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Old 08-13-2011, 03:24 PM
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Default Re: Johto Chronicles {RP}

Robert Masters
Cherrygrove City
Flying High

Ah, the first city. Unfortunately, there was no gym in this particular place. However, there was a Pokemon Center and a Pokemart, so at the very least he'd be able to stock up for the road ahead and give his Pokemon some R&R. That, and his stomach was demanding food.

Robert headed over to the local Pokemon Center and headed over to the front desk where the pink-haired Nurse Joy was waiting with her Chansey. Taking out his Starly's Pokeball and placing Flare onto the table with her Pokeball, Robert glanced up to look at Nurse Joy. "These two need some juice." Robert spoke.

Nurse Joy took Flare's Pokeball and recalled the Cyndaquil into it before placing both Pokeballs into a specialized tray. "Alright, it'll just take a few moments." the nurse replied in a cheery tone of voice. Placing the tray into the healing station, the energy from the station began pumping a healing mist into the Pokeballs, which would be absorbed by the digital-form Pokemon.

Once the process was done, the nurse would remove the tray and place it on the desk. "There you are! Your Pokemon are back to full health." she spoke with a smile.

"Thanks." Robert said before he released his Cyndaquil from her Pokeball. "Alright, now let's grab some chow. Need some fuel to feed our fires!" Robert spoke to his Cyndaquil as he placed her upon his shoulder. Robert headed off to the hallway leading to the Pokemon Center cafeteria.

Robert went into the line and grabbed a tray, a plate and two bowls. After grabbing a hamburger, some cooked carrots and bow tie pasta for himself, some Pokemon pellet foods that were labeled and made for fire types and flying types, and grabbing three glasses of moo milk, the young trainer picked a table and sat down.

Releasing his Starly, he placed the bowls and a glass each in front of the Pokemon. The tiny bird Pokemon pecked at her food while Flare began tossing pellets into her mouth. While it may have seemed like she was starving, in truth she needed a lot of energy that she would need once she learned how to create fire. Robert ate at a more casual pace, watching his Pokemon with a bit of amusement.

Once the meal was done and Robert brought the dishes to the washing station, he headed outside with Flare riding on his shoulder, recalling Vivi to his Pokeball. However, as Robert was heading through town, a panic began coming from the people off in the distance. A large flock of Fearow was attacking the people and Pokemon as if they were in a frenzied rage.

One of the Fearows used Quick Attack and swooped down, snatching Flare from Robert's shoulder, knocking Robert to the ground. Robert quickly got to his feet and pulled out Vivi's Pokeball, releasing the little bird. "Vivi! Nail that Fearow with Tackle, hard as you can!" Robert called out

Vivi flew up and at the Fearow from behind as fast as her wings could take her before slamming into the back of the Fearow's head. The blow was strong enough to make it drop the Cyndaquil.

Robert dashed hard to catch Flare as she fell into an alleyway. "Keep up the attack!" Robert called out as he caught the falling Cyndaquil. Vivi continued to make short flights around the Spearow, tackling it multiple times in different areas of the head. However, she wasn't doing much damage. The Fearow, eyes glowing red used Gust in order to push itself just out of strike range and then proceeded to pummel the Starly with a barrage of Air Cutter attacks.

The Starlky fell down into Robert's arms after he set Cyndaquil down. Vivi still had some strength left, but one more hit and that'd be all she wrote. However, things were getting worse as a couple more Fearow came to assist, each one of them looked angry and having the red glow in their eyes.

"They ain't blowing out our candle yet! Flare, use Smokescreen!" Robert called out to his Cyndaquil. Flare blew a large amount of smoke into the air at the flock of Fearow, but as Robert, Flare and Vivi tried to make a break for it, the four Fearows used Gust, not only blowing away smoke, but launching all three into a wall.

Robert strugged to his feet and set Vivi down behind him. "Flare, you take Vivi and run for it. I'll distract the Fearow. Got it? I ain't letting them hurt you two any futher!" Robert said as he glared at the Fearows.

"Hyper Beam." A man's voice spoke. Suddenly, a Dragonite soared into the sky and let loose a massive and powerful blast from its mouth, hammering through the Fearow with a massive force of power. The birds fell from their flight and landed to the ground. When they came to, the red in their eyes were gone, and all four looked around as if they were confused. The Dragonite landed between Robert and the Fearow and used a roar to frighten them away. However, there was still many rampaging Fearow terrorizing the city.

A man with spiky red hair and a long cloak appeared at the entrance of the alleyway as the Dragonite turned and stood aside for its master. "Are you and your Pokemon alright?" the man asked. Robert picked up his Cyndaquil and placed her on his shoulder before then picking up his Starly. "Flare is a bit roughed up, but Vivi took a real beating. What lit a fire under the Fearows' feet?" Robert asked the man.

The man pulled out a potion and used it on the little bird Pokemon as well as the Cyndaquil. "I'm not sure. I came down here to investigate matters. However, I at least have an inkling as to who's behind it." the man spoke. "Have you heard of a group called Team Rocket before?"

Robert thought back a bit. He had heard of them on the world news when he was living at home. "Weren't they disbanded after some group of trainers torched them?" Robert responded before he looked at Vivi. "Hey, you feeling alright?' he asked the bird. The Starly chirped and flapped his wings before giving the boy a nod.

The man gave a solemn nod. "Yes they were. However, several admins manage to elude the police, including their leader Giovanni. It's possible they disbanded only to regroup and reorganize. But for now, I need to deal with the rest of the Fearow before more people and Pokemon get hurt. You should go and find someplace safe." the man spoke.

"What, and let you have all the fun? Too many people and Pokemon out there are getting burned. Ain't my style to turn my back on them." Robert said as he flicked his nose with his thumb.

"Even if your Pokemon are no match?" The man asked. Robert replied with a smirk. "Well, you can't get stronger if all you fight are those weaker than you. You gotta battle stronger opponents to get that fire roaring!" Robert replied in a confident tone of voice.

The man smiled a bit as he listened to the boy. "I like your attitude. Well then, let's go. I'll let Aerodactyl cover you." the man spoke before releasing his Aerodactyl from its Pokeball. "What's your name boy?" the man asked.

"Name's Robert. I'm a trainer from the Hoenn region. What's yours?" Robert asked in a friendly tone of voice.

"I'm Lance, the current champion of the Indigo League." the dragon trainer introduced himself. "And with that kind of attitude and determination, you might just become one yourself one day. But for now, you still have a ways to go, and there are people who need help."

Robert and Lance split off. Robert had his Starly attack and distract the Fearow while Aerodactyl took them out of the sky. After several hours of going through town, the Fearows were removed from the area and had recovered their senses. As Robert chased down the last one, he saw a small device a bit into the wooded area. As soon as one of Fearow flew over it, it began going berserk again. "Vivi, trash that thing with Tackle!" Robert called out. The Starly flew in at it, but the waves from the machine began wracking the Starly's mind, causing it to fall down and writhe.

"Hey Aerodactyl, think you can take this machine out from a distance?" Robert called up. The giant prehistoric Pokemon launched a Swift attack, ripping through the machine below. With it disabled and destroyed, all of the Pokemon recovered and returned back to normal. Robert recalled his Starly and picked up the machine's remains, noticing a red letter R on the casing. "Lance is going to want to see this." Robert said.

Robert met back up with Lance in front of the Pokemon Center. "Good work kid. That's the last of the Fearow." Lance spoke. Robert took out the device he had found which was now damaged and inoperable. "I found this on the outskirts of town. This was what was turning up the heat." Robert spoke. Lance took the machine from Robert and noticed the letter stamped on it.

"Well, this confirms it. Team Rocket is back. Looks like Johto is in for some troubling times. You should take caution. They're known for stealing other people's Pokemon." Lance said.

"Not a problem." Robert spoke. As Lance walked away, Robert got an idea. "Hey! Let's have battle before we go!" Robert called out. Lance stopped in his tracks and looked over at the boy. "I'm the league champion. Do you expect to win?" Lance asked.

"Nope, but you can't learn from mistakes you don't make, right?" Robert replied with a coy tone of voice. Lance merely laughed in amusement. "You certainly have a fiery spirit. Fine, but don't expect me to hold anything back just because you're a beginner. This will be one an one, and as the challenger, you have the first move." Lance said. He recalled his Aerodactyl and his Dragonite and brought out his Dragonair.

"Wouldn't want it any other way." Robert spoke before calling out his Starly to battle. "Now, Tackle!" Robert called out. The Starly jetted his way at the Dragonair with full spped.

"Thunder Wave." Lance called out. The Dragonair used its horn to create an electric net, launching it at the Starly.

"Tuck in your wings and dive through the opening!" Robert called out. The bird aimed himself for one of the electric net's holes, but as the bird passed through, the sides of the hole lashed inwards, striking the bird and paralyzing it.

"Interesting strategy, but you don't seem to realize how Thunder Wave works. Now, Dragon Tail." Lance called out. The Dragonair used its tail like a whip to lash out. When the bird tried to dodge, the paralyzing electricity prevented the bird from moving, causing the bird to be launched by the Dragon Tail straight into Robert's chest. Robert caught the Starly, which was now fainted.

"As I said before, you've got a long way to go. However, with that kind of quick thinking, I believe you can reach your goals. I hope to battle you agian when you're at your peak. If you win the League Tournament, I have no doubt we will battle again." Lance spoke before he left, riding his Dragonite off into the sky

Robert returned to the Pokemon Center. It was getting late and he'd need to stay in one of the trainer rooms for the night. Still, he couldn't help but wonder about this Team Rocket. Chances were he'd eventually run into them, and he'd have to make sure he was strong enough to fight them off. He was not going to let them take away either of his friends. After healing up his Pokemon and getting a room, Robert curled up for the night with his Cyndaquil and his Starly.

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Old 08-15-2011, 09:11 AM
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Default Re: Johto Chronicles {RP}

@ Master Zorua - mmkay I had a few issues with this post. It's well written, but your Starly is male, not female. Also I don't like that you're tossing in Team Rocket. I was planning on throwing in another "evil team" :| Hm, but we can pretend they are here, but are really just stirring up random trouble like in the Johto games but less serious. A loose bunch of have-been criminals.

- Flare (Cyndaquil) grew to lv 9!
- Vivi (Starly) grew to lv 3!

- Johto Chronicles -
your very own adventure
with POKÉMON awaits...
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