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Default Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

(Comments are appreciated, be it critisism or praise. Also, as a precaution to fanfic theft, I'll only put this on PE2k. Nowhere else. Alert me if you see this anywhere else. One more thing: After a few chapters, it does get very violent.)

"Oh, how many have dreamed of it.

It's the dream that unifies all of creation: It spans dimensions and the gaps between them; It spans in space, and the space between space; It spans time and it's absence.

It's the dream of eternal, everlasting perfection. Eternal peace and ultimate power, combined. Nothing is wrong, not even in the slightest.

Sadly, this cannot happen. We are imperfect. That anything would be imperfect for even the shortest amount of time would blot out any chance of perfection forevermore.

Sometimes, even our views of perfection aren't right: Some believe it's a lack of War, whist others believe it's a lack of weakness. Neither is true; We are at our weakest in total equality, and we are at infinite war with absolute power.

All of creation, however, has achieved a different kind of perfection: Though unorthodox, this perfection is a kind of equivalence between power and peace. It's worked for us for millenniums now; There is nothing truly wrong with the world right now, as it is.

But...There are those that are still in pursuit of perfection, at all costs...Even at the expense of all existence..."


He had always hated tight spaces, but this was the cost of failure: He had saved everybody of his group. Everybody but himself.

The trial had not gone well. He was charged with too many crimes to count, and he didn't even bother with listening to them. He pleaded Guilty. But, according to the standard laymen, his defense was 'absurd.'

He swore the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so why tell lies? But, as usual, any civil attempt to destroy Avonu's nearly invincible public image was pretty much useless.

So now, he was given nothing short of the death sentence.

But apparently, he had one last chance to convince somebody that what he spoke was the truth, before he passed the torch over to what had already been chosen as his successor. He felt cold that he couldn't do anything about the choice, but if he could, he'd have chosen someone else entirely. But it was fixed. It was too late to change the instant he was informed of it.

The very man who had caught and prosecuted him would also be the executioner. He stared into the bronze eyes, hoping that he'd read his message and believe.

"Alright then. Before I tell you the choice you'll have to make, I'll say this: You're persistent. But, you already know that nobody believed your story. It still sounds preposterous, truthfully..." Gear said. Pesse was the one person that could mercilessly hunt you down, do everything in his power to give you the death sentence during trial, and say that right when he was going to execute you.

"I swore to tell the truth. So I did." He said.

"Whatever. The truth's different for all of us, I suppose..." Gear said. "Now, you've got two options. I'll let you choose how you die. There's only two options, but I think you'll like the first one more..."

"Alright, what's my unjust punishment?" He said.

"You can either die with lethal injection, with this convenient needle, right here..." Gear said, showing him a needle filled with a deadly neurotoxin that could kill easier and quicker than VX could, "Or, the worse of the two, you get yourself stabbed, through the stomach, with this." Gear said as he pulled out the Gear Titan, A blade that weighed a ton, with patterns of six-pronged gears everywhere you looked. The famous and beloved Cogix was not without his privileges...

"Is this room being...watched? Monitored? By anything? Other than you?" He asked.

"No. But it hardly matters." Gear said. "You're chained up, roped up, and cuffed in as many ways as I'd care to name." He added. "And you've got no keys. You're no Houdini.

Of course, he'd had to point out that he had been bound so securely to a chair that he couldn't even budge a fraction of an inch if he tried his hardest, right now.

"LISTEN!!" He yelled, seizing the chance. "Avonu Voya-"

"-Is an Arbiter. Yhea. You said that yourself. That being said, you've got no proof, and I've got no way to check." Gear said. "The Psychics that checked you found no memory nor any meeting of a source that told you of such a thing."

"They fudged the results! I saw the battle between Avonu and Tyzzax with my own two eyes-the only non-Arbiter to have ever seen the battle for the title of High Prophet!" He yelled, trying to convince him.

Gear only bent an eyebrow in surprise at such a fact. He didn't mention that he saw the battle between the duo in the court. But it made no difference now. "...That doesn't matter. The circumstances are similar-Both are foes from a family of Arbiter decent, and both fight until one is wiped of all existence. Avonu won, and promptly destroyed Tyzzax, body and soul. Tyzzax and Avonu are twins-they talk the same, act very similar, and they do have a knack of attracting people to side with them...But that's not proof enough. Avonu has publically claimed to loath the Arbiters, and there's no real evidence to even slightly suggest he's part of any terrorist group, much less the leader of the Arbiters." Gear said. "Now, is there any other worthless testimony about how Avonu's scum? Or anything like it?"

"...One. I'm Psychic, you know..." He said.

"Of course." Gear said.

"I've seen your fate...You will meet a grave defeat before this year ends...Whether or not it is death, I do not know, but I know the day...Yes, the day of New Year's Eve, before midnight, of course..."

"D**m. There goes going out to dinner." Gear said, sarcastically. "Anything else?"

"...No. I'll take the Needle, by the way." He said, yanking the needle out of Gear's hand with psychic powers. Gear's eyes went wide with shock-he was totally unprepared for such a catastrophe as this, to think that he overpowered the qualities that the room had to keep such powers out of the question, and thinking that his death date would be far in advance, but then the captive did something unexpected-stab himself with the very weapon he could have used to cheat death.

"I'm...Not...Important to...Your death...But he will be..."

His last words. He died, right then. The neurotoxin was that effective.

Gear couldn't help but wonder about whoever his he was. It was probably some extremely good crime boss, or whoever the real High Prophet is.

He then shoved the very thought that such a crazy dude as that guy could have even properly predicted anything right, especially of something of that magnitude. He was probably going senile, and he was only thirty or so. The chance of death as head of the military was high, true, but considering that his supposed death date was only eight weeks away, he wasn't counting on making the deadline.

Eon Sky
You Have No Idea.
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

Chapter 1: The Beginning

It all started with a dream.

That's it. A dream. A dream that would create the reality I'd be living in for a few years. A dream with an epilogue that would try it's best to kill me in any way possible.

Dreams do that.

Oh, yes, how rude of me. I should have introduced myself first. I'm Avalon. Well, Leonard Avalon Zyxino is my full name, but everybody calls me Avalon.

...Yhea, that Avalon. The one with that mysterious history that nobody knows about, the one that killed anything with a link to the Government, the terrorist, the thief, the assassin, the mass-murderer...Yhea, that's all everybody thinks of me, even now.

But I'm more. I'm a living being. I'm the proud owner of a heart, and a soul, and a mind. I'm someone who feels sorrow and remorse. Oh, and of course, I have dreams. There's more than this, but these things are more important to me than everything else.

...But it all started with me, twelve years old, thinking of a dream.

In truth, back then this dream was all-consuming. I swore it was original at the time too. It was this hero. His name was mine (My name was different at the time, just so you know) but he was just so much more...well, awesome than I was. He had all these unbelievable powers. He lived in a completely different dimension, apart from ours. He was a demon-slayer. He fought to protect existence unto itself. He went under the codename of 'Gear Pesse'. I worked on his world in secret; it was a desire I didn't want my world to know about straight away.

Of course, at the time, I swore it was just a dream. I had no idea, not even the slightest clue, not even the teeniest, tiniest slither of a hint, that it was reality.

It was Halloween Night, I believe, when that illusion was swept clean off my mind.

I was putting the finishing touches to the world, I was making it a place somebody could live in, for real. For Gear Pesse, I created a civilization with people of similar powers (but nowhere near the same level), a legend he fit into, allies and enemies, true mental states for each and every character, however minor. And the last bits of it were coming to completion. My pencil was working feverishly on the desk of my loft bed.

Then I heard it.

"Hello there."

That was a voice that bore not even the slightest similarity to any of my family: I looked everywhere around me, but didn't panic yet. A Trick-or-Treater, possibly...But it was almost midnight, and I was still awake. Trick-or-Treaters at this hour? Not likely.

"I'm not a trick-or-treater. I'm not a Halloween spirit, either. I'm a person."

Now I panicked. I tried to keep myself under some control, enough to say that I wasn't freaking out entirely, calling for my mom or my dad. I remained silent.

"Only you can hear me; this is like a message, a recording of my voice. By the time you hear this, I've probably have died. But this isn't important. You are."

I didn't try to speak. I wasn't paralyzed in fear to that extent, however. If anything, I was actually mystified.

"...If I had a choice, you would not be the one I'd bestow my power to, but...There isn't. Something is wrong. With everything. It is war. But it is unlike anything you've ever heard of before."


When most children hear that, they think of magical power they can use to threaten bullies. But I was different, for some reason. I thought of power as an atrocity, and already this 'recording' was leading me down a trail I'd rather not take. Power wasn't for me. I wasn't responsible.

"Again, If it was my choice, I would have given it to anybody but a child. But I don't. I am sorry. You will not see your family for a long time...Sorry for that, too."

I loved my family. It was worsening. Now I was tempted to yell out to my mother...But I was falling asleep. In a chair. Chair's weren't comfy enough to qualify for beds.

Then I was realizing this wasn't me falling asleep.

"There is one thing I must tell you...Do not reveal your secrets. Do not tell anybody of this. Say you have amnesia. Or else, you will suffer a fate far worse than merely dying. I am so sincerely sorry for this..."

I had completely went under at the last sentence.


I was conscious and alive. I felt energized, if anything. Why was I laying down? I felt like I could run a marathon. I also realized that I wasn’t in either my Halloween costume or my pajamas.

...I heard voices.

"Sir, we found him unconscious, in a thicket. Well guarded from eye’s view by the bushes. It looked like somebody put him there on purpose. Tell us...We felt incredible power emitting from him, just by walking past...Is he...You know...Him?"

I barely opened my eyes-enough to see, and enough to fake unconsciousness. Three people. Two looked like your average thug, but the third one...He was wearing a black cloak. I couldn't see his face.

"...I cannot believe this..."

The cloaked man's face was unidentifiable, coated in shadow, and the other two were looking at him from each side. Tension was drilled into the faces of the duo.

"For once, you did something right." The cloaked man said. The two bodies relieved themselves. "In fact, you did something that's almost unbelievable, especially from the likes of you. You found the Archangel. I must congratulate you two-after so many failures, you come up with a success great enough to make your prior record...ignorable." The cloaked man added, as they turned their backs to me.

I got up, very slowly, opening my eyes fully. The room was an old wooden shack with a concrete floor, just off the border of a lot of lights-probably a city at night. I already knew something was wrong the instant I heard the voice, but now it was as bad as I thought it got.

"You two may very well be taken in as Majors to the Arbiters yet...I do not guarantee anything, however."

That was a mental trigger: The Arbiters. For some reason, my mind was swearing that the Arbiters weren't good people. In fact, my mind said "Get the heck out of there, they're going to kill you!"

I saw one weapon: A large stick of bamboo, still green. I took it from where it was, as silently as possible, not sure why it was there at all. Maybe it too was taken from it’s home to suffer the same fate here.

Creeping up on the trio, who were talking about such topics as 'The High Priest,' 'The Loyalists,' and 'The Paradise,' I realized that they were either talking in code or were just flat-out insane. The two brutes talked quite excitedly; the cloaked man was rather emotionless.

I was in range to take all three by surprise-the bamboo cane could have easily knocked them all unconscious on the spot. I didn't think; I did.

I was acting on subconscious action alone here, but it served me better than I expected: I had put the cane horizontally, and shoved it to the back of their heads at speeds I didn't know were possible for someone twelve years old. The impact knocked the two thugs to the old wooden walls, knocking them unconscious. The cloaked man was knocked outside, but was still awake. I pounced on such an opportunity to knock him out too.

He now faced me, and his face-a blonde with a large nose and brown hair-was shocked. He couldn't do anything. I later realized that he could have instantly killed me on the spot, but was far too shocked at who he believed was betraying them. You're no traitor, however, if you weren't on their side.

He didn't react as I hit him unconscious with the cane a second time, getting him unconscious.

I had to do something, so I did the logical thing: call the authorities. I was lost somewhere-where, I didn't know. But there were authorities.

I searched the bodies, but I didn't see anything like a phone anywhere. I saw a blade on the cloaked man, guns, ammunition, and other stuff. There were these weird rectangular things, but were they phones?

I tried pressing the screen of one of them. It lit up, showing the time and date. It was Halloween, and it was just past midnight. I managed to get myself here, from my room, unconscious, in just three minutes.

I tried moving the screen a direction-I was new to these kind of phones. I was lucky enough to take me to a place where I was supposed to enter a password I didn't know by doing something I didn't know how to do. Or, I could tap the convenient emergency call button. I did just that, of course.

It instantly dialed up 911, and almost instantly, a voice came out.

"Hello, this is Cavix emergency department, how may I help you?" The operator said.

Cavix? Never heard of it before. I decided on keeping that opinion quiet. But what would I say?

The words of the voice from prior that probably was the reason I was here at all came back: say you have amnesia.

"I've got amnesia, I have no idea where the heck I am, I do not know how I wound up here, but it doesn't look like my home, this isn't my phone, there are three unconscious people, I think one of theme’s something called an Arbiter-"

"Pardon? Did you say one was an Arbiter?" The operator said. I knew they were supposed to be professional, but his voice seemed slightly panicked at the mention.

"...Yhea, I think so..." I said.

"I'll get you someone right away, right now, stay right where you are, and keep the one you think is an Arbiter unconscious!" The Operator said, hanging up right then.

Apparently, if someone was an Arbiter, they got top priority. I kept on guard, making sure they all were unconscious, and keeping their weapons far away from them. It took thirty seconds of this routine for something to happen.

The ground shifted, briefly. I only realized it because I stumbled a bit.

Then a hole, coming from the center of the shack, which had a hard, concrete floor, suddenly appeared. And someone came out of it.

Someone who’s name and features I instantly recognized to be Gear Pesse, exactly as I imagined him. Dear god. Of all the odd things to happen in the last few minutes, this took the cake. I nearly fainted. I studied his features briefly. There wasn't anything out of place. He looked nearly like an older version of me, but he must have been twenty or something. He had a goatee, and basically was colored a metallic brown in every aspect-hair, eyes, clothes, everything. It was as if my works decided to come to life.

"...Hi..." He said.

Now I fainted.
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

Chapter 2-Volteer

"...Sir, I can't read it. His mind is shielded from mind-reading techniques, it seems..."

Those were the first words I heard since I woke up, but I didn't immediately open them. Was it all just a dream, perhaps? The whole 'hear an odd voice, fall unconscious, wake up in a wooden shack, knock three bad guys unconscious, meet the man I made in my dreams' thing that happened? Was it all a funky dream induced by the usual amount of candy people gobble up on Halloween?

I opened my eyes, and found myself in a bed. But it wasn't the loft bed I slept on usually. It was a regular bed, in a room that wasn't anywhere in my house, with a few people crowded around me, namely the same person that I met before fainting, Gear Pesse.

"Oh, your awake. I admit, seeing someone tunnel out of the ground, and that someone suddenly saying 'hi' to you, is enough to make some people faint too, amnesia or otherwise...especially without amnesia, in fact." Gear said.

I then realized that this might not be Gear Pesse at all. I didn't really imagine Gear with a goatee, though most everything else fitted-the Gear-based clothing, the Gear Titan blade in it's sheath, everything.

"So...You said you have amnesia...Do you remember how you wound up in the thicket?" Gear said. "I interrogated the folks you knocked out, they came too quicker than you." He added.

"No." I said.

"Do you remember what you were doing on Halloween?" Gear said. "That was yesterday, by the way." He added.

"No." I said, lying. I was still following the orders of the stupid voice that had wound me up here in the first place (I wasn't entirely sure of that, but I assumed).

"Do you remember anything at all?" Gear said.

"No." I lied.

"Not even your name?" Gear said.

I briefly thought about this. I wasn't entirely sure whether it was wise to lie about my name. However...What else should I do? It would be really awkward if Gear and I shared the same name.

"...No." I said.

"Whatever. I'm Geoffry Exius. Everybody calls me Gear Pesse, though." Gear said.

Why did I lie at all? I could have said my real name right then, and it wouldn't have made a difference.

"...Wait, I remember something..." I said.

"What?" Gear asked.

"...Nothing important, I suppose, just a word...Doesn't really ring any bells for a name, though..."

"What?" Gear asked.

"It's...Avalon." I said, thinking of a random combination of six letters to substitute for a name, because for some stupid reason, I decided to leave no trail. It wasn't until later that I realized I not only said my name was King Arthur's final resting place, but also the name of a car, among other things. Yes, the single most feared name ever to be spoken, and it was completely out of the blue, meant to cover up my real name. Code. My first real name now is probably kept only to my family members now, nobody else.

"...Your right. That isn't really a name. Ah, well, I guess I'll just call you that..." Gear said. "The doctor here checked you up while you were asleep, nothing was wrong. I'll admit, to have snuck up on them and taken them all out...The chance wasn't really there at all..." Gear said.

"...Wait...One more thing...What do you remember?" Gear asked. "Other than your past, I mean. You had the sense to do an emergency call." Gear added.

"Umm...Math, english, that kind of stuff, I guess..." I said, thinking of two non-elective classes I had.

"...Do you know anything about history? Anything about Volteerisim at all?"

Volteerisim? At the time, this was an utterly new concept. I was willing to make some bets on the recent history, but outside of that, it would be pretty much new.

"No. Mind telling me?" I said, getting up. The room around me was better revealed: It looked like a cross between a bomb shelter and a one-room apartment. It had it's own TV and couch, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a bed, although most of it was in forms that were beyond my understanding. However, it was coated in concrete walls. No windows.

"No problem. I can say that you've got it, and you've got it strong." Gear said. "Volteerisim, I mean." He added, taking my hand and holding it. The two other people around me followed us out of the room, but once we got into the outside hallway, which seemed to be buried underground as well, they walked off.

"Where do I begin, where do I begin...Volteerisim...It's a diverse subject, mind you. The world we live on is a world where everybody's a Volteer..." Gear said.

"But what's a Volteer?" I asked.

"Volteers can be many people. Humans, Hylians, Felimans, Pokemorphs and Pokethrobes, and other species. However, they're all Volteers because of one thing." Gear said. "The thing is a gene that allows for the production of two organelles within cells...Organelles are kind of like a Cell's organs, just so you know. The first organelle is related to the mitochondria, which breaks down sugar and oxygen to get the universal energy molecule, known as ATP. Now, the first organelle puts a kind of marker on the ATP molecule. It doesn't affect the ATP in any way...Yet." He said. I was barely grasping such terms, but I guessed he would explain it simpler at the end. "The second organelle is found only in brain cells, but it's the extraordinary part-It allows the life form to control any marked ATP, as well as any ATP around the marked ATP." Gear said.

"When the ATP is controlled, it can be used for...well, anything, really. It can accelerate plant growth, slow down or speed up time, disrupt the laws of gravity, make objects move without touching them, you know, the kind of stuff superheroes do." Gear said."The only backlash is the added energy consumption: There are different markers, which can change the strength of Volteerisim and it's limits, but generally, stronger Volteerisim makes people need more ATP. Volteers that use their powers too much can get far more tired than those without Volteerisim at all, sometimes even to the point of fainting. We need to eat more, sleep more, we need more rest." Gear added.

"...I didn't really understand any of that." I said. I wasn't ready to grasp such complicated things like cell structure and cellular respiration yet.

"Basically, it mutates the cells to control energy, but makes the user need to eat and sleep more." Gear said. "There's more to it than that, though." He added.

"What?" I asked.

"We've recognized several patterns over the years, relating to the strength of Volteerisim, the kind of Powers Volteers can get, and what people get Volteerisim, and how to tell." Gear said. "Volteers have recognized eight pure elemental energies, which are created when the ATP is broken up-the Marker attached to the ATP causes the energy released to be different than the normal kind. The eight are..."

I made the eight elemental energies associated with Gear's powers: Light, Dark, Earth, Water, Wind, Fire, Space and Time. I wasn't really familiar to the true origin of the powers (this Volteerisim thing was totally new to me), but I knew the elements.

"Light, Dark, Life, Death, Kinetic, Psychic, Space and Time."

OK, so I didn't.

"There are also four special mixed elements, which are created based on both rare conditions with the Markers and with the specific elemental energies." Gear added. "Chaos needs Light and Dark, Draconic needs Space and Time, Coganan needs Life, Kinetic and Draconic, and Arbitarian needs Psychic, Death and Chaos."

It did kind of sound like something out of a Video Game, now that I thought about my scenario, all the elemental energies...

"There are also the five power levels. Four are simply tagged on, and they're not important. One, however, is...Noteworthy." Gear said. "They're Ignorable, Minor, Moderate, Major and Legendary. I'm not getting too detailed into Ignorable through Major, as you can probably guess those...But Legendary...They have powers to extreme extents, they can destroy quite a bit on accident. They need immediate special training when their powers emerge, lest everything in their path gets destroyed-by accident." Gear said.

"Of course, it's critical that you know what you've got. That's why we've got several people capable of telling by reading energy signatures, and when they're not available, we've got special reading plates that do just that." Gear said, turning to a door and opening it.

The contents were minimal. Two chairs and a marble table. However, the stone table, jettisoning from the floor itself, was quite intricate. It had twelve symbols, probably to go with each kind of elemental energy there was, including the special ones. I sat in one chair, Gear sat in the other.

"Now, Avalon, all you need to do is put your hand on the center of this reading plate, and wait for the lights on the plate to light up. The brighter, the stronger the Volteer you are...As per that specific kind of energy, anyways." Gear said.

I was nervous. It looked like it might tickle my hand, or something else. Nevertheless, I put it on. It was warm.

I stayed in this position for a few seconds, both me and Gear looking at the twelve symbols on the table. One caught my eye: A symbol of an eye, with three circles nearby it...Again, a mental trigger was pulled, alerting me that if it lit up, it meant something that was generally shunned.

I had no clue where those convenient mental triggers came from, but I later got an idea.

Then, the white symbol-one of the sun-lit up. Brightly. Almost blindingly.

"Ah, there we go! Good start already!" Gear said.

Then the pink symbol next to it lit up too. It was enough to slightly dwarf the white symbol.

"My, my, I've never seen Psychic power as high as that before..." Gear said, rubbing his fingers through his goatee.

Then the purple symbol, between the black symbol and the red symbol, lit up. It was also a very bright symbol.

"...OK, now I'm concerned..." Gear said.

Then the black symbol lit up. It was almost...Whatever the opposite of blinding was.

"It's not a problem to have Death energy, or Dark energy..."

Then, a symbol of yin-yang lit up, White and Black, without mingling. I assumed it was the Chaos symbol. It shined brightly too.

"Don't light up, Arbiter Symbol, don't light up." Gear said, now looking at the symbol with the eye and three circles. I looked at it too. I had a very good hunch about this.

The Arbiter symbol lit up too, Golden with dark indigo, and it was as brilliant as the other symbols so far.

"...Don't worry, we've got teachers for that...Ugh, working with people with Arbitarian power like that always makes me jumpy..." Gear said.

Then the Red and Blue symbols, opposite each other, light up. Though they weren't as bright as the other symbols so far, they were still alight.

"Ah, that's good...Never a bad thing..." Gear said, still running fingers through his facial hair.

Soon, a symbol of two lances lit up, very brightly. Far brighter than the red and blue symbols, which seemed to be the source of Gear’s next conundrum.

"...Now I'm confused." Gear said, as the green symbol lit up. It wasn't as radiant as the others.

Then, the Orange Symbol, one of the two symbols left that didn't light up, lit up-but it was more of a glow than anything.

"...Well...I guess that's that..." Gear said, still looking at the table and my hand.

"But what about that one?" I said, glancing at the symbol of the three gears.

"That one won't light up. It's one of those patterns-Nobody can have all twelve elemental energies, and you're not getting Coganan when you're Kinetic energy is low like that..." Gear said, looking at the orange symbol again. "You can remove your hand now, it's done." Gear added, as I put my arm back, and as the glows died.

The doors burst open. Two people walked in. More Iconic characters I created, to be precise. Anne Halus, Gear's girlfriend, and a lover of Pokemon as much as I was, especially Lopunny-She even dressed to both mimic one and prepare for cold weather, right now. the other person was Storm (Codename, of course), a serious-looking person with blue hair and yellow eyes, being one of Gear's closest friends since the beginning of his incredible saga. Anne immediately noticed me, and came over.

"Oh, you are so cute!" Anne said, hugging me...With the Lopunny ears?

"...You don't know what a Pokemorph or a Pokethrobe is, do you?" Gear said.

That didn't matter much-She was cute too. Cute and fluffy. However, her ears were large and thick enough to muffle what Storm was saying to Gear. However, I didn't fail to miss Anne's ears leaving my body, and Gear's next speech.

"You've hit the Legendary Mark. We're on a time constraint, however. I'll try to find a way to train you in at least one month. Until then-"

Storm muttered something in Gear's ear. Gear's eyes went wide in shock, and the duo went into whispers until Gear started talking to me again.

"Lucky you. I've got a way to do that. We start in the afternoon." Gear said.

It was like I was suddenly being turned into Gear's deputy, or something...But I thought I could like that. It was just missing my parents that was the problem...Maybe I'd see them again, somehow...I was getting depressed at the thought.
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

Interesting premise here overall. Already curious on how the lead-up to Gear's supposed date of death will play out and who the other person was in the prologue, and how the other protagonist fits into all of that (I am guessing he is the 'he' mentioned at the end of the prologue). Alternatively he is the one who dies in the prologue I suppose...?

But yeah, the plot seems pretty interesting. I wouldn't mind seeing some more explanation soon as I'm starting to be a bit confused about the whole situation as well but I suppose that'll come up soon. Maybe some more showing of Avalon's feelings of confusion and the like would be something to consider though as it did feel a bit...missing in the story - for instance there's mention of his family:
I loved my family. It was worsening. Now I was tempted to yell out to my mother...But I was falling asleep. In a chair. Chair's weren't comfy enough to qualify for beds.
But it doesn't seem to come up again when there's potential there - without the such it comes off as Avalon being too accepting of the whole situation imo.

Although it's not too distracting for me on this skin for the most part I would suggest against colour-coding your dialogue as it would likely make it hard to read for at least some (and say Avalon's text colour in chapter 2 is not fun to read on a white background when the default text size is tiny to begin with), especially if you consider the variety of skins/styles forums can have as well. Sticking to the default should be clear enough for readers in terms of who is talking when really.

A few other things:
It's the dream that unifies all of creation: It spans dimensions and the gaps between them; It spans in space, and the space between space; It spans time and it's absence.
I don't think semi-colons mean that it's the end of the sentence and so the capitalisation of the Its didn't feel right. With the bolded it's (it is), it should be an its (possessive) in that case - that tended to occur a few times during the story so I'd suggest watching out for that.
"I swore to tell the truth. So I did." He said.
This was another consistent error - if the part following the dialogue flows on (ie tells us who said it/how it was said/etc) then you can treat it all as one sentence despite the quotation marks and hence there's no need for the full stop and capitalisation in the middle of it - so hence the above would be:
"I swore to tell the truth. So I did," he said.
(Also note 'He said' doesn't work very well as its own separate sentence). Note that you could use say a question or exclamation mark there instead - this only applies to full stops because English is silly.
"-Is an Arbiter. Yhea. You said that yourself. That being said, you've got no proof, and I've got no way to check." Gear said.
As for here for instance, you'd just want to change the full stop after 'check' to a full stop. I also noticed you used 'Yhea' rather than Yeah - maybe it is purposeful but I never saw it spelt Yhea before.
Gear said as he pulled out the Gear Titan, A blade that weighed a ton, with patterns of six-pronged gears everywhere you looked.
That a shouldn't be capitalised there. I also wonder why these are the two choices of death, one being 'death by oversized gear sword'...? It seems quite odd to me is all.
A dream with an epilogue that would try it's best to kill me in any way possible.
Another instance of the it's/its thing there - should be the latter here (otherwise you're saying ';...would try it is best to kill me...').
I worked on his world in secret; it was a desire I didn't want my world to know about straight away.
Minor suggestion but you could also use straightaway as one word.
I was lucky enough to take me to a place where I was supposed to enter a password I didn't know by doing something I didn't know how to do.
I think you're missing a full stop here after password - sounds like a run-on sentence otherwise.
"Oh, your awake.
you're (you are) rather than your (which is possessive e.g. your present - so your awake doesn't make sense).

Otherwise it's pretty clean and the plot is enjoyable - my main qualm is not seeing enough of the emotions/thoughts of Avalon during this but otherwise it's a good start - keep it up!

'Tis a parody of the game with more explanations than you can shake a pastry at.
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

Jesus Christ, bobandbill. Are you related to Graceful_Suicune!? xD
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

You. bobandbill. Please keep posting. Please. I'm begging you. You'll finally kill off the "'Blah Blah' He said" instead of "'Blah Blah' he said" error I always make. It's pesky.

The Gear Titan's blade has soul-destructive properties. If Gear peirced Teal's (I'm calling him Teal here because I didn't really think of a name for him before I started) body with the Gear Titan, he'd have no afterlife either.

That's not really a spoiler, but I'll just put this here now: don't ask for them. I'll explain it in the story if it needs to be explained, and if it doesn't or I forget, I'll tell you.

Oh, and thanks, bob. I seriously like comments.
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

Chapter 3: Knight's Assent

Gear's Deputy?! ME?!?! Today, that's a joke. That's a joke, and that's final. Every last Volteer that knows of the three years of terror I imposed on the government would know that me and Gear showed more of a fierce rivalry than even me and Avonu (or any other ***hole from any gov't, for the record). We wanted each other dead at all costs. That being said, yes, I was, for some brief time, thinking that I could be a part of the law-and like it. Stupid, stupid, twelve-year old me.

But, it was true-It seemed likely that I'd be his partner. Imminent, even.

I was waiting in my room. I still wasn't informed of where I was, or what was to become of me, other than I'd train with my childhood fantasy hero to control powers that haven't even revealed themselves until I put my hand on a stone table.

I was wondering where Gear was. It didn't take long after I thought a completely random thought one thinks while waiting for someone to find out where he was.

I was no longer in my room-I was in someplace like a control room, with me observing six people: Gear, Anne, Storm, and three others: Guillotine, a man who was against Gear until he got amnesia and repented, with very dark everything and a massive blade where his codename derived from; A young girl with flowing clothes, a extremely large black ponytail that was almost perfectly concealing her body, somebody I never saw or thought up of before; and a half-Empoleon half-nine-year-old boy. I was confused and panicked-this wasn't natural.

Then again, nothing of what I went through so far was natural. This must be part of the powers I got...Yhea, that was it...

"...So, we all know why we're here..." Gear said, looking at the other five. Gear was the only one who's face I could see, and I couldn't move-I wanted to, but I couldn't.

"Avalon." Storm said.

"He's nobody and no one we can search...He's got no family..." Anne said.

"But he's no pet. We can't keep him." The Girl with the massive hair said.

"...You. Gear, you said that during interrogation, Lavar said that the 'Archangel betrayed him.' Do you think that..."

"That Avalon might be this Archangel?" Gear said, responding to Guillotine. "Or that he's strong enough to be considered the Archangel?" Gear added.

"...To say he's the Archangel is to say that he's the Arbiters version of Jesus Christ." Guillotine said. "I've been with them, practiced the d**m religion!" He added, cussing. I was twelve, I recoiled at the sound of it. Nowadays, I could easily tolerate it. "The Archangel is the only thing that the Arbiters worship besides Erevius! Erevius basically saved the Archangel's soul from total destruction, and blessed it with it's own power...Nobody, not Even the Arbiters, know what it looks like, other than it has six wings, henceforth the name." Guillotine said. "However, he's powerful. No doubts."

...The Arbiters...That was the name of the group Guillotine had sided with originally...But Gear destroyed their leader at the very end, how could they have resurrected themselves so quickly? And...The Archangel...Me?!

This was getting more absurd by the minute. I shouldn't be here at all, to begin with. I should be at my room waiting for Gear to collect me-Nay! I should be at my house, in a completely different dimension, writing about Gear's story. Then, there was the fact that there was that voice, there was Gear's actual existence, as well as the insane level of power I now had. To add in I was a deity to a group of Armageddic morons was even worse.

Boom. I was back in my room, waiting to be collected by Gear. Whatever it was, it was gone as suddenly as it came.

...You know, I really didn't look at myself between when I first woke up in the wooden shack until now. There was a mirror nearby. I looked in it.

I knew the clothes I wore weren't the pajamas I usually wore, or the Halloween costume I had on. Instead, there was a pair of long jeans and a blue, short-sleeved athletic shirt, with a long jacket on, sporting a much darker shade of blue. The usual long brown hair was tied up in bunches, semi-spiky, kind of like the Pokemon Togekiss. Being twelve, I was about four-foot-eleven, with a bit of a lanky body and a strong right arm. I had shoes on unlike any style I ever saw advertised at home. Oh, and of course, the beret: The black beret, a cloth I had never had upon my head until recently was now upon my head, sitting there like I had worn it every day of my life, yet like it was brand-new. In fact, everything was. I had never seen those clothes before

From wherever Gear was, Gear was now back, as he opened the door. "You'll start now."


The training room had mirrors. However, the Mirrors were thick and reinforced by some kind of Volteer technique. For any Volteer, breaking the average mirror was very easy. The padding below our feet was (obviously) the kind used at a gymnasium: Soft yet thick, able to withstand the falling of people, and allowing people to withstand falls.

"Now then, there's been a death recently. The dead man was one of thirty people to learn special military martial arts. It's called Knights' assent. It can only offer about thirty people exactly at once, and I'd rather have it to stay that way. You are very, very well qualified to be taught such a technique. Although anybody could attempt learning it, it's impossible to master without either the Seraph's Eye or strong Psychic abilities, as well as several micro-differences that I'd never be able to tell you about." Gear said. You've got incredible Psychic ability, almost beyond what most Volteers have. The level of power overall is also a very good sign-Major or Legendary rank Volteers are needed for this program. Just some fair warning-this training almost never stops. You'll get an hour of break, tops. However, it can be mastered in months, and its got an amazing strong point." Gear said, pacing. "This strong point is an ability: not only is one knowing of martial arts that best fits their body, as well as martial arts that counter styles that could otherwise easily take you down, but also allow you to see what styles go well in others."

The Seraph's Eye was an ability that allowed somebody-Psychic or otherwise-to see the odds of whatever the user desired. Gear had it. I did get some things right, right?

"...Do you already know what kind of style suits me?" I said.

"...The style of martial arts is almost never a true style. It's generally a hybrid of two styles." Gear said. "That being said...This is still kind of top-secret. Before I tell you the answer, I must say that you must keep a tight lip about this to Civilians. Those that have participated are known, but I don't want people finding out how they're so good." Gear said, holding out a hand. "Do we have a deal to keep this silent?"

I was hating my situation harder and harder the more time I had to contemplate it. However...I had a feeling that fighting will be a part of it. There was no doubt in my mind. At the time, what reason had I to tell anybody?

I took the hand at shook it, smiling. Gear smiled too. They were identical.

"Good...I can say easily that I can't tell you diddly-squat until you've just showed me how you fight." Gear said. "Just hit the dummy over there..." Gear said, holding out his hand towards a stuffed, human-shaped figure shoved aside in a corner of the room. Surprisingly (for me), it moved towards his hand, but stopped suddenly halfway up the course, then moved between me and Gear. Of course. He had powers of his own...

"Hit it. In any way possible. Punch it, kick it, head-butt it, throw it, do whatever to it..." Gear said.

To be frank, I took his advice, exactly as he said it. One punch to the chest, one kick to the legs, a head-butt (take my advice: head-butts are for people with thick skulls), then I picked it up like I was hugging it, then span around and around, and let go, sending it flying to a nearby mirror, which didn't break on impact.

To be honest, the hug-throw was quite funny to Gear. "Hahahah! The old bear hug throw, eh? Actually, that's something completely different!" Gear said, bowling over. I was laughing too. It was quite funny to see me grip the bear like it was a friend I hadn't seen for a while, then lift it up, spin around and slam it into something. Unorthodox, but effective.

"Alright then, heheh, You've got skill in...Lemme think a moment.......Err...Something between Judo and Kung-Fu...

Kung-Fu was a very generic martial art. Judo's also very generic. though I didn't really know what Judo was at the time.

Now...I'm not going to try to tell you HOW I learned a mix between Judo and Kung-Fu, because if I did, then you'd try to copy me, and when you think you're invincible and try to face me, you'd fail really, really hard. Thirty people with the ability to know Knight's Asset that perfectly weren't easy to come across. Besides, I couldn't publish stuff that directly included Knights Assent secrets.

Fortunatly for you, I can say tell you a few things about it: first off, a 23 hour train-a-thon is not easily survivable, much less when a twelve-year old attempts it. How did I survive such a brutal amount of time, which is in itself quite punishing? Gear provided food. A lot of it. Five times. It was a meal, every time: breakfast generally included scrambled eggs and bacon (thank god I put in regular food for Gear's Dimension), first and second lunches generally had a ton of pasta in mind, and third lunch generally included steak, and dinner included Caesar salad and something seafood related (sometimes with pasta). It was this and ridiculously fast progress that powered me through the day, though I tore through every last dish, no matter how much was there, and still felt good hunger.

However, the promise of food didn’t take away from the harshness of it. It was military training: I didn’t initially realize that training in judo and kung-fu would involve someone yelling at you like a drill instructor. It was merely annoying at first, but after a while I forgot completely he was.


OK, back to the story...I had been two weeks into the program. I was asleep and dreaming. When you take the whole day minus a hour to practice, you get tired fast. On the flipside, I was already formidable: Gear couldn't describe it, and neither could I, but I was seemingly a natural at the very styles that Gear had selected.

Sadly, the dreams weren't pretty.

I looked behind myself first. Blood and corpses were everywhere-and it was fresh corpses too. Half wore black robes. Half were clothed like army men. The blood stopped just short of my shoes.

I looked ahead next, and the duck to avoid the fist that came out of nowhere was almost automatic. Someone very angry had thrown it, and was about to back flip-and a gun suddenly materialized in his hand.

I instantly reached for a sheath on a belt I wore, and pulled out a blade as quick as lightning, unable to read the details of such a blade as that out of the speed, as I caught the bullet just fired-yes, caught it-in the other hand. I then just swiped the blade at the air between me and my random assailant, instinctively. A wave of energy, coming straight from the sword itself, cut him in two, turning him into a bloody mess really quickly...But there was no time to think. I had two more attackers coming from nowhere, faces livid with thoughts of destroying the kid in front of them heartlessly.

Then the two thoughts came. The first: Go forward, at all costs. The second: Kill whatever stands in your way, any way possible.

I'm not telling you how much of a bloodbath it really was. To be frank, I killed about a thousand people before it ended. A nightmare, and nothing short of it. I was ashamed that I couldn't wince at each kill. The blood trail at the back was forewarning.

Far more forewarning than I realized, too.

Then the scene shifted. I was being thrown to a wall in someplace. It looked kind of like a warehouse, but the main feature of this portion of my dream was...Gear, looking like he was staring down something both pitiful and evil. He had the Gear Titan, pointed at my chest. He'd destroy my life with it. He'd destroy my soul with it.

I saw a chain-what it connected to, I had no clue, but I had a pistol. With accuracy that shouldn't come with a twelve-year old that had never shot a gun in his life before, I pulled the trigger at the chain, right when Gear was about to stab me.

He stopped just before the legendary blade met my skin, and looked at the chain which I shot, which broke. Something was moving from above, and something that looked like a giant gun, the kind you put on a battleship, went sailing towards Gear.

"Ah s**t." Gear said, while I ran like my life depended on gaining space between me and my childhood hero. And it probably did.

The real Gear (Was he real at all?) then decided that it was high-time to work on more kinds of Volteer techniques, Kicks and Punches. After thirty minutes of sleep. Ugh. Gear said that people that did the Knight's Assent could sleep a whole day after the day the training was done. I honestly hoped he was right.

"Avalon! I'm pretty sure that you're pretty curious about the world around you!" Gear said.

Even though I thought up of the whole freaking world Gear lived in down to the tip of the leafs that grew on plants, it was already off-course. Gear shouldn't have a goatee. Oh, and Gear shouldn't exist! It would pay to learn the world around me. Cavix was utterly new.

"Of course." I said.

"Good, because either way, I've got good news. You've...exceeded expectations. Knight's Assent is for those very above the average. You are above average for the very above average." Gear said. "So, you're ahead of schedule. I think that at this rate, we'll finish before Christmas." he added. "However, I've got a few things that I also have to tell you. I've got to tell you where you are, and how it works. The conflict, the government, and everything else." Gear said, starting his routine pacing.

"Today, for one day, you'll try to learn how the world works. I think that you'll do it in half a day, because you soak up everything like a sponge. Gear said, reaching for my hand, and pulling me up. I was lucky I could tour the streets, take a break, possibly sleep while it was going on. I'd need every last bit of info to live here...And get back home.

Get back home. That was the number one priority. I had no reason to be here, I had far more reason to be at home. I had a family, for one. I had school, for two. Oh, and I've got a million things better than learning the world's hardest, fastest military martial arts program ever, for three.
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

Chapter 4-Archangel's privilege

For the first time, I was going to walk outside of...Wherever we were at. In the hallways, I always noticed a crowd of important people, buff and military-ish. I was starting to look a little ripped myself. Almost everyone had some kind of weapon on their person other than a gun: One person of what appeared to be high rank sported a bow on his back, whist the higher-ranked officer beside him had a mace.

"Now, guns are good weapons, but most Volteers like to infuse energy with weapons, and guns aren't the best weapon ever for that." Gear said. "Henceforth, we generally have something else to accompany the pistol on our belts, aside from a six-pack." he added.

"A six-pack?" I asked.

"Pokemon. You can only have six of them on you at once, even for the military." Gear said.

I (effortlessly) faked confusion. I had to. It would be bad for the amnesia act I still was putting up with if I knew anything besides seventh-grade level math and English. Pokemon didn't fit into that category...But...Pokemon...Ohh, I'd love to hear what Gear thought about them.

"...You have no idea what I'm talking about right now, do you?" Gear said. My face of confusion didn't waver. "Of course you don't. Pokemon...Well, there a kind of animal. But they're like Volteers, they've got powers that most animals don't. There are competitions based off the combat I...It's a large topic, so I'll explain more when you get one." Gear said. "Oh, and I will get you one." He added.

A real life Pokemon?! Any Pokemaniac would be totally jealous. Envy would burn lively in the face and mind of anybody for me, who would have a living, breathing, feeling Pokemon right in my hands...

I was lost in thought, and didn't notice we were heading towards an elevator at the end of the hall before I was right in front of it, Gear pressing a button. The doors instantly opened.

"You're not going to have that luck on the way down, mate." Gear said, taking me inside. "About a dozen people access this elevator each minute, and there are thirty seven aboveground floors, as well as twelve underground floors." He said, pressing a button for the ground floor.

It must have been a total miracle that there wasn't an interruption to the top, too.

The ground floor, to contrast and juxtapose the boring hallway, was a grand pattern of glass and steel unlike anything I ever saw before in my life. The floor beneath me was a kind of fancy stone, and it was certianly a building any high-grossing business would want to own. The door outside was nearby. Gear led me to it.

My jaw dropped.

Now, people have seen and known the skyscrapers that are truly abundant in New York, right? Throw that out the window: Cavix was incredible. The buildings weren't the orderly, rectangular shapes we all see, but they were contorted and twisted into fantastic shapes, works of art. Some were floating above disc-like platforms, having no need to touch anything. One building looked like a trident, with a hand grabbing it at the middle; another had several floating metal shapes above a beaker-shaped building, mostly science-related things like atoms and DNA strands. It was fantastic. It wasn't anything I could imagine. It was beyond that.

"Cavix. Capital of the Volteer society. When you control energy, you can know how things work better, build things faster...But you won't be finding anything like this anywhere else."

The building we just left was a glass hexagonal pillar, with hexagons floating around certain, window-less sections of the place-though the last of these was shaped like a gear. But we were leaving that building, walking towards something that looked like a railroad.

Except there weren't rails. There was a beam of energy, orange in color and bright, but there wasn't anything physical to guide it that was in my sight. I was bending my head over to see if there was anything like it, but Gear pulled back my head sharply.

That saved my life. An instant later, a monorail had came out of the bend and stopped at record time, right in front of me. The whole of the rail I could see was now supporting the metal beast that, had it not been for Gear's quick thinking, would have snapped my neck clean off.

Yhea. If Gear didn't notice my stupidity, I wouldn't live. That means that there wouldn't be that terror I and Eon Sky imposed, along with other things that would spoil the story to say here.

"Idiot. You don't put your head in front of a moving object. Unless your committing suicide. And suicide is killing yourself." Gear said sternly, as the door opened. A flood of people, some with Pokemon, came straight out, and Gear and I slipped in. I kept tight on it.

I was surprised. It was far larger on the inside. Much larger. That defied all logic. Unless you count spatial distortion

I didn't care about that too much, however. I cared where it took me...And there were Pokemon, everywhere! I loved Pokemon. I kept my expression to curiosity, but still! There were some I didn't recognize at all here, even!

...In fact, I never knew of a whole slew of Pokemon. Dieno, Lilligant, Simisear, I had no clue about those and others. Big, fat blank. My world had less Pokemon than there were in truth.

But...Who cared? I got to see about one hundred and fifty Pokemon in person before the rest of the world could even hear a part of the name of one.

But I kept my face at confusion. Gear quickly told me everything I wanted to hear.

"Those are Pokemon, kid!" Gear said. "...Yhea, they can fight fierce and all, but they can be cute, can't they?" Gear added, noticing a Wigglytuff that was nearby.

Then something furry got on my head, and gripped it tightly, sporting a cute "Riiii" to go with it's meeting with my head and beret.

...Guess who! Wait. You don't know?

"SCYEZZZZZZ!!!" Yelled a woman behind me. I twisted my head around, and found myself looking at a very, very angry lady, with a whip around her arm, and she looked furious to extents beyond what I could possibly put on a book.

But looking at me, she suddenly lost the look and got exhausted, like she ran a marathon.

"...I...Give...Up..." The woman said. "You! I'll let you keep Scyez, who likes your head, for free! Absolutely free, right now! Just keep her away from me!" She said, before handing me an Ultra Ball that probably had Scyez in it. "Do we have a deal?" She said.

"...Yes..." I said.

"Th-th-th-THANK YOU!!" The woman said, suddenly looking like she won the lottery. "Be warned now, that Riolu's name is Scyez, and she is insane! She will do things that no sane Pokemon would even consider!" She added. "Thank you!" she said again, before twirling around, skipping back towards the spot she originally was, as I felt a slight acceleration; was the train moving? It was so subtle.

"Freeeeeeeedom!" The female went.

"...Ri? Ri? Ririri?!" Scyez went. She span my beret around for a bit, allowing for her to reach my hair, nibbling it. It wasn't a problem at all for me.

Now, for everybody that swore I bought Scyez off the black market...Shut the hell up. I got Scyez for free off a Volteer who decided that Scyez was just too much for her.

"Well...Minus the insanity issues, that's just downright lucky." Gear said.

"You can say that again..." I said, putting the ball in my pocket, before remembering that I had amnesia. I pulled it out, asking: "What's this for?"

"It's a PokeBall. Used as a compact way to transport Pokemon, and is also the device we use to capture them. Inside is an environment totally capable of sustaining life." Gear said. "To be more precise, what you've got there is an Ultra Ball, which can catch Pokemon easier than the standard PokeBall." he added.

I stuffed the Ultra Ball back into my pocket, as I felt a slight jerk that stopped the small movement the Train made. The doors opened, and Gear kept the grip tight on my hand as he made his way out.

The stop we arrived at was completely different than where we were at a few minutes ago. Instead of the very tall buildings, we found ourselves in some kind of market, which seemed to sell everything that one could possibly name, and even more. This was probably the most crowded place of all of Cavix, too: I kept an iron grip on Gear's hand.

"So...Where's a place where we can-aha!" Gear said, dragging me off to a stall that seemed to be selling belts.

"Belts! Get your-Oh, hello!" The shopkeeper said, upon seeing that Gear was approaching. "What can I do for you today, Mr. Pesse?"

"Just give me something for this kid here." He said. "I want something plain. For PokeBall carrying." He added.

"We've got a sale on-"

"I'm sure that I want to get him the regular kind." Gear said, a little more sternly. The salesman quickly handed Gear a brown belt, and Gear pulled out a wallet, taking out unknown currency to pay him.

He walked away from the stand, still clutching my hand tight. However, somebody else decided to latch on and start pulling me somewhere else.

"Gear!" I said, before the other hand won the battle, pulling me out of sight.

I wasn't being dragged on the ground, but I was moving somewhere, and fast. I didn't really see my captor, but I did see my destination-an alleyway between buildings.

I was there. I was panting slightly. Oh, and I saw my captor.

"Hello." Said who I recognized as Jack Fallows Everet, AKA Blizzard. Enemy of Gear. Probably aligned with the Arbiters. He had a very powerful ability with words. He had black everything, aside from cardinal-colored hair and a red right eye, as well as a putrid purple left eye. A rapier was tucked into a sheath on his left side. His expression was a smile, of course. One shouldn't present himself badly.

"...I'm not here to harm you. I'm just...Giving you what you deserve." Blizzard said, grabbing something off his back. It was another sheath. I took it, confused and carefully.

"Consider it yours. It always was." he said, as some odd purple vortex formed beneath his feet.

"HOOOLD IT!" Gear yelled, bursting through a crowd of people, his blade unsheathed, just as Blizzard fell into the vortex. It disappeared an instant later.

"Let me have that...The sheath." Gear said, reaching a hand out. I gave it to him gladly. "That man was an Arbiter...Been one since forever..." Gear added.

"We're going back now...Yhea, she was right, that Riolu was insane." Gear added, noticing Scyez, who was looking down my back, apparently confused as to why there wasn't a face behind my hair. Gear span the beret around, and I saw the cute face look at me, upside-down. She smiled cutely.
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

(Warning: This chapter is both bleh and mostly filler.)

Chapter 5: Soul of Legends

Ever since the market incident, three things had been set in stone: I wasn't leaving the building I was always in, Gear would only tell me what was going on if I was advancing farther than usual to cram stuff in, and I wasn't getting back the blade Blizzard delivered until everybody was absolutely sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that there wasn't anything like a booby trap about it.

My skills at using Volteer moves had increased greatly: I could read minds, make objects move with telekinesis, make illusions with light and its absence, use darkness to evade detection, grow plants faster with life energy, and other things.

All that aside, the only other thing new was training Scyez. Scyez already proved to have Ice Punch, Quick Attack, Force Palm and Blaze Kick, but only after several scenes where people aside from Gear tried and failed to get Scyez to part from my head gracefully. She really liked my beret.

It was one day, a week after the incident at the market, however, that I saw something about Scyez I wouldn't believe.

"...Will...She...Ever...Let GO?!" Gear yelled, this time being the one to assist several other soldiers in removing Scyez from my head, who was clamped down to my head harder than any grip I'd expect from something so small.

As usual, Sycez found herself removing one appendage in order to use some kind of attack-Force Palm the face of one soldier, Blaze Kick another, Ice Punch a third-Until, at last, Gear succeeded and ripped Scyez from my cranium for the first time since I received her. She looked rather suprised. Gear was grinning, eyes closed, celebrating a victory he never thought possible.

Gear was grinning, eyes closed, celebrating a victory he never thought possible.

Scyez used a Quick Attack, suddenly breaking free of Gear's Grip, and proceeded to light her whole arm on fire to punch Gear-straight in the face. The burn mark didn't take away from Gear's surprise and confusion. Scyez then put the kind of energy usually seen when Scyez performed a Force Palm attack at her feet, kicking Gear.......Uhh.......Where it hurt.

As Gear grabbed his unfortunate crotch, Scyez leaped to my shirt, climbed back up my body, to finally come to rest at my head, Scyez's face in a smile. As I accessed Scyez's mind, I couldn't deny she was insane.

<"You're a cute pillow!"> Scyez thought.

Yhea, I was warned.

But that was nothing. Scyez eventually decided to leave my head, when I started training, for she couldn't keep a grip while I was whipping my head around to hit targets.

It was a week later, however, when I realized that there was another problem: How was I going to truly train with Scyez, other than getting her to leave my beret more willingly, and make her stronger? That's Pokemon 101, right there: Pokemon grow stronger when trained.

As with every other question I had (even some that I already knew the answers to), I asked Gear, who said I'd have time after I trained myself, first.

"I'll be frank, Avalon, you are far more dangerous than Scyez, even if she can contort the form of her attacks. You'll be turned over to an orphanage after this, sorry to say, but I think you'll find plenty of time to train Scyez there." Gear said.

I didn't like the prospect of an Orphanage, but I guess I didn't have that much say in the matter...However, I hoped to find my way out of this mess before it gets worse.

Then he came along.

He was busy the whole time I was here, unable to look into anything about me at all, including the fact that I had knocked out the three Arbiters. He was a busy man. Then again, having the role of the most powerful political job of the Volteer's Government (the Onlisk Republic) could possibly have for anyone would make anybody busy. However, he somehow squeezed in some time to see me.

...Who's this 'He?' Are you really that thick?

Avonu Voya, the President of the Onlisk Republic.

"Hello, there." Avonu said, in his stone-cold, totally emotionless voice.

I had been told about Avonu Voya in advance to this meeting: Avonu was the killer of the former High Priest of the Arbiters, which instantly won him the election. He has delivered political strength and hope to his people in these dark times. However, his resemblance to his brothers Tyzzax and Cyrus was almost astounding. Avonu stood at six-foot-seven, with an impossible to remove five-o-clock shadow and black hair, trimmed very short. The jaw had a cleft, and was rough enough to be carved out of a rock face. His suit meant business. His eyes were black and purple, an eerie mix to go with an emotionless face.

"Hello..." I said. I noticed that he was holding something. Specifically, it was the blade that Blizzard gave me.

"I came to give you this. It wasn't ever touched with any kind of trap...Considering that giving people weapons is usually reserved for people who they believe will join their ranks willingly, I assume that they think you'd be willing to join." He said.

"I thought likewise. But I decided that a check was in order." Gear said. "The Arbiters aren't people to underestimate."

"True, true." Avonu said. "I have had little time to check over the particular scenario in which you initially found him. I've guessed you knocked them out and saved him..." Avonu said.

"Not at all. I wasn't even aware of it. Avalon knocked them out, in fact. He called us, and when I heard that one was an Arbiter, I came over. Oh, and he fainted after I said 'hi.' End of story." Gear said.

"...Ah...Interesting..." Avonu said. ...Well, I have to go...I've got paperwork to do." he said, walking off.

I watched his eyes the whole time. I had a suspicion, from the very beginning, that Avonu was someone I'd keep a very sharp eye out for. I already felt uneasy. I felt like there was a traitor in my midst when he spoke.

Gear obviously learned to ignore the feeling.

"Well, I'll be! Avonu, giving you the blade? Not really something he'd do, maybe he was just coming down to check up with me." Gear said. "Regardless, the Blade's been deemed harmless and free of traps...However, it's Arbitarian in origin, so don't get your own blood on it."

"Why?" I asked, putting the blade's Sheath on my belt, which also held Scyez's Ultra Ball.

"Arbitarian weapons have a knack of destroying the continued existence of whatever the weapon comes into contact with. Either charging the blade with energy or getting the blood of one with Arbitarian energy on it is a way to activate this effect, in which the weapon should turn totally black, with black smoke coming off it. Otherwise, it's just like any other sword." Gear said. "The effect is commonly called an Arbit Burn."

Note to self: Do not cut self with blade, unless purposely trying to get blood for an energy-free Arbit Burn effect. That being said, it already looked like to use that was to commit a crime worse than killing.

I pulled the blade out of its sheath, and put it back in, and did such actions rapidly, all in an attempt to get to know how to quickly get the blade ready (Gear asked).

Then came that.

Something indigo-colored caught my eye. Nobody wore indigo in the building I saw, and I was wearing the clothes I wore the day I was found, so I looked directly at the blade, and my reflection.

I wasn't a Latios. That was the first thing I thought, for the reflection on the very polished blade was clearly reflecting me, and me alone, yet the reflection refused to show anything but a indigo-colored, six-winged Latios.

"Oh, one more thing." Gear said. "Arbitarian Weapons-or any weapon with the capability to destroy souls reflect the soul. It's a private sight, as the only soul you can see is yours." Gear said. "Henceforth...If anything's different, well, that would be the reason."

Gear was referring to me possibly wearing different clothing. Yhea, right. My soul wasn't even human. Would you faint if your soul wasn't human?

I did. Oh, and even then, I wasn't prone to fainting.

I fell flat on my face, losing consciousness fast, Gear panicking. The sword still adamantly displayed my non-human soul. The very fact seemed to be the last thing I thought.

"My soul...Isn't human..."
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

Chapter 6-Puppetmaster

I was somewhere blank. I was floating-I think I was, anyway. There wasn't any floor or ceiling that I could see. It was black, everywhere. But my details were clear and defined.

If me being able to see myself isn't proof enough, then the six-winged, indigo-colored Latios, staring back at me with a curious look would work to prove that.

I didn't panic-I didn't have time. I truly woke up long before that. I found myself in my room, wearing the same clothes as before, with the same trio that was there the first time I woke up here.

"Are you OK? You were doing fine, then all of a sudden, you fainted." Gear said.

"I'm fine, I'm fine." I said.

Then I remembered the Amnesia act. It really wasn't explainable with what I had. Would I have to go clean?

"It's probably just some...Overtax...Yhea, I've seen this before...Sometimes, just knowing too much too fast can do that...Yhea, that happens when people that have Volteerisim that don't know a clue about it come here to get the ropes of it and all. They just can't absorb all of the stuff...And trust me, a lot of stuff happens." Gear said, dispelling that fear. "He's fine!" He said to the other two, who left the room.

"...Well, I guess you'll get the rest of the day off. We'll resume training tomorrow."

A day off?! That was a miracle. An extremely over-the-top lucky, impossible-odds conquering, absolutely awesome miracle!!! I could have jumped out of bed and whooped. The temporary reprieve felt wonderful. Of course, I remained calm and looked confused, as always.

"Oh, Yhea...You can leave...Just don't go with anybody you don't recognize, don't go anywhere crowded, don't go anywhere exposed, and don't leave the city limits!" Gear said. The rules were strict, but I could leave. I swore the rule about not leaving was set in stone.

...I walked out of my room and started to head towards the elevator, thinking of where to go. The market was out of the question, too crowded. But where else could I go? Better yet, where else should I go? I remembered priority one: get out of here, and get back home as soon as possible. Clues as to how I got here would certainly help me get back there.

The two would-be Arbiters said they found me surrounded by bushes. That means that as long as the outskirts of the forest weren't out of the city limits, I could look around...

It was settled. I pressed the elevator up to the ground floor, and found myself in the main room. I walked out, and took the city's monorail system-and this time, I didn't need somebody pulling back my head to announce when it was coming.


The closest monorail stop to the forests was nearby a highway of sorts that allowed vehicles of many varieties to go into and out of Cavix. Where they went from there was not my knowledge. The forests themselves were Oaks, Maples, and other varieties I wasn't totally aware of. Frost was coating every last branch of the bare trees, with only a few leaves to identify them still on, brown and dead. It was winter, of course. I truly was mistaken about this being the true incarnation of an idea: Something else was far more likely than this, for I had gotten far more wrong than I realized.

But I didn't contemplate on this for long. I walked around the outskirts of the forest, always within sight of the city, looking for anything like a cluster of bushes that seemed to be all too purposeful in terms of position, something that could very easily hide a twelve-year old from sight...

The search was very strong, yet boring. I realized that the chance of finding anything was very slim at once, Yet I pressed on, bush after bush after bush...It took hours to get a small portion of it done, and it was totally stupid, for anything could be fishy enough if it was man-made in a forest...Did I mention the cold? It was below freezing, just a little, but it made the search all the harder, the cold harassing my nerves with each step…

Did the bushes disappear? Did they vanish after a short time, and the beginning of that vanishing was what gave my position away to the two Arbiter wannabes? Did the Arbiters burn them out of existence? Or, more likely yet, what if somebody else found it, and took it away or destroyed it? I didn't know, or care. I kept on, searching for anything fishy...But I had already searched hours. The clouds above me also indicated it would snow shortly…

Then I came back to the shack. The same wooden shack that I was found in. I looked around. It would take two days to search the remainder of the diameter that I had allowed myself, and that was just the diameter. What about the rest of this forest? Oh, and it started to snow. And the wind was blowing. Hard. A fierce snowstorm was in the works.

I gave up, at last, after what was about six hours of non-stop searching in very cold tempatures. I slumped to the ground, sitting down.

Then I started to cry. I was out of leads. That was the only one I had. I had no clue how to get back home, I had no resources, and telling Gear about my dilemma could be risky...Yet what choice did I have? Meanwhile, I was missing my home too much to bear...Silence was painful.

Who else did I have to turn to?

"Perhaps...There is somebody else...That may have a small clue, unwittingly..." A voice said, concerning yet strong.

I whipped my head around with enough velocity to knock a top-speed monorail off it's energy rails (And those things go over mach 14, at least). Every side I looked at didn't have any life aside from the partially frozen trees and grass, and I double-checked. I even looked down at my feet.

"I'm right in front of you, silly." Said the same voice, with a touch of kind humor.

I had seen it thrice now; an indigo-colored Latios, with six wings. I also realized that the wings could move on the body as they wished, as the Latios was capable of moving all six to the back. However, this was the first time that it spoke. It was like a ghost-not physical, yet still visible.

I didn't faint this time, nor was I panicking. If it was my own soul, what was I to fear from it?

...Then again, how was I to know that this was my soul at all? It was completely unheard of for a human being to have a Pokemon's soul, much less a Legendary Pokemon's soul. It wasn't out of the question, but it was completely weird.

"...You do realize that, as a part of you, I know what you're thinking, right?" The Latios soul said, politely.

Of course.

"...So who are you?" I asked. I was still unsure.

"Latries." he said.

Regaining my cool with each passing second, I noticed several other differences aside from the indigo coloring and the six wings that separated Latries from Latios-for instance, Latries had blue eyes, the triangle mark on his chest was upside down, and although he was coated in down like Latios, his indigo-colored parts seemed to be like...armor, of sorts.

"...Are you really my soul? Or something else?" I asked.

"...Yes and No. But my story isn't important. To you, right now, at least." Latries said. "Now, I recall telling you that somebody unwitting of it may very well hold evidence about how you were found unconscious in the forest, or may know a way to leave." he added.

"...OK...Who would this be?" I asked. I thought it was going to be Gear-he did seem quite likely.

"As the most powerful political figure alive, I assume Avonu may have some kind of knowledge..." Latries said. "Plus, I do share your idea that there is something more to Avonu than he'd show in public..." he added.

"Of course, you're my soul, so you'd always share my suspicions..." I said.

"Not exactly." Latries said. "Oh, and don't talk to me aloud. I can't be seen by anybody else..." he added.


"Sorry! Avonu's very, very, very busy these days, I can't do anything to get something like an appointment in order..." Gear said.

I was back in my room, with only eight precious hours remaining until I had to go back to training.

"...OK...I'm just curious...Uhh..." I said, thinking about what exactly to say. "I was just curious about the structure of the Universe, and all..."

"'The Universe' might not be what you're aiming for." Gear said. "Now, at the broadest field of our spatial categorization is a place that we're in called 'The Nexus.' The Nexus is a massive point in the Space-Time continuum where multiple Universes may be in close contact. Within the borders of the Nexus, four dimensions exist-not dimensions of space and time, but rather points where multiple Universes can exist." Gear said. "They are, in order of discovery: Pesse, the dimension we're at right now; Optu, which is in many ways the total opposite of Pesse; Kaiot, where most of the Universes are occupied only by Pokemon, and nothing else; and a rather recent and curious Dimension we call Reol. Reol's odd in particular because it's probably the largest of the Dimensions inside the Nexus, but also probably the most scarce of life, with only one planet having any sentient life at all, and even then, there hasn't been a real Volteer birth with any locals, and there are only Humans and Animals-no Pokemon, or stuff like that. What was the name of the planet...Oh, yhea, Earth." Gear said. "Albeit Reol's kind of tricky to get to, all four dimensions are accessible with a spacecraft housing a Dimensional Border Eroder."

"Wow...Could I, like, drive one?" I asked, stupidly, hoping for a yes. Then again, considering priority one, I was willing to be a little stupid.

"You'd need a license, and nobody issues them to minors. So no." Gear said. "...You know, this is something off topic here, but the Arbiters want it all gone. Everything destroyed, nothing left. And they're winning. I've defeated them before, but each time, they simply ressurect themselves. I know about this Arbitarian Relic that apparently ressurects the higher-ranked Arbiters if they're killed, have their souls destroyed, or are wiped out of existance entierly, and it's way behind enemy lines. That shouldn't be enough on it's own to win a war, but...I've got no clue how they're wiping us out. It shouldn't be the weapons, they're just as strong as ours...Ugh."

Well, There went my idea. Gear left my room, and I only stared at Latries, who was still there, when Gear was out of sight.

"Now what?" I asked

"I'm not your boss, I'm just trying to help." Latries said.

Of course. Now I gave up all hope of leaving until I was six years older.

I suddenly realized that I needed to go to the bathroom. I generally got to go to a convenient restroom in the training room, but I knew where another was. As I walked outside my room, fortune finally started to smile upon me, even if indirectly and only a little.

"Hello, Gear..." Avonu said, emotionless and stone-cold, like before.

"Hello, sir!" Gear said. "What is it?" He asked.

"Considering he fainted a short while after obtaining the blade...It may be that there was an unforeseen booby trap..." Avonu said.

"It's more likely to be a simple mental overtax, sir. And I've got full trust in the professionals behind the blade. Avalon is fine physically, and although he can't be read, his mind shows no difference to previous thoughts..." Gear said.

"...I advise keeping a sharper eye on him, from now on, then..." Avonu said, walking away.

"...You're honestly going to go after him?!" Latries said, immediately realizing what I was going to do. "They've probably got a very good guard up there, and I think they've got everything they need to catch a Volteer, no matter how strong!" Latries said.

I was honestly willing to take the chance. Anybody could see a twelve-year old with amnesia attempting to ask the president of the Onlisk Republic for a potential lead, and let him go with a simple warning or something like that...Avonu was taking the elevator.

Gear had already given me some knowledge about the building-Avonu's office was at the top floor-easy to access by elevator. This was the bottom floor.

There was only one elevator that led to Avonu's office, and Avonu took the very one-what a surprise! Each elevator took forever to wait for, so I took the stairs. The issue was that there were a lot of stairs. The building was very, very tall, mind you, and I swear there’s more space between floors than there should.
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

At an abandoned, windowless part of this very long staircase, I sat down, having ran up about fifteen or so floors upwards, yet still having more floors to go up. In all truth, this was floor three. Thirty-four floors to go of non-stop running?! That almost sounded as tiring as a day of Knight's Assent training. But I had to get to Avonu!

If only I had wings! That was exactly what I thought.

It happened in three instants. A flash of absolute, blinding white the first, a burst of absolute, cloaking darkness the second, and a second flash of light the third. Oh, and I felt very, very funny the whole way over. I felt as though I had no physical body at all. Not even a cell.

Yet, when the flashes were over, the body I had was vastly different-and I stress 'vastly.'

It was humanoid, no questions asked: I still had hands, legs, feet, arms, a head, fingers, the external body parts that have been notoriously human since humanity was made. However, there was no doubt that said human body had been crossed with Latries'es own in several ways. To start, the down that was all over Latries was now all over me. If my skin wasn't just a tinge lighter, then it was covered in an indigo armor of sorts (I thought anything like Latios wasn't supposed to have anything like armor). At the verge of my fingertips stood sharp, pin-like claws. Oh, and of course, the six wings were on my back. To add to it all, I had gained noticeable height, now standing at six-foot-seven, almost taller than Gear (six-foot-eight). I could easily fake being twenty-one like this. I was thankful that I wasn't near anybody-or a window-when I did that, and I was even more thankful my clothes didn't give way, for they seemed to have somehow grown to fit my new body (Thank god.)

"Whoa." I said. Even my voice changed to add a hint of that power and compassion behind Latires'es own voice.

"...I should have said that sooner..." Latries said, looking at me. I simply gave a confused look. "To explain, I wound up in your body while your own soul was being created, trapping me. I also lost a lot of my own energy in the process, forcing me to become dormant...I'm not sure what got me up, but I think it may have something to do with that blade..." Latries said, eyeing the sheathed sword.

That made no sense at all. Why would a Legendary suddenly feel the need to go into a Human body at all? That also seemed to be quite an odd thing, for souls of Legends to go into the unborn (I was never told when Latries thought it best to do that).

"OK, then why were you in my body at all?"

"My memory's foggy. I can't remember the specifics." Latries said. "However, I would assume that you would have my powers, regardless of form...I think..."

That meant two things: flying and invisibility. If Latries'es assumption was right, of course. I moved my wings to my back, as Latries had them positioned, and thought of leaving the ground.

I sealed my mouth tight, for I had an incredible urge to celebrate my newfound ability to defy gravity. In fact, it felt normal to have done it, like being on the ground was the wrong way to go about business. I could easily do a number of things in midair without much effort, flipping easily. I almost forgot which way was up in the process, but did it really matter?

Then I remembered my goal. With no clue how to change form, I decided that flying up there wouldn't be a problem. However, not being noticed would. I didn't look like a twelve-year old, after all.

Invisibility. Of course. It took less will than flying did (and that was pretty much effortless), turning myself to effortlessly look like I wasn't there at all, with not even the slightest trace. I could see through my own body perfectly.

I then decided to truly fly, upstairs, instead of simply hovering around.

I didn't realize how fast I could fly-I hit the air breaks an instant after I decided I'd go at top speeds to resume trying to find Avonu. I was lucky I reacted that fast-had I not, I'd have killed myself with the force of the impact. I barely avoided even touching the wall.

"I should have mentioned I could fly faster than a bullet from a sniper rifle. And bullets from sniper rifles fly very fast for bullets." Latries said.

I retained great speed (for a human), but I kept invisible and undetected by flying close to the ceiling. I still wasn't going as fast as I wanted, and I honestly would have thought that even at the maximum speeds I allotted myself for such a confined space, I wasn't going anywhere close to top speeds-nor was I doubting that even the Elevator didn't take that long. I was losing count of what floor I was on due to the speeds.

I also realized I had a bad claustrophobia. It wasn’t something to panic over, but even though the stairs had enough room to fit six of me, side-by-side, I still seemed to be cramped and confined.

I was at the top floor, Avonu's office, at long last. However, it was obvious that Avonu's office was else ware on this floor, for this point seemed more like a lobby than the workspace for the president of the Onlisk republic-It had several chairs, a few magazines on a coffee table, a lamp, and three smartly placed potted plants, along with an expensive-looking blue carpet and pictures that detailed the previous presidents of the Onlisk Republic. A receptionist and two guards were the only other people present here, and due to invisibility, they failed to notice.

Oh, and while I was admiring the luxury of such a space, despite it not being Avonu’s office, I was still hating my newfound dislike of cramped quarters-I’ve slept up near the ceiling for a while now, and NOW was the time I started to realize that I really, really hated enclosed spaces? And this room could have comfortably fitted about twenty of me, and we’d all still have elbow room.

The elevator made a ‘ding’ noise, signaling the opening of the elevator. The two guards, who were slouching, suddenly jerked and stood up straighter than an arrow, as the doors opened, revealing Avonu.

"Ms. Lanricks, I would wish for privacy. If there are no schedualed appointments, please attempt to keep people out of my office." Avonu said to the receptionist.

"Of course, sir!" Ms. Lanricks replied. Meanwhile, the two guards let way for Avonu.

Before they resumed formation, I slipped in, as Avonu opened the doors into-

...What I swore would be his office was instead something like a laybrinth. I immediatly realized that this was a deterrent for intruders; If a massive maze didn't confuse any unwelcome guests, the armed guard that was probably lying in wait would. Tracking Avonu without being seen was critical.

However, I cannot publish anything that shows the correct path. The current president of the Onlisk Republic is different, but he still keeps the same laybrinth defense mechanisim, and henceforth the gov't has prohibited me from putting how I got there, no matter how vauge and indescriptive I would have been. It's a miracle to have even included that it was a Laybrinth with armed guards.

One thing I can say, though, is this: halfway through the maze, I realized that saying that I didn't have amnesia and I was purposly lying was going to have a worse outcome than if I tried it with Gear, and that was not including that I was in a half-Latries form. How in hell was I supposed to ask him about anything about me properly, without him calling in the guards and possibly killing me on the spot?

Of course, I made it into the real Office. Neither maze nor lobby, it included the seal of the Onlisk Republic on the floor (like the United State's President has the seal of the U.S.A. on the floor), a desk for working in, a lot of books, and other trinkets I assumed to be a kind of Volteer thing.

I was lukcy none of them detected Volteerists, for there was no alarm. Avonu sat on his desk.

...I wasn't one hundred percent sure about my powers working regardless of form, so I kept to the half-Latries form that I already had, remaining Invisible. I had now realized that there was no way he'd reconize me at all, and even if he somehow did, he would still consider me being here either very clever or very bad-a risk I wasn't taking. I decided that I would stay here, floating, until Avonu was done with...Whatever he was going to do.

Avonu took something out of his pocket, and pressed the center of it like a button. Whatever he did, I wasn't sure of yet.

Then a black vortex spawned to the right of the Onlisk Republic's seal, followed by a second one on the left. Out of the one to the right of the seal spawned a young man with white hair and two blades sheathed, as well as a cross between a monkey suit and ninja robes on that I can't fully explain to date. The one on the left spawned Blizzard.

I was briefly bewierded by the appearance of the duo, but I quickly formed a conclusion; either Avonu was in a whole lot of trouble, or something else. Certianly the cameras would catch something? I took a look around-no cameras were visible. So I'd be the camera.

"I have grave news." Avonu said, as the duo bowed to him. "We've either got an imposter, a simple case of a misunderstanding, or in the worse-case scenario, the Archangel has truly betrayed us."

At this, both Blizzard and the White-haired man had their eyes widen greatly. Blizzard, however, recovered faster.

"...I honestly am not a pessemist, but I believe that it is the worst-case scenario...He's a tratior. He knows what he is, he knows who we are, and for some reason, he sees our just cause as unjust." Blizzard said.

"I think it's an imposter, or a misunderstanding. If Erevius blessed the Archangel, then truly he would see the just cause." The White-haired man said.

"Blizzard, Curze, both of you have good guesses." He said. "However, here is my gathering: Albeit initially unwitting, Avalon has discovered prior to obtaining the Demise of the Unjust that he may be the Archangel. He is, of course." Avonu said. "However, when seeing his soul reflected in the blade, it was obviously not human-henceforth, Whether it was simply the shock of the discovery, or because he had a mental overtax, he fainted in response." Avonu said. "Henceforth, it is no time to jump to conclusions. It will be apparent if it is truly a simple misunderstanding if he joins us." Avonu said. "And hopefully, he does. For the Arbiters."

Of ALL the things I was shocked at, I wasn't shocked at this. I was revolted. I was thankful that I didn't accidentally reveal myself, or worse, vomit. The conundrum Gear presented earlier quickly started to make sense: If Avonu was an Arbiter, then he'd easily be able to tell the Arbiters what the Onlisk Republic was going to do next, so nothing was a suprise. He'd also be in knowledge of where the Republic's supply lines are...It would be an easy victory if the troops can't get any supply lines because of Arbiters stealing them.

I was too shocked to do anything-I remained floating where I was, I remained invisible, and watched helplessly as the two Arbiters sunk back into the two-recreated vortexes, and Avonu started working on paperwork. He then shook his head, and opened a window large enough for me to fly out of.

I silently flew outside, not even thinking of killing the Arbiter where he stood-as I should have. It was too shocking for me to think of anything but going somewhere private to try to figure out how to transform back.
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

I have been reading through it. I like the story, not the presentation. It really gets under my skin how it constantly says "Gear said", "I said", "Avonu said", "he said". It is aggravating because there are multiple different synonyms you can use to change that up a little. You should also try to describe their facial features and their surroundings while they speak.
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

Yhea, Thanks for that bit. I'll try to change it up.
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

Chapter 7: Curze

The old wooden shack I was at previously, despite being drenched in snow (Like everything else), was a perfect place to vomit, collect my thoughts, vomit, decide on what I'd do now, vomit, think of one million ways to kill Avonu, vomit, decide on the best way to kill Avonu, vomit, try to find a way to transform back, and vomit. Did I mention vomit?

The first chunks flew out as I tried to think this through: Avonu, an Arbiter?! It was an insane thought, but it was all too true to even attempt thinking of denying such a thing, unless it was part of a double-agent thing going on. Yet, the losing state of the war combined with Avonu's true nature would only point to a loss of key intelligence as the way the Onlisk Republic was losing.

As I continued to puke, Gear's warning about what would happen if the Arbiters won was something that would easily affect me, whether I was at home or not. As a particularly large glob of oddly-colored stomach acid was thrown out of my system, I realized that knowing this, my initial priority one (getting home, if you haven't realized) was thrown out the window, and in it's place stood another priority: Destroy the Arbiters.

I pondered Avonu's position in the Arbiter Ranks, as my stomach heaved out more of that horrible stuff in my intestines. Was he a simple pawn, or the head of the cults? I didn't know that much, though I knew that Blizzard bowed to Avonu, and Blizzard was a high-ranking official in the unnamed faction I created for Gear to destroy...It seemed likely that Avonu was higher, and that the white-haired man might be of equal rank.

Throwing up more and more, I was thinking of how best to kill Avonu, for he seemed to be of a high rank: stabbing him with a blade, shooting him with a gun, beheading him, crushing him, throwing him in front of a monorail, Arbit Burn him, make him commit suicide with some clever mind control...The possibilities of worthy, painful deaths, and clever, stealthy ones were nearly as infinite as the amount of acid coming out of my mouth.

But as my stomach was starting to finish up removing all that c**p, I decided that so long as he was exposed for who he really was, and then died, it didn't matter how he kicked the bucket. But Gear had already told me that my mind couldn't be extracted of valuable info, so there went the easy way. And even if that was possible, It would just cause civil collapse...Those that would downright ignore the facts and follow Avonu, and those that would notice the signs would clash.

Gear had told me long ago of other terrorist factions outside of the Arbiters...What if one of then killed Avonu? One that was formed on the basis of hate of the government? What if I told them what I knew? It would certainly feel better than finishing up the job of removing excess stomach acid from the body.

It was genius. As I finally recovered from the unruly business, I was still stuck with one more task: How to transform back. I was still stuck in Half-Latries form.

Fortunaly, he was, as always, floating beside me.

"How do I change back?" I asked.

"At will." Latries answered.

"Really?" I asked again. Without waiting for a reply, I tried thinking of transforming back.

It worked. With another combination of white-black-white, I was back in a twelve-year old's body. I walked outside, chilly from the business. I had but a few hours to return home. I ran towards the monorail, hoping that I'd get a few more hours of sleep than the usual.


The next day started out the usual way: Going into the training room and resuming the general habit of being told what kind of kick, punch, block, chop, head-butt, elbow, knee, throw, Volteerist trick, or combination of the previous to do by Gear, and after a few failed tries, getting it right-or just getting it right the first time. I can say that, but I can't say the details.

However, something new was thrown into the equation by the second lunch-and I had to tell you folks this. It's absolutely necessary.

"You. You've got that blade, right?" Gear asked, while eating one of his best pasta salads yet.

"Yhea..." I replied.

"Good, because I haven't forgotten the last part." Gear said.

"The last parts of Knight's Assent feature weapon-based combat." Gear started. "Knight's Assent isn't purely hand-to-hand whatnot, the trainees are also picked because they can wield a weapon in a manner that can be used to a similar manner as their selected style of martial arts...In this particular case, you've gotten an unusual choice..." Gear announced.

"And that is?" I asked, with a curious face.

Gear obviously wanted to keep the tension held a little bit longer, for he looked like he liked the fact that he knew something that I didn't, what with that smirk on his face. That confused me greatly.

"Swords." Gear finally answered.

"That sounds awfully commonplace." I commented.

"Not for Knight's Assent. I've gotten at least five for bows and arrows, six for maces, seven for tiger claws, and ten for spears. However, only you and I have swords." Gear said. "We'll start-"

We'd start later. Without any warning, the Ventilation shaft above Gear was suddenly thrown downward at his head. Gear fainted on impact, for it was that severe.

In his place dropped in the White-haired man from before, with a look of downright seriousness on his face. The eyes were dark red, something I didn't like right off the bat. Were all these Arbiters supposed to creep you out?

He had not drawn his blades, and his posture was cool and calm as he walked up to me. I already knew he had no intention to kill me...For now.

"Hello there. My name's Curze. Tell me now, do you know what you are?" The man asked. His tone was friendly, but his voice was overall quite mysterious, and he still kept that serious look on his face.

"I'm Avalon." I replied.

"Not 'who,' 'what.'" Curze said, a little of that friendly tone now replaced by a bit of an irksome one.

"...You mean the Archangel?" I asked, feeling more uneasy by the second.

"...So, you are him...Correct?" Curze asked, emphasizing 'correct' to an extent that made the minimal hair on my back curl.

"...Yhea..." I said, now starting to get more confident with how I spoke to him.

"You know who you have knocked out, at the wooden shack nearby the forest?" Curze asked. I felt like I was at a courtroom, being questioned by the prosecutor, accused of some heinous crime I had no time to think up of.

"Yes. I think his name was 'Lavar,' or something like that...He's an Arbiter, isn't he?"

"It was a total misconception, is it not? You have only knocked him out because of fear, or because you simply didn't know the truth yet, right?" Curze asked, now sounding just a tiny, almost undetectable bit like he was wishing for something of dire importance. His face made not even the slightest change in expression whatsoever, however.

"...I had little clue what he was at all when I did it..."

"So, if you knew, you wouldn't have done it?" Curze asked, now having a little more of that wishful tone.

I decided, right then, that lying was the best course of action. I looked down at Gear Pesse, who was still totally unconscious, from the looks of it. Unless one noticed him wiggle his finger.

"I do not know...I'm someone that likes to know motives. I know what you're trying to do-destroy all existence. Why?" I said, trying to buy time-and earn valuable information. Every bit counts. I myself wasn't truly sure if I was the Archangel, but I didn't care. If I controlled the whole of existence, I'd destroy the Arbiters on the spot.

"It is because we wish to cease conflict." Curze said.

I raised an eyebrow, the only form of communicating my confusion I dared to make.

"It is like this. The world over is almost constantly being plagued by war, being ripped apart by the universal indulgence to expand, and the immense power some of us have doesn't help matters." Curze started. "The Arbiters believe first that the world is imperfect, and we cannot grace perfection like we are. Ever. We believe second that there is a deity known as Erevius, who cannot create anything, but can destroy everything. We believe lastly that if Erevius does destroy everything, he can create a paradise which all can live in-with perfection. It is not...Criminal...To believe in things, no?" Curse finished.

That honestly explained why there were followers at all. Though I honestly still couldn't believe that there were enough followers to be able to win a war against the world's strongest government force that ever existed.

"It's not...But...There's still...this thing..." I said.

Curze got closer, into the unwitting range of my blows. "What?" He said, not even attempting to disguise the lethal note.

I punched him, straight in the face. He backed off, not expecting that at all. I then kicked him to Gear, who leaped up, ready to kill the Arbiter.

That failed. Curze stepped on Gear's hand, and as the former noticed the latter, he kicked him straight in the face, truly knocking Gear out. I unsheathed the blade which I had no experience with whatsoever, ready for action.

"Yhea, I'm not sure if I'm this 'Archangel,' But I'm sure that I'm not going to be joining you, either way. I'll be a pain in the a** to you, every single time you come to me-or I come to you. I'll destroy you, leave nothing behind of you scum." I declared, even more serious than Curze himself.

Curze looked shocked at such a speech, but I grinned at his dislike of it. I tried lunging straight at him with the sword, for he had no weapons drawn-quite an easy kill.

So I thought. In the blink of an eye, Curze pulled out his two swords-one white, one black-blocking me, then throwing my sword back, exposing my chest. I flipped to avoid being stabbed with one of the steel cutlasses, and blocked another one with an overhead swing.

That was all I could recall, before I decided to focus on nothing, not even remembering the details, but simply striking at a flurry of blade strikes with my own, both from every direction, with a madness and fury that couldn't be seen by anybody but us, in which the true insane pace was seen. We broke off quickly from this flurry-like state.

Curze then decided to defy gravity, doing a half-flip to land his feet on the ceiling, then trying to strike me from above. I blocked this too, then saw an opening.

I never named moves, nor did I listen to Gear when he said the true names. I just did them. I jumped upwards, just enough to allow my foot to connect to Curze's stomach, and hard, making him stumble back on the ceiling in pain, and managing to cancel his little gravity-defying trick, making him fall to the ground, head-first.

I do not want to get too detail in the bloody affair that was cutting Curze into tiny pieces, but I did decide to cut Curze into tiny pieces. After immediately granting my blade with the black energy that was the source of Arbit burns, Turning him into smaller and smaller chunks by the second, a black vortex formed beneath all of his body parts, and all were sucked in by a mysterious force.

That battle was brief, and I won it. If Gear hadn't regained conscious, I'd also probably think he was honestly dead.

"...Urgh...Uhh...Oh? Where'd Curze go?" Gear asked, as he regained consciousness and picked himself up, using kinetic force to fix the ventilation shaft. "Did you kill him? I guess you did, you're not cut up at all, and blood's everywhere, as well as the Arbit Burn effect...Sorry, but he's not dead, There's this Arbitarian relic, I think I told you about it before, but they can be revived, no matter what. It's a pain in the rear, a major pain." Gear said, exasperated by the rapid turn of events.

I had already heard of it, but I forgot it in the heat of the moment. For a moment, I swore that I had honestly killed a high-ranking Arbiter. Shame I didn't.

"...We'll continue training...As usual...Where was I?" Gear asked.
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

Since it is color-coded, I don't even think it is necessary to put "Gear said" etc. unless it is a key moment with facial expression.

I think you still need to put more emphasis on physical descriptions during conversations.

Good improvement though. =D
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