pandora, Loyalist to the great Arbiters, cleanser of darkness. You. We tried peacefully...But you're still lucky that you'll be the only person living out of every last raid. We don’t take survivors." Pandora said, looking at Karazin with lethal intent and lethal sound.

I barely cared for that, but I should have never looked into those murderous, purple eyes, for I saw the truth at once. It was burned into my head, and It haunts me to this day. However, it helped in the short term and the long term.

"Liar." I said with equal lethality in my voice.

"Oh, what's this? You-"

"You...You brainwash the survivors, don't you? You root them out, knock them out, and keep them unconscious while you overflow them with your energies and force them to do your bidding...Like a puppet...You can't deny it." I said, colder than ice.

Pandora looked like she just got slapped in the face.

"You...You tell anyone, and-"

"I can die. I can Arbit Burn myself, It’s not like I’m immune or anything. You want me alive? S**t to that, I'll kill myself before I'm used in your insane scheme, whatever it may be. I'll commit suicide, but I'll never let you filthy abominations touch me. Oh, and you want me so badly...Failure to capture me ALIVE, not dead, not without my soul, and certainly without anything, is punished with a slow execution by your own kin...I know that, too. You cannot hide anything, you twit." I said, cocky and liking it.

"Doesn't mean I can't hurt you." She said, regaining her insane tone, but still looking hurt by the fact she had been so easily denied her satisfaction of causing fear.

Karazin resumed his grip around me, for I was at her like a bullet. I rammed into her before she could react, plowing her into the ground-and not into the forest, no, but to the pavement of the docks, so that Mario could give me more time, just a few minutes more. Pandora’s blood-an unusually dark blood red-was left in a trail, but Pandora only seemed more lively and murderous, if anything. I let go, but she slid too far to be natural, and she was up on her feet quite quickly-proof of Kinetic Energy.

Karazin slid off my back, as he prepared to face down something that, up to this point, he had considered to be invincible mass murderers-or rather, a leader of those invincible mass murderers.

She attempted attacking first, and narrowly missed with a kinetic energy bolt, sending a tree flying back. My retaliation was to make a step forward and punch her.

I felt my newfound physical strength-felt it for the first time. It came right then. These new abilities just kept piling up, with no stop in sight, and I didn't know if-or rather, when-I'd get another. But strength to rival Superman was always nice. Feeling a bone crack within her body, I sent Pandora briefly sailing backwards, before she kinetically stopped herself, and making a large

Then she created a black sphere in her hand, and I had the sense to avoid it. I did a massive dive to the right, almost ramming into a tree with surprising speed, just to avoid the orb of death. It was a smart move-It exploded, taking out large chunks of the trees, which fell over. Meanwhile, Karazin somehow got behind Pandora without the latter realizing it

Karazin shot an arrow into her with the crossbow, which she quickly dematerialized, and turned around to meet him, but she couldn’t do a thing to stop Karazin’s whip coming around her neck. Then the whip started glowing blue, and nobody could mistake her squirming in pain, trying to escape the grip of the tendril that was obviously causing her nerves great discomfort. I did another astonishing display of speed to get to her with three good pushes of my legs.

She had, at that point, overthrown Karazin's blue whip technique, and had-

Oh no oh no oh no. She had cut her with one of her fans. Karazin was still alive, but the Arbit Burn was still there, and that would kill him if Pandora didn't do it first. Oh god oh god oh god, could that be removed?! Remove it remove it remove it, please please please!!

I was thinking that. Exactly that.

And it was gone. Karazin, having briefly panicked over the sight of an Arbit burn, instantly regained all his cool upon the loss of it. He breathed a sigh of relief, then looked at me.

Then his eyes went odd, as though he was holding something back this whole time.

Then he fell asleep, right on the spot, falling down and snoring loudly.

Pandora was laughing at the display, recovering quickly from a bout of pure rage she had when the burn was removed. She almost forgot to try and administer a second one. I almost forgot to finish this quickly, for Pandora had seemingly forgotten about my existence when the whip glowed.

I forced her head towards me, then punched her, hard. As it happened, I felt a sensation as though my hand had lit on fire for an instant, then had changed into simply a slightly-cool feeling thing. Odd, as it wasn't fire in my hand.

Try red electricity. See, you never know! It's like summer rain.

Pandora was hit before, but not like that. She went off to the forests like a rocket, slamming face-first into a tree, breathing heavily. "Dear Arceus, what did that?!" She said.

Dear god, did she really forget about my existence here? And who was Arceus? I swore it was a he, and he should have been somebody I knew well, but that was it. I came in for the punishment.

I was at the tree Pandora was thrown into before she could react, and picked her up-in one hand. Now she took notice of my existence. "That B***ARD! Stupid Mind-Mirage trick!" cussed Pandora. "Hey, not being polite, now are we?" she added, regaining a little cool. I could easily notice that she still held one of her fans, and it still had an Arbit Burn about it.

I knew she meant 'put me down, or else.' I instead decided on a new habit.

"Oh, sorry, pardon me." I said, putting my pinky finger out, as though I was drinking from a glass. I couldn't put it out in public, the kind of face she was wearing, but she looked disbelievingly and unbelievably mad, to say it kindly. Somehow, she was pissed enough to forget that she had her lethal fan.

I threw her at the ground, making it crack in the process, looking down at my fallen foe. She was the accused, and accused of the mass murder of millions. I was the judge, jury, and the executioner-If that d**m relic wasn't existent, I could have killed her, or worse.

I decided on something else. Torture. Until I could put her down for good, that would have to do.

"D**M YOU!" Pandora screamed, truly sounding like a four-year old girl who didn't get that pony for her birthday when that was she wanted above all else. Minus the fact that d**m wouldn’t be coming out of a four-year old’s mouth.

"D**m the relic, because I can't kill you." I said, grinning. "You'll have to settle for this." I added, about to enjoy myself greatly.

I stomped on her chest, breaking a considerable amount of her ribcage, the red electricity from prior revealing itself again, my foot feeling slightly cool, the sound of bones cracking all too audible to me. Pandora lost her grin and her insane murderer mojo entirely-she was now in a true state of panic and fear.

I crushed her face underneath the heel of my shoe, thinking only of the millions she had killed before she met me. I couldn't let them go unavenged! It would be criminal for me not to let her go without a parting gift.

I forcefully activated the Arbit Burn on my blade, while Pandora was honestly crying, strictly from the pain, her nose broken.

"I do NOT tolerate the death of millions-and worse." I said. "You DESERVE worse. Ironically, this IS mercy!" I added, feeling the fury of all those she ever killed flowing through my veins like my blood, like every person she killed was a part of my family. "You are GUILTY, and the sentence will be DEATH!!" I said, thrusting the sword through her neck.

The Arbit Burn was powerful-it spread quickly on her body. However, the relic was taking effect, as the dark hole beneath her began to form. I looked at the city, once full of life and light. I couldn't see it now. By the time I looked back at the Loyalist that dared to live, Pandora was long gone. My blade remained, nice and clean, fortunate to not come into contact with any of her dark blood. And Karazin was still sound asleep.

I picked up Karazin, careful not to drop him. The absurd strength I had helped in matters, and I swore he could have been something as weighty as a small rock.

I could also have ran with him. It took little effort, at this point. I jumped inside the ship, where two ES's awaited me.

"Holy s**t. You lived." said the younger ES from before.

"You didn't just live, you brought someone along with you! And he's alive too!" the older ES said.

"I make a promise, I keep it." I said. "Do you know how the raid went?" I added, as the ship started to take off.

"Smoothly. The Guard was tight along Tavas'es office and bedroom, so we couldn't touch him. But we stole valuable stuff, the Arbiters invaded his house along with the rest of the city, and according to Issac, Tavas was killed by an Arbiter Colonel. If true, then Tavas was ultimately expandable to Avonu.

We had taken off, and halfway through the hall, still carrying Karazin, I met Mario.

"Holy crow. I thought nobody survived an Arbiter invasion. Proved 'em wrong, didn't you?" Mario said, smiling.

"You have no idea." I said.

"Ah...So, who's your friend there?" Mario asked.

"Some civilian. He fought good. His name's Karazin." I said, being quite to the point.


I agree. He looked smart, and he was indeed a good fighter, but he fell asleep right in the middle of combat. To add to that, he was a civilian, a regular Volteer that got sucked into the heart of a conflict he probably didn't want existant to begin with. What were we to do with him?

(Thanks for commenting!)
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

Why a three-toed hobo foot, exactly?

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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

I don't really have any kind of answer to that. :P
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

Tsk tsk, you should always have a reason for everything you write :P

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Halsman: "Don't forget that we are in America. We will be put in prison if we start exploding ducks."
Dali: "You're right. Let's take some cats and splash them with water."
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

Chapter 13: The Initiation

It took a while for Karazin to wake up. In fact, even with the fact that he had been briefly Arbit-Burned, it was too much sleeping, and he wasn't really harmed. I told them what Karazin did during the battle, and letting the other ES guess his energy levels, they told me that Karazin shouldn't have suddenly fainted like that. I was slightly worried-his heartbeat was fine, and another ES confirmed that his soul was totally intact, but one could wonder where he got that tired. It did explain why he always looked sleepy.

However, like anything else, there was always something to pass the time.

First things first. I opened up the box of figurines, totaling ten, along with a spare screw and a container for them. It was a good package, but all the figurines in the package failed to put down more than my favored 3000+ mark.

The figurines I later took from the store were immediately proving themselves to be far more valuable. First off (because I was focusing on a potential Arbiter attack, I never noticed it at all): three figurines, all with abilities, all over the 3000, connected by small metal rings and energy fields, neither touching the figurines themselves, similar to what was in the container that came with the Deluxe Box. It was simple, but I could see dust being deflected off of it, and these figurines were in very good condition. The figurines in question were a Rhyperior (32921, Rock up+), a Lucario (33165, Dual Wield) and a Lugia (34377, Water up). I put them aside, for they were obviously the stuff an insanely good figurine user would use.

Next up, two pairs of figurines in similar metal rings and energy fields, and even more rare-looking than the previously mentioned figurine triad. The first pair showcased a Pikachu and another Pokemon, looking like a reindeer with massive ears over horns, a Mohawk, and a scarf, both coated over with a platinum coat and multicolored sparkles, the former Pikachu being 1750 in strength and having the ability ‘Victorious,’ and the latter unknown Pokemon being 3500 in strength and having the ability ‘Champion,’ both having an insignia from some kind of figurine tournament. The other pair had another Pikachu, exactly the same as the last one-save the different seal from a different tournament-and the other one being a Ho-oh, same 3500 strength as the reindeer Pokemon, same platinum coat with multicolored sparkles all over, and the same ability too, sporting the same symbol as the Pikachu it came with. I also set them aside, for they were probably some kind of prize from winning the tournaments they were associated with.

Looking at the rest, I realized quickly that the shopkeeper-or whoever gave these Pokemon Toys to the shopkeeper-obviously shared my thoughts that a Pokemon Toy wasn’t really worth using unless it breaks the 3000 mark of strength, and there were certainly a lot of those 3000+ Pokemon Toys about in my pockets-And they included another string of three Pokemon, all exactly 3500, all with the ‘Champion’ ability, all in that platinum and sparkle style, all with the same insignia, yet all three bearing remarkable differences, and all three being Pokemon beyond my knowledge. One looked like he had a intricate ring around it’s stomach, another had a golem-like look and a tail like a stinger, and the third looked like a massive bird, with a hollowed-out tail.

Now, next thing-personal money stocks. I defiantly took the money from the toy shop during it’s half-destroyed status the Arbiters decided was sufficient, and after steady counting of 1 Zav’s, 5 Zav’s, and 10 Zav’s, along with my 50 Zav (I knew he could have broken that 50), I totaled over 200 Zav as my profit. The single act of taking the currency managed to pay off giving 120 Zav for the Restockers and the 20.8 Zav from the Shopkeeper, and then some.

I put all my Pokemon Toys inside the container, then decided that training up the real things was what to do next.

I had to train the Pokemon I had: The kind of powers Pokemon could bring to the table were strong enough to give somebody the edge in combat. It was also quite fun to hear what Scyez and Vyraz had to say, for it seemed that I was able to translate what they said ever since Latries’es ears appeared on my head, even if they weren’t in use. Scyez, as it turned out, was about 20 in human years, immediately preventing putting the blame on Scyez’s insanity for her age. Meanwhile, Vyraz was keen to copy my every mannerism and move, copying my personality to the point where it was honestly amusing.

However, even I, who had been so rudely torn away from my world with only an understanding of Pokemon to guide me, and who had little clue about anything else, knew very well what it meant for a Pokemon to suddenly glow white all over.

Now, I knew then what they'd Evolve into: With enough attachment to the trainer, and under the condition of gaining even a little strength during the day, one would find a Riolu Evolve into a Lucario. And with consistent gaining of power, a Bagon would become a Shelgon, and then a Salamance. I'll be frank-Those two Pokemon were the living definition of bada**, so I was pretty sure I liked it when Vyraz changed color from green to white.

Of course, I never told them what Evolution was at all. Vyraz already seemed to have an idea, but Scyez was clueless downright.

"Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh! Why's he glowing?!" Scyez said, overly excited about what she didn't know about.

"I'm thinking, I'm trying to remember..." I said, teasing her gently.

"Hurry up hurry up hurry up!" Scyez yelled, jumping around Vyraz, highly intent upon why he was changing shape.

"I think it's something called...Uhh...Evolution?" I said, still gently teasing Scyez. As I said 'Evolution,' the very process was complete, and Vyraz now stood on four small black legs with a green shell.

"Wuzzat? Is it painfu-Oh, oh, oh oh oh oh, oh! Why's Vyraz on all fours, and where did he get that hard thingy around him, and is that gonna happen to me, and what's with his face?" Scyez said, rapid firing questions I barely understood.

"Evolution is when a Pokemon like you get's to be bigger and stronger, and maybe gain other types." I politely answered Scyez. "It's different for every Pokemon, and some do it twice."

"But is it painful?! I don't want it to hurt! Did it hurt you, Vyraz?" Scyez asked.

"Painless. I felt funny, but that was it." Vyraz said, calm and collected.

"...Oh, okey-dokey...I guess..."

Again, Scyez was 20 in human years, so that isn't childish cuteness, as no Riolu is a child after 20 human years of life.

And, after that brief intrusion into my training schedule, I focused on getting Vyraz acquainted with his new body, for he already started to stumble and fall over. Had he not fallen on Scyez the first time, she'd have laughed at every clumsy slip-up.

After that, well, I still can't say what goes on with Knight's Assent, that's gov't crud the gov't just doesn't want published. It's still classified, and I don't see it becoming declassified anytime soon. However, I can say that, albeit Mario was nowhere near as successful as I was in the ways of Knight's Assent, he was getting along well. I was giving him a halfhearted version, strictly meant to teach him Judo and to give him the ropes, because I still wasn't one hundred percent sure what goes on in Knight's Assent fully-to this day, Gear Pesse is the only one to truly know the inner workings of the world's most lethal hand-to-hand combat style.

But after the eight-hour ordeal that was, an ES came in, fast as lightning. "The sleepy guy's awake." He said, briefly.

To the naked eye, we looked like we managed to traverse the amount of distance of almost a whole football field in seconds flat, but we were too curious and too worried about Karazin to waste such precious things as seconds.

We were already in my room, where Karazin was snoring the whole time, looking at Karazin when he wasn't unconscious.

"Before you say anything else, I already know that we're on the Calypso minicarrier, which was confirmedly pirated, but according to the news, it was pirated by Arbiters. As you have already presented, you've a deep resentment and loath of the armageddic cults, henceforth, I doubt such an act...However, that leaves one other option, one the Onlisk would love to keep hushed up at all costs...Terrorists." said Karazin, somehow managing to nail critical facts right off the bat.

Mario sat there, dumbstruck. Reading a purposefully unguarded mind confirmed that Karazin somehow figured it out by the size and shape of the room...That is one good use for Geometry, I guess.

"...Well, you got that all right...Are you going to hear our reasons, or are we just going to knock you out and drop you off somewhere else?" I asked, hoping that he'd hear our reasons.

"Fact is something I cannot live without. So far, no Terrorist organization that has been revealed to the public has pulled any job of this kind...The abundance of raids points more to a singular Terrorist faction, for Arbiters are more of destroyers than takers, they craft their own infantry weapons, and have little use-or rather, want for using-guns and more high-tech weaponry...Even if there is an obvious Intel leak in the Onlisk in a high enough position to alert Arbiters of these potential restocks..." Karazin added.

"I have got bad news for you. That obvious Intel leak? Would you have any idea of who that would be, by any chance?" I asked, trying to see if Karazin has already figured out the evidence.

"Too many candidates for the actual mole to be fleshed out...Volosio, the senator for Covinox, is one." Karazin said. "There's also-"

"We know who the leak is."

Karazin looked like he won the lottery for over five trillion Zav.

"And who is it? It would be beneficial for the Onlisk to-"

"If you were an Arbiter, who also happened to be the president of the Onlisk Republic, would it be A: Easy for you to shut down any investigation into the matter, and B: Easy for ANYTHING, from the most major operation to the most minor deliveries, to be known and told to his brethren?"

Karazin looked like he just realized he didn't win that lottery.

".......I knew it, in the back of my head, I knew it...You can't confirm whether they're terrorists or Arbiters doing those raids on the convoys, but there are some top-secret operations that are all too secret for any mole other than one in Avonu's position to know about them..." Karazin said.

"There are those that have already figured this out...And there are those that have witnessed Avonu's true nature personally, I myself being part of the latter group." I said.

"Yhea, and we knew that even if anybody believed us, then it would just throw the Onlisk into civil war, and the Arbiters that Avonu worked for would just get their way anyhow." Mario threw in. "But, if a Terrorist faction removed Avonu, then the Onlisk wouldn't go into riot, and instead hastily appoint a good war leader into the spot, like Gear or Storm."

"Eon Sky-that's our name-Is dedicated to not only stopping Avonu, but also every last 'candidate,' who are really corrupt officials of the gov't, and hopefully cut down some Arbiters in the meanwhile." I said. "We just came down on Tuaxin to cut Jalan Tavaz into tiny pieces and to get restocked, and then Arbiters came from the woods, and you know the rest." I said, extending my left hand.

"What's that?" Karazin said, staring at the palm of my outstretched hand curiously, yet cautiously.

"What's-Oh. That." I said. "I have no idea."

Apparently, on the palm of my left hand was a red 'A,' it’s lines curved...Where did that come from? Then I remembered the sensation I felt previously using that hand to make the Red Lightning from before. Maybe this was a kind of symbol that signifies using it, or something?

"I do. The symbol itself is the symbol of Anarchy. As for the signifigance behind it...Did you generate any Red Electricity while I was out? If so, that's not a tattoo, or anything."

"OK, so It's not a tattoo I never remember getting put there at all..."

"You are quite lucky. Paradoxial Thunder isn't exactly rare, but it isn't commonplace either...No defense against that, it goes around physical shields, can't be absorbed by other Volteers, and energy or magical barriers only worsen the assault...And of course, Paradoxes are thrown into total destruction upon even the tiniest amount of it..."

"Yay, just what I needed. More absurd power. It'll make me really popular, yes it will." I said, putting one million pounds of sarcasm into it.

"On the other hand, That's the ONLY other way to totally exterminate existence, and it's much, much less painful than being Arbit-Burned…Then again, Arbiters purposefully make their weapons take a long time to burn, and they make you want to commit suicide in the process…Really horrible, and they don’t have too, either." Karazin said. "...Speaking of absurd, I knew you were picking up the figurines, but Divinci Lox would have to be living in that shop for you to have these." Karazin added, holding up a pair of Figurines. "The Shaymin for the first champion of the Grand Nexus Pokemon Figurine tournament...And the Ho-oh for the second champion...And the Zekrom and Reshiram for the two finalists of the third, as well as the Arceus prize with it...And the party that Divinci Lox himself used in all three..." Karazin said, mumbling, pointing at the reindeer Pokemon figurine when he said Shaymin, the titan-sized wasp for Zekrom, the birdlike Pokemon for Reshiram, and the Pokemon with the ring around it

"Wait, who'se figurines did I pick up?" I said.

"If Divinci was in Tuaxin's city limits, they're yours now, and if he isn't, they're still yours. You found them, you saved them, you deserve them, I guess." Karazin said. "I intend to join Eon Sky, of course, but in case you're tight for cash, and I bet you are...You can put that team of Figurines to good use. There's a Figurine Tournament coming up, the Pesse Interuniversal Pokemon Toy tournament. Win that, and you'll get twenty-thousand Zav." Karazin said.

Mario's jaw dropped.

"Anything else?" I asked, eager to make Mario's jaw drop further and to hear more potential, practical uses of these Pokemon toys aside from keeping my sanity intact.

"Get to the quarterfinals, and you'll receive an invitation to the Grand Nexus Pokemon Toy tournament, and victory there is one hundred thousand Zav and whatever first-prize Figurine they have this time." Karazin added.

Mario's jaw did lower even further.

"You're...In...Initiation...Tomorrow...So much money..." Mario said, barely getting out the first four words before starting to walk out.

"...Anything to eat?" Karazin asked.
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

Now, before I go any further, I will warn you now, and I will never do so again: Karazin was never exactly tuned for being social. He's asleep for preferred 20 hours a day, and when he's up and about, his speech regarding ANYTHING has a tendency to ramble on, even if it is factual. The only time this isn't the case is when he gets himself into a combat scenario, when Karazin will shut up and lend his vast knowledge to his commerades.

That, or when he's surprised.

"WHAT THE F- YOU ASSAULTED GEAR PESSE?!" Karazin screamed, barely stopping himself from saying f***.

"Yes. And as I'm currently here, alive, with a soul, I am pretty sure I lived too." I calmly replied.

Karazin himself was someone of average height and build, slightly beady blue eyes, light orange hair, and was never seen without a uniform-color vest, usually blue. He also liked wearing short jeans.

We were still in my room, awaiting Karazin's initiation. We were in great conversation about how Eon Sky got their hands on the Calypso to begin with, and then I mentioned Gear Pesse attacking. Karazin had asked what I did to escape, then I said I retaliated.

"Do you even know what that means?! Gear is by no means somebody easily upset, but direct battery and assault on the guy is a way to get yourself killed, and even if you survived, he'll be checking everything from files to records to other crud, and I see no way in hell that we're going to be evading the Onlisk much longer!"

"Keep this a secret, alright? Gear has no knowledge of who I am other than he trained with me for six months on Knight's Assent, nothing more. I wasn't from around Pesse at all, and for some reason, I thought faking amnesia was going to help save my rear. There are no files on me Gear could ever hope to access." I said.

"...Umm...What's Earth like?"

OK, I knew I was cutting it close already to say I faked amnesia around Gear (Eon Sky never asked about my life prior to meeting them), but how in hell did he know about that?

"Boring, and I liked it. Then I found myself neck deep in this bullc***, and how in hell I even got to Pesse at all is still unexplained!" I exclaimed. "I heard some good Psychic or Spatial Votleers can teleport, but teleporting interdimensionally? I can't even teleport an inch yet!"

"...Interdimensional teleporting...Usually the Onlisk takes the Volteer from the family, letting them know where he's going before he goes via ship, if it's from a non-Volteer population planet, and if it is, then there's no need...You're case is only possible either through a Paradox or a very, very powerful Psychic and Spatial Volteer..." Karazin said. "...I'm not doubting you're from Earth, and all, but there were never any Volteers born on Earth...Until now. But if Gear Pesse ever saw you, then he has a photograph of you..."

"Gear doesn't know you're part of Eon Sky...And he can't find out that easily, right?"

"Yes. The Arbiters generally obliterate planets they capture, so I'll bet the Onlisk won't be seeing a trace of our presence together anytime soon. Why?" Karazin answered.

"I'd be an idiot to assume that ID's aren't checked at that tournament, and if the Onlisk is prowling around, then I'm out. But if you took my Pokemon Toys in, then you'd be able to compete, as nobody knows you're a part of a Terrorist group." I said, having already formulated a plan.

"...I'm a little old for that." Karazin said, scratching the back of his head. "Sixteen, and all."

"Do they allow Sixteen-year olds?" I asked.

"Yes, but it still seems awkward..."

"Then there's no problem."

"Hey! Karazin! Now's the time!" Mario said, entering inside.

"Well, there's no point in waiting." I said, pushing Karazin slightly.


The initiation I showed you last time? That was hasty and rushed, mainly because Mario wanted to avoid the negative response he knew he'd get for letting a twelve-year old on board, life-saving and downright powerful or not. Karazin, being more mature-despite sleeping patterns-was much more 'qualified' to have a full initiation ceremony.

Everybody was in the cafeteria, stomach's appeased after being stuffed with food. Everyone also was ready to hear what Mario had to say, for if anything important was about, Mario did the speaking.

"Brethren of Eon Sky, I present a new member! Aside from Avalon, he is the only survivor of the Arbiter's raid on Tuaxin-In which, he presented an ability to cover himself and another, as well as easily take advantage of multiple elements regarding the mentality of any enemy! The name of our newest member is...Karazin Ziniz!"

Karazin walked to where Mario happened to be, slightly excited but slightly nervous, as a roar of approval came about. Karazin looked a little young, but Issac's approval of Karazin was far greater than Issac's opinion of my own.

"Karazin! You have heard of the calamity within the gov't, correct? You have learned of the treachery within, the abominable horror mixed with the honest men and women, trying to fight the very threat that the traitor has made, without a shadow of doubt as to it's truth?!" said Mario, sounding like he was giving Karazin an oath to take up.

"I have learned of the disastrous failure to keep the untrustworthy away from the admirable, and it cannot be tolerated!" Karazin said, putting some heart into it. All of Eon Sky roared it's approval.

"And you know, beyond a shadow of doubt, who the ultimate puppetmaster of this vile conspiracy within, to asset in the destruction of without?!"

"Yes, I do! The traitor’s name is Avonu Voya!"

Even louder screams of approval resonated. I couldn't help but joining in.

"And you will join us, in our attempt to remove the plague upon our people, assisting us in whatever way you can and making whatever sacrifice necessary to achieve our ultimate goal?!"

"Avonu's actions are beyond reason, and have aided with the most inhuman of forces one could ever imagine! I would gladly lay down my life for the cause!" Karazin said, with enough vigor to insist that Mario may have told Karazin what to say.

An instant chorus of yells filled the cafeteria, with fist pumps abound and applause thundering. Karazin was now an official member of Eon Sky, and Mario was handing the egg. The type of the Pokemon within it's orb-like confines were known only to Mario and Karazin, for quite frankly, too much noise was in the room to even think that anyone else heard.

Karazin joined the exclaiming crowd, getting high-fived from all angles.

Now, for some reason, was the time for a noticeable vision.

In it, I was somewhere that looked like a city in ruins-or, better still, a city built to look like ruins. A particular building with two dragon heads, white and black, were to be seen to my right, but so were a cluster of angry guards led by an angry Storm, all wielding assault rifles.

My ability to deflect bullets was working wonderfully to do away with such a silly and ineffective offensive, and I was closing in on my destination, a kind of checkpoint, unguarded and opened to the public.

Then some kind of door, made from very hard plastic, shot down with the force of a lightning bold, barring my way. Looking back at my left side, the angry patrol was closing in, and it took no genius to say that with their guns defective against me, they were switching tactics to use an offensive of powerful Pokemon, some of which were already out.

A mark was on the back of my right hand, and even though there were some strange gloves on them, it glowed a dark indigo through it nevertheless, reminding me of stars. A sensation-a good one-shot through that hand as a blade of energy suddenly appeared, as if by my very will that I have it, with star-like patterns abound, and I cut straight through the plastic door like it was thin air, running through the small opening I created, and ducking behind a nearby counter...

It was over. I was back where I was, still inside the Calypso, still with about one hundred people who were praising Karazin for his initiation, careful not to break his newly-acquired egg.

"The planning for our next raid is today, in an hour!" Mario added, quickly, before walking off.


An hour later, me and Karazin were sitting with Mario and a few other ES's, and both of us had a target already in mind.

"Luvant Cin?" Mario asked.

"To my knowledge, Luvant Cin, head of the Income Tax Bureau of the Onlisk Republic, has bribed governmental investigators to leave several high-profit businesses with ties to the Arbiters alone. If Luvant Cin is taken out, the bribery ends, the government officials crack down on them, and the Arbiters lose the supplies those businesses give to them." Karazin described.

"But he lives in Ocepulid. Ocepulid. Ocepulid, city of ruins, located on the planet Povinal, credited for being the Onlisk's last resort and retreat location in case Cavix falls? Ocepulid, where some of the world's toughest Pokemon trainers train at? Oceuplid, where-"

"You remember that previously mentioned figurine tournament in Pesse? That's where they're holding it. As there will be quite a lot of people there, including possibly Luvant Cin himself. If he is going there, then sending somebody in could allow for easy tracking for an ambush, and if he's not, the figurine tournament could offer a good source of income." Karazin said. "And whether he's there or not doesn't stop us from killing him later."

"That doesn't change the fact that he's in Povinal." Mario said.

"...Even if grounded, I swear you knew what we were going into when we stole Calypso. We were in Rycogis, and grounded or not, that is probably more dangerous than Povinal is." I said.

"Mario, that is true. I'm surprised we managed to survive without casualties, in fact." Another ES said, backing me up.

"Teal predicted that, and I have full confidence for anything he says...That being said, I'll consider it." Mario said.

We walked out, calmly, and I could hear Mario sigh. Life was being tough on all of us.
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

Chapter 14: Melody of Solace

Now I was busy.

First things first. I should have also told you that, thanks to that gov't crud about Knight's Assent and all that, I not only have to refrain from telling you how Knight's Assent is to be taught, I also must avoid telling you how I see it in others. I didn't need the gov't barking at me, "Don't you DARE put that top-secret, confidential information down, or it'll be the end of what's left of your good name," To refrain from talking about Knight's Assent, as half of it-the half that isn't truly martial arts-doesn't make much sense, even to me. However, I apparently can't say when I see people as worthy for Knight's Assent, even if I don't say a word as to how I know the person in question is worthy.

I'll just leave it at this: I quickly learned that Karazin was another good candidate for Knight's Assent, and he seemed aware of the fact before I was-save the fact that he wasn't.

"I felt like I was in knowledge of the requirements, however slight...But to know I actually am able to partake in it is another matter." Karazin said, in response to me telling the above.

So now, I had to teach Karazin the picky necessities that made Knight's Assent different from everything else, because Karazin had learned Muai Thai and Ju-jitsu a long time ago, and had already mastered the arts of the whip that were also needed. I asked Karazin on why he was so wonderful in that regard, learning everything he needed so that I could focus on the parts I knew how to do. Apparently, he emailed Gear Pesse ONCE and Gear, using a photograph he sent, decided that it wouldn't be for the worst to at least know what he's better off learning. Knight's Assent training for Karazin took four hours, starting when he woke up.

Once that was done, I had to get Karazin very well aquainted with the Pokemon Figurine party I chose for him, according to the rules and regulations he already knew-the Lucario, the Rhyperior, and my Shiny Mewtwo, the last having been swapped for the Lugia. I hoped I made a good choice. Battling that trio with basically whatever other figurine I could, even wielding the giant key to make one Pokemon absurdly strong, allowed me to see how Karazin was doing. As he only had two hours a day, I honestly wished he was good enough to take home the prize-A good source of cash when cash isn't common.

That was it for interacting with Karazin for a day. However, for some reason, he spent the remaining time he was awake working on some random project. The first one? Gloves that couldn't be taken off by anybody other than him, preventing my Fingerprints from being anywhere. I liked them-plastic lines were covered all over the completely black design, and nothing of it interfered with my hands. I never took them off-Literally, I couldn't. Karazin had to, every time. I never asked what he did to it.

Then, I trained my own Pokemon. Vyraz had at last gotten over the effects of having to stand on four legs, and now my two Pokemon were real threats, capable of giving the other a run for their money. That took two hours.

Then Mario's own Knight's Assent training would begin, and albeit he was proceeding fast, I still was slightly dissatisfied at the rate. Nevertheless, I kept at it, eight hours a day, seven days a week. For a month. Meanwhile, the stress from within-about death and killing, missing my family, missing my home, running from law and cults, and all the stuff I had to do, it was all building up, gradually. Had the next raid came later, that stress probably would have been fatal.

"It has been well debated by both Karazin and Avalon, and backed up by Ohnal...And before I announce it, may any record of this show that I do not completely agree with the idea, but outside of this we have no other ideas of where to strike...Our next target is Luvant Cin, at Povinal, in Ocepulid City."

Some people gave roars of approval, but they were mingled in with shouts of anger. Issac was seemingly the most happy about our next raid, and for something I suggested, that was almost miraculous.

"Luvant's connections to the Gov't have allowed several corporations that are obviously feeding the Arbiters onslaught to remain under the radar-however, Luvant's deception can only be covered with money. Remove him, and his influx of cash to the regulators will stop, and they will destroy the buisnesses." Mario said, still hearing rants of those less polite than he was.

"Bleh. For somebody accused of rape, I'd hear more of a pleased response."

All eyes and ears were on Karazin the instant he said 'rape.' I detested the very idea of it. Karazin himself apparently wasn't well informed that very few people heard of the accusation.

"Uhh...Apparently, he was caught by police after a fourteen-year old girl that was obviously raped had said that he saw a man of thirty-one pin her down and rape her. He got away, because Avonu insisted that Luvant was at his house at the time of the rape, but considering Avonu's using Luvant for his own purposes, it is highly likely that Avonu lied." Karazin stated, still getting every last glance in the room. "I swore it was common knowledge, considering who you're targeting." he added, face still rather confused at the lack of knowledge to the fact.

Then Mario got the applause that he deserved. A raping son of a b**ch like Luvant was more than worthy of death, maybe even Arbit-Burning if he managed to get away with more than one.

"We will be there tomorrow, and there will be no members barred this time!" Mario announced.

A massive scream of excitement and total approval rang from every lip in the room, probably to give all with ears quite a deafening effect. My pent-up stress was relieved all in one single burst-that yell was exactly what I needed. That, and a raid on the horizon.


"We have confirmation that Luvant Cin is taking a tour through several cities outside of Ocepulid. They all reside in the Unova region, which isn't going to help our chances-the Unova region, as we all know, has more Volteers than all the other Povinal regions combined, and henceforth Onlisk presence is the strongest there. Thankfully, the tour will take three days, and Luvant will remain unguarded, or at least lightly guarded, during the time. We also have a lucky coincidence-Ocepulid happens to house a Figurine tournament, with a cash prize of a hefty twenty-thousand Zav, and to kick off the tour, Luvant will see the conclusion of this tournament. As it happens, this is a perfect opportunity to assassinate Luvant, or if there's more guards than expected, plant a tracking device on Luvant to kill him later" Mario said.

"With all that in mind, I have made our plan." Mario said, grinning.

To break it down without any of Mario's lengthy talk of the unnecessary details that probably won't matter for this story, well, that'll be necessary. Always. Mario wasn't one to talk more than necessary, but he had to be cautious to the extreme, as if he does something so much as slightly wrong, the whole of the Onlisk Republic would be on Eon Sky's location 24/7, not to mention throw in some interesting language to keep his audience listening, henceforth some lengthy plans, when saying it exactly as he did.

So, I'll be far more brief: The plan was for Karazin and Ohnal-the ES that backed us up, and the older one that took care of restocking-would go into the tournament, and due to some similarities in appearance (Karazin and Ohnal had the same eye color and general body build), they'd attempt to pass off as a foster child and parent respectively (Karazin had no last name-he was picked up by an orphanage, abandoned at the age of one, and Karazin's last foster parents were killed in the Tuaxin invasion), then the duo would then put a tracker on Luvant via contact by having Karazin 'accidentally' brush by him. The tracker would look like a small puff of lint, and would stick to any clothing for a long while thanks to some permanent static Ohnal put on it.

Karazin would, of course, attempt to win the tournament, and just so that he didn't fall asleep during the tournament, costing him an immediate disqualification, we'd time his awakening just right. Meanwhile, Issac, using one of the sniper rifles we had, would take the shot from as far away as possible, if even at all, timing it either when Karazin lost the tournament or finished the final battle and had claimed the prizes-otherwise, there wasn't a hope in the world we'd get the money. Despite this, Luvant's life was priority over the tournament, and even if Karazin was finishing up the last figurine and was almost guaranteed victory on the spot, Issac would shoot if it was the last shot possible. Thankfully, the tournament would be taking place inside a large tent, and Ohnal would tell Issac where to shoot from the phone, in the bathroom, covertly.

If Issac can't take the shot, for whatever reason, we'd simply track Luvant down to the next phases of the tour, until he either returns to the tight security of his home or dies. Either one. As an addition, different members would attempt the killing each time, with various roles and stuff, but Mario decided that he'd reveal them if plan A bombs.

It sounded brilliant. Good plans always did at first. Then came a totally unexpected hitch that nobody saw coming. It ALWAYS happens, or at least, it can happen.


The ship made an odd sound-the first sign of docking on a planet where the population isn't composed of Volteers as the majority. The odd sound was the cloaking device, allowing for a bypass of any technological means and keeping it out of sight-enough for us to enter Ocepulid. Our abilities as Volteerists would be totally out of the question here, as it would be nothing short of insane to reveal a massive spaceship that could traverse the whole Nexus to a planet whose inhabitants haven’t even gone past their own moon.

I liked it-in fact, loved it-that I could finally partake in a raid again, and get rid of all that stress in the celebration I'd certainly hear of when that shot was fired and the rape-making idiot (There wasn’t a word for it) that was Luvant would hit the ground dead. However, then I saw Ocepulid city.

When I heard Mario call it the city of ruins, I swore it was simply a place that had a lot of history to it. I didn't expect that people would actually live in the ruins themselves. Everywhere I looked, I barely saw signs of anything that was truly technology, with only the wooden telephone wires that were shared with Earth the only real modern conveniance. But what was worse was that I saw the building with the white and black dragon heads-meaning that I was already seeing myself being chased away by a very angry Storm and several other very angry people-a sign that the plan may go to all hell. But it was too late to go back now, and if anything, the events didn't exactly have to be connected-So what if both take place in Ocepulid? Did that mean that they happened during this visit? Or would we come back at a later date, only to now find the security amped up?

I had no idea...You have no idea either, do you?

Of course, that's why you even read this book at all. Of course, I had no idea about what was to be the single most famous Eon Sky raid in all of history-the Povinal incident.

We touched down upon the banks of the river that Mario had used-the Welan. The river's quiet movement was shushed out entierly by the surrounding forests. Ohnal woke Karazin up the instant the ship touched ground, and Karazin, knowing the plan, instantly got up and got ready for the grueling task ahead of him. I was to be a spotter for them: It wasn't as if Karazin was totally unknown, and we weren't totally betting on the fact that Karazin could evade detection as someone from Tuaxin during the raid-that would arouse more suspicion than the mission could tolerate.

The instant I got out myself...I heard it. No, I heard her. Wait, what?

Her. I subconsiously corrected myself, I somehow knew that the sound, a beautious melody from some kind of instrument-no, it was her singing. Again did I correct myself with a fact I couldn't confirm and didn't know of until that very moment.

OK, so she was singing. No big deal, it was quite distant-no, she's singing quietly.

That mattered HOW? She has siren like music.

To reinforce everything of this sourceless information, I could somehow tell without prior experience with this type of unique foe where she was singing from-And mind you, this was close. Way too close.

I walked into the nearby expense of forest, signaling to Karazin to stay put before anything...And it took five seconds of clearing out a overgrown bush to find the culprit.

She was obviously focused on her music, and she seemed to play as though an invisible flute was in her hands, even though I knew she was singing. her skin was rather pale, but she had light green hair, falling almost to her feet, and she wore a black dress, with a small green jewel on her forehead. Meloetta, it is Meloetta.

"What's your name?" I asked.

She noticed me, at last, for she was too preoccupied in her imaginary flute (or something else) to notice anything else. "Oh...Uhh...Melody." She answered.

"What are you doing way out here?" I asked again, locking her in the eyes, hoping for a similar event like before, with Pandora.

"Practicing. One must never stop it. I thought nature would help inspire a song..." She said, turning her head away.

Bingo. I penetrated the secrets, and found the truth within...She had locked eyes for two seconds, and that was two more than needed, obviously.

...She was of no harm to me. She did lie, but she had no harmful will within her. She wouldn't stop me, but she was capable of it. I'll not go into her full life history, personally-You learn EVERYTHING from this trick. I can say she was not now nor ever a Volteer, and I can say that her reasons weren't that of her mentioned ones.

"Good luck striking inspiration, then." I said with a smile, before walking off, back to Karazin and company, which took little effort.

"Avalon, what was that music? That had siren-like qualities about it, now that I think about it." Karazin said, upon returning.

"Keep your guard up. I've got a feeling that things are going to go to all hell." I responded.
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